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Rewrite sentences with modals and modal perfects

1 Rewrite each sentence so that it contains can, could, must, have to, should ( including negative forms) a) Im sure that Helen feels really lonely. b) You are not allowed to park here c) It would be a good idea if Harry took a holiday. d) Im sure that Brenda isnt over 30. e) Do I need a different driving licence for my motorbike?. f) What would you advise me to do? g) Mary knows how to stand on her head. h) You neednt come with me if you dont want to. i) Its possible for anyone to break into this house! 2. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains cant, might, must, should or neednt ( modal perfects) a) Im sure that David took your books by mistake b) It was a mistake to park outside the police station. c) It was unnecessary for you to clean the floor. d) Im sure that Liz hasnt met Harry before. e) Ann possibly hasnt left yet. f) Im sure they havent eaten all the food. Its impossible. g) Perhaps Pam and Tim decided not to come. h) I think it was the cat that took the fish from the table. i) It was a waste of time worrying, after all! 3. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains the word given and so that the meaning stays the same. a) I expect we will get there by 5.00, if there isnt too much traffic (SHOULD) b) Is it necessary for me to bring my passport? ( HAVE) c) Im sure that the cat is in the house somewhere. ( MUST ) d) An aerial is not required with this radio. (HAVE) e) It is very inconvenient if you cant drive. (ABLE ) f) Im sure that John is not the thief. (CANT) . g) I thought that you would know better. (OUGHT) 4. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains the word given,( it can have negative form ) and so that the meaning stays the same.( modal perfect) a) It wasnt necessary for me to go out after all. ( HAVE) b) It was a mistake for you to buy that car. ( SHOULD) c) I dont think that Sally enjoyed her holidays. ( CANT) d) It is possible that Bill saw me. ( MAY ) e) Im sure Karen was a beautiful baby. (MUST) f) Perhaps Alan didnt mean what he said. (MIGHT) g) Its possible that I left my wallet at home. (COULD ) h) I think you were wrong to sell your bike. ( SHOULDNT). i) The only thing I could do was to run away . (HAD).

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