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Efectul fantoma al ADN si aplicatiile sale / The DNA Phantom Effect and its applications articol aparut pe: Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

Dan Mirahorian

Imaginea arata tesatura de lumina captiva in subspatiu, dupa mutarea ADN - Efectul fantoma al ADN - lumina continua sa se miste in spirala in acelasi spatiu .ca si cand ADN-ul ar fi acolo The DNA Phantom Effect-the light continued spiraling along in the same space, as if the DNA were still there. Un pachet de fotoni ramane captiv in ADN ( ca intr-o fibra optica , care se comporta ca o micro-gaura neagra) si apoi in filamentele subspatiului care a fost structurat de ADN ( din locul in care a fost plasat acel ADN); Problema este ca ceea ce este la

nivel microscopic (ADN) exista si la nivel macroscopic (spirala alcatuita din: Ida, Pingala, care inconjoara Sushumna si ridicarea Kundalini ) Efectul fantoma al ADN-ului in Experimentul lui Peter Gariaev si Vladimir Poponin The DNA Phantom Experiment of Peter Gariaev and Vladimir Poponin Experimentul descris in imagine partea I-a : A . se ia un tub care se videaza si B. se constata ca distributia fotonilor este aleatorie; partea II-a : C . se introduce ADN uman in tub si se masoara din nou distributia fotonilor din tub ( se constata alinierea ordonata a fotonilor, care sunt captati de catre ADN, ca de o fibra optica, care are capacitatea stranie a unei gauri negre; amintiti-va ca stocarea fotonilor de catre clorofila este una de captare chimica ) partea III-a : D . se indeparteaza ADN-ul din tub si se constata ca fotonii raman captivi in amprenta ADN ( prin acest experiment s-a descoperit ca ADN-ul structureaza vidul, subspatiul sau eterul generand niste fire in care fotonii raman localizati inca 30 de zile, ca si cum ADN-ul ar mai fi prezent ). Vedeti References Aceasta amprenta sau structurare a sub-spatiului (eterului) este creata de toate fiintele vii prin intermediul formelor structurilor geometrice (campuri morfogenetice) si este utilizata pentru localizare ( stup, flori; toate florile emit campuri de forma, ca niste faruri, care atrag insectele specifice), pentru comunicare si pentru crearea unor campuri de protectie (care inhiba dezvoltarea radacinilor plantelor sau a culturilor de ciuperci si de bacterii). Energia campurilor de forma (morfogenetice) create de catre structurile din celuloza si din chitina a fost descoperita de Victor S. Grebennikov [5] si a fost botezata: "Efectul Structurilor Cavitare" (ESC) / Cavity Structure Effect (CSE), Effet des Structures Cavitaires)ESC)/ Cavernous Structure Effect (CSE)/ () . In bibliografie exista un articol unde se gasesc linkuri despre acest subiect [5] David Wilcock, in cartea sa "Investigatii asupra campului sursa / The Source Field Investigations" [4], se refera la "Efectul fantoma al ADN" in capitolul 9, intitulat: "Sursa campului sursa/ The Source of the Source Field ", descrie acest experiment si formuleaza ipoteza ca aceasta fantoma este dublul corpului , mintii prin care orice fiinta este racordata la realitatea sursa ca printr-o radacina sau ancora spre cer. Cuplajul la acest eter structurat ar putea fi controlat pentru a amplifica de milioane de ori ancorarea ( inertia) sau pentru a o anula (amintiti-va ca vimanele puteau fi facute grele ca un munte sau usoare ca un fulg . "Now I want to jump ahead in time to 1984, because this was the year our "addiction" to DNA was heavily challenged, if not defeated, by Dr. Peter Gariaev. Gariaevs discovery also gave us a compelling hint that Gurwitschs mitogenetic radiationthe Source Fieldmay well be operating through our DNA. Furthermore, Gariaevs discovery suggests that the complete genetic codes for an organism might not actually be found in the DNA molecule after allat least not as their final location. When Gariaev put a sample of DNA in a tiny quartz container, zapped it with a mild laser, and then observed it with sensitive equipment that could detect even single photons of light, he found that the DNA acted like a light sponge. Somehow, the DNA molecule absorbed all the photons of light in the area, and actually stored them in a corkscrew-shaped spiral. 7 Note Capitolul 9 This is very, very strange. The DNA apparently created a vortex of some sort that attracted the light, not unlike the idea of a black holebut on a much, much smaller scale. Few scientists would be willing to suggest that light could appear inside the pineal gland eitherbut Gariaev proved that the DNA molecule is pulling in photons from somewhere, by some unknown process. Due to the difficulty of studying a living human brain, no comparable experiments like this have been done within the pineal glandat least none that are openly available to the public. The only technology we have that could hold light in a spiral like Gariaev found in the DNA molecule is a fiber-optic cablebut even then, fiberoptic cables dont hungrily draw in all the light from their surroundings.

Dr. Peter Gariaevs DNA Phantom Effect proved that the DNA molecule captures and stores light. A mysterious force holds the light in the same place for up to 30 days after the DNA molecule itself has been removed from the area. Were not used to thinking of light as something that can actually be storedit normally just zips along through space at a very nice speed. If we could even capture it in one spot, wed probably expect that it would just wear outand lose its energy. Even in the case of photosynthesis, the only way a plant appears to be able to store light is by immediately converting its energy into green-colored chlorophyll. Now were seeing light itself being used like a food supply that DNA can store away . . . not unlike a squirrel hiding acorns in a hollowed-out tree for winter. This triggers a bunch of new questions. What exactly is storing the light? How is it being stored? And why is it being stored? In order to answer those questions, we have to delve deeper into what Gariaev actually discovered because this is just the beginning. The real magic happened when Dr. Gariaev ended the experiment. He grabbed the quartz container with the DNA in it and moved it out of the way. Nothing more was supposed to happen. Nonetheless, to his utter amazement, even though everything was gone the container, the DNA, you name itthe light continued spiraling along in the same space, as if the DNA were still there. Whatever was holding that light in place, it did not need the DNA molecule at all. It was something else. Something invisible. Something powerful enough to store and control visible light within the shape of the DNA molecule itself. The only rational, scientific explanation is that there has to be an energy field that is paired up with the DNA moleculeas if DNA has an energetic duplicate. This duplicate has the same shape as the physical moleculebut once we move the DNA, the duplicate still hangs around in the same spot the molecule was in before. It doesnt need the DNA molecule to be there in order for it to keep on doing its jobstoring visible light. Some force, perhaps akin to gravity, is holding the photons in place. The implications of this are mind-boggling. Obviously, in the case of a human body we have far more than one DNA molecule to considerwe have untold trillions of them, in a very highly structured arrangement. We have bone DNA, organ DNA, blood DNA, muscle DNA, tendon DNA, skin DNA, nervoussystem DNA and brain DNA. So, just by a simple extension of Gariaevs experiment, it is very likely that our entire body must have an energetic duplicate. This fits in perfectly with what Driesch, Gurwitsch, Burr and Becker all theorized and observedthere is an information field that tells our cells what to do, and where to do it. Once we add Gariaevs discovery in, we find out that perhaps the most important thing the DNA molecule does is store lightboth in our physical body and in our energetic duplicate body as well. Obviously, conventional science is significantly in need of an overhaul. There is a great deal of information about biological life that we simply do not know, or recognize, in the mainstream sense. The DNA Phantom Effect is arguably one of the most significant scientific discoveries in modern history. It shows us that the DNA molecule has some bizarre relationship with quantum mechanics that our scientists have not yet discovered in the mainstream world. We now have proof that DNA is interfacing with an unseen, yet-undiscovered energy field that is not electromagnetic, but which obviously can control electromagnetic energyin this case by storing photons, even when there is no physical molecule there to hold them in place. And thats not all. When Gariaev blasted this Phantom with liquid nitrogen, which creates a sudden burst of great cold, the light spiral would disappear but then it mysteriously returned after five to eight minutes.8 Note Capitolul 9 This persistence of the DNA Phantomour energetic duplicateeven in the face of seemingly certain destruction, is very strange. Even if you destroy the coherence in the area where the DNA Phantom had been, in this case by the sudden blast of cold, it will repair and restore that coherence once more. The surrounding light will again be organized into the unique spiraling pattern of the DNA that used to be there. Conventional science has nothing to offer us that can explain why this happens but it does. How long do you think this phantom could have lasted? Amazingly, the DNA Phantom remained visible for up to thirty days after it first appeared. 9 Note Capitolul 9

Gariaev could blast it with liquid nitrogen over and over again, during this entire time, but it just kept on coming back. As Im sure you can see, this completely challenges everything in conventional biologynot to mention physicsbut it works. This information has been available for more than twenty-five years now, and the experiment was replicated in the United States by R. Pecora in 1990 but no one ever hears about it. Obviously, the DNA Phantom is not electromagneticthere are all sorts of strange things about it that violate everything we know about electromagnetic energy. However, it does fit in very nicely with what weve been calling the Source Field. On a microbiological level, it appears that we have an energetic duplicate. Our DNA is somehow interfacing with an energy field that has remained largely unknown to Western scientists, and which leaves behind a phantom that can easily be measured. This means your duplicate is still doing its job capturing light for you, even when youre no longer there. If youre sitting in your chair right now, reading this book, and then get up and go somewhere else, your energetic duplicate is still spinning light into tiny little spirals, right where you were sittingwithin each and every one of your untold trillions of DNA molecules for at least thirty days after you leave your seat. Since the sizes involved are microscopic, you cant see any of this with your naked eyebut Gariaev was able to measure it in the laboratory. Its like a perfect hologram of your physical bodywhich is correct down to the tiniest cell. Now think back to Dr. Ian Stevensons studies we discussed in chapter 4. For more than forty years, Dr. Stevenson collected evidence for reincarnation from some three thousand children, and found that memories, personality quirks, talents and other attributes carried over from one apparent lifetime to anotherincluding the ability to remember peoples names and relationshipsand there was a facial resemblance. 10 Note Capitolul 9 Dr. Jim Tucker went even further with this research, and used facial recognition software to confirm that these children had a forensic match with the people they remembered having been in their alleged past life.11 Note Capitolul 9 Furthermore, lets not forget that lethal wounds from an allegedly prior lifetime often appeared as birthmarks in the new body. All of this can be explained if we assume that our energetic duplicate is not dying when our physical body ceases it carries over from one alleged lifetime to another, and brings our memories along with it. Some of us are able to access these memories directlyparticularly when we are children, before we are hypnotized into believing it is impossible by the compelling opinions of parents, teachers and other adults. NOTE 7 Gariaev, P. P., Friedman, M. J., and Leonova- Gariaeva, E. A. Crisis in Life Sciences: The Wave Genetics Response. Emergent Mind, 2007. 8 Ibid. 9 Ibid. 10 Stevenson, Ian. Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation: Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press, 1980. 11 Tucker, Jim. Life Before Life: Childrens Memories of Previous Lives. New York: St. Martins, 2008. Acest domeniu de cercetare a mai fost popularizat de Gregg Bradden, dar intr-un mod neprofesionist. Anexa 1 Am descris erorile acestui propagandist religios in articolele conectate de propaganda ancorarii in credinta, moralitate si inima, atunci cand am explicat vindecarea instantanee realizata in Romania. MEDITATIE ASUPRA CAII SPRE PACE INTERIOARA SI EXTERIOARA MEDITATION ON THE WAY TO PEACE/ MEDITATION SUR LE CHEMIN VERS LA PAIX / MEDITAZIONE SULLA VIA DELLA PACE / MEDITACIN SOBRE EL CAMINO A LA PAZ

Aplicatie a modului de functionare directa in tratarea instantanee in Romania a unei tumori de 6,5 cm in vezica urinara/ Instant Healing in Romania of a 6,5 cm tumor located in Urinary Bladder Ecografie inainte si dupa Instant Healing VEDETI IMAGINEA MARE: Bibliografie/ References 1. P.P. Gariaev and V.P. Poponin. Vacuum DNA Phantom Effect in vitro and its possible rational explanation. Nanobiology 1995 (in press). 2. P.P. Gariaev, K.V. Grigor'ev, A.A. Vasil'ev, V.P. Poponin and V.A. Shcheglov. Investigation of the Fluctuation Dynamics of DNA Solutions by Laser Correlation Spectroscopy. Bulletin of the 3. Lebedev Physics Institute, n. 11-12, p. 23-30 (1992). 4. David Wilcock - Investigatii asupra campului sursa / The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 prophecies ADRESA PDF: %20Investigations%20-%20Wilcock_%20David.pdf PARTEA A I-A DIN INREGISTRARE 5. Efecte si aplicatii ale campului morphogenetic (vindecare, ecranare timp, gravitatie, control spatiu , modificare subspatiu ) / Morphogenetic Field Effects and Applications ( healing, communications, warp spacetime, matter transfer, shielding time, gravity, subspace modification and control) Tehnologia morphogenetica pt curbarea tesaturii spatiu-timp (warp) este utilizata de toate speciile vii in comunicare, protectie anti-bacteriana ( vedeti articolul depre pielea rechinului si nano-structurile de pe aripile greierului) in ecranarea campului gravitational . Speciile extraterestre avansate o folosesc pentru deplasare cu viteze superluminice, pentru invizibilitate, scoaterea planetelor lor din sfera de incidenta a catastrofelor galactice (explozii stelare, gauri negre, ciocniri cu meteoriti ). Anexa 1 Descoperiri legate de repararea ADN-ului incorect interpretate de Gregg Braden Discoveries related to DNA repair incorrectly interpreted by Gregg Braden Nota DM: Misterioasa energie despre care se vorbeste apartine realitatii sursa (sufletului nostru) si oricat s-ar incapatana unii sa o fragmenteze sau sa o descompuna in vectori: vorbe ( amintiti-va ca sunetele, cuvintele si mantras pot modifica ADN-ul) , in impulsuri psiho-emotionale, de tipul gandurilor si a sentimentelor, aceste forme manifestate raman efecte, emisii, manifestari periferice ale esentei noastre . A identifica realitatea sursa (cauzala; altarul), cu efectele sale(darul) in plan fizic (vibratii), in plan mental si afectiv (impulsuri psiho-emotionale), desi problema a fost lamurita de Iisus ( "Nebuni i orbi! Care este mai mare: darul, sau altarul, care sfinete/genereaza darul? "Matei 23.19 ) reprezinta eroarea pe care gardienii (Gregg Braden) persista in mod deliberat sa o raspandeasca pt a mentine dogmele religioase ( gratiile inchisorii conceptuale) care au tinut omenirea la nivelul zero de dezvoltare timp de mii de ani . The mysterious energy they are talking belongs to the source field (to our souls) and no matter how far they decompose it in vectors ( words, mantras, sounds, thoughts and sentiments) they take a piece of our soul and it's still one with us. If you remain a prisoner in the mind you will subsitute a discovery with a new coat or a new label... Aveti un alt exemplu de sustinere a implicarii sentimentelor de catre Gregg Braden in filmul din pagina unde arat explicarea eronata a operatiei instantanee din China, care a fost reprodusa si in Romania

Mirahorian-Sunetele in tratament, vindecare, echilibrarea circulatiei energiei subtile, detoxifiere, protectie, curatare centre energetice subtile:

DNA Discoveries - Gregg Braden The effects of emotions on health: Self Healing DNA Discoveries The omnipotent healing power of visualizing Heaven on Earth, and most importantly, FLOWING WITH FEELINGS of this vision being real, is explained below: Nota DM : Experimentul descris mai jos nu are legatura cu vizualizarea raiului pe pamant si cu identificarea cu fluctuatiile emotionale care conduc la mentinerea prizonieratului in realitatea secunda Below are three astonishing experiments with DNA which proves that DNA can heal itself according to the "feelings" of the individual as reported recently by Gregg Braden. In his recent program entitled Healing Hearts/Healing Nations: The Science of Peace and the Power of Prayer, Gregg Braden discussed how in the past we lost huge amounts of information from ancient spiritual traditions (when the library at Alexandria burned we lost at least 532,000 documents), and that there may be information in those traditions which could help us understand some of the mysteries of science. To this end he reported on three very interesting experiments. Gregg Braden started off as a scientist and engineer, before he began pursuing these larger questions. EXPERIMENT #1 The first experiment he reported was done by Dr.Vladimir Poponin, a quantum biologist. In this experiment, first a container was emptied (ie a vacuum was created within it), and then the only thing left in it were photons (particles of light). They measured the distribution (ie the location) of the photons and found they were completely random inside the container. This was the expected result. Then some DNA was placed inside the container and the distribution (location) of the photons was remeasured. This time the photons were LINED UP in an ORDERED way and aligned with the DNA. In other words the physical DNA had an effect on the non-physical photons. Nota DM : observati ca sesizeaza ordonarea si alinierea fotonilor de catre ADN fara sa arate exact ce se intampla After that, the DNA was removed from the container, and the distribution of the photons was remeasured again. The photons REMAINED ORDERED and lined up where the DNA had been. What are the light particles connected to? Gregg Braden says we are forced to accept the possibility that some NEW field of energy, a web of energy, is there and the DNA is communicating with the photons through this energy. EXPERIMENT #2 These were experiments done by the military. Leukocytes (white blood cells) were collected for DNA from donors and placed into chambers so they could be measure electrical changes. In this experiment, the donor was placed in one room and subjected to "emotional stimulation" consisting of video clips, which generated different emotions in the donor. The DNA was placed in a different room in the same building. Both the donor and his DNA were monitored and as the donor exhibited emotional peaks or valleys (measured by electrical responses), the DNA exhibited the IDENTICAL RESPONSES AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. There was no lag time, no transmission time. The DNA peaks and valleys EXACTLY MATCHED the peaks and valleys of the donor in time.

The military wanted to see how far away they could separate the donor from his DNA and still get this effect. They stopped testing after they separated the DNA and the donor by 50 miles and STILL had the SAME result. No lag time; no transmission time. The DNA and the donor had the same identical responses in time. What can this mean? Gregg Braden says it means that living cells communicate through a previously unrecognized form of energy. This energy is not affected by time and distance. This is a non-local form of energy, an energy that already exists everywhere, all the time. Nota DM : comunicarea nu este prin ceva nou , ci prin realitatea de unde izvoresc toate manifestarile EXPERIMENT #3 The third experiment was done by the Institute of Heart Math and the paper that was written about this was titled: Local and Non local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA. (Disregard the title! The info is incredible.) This is the experiment that relates directly to the anthrax situation. In this experiment, some human placenta DNA (the most pristine form of DNA) was placed in a container from which they could measure changes in the DNA. Twenty-eight vials of DNA were given (one each) to 28 trained researchers. Each researcher had been trained how to generate and FEEL feelings, and they each had strong emotions. What was discovered was that the DNA CHANGED ITS SHAPE according to the feelings of the researchers: 1. When the researchers FELT gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by RELAXING and the strands unwound. The length of the DNA became longer. 2. When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by TIGHTENING UP. It became shorter and SWITCHED OFF many of our DNA codes! If you've ever felt "shut down" by negative emotions, now you know why your body was equally shut down too. The shut down of the DNA codes was reversed and the codes were switched back on again when feelings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation were felt by the researchers. This experiment was later followed up by testing HIV positive patients. They discovered that feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation created 300,000 TIMES the RESISTANCE they had without those feelings. So here's the answer to what can help you stay well, no matter what dreadful virus or bacteria may be floating around. Stay in feelings of joy, love, gratitude and appreciation! These emotional changes went beyond the effects of electro-magnetics. Individuals trained in deep love were able to change the shape of their DNA. Gregg Braden says this illustrates a new recognized form of energy that connects all of creation. This energy appears to be a TIGHTLY WOVEN WEB that connects all matter. Essentially we're able to influence this web of creation through our VIBRATION. Source ::