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Determining of the variable is parametric or non-parametric I know it can be tricky to determine if variables are (non)parametric.

Here are some tips: 1. Run a histogram (click normal curve) on the dependent (scale) variable. Is the curve skewed? If there is a normal curve, the variable is likely parametric. If not, it is likely non-parametric. 2. Run a frequency for the dependent (scale) variable and look at the mean and median. If they are very similar (almost exact), it is likely to be parametric. 3. Perhaps the most useful test and the one I would suggest you use is testing kurtosis or skewness. Run a frequency for the dependent variable. Under the statistics option in the window, click kurtosis and skewness. When you run the test, if skewness and kurtosis are 0, the variable is parametric. You should run a frequency and address all three tests for (non)parametric variables.