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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile:
Name: Fathers name: C.N.I.C # Date of Birth: Contact # Address: Email: Ayaz Ali Umer Daraz 43304-3185120-9 28.01.1980 03337279380, 03322934720 Flat D 13, 6th floor, Paradise palace, near Sindh assembly Sarwar Shaheed road, Karachi, Pakstan.

Professional Experience:
Worked as a General Teacher at Hira Public School. Worked as Subject Teacher of English at DJ coaching centre, Karachi. Worked as freelance In-house Editor at Oxford University Press Karachi, Pakistan.

Academic qualifications:
M.A (English Linguistics) M.A (English Literature) class Graduation class Intermediate Matriculation 2009 University of Karachi 2nd class 2006 SALU Sindh 2nd 2002 SALU Sindh 1998 BISE Sindh 1996 BISE Sindh 2nd 1st division 1st division

Professional Qualifications:
Certificate of Teaching 2003 BISE Sindh B.ED 2010 S.A.L.U Sindh

1st division 1st division

Current attachments:

Working as English language Instructor and Head of Teaching Unit Affinity educational Network Shikarpur Sindh, Pakistan.

Published Pieces of work:

I have executed my duties as the Assistant Editor in the Bilingual (English to Sindhi) Dictionary Published by Sindhica Academy, Karachi, Pakistan. 1

My Two books on English Grammar are under publishing process one by Sindhica and another by Mehran Academy, Karachi, Pakistan.

Master Trainer:

Trained teachers in the following schools Pronunciation skills to the teachers at Galaxy model college,Shikarpur,Sindh,Pakistan trained teachers in classroom management and communication at The Hira School, Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan

Computer Proficiency:
Six month short course 2001 AELCF

Other abilities:
Translation Experience in Different Newspapers. Worked as Sub-Editor in Daily Sobh Karachi. Worked as Sub-Editor in Jang News group. Worked as Sub-Editor at Dharti T.V channel.
English near-native fluency Urdu/Sindhi native speaker (balanced bilingual) Arabic modest user Receptive bilingual in following languages: Siraiki, Punjabi

Linguistics skills

Extra-curricular activities:

Solving puzzles, doing memory-muscular exercises and meditation Playing cricket, football and indoor games

Detailed references available on request .