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Amenam Blend

Amenam Blend is a light sweet crude which has dramatically improved in quality since the startup of the Amenam field in 2003. It has become a light (40 API) low sulphur (< 0.1%S) crude which gives a full range of good quality products. Average production attained in mid 2006 : 200 kbd

Loading Facilities - Port data

Location: Nigeria, West Africa Odudu terminal - FSO - UNITY. Located at Lat. 400 N - Long. 7 45 E

Max dwt Max draft Heating

340,000 mt dwt unlimited 64 m (210 ft) No

Load rate Storage capacity Bunkering

8,000 m /h max 2,200,000 barrels Not available

Refining Characteristics
General Naphtha Kerosene Gasoil Vacuum distillate Residue The crude is low sulphur, it has a low metal content and produces high yields of gasoline and middle distillates with good cetane index. With an N+2A above 70, the naphtha is an excellent feedstock for gasoline production. Suitable for jet fuel production with giveaways on freezing point and aromatics content in a wide range of boiling points. High yields of gasoil with good cetane index (>51) and good cold properties. Good quality catalytic cracker feedstock : KUop factor > 12 . The residue is low sulphur allowing the production of 0.3% low sulphur fuel oil in simple refineries.

Typical Yields
Hydroskimming wt % LPG Naphtha & Gasoline Jet fuel & Distillate Fuel % sulphur 1.3 23.3 52.7 19.7 0.22 NWE Cracking Max. gasoil wt % 3.0 35.4 52.1 4.2 0.39 USA Cracking Max gasoline vol % 5.6 56.6 34.3 6.1 0.37

Total DTS/AM 05/10/2007