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Contents Aadnowlogments. Price Inthe Beginning... 1 Progressions ...9 Planetary Progressions o the ‘Ascendancand Midheaven ...61 Planetary Progressions—The Inner Planets... 91 The Outer Planetary Progressed Aspects. 165 Counscling ... 187, Appenin Case Study. 198 Biligaphy.. 219 Indes... 221 Preface ‘his book is written Far those who have a thorough knowledge of| basi astrology and ate faced with analyeing progressions, the coal astrologers use for predicting future ends in aif. Such ithe cutent incerest in astrology, that even you fel you only have your“P” plates in ee form of diploma, Family an frends wll ry o pressure you inca “doing their chart,” which will involve predicting the Furue Astrlogiea analysis canbe fry superficial and quite simple, but an ako provide an irdepth poychologia understanding ofa person In 1976, having completed my first astrological diploma with Engi arolager Jef Mayo, I came face to ace with progressions ‘was a brand-new cook and I wanted some cordon bleu lstons, but there were no detiled books on this rpic at che ime [ef himeelf was one of che iste lnk astrology with psychology ‘long before my graduation, had published his hook Plane: and Human Behaviour, Aswologically predicting fuure trends in a life suddenly had anew dimension, Astrology self was undergoing revolution, turing from largely supers, eventoriented analyses to much deeper paychological interpretations. It was capable of| demonsteting in-depth character development slong he road tw ded by each of us flowing the astronomical moment in time that ‘was our birth, bestowing on us the inherent character of chat ‘moment of time andthe destiny shat goes wih I ean with increasing excitement che depth of the proces. as even more amazed to learn that moving forward several years and reading the results in the ephereris—the book of tables containing planetary postions for any given yar—corelated with the resale for ‘the same number of yeas going backward in che ephemeris before the individual's birth, Alan Leo, the "ithe of modern astrology” is credived with fis using eis Face in his work, The chart “sid” the same things going backward and forwand forthe same yea, Time had ‘no meaning as we know it Then, overnight, re were all ng down fll fathom Five by Liz Greene: book Satur: A New Look at an Old Devi. This hook was the trigger forthe pychological revolution in acolgy. Although Twas extremely eacted by the increasing possibilities of aology, I became aware of the great rexponsbilies involved in chart interpretation. Diplomas in astrology were eclaively new and relied, when tackling progesions, cha only minimal tsining was asailble By doing the work, one would learn; there were no degree ‘course avilable in atrolgy, Asrologers work with people, and vale erable people a that. The esponsibility seemed grt. 1 decided ro compere my firse 200 chars ice for Finds and col- leagues who were duly warned thae I had my °™ plates. also revolved «0 teach myself witha sensible test for progressions and, a the same time, examine the validity of astoloqicalpreditons. col- lec shirey-eigh bet times from acquaintances who were, or ad boca, marred, and progresed heir charts forward to thei ime of mariage. Here, Iam referring to couples going chrough a mariage ‘ceremony and procaiming their commitment teach other. 1 repressed their charts backward from the date of birth tothe year of martage, using owo different methods of secondary progres: ‘ons: che firs whese one day defor birth ils one year of lif, and the second where one day alr the GMT date of birth equals one ye of if. I also used atologer Charles Cater’ ead or sla ae rethod, Carter commends it in his book Some Principe of Hore seape Delineation and says, “In my own case, E have never found ‘hem [progressions using this method] fl to work.” This method involves adding the annual motion ofthe Sun, 59.8, (ftom the time of birth tothe ime ofthe progressed dts) tothe motion ofl he planets the Ascendant, and the Midheaven (known as the MC), The older the cen, the greater the diference berseen this method and the one-degre-fr-one-year method. [Find the solar ac method the most clible, possibly because it involves all the planess and angle. Using these dice techniques I progressed al thiry-