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Opening Preparation Mark Dvoretsky and Artur Yusupov Wit contribution om Saga Doinacev Yoram Boris Zine Aleks Keiko Vissi Wain ‘Translated by John Sugden B. T. Batsford Ltd, London Fr pubisnes 1904 © Mark Dvore, Aru Yaspov 1954 Reprinted 1904, 1996 ISBNO712875009 Bre Lteary Caslogving in Pbtistion Ds, ACIP eatalogucrectd fr ws books ‘lable frm the Bish Libay All sighs escrved. No pao is back ay 86 teprosued, by any mesa, wot po permission tbe pbiker “Typeset lobe Noam OM sd pitt tn Redwood Books, Tbe Wks BL Bast, ‘Panag Steet, London Wik Oat ‘A BATSFORD CHESS 500K rial Ponel: Mak Dros, Jaks Non, Jos Speci (General Advise: Raymond Keene OBE (Comisioning Ear: Grab Burgess Contents Preface (Mark Drei) Part 1 General ince of Opening Pay Arcus Yisupor) 2 Lapis inthe Ovecing ark Dvoreuh) 5 respect Moves he Opens (Azur Yosupy) 4 Tove Solutions fo rustle Opening Prolens (Berges Dalal) 5 Praca Excise atk Dror) Port 6 Building x Opening Rpanoise (Mark Dates) Seluuors to Aruiteal Exes 17 King adi tack rom Whites Vionpiat (ark Dror) 68 Preparing fora Game (Anux Yuen) 9 You Are Right, Monsieur La Boudoaratit (Cie Raasaa) Pact 10 How Opening Novelics Ate Bors Boris lot) 1 Taeave..g7-g3 ne Frese Defoe (lleise Kho») 12 Opening tnvestigons (Vedi Valor) Part 19 Miadogame Problems (a Dror) 1 Thelin between Opening and Endgame Geist Kai) 15 In be Footstep of One Gare (Mate Drees) Parts 16 Sungle of Pay by Our Sess rr Yanspow) Index of Openings 4 3 32 138 6 Ef ro a BS xs us 28 oe Ey Preface Mark Dvoretsky Wherenbarkng onan sie go- Jeet you almags ty cw ep 9 204, precise plan of, And ifthe "eptnt ie sound ies usally oveed surety ‘Through deed discesion, Geandaster Yoropoy and Tevelved the policy and working guidlines of seo er eed young ches fre whch we eae ogame (En mow sae with giao that Coc ides have ond he st of tie. Ths eczrtes ofthe seals pups wear wie vo thi, teny ‘any of em are player ofa mean eength, guning were and pes in tir eharponsip st mlnal, European and word ere ta 1932 alone. no fever then fous of our sudens~ laa Kedymova, Inna Gaponenkoy Alcea Aleesndroe and Vaio Zvaginue = on Boo ‘ran oe Week Champion, (Gucchit principe a shove ee procabecauevnenaseaier ted {byour own experares. We cetly tndesood Dat cu atk wa 30! Simpy 10 equip ou saderte with specie ches iiwiedge in two lenday seston per yar, le can ‘done in hat eget wile ins ete man point of cen ing oo anwar 3) sean he sdes ered el {creaming th eee aie for ten ef ese) a 1) 0 impacto mated snying cos roses boty ‘opropiatng al des and sSquring cet cone ston 1) 0 analyte dete in scent play ad tly ee them ‘ctr ia bat es rod edt of cocaine fa pues peo tere ack ton lone dovted ‘peel branch of chew std inensve estneat of he tye Sows lesen reel tnd splenenay ma of payee sen vera ER sinlon tormenting Iman the en es, 1 "We those ap ay play who wishes Yo pay more Sgt andra por nly woking sal at ‘rovers Sutourshel es fed er of pes For gy