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To, The Medical Officer Incharge Health Centre

Sub: Quotations for hiring vehicle for Ambulance and Indica for travelling. Respected Sir, It is learnt that vehicle for ambulance and for travelling purpose is required in your control. I, do herby submit my offer as under:1) Ambulance @Rs 30,000/ month (Thirty thousand rupees), without the driver and fuel. @ Rs 50,000/ month (Fifty thousand rupees) with driver and fuel with limit of 2000kms. 2) Indica for travelling @ Rs 20,000/month (twenty thousand rupees), without driver and fuel. @ Rs 35,000/month (thirty five thousand rupees), with driver and fuel with a limit of 2000 kms. NOTE:1) Maintenance up to the expenditure worth Rs 3000 (three thousand rupees) be beared by you per month and exceeding this , should be borne by us. 2) For servicing purpose, the vehicle shall be kept by us for one day every month during this a spare vehicle will be provided. 3) The rates are as per fuel rates currently and in case fuel is increased, our monthly rates will be increased accordingly. 4) The rates are valid for one year from the date of commencement of the offer and shall be increased @ 10 % (TEN PERCENT) every year. 5) Any disputes will be heard in Bhopal Jurisdiction. 6) Kindly note that all the above mentioned vehicles runs on CNG and Petrol. Thanking You, Yours Faithfully, Mr Mradul Joshi Director