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A Conversation With Our (Abinu) Father YAHUAH

ANN Yahu Speaking="(AB) FATHER YAHUAH you have kissed me once again this morning and I Thank You and Praise You-I deserve Your Wrath and should have a long time ago been sleeping In my grave! YAHUAH Speaking= Awake my precious daughter(ANN Yahu), I delight in you, Love(Ahbah) you are one of My Greatest Creations. YAHUAH Speaking=" Please My daughter ANN also my humble servant go out unto the world/THE NATIONS and do My Will Be Done-Be a Fisher of Men to BRING MY PEOPLE/CHILDREN to come to Me YAHUAH-the only True ALAHYM (Mighty One) of YASHARA"L and follow My Statues and others will as well". ANN Yahu Speaking="YAHUAH- I am not worthy of anything, but I am so very willing. I know I deserve Your Wrath, Your judgement, please hide Your Face from my filfthy sins. Create In me a clean heart, Cleanse me of my filfthyness-with the precious Blood of YAHUSHA Ha Mashyach -My Salvation. Circumcize my heartI am a new creation In YAHUSHA Ha Mashyach the old person is gone

Therefore if any man be in the Mashyach, he is a new creature: old things have passed away; (2 Corinthians 5: 17)
I will not return to the vomit (the world) as the dog returns to the vomitMashly/Proverbs 26:11" I am so willing to do Your will be done and not the world's or my own. HalaluYAH!! To you YAHUAH I dedicate my life to YOU, I Shall Serve YOU with my LIFE YAHUAHPraising YOU YAHUAH IS BETTER THEN LIFE TALAHYM/PSALMS 63:3 Because your love is better than life, my lips will ESTEEM YOU(YAHUAH).

You(YAH) gave me Life and I shall give it back my life to You (YAHUAH) as Hannah dedicated her son ShamuAL/Samuel unto you Father YAH(AB). I no longer live for myself -My life belongs not to me, but to YOU Father YAHUAH my Creator

I know longer live for myself YAHUAH, my life is not my own- For You and You alone my Father(AB) I live only for You (YAHUAH). Let all the words of my mouth only Praise you YAHUAH--- HalaluYAH!!!! Baruch B'shem YAHUAH!! Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to your sight HalaluYAH!!! Tahalym/Psalms 19:14 Love=AHABAH unto You until forever YAHUAH-- HalaluYAH!!! Your daughter your humble lowly servant ANN Yahu(Barukh)Blessed be Your Set-Apart Ruakh Kadosh

THANK YOU FOR KISSING me and wakening me up this morning