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Questions with episode of locked up abroad (with answer sheet for teacher) 1. Where is most of the story set?

Peru Argentina California What are the names of the two girls? Jennifer and Karen Krista and Janet Krista and Jennifer Where was one of the girls working when her friend from Peru was visiting? McDonalds Ryans a pizzeria How do we know Jos had a lot of money? he had a lot of clothes he lived close to the beach he had two or more houses What job did Jos have? bank manager company director no job The girls were offered a holiday in Peru. What did they have to do in return for this holiday? take 2 suitcases with clothes take jewellery with them take some cocaine to Peru






7. How much money would each of the girls get for taking the stuffto Peru? 2,500 dollars 5,000 dollars 7,000 dollars 8. What did the girls see in the car when the were taken to their hotel? cocaine a gun a knife Where did the whole adventure go wrong?


at the police station in Lima at the airport in California at the airport in Lima


The girls were first taken to a terrible prison. What was so terrible about it? the girls there were very aggressive it was a mens prison only and it was dangerous they were beaten by the guards


Who was the first person to really help the girls? the person from the American embassy a friend of Jos in Peru a female Peruvian lawyer What punishment did the girls get? 5 years imprisonment 10 years imprisonment life imprisonment What happened to Jos? he was caught in another drug related case he fled the U.S. and went to Mexico he was caught in a big robbery




How much of their prison time did the girls actually spend in prison? 3 years 4 years 2 years


Why did the girls go to Peru in the first place? they were offered a free holiday they thought they were going to meet friends of Jos they were sent there to do shopping Do you think these girls were real criminals? If yes, why? If no, Why What did you learn from this video?



Answer Sheet

1. Peru 2. Krista and Jennifer 3. pizzeria 4. he had two or more houses job 6, take some cocaine 7.5,000 dollars 8. a gun the airport in Lima 10. it was a mens prison only and dangerous 11. a female Peruvian lawyer 12. 10 years imprisonment 13. he was caught in a drug related case 14 2 years 15. they were offered a free holiday