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Bakurym=First Fruits

by Ann Yahu (Notes) on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 3:42pm

Bakurym=First Fruits There Is A Set-Apart day(YOM) Unto Yahuah that many have Either Forgotten, or simply combined as Shabu'a (Pentecost): The Feast of the First Fruits. In U-Yaqara/Leviticus 23:9-23, we read about the waving of the amar ( referred to as the wave sheaf offering). The offering of the Wave Sheave is to be Presented by the High Kahan on the third day of the Festival of Matsuth(UNLEAVEN BREAD). This First Fruit Offering could only be presented by the High Kahan. Knowing that Yahusha rose on the third day and became our High Kahan, it was He who appeared before Yahuah and waved the amar for our acceptance. Bakurym(FIRST FRUITS) is a Festival day (not a Shabath) that we should come before our Creator in Song and in Worship. After Bakurym(FIRST FRUITS), Shabu'a (Pentecost) takes place 7 Shabaths later. Many have Overlooked or just simply have not known that there is a difference between the two: myself included. The Feast of Bakurym(FIRST FRUITS) is to be kept throughout All Generations.