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Facebook Addiction How Addicted Are You?

1) WHEN DID YOU JOIN FACEBOOK ? (i) 6 months (ii) last month (iii) more then 1 year (iv) more then 2 years

2) How did you know about Facebook? (i) friends (ii) internet (iii) advertisement (iv) other

3) How many friends do you have on Facebook? (i) more then 10 (ii) less then 50 (iii) 100+ (iv) 1000+

4) What percent of your Facebook friends have you actually met in real life? (just estimate) (i) 100% (ii) 50% (iii) 25% (iv) none

5) How many hours you spend on Facebook in a day ? (i) one hour (ii) 2-3 hours (iii) 5 hours (iv) more then 10 hours

6) How often do you use the Facebook chat feature? (i) never (ii) sometimes (iii) often (iv) everyday

7) Do your parents, or friends tell you that you spend too much time on Facebook? (i) yes (ii) sometimes (iii) nop

8) How many status updates do you make in a day? (i) Most days I don't have any (ii) 1 or 2 9) How often do you check facebook? (i) in month (ii) in week (iii) daily (iv) every hour (iii) 6+ (iv) 12+

10) How many photos are you tagged in? (i) I dont know (ii) 10+ (iii) 100+ (iv) thousands

11) Do you use facebook on your mobile phone? (i) yes (ii) no

12) If a friend or family isn't using facebook, do you encourage them to sign up? (i) yes (ii) no

13) When you sit down at a computer, what do you usually check first? (i) Email (ii) Youtube (iii) Facebook (iv) twiter (v) other

14) Have you ever met a new 'in real life' friend from facebook? (i) yes (ii) no

15) Do you use facebook to organize events? (i) yes (ii) no

16) Do you have lists set up to organize your friends into groups? (i) yes (ii) no

17)Have you reconnected with any old classmates or colleagues from facebook? (i) yes (ii) no