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Investigate Part 3. Design Specification

I. Design Specification a. Idea for design b. Source of materials c. Learner Profile attribute to show d. Main function(s) of product e. Specific types of materials to be used (wood, metal, paper, plastic, etc. f. Size/Shape/Dimensions g. Color(s) h. Design detail that makes the product strong/sturdy i. Design detail that makes the product safe to use j. Specific Mozambican-inspired design/theme to be shown in the product k. Target audience/intended users l. Tools/Techniques needed to create the product. m.Time/days needed to create the product n.Other design detail

Unit 3. Project Clock Face Design

My Design Specification 1. Mozambican-inspired theme or design 2. Recycled materials will be used 3. shows : thinker 4. to let people have some activitys and to make them laugh 5. wood,paper,plastic 6. 1*2 m 7. multiple 8. big and sturdy 9. no sharp edges and heavy so people cant throw 10. jokes on side with Maputo flag colours 11. every one 12. painting, building 13. 5-8 days 14. physical activity involved

II. Product Testing A. Using Google Forms, construct a survey form that you and your intended users will use to test if the product satisfies the Design Specification. (You will only use this survey during the Evaluate stage) 1. Provide the link to the survey form you created: 2. Provide the link to the Summary of Responses of your survey: B. Discuss your answers to the following questions in 1 paragraph: 1. How did you use the Design Specification in your survey questions? 2. How will you distribute the survey? Who will answer your survey? How many people do you need to answer your survey? 3. How will you and your intended users test the product? How will you and your intended users check for technical errors in the design of the product? 4. How will you determine if your product successfully solved or addressed the problem/situation it was intended for? I am going to distribute my survey by Facebook and Edmodo so social sites and see what is wrong or not Wrong with my project then improve it. I will also check through getting a group of people to test and rate my project.