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The base application's source code is available from the portable app's homepage listed in the help.

html file (if applicable). Details of most other things are available there as well. LICENSE ======= This package's installer and launcher are released under the GPL. The launcher is the Launcher, available with full source and documentation from We request that developers using the Launcher please leave this directory intact and unchanged. USER CONFIGURATION ================== Some configuration in the Launcher can be overridden by the user in an INI file next to Notepad++Portable.exe called Notepad++Portable.ini. If you are happy with the default options, it is not necessary, though. There is an example INI included with this package to get you started. To use it, copy AppNamePortable.ini from this directory to Notepad++Portable.ini next to Notepad++Portable.exe. The options in the INI file are as follows: AdditionalParameters= DisableSplashScreen=false RunLocally=false (There is no need for an INI header in this file; if you have one, though, it won't damage anything.) The AdditionalParameters entry allows you to pass additional command-line parameters to the application. The DisableSplashScreen entry allows you to run the launcher without the splash screen showing up. The default is false. The RunLocally entry allows you to run the portable application from a readonly medium. This is known as Live mode. It copies what it needs to to a temporary directory on the host computer, runs the application, and then deletes it afterwards, leaving nothing behind. This can be useful for running the application from a CD or if you work on a computer that may have spyware or viruses and you'd like to keep your device set to read-only. As a consequence of this technique, any changes you make during the Live mode session aren't saved back to your device. The default is false. There may be other values also permitted in the user configuration file by the portable application; refer to help.html for any details of them.