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Designing Online Learning

Syllabus Course Description:

The 21 century classroom is integrating online learning, whether in fully online courses, flipped classrooms or by extending learning outside the f2f classroom. Designing Online Learning will address some of the facets of an effective online course, which include engaging the learner through quality instruction (including pedagogical best practices), effective use of supportive technology, the involvement of a collaborative community (developed with intentionality), and a consistent teacher presence. This course will be offered through the Schoology platform. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore Schoology and begin developing their own course. Educational Goals: Understand the facets of an effective online course. Explore best practices for online learning. Examine what a collaborative classroom looks like in the online environment. Learn how to establish a 'teacher presence' in the the online classroom. Learning Objectives: Develop and share a multi-media presentation. Collaborate with other educators in virtual learning activities. Participate in Discussion Boards. Set up a Schoology course. Syllabus:

Welcome Class Syllabus and Expectations Who are you? 1. Post: Tell us a little about yourself

Learning Activities

Week 1

Introduction What is online instruction? 1. Watch: Welcome to the Digital Generation video 2. Complete: Schoology Scavenger Hunt 3. Read: How California's Online Education Pilot Will End College as We Know It 4. Discussion Board: Is Online Education the Death Knell for Teachers? 5. KWL: What do you know of online education? 6. Complete: Set-up Schoology course: Step 1 How do we define quality online instruction? What are pedagogical best practices? 1. Discussion Board: Critical Thinking in the Digital Age 2. Watch: Active Learning 3. Group: Choose chapter / section; read content; develop presentation; compose engaging discussion question What is the value of a collaborative community? How is a collaborative community created in the online environment? 1. Watch: Teaching with Online Discussion Forums 2. Quiz: Discussion Board Questions: Defining Excellence 3. Discussion Board: How does a collaborative community enhance student learning? How can supportive technology be used effectively? 1. Post: Group presentation and discussion question 2. View: Each presentation 3. Post: Response or comment on each discussion question 4. Complete: Reflection paragraph Why is a consistent teacher presence important?

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5