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Before Fellowship of the Ring 1. Languages of Middle Earth Book 2. Lego Gandalf the Grey Intermission, Fellowship 3. RotK Full Screen DVD 4. Gandalf Collectable Figure from FotR Before The Two Towers 5. Set of Four Commemorative Goblets 6. Leather bound The Hobbit Intermission, The Two Towers 7. Fellowship Aged and Framed Print 8. Map of the First Age Aged and Framed Print Before Return of the King 9. Two Framed and Aged Prints of Isildurs Scroll and the Door to Moria 10. Bilbos Contract from The Hobbit 11. A complete set of Tolkien books (Silmarillion, Children of Hurin, Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings) Intermission, Return of the King 12. Aged, Full-Sized First and Third Age Maps 13. Minas Tirith Sculpture Bookend 14. Bilbos Ring from The Hobbit