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This cemetery is located just north of Ballymageragh, Dunleer, where the Crawley family lived. Note that the surname is spelt sometimes as Crolly or Crawly as well. John Crawley was the father of Teresa Crawley who married Edward McCormick in 1849. If you are not sure of whos who please see the McCormick family trees.

I visited Cappogue Cemetery on 23/9/2012. I found one grave with an inscription for John Crolly of Ballymageragh he died in 1868 so a death cert will be available which should confirm it is the correct person. The headstone is in very bad condition (it faces north which may account for it). However, today, 28th September, I have received a copy of a survey undertaken in 1979 which gives us all the details of the headstone. See further on in this document for the details. The graveyard is very small though still in use. There is no access by road you must enter farmland (with permission of the farmer whose land the right of way is on). There are 2 small churches on the site one is a ruin and the other is still in use but usually locked. The Campbell family who also owned land in the Ballymageragh and Cappogue area and are also related to us are said to be buried in this cemetery as well. John Crolly is actually buried in a Campbell grave. No sign of his wife Margaret but there are many unmarked graves in this cemetery. I also enclose photos of St. Bridgets Church, Dunleer where the family christenings a nd weddings would have taken place.

Cappogue Cemetery, Dunleer Crawley Headstone, Cappogue Cemetery, Dunleer

Close up of inscription

St. Bridgets RC Church, Dunleer, Co. Louth

National Library Parish of Dunleer Register Search 25/9/2012 (Microfiche No. P5602)
The registers on the microfiche for Dunleer although dating from late 1700s were in very poor condition when originally filmed. However, the following relevant record was found: 22nd June 1857: Death of Thomas Crolly, Ballameagera

The County Louth Archaeological & Historical Journal, Issue XIX, 3, 1979.
This journal contains a survey of Cappogue Cemetery, carried out in 1979 by Patrick Mallon and Noel Ross. Two headstone inscriptions - 1 definitely our family and the other is a possible.

Sacred to the memory of Mr James Campbell late of Dyer St. Drogheda who departed this life May the 25th 1848 aged 50 years. His brother-in-law John Crolly** Ballymageragh died 16th January 1869 aged 85 years. His niece Mary Louth widow of Henry Louth Clanbrassil St. Dundalk died 15 th December 1882 aged 67. Also her children Michael Louth second son Ballymageragh died 14 th May 1920 aged 74 years. Mary Jane and Teresa who died young. Of your charity pray for their souls.

**John Crolly is father of Teresa McCormick

In memory of Henry Campbell Ballymagera died 8 th December 1888. His son Henry died 24th July 1889. James died 24th April 1894. And his daughter Anne died 20 th October 1883. Also his wife Catherine died 12th October 1920. RIP.

Campbell Family:

Possible birth of James Campbell but about 4 other possibles 1 in Meath, 1 in Dublin and several in Louth. My gut feeling is that the birth was Dunleer or Drogheda. Further research needed. Margaret Campbell married John Crolly before 1815 Margaret had a brother, James Campbell born around 1798 he is buried in Cappogue cemetery along with Margarets husband, their daughter Mary Louth and some of Marys children Need to find birth/baptism for James to get their father/mother? Then search for a baptism for Margaret with same parents.

Crolly/Crawly/Crawley Family (spelling varies but it is the same family)

Census 1659: 8 Crolly families in Louth August 24th 1795: Mr James Crawly of Richardstown (parish of Dunleer) 1801 Proposed Aplotment Richardstown Parish lists Jas (James) Crawley 1821: Registered Freeholders Thomas Crawley, Ballymageragh tenant of Philip Doyne. 1822: Registered Freeholders Thomas Crawley, Ballymageragh tenant of Philip Doyne. 1823: Freeholders Dunleer: Thomas Crawley, Ballymageragh, tenant of Philip Doyne landowner is Princess Charlotte & Duke of Cambridge 1823: Freeholders Dunleer: James Crawley, Richardstown, Dromcorbethstown, tenant of J. Woolsey, landowner William Parkinson. 1834 Tithe Composition Parish of Cappogue: Thomas Crawley arable and pasture land c. 3 acres. 1854: Griffith Valuation: Thomas Crawley (misspelt as Cowley) 1854: Parish of Dunleer: townland of Athclare Patrick Crawley tenant of a house. Mid 1800s Mr Crolly listed as a buyer of wheat and barley from a local farmer Thomas Crawley of Ballymagera dies on 22nd June 1857 (Dunleer parish register).

Proven Line:
John Crolly (1784-1869) married Margaret Campbell (dates unknown). children: They have at least 4

Mary Crawley baptised 11th July 1815. Mary married Henry Louth lived in Dundalk. Has children (check Michael, Mary Jane and Teresa another son Henry who attended Teresa McCormicks funeral) and died on 15/12/1882 and is buried in Cappogue. Bridget Crawley baptised on 31st August 1817. Marriage not found no details yet. Anne Crawley baptised 1st May 1822 in Dunleer. Her sponsors are James and Margaret Crawley of Richardstown. Therefore believe James Crawley is brother of John. Unknown if she married or had children. No burial record found. Teresa Crawley baptised 29th July 1824. Married Edward McCormick from Lispopple, Co. Dublin in Dunleer on 1st December 1849. (See McCormick History for further details).

Griffith Valuation 1854: Thomas Crawley (misspelt as Cowley) Plot 4a&b

Griffith Valuation Map see Plot 4a&b Crawley Land

2012 Google Maps showing Ballymageragh land (note railway line to the right Belfast line)