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21st Century Learning Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Authors: Jeremy Lapointe Dates: 2/1/13-2/8/13 Subject: Business Priority Standards: I.1.A3- Analyze the effects of inflation & taxes on business & financial management decisions Essential Questions: Explain how inflation affects the prices on the goods & services that we want or need between the past, present, & future.

Content-What Will Students Learn? Conceptual Objectives: (What do students need to know and understand, including new vocabulary?) The goal of the government economic policies is to create economic stability & prosperity for its citizens.

Effective Teaching Strategies Beginning: Establish Objectives/Engage Learner Cueing Learning Environment: Effort/ Recognition Nonfiction Writing Advance Organizers Other___________________ Middle: Closure:

Rigor-Degree Or Difficulty Depth of Knowledge (DOK): Level 1 (Recall and Reproduction)

Level 2 (Skills and concepts)

Skills Objectives: (What do students

need to do) The students will create a graph on all the needs & wants that are important to them and show how inflation has changed their values from a year ago and how the values will continue to change in 1, 5, 10, & 25 years.

Level 3 (Strategic Thinking)

1. 2. 3. The students will look watch a video that explains inflation. Students will examine the rate of inflation from 2008 until today. Using the rate of inflation and todays market prices students will track how the prices of their needs or wants have increased. Using the national average of inflation students will create a comparison chart on how their needs & wants will increase over 1, 5, 10, & 25 years. Students will then explain by using their evidence why their dollar is worth less today then last year and why their dollar is worth less tomorrow compared to today.

Comparing/Contrasting Classifying Note Taking Questioning Nonlinguistic Representations Cooperative Learning/Grouping Practice Generating and Testing Hypotheses Direct Instruction Other____________________

Level 4 (Extended Thinking)

Providing Feedback Summarizing lesson Homework Reflective Writing Other ____________________

21 Century Skills Focus: Critical thinking and problem solving Creativity and innovation Communication Information literacy Flexibility and adaptability Initiative and self-direction Technology / Digital Resources needed: Web Access Media Player Spreadsheet Program




Differentiation / Interventions and Challenge: How will I modify instruction to meet the needs of all students: a. Students who are struggling? (follow IEPs and 504 plans) 1 on 1 assistance More videos (Spreadsheets) Teacher provide websites on inflation Partners b. Students who are easily meeting expectations? They will start reading about government policies and how the debt ceiling affects the dollar value.

Reflection: What worked/what did not work?

Follow-up Assignment: Students will study how the government using economic policies to create economic stability & prosperity for its citizens.