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COMPUTER RELAYING FOR POWER SYSTEMS ELECTRONIC & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH STUDIES, LINES AND CABLES FOR POWER TRANSMISSION SERIES. Series Editor: De Be M. Weed, Univers of Southampton, Erland Arun G. Phadke a ¥ Cooke “American Electric Power Professor 5 Vaile OSLER ST erty 2. Compe Reayng for Powe Syms ‘Aran Pade and James. Thorp James S. Thorp 4. Vn Amey Aspe of High age Tnuision George A Gouty : Professor of Bleciical Engineering “Cormell Univers S. Thermal Behavior of lest Conductors ukaca, New York, USA ‘Sen Oy nl FC Rae ‘Vincent Morgan : 6 Power Sytem Relaying ‘Stanley H. Horas ond Aran G Pade | [RESEARCH STUDIES PRESS LTD. Trunton, Smee, Eagan JOHN WILEY & SONS INC. ‘ett Ranson, Set TA! 1D Engng Set CONTENTS ae os : Santana Introduction to Computer Relying + a acter coy hit \ cee en : os Er te one u BeSaggeanern ———— : ‘ice Onn nar Bang Sipe 387 Sais Cnr Werachy zl Serer | Chapter 2. Relaying Practices 2 Feat 21 tet ti Smt 2 33 Poctueatnminem Lect x mee. 2 a SoS cen Chapter 3. Mathematical Basis for Protective ene ee Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 oto Bie pee ‘Transmission Line Relaying imi oS gd et Protection of Transformers, Machines and Buses ‘Roeontene Meets er ncn Hardware Organization in Integrated Systems ari oeee Chapter 7 System Relaying and Control 32 Sica tee 3h Rete ae re 15 Beer yin ae Chapter 8 Developments in New Relaying Principles “Pte Winn Sue is Toute wot e a ‘Ring wie are Rap Teeny wae oem Rens io Eee Are tine Hh lek Appendix I Representative System Data “Appendix I Proposed Standard Sampling Rates “Appendix IIl Conversion Between Different ‘Sampling Rates Appendix IVProposed Standard for Transient Data Exchange Index