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VISION A world class university.

MISSION To develop the learners into well rounded persons imbued with an enlightened sense of nationalism and strong commitment to service, globally relevant, honest, hardworking, competent, efficient and effective accelerators of progress.


1) To promote the mental and physical well-being of the learners through the liberal discipline. 2) To foster awareness of the ethical and social significance of, as well as responsibility in the use of interpersonal and mass media. 3) To give the learners as strong sense of fulfilment and concern for the development of their community and country trough the: a) Understanding and promotion the harmonious relations with their own selves, with other and the world. b) Acquisition of the ability to think logically, critically and communicate effectively. c) Appreciation of their roles and productive citizen, agents of change, guardians of cultural heritage, and protector of ecosystem. d) Acquisition of skills for problem-solving, decision-making and planning, and dynamic leadership. e) Development of as spirit of self reliance, national consciousness and a sense of service to humanity.