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Glass Blown Emeralds: Chapter Summaries Chapter One: Jeweled Sands Nagi wakes up in Harrys world and tries

to get used to it. Chapter Two: White Christmas Nagi and Harry grow closer and have a small reprieve before theyll have to get thrown back into the war. Chapter Three: Forest of Red Thistles Fight Nagini, Ron comes back, Nagi disagrees with going to see Lovegood, and instead helps deduce what each part of the symbol could be to equal the Deathly Hallows. Harry has vision of where the Elder Wand is. Nagi suggests they get the wand before Voldemort first. Chapter Four: A Home That Isnt and Is Home Sneak into Hogwarts, steal Elder Wand. Meet at Surrey Park as meeting point. Nagi tries to see if there are any other Potter homes. They go to Gringotts to see, and find a list of places. They also find out that Harry has partial access to the Black vaults, and they get Hufflepuffs Cup. They go to Potter Isle, where the Flamels actually live. Chapter Five: A Mothers Love Voldemort doesnt see the Elder Wand with Dumbledore, and thinks he has to keep looking. Nagi distracts the others by making them learn to throw kunai, while he asks Nicolas Flamel about Horcruxes. What he finds out makes him suspect Harry is one, and he almost goes to confront her, but Hermione stops him and argues with him about it. Instead, he talks to Harry and ends up talking to her about Karura, and compares her and Lily Potter. The trio get restless staying there and want to go out and fight, while they try to find out where Ravenclaws diadem (though they dont know it) is. They go out, save people, and Harry ends up being confronted by Bellatrix. Nagi kills her. Chapter Six: Resting Bed of Lilies Finding out about the captives in Malfoy Manor from Bellatrix, they decide to go save them. They fight the Malfoys and defeat them, though Harry tries to convince them to just leave. Snatchers and Fenrir interrupt, and they flee and bring their rescued to Bill and Fleurs. Nagi concludes that the last Horcrux theyre looking for might be at Hogwarts, and they go there and force Snape out. Voldemort attacks Snape and leave him for dead, which Harry sees and panics, apparating to his side with Nagi. Nagi reluctantly saves him with phoenix tears he got from Nicolas. Chapter Seven: The Deathly Hallows They go back to Hogwarts and Harry watches Snapes memories with Nagi. She confirms shes a Horcrux. Getting Nagi to go destroy the two Horcruxes they have in the Room of Requirement, she sends a message to Voldemort that she has the Elder Wand and sets up a meeting with him in Hogsmeade. He and his army are in the Forbidden Forest, so he sends half up to Hogwarts and goes to meet her. While hes meeting Harry, Nagi realizes Harry had sent him off to distract while she went to meet Voldemort, and rushes off to go after her, just missing half of the army

marching onto Hogwarts. He finds her dead body and tries to save her. Finding he cant, he becomes angry and starts to go after the other half of the army in the forest. He finishes up there and hears Voldemort offering a temporary cease-fire to allow them to take their dead, feeling gracious. He goes up to the castle and informs half of the army is dead, but also to a few that Harry was also. Then Voldemort comes with Harrys body, and Neville makes a defiant speech. Harry reveals shes a live and fighting starts again, with Nagi reluctantly letting her fight her fight with Voldemort. Ron and Hermione chase after Nagini, who comes close to Neville. Ron tosses Gryffindors sword to him and Nagini backs away, only to be pinned to the ground by kunai that Ron and Hermione threw, which lets Neville behead it. Harry and Voldemort have their last stand in the courtyard. After she wins, she finds out shes immortal due to the Deathly Hallows. Chapter Eight: Epilogue Its almost Christmas, Hermione is working on something secret, and theyre just about finished fixing up the Wizarding World. Snape is DADA, and actually fairer. Nagi has the Philosophers Stone from the Flamels, and the two die peacefully with letters to them. Neville is Herbology prof and courting Luna. Hermione tells them shes been working on a way to get Nagi back home, and Harry decides to go with him. Ron and Hermione pointblank decide to come too, though nothing is said until after Christmas. Christmas comes and goes, and then theres New Years, after which is when they decide to go. ~*~ Chapter Nine: Land of Sand They enter