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By Brandon Novak
Citadel Press, 2008
Nonfiction, Memoir

He was a boy wonder on a skateboard, one of an elite team

of sponsored skateboard pros who traveled the country
putting on exhibitions, the envy of kids everywhere. But
Brandon Novak, who was now working as a protégé of
superstar skateboarder Tony Hawk, was harboring a deep
and dangerous secret - even as a teen, he was a full-blown
heroin addict. From the pinnacle of skateboarding
achievement, Novak went from a millionaire to a down-and-
out junkie living in a deserted garage. He pimped out his
girlfriend, stole from his friends and family, and finally
resorted to prostituting himself to get the drugs he needed.
Novak probably would have died a junkie's death if it wasn't
for his best friend, Bam Margera, the outrageous TV.
personality and producer who moved Novak into his home,
babysat him through withdrawals, put him in his movies and
videos, and helped Novak get back on the track to real life.
Raw and sometimes painful to read, Dreamseller is Novak's
first-hand account of his descent into hell, and his fight to get
back his sobriety, his dignity and his dreams.

Why You Should Read This Book: Dreamseller is one of

the most realistic and revealing books about the life-and-
death struggle drug addicts face. Underneath its tales of
tawdry drug use and abuse, Dreamseller is ultimately a tale
of friendship, and how the compassion