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Question 1 Match the following:

B. A. C. D.

Abstract Approach Harmonistic Approach Moderate Harmonization Approach Inerrancy guarantees only the accurate reproduction of the sources.

Answer A. Young and Gaussen B. B. B. Warfield C. Seeks to resolve problems but is willing to wait for more data. D. Edward Carnell

Question 2 McComiskey, in Elwell, argues that the " I Am" of Jesus used in John 8:58 draws a direct connection with Yahweh Adonai Elohim El-Eloe-Yisrael

Question 3 McRay affirms that the faith of Israel existed for hundreds of years without having a book (Scripture) T Question 4 In Rennie's discussion, which of the following is not one of the "entities" which comprise the theory of verbal inspiration? Answer The data (as "teaching") are claimed as the source of the view. The Words were Dictated by the Holy Spirit Conscious accommodation on God's part accounts for any inexactitude. Authority flows from such a Bible on all matters which it touches.

Question 5 The earliest list of the NT books containing only our twenty-seven books appeared in A.D. 367. T Question 6

The natural limitation and the moral limitation of fallen humanity constitute the two major reasons why special revelation from God was necessary T Question 7 Match the following:
D. C. A. B.

Human categories of thought and action Midway between univocal and equivocal God reveals Himself by name Revelation in history

Answer A. Personal B. Wright C. Analogical D. Anthropic

Question 8 The Personal nature of revelation is emphasized by Soren Kierkegaard. T Question 9 Inspiration has to do with the "words" of the Bible as given in the original text. T Question 10 Carl Henry takes strong issue with the "Chicago school of empirical theologians" on the matter of Jesus' absoluteness and the issue of biblical infallibility. T Question 11 Erickson agrees with Beegle that we should give primary weight to the phenomena of Scripture in developing an understanding of the nature of biblical inspiration. F Question 12 According to Erickson, there is common ground between believers and unbelievers. T Question 13 Erickson would agree that God is the Author of the Bible. T Question 14 Thomas argued that we could prove certain things by reason along. Which of the follow was not one of those listed. Existence of God Immortality of the Soul

Supernatural Origin of the Catholic Church Doctrine of the Trinity

Question 15 The most outstanding example of Natural Theology in the history of the church is the effort of Peter Abelard Augustine Thomas Aquinas Karl Barth

Question 16 Erickson argues that the locus of general revelation in the human is evident from: Physical Stature Moral Consciousness Categorical Imperative Spark of Divinity in the Human

Question 17 According to Erickson, the doctrine of general revelation suggests the following: there is common ground between believers and non-believers. God is unjust in condemning those who have never heard the gospel. All religions are equally true Truth about God secured apart from special revelation is not accurate.

Question 18 Which of the following represents an argument used by Erickson to support the Bible's own witness to its divine origin? II Peter 1:20, 21 I Timothy 3:16 Acts 3:16

John 12:35

Question 19 Match the following:

B. C. D. A.

Absolute Inerrancy Limited Inerrancy Full Inerrancy Theory of Accommodated Revelation

Answer A. Reflected in Davies and Jewett B. Reflected in Harold Lindsell C. Salvific Passages Only D. Popular Descriptions

Question 20 Match the following

C. B. A. D.

Phenomena Words Inspired Concepts Didactic Material

Answer A. The Bible has a Dynamic Quality B. Verbal C. Problem Passages D. What the Bible Teaches

Question 21 Give best answer. According to Erickson, "divine speech" may be: Audible Only Inaudible Only Concursive Only Audible, Inaudible or Concusive

Question 22 Natural Theology assumes the integrity of the person perceiving and learning from creation. T Question 23 According to H. D. McDonald, Is biblical authority bestowed, inherent, or both?

Answer Question 24


Erickson would argue that while most words in the Bible are inspired, they are not all inerrant. F Question 25 The oldest surviving list of the canonical books of the OT dates from A.D. 170. T Question 26 Erickson would agree that God's "truth" should be acknowledged regardless of where we find it--even if it is contained in a false religion. T Question 27 Natural Theology Assumes that there is an objective, valid, and rational general revelation. T Question 28 Erickson believes the Bible is inspired, but we cannot formulate a theory of inspiration. F Question 29 Natural Theology assumes a basis incongruity between the human mind and creation about us. F Question 30 Revelation as history describes the thinking of which of the following. Moses Karl Barth Bernard Ramm Pannenberg

Question 31 According to Erickson, Special Revelation is remedial but not exclusively so, as demonstrated in Genesis 1, 3. T Question 32 The inspiration of Scripture and the Authority of Scripture are two entirely unrelated issues, according to Erickson. F Question 33

Match the following

A. D. C. B.

Intuition Theory Illumination Theory Dynamic Theory Dictation Theory

Answer A. High Degree of Insight B. Associated with Calvin and the Reformers C. Concepts, not words are inspired D. Heightening of normal human powers

Question 34 When we speak of the Inspiration of Scripture, we are speaking of that divine process which resulted in the text of the biblical writers actually being the Word of God witnessing to the Word of God becoming the Word of God interpreting the Word of God

Question 35 What two passages of Scripture which posed the greatest difficulty for Karl Barth in his effort to establish a biblical case for his views regarding natural theology? Psalm 19 and Romans 1 John 3:16 and Rom 3:23 Romans 12 and I Cor 15 Acts 13 and Acts 17