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Dinner Party Program

Invocation to be lead Roselyn Bongon Welcoming of Guests Table 1 Family of the celebrant from San Francisco. The Mom, Melinda Gonzales The Aunt, Cynthia Gutierrez The Cousins, yeye, Nogie and Vanessa The cute nephew, Kaeden Table 2 - The in-laws, the talented The Moreno Family Table 3 Sheryls second family here in the Philippines. The Hilado Family The Liongson Family Sheryls cousin who came all the way from Pangasinan - Eric Gonzales and family Sheryls Aunt The Ramirez Family and the Rempola Family

Table 4 -

Table 5 -

Table 6 Table 7 -

Sheryls Clinical Instructors from SFAC Sheryls Friends

Information 1. photobooth unlimited picture until 930pm 2. Smoking please use terrance 3. Bathroom - just right outside to the right. Start of Dinner Will have a trivia. Whoever gives the right answers first, will be the first one to come to the buffet table. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. When is Sheryls Birthday? What is Sheryls First Degree? What is Sheryls Nickname? What is Sheryls past time? What is Sheryls favorite drink?

Enjoy your dinner. Intermission - Song by Khay Moreno

Thank you Speech Wishes from guests Dance, Dance, Dance