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Jerome United Methodist Church Newsletter

April 2013April 211 South Buchanan Church Phone: 324-2981 P.O. Box 9 Rev. Carol: 324-4222 Jerome, ID 83338 Web Site:

Ive been thinking

about Easter, Resurrection, Resurrection Appearances, new lifeand about what comes before: death, grief, anger, pain, fear, confusion, uncertainty I recently attended a wonderful workshop led by Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. an author, educator and grief counselor. He has written many books and articles on loss, grief and mourning. Many of us know people who are experiencing those feelings and feel called by God to be helpful to the other person. I want to take this opportunity to share just one of the resources I received from the workshop. I also purchased the book which goes into more details related to each of the tenets listed if you would like to borrow it. It is Dr. Wolfelts belief that, if we are able, we can offer to companion (yes, a verb) someone as he/she lives through grief and mourning. I offer these Eleven Tenets of Companioning the Bereaved, by Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph. D., to your care for consideration and action: Tenet One: Companioning is about being present to another persons pain; it is not about taking away the pain. Tenet Two: Companioning is about going to the wilderness of the soul with another human being; it is not about thinking you are responsible for finding the way out. Tenet Three: Companioning is about honoring the spirit;

it is not about focusing on the intellect. Tenet Four: Companioning is about listening with the heart; it is not about analyzing with the head. Tenet Five: Companioning is about bearing witness to the struggles of others; it is not about judging or directing those struggles. Tenet Six: Companioning is about walking alongside; it is not about leading or being led. Tenet Seven: Companioning is about discovering the gifts of sacred silence; it does not mean filling every moment with words. Tenet Eight: Companioning is about being still; it is not about frantic movement forward. Tenet Nine: Companioning is about respecting disorder and confusion; it is not about imposing order and logic. Tenet Ten: Companioning is about learning from others; it is not about teaching them. Tenet Eleven: Companioning is about compassionate curiosity; it is not about expertise. If you are one who is able to Companion another through this wilderness of the human soul, may you be blessed in your ministry and encouraged to pursue the sharing of this gift of the Spirit. Grace and peace,

United Methodist Women News

Cooperative Ministry Update

Maxine Palmer, Bill and Charlotte Merritt, Claire McClure and Rev. Carol have been participating in the creation of a dream of new life with the laity and clergy Apr 11 7:00 p.m. Ruth Circle of 5 other United Methodist Churches in this part of at UMC Idaho. The creation has a name, Snake River United Apr 17 - Noon, Susannah Wesley at Pizza Hut Methodist Cooperative. To get to this new life, parts of Apr 18 - 2:00 p.m. Rebecca Circle at UMC Pearl Goldthe old life must be left behind. As a congregation, we ing hostess did some of that 5 years ago before Carol arrived. Financial necessity led us to recognize the need for change No breakfast this month please attend and with that we gave up having a full-time elder servthe Sudanese meal following church ing in our midst; we adjusted to the added responsibiliservice this Sunday Apr 7. ties that brought; we assumed more leadership. It also freed-up finances so we could be in ministry in places beyond the Magic Valley, while maintaining ministry in the area. As we move into this time of new life and change, we do so by choice. We have discerned that we will be better able to witness to Gods redeeming love in the Magic Valley, and beyond, by joining with other United Methodists in the prayerful belief that we can be more together (through cooperative ministry) than individually. With the celebration of the new must come the recognition of the passing of some of what has been. As we get caught up in the excitement of the possibilities of what may be, may we be sensitive to the loss and grief some people will be experiencing. We invite you to join us on Thursday, May 2 at 7:00 p.m. at Twin Falls United Methodist Church for a AllChurches Conference to vote on the creation of the Snake River United Methodist Coop- Contd on Next page

April 2013
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NO Mens Breakfast

Food Pantry 5-7

4 Miriam Circle meets at Lulu Coates 10:00 (Book Club Follows) 11

Ruth Circle 7:00 p.m. at church

7 World Health 8
Day Holocaust Remembrance Day

Food Pantry 5-7





Ad Board 7:00 p.m.

17 Susannah
Wesley Circle 12:00 at Pizza Hut

Food Pantry 5-7

18 Rebecca Circle meets 2:00 p.m. At church Pearl Golding hostess 25



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22 / Earth Day 23/ 29 30

Food Pantry 5-7

Arbor Day


Education Team News

Apr 7 the children and adult Sunday School classes will start a Mission Study on Sudan which will run the four Sundays in April. Also on April 7 there will be a Sudanese meal following church service at 12:30. We encourage everyone to stay for this meal. Last year we did our Mission Study on Haiti and had a Haitian feast. We are hoping as many stay this year to share in these culture meals and study of the country and customs.

erative. At that time the Cooperative Leadership Council, made-up of the Lay Leaders from each church and a representative of the churchs choice, will be elected. We will also elect a Staff/Parish Relations Committee made up of the chairs of the of Staff/Pastor/Parish Committees or a designee, from each of the churches and a Finance Committee, again made up of the chairs of the Finance Committee of each church or a designee. A Treasurer for the Cooperative will also be elected. District Superintendent Rev. Kim Fields said, Every member of Jerome, Wendell, Hagerman, Buhl, Filer and Twin Falls is invited to that meeting and may vote. He also said, The Cooperative will be the third largest group of worshippers in the Annual Conference. The names of those whom the Bishop intends to appoint to the Cooperative will be announced during worship in each church on Sunday, April 7.

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Martha & Mary Food Pantry

Wednesday evenings 5-7:00 p.m. Plastic grocery bags and egg cartons are needed.

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Ad Council Meeting April 16 - 7:00 p.m.

JEROME UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 211 Buchanan PO Box 90 Jerome, ID 83338

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