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A DICTIONARY OF INTERMEDIATE JAPANESE GRAMMAR ___ Bem ‘The apanTimes SEER Copyright © 1995 by Seichi Makino and Michio Tsotsi ‘Apher, Nopar of hi pboe my be eroded sere ia rele, o tami nay for oy fey mem, etn, acne, piconet. or cari wit te or rie emo oe ble int eon: June 1995 19% ping: October 2001 ‘Bieri isistance: OPTIMA Cop Cover a: CADEC Ie. Poblsed by The Japan Times, Ld 54, Shiau &-chome, Minato, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan Phone 03-3453.2013, -nnptockla opatmes cov ISBNE-7890.0775.8 Prine in open Preface ‘This isa ditonay of imemadiate Japanese grammar, a companion volume tw Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar published in 1986 by te same autor. While DBIG was designed primary for students and teaches of ‘ogling level Japenese, thie volume i designed for stents and teachers of intermediate level Jepanese. Aer examining relevant textbook, sme ‘eferences on seaence pater, and authentic sources used in inteediate tnd vance apanese cures, we have chosen approximately 200 emis Which we Believe wo bet most inporan grammatical tems for intermediate Sepanes eae. "The format of thi itor i th te a that of A Dictionary of Basie Japanese Grammar. or te coaveieace of readers who have nt wet DBIG te he repented fom tht text the sections To the Reader snd rams ‘Terms nti volume, however, we have mdfied Tote Render sigh and ave add some enres to Cramnatical Terms. Along withthe Japanese inde, there ran English index tat ist the English equivalents fo each ery. (ne difrence between the two volumes i that no romanization bas beso [wovided for examgle sewznces in A Dictionary of Iemediate Japanese (Grammar Ista, frigona(hagan ovr kan) wed "Needless to ye owe «pea el Yo cor profecor, whose works ae liste in he references. Withou tel Linguist nights we could never ave vite thi ition. We would ike to hank or coleagse, fens, and Spouses, who have Kindly answered our persistent questions and shared tbe Tanguage intuition. However fr fear of omission, we woud rather nt atempt s comprebensive ling of mes. Even so, we want meatlon deri ‘as who made this publication possible Ss, Ms. Chiaki Seido from the Japan Ties who etd oor manisrpt mos conssendoutly and efeivels, ‘and bsped we invalualy wih er comment snd suggestions. Aso, ose hanks ‘fot Ms Carmel Dowd and Ms, Sharon Tau, ho eited or English minke it more eadble ‘We sincerely hope tht this diconary willbe usefl in faring oar seater! undestanding of apes Spring of 1995 sich Matino Michi Tatu ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS Pretice ‘To the Reser... List of Abbrevitons ist of Symbole Gramma Tem nn Special Topics in TnemediteJpanese Gramar 1. Discourse Grammar (Mechanism of Cotesion:Intersententil Reference (2) Phenomens of Tense snd Foray Swings 2. Newspaper Grammar 3. Convesaonl Statics 4, ‘Toward Beer Resting Comprebesion: Analyzing Sentences Accurately. Main Bes Aprendines 1. Rotahana Word Transcription Rules 2. Compound Verbs (61 (sy ia) tno} ey 03) 0) 0) 60) 9 a) wa, 3) 1612 a3 is 025 4 s 6 2 8 Compound Paces Conjunction Anes: Profs and Sofies ‘More Counters Cooseunence Functional Expressions and Grsnmatic! Pater Engl Index Jopanese Index References a 6 os on 06 1s us 188