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Sculpture in the Philippines

Periods: Spanish Periods American Periods

Spanish Periods
16th century Images of: Saints Crosses Crucifixes Other religious objects Virgin Estaciones La Purisima Concepcion St. John and Christ Realism Arrival of the Spaniards in the Philippines Subject matter of sculpture when Christianity spread

An Araneta collection and does not have the substance of the conventional figure of a virgin. Found in the church of Tanay, and used to be as one of the best example of 18th century images. Presumably left by developed fully in the Manila area in the 19th century. Found in Morong Church, another example of best image. Fully developed in Manila area in the 19th century

American Periods
The monument of Jose Rizal was constructed in plazas all over the archipelago. The monument honored Andres Bonifacio was erected in the site of the Cry of Balintawak. It also honored to other heroes but it was properly known as Bonifacio Monument.

Carlos Noli

A Swiss National Quince Martires

An Italian sculptor won first prize in the international competition for the design of Rizal monument. Won second prize and finally chosen to be erected at the Luneta.

An impressive monument located in Naga City El Pueblo de Camarines Sur The monument of Quince Martires bears a sus Quince Martires this inscription Last Farewell Sorsogon City Dr. Jose Rizal is depicted in a posture writing in Cebu City plaza. The monument of Rizal was done in realistic proportion. Three figures (doctor, priests and officer) is sculptured in high relief on the base below the main Rizal figure. Rizal monument has an impressive setting with ornate base built on a wide, tapering platform with blastrades and form stairs of twelve steps.

Carcar, Cebu

Other sculptors who engaged in the making of Rizal monument:

Ramon Martinez Eulogio Gracia Vidal Tampingco Ambrosio Morales

Guillermo Tolentino

- Sculptured the Rizal figure in Bian City, Laguna - Has the marvellous mastery of human figure which is very essential in moulding figures for monuments. - Commissioned to do the statue of the Oblation.


It was constructed at the Rizal Hall area. Later it was transferred to UP Diliman.

Fransisco R. Monti

His works heralded the modernism movement of the sculpture.

Metropolitan Theatre

The largest building during the modernism period (round faade building, low and high figural ornaments in the lobby)

Spanish Period


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