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Ben has two cats. Their names are Max and Tito. Max is black. Tito is brown.

Max has green eyes. Tito has blue eyes. Max is black with green eyes. Tito is brown with blue eyes. They are fast. They are beautiful. They are fast and beautiful. Ben also has a bird. Her name is Lilly. Lilly likes to sing. Lilly sings every day. Sometimes she sings very loud. Max and Tito try to discover who is singing. They look everywhere! Finally, they see who is singing. It is Lilly! They sit and watch her sing.

Ben are dou pisici. Numele lor sunt Max i Tito. Max este negru. Tito este maro. Max are ochii verzi. Tito are ochi albatri. Max este negru cu ochii verzi. Tito este maro cu ochi albatri. Ei sunt rapizi. Ei sunt frumoi. Ei sunt rapizi i frumoi. Ben are, de asemenea, o pasare. Numele ei este Lilly. Lui Lilly i place s cnte. Lilly cnt n fiecare zi. Uneori, ea cnt foarte tare. Max i Tito ncearc s descopere cine cnt. Ei se uit peste tot! n cele din urm, ei vd cine cnt. Este Lilly! Ei stau i se uit la ea cum cnt.