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Tripti Sanyal

Tripti Sanyal is a singer and a music teacher in a Govt. school in Kolkata. She has M.A. in music from Rabindrabharati University. She was trained under the tutelage of Pt. Amiyaranjan Bandopadhyay. Tripti mainly sings modern Bengali songs along with thumri, dadra, kajri, Tagore songs and Nazrulgeeti. She has also sung and experimented with classical fusion. She released her debut album Dhanyi Meye from P.N.M Records in 2006. Her programs and interviews have been broadcasted in several television channels. She has also sung for a number of Tele-films and serials. She travels and performs all over the country. Her husband Tapan is a Tabla player, lyricist and composer. Along with him, Tripti has been composing Bengali songs since years. Tapan writes the lyrics and she composes the tunes. Then they together fine-tune the music. In 2009, their valuable original contribution to Bengali modern song writing and composition was recognized by the Washington Bangla Radio (Wbri).

Listen to Tripti Youtube Channel - TriptiMusic Esnips (Audio) Some Unreleased Tracks

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