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Nairobi | Friday, June 14, 2013

KSh50/00 (TSh1,700/00 : USh2,700/00 : RFr900/00)

No. 17608

BUDGET| Policies to speed up job and wealth creation unveiled as more resources allocated to boost security and spur investment

Tax and spend budget

The rst budget of the Jubilee government goes some way in meeting campaign promises, but Kenyan taxpayers will have to pay hard for the raft of projects sharing the record spending Stories and pictures on Pages 2-11
Sh1.6trn Budget will fund growth but increase tax burden. P2 Youth welcome plans to create job opportunities. P4 Public servants demands for higher pay will hurt spending plan. P5
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Sh17 billion annually for four years to buy laptops, build computer laboratories and train teachers

Sh15 billion to nance construction of two-track railway lines from Mombasa to Kisumu to speed up movement of goods

Sh13.6 billion for new markets and irrigation, plus low interest loans for farmers to increase food production

Sh67 billion for new vehicles, equipment and houses for police ocers and to step up war on crime


The Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, Mr Henry Rotich, when he left the Treasury Building to read the 20132014 Budget yesterday.


I almost doubled the resources going into vulnerable people, the elderly and all that.
Henry Rotich

service given Sh67bn to ght crime. P8

Letters P. 14

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The proposed 16% Value Added Tax on all basic goods will push up the cost of items like maize meal, sugar and bread

1.5% new levy on all imports to nance construction of modern railway line. Kenyans to pay more for cars, clothes and oil.

KRA directed to track owners of property in urban areas in fresh attempt to bring landlords under the tax net

Winnings from gaming, betting, lotteries and promotions to be taxed following amendments to Income Tax Act


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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

SPENDING PLAN | Importers will pay more to fund construction of new railway line

Tax measures to boost growth but prices of goods will go up

Rotich oers many goodies but new revenue measures risk hurting consumers and raise the cost of living


Relief for railways as importers told to foot line expansion bill

WINNERS Kenya Railways Corporation: Has been exempted from paying import duty on items to facilitate railway operations. Importers will pay 1.5 per cent Railway Development Levy on all imported goods. Importers: Sh15 billion to fund construction of a standard gauge railway line from Mombasa to Kisumu that will reduce freight cost. Biogas manufacturers: Duty exemption on plastic bag biogas digesters. Manufacturers: Increase in import duty for electrodes, millstones and grindstones and tubes for packing toothpaste and cosmetics to encourage growth of local industries. Employers: Exemption on premiums for group life and group personal accident covers that do not confer a benet to employees. Persons with disabilities: Extension of tax exemption status period from three to ve years. National Police Service Commission: Sh1.2 billion to build 2,000 houses through the National Housing Corporation. Albinism: Sh100 million allocation towards people with the condition. People with extreme disability: Will get Sh770 million for doubling coverage of beneciaries. Orphans: Will get Sh8 billion to double number of beneciaries under the cash transfer programme. KRA: Parliament to amend Income Tax Act to impose withholding tax on winnings from gaming and betting. Government has initiated review of capital gains tax to dene modalities for its eective enforcement. Proposed improvement of compounding framework for income tax to speed up dispute resolution between KRA and taxpayers with tax oences. Amendment of Income Tax Act will empower commissioner to access books of accounts of corporate bodies. Customs law will be amended to introduce customs warehouse rent for goods that remain at the port of discharge for a period exceeding 21 days from commencement of the discharge. VAT Bill to be re-tabled with its enactment expected to generate Sh10 billion for the Exchequer. Taxman has been directed to employ technology to map out all rental property in urban areas to bring all landlords under the tax net. Keg brewers: Reduction on excise tax remission from 100 per cent to 50 per cent. Victims of tax injustices: A Tax Appeals Tribunal Bill to establish a single tax appeals body is expected to speed up resolution of disputes. Insurance industry players: The Insurance Act will be amended to open up the ownership of insurance companies and brokerage rms to other citizens of the EA Community. Insurance sector players: Insurance Regulatory Authority to initiate an overhaul of the Insurance Act to align it with best international practices and the Constitution. Depositors: Proposed amendments to the Kenya Deposit Insurance Act to expand the Corporations mandate and enhance its corporate governance. Real estate developers: The law will be amended to encourage pooling of resources through real estate investment trusts for the sole purpose of real estate development. Investors: The Capital Markets Act will be amended to provide for the issuance of regional xed income securities. LOSERS Importers: They will pay 1.5 per cent Railway Development Levy on all imported goods. Insurance companies: Employers exempted from payment of premiums for group life and group personal accident covers that do not confer a benet to the employees. Gamblers: Amendments the Income Tax Act to impose withholding tax on winnings from gaming and betting. Investors: Government has initiated review of capital gains tax to dene modalities for its eective enforcement. Consumers: VAT Bill to be re-tabled in Parliament. Enactment will raise the cost of living. Landlords: KRA directed to employ technology to map out all rental property in urban areas to bring all landlords under the tax net.


onsumers will face high prices of basic goods and food items as the Treasury moves to raise additional revenue to nance the Jubilee Coalitions campaign pledges, including free maternal health services and laptops for pupils. Among the raft of infrastructure projects to be funded is the construction of a modern railway line, which is expected to be completed in the next three years. The line will reduce travel time between Mombasa and Nairobi threefold. It is also expected to reduce the transportation of heavy goods by road, reducing the cost of transportation while easing the ow of trac on major highways. Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich also announced he would re-introduce the controversial Value-Added Tax Bill to Parliament through which he will be seeking to impose a 16 per cent tax on basic consumer goods. I will re-table the VAT Bill, which aims to simplify, modernise and reduce the cost of compliance by realigning our

Wananchi wait outside Parliament Buildings, Nairobi, where the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Mr Henry Rotich, was reading the 2013/2014 Budget yesterday.
tax policies with the Constitution, Mr Rotich said when he presented the Sh1.6 trillion Budget proposal for the nancial year 2013/14 at Parliament Buildings yesterday. The prices of basic goods such as milk, bread, maize and wheat our, sanitary towels and newspapers will go up by at least 16 per cent once Parliament enacts the Bill. The cost of farm inputs including fertilizer, livestock feeds and pesticides will also go up by the same margin, which could lead to an increase in the prices of vegetables, fruits, maize and other farm products. Mr Rotich expects to raise Sh10 billion through this tax. The second tier of consumer goods price increases will come from the 1.5



per cent duty imposed on all imported goods. The tax is meant to raise money for the construction of a modern railway line from Mombasa to Kisumu. Under the Jubilee manifesto, the construction of the two-track standard gauge railway line is one of the top priorities. When completed in three years time, (this project) will reduce signicantly the cost of freight, thereby saving businesses huge resources, Mr Rotich said. However, for consumers, this will translate to more expensive goods. The value of houses and cost of renting will also go up with the reintroduction of the Capital Gains Tax, which is expected to increase the cost of land transaction as CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


National News 3

STATEMENT | Rotich was the most popular man in the chamber

Day with dierence as stranger reads rst Jubilee Budget

Speaker and the mace were for the rst time not in the House
BY JOHN NGIRACHU t 3.30pm yesterday, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich stood to read the rst Budget statement of the Jubilee government in the National Assembly. He looked very much like his predecessors at the Treasury briefcase with the colourful coat of arms and the rose in his jacket lapel. He was also directed to the side of the Speakers seat on which the Government usually sits. But his presentation was in circumstances that have changed dramatically as a result of the separation of powers under the presidential system of government taking root since the General Election and the abandonment of the old ways. For one, the Speaker of the National Assembly and the mace, the symbol of Parliaments power, had to leave the chamber. This made it possible for Mr Rotich, who is not an MP, to condently stroll in and sit. The House was eectively a large meeting hall of the Budget and Appropriations Committee and its chairman, the Rev Mutava Musyimi, was running the show.

Rotich oers goodies but tax to go up

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 investors pass on the cost to buyers. The tax will also aect those investing in shares and debt in the capital markets. Promising to cast the tax collection net wider, Mr Rotich also reiterated the governments eorts get landlords into the tax net. He called for the deployment of technology in mapping out all rental property in urban areas. Landlords have warned that this could result to high rent for consumers. The move is likely to pile more pressure on consumers with landlords expected to pass the additional cost to tenants. I have once again directed KRA to leverage on technology, map out all rental property in urban areas and put in place a robust institutional framework for bringing all these landlords into our tax net by December 2013, Mr Rotich said. But the Treasurys hunt for more cash will not only be felt in the pricing of basic goods. Last year, the government introduced a 10 per cent exercise duty on the fees charged for all nancial transactions. The new tax, which became eective in February, makes it more expensive to send or receive cash on mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, yuCash and Orange money. The review of the Excise Duty Act could reveal more taxes on these and on beer and cigarettes. Toothpaste and cosmetic goods are also likely to cost more after Mr Rotich imposed a 10 per cent to 25 per cent duty on import of plastic tubes for packing toothpaste, cosmetics and similar products. The move will shield manufacturers from cheap imports. In the health sector Sh3.8 billion was set aside for free maternal health and Sh700 million for free access to all health centres and dispensaries. I have allocated a further Sh3.1 billion and Sh522 million for recruitment of 30 community nurses and 10 community health workers, respectively per constituency to provide quality health care services to Kenyans, Mr Rotich said.

Mr Rotich was in the company of Ms Anne Waiguru, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Planning and Devolution. He took the seat normally occupied by Majority Leader Adan Duale. One could tell that he was on unfamiliar ground, though, as he inspected his surroundings, he whispered greetings to those he could recognise and settled down to await the call to address the MPs and indeed the nation. Outside Parliament, there were signs that some things had changed and others not much. The agpoles traditionally planted on Budget Day were in place and the guard rails opposite Parliament Buildings had a banner ag wrapped around them. But there was not going to be a president in attendance and, therefore, no guard of honour and no cumbersome security detail in the buildings. As he started reading from an iPad with the briefcase lying unopened, some MPs scribbled furiously while others tapped on their laptops or tablets. In the past, MPs rarely left the chamber as the Budget was read. This time, quite a number walked out, perhaps because they did not wish to rest their eyes while in the chamber like in the past. Those who remained drummed on the oor whenever Mr Rotich said something they liked, such as the allocation of Sh19.1 billion for the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Hunt for more cash

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich reads the budget for the nancial year 2013/2014 in the National Assembly yesterday.
The announcement that materials to put together the new railway would not be taxed was also received warmly. When he announced the various allocations to take care of the disabled, ODM nominated MP Isaac Mwaura thumped his feet like the rest and unable to contain his joy, stood and clapped. But when Mr Rotich announced that the VAT Bill, which could impose taxes on basic commodities, is coming back, a few shook their heads and questioned the logic of that statement. There will clearly be some explaining for the Cabinet Secretary to do on that one when the Bill, which has been approved by the Cabinet eventually gets to Parliament. He completed the marathon


No guard of honour

58 minutes without once reaching for the bottles of water to his left. By then, the chamber was half full. Those who had remained behind eagerly lined up to shake his hand, with a few hugging him in congratulation. He was clearly the most popular man in the chamber and this continued outside, where the Budget Committee had organised a small feast and the Administration Police band to entertain. MPs will have some time to digest the full meaning of his first Budget before they can begin the actual job of deciding whether the Bills to implement his ideas are good enough to become law.

Most popular man

The time yesterday when Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich stood to read the Budget


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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

BITTER-SWEET OUTCOME | Imposing tax on milk, bread may have negative ripple eects on other sectors, warn experts

Youth welcome plans to create jobs but

Young graduates laud Rotichs measures to help get employment or start businesses as parents protest 16pc VAT on wheat, bread
BY MUTHOKI MUMO tourism last year. We want the government to make it easier for young people to get jobs or to set up their own businesses, she said. When she rst spoke to the Nation on the eve of Budget Day last year, Ms Karuku revealed her ambition to expand her supermarket in Kasarani. Although she has achieved her goal, she is ghting a fresh battle against crime after her mini-supermarket was attacked by gangsters last week. She is now installing grills to boost security. If measures to fund security outlined by Mr Rotich yesterday prove successful, Ms Karuku may rest assured of safer nights. Despite these seemingly positive developments, families are weary of bearing a heavier tax burden under the proposed Value-Added Tax Bill.

Cash for the elderly and orphans up by Sh3.8bn

Orphans and the elderly were among the key beneciaries of the Jubilee governments rst budget as the money meant to improve their livelihoods went up by 40 per cent. Presenting the budget to Parliament yesterday, Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury Henry Rotich raised the money that will also cover people living with disabilities by Sh3.8 billion. The increase means the government will spend Sh13.4 billion for cushioning the poor and vulnerable people in the next nancial year. Former President Mwai Kibaki spent Sh9.6 billion as safety nets for the special groups of people during his last nancial year in oce, which ends on June 30. The Jubilee governments increased expenditure plans for the cash transfer programmes appears to be in line with its manifesto, which stressed that it will bring more people into the stipend coverage net.

arol Gichuki has been managing her sisters second-hand clothes business for one and a half years. A university graduate with training in community resource management, Ms Gichuki had hoped to get employment in her area of qualication. It is not easy out there. Hopefully devolution and the new government will create more job opportunities for the youth, she told Nation yesterday. Ms Gichukis dilemma was of special focus in Finance Secretary Henry Rotichs budget speech presented to Parliament yesterday. Mr Rotich outlined a raft of measures that the government intends to put in place to make it easier for inexperienced college graduates to either gain employment or set up businesses of their own. The government, for instance, plans to introduce tax rebates to businesses that hire fresh graduates while investing Sh6 billion in a fund targeted at growing entrepreneurship among the youth. This was welcome news to Ms Linah Karuku, a businesswoman whose daughter has been without formal employment since she graduated from university with a degree in

If the price of food goes up, it will become more expensive to run schools. Fees could go up and this will put pressure on poor parents
School owner Maureen Kagehi
Mr Rotich said he would re-table the Bill as part of an eort to bridge gaps in the Sh1.64 trillion budget. If passed, the Bill will see the prices of basic commodities such as milk, wheat and bread increase by 16 per cent. Some of these commodities

Ms Gichuki during the interview at her sisters shop in Nairobi, yesterday.

are basic human rights. Instead of weighing them down with taxes, the government should be doing more to widen the tax base by bringing in the informal sector, said Mrs Akosa Wambalaba, a lecturer at USIU.


Ms Maureen Kegehi, who runs a school in Nairobis Utawala area, warned that increasing VAT on basic commodities could have a ripple effect on other goods and services as well as family savings.

Number of elderly people who will be under the cash transfer programme, up from 59,000
The manifesto says a Jubilee government will increase the reach of cash transfers to attain universal coverage for older persons and persons with disabilities. Mr Rotich said poverty and vulnerability posed a signicant risk to the well-being of some Kenyans. With over 50 per cent of Kenyans living below the poverty line, we have prioritised cushioning those less fortunate, poor, elderly and persons with disability in our communities, he said. According to the Budget, Sh8 billion will be spent on orphans and vulnerable children under the cash transfer programme. The allocation will help double the number of orphans beneting from the programme from the current 155,000 households to 310,000 households. The number of elderly people beneting from the cash transfer programme will be raised from the current 59,000 to 118,000. Some Sh3.2 billion will be spent on cushioning the older citizens.

Free maternity sweet music to mothers ears

BY MUTHOKI MUMO A week ago, Ms Rose Kerubo suffered her third miscarriage. Ms Kerubo braids hair in Nairobis Kasarani area, a job that earns her some Sh15,000 at months end. She has a history of high-risk pregnancies, but is often torn between purchasing food for her four-year-old daughter and paying for the needed antenatal care. When she spoke to Daily Nation yesterday, her fervent wish was for the government to deliver on its budget promise to provide Kenyan mothers with free, quality maternal healthcare. Carrying a child for months only for it to die before birth is very painful. I dont want to go through this again, she said. In January, while only one month pregnant, Kerubo was taken ill for the rst time. Doctors at the hospital in Kasarani prescribed a regimen of drugs that would cost at least Sh1,000 per dose. She was advised to take it easy and avoid strenuous activity. She could obey neither of the doctors orders. In order to earn money for the drugs, she had to keep working. In order to keep food on the table, she spent hours on her feet, braiding hair and sewing on weaves. Five months later, a previously active foetus went silent. A visit to the hospital brought with it ominous news. A Sh1,500 pelvic scan found no sign of foetal cardiac activity, a symptom that was consistent with a pregnancy of poor outcome. The baby simply stopped moving, she said. Ms Kerubo had suered her second miscarriage in as many years, the third that the 24-year-old has suered in her lifetime. services was perhaps not the direct cause of her miscarriage, Ms Kerubo believes her chances of carrying babies to term would be higher with proper, aordable medical care. Days after her ordeal, Ms Kerubo is back to her nine-to-ve, determined to earn a living. Although she tried to brush the fear away, the concern of a repeat ordeal was very real as she gave her views on the Budget. The Jubilee government has pledged to increase access of health services. In particular, the government has said it will provide free healthcare services to pregnant mothers. This promise was reected in the 2013/2014 Budget statement read to Parliament yesterday by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, Mr Henry Rotich. The government has allocated Sh31.6 billion to the health docket, with Sh3.8 billion to maternal healthcare.

Hours on her feet

Ms Rose Kerubo with a client at her salon in Kasarani, Nairobi yesterday.


A subsidised procedure to extract the foetus from her body cost her Sh3,000. While lack of access to health

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


National News 5

food taxes spoil the party for families

KRA told to come up with ecient measures to bring more landlords into the tax net
BY MWANIKI WAHOME he government will map out rental houses in the country in a fresh bid to bring more landlords to the tax net. For equity and fairness and to ensure that these privileged Kenyans pay taxes, I have once again directed KRA to leverage on technology, map out all rental property in urban areas and put in place a robust institutional framework for bringing all these landlords into our tax net by December 2013, National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich said when he read the 2013/2014 budget yesterday. The controversial VAT Bill that is expected to bring Sh10 billion to the exchequer will be re-introduced in Parliament, with the objective of making it simple and march it with international practices. These are among measures that Mr Rotich said would help boost revenue collection in the next nancial year. The Cabinet Secretary also proposed changes in the law to enable Kenya Revenue Authority compound tax oences under the Income Tax Act to encourage tax oenders to settle their tax cases outside the courts. For instance, the commissioner-general of KRA will

30 nurses to be hired in each constituency

Thirty nurses and 10 community health workers will be employed in every constituency. The Sh3.6 billion plan seeks to enhance service delivery at public health centres and encourage more Kenyans to visit the facilities. The government has also set aside Sh1.2 billion to build 1,500 housing units for health workers near the centres to make them accessible. While making his inaugural budget speech yesterday, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich also announced that Sh200 million had been allocated for the construction of clinics in the slum areas of Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. Some Sh3.8 billion will go into providing free ante-natal and delivery services for pregnant women in public hospitals. Director of Medical Services Francis Kimani said the Treasury had also released Sh1 billion for the purchase of additional equipment, such as delivery beds and incubators. Dr Kimani said this was meant to cope with the expected increase in the number of expectant mothers seeking maternity care.

TAXES 2012

ODM nominated MP Isaac Mwaura (left) with Limuru MP Kiragu Chege (TNA) outside Parliament Buildings, Nairobi, after the reading of the budget yesterday.
corporate tax where such organisations are convicted of tax frauds. These rare but bold measures are intended to deter tax cheats and enhance tax compliance. Mr Rotich said. And to decongest the port, importers who delay in clearing their cargo will have to pay customs warehouse rent after 21 days from the date of commencement of discharge of the carrier. The National Treasury chief has also enhanced tax management systems on excisable goods by issuing a gazette notice on Excisable goods Management system 2013, that prescribes procedures and guidelines for its operations. The government expects to generate Sh6.2 billion from excise tax on Senator keg beer and other related beers meant for the low-end market. But this will be limited to beers made from sorghum, millet and cassava so as to boost production of these crops by farmers. He noted that it had become dicult to dierentiate between various beer products and Senator keg, thereby posing a threat to revenue collection.


Amends proposed on tax law

Revenue from alcohol

be given authority, through amending the Income Tax Act, to access books of accounts of corporates and where tax evasion is proved in court, collect

ANALYSIS | Jaindi Kisero

Huge wage bill, debt and county cash a headache for Uhuru
abinet Secretary for National Treasury Henry Rotich was reading a Budget statement in the context of crippling revenue shortfalls, incessant demand for high salaries by public servants, pressure for money from governors and a burgeoning public debt. Thus, all predictions were that the new administration of President Kenyatta would use its rst budget as the opportunity to raise taxes and announce new spending cuts. The time for austerity and the shift from the Kibaki administrations policy of borrow and spend had arrived. But it is clear from yesterdays budget that the new administration has calculated that austerity can only choke growth. Changing course would have meant reversing to the Moi years of short-termism and risk aversion. A closer look at the budget shows a clear attempt to maintain high expenditure on infrastructure roads, ports, railways and the aging electricity grid. The development budget has also been kept high. The idea of introducing a levy to fund the proposed new railway line from Mombasa to Kisumu was a new invention. Until recently, the thinking was that the new railway line to be nanced and built by the Chinese would be funded by a levy on road users. President Kenyatta has also demonstrated

that he is willing to do what makes economic sense even if it means taking political ak. Weeks ago, he has surprised friend and foe when he opposed higher salaries for MPs. In the ti between the Senate and the National Assembly, he has made it clear that county governments and the senate must be made to embrace scal sanity and prudence. With public opinion shouting at the government over the introduction of VAT, the predictions were that the government would suspend the idea. It did not happen. Mr Rotich made it clear that he will shortly re-introduce the controversial VAT Bill. Indeed, although the Bill is hugely unpopular, the economic reasoning behind it is sound. VAT is universally regarded as the tax of the future. And the problem is that the productivity of VAT has been declining steadily since 1990 when it replaced the defunct sales tax. Statistics show clearly that as a ration of GDP, Kenya is not collecting enough of VAT mainly due to a complex system of exemptions and zero rating. It remains the countrys best chance of improving revenues. The system of VAT refunds has proved to be messy and unworkable. Is this budget a clear and costed plan to kick-start recovery? May be not. Indeed, the big question is whether Mr Rotichs gures add

up. At 7.9 per cent of GDP, the budget decit is the highest in 10 years. Where will the money to fund the high infrastructure spending plan come from? Clearly, Mr Rotich is counting on borrowing and support from multilateral lenders, and expansion. Although the Cabinet Secretary has set the domestic borrowing requirement at a fairly low level (Sh106 billion), indications are that the government will be aggressive in the international market with either a syndicated loan or a Eurobond.

Years the economy grew by seven per cent, the highest level in two decades.
And, instead of new taxes, the minister is counting on tweaking the taxation regime. Taxing gambling is a new idea and so is the idea of re-introducing Capital Gains Tax. The advantage President Kibaki had was the fact he took over at a time when the economy had suered years of under-investment by the state. The rst thing Finance minister David

Mwiraria did was to suspend all procurement ocers in the public sector. They opened the purse strings and threw money at free primary education, construction of roads, water projects and building bre optic cables. They pumped money in restructuring the KCC, bailing out Uchumi Supermarkets and promised to revive the Kenya Meat Commission and the Kenya Farmers Association. In the rst year, the budget for roads increased threefold. In his rst budget, Mr Mwiraria made the unprecedented move of lowering the cash ratio by a huge margin. Interest rates came down massively and the private sector started borrowing again. Banks started giving out consumer loans. By the end of 2004, the rate of the 91-day Treasury Bills had come down to one per cent. By 2006, the economy grew by seven per cent, the highest level in two decades. President Kenyatta is taking over under dierent circumstances. Monetary policy is stretched. Domestic debt has ballooned, and the wage bill is at an unsustainable levels. Interest on gross domestic debt increased by Sh122 billion between June 2012 and the end of March this year. Steering the economy to the next level will be President Kenyattas biggest challenge.

6 | National News


DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

REACTION | Union threatens industrial action until demands are met

Sh53bn for laptops as teachers cry foul

Cabinet Secretary fails to allocate Sh25 billion needed for hiring and promotion of more tutors
BY BENJAMIN MUINDI he government yesterday allocated Sh53 billion for the much-hyped laptop project, but failed to provide cash for recruitment and promotion of teachers. This instantly drew the wrath of the teachers union, which threatened to call a national strike to protest a deliberate and mischievous attempt to undermine teachers and destroy the profession. Presenting his maiden Budget statement, Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich allocated Sh53.2 billion for the laptops to be given to Standard One children next year, but gave only Sh119 billion for the salaries of the teachers currently on payroll. Without additional cash, the National Treasury chief effectively blocked teacher recruitment and promotion. Some 25 billion was required for the undertaking. Mr Rotich said: The government has prioritised transforming the educational system to e-teaching and e-learning. When fully implemented the policy will reduce the cost of buying and replacing text books, and improve access to information, communication and technology

Sh3.7bn boost for the Lamu port project

Construction of Kenyas second port got a boost yesterday following an allocation of Sh3.7 billion to nance setting up of the rst three berths and associated infrastructure. As a government, we want to support investments in order to grow our economy. We have programmed to spend Sh3.7 billion for construction of the rst three berths and associated infrastructure of the Lamu port under the Lapsset (Lamu Port-South SudanEthiopia Transport) project, the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury, Mr Henry Rotich, said in his rst Budget statement. In mid-April, a subsidiary of the China Road and Bridge Corporation won a tender for construction of the three berths at an estimated cost of Sh41 billion. The work, lined up under Vision 2030 key infrastructure projects, will cost Sh2.1 trillion to complete. Experts have projected that once complete, the Lapsset project will contribute about 2 per cent to the countrys economic growth. It will provide a second key transport corridor in order to decongest the Mombasa port.


Jubilee moves to full pledge

The Jubilee manifesto aims to: Work with partners to provide solar powered lap-top computers equipped with relevant content for all pupils Develop electronic teaching and learning in schools progressively starting with primary schools Expand the bre optic network to cover schools, hospitals and police stations Progressively roll out free Wi-Fi in major towns in the next 5 years

Pupils in class at Olympic Primary School. The government has set aside funds to roll out an e-learning project in all schools next year.
in schools and households. We have in the medium term allocated Sh53.2 billion for deployment of 1.35 million laptops to class one pupils, development of digital content, and building capacity of teachers and rolling out computer laboratories for Standards Four to Eight in all public schools. This translates to Sh17.4 billion each nancial year starting from 2013/14. But Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) chairman Wilson Sossion termed the budget an insult to teachers. It dees logic to put in so much for laptops but fail to al-


locate anything for employing and upgrading teachers, he said. There was no reason to invite stakeholders to participate and make recommendations during the budget-making process and then reject their views, he said. Knut had asked for Sh25 billion, including Sh15.2 billion for hiring primary and secondary school teachers, Sh5 billion for nursery school teachers and Sh4 billion for promotions. Mr Sossion said the union will convene a national executive council meeting to given direction on the strike option.

Three berths



Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the University of East Africa
Strengthening the Revival of the East Africa Community
The University of Nairobi in collaboration with Makerere University and University of Dar-es-Salaam cordially invites all the ALUMNI of the former University of East Africa to the Commemoration
Date Venue Time Guest of Honour : : : : Saturday 29th June 2013 Makerere University, Main Hall 8.00 am H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda




For further information, please contact: Public Relations Manager, University of Nairobi: Tel: 020-318262 Ext. 28263 Email: Event Sponsors:

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

8 | National News


DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

SECURITY | Amount is half of what the service had asked to be allocated in the next nancial year

Kimaiyo given Sh67bn to wage war on crime

Cash to be used on research, equipment, houses and vehicles, says Treasury boss

Farmers joy as pyrethrum gets Sh300m

Pyrethrum growers want the government to speed up the revival of the sub-sector by ensuring that the money allocated to the ailing Pyrethrum Board of Kenya is put to good use. We want the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Agriculture to make sure the money is put to proper use and not diverted like in the past, said Pyrethrum Growers Association national chairman Justus Monda. Mr Monda said although the government has allocated only Sh300 million for the revival of the sub sector, they were happy that the money had given farmers a glimpse of hope. However, he said this time round, farmers will be vigilant to make sure even the last cent is put into proper use. Mr Monda said farmers were disappointed that the agriculture budget was slashed by Sh3.5 billion saying this might aect the overall performance of the economy. When agriculture sector is performing well, all the other sectors of the economy pick up very fast and spur development in the entire country, Mr Monda said.

olice have been given Sh67 billion to fight crime in the country. National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich said the economy would rely heavily on improved security. He said priority would be given to increasing police patrols, researching on crime trends, providing equipment and vehicles as well as building houses for police ocers. The maintenance of law and order for the safety and security of our citizens and protection of property is a key factor in determining economic stability, encouraging investments, accelerating growth and in turn creating employment. We must therefore do everything possible to ensure security prevails in all parts

of the country and that our economy is not held back from achieving its full potential, Mr Rotich said. Sh4 billion, he said, would be used to buy security equipment, another Sh4.5 billion for enhanced operations, and a further Sh1.5 billion for enhanced crime research and investigation to understand crime dynamics and enable the law enforcers to come up with appropriate strategies for


New houses to be built for police ocers

Amount for buying security equipment

Sh4bn Sh3bn

Money for leasing 1,200 vehicles for the police

crime prevention. Sh3 billion would also be allocated to lease 1,200 police cars every year to make sure there is police visibility in all parts of Kenya. Another Sh1.2 billion would go into building 2,000 new houses for the officers through the National Housing Corporation. The amount is just slightly over half of what the Police Service had requested. Inspector General David Kimaiyo had asked for Sh120 billion. But even though Mr Kimaiyos estimates were slashed, it was still a signicant boost for the police compared to the previous nancial year when it was allocated Sh50 billion. The previous regime had also estimated that police would need Sh55 billion in the 2013/14 nancial year. Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro said the funds would be used to boost the forensic capacity of the service. Focus would be on emerging crime trends and how to tackle them in order to be proactive, he said.

Growers happy

Administration Police ocers outside Parliament Buildings on Tuesday during a protest by activists opposed to a push by MPs to increase their pay.


DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


National News 9

AGRICULTURE | Funds allocation fails to meet the 10 per cent target again

Bulk of Sh38bn to nance production

Rotich gives development top priority in a sector that generates quarter of the countrys Gross Domestic Product
BY MWANIKI WAHOME he government has allocated Sh38.07 billion to the Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries ministry, with the bulk of the funds, for the rst time, being earmarked for development projects. The 2013/14 budgetary estimates released yesterday indicate that Sh29 billion or three-quarters of the total allocation will cover capital expenditure as recurrent expenses take Sh9.8 billion. The increased development budget comes as President Kenyattas government seeks to raise production and make food aordable to the majority of Kenyans.

Allocation to farming is too low

Residents of Muranga County are unhappy with the Sh38 billion allocated to agriculture, saying, it is not enough. They said the sector needs more money since it is the backbone of the country. Kigumo ward representative Caroline Njoroge yesterday said she expected the sector to be allocated Sh100 billion. We need more than Sh100 billion to improve agriculture, irrigation and value addition. Agriculture is the backbone of this country, she said. Ms Njoroge said many people in rural areas rely on agriculture and more funding would go a long way in uplifting their living standards.


Where the funds will be expended

Livestock traders protest their eviction from private ranches in Taita Taveta early this month. They will benet from abattoirs the government plans to build.
yesterday. Sh2 billion will go to agri-business, with the aim of growing the fund to Sh20 billion in the fourth year. Sh3.6 billion will go into the rst phase of 1 million acre irrigation project in Galana. The project is expected to produce 3 million jobs and increase food production. Mr Rotich said most Kenyans were food insecure, while food items consumed 70 per cent of household budgets. When food prices rise, it creates agitation for higher wages, which in turn weakens our competitiveness, he said. The government is set to introduce a Livestock Restocking Development Fund to cushion livestock farmers from losses caused by the vagaries of weather. To boost production, it plans to vac-


Lumped together

The amount allocated to Agriculture is only 3.8 per cent of the Sh1.01 trillion budget a far cry from the 10 per cent the government has been targeting in the last 10 years. In total, the sector generates 25 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product and provides about 80 per cent employment in rural areas. In its plan, the government plans to boost production in the sector and turn it into a business venture. The Treasury says the money will be used to boost sh farming, create irrigation schemes, build strategic food reserves and step up research. Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich allocated Sh8 billion for irrigation projects when he read budget

n Pastoralism: The ministry will use the money to ght livestock diseases in areas inhabited by pastoralists. n Fish farming: The ministry plans to boost the sector by building more sh ponds. n Irrigation agriculture: It plans to put more dry lands under crops through irrigation. n Disease control: It intends to ght killer diseases that have caused the livestock sector major losses. n Food security: It aims to boost strategic food reserves.

cinate 61 million livestock and expand extension services in pastoral areas. The animals will be vaccinated against foot and mouth and trypanosomiasis diseases. The government aims to boost extension services to educate more than 5.1 million pastoralists through eld days, shows, farm visits and exhibitions in the coming year. It plans to rehabilitate 7,500 denuded range lands, where most of the countrys meat comes from. It will also strengthen disease surveillance and introduce an advanced reporting system using Digital Pen Technology. To improve marketing, 21 abattoirs will be constructed and commissioned. The government also intends to invest more in the leather sector by training 440 stakeholders on value addition.

Amount Muranga farmers wanted for agriculture, which, they argue, is the backbone of the economy
She was against any attempt to tax basic commodities like our, milk and bread, saying that would even lead to hunger. With many Kenyans even sleeping on empty stomachs, an increase in VAT is outrageous and unfair to the common mwananchi, Ms Njoroge said. A resident of Kiharu, Mr Benjamin Gachagua, said agriculture should have been allocated Sh100 billion. He said the budget ought to have focused on job creation in rural areas by supporting agribusinesses.

10 | National News


DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

IMPLICATIONS | Investor concerns in industry remain urgent

Poor funding may hurt mining sector

Stakeholders blame law passed in 1940 for failure to address key industry issues

Sealing graft holes could save revenue

Stamping out corruption and widening the tax bracket could provide the resources the government needs to meet the rising wage bill and development projects. Analysts told the Nation that the government could save up to Sh400 billion annually if it sealed loopholes for corruption, got rid of revenue leakages and avoided wasteful spending. The biggest solution (to the nancial decit) is to seal corruption loopholes, risk consultant Kariithi Murimi said by phone. The government will experience further constraints in meeting its nancial needs against a Sh1.6 trillion budget for the 2013/2014 nancial year. With Sh1.6 trillion in expenditure against total expected receipts of Sh1.284 trillion (including loans and grants), the overall deficit amounts to Sh356.9 billion, which is 8.6 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product. The decit will be covered by net foreign nancing of Sh223 billion and Sh106.7 billion net borrowing from the domestic market. The government has also set the total revenue estimates for scal year 2013/14 at Sh1.027 trillion, comprising Sh961.3 billion of ordinary revenue and Sh67 billion of appropriations-in aid. The targeted revenue is predicated on projected economic growth, but takes into account the challenges we have had in the past two years especially with collection of VAT.

he newly-created Ministry of Mining may not be o to a good start after some of its key activities were left out in budget estimates tabled in April. In the estimates, the ministry, headed by Mr Najib Balala, and which has the task of promoting mineral exploration and mining management was allocated Sh574 million. It had asked for at least Sh3 billion for plans to develop geological and mineral resource databases, among others.

terhouseCoopers. The budget and appropriations parliamentary committee has proposed that the ministry be allocated an extra Sh2.8 billion to nance drilling rigs, setting up of a mineral commodity exchange and doing an aerial geophysical survey. The committee proposed allocation of an extra Sh2.5 billion for aerial geophysical surveys, Sh150 million for setting up a mineral commodity exchange, Sh20 million for buying drilling rigs and accessories, Sh20 million for LEGISLATION

Bill expected to revamp sector

The draft Geology Minerals and Mining Bill 2012 proposes introduction of new mining licences to increase government revenue from the sector. Draft seeks to create Mining Disputes Resolution Tribunal headed by legal ocer equivalent to High Court judge. Bill also proposes that 75 per cent of mineral resources belong to national government, 20 per cent to county government and ve per cent to local community Current Mining Act of 1940 has been reviewed twice; 1972 and 1987

field vehicles and an extra Sh10 million for the purchase of water bowsers. A research analyst at the Standard Investment Bank, Mr Eric Musau, says inadequate funding may cultivate a negative attitude among investors regarding the sector. Given that all other countries that are exploring minerals have been able to employ technology to map their mineral resources, lack of provision for funds to boost development of mineral resource databases and the necessary legislation to guide the sector could have negative implications on the yield from local minerals, Mr Musau said. The ministry has prepared a mining Bill that is yet to be tabled in Parliament. It seeks to introduce new regulations in the sector with a view of increasing government revenue from mining activities. The Bill, once passed into law, will also see setting up of various institutions such as the National Mining Authority to oversee the sector. At the moment, the mining industry is regulated through a law enacted in 1940. Industry stakeholders have blamed the archaic piece of legislation for dwindling incomes. The sector cannot raise enough because it lacks the mechanisms for addressing emerging issues.

Dwindling incomes

Overall decit

Analysts say that should the funds allocation in the budget estimates remain unchanged, the ministry may be hardpressed on which activity to give priority even as a new mining regulation that addresses current investor concerns in the sector remains urgent. The central bit of mining is an airborne survey of minerals to document what the country has and where they are located. This information forms an important sales pitch to investors, said Mr Osborne Wanyoike, a senior manager for energy and mining at Pricewa-

Airborne survey

Workers make nal touches to a mini-port warehouse at the Likoni mainland shore that will be used by Base Titanium for storing titanium sand minerals after mining in Kwale County. Experts have warned that lack of funding in the mining sector could derail investment plans.




4 floors (each approx 2950sqft) office Very secure boundary wall Ideal for Offices, NGOs, Universities and space. Space can be tailored to suit the client Colleges. Near the Airport. needs. Secure tenants parking space. Ample parking space for car/lorries and Each office has separate washrooms and long trailers for turning, loading and off kitchen. loading. Godowns of different sizes ranging from 5000sq ft. to 8000sq ft. for warehouse and industrial plants. Available in the same compound office space approx. 12000sq.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


National News 11

FUNDING | Projects vital in stimulating economic growth

Sh125bn for roads insucient

Ministry should be given more cash to eectively discharge its mandate, says House committee
BY JOSHUA MASINDE he government faces an uphill task using Sh125 billion to realise ambitious infrastructure projects in the current financial year. Parliaments Budget and Appropriations Committee said more cash should be given to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for sucient funding of ongoing road and other infrastructure projects aimed at stimulating economic growth in the country. Although the Sh125 billion for the docket is the third largest allocation after those of the Teachers Service Commission (Sh143 billion), and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Sh130 billion), the House committee felt the amount was inadequate. The team proposed that Sh15 billion should be hived o from the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, while Sh5 billion should also be reallocated from the Ministry of Defence to the Transport and Infrastructure ministry. Infrastructure development is outlined as one of the main drivers of the country towards a middle income status by 2030, but the amount allocated to it may not be sufficient. It may reduce the momentum of investments in the sector, said Afrika Investment Bank


Accountants seek role in county budgeting

Accountants want the law amended to allow them to take part in the preparation of county budgets. Most of the counties were understaed and lacked skilled manpower to manage huge funds from the national government, Institute of Certied Public Accountants Central Rift Chapter executive ocer Amos Karoki said. Mr Karoki, who spoke in Nakuru Town yesterday, said ICPAK was represented at the national level.


Booksellers oppose tax on essential goods

Amount, in shillings, allocated to the Teachers Service Commission for the 2013/2014 nancial year

Momentum of investments

The poor state of the transport system is an impediment to businesses and economic growth
Parliaments Budget and Appropriations Committee

A section of Thika Superhighway. Road and other infrastructure projects are aimed at stimulating the countrys economic growth.
operationalise the National Roads Safety Council, develop the second container port at Mombasa port, expand and modernise the Isiolo airport, and establish transport ofces in counties. Although no funds have yet been allocated directly towards the implementation of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport project, part of the Sh125 billion could be used for this purpose. Other projects to be undertaken include the construction of 1,480 kilometres of new roads, rehabilitation of 1,900 kilometres, maintenance of 246,000 kilometres of roads, and rehabilitation and maintenance of 3,550 roads in national parks.


analyst Ronald Lugalia. According to Parliaments Budget and Appropriations Committee report on the estimates of revenue and expenditure for the 2013/2014 nancial year, the poor state of the countrys transport system has been an impediment to businesses and economic growth. The committee noted that Kenyan roads, especially those in rural areas,

were dilapidated and largely untarmacked. It said this was despite the heavy investment in roads. Throughout the country, the poor state of the transport system is an impediment to businesses and economic growth, said the Budget and Appropriations Committee, chaired by the Rev Mutava Musyimi. The allocation to the Transport and Infrastructure ministry is meant to

A booksellers lobby has opposed the introduction of 16 per cent tax on essential commodities. Kenya Booksellers and Stationers Association said taxation of products that were zero-rated or exempted from tax would compromise the governments commitment to improve the living standards of Kenyans. Chairman Arthur Kamau said yesterday that subjecting books, newspapers, journals and periodicals to tax amounted to double taxation. Printing materials are taxed at the source (country) and imposing tax on products produced locally will overburden the already struggling Kenyans, he said.

The Institute for Education in Democracy (IED) is a notfor-profit organization providing non-partisan contribution and leadership in the democratization and governance processes in Kenya and the Africa region through programmes in Electoral Process, Civic/Voter Education, and Research and Dissemination. IED is looking for suitable candidates to fill the following vacant positions: 1. Programme Officer Electoral Process; 2. Programme Officer Civic/Voter Education; 3. Finance & Administration Officer. Basic requirements for the positions include, but not limited to: 1. University degree in the relevant field 2. At least 3 years experience in the relevant field 3. Experience in civil society and donor environment Interested candidates should obtain details of respective position specifications, required qualifications, experience, personal attributes and application procedures from our website (vacancies section), at . Applications close on 28th June 2013. IED is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified women and people with disability are encouraged to apply.

Opportunities for PhD and Post-Doc students in Mental Health Research Work


The United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) seeks Expressions Of Interest (EOIs) from suitably qualified companies who wish to participate in the upcoming bidding exercise for the provision of car-hire transport services to UNON. 1. The Contractor shall provide car-hire transport services for official use to staff members of the United Nations offices at Nairobi (UNON), United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNHABITAT), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other UN agencies based at the United Nations Complex in Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya. 2. The resultant contract will be for a period of one (1) year with a possibility of extension. Vendors interested in supplying the above goods/services are invited to submit their Expression of Interest by visiting our website (, and filling out and returning the Vendor Response Form by e-mail or via fax to the contact person indicated in the EOI form. UNON subsequently intends to issue a formal Invitation to Bid (ITB) to pre-qualified companies who in the UNONs opinion are capable to provide the goods/services in accordance with the requirements that will be fully specified in the solicitation document. Information on tendering in the UN Procurement System is available free of charge at the following address. Vendors interested in participating in the planned solicitation process must be registered with UNGM and may wish to visit for full registration process.

Africa Mental Health Foundation, in collaboration with our partners is pleased to announce another round of the above opportunities. For more details on requirements and application procedure visit: http://www.africamentalhealthf
As part of our social responsibility Africa Mental Health Foundation provides free information online to all members of the public on suicide, alcohol and substance abuse, depression, old age and Alzheimers disease among other conditions. For more information visit our website at:http: // entalhealth.html Email us on Tel: +254 20 2651360 / +254 20 2716315 (normal working hours) Connect with us Africa Mental Health Foundation amhf_kenya

12 | Opinion

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Budget statement a tight balancing act

he rst budget of the Jubilee administration unveiled yesterday was clearly a delicate balancing act between moving to make good on some of President Kenyattas campaign promises while resisting the temptation to splurge. Finance Secretary Henry Rotich was in the unenviable position of providing funding for a large shopping list of a very expensive campaign manifesto wish-list, while keeping an accountants eye on purse-strings that are not elastic. To some extent, he succeeded in providing the funds for a large number of ongoing projects and infrastructure projects, education, health, social support, agriculture, job creation and others. But there were also many areas that were left out or given a fraction of what they really require. It is obvious that in the coming days, weeks, and months, there will be a lot of lobbying by interest groups that feel they were shortchanged. Parliament has become a key player in the budget-making process and will as much as, if not more than the National Treasury, be the focus of a wide array of lobbyists and special interests groups. All will be pushing to have their specic needs accommodated as the budget statement and the accompanying pieces of legislation go through the various processes before passage. It is, therefor,e important that both be insulated from extraneous pressure, especially in an environment where MPs may be tempted to play politics with the budget or to open themselves up to blandishment from powerful lobbies. It is also evident that there will be debate for some time to come on the measures proposed by the Cabinet Secretary to nance the budget. A key debate will be on the VAT Bill and other tax measures that will substantially raise retail prices for a large number of essential consumer items and foodstus, hitting hard the pockets of ordinary Kenyans for whom the price of a packet of maize meal, a loaf of bread, or a bottle of milk is essential. It is yet to become clear exactly how tax measures will aect Kenyans because Mr Rotich was rather economical on full disclosure on the exact proposals he will be presenting to Parliament. The jury, therefore, is still out on whether the rst budget of the Jubilee administration meets the most basic test of satisfying expectations while demonstrating scal responsibility. It important that all the tax measures, borrowing and other proposals to fund the record expenditure be made public as soon as possible so that all in Kenya whether ordinary wananchi worried about their daily meal, or giant corporations considering their capital investment options have a clear picture of exactly how the budget aects them. Meanwhile, it is only fair for all, both citizens and the government, to accept that if the economy is to get back on the desired growth path, there must be sacrices. But it is pointless to ask citizens to tighten their belts while the government splurges on those in leadership. Those in the Executive and the Legislature must lead by example and exercise frugality in the allotment of their own entitlements.

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY | Gibson Kamau Kuria

Essential consumer items

Yes, there seems to be a conspiracy to emasculate the Senate and then kill it W
hen Senator Kipchumba Murkomen alleged a conspiracy to cripple the Senate and wind it up, it was an understatement. It seems, indeed, that there is a plan to return Kenya to the constitutional order which obtained between 1960s and 1991. In an article titled The Role of Senate in the Kenyan Political System, J.H. Proctor Jr observed that a little more than a month after the meeting of the Senate on June 7, 1963, an opposition MP voiced the suspicion that some ministers had a negative attitude towards that House and there was a rumour circulating that the Senate might be washed out. He further says that in 1964, the Leader of Government Business acknowledged there had been wide speculation as to whether the Senate should be scrapped. One hopes that what Mr Murkomen said will not prove prophetic. If it does, Kenya may be restarting a cycle of constitutional amendments which commenced in 1964 and ended in 1988. By that time, among other organs, the Police Service Commission and the Senate had been abolished. The country was a one-party State in which the AttorneyGeneral, the Judiciary and Auditor and ControllerGeneral had lost their independence. MPs have made it clear that they consider their House to be superior to the Senate. That notion is now embodied in the Bill on the Division of Revenue which was assented to by the President on June 10. One hastens to add that the President did not assent to it because he supported it in principle, but rather because he feared there would be a government shut-down if no money was approved by Parliament before June 30. Legislator Mithika Linturis motion to nullify the Legal Notice which communicated the new salaries of MPs was based on an outdated notion of the supremacy of Parliament. The disregard for the views of the Senate on the Division of Revenue Bill is based on the same notion. Before August 4, 2010, the constitution had established a single chamber of Parliament and a unitary government, the devolved government having been abolished in 1965 through a constitutional amendment. In 1966, the Senate was abolished through a constitutional amendment. Mr Murkomen was hinting at a similar possibility. Recently, Kiharu MP Irungu Kangatta, informed the country that he would be bringing a constitutional amendment Bill through which he will start a process of abolishing the Senate. But even if he tables such a Bill and it is passed, by virtue of Article 265 of the Constitution, it will require a referendum to become law. The 1966 abolition of the Senate was part of a bigger project to dismantle the constitutional order established by the 1963 Constitution. That project was discussed by former Attorney-General Charles Njonjo in an article titled, Recent Constitutional Changes in Kenya published in the 1965 issue of the East Africa Law Journal. As long ago as 1970, in Ukunda v R, (1970) EA 453, a constitutional court held that in Kenya, we have the supremacy of the Constitution and not that of Parliament or one organ of government. As the two-chamber Parliament of 1964 found cumbersome the exercise


LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Ocer JOSEPH ODINDO: Editorial Director MUTUMA MATHIU: Group Managing Editor Published at Nation Centre, Kimathi Street and printed at Mombasa Road, Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited POB 49010, Nairobi 00100 Tel: 3288000, 0719038000. Fax 221396 Registered at the GPO as a newspaper

The 1966 abolition of the Senate was part of a bigger project to dismantle the constitutional order established in 1963

of the power to amend the Constitution which required it to get the support of 75 per cent of all MPs and 90 per cent support of all senators, it persuaded the two Houses to accept an amendment whereby any amendment to the Constitution would require the support of only 65 per cent of all members of either House. Once this amendment was passed, the die was cast. Constitutional amendments were passed, thereafter: a) to merge, in 1964, the oces of the Prime Minister with that of an all-powerful presidency; b) to abolish, in 1965, the devolved government then known as regionalism; c) to abolish the Senate in 1966; d) to abolish multpartyism in 1982; e) to abolish, in 1987, the independence of the Attorney-General; f) to abolish, in 1988, the independence of the Judiciary and the Auditor and Controller-General. It is the undemocratic philosophy embodied in the notion of the Supremacy of Parliament being used now which caused the very suering which led to calls to rewrite the Constitution. For how long will Kenyans continue rewriting their constitutions? Dr Kuria is a Senior Counsel.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


VACCINE NEEDED. Recent events, including the closure of the media centre at Parliament, Dave Mungai says, indicate that MPs are determined to vent their anger on anyone they perceive to have played a role in lobbying against their salary demands. They have threatened to reduce the Presidents pay and to lower VAT. And for daring to report this, he adds, journalists are now being threatened. The Acquired Piggy Syndrome (APS), it appears, will be here until the voters nd a new vaccine in 2017, says Dave.
ITS A NEW CONTRACT. It is absurd for MPs to demand the higher salary earned by members of the 10th Parliament as theirs is a new contract that began following their election on March 4, says Stephen Mutuguta, writing from Mombasa. Their attempt to base the demand for higher pay on an international labour law that says it is illegal to reduce someones salary does not apply in this case. The employer had a right to review their job description and set a new salary. It is only a salary agreed upon and signed that cant be unilaterally reduced. CONTAIN CROOKS. Why has the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board never bothered to act against herbalists who post advertisements oerring cures for all manner of illnesses? asks Joe Mbalu. He is also disappointed by the silence from the Kenya Bureau of Standards as fake substances are sold as drugs. The pseudo-experts continue to eece people after lying to them about wonder cures. They purport to diagnose and administer treatment. They should be easy to nd with their phone numbers on iers.


We in Africa do not crave foreign aid; just assist us to attain self-suciency

n December 2010, I became President of Guinea following the countrys rst truly open and democratic elections. I said then that I had inherited a country, not a state. Our economy was in ruins, our people were among the worlds poorest, and our political system had been weakened by decades of corruption, dictatorship and misrule. It neednt be so. Guinea has vast mineral wealth, the worlds largest reserves of bauxite, and high-grade ironore deposits. Making these assets work for all of our people, rather than only for a few unscrupulous international mining companies and politicians, requires confronting the deeply ingrained corruption found in Guineas politics and business. But uprooting such corruption can be painfully slow, and is often dangerous. After all, vested interests do not welcome challenges. Compared to developed countries, rogue actors do disproportionate damage in a country like Guinea. Lack of transparency and endemic economic corruption do not mean only unpaid taxes and a lack of competition; they also corrode the political process and undermine democracy. It impedes change and opens the door to frustration healthy partnerships between government and the private sector, a commitment to strengthening democracy and transparency, and a focus on using our resource wealth to achieve higher living standards for our people. We have already made much progress. Guinea has signed up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), along with the UK, France, Australia, Norway and the US. We are developing new, equal, and long-term partnerships with responsible global mining companies that ensure a longterm commitment to creating jobs and sustainable, longterm benets for both sides. We have also insisted on reviewing the legality of mining contracts signed by Guineas previous undemocratic and military regimes, and we have published all of these contracts online for the world to see. What we need now is the support of developed countries in building a global business climate that permits those who play by the rules to prosper and locks out those who dont. Too many of the worlds nancial centres enable the predators, who rely on oshore corporate vehicles to mask their identities, to loop their nances through exotic jurisdictions, while using prestigious law rms, accountants, nancial advisers, and PR rms to give their destructive behaviour a veneer of respectability. This has created a greenhouse in which corruption grows and ourishes, posing a mortal threat to Africa. Guinea will work closely with the American FBI, the UKs Serious Fraud Oce to expose and root out criminality that threatens the integrity of global markets and African democracy alike. Guinea appreciates the aid that it receives from the developed world. I hope that donors understand when I say that, while we currently need their assistance, we do not want it. We see our anticorruption agenda as being simultaneously pro-business and pro-development. We do not want to live in dependence on the generosity of others when our resources can make us prosperous and strong. When I meet with Cameron, I will not ask him for British taxpayers money. I will ask, instead, that he continues to demonstrate global leadership on transparency and good business governance, which promise to benet not just countries like Guinea, but Britain and the world as well. Mr Cond is President of Guinea. (c): Project Syndicate, 2013.

President Alpha Cond

and the kind of political tension and regrettable violence including tragic deaths that have recently aected our country. That is why, tomorrow, I will join British Prime Minister David Cameron at the G-8s Trade, Transparency, and Taxation conference in London. Guineas current agenda mirrors that of the G8. We both want to work with companies that play by the rules, operate transparently, and pay their taxes. But there can be no future in the questionable and often criminal deals of the past. Our population is young 70 per cent are under 25. They are eager for change and have no interest in perpetuating the old culture of corruption. Their future is both our hope and our responsibility. That future will be built on

Kenyatta National Hospital needs experienced hands

MURIMAS THE MAN. Now that a vacancy has arisen at Kenyatta National Hospital with the impending promotion of CEO Richard Lesiyampe to Principal Secretary, it should not be dicult to nd a suitable successor, says Charles Ndungu. His choice is Dr John Murima, of the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital. The high level of cleanliness of the facility, including washrooms and wards, rivals the standards set by private hospitals. He also ensures consultants attend to their duties rst before doing private work. SAFI LANE THE DIRTIEST. How about this for acute irony? Isaac Karani has been amused to note that the intriguingly named Sa (clean) Lane in downtown Nairobi, which links Kimathi Lane and Moi Avenue, happens to be the lthiest area in the entire city centre. It not only has dead rotting rats, but also heaps of faeces and garbage, unleashing a stench so strong it could easily knock one into a coma. The ocials busy snoring on the job should be woken up, he pleads. His contact is INDISCIPLINE REIGNS. Soccer fan Kennedy Butiko, waxing nostalgic, says he misses the good old days when footballers, especially those called to the national team, maintained a high sense of discipline. This is no longer the case as international players shamelessly go clubbing even on the eve of a big match. In the past, clubs employed scouts who would go around nightclubs, ushing out errant players. This way, total discipline was maintained ahead of key matches, he says.
Have an exemplary day, wont you!

DISPOSSESSED | Paul Maina Mwangi

Kenyans seeking land justice, 50 years later

wo important events in the past few weeks have re-ignited debate on land justice from the embers of this years election. First was the release of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Committee report, and then last weeks acknowledgment by the British Government of torture and ill-treatment of Mau Mau freedom ghters. The British colonial and protectorate administrations failed to recognise customary land tenure systems. By 1914, nearly two million hectares had been taken away from Africans. By 1960, European settlers occupied some three million hectares. To safeguard the settlers possessions, the colonial government initiated a settlement plan for the Africanisation of the so-called White Highlands, as well as an elaborate scheme of constitutional and statutory guarantees of property rights. In early 1964, President Jomo Kenyatta ordered that all colonial farmhouses, together with 100 acres surrounding them, be reserved for prominent people alongside poor farmers in settlement schemes. From 1965, private companies started buying land, further dispossessing small-scale farmers. These purchases have been at the centre of cyclical conicts during elections. Many people have been evicted

Land lost through past injustices should be restored, the tenure system reformed to provide security for ownership as well as use for the disadvantaged
from their land during such conicts in 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007. Civil wars, conicts, migration and involuntary displacements are only symptoms of rising disputes over land, involving direct confrontation over access to key natural resources by capitalist forces both domestic and external. Land justice remains one of the most vexed public debates in Kenya. It is often emotive, divisive and confounding. Access to, and control of, land has been concentrated among the elite. Reform measures such as repossessing illegally or irregularly acquired public land as recommended by the Ndungu Commission have remained problematic. Eorts by anti-corruption agencies to do the same have suered a similar fate. These eorts are frustrated by legal hurdles arising from the sanctity of rst registration of title, irrespective of how

that title was obtained. Although the 10th Parliament enacted the National Land Policy in December 2009, much of it is yet to be implemented. The policy made several key recommendations aimed at solving land problems. Some of them were incorporated in the new Constitution. A National Land Commission is in place, mandated to manage land on behalf of national and county governments, investigate claims of historical and present land injustices, rationalise land laws, and create new laws to facilitate the review of all grants and dispositions of public land and establish their legality. Land lost through past injustices should be restored, the land tenure system reformed to provide security for ownership as well as access and use for the disadvantaged. Yesterday, Fahamu Networks for Social Justice hosted a national conference of social movements and other actors to review the implementation process of the National Land Policy. Hopefully, it will spark a conversation between the government, citizens and civil society to enable Kenyans to enjoy the rights and standards enshrined in dierent African Union instruments. Mr Mwangi works for Fahamu Networks for Social Justice.

E-mail: or write to Watchman, POB 49010, Nairobi 00100. Fax 2213946.

14 | Letters

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

To the editor
Let motorists respect cyclists road rights
News that cyclists in Mexico City protested in the nude to demand respect from motorists activated my mind. They must have had enough. For a long time cyclists in Kenya have been regarded as being of lower status than their brothers and sisters who own four-wheel machines. Yet cyclists not only have the right to use roads, but are fragile. I used to ride on my errands, but not any more. This was after I kept missing death by a whisker as vehicles shoved me o the road into the trenches. Now, my bicycle remains tucked away for fear of an accident. It is too much to ask from those who seem to own the roads, to allow us to use? This will save foreign exchange and protect our environment. JAMES WAKIBIA, Nakuru

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Rather watch foreign news than the myopic antics of local politicians
om Bwanas article in the Nation yesterday where he contested Jason Nyantinos opposition to killing foreign news was shocking. That he could go to an extent of doubting any benet our population has gained from foreign news was absurd. I dont know the age bracket of Mr Bwana, but if he is below 50 years, then such a remark is dangerous to his reputation. Through foreign news, I have known how the shallow interests founded on tribal hatred can be catastrophic to a country and the Rwandan genocide comes to mind. It is through foreign news that I learned from the revolution in North Africa that it is disastrous for a leader to ignore the will of the people since it can explode. It is through the same news that we know of the advancement in science and technology which enables us understand how backward we are in areas like provision of basic infrastructure. When America smoked out Bin Laden from his hideout within the vicinity of an army barracks in Pakistan what comes to mind? A government committed to long-term safety of its citizens globally. Again, if foreign news is useless, how come the top respected global media houses like BBC, CNN, Reuters etc specialise in international news and documentaries? Looking at how the Internet and interactive knowledge databanks like Wikipedia have grown in popularity, one can be sure that

Emails from correspondents

VIEWER DISCRETION: Our Constitution is loud about the freedom of picketing, but annoyingly silent on the manner in which demos should be undertaken. We see extremely eerie protests. Within the public are people, who set sick at the sight of blood, be it as little as out of a small cut. I can only imagine how they felt at the glimpse of the much pigs blood we saw during the two Operation Occupy Parliament demos. I beseech the civil society to at least carry placards branded with the words, VIEWER DISCRETION . EDMOND NYABOLA, Nairobi

We make mistakes as we correct grammar

Regarding the letter by Stephen Njoroge Gitu in the Nation yesterday, he contends that the trac banner sign erected on Thika Highway, near the eastern by-pass from Ruiru to Nairobi, by Pelican Signs, should read Rush driving kills instead of Rash driving kills , and admonishes the editorial team at Pelican Signs. I beg to dier. The word rash means ill-considered, hasty, reckless, imprudent . I believe that is what the banner addresses, and it is correct use of English. If the word rush is to be used, it would have to read Rushed driving kills in order to portray the same meaning. ROSE MBANYA, Nairobi Im writing to correct Mr Stephen Njoroge Gitu. There is nothing wrong in using the word rash as used by Pelican Sign; in fact, the intended meaning is better conveyed by rash more than rush . I urge him to upgrade his grammar. MUIRURI GIKONYO, Nairobi The word rash means irrational and Pelican Signs is therefore innocent in grammar, Mr Gitu! PETER BUNDE, Nairobi I agree there are grammatical errors in the media, but dier with Gitu that Pelican sign that reads Rash driving kills is wrong. It is not. I even doubt whether rush can be used as an adjective. Lets keep this debate alive but avoid confusing ourselves further. JERUSHAH KIARA, North Kinangop

TV news channels need to broadcast news from all over the world.
international borders only exist in our minds and as far as information ow is concerned, Tokyo could be nearer to Nairobi than Kiambu. I wish the foreign news critic would know how foreigners are busy collecting information about us. Through foreign news, they warn their citizens to avoid matatus and use taxis because the former are lthy, and driven recklessly. The out-of-site, out-out-of-mind business is disastrous in a globalising world and Id rather watch the knowledge-laden foreign news than the monotonous, self-serving antics that emanate from our politicians. SILAS NYAMBOK, Athi-River


Not an island
I think Tom Bwana misses the whole point raised by Jason Nyantino. Kenya is not an island. What Jason called for was balance between local and foreign content. When there is a crisis anywhere, Kenya is aected, but what happens in Kisumu does not necessarily aect Garissa County. It is also ones right to fully sing the line up of Arsenal as opposed to that of Harambee Stars . That does not make you less nationalistic. So, how does naming all the 47 counties add value? PAUL OKONGO, Kisumu

INDIVIDUALISED HELP: The move by some politicians to give a helping hand whenever an individual is in need is heartening, but encourages a lot of laziness. We have seen President Kenyatta oering to educate a young humorist. The other day Rachel Shebesh oered to help a girl who was spotted hawking at night It is very humane of them, but how many needy people do we have? Individualising help is not the solution to poverty. We can start a scheme to cater for many people, rather than just treating symptoms. SAIDA APONDI, Nairobi UNEQUAL CONTESTS: All past and present competitions on TV, radio, supermarkets, newspapers, airlines and the leading mobile service providers, have one thing in common: the more you spend, the higher the chances of winning. The poor cannot aord the additional expenses on these luxuries to land a life changing opportunity to win. The rich will continue to be richer and the poor, poorer. The gap can only widen. Could someone please consider a competition meant only for the down-trodden? KIPCHUMBA RAWLING HILLARY, Mwingi FREE MATERNITY PANGS: Waiving maternity fees in hospitals comes with challenges funds and manpower to equip hospitals, given the ever swelling numbers of those expected to deliver for free. More child births will strain resources, aecting service delivery by the Jubilee government. Jobs will be more scarce given increase in population. Reecting on the failures of free primary education, the free maternity will just add on the already full in-tray of many unsuccessful ambitious undertakings that translates into more taxation. Free maternity has more to it than just labour pangs. MOTARI DAVID, Nairobi

More leaders should step forward and promote Kiswahili

Seldom do you hear our leaders, especially during ocial functions, deliver their speech in Kiswahili. They cherish articulating their issues in the Queens language. Yet Article 7 of the constitution is particular about the countrys national and ocial languages. Section One of the Article states that the national language is Kiswahili and the ocial languages are Kiswahili and English. Watching Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka second Budget estimates for the 2013/2014 in Kiswahili last Tuesday, I was impressed that this language which has been relegated to the periphery, is regaining its pride of place. The crispness with which the former Foreign assistant minister articulated his points in Kiswahili, I believe, won the hearts of many like me. The ODM Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura and Kwale County Women Representative Zainab Kalekye Chidzuga have also not been disappointing. In the Senate, Migori Senator Alfred Machage too, has not let us down. Former Mozambique President Joachim Chisano, who hails from a non-Kiswahili speaking country, is a prolic Kiswahili speaker. I urge other parliamentarians to follow suit and emulate the great men and women who have endeavoured to give Kiswahili its place. If MPs in Tanzania legislate, even the budget, in Kiswahili, why not ours? MARTIN MWANJE, Nairobi



Comment on the MPs pay package brokered by the Deputy President

LINCOLN KINYUA: He and SRC are cool negotiators, but they were out-smarted by MPs committee who regardless of accepting peanuts stole the show bagging in huge grants, bonus and allowances. DALTON MBONDO: The Hustler Number One is shooting himself in the big toe. BOB OWINO: I think the MPs should accept and move on. BRUNO MP MWIRIGI: The MPs salary increase through allowances will prompt other sectors to steal from taxpayers sweat. DAVID MUTHENYA: This is a boardroom deal, whose ner details must be made public to determine if it is constitutional. DENNIS JOHNSTONE ONYINO: Most never expected that to happen. MOHAMED DIRIYE: If MPs would ght for voters the way they ght for salaries, we would be a First World. BRIAN INEAH: The deal is OK, but untimely especially with regard to current economic turbulence suocating the nation.

Comment on the Budget Statement that was released yesterday

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


16 | National News

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Tobiko appeals ruling that terminated Goldenberg cases against Pattni

The Director of Public Prosecutions has led an appeal against a High Court ruling that dropped all Goldenberg cases against businessman Kamlesh Pattni. Mr Keriako Tobiko (right) led the appeal yesterday, more than two months after Mr Justice Joseph Mutava ruled that the trader would not get justice if the cases continued, directing a magistrate to terminate all Goldenberg-related charges on him. The DPP argued that the judge erred in law and fact, by making the directive. The DPP led a notice of appeal on April 8 at the Court of Appeal as is required by the court rules. He led the substantive appeal yesterday. Mr Pattni was accused of being the architect of the multi-billion Goldenberg scam. He was facing 11 charges at the magistrates court. The charges included conspiracy to defraud the government of Sh5.8 billion through the Goldenberg scandal which is believed to have cost Kenyan tax payers more than Sh100 billion. The businessman-cum-preacher was charged in court with the oence in the 1990s, but when former President Kibaki took oce in 2003, all the pending nine charges were terminated and the Bosire Commission formed to investigate the scandal. The commission in its 2006 report recommended further investigations and prosecution of the suspects including Mr Pattni. However, the trader struck a plea bargain deal with the Central Bank, in which he refunded Sh2.4 billion and surrendered the Grand Regency (now Laico) Hotel. Following the recommendation of the Bosire Report, Mr Pattni was charged in 2006 with four criminal oences. In 2011, he started talks with the DPP to have the criminal proceedings dropped; they collapsed early last year. Judge Mutava on March 20 barred the State from continuing with the criminal prosecutions.

HIGHER PAY | Ination and overheads cited

Lawyers seek increase in legal charges

LSK wants members to be at par with their counterparts in Tanzania and Uganda
BY LUCAS BARASA awyers have joined the quest for higher pay. They want fees levied on clients for services oered to be increased by up to 300 per cent in some cases. Law Society of Kenya chairman Eric Mutua yesterday said the fees were last reviewed through the Advocates Remuneration Order in 2006, but downwards. They have received support from the Attorney-Generals ofce, Architectural Association of Kenya and Association of Professional Societies of East Africa, Mr Mutua said during a consultative meeting on the scale of fees for professionals at Laico Regency in Nairobi. Only the Kenya Bankers Association has opposed the increment with chairman Habil Olaka saying it will lead to high lending rates. Mr Mutua said LSK wants the Sh47,000 litigation fees for amounts less than Sh500,000 raised to Sh150,000. The fee stood at Sh68,000 in 2006 before being reduced. He said the 1.25 per cent conveyance fee for any agreement of sale worth Sh3 million to Sh6.5 million should be increased to two per cent. Conveyance fees of agreements between zero and Sh500,000 should be increased to ve per cent, Mr Mutua said. Asked if increasing the cost of litigation and conveyance would limit access to justice, Mr Mutua said those who could not aord could seek pro bono services oered by LSK or Kituo Cha Sheria. The chairman said the LSK


Year when lawyers fees were last reviewed. The charges were lowered.

Conveyance fees of agreements between zero and Sh500,000 should be increased to ve per cent.
LSK chairman Eric Mutua
wants Kenya to be at par with neighbouring Tanzania and Uganda where lawyers are paid more for their services. The lawyers recommendations arise from a report prepared by the LSK Committee on Remuneration Order chaired by Mr Benjamin Musau. The report is to be presented to the CJ, who has the discretion to appoint another committee to harmonise the proposals with those of other stakeholders. The CJ returned an earlier recommendation by the lawyers lobby to allow for public participation as per the Constitution.

Litigation fees

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013





As you may be aware, Kenya enacted a new Constitution on 27th August, 2010. Amongst the areas covered by this Constitution is the ownership, occupation and user of land by non- citizens. This is to inform you that Article 65 (1), (2) and (3), read as follows: (i) A person who is not a citizen may hold land on the basis of leasehold tenure only, and any such lease, however granted, shall not exceed ninety-nine years. (ii) If a provision of any agreement, deed, conveyance or document of whatever nature purports to confer on a person who is not a citizen an interest in land greater than a ninety-nine year lease, the provision shall be regarded as conferring on the person a ninety-nine year leasehold interest, and no more. (iii) For purpose of this Article:(a) A body corporate shall be regarded as a citizen only if the body corporate is wholly owned by one or more citizens: and (b) Property held in trust shall be regarded as being held by a citizen only if all of the beneficial interest of the trust is held by persons who are citizens. The National Land Commission calls upon all affected non-citizens to (i) Immediately, present copies of their land documents to the Commission including lease agreements, letters of allotment, title deeds etc. (ii) Avail copies of any other documents or records on land and natural resources to the Commission for information purposes. This notice is in no way intended to disposes non-citizens of their rightful occupation, ownership and use of land in Kenya. It is purely meant to streamline the land sector to conform to the Constitution. Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the exercise, we sincerely insist that documents can only be brought to our headquarters as indicated hereunder. No other office, either in the counties or elsewhere shall be allowed to receive the indicated documents. For any inquiries or clarifications, please contact us on the address enumerated below. Chairman, National Land Commission, Ardhi Hse, 12th Floor P. O. Box 44417 - 00100 NAIROBI Telephone 2718050 Ext. 4030



2. Further information as pertains to these tenders may be obtained from the Office of the Director, Department of Estates, Supplies and Transport (DEST) (Tel: 254 20 2861000/2860000 Fax:: +254 20 2863497, +25420310604), Fifth Floor, Central Bank of Kenya, Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi during working hours from Monday to Friday, 3. Complete Tender documents may be obtained from Director, Department of Estates, Supplies and Transport, 5th Floor, Central Bank of Kenya, Head Office, Nairobi from Monday to Friday, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on payment of a non refundable fee of Kshs.2,000.00 (shillings three thousand only) in cash or Bankers Cheque OR be downloaded from the CBK website; and a payment of Kshs 1,000.00 (Shillings two thousands only) for those who choose to download from the website. 4. Payment will be made at the Central Bank of Kenya Banking Hall, Nairobi from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm prior to collection of the tender document and signing of the Tender Register. 5. Tender documents duly completed in sealed envelopes clearly marked the Tender Number of each Tender should be deposited in the Green Tender Box No. 3 on the Ground floor of the Main Entrance of the CBK Building on Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi. Bidders shall submit an original and one copy as elaborated in the appendix to the instructions to tenderers. 6. Late bids will not be accepted and will be returned unopened. All tenders MUST be accompanied by Bid Bond of an Amount andin the format prescribed in the respective Tender Document. Failure to attach the bid bond will lead to automatic rejection of the tender. 7. Tenders will be opened publicly as follows:
CLOSING/ OPENING DATE & TIME I CBK/38/2012-2013 Refurbishment of Boundary 11th July fence and associated works 2013 at at CBK Mombasa Branch 10.30 am II CBK/39/2012-2013 Supply and Delivery of a 10th July 2013 at Modern Ambulance at CBK 10.00 am Head Office III CBK/40/2012-2013 Network Equipment Upgrade 9th July 2013 and Installation of structured at 10.30 am Communications Cable System at CBK Kisumu Branch TENDER NO. TENDER NAME OPENING VENUE CBK Head Office DEST Conference Room 5th Floor CBK Head Office DEST Conference Room 5th Floor CBK Head Office Presentation Room 6th Floor

Interested tenderers or their representatives may attend the tender opening ceremony. DIRECTOR DEPARTMENT OF ESTATES, SUPPLIES AND TRANSPORT June 13, 2013

18 |
THE AFTERMATH | Commission aims to use Makueni mini-poll to spruce up its image

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Hassan defends election results

Outcome was credible and those who lost top seat race failed to have their supporters register as voters, says IEBC boss
BY AGGREY MUTAMBO AND KEVIN KELLEY In Nairobi In New York Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan. Mr Hassan (right), who was addressing a forum on elections in New York, said losers of the presidential race should blame themselves for failing to mobilise their supporters to register as voters. The election results depended on how well political leaders were able to mobilise their voters. It was simple mathematics. Some of them did better than others and that had an impact on the outcome, he told the meeting at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems on Wednesday night. Eight presidential candidates contested but it turned out to be a two-horse race between Cord leader Raila Odinga and Jubilee alliances Uhuru Kenyatta. Mr Hassan declared Mr Kenyatta the winner after he garnered 6,173,433 votes against Mr Odingas 5,340,546. Mr Odinga disputed the results and led a petition at the Supreme Court whose judges however dismissed the HOW THEY FARED


MP denies dishing out CDF cheques to voters

Nyando MP Fredrick Outa yesterday refuted claims of giving out constituency development funds during campaigns. Testifying at the High Court in Kisumu, Mr Outa said: It is true I was the patron of the CDF committee, but after my term ended, I left all issues regarding the fund to the committee. Mr Jared Okello who is challenging Mr Outas win, alleges that he gave out 14 cheques to dierent institutions in a span of 10 days in February.

Team declared Uhuru winner

he electoral commission has defended itself against claims of mismanaging the March 4 polls, saying the results were credible despite the technical diculties. There was no theft of elections. There was no systematic plot to fail somebody. As a commission, we have taken the blame. We have been called thieves. But we understand all this comes with the territory of the commission. We hope that with passage of time, this anger will subside, said

n Uhuru Kenyatta n Raila Odinga n Musalia Mudavadi n Peter Kenneth n Mohammed Dida n Martha Karua n James ole Kiyiapi n Paul Muite

6.1M 5.3M 483,981 72,786 52,848 43,881 40,998 12,580

case, stating that the said irregularities could not change the results. Mr Hassan disagreed with an exit poll by two US political scientists showing that both Mr Kenyatta and Mr Odinga received 40 per cent of the vote. I dont think the exit poll was correct. I dont know what they were trying to prove, he said and denied claims by Prof Joel Barkan, a US specialist in Kenyan politics, that the General Election cost $100 million (Sh8.5 billion). Instead, Mr Hassan said the actual cost of the election was Sh6.8 billion. The commission said it would use next months Makueni by-election to spruce up its tainted image. We have to build back our relationship. We have to discuss with the people and show them what really happened, said Mr Hassan. The July 22 by-election is due to the death of Senator Mutula Kilonzo in April. Mr Hassan said they would use the mini-poll to prove that systems failed during the March 4 elections because of insucient preparation and not rigging.


I did not kill my wifes lover, man tells court

A man yesterday denied killing his wifes lover. Mr Paul Ochieng Odero told a Homa Bay court that it was not his intention to kill Mr William Ochieng Ojwang on March 26. He alleged his relationship with his wife was strained because she would sleep out and on that day, he found her with Mr Ojwang. His bond application will be heard on September 26.

Police probe Freemason temple attack

Police are investigating the burning of religious books at a Freemason temple in Nyeri. Mt Kenya Freemason temple caretaker Daniel Gachanja yesterday said he was about to switch o the security light on Wednesday morning when he noticed smoke billowing from the building. I patrolled the compound until 4.45am then went to sleep. I woke up at 6am to switch o the security light when I saw thick smoke coming out of the temple, he said. Mr Gachanja recalled he noticed that one door had been opened from inside and called the temple members as he tried to put o the re. He suspected that somebody could have been following his movements during the night before accessing the building and burning the books and artifacts. Nyeri deputy OCPD Zacchaeus Ngeno ruled out theft as the motive as nothing was stolen from the temple. I suspect it is someone who has been inside the building who hates us, said the temples former lodge master Jogginder Sokhi. Mr Sokhi told the Nation that the torched religious books were priceless. They were stored in a huge metallic box. According to him, the perpetrators got into the building using a ladder to access a window which they broke and gained entry. Some people say we are devil worshippers but we read the Bible and other religious books too, said Mr Sokhi as he showed a partially burnt Bible. According to him, no outsider had accessed the temple since it was built in 2008.

INSECURITY | Journalists petition police over targeted attacks


Seven ned Sh2,000 each for loitering

Seven women have been ned Sh2,000 each for loitering at night with the intention of committing prostitution. In his ruling yesterday, resident magistrate Tom Obutu told them that they would spend a month in prison each if they did not raise the ne. The seven were among 43 people arrested in a swoop by county ocials after residents complained of increased numbers of twilight girls in the lakeside town.


Raila leaves for US, Ivory Coast tour

Mombasa-based journalists protest over attacks targeting them yesterday. They were joined by various human rights groups in their march to present their petition to Mombasa OCPD Kipkemboi Rop.

Priceless books

Uhuru urges AU to support Kituyi

President Kenyatta yesterday lobbied African States to support former Trade Minister Mukhisa Kituyi as head of the UN Conference on Trade and Development. The President noted that Dr Kituyis appointment would provide Africa with an opportunity to play a greater role in the global trade arena. I take cognisance that UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, has nominated Dr Mukhisa Kituyi (right), a Kenyan, to serve as the secretary-general of the UN Conference on Trade and Development, President Kenyatta told the 20th edition of the Conference of African Ministers of Industry at the approved Dr Kituyis nomination on Monday. He takes over from Mr Supachai Panitchpakdi of Thailand in August. President Kenyatta reaffirmed Kenyas commitment to spearhead an industrial development agenda that will accelerate the countrys economic growth. He said the government would focus on production-oriented industrial revolution that will create a strong manufacturing base. In particular, we intend to promote value addition to our raw materials, especially the agricultural-based produce, the President said. He noted that an Industrialisation Policy Framework had been developed to steer Kenyas industrialisation efforts up to the year 2030.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, last evening left the country for the US. Among other engagements, Mr Odinga will deliver an address at the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington DC, on African Achievements and Challenges: Learning from the Past but Looking Forward. From the US, Mr Odinga will travel to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, for a meeting on Africas Emerging Markets. In the US meeting, he will discuss Africas 50 years of independence, highlighting both achievements and challenges on the continent.

In our reportage of the hiring of Principal Secretaries, we gave the impression that former PS David Stower had been shortlisted for the post and rejected. We have since been informed that Dr Stower had chosen not to continue working in the public sector. Dr stower is also not facing any corruption-related charges.

Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi. This provides Africa with another opportunity to play a greater role in the global trade arena. I wish to urge all AU members and other UN Assembly members to support the nominee. The UN General Assembly formally

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

County News 19
Ogino, Duke Nyaribari Senator Kebaso S.s. Magomano Kamau, Esther Wambui Kirathi, Peter Nganga Muruaki Mwangi, Josphat Waweru Nandarasi Kibanya, James Kamau Kagumo Munyiri, Juma Mwangi Kangocho Ikiugu, Charles Mwenda Muruguru Leparsanti, James Lelawan Maralal Otieno, William Osiro Ukwala S.s. Ochieng, Ben Ayim Jonathan Nyagoko S.s. Owino, Booker Washington OSawagongo S.s. Muma, Mary Adhiambo Ramba Ngonga, Leonard Odhiambo Nyangoma Boys Oganga, Jacob Owino Jera Sec Sowa, Davis Mwangojilo Moi High Sch Kasigau Mwawana, Josiah Kilei Dr. Aggrey High S Kangai, Agostino Makuri Girls Nthuka, Erastus Gitonga Muthambi Girls Ngaita Girls Mbaka, Moses Mbae Njogu, Susan Mwende Mpukoni Kaithungu, Njue Njagi Thigaa Ndubi, Mawira Njuri Murungi, Maxwell Mugambi Materi Boys Sch Nthigai, David Mutembei Chuka Boys Mbaka, Humphrey Mutuiri Ikawa Mucheke, Fidelis Maruta Ikuu Girls Dima, Nyencho Galgalo Chogoria Girls Obare, Jane Nyaboke St. Josephs Boys Kirwa, Emily Chepngetich Kimoson Kagathi, Susan Wairimu St. Columbans Muthembwa, Cyrus Sila Tuwan Girls Nyongesa, Robert Wafula St. Josephs Boys Koskei, Eunice Cheptoo Kapsara S.s. Okumu, Robert Juma Lunyu Murunga, Geofrey Namaswa St. Peters -Kapomboi Karu, Daniel Njiraini R.C.E.A. Lokori Mixed St. Michael KipTsuma, Laban Eshitera sombe Sec Tanui, Laban Kipruto Turbo Girls S.s. Kiugu, Fridah Kinya Uasin Gishu S.s. Imbuga, Fredrick Muhando Wangulu Sec Vida, Hesbon Chavera Busali Union Otieno, Connie Khabayi Nyangori Mbakaya, Kevin Nuru Ikobero Girls Sec Aningu, Rachael Agona Tigoi Girls Sakonyi, Lawrence Shibanda Bunyore Girls Mayoya, Moses Omuga Gahumbwa S.s. Muyeshi, Edward Masika Vihiga S.S. Mafoli, Wilson Hyuga Keveye S.s. Wepukhulu, Jared Namukongo St. Elizabeth Girls Kapelkuwu, Samuel Achiya Ortum Pilakan, Stanley Plilan Chemolingot S.s. Kweya, David Hezekia Kituro S.s. Soi, Emily Chebet Kabungut S.s. Rono, Patrick Kiplangat Ngesumin Girls S S St. Monica Kitur, Everlyne Chepkurui Chebangang SS Yegon, Julius Kipkoech Longisa S.s. Kiprono, Eric Cheruiyot Kimulot S S Masakhwe, Stephen Mutembi Lugulu Girls High S Wanjala, Abraham Ngongesa Lungai S.s. Masinde, Fred Wekesa St. Marys Kibabii Namusonge, Audrey Atsinga St. Peters Musikoma Wabwoba, Bernara Masika Lugulu Girls High Milimo, Richard Wabwoba Chebosi S.a. S. S. Wekesa, Robert Gaitano Misikhu Friends S S Papi, Naftali Astariko Mundika S S Njagi, Daniel Munyi Kathunguri Mixed S Njue, David Mbogo Kairuri Njagi, Timothy Mugendi S.A. Gikuuri S S Nguu, Rosemary Njura D.E.B. Kavitiri Day S Waweru, Edward Mburia Kyeni Girls S S Kithinji, Peter Njeru St. Joseph The Worker SS-Kathuniri Nyantika, Barnabas Obino Wiobiero S S Jaramba, Zacheus Ochieng Rarage Oguta, William Ogayo Ratanga Mixed S S Gabale, Ibrahim Mohamed Isiolo Boys S S Marwa, Sheillah Nyangi Olekasasi Mixed Day Olooseos S S Mutiso, Peter Musau Lakati, Silas Keneri Oloolaiser S.s. Cherotich, Rosebella Friends Kongoni M Okumu, Robert Zalo Shieywe Mukwabi, Mathews NyongesaMary Seat of Wisdom Bulimbo Ombetu, Hesbon Mwenje Buchi Khagali, Jotham Akala Bishop Sulumeti G Kabene, Dorcas Ashiachi Munami S.S. Handow S S Otwere, Violet Adema Khamasi, Caleb Litali St. Gerald Shanjero Anyango, Roselyne Friends S S- Shitochi Wabomba, Henrey Chinda Ikoli Sch Cheborge S S Mutai, Joseph Kiplangat Koech, Grace Chelangat Kaplelartet Sec Yegon, Zachariah Kipkemoi Kimasian S.s. Rono, Anna Chemutai Litein S.s. Lisanza, Edwin Karoli Sosiot Chepkwony, Daniel Kiplangat Kericho Mutai, Gilbert Kiptoo Kericho Koskey, Georey Kipkurui Soliat S.s. Mwangi, Nicholas Maina St. Vincent Lioki Wangombe, Nancy Njeri Gatamaiyu S S Chege, Salome Wambui Kibiru Wanganga, Joseph Ngure Thigio Boys S S Nyaga, Jeremiah Ngugi Nembu Koro, Simon Mwangi Githambia S S Agola, Caroline Faith Githurai Mixed Day S Mwaniki, Simon Kibunja Nyamweru S S Kigia, John Meria Ngoliba Mbugua, Maurice Kinyanjui Magina Muritu, Nelius Wanjiru Kiambu Township S Icaciri Kiarie, Patrick Chege Gichuki, Peter Wanjuki Nyanduma S S Otieno, Ezakiel Ouma Takaungu Kiti, Pascal Katana Kombeni Dzuya, Tumaini Kazungu Maandani Kimani, John Njoroge Ngala Memorial Girls SS Maende, Alfred Okech Mariakani Mutia, Irene Njeri Gathambi Muriithi, Paul Muchira Gatwe Gatibiri, Michael Ngure Ngugu-ini Kinyua, Charles Ndege Gathambi Jawuor, George Okoth Kisii S.s. Nyandema, Peter Ochenge St. Augustines Otamba Omariba, Ronald Bonuke Hema Sch- Chitago Maobe, Micah Oigara St. James - Ichuni Osoro, Nicodemus C Okondo Nyakoora Sec Onsongo, Elkana Kiareni E.L.C.K. Mixed School Omosa, Hyline Nyaboke Nyakeiri S.s. Nyamongo, Charles Onunda Itibo Girls S.s. Siocha, Evans Henry Kenyoro Mosioma, Henry Ogaro Kisii S.s. Muhinja, David Waweru Nyaguta S.s. Oirere, Joseph N Nyamagwa P S Sambora, Tom Gionseri Nyabayo, Charles Jumbe Ibencho Okemwa, Ibrahim Onkware Sengera S.d.a. M Munyoki, Joyce Annah St. Linus Etago G Kinuthia, George Njenga Muma Mixed Barasa, Meble Nyangusu Girls Kibanoi, Moses Nyaata Rianyanchabera Nyabite D.O.K. Kerobo, Gladys Onditi Karanja, Beth Wacera Nyamagwa Ondu, Evans Omondi Dago Thim Ogeda, David Oduor Agai Sec Gwer, Justus Ogutu Kisumu Girls Omao, Reuben Nyabuto Kisumu Girls Omol, Dolrose Akinyi Alungo Ochieng, Agie Fredrick Maseno School Kilonzi, Eliud Musyoka Sombe A.I.C. Girls Mwendwa, Cosmas Mutua Muthale Girls Muli, Annah Kamene A.B.C. Kisovo Muyanga, Mutia Mutomo Mixed Musili, Ronald Mutua Kisasi Daniel, Eunice Ndunge Shimba Hills Gitahi, Samuel Ndungu Bishop Louis Piaro Ngarenaro Sch Riungi, Eliphas Gitonga Inoro S.s. Gichuki, John Mwangi Lariak Day School Muriuki, Martin Karimi Thingithu S.s. Mualuko, Rosephina Mbete Kalukuni Kivingoni Munguti, Peter Muthini Mutuku, Boniface Mutua Mangauni Pri Sch Munywoki, Michael Ndolo Ekalakala Mutua, Emanuel Michael Kathiani High Peter, Josaphat Nzuve Mitaboni A.b.c G Mulwa, Jane Muthike Mbooni Girls Wambua, Katindie Mwaani Girls Mativo, Samuel Musila St. Marys Girls Muiva, Onesmus Kyalo Kamulalani Muteti, Danson Mutiso Makueni Girls S.s. Omori, Esther Kerubo Makueni Girls S.s. Kyenze, Agnes Ngina Mukaa Boys S.s. Mukumu, Martin Kioko Nduluku S.s. Karoe Mixed Day S Muturia, Silas Ibiri, Joseph Muguna Chugu S.s. Miriti, Patrick R M Kaaga Boys Kiugu, Grace Makena Igoki Mutegi, Johnson Nyagene S.s. Njia Boys Ikiao, Priscillah Karimi Ikiao, Robert Ntongai Kaaga Girls Rwito, David James Uruku Girls Sec. Gichunge, Judith Kanja Mwithumwiru Ngocih, Festus Muthomi Karugwa Girls Sec Ogonji, James Odhiambo Thimjope S.s. Mwango, Alice Atieno Kanga Orwa, Samwel Okinyi Kanga Gachango, James Kariuki Karingu Marubu, Mary Njeri Gikandu Kianderi Gathumbi, John Mwangi Wanja, Rachael Wangari Gaichanjiru Mixed Thuita, Mary Njeri Kirirwa Irungu, Monica Wangari Gitugu Kimuhu, Stephen Kariuki Kariti Embakasi Girls Ombogo, Alex Obondi Mbogo, Domenic Savio Njiru Kahawa Garrison Ndungu, Duncan Mufuria State House Girls Buruburu Girls Ongare, Julius Otieno Kimwele, Janetor Vaati Aquinas Nyonjoro School Kamau, Milcah Wambui Karanja, Tabitha Njeri Cheptoroi Githu, Francis Methu Kiambogo Njoroge, Francis Ngugi Mununga Kiguta, Michael Kiguta Menengai Kemeloi Girls Ikobwa, Susan Ludendwa Tenai, Simeon Kiprop Henry Koskei Kibukwo Sec. Sch. Kurgat, John Kositany A.I.C. Mutwot Maiyo, Teresa Jerotich Samoei Sch Ego, Amos Kibiwott St. Josephs Chepterit Ogari, Kennedy Murkan S.s. Bendere, Barare Mecheo Mixed Omosa, Samuel Mitema Endiba Tech Sch Angira, Hezbon Siongi Nyaikuro Mixed Manwa, Gerard Boniface M. Enkinda S.D.A. Sironga S.s. Agwata, Caroline Kerubo Mwangi, Reuben Kariuki Satima Kangui Wanjohi, Nelson Muthui Mutungu, Tabitha Njeri Mt. Kinangop Girls Wachira, Joseph Karanja Raichiri Gitutha, Peter Kagwi Kirima Mugo, Eliphas Kariuki General China Maina, Peter Nderi Othaya Girls Rungurua, Nicholas Maina Giakanja Guandaru, Ephraim W. Kangubiri Muthondu, Ruth Muthoni Rev. Charles Muhoro Special School Otuka, Jared Walori Got Agulu S.s. Simiyu, George Kanuti Got Osimbo Girls Koko, Asca Monica Atieno Ramba Oyoyo, Leah Adhiambo Ndere Mixed Ongere, Joakim Ogenda Ndenga Amolo, Tobias Ochieng Gobei Midega, Eric Omondi Maranda S.s. Omollo, Michael Omeny Kitambo Mixed St. Marys - LushOmuke, Victorine Klara angonyi Kamui, Meshack Mutisya Murray Girls Mbae, John Gitonga Chuka Girls Mariguh, Anthony Kirimi Materi Boys Sch Mutoro, John Wanyonyi Suwerwa S.s. Mukhwana, Georey Misiko Kwanza Friends Kioi, Hannah Muthoni Goseta School Ndungu, John Kiarie St. Peters -Kapomboi Muganda, Everlyne N. St. Teresas SecBikeke Fundia, Mark Mangoli St. Thomas Kaptretwa Sabwami, Kenneth MuchochoWiyeta S.s. Chesir, Peter Kosgei St. Josephs Boys Njihia, Peter Mwangi Moi Girls Eldoret Chepter, Milcah Chepkorir Plateau S.s. Lolkinyei School Kemey, Joseph Malakwen Onditi, Job Ombewa Kapkoiga Girls Chemweno, Gabriel Keino Wareng S.s. Yego, Abraham Kiprotich Kapkong S.s.paul Kirui, Grace Jerotich Wareng S.s. Sambu, Janet Chepkurui Kimumu Kiyeng, Dinah Sosiot Mixed Day Magut, Hellen Jepkemei Plateau S.s. Kogo, Jennifer Cherotich Kesses S.s. Wakhu, Lew Godrick Mukoya Vihiga S.S. Ijaza, Alice Kadurenge Stanley Godia -Givogi Juma, Aggrey Wanjala Nasokol Girls Yatich, Solomon Cherutoi Kisanana S S Kipkemoi, Paul Arama Makhanu, Judith N. Keturwo S.s. Kirui, James Kiprotich Baringo Chelal, William Kipruto Maji Mazuri S.s. Koech, Hellen Chebeth Koiwa S.s. Kiromwok Sch Koech, Kipyegon Maritim, Joseah Kipyegon Kiriba Mixed Day S Langat, Anthony Taa Koiwa Central MSS Wabwoba, Ronald Mangoli J. Busakala High Sch. Wanyonyi, Gladys Clare Cardinal Otunga Girls S. S. Wafula, Tom Mukhongo Chebukaka Girls. S. Mosii, Titus Chebonei Toroso S.s. Mwambalo, Leonard Munyole Khachonge Girls S. Wafubwa, Gaitano Wekesa Nalondo S.s. Misiko, Maurice Musungu Kapkateny S.s. Wakachala, Ronald Murefu Mulatiwa Girls S S Kolosio, Benjamin S Sifuna Bungoma Muslim Masolo, Tonny Ayub Myanga S S Wachiyeh, Brenda Nafula St. Cecililia Misikhu Girls Were, Tommy Moses Lugulu A.c. Narotso, Jemimah Busiada Girls S S Inene, Stephen Omasaja Father Okodoi S S Simotwo S S Odero, Jeremiah Ouma Cherop, Kenneth Kipkemboi Chebiemit S.s. Koech, Maurice Kipngetich Tambach St. Patricks S S-Iten Kapkiai, Charles Kipkoech John, Leonard Kiprono Chebiemit S.s. Nthuraku, Renson Mbogo Rukuriri Nzwili, Martin Musyimi Gategi Kahuthu, Lilian Njeri St. Peters Kathakwa S S Njiru, Peter Mwaniki Kiamuringa Sec Nyaga, Edward Njeru Riandu Kwiriga, Gilbert Magaju Karangare S. S. Njeru, Naleah Kanini Mbita Sec. School Muragari Ndungu, Eric Kimani Njogu, Margaret Wandiri Kiangungi S S Wesonga, Anthony Otok Gumbi, Silas Owiti Mirogi Boys S S Nyakeya, Amos Nyayiemi Ogande Girls S S Isiolo Boys S S Ndatho, John Kangori P.C.E.A. Ngong Hills Ngotor, Bernard Chemiat Soi, Jacquiline Chepkirui Oloolaiser S.s. Wambaisi, John Ken Bukolwe S.S. Makungu, Mary Bulimo Eshikulu Mixed S S Kibe, Horace Eyinda Enock Musanda S S Mutembete, Richard Wawire Ingotse S.s. Syallow, Lily Agatha St. Mathias Mwitoti Amwayi, Everlyne Nyangano Butere Girls S. S. Kalande, John Tubeyi St. James Namamba S S Ingosi, Benson Shivachi Indangalasia Sec Wanjala, Godfrey Barasa Ingotse S.s. Puti, James Mudogo Silungai S S Olale, Austine Oluoch Mavusi Mukonambi, David Wanyama Silungai S S Kariuki, Emmanuel Njenga St. Henrys Saisi Mem.Sec Amangunyi, Ronald Okune Ibokolo School Murutu, Godrey Wesonga Munami S.S. Chebet, Emily Chelilis Chepkirui, Regina Moi Sitotwet S.s. Koskei, Emily Chemutai Kericho Lugadiru, John Eboyi St. Thomas Mindililwet Sch Cherutyot, Alfred Kenegut Chesimet, Marcella Cherotich Ainamoi Kamau, Elizabeth Muthoni Ngenia Guthua, Georey Wanjau Mirithu Njuguna, Francis Ngure Kamahindu S S Ngatia, Mary Wairimu J.G. Kiereini S S Kamau, John Mwangi Gitithia Onjenge, Hellen Awino Magogoni Community S S Muthini, Christine Katunge Gathirimu Girls S S Mwaura, Penninah Wambui Kihara Kihara, Paul Njoroge Mary Leakey Girls S Gatheca, Millicent Wanjiru Gacharage S S St. Joseph S S Kamundi, Tabitha Karimi - Gathanga Gakuya, Peris Wanjira Utugi Kingori, Joseph Ndirangu Kirangari Gitau, Michael Kimani Kijabe Girls S S Ndirangu, Josphat Waweru Murera Rukwaro, Teresiah Muthoni Cianda Mixed Day Ntwiga, Diana Wanja Gatanga C.C.M. S S Ndungu, Elizabeth Wanjiru Mutuma Magina Ndungu, Teresah Wako Chishambo, Josphine Munyazi Chanagande Masha, Mathew Salimu Sokoke Katungo, Dilali Dokata Shariani Ndurya, Hellen Salama Sokoke Kanyoro, John Mwai St. Johns Thaita S Ombwori, Tom Ogeto Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi S.S-Kegati Ochako, Richard Ondieki Suneka S.s. Moindi, Rose Meroka Nyatieko Mixed Nyagechi, Scholastica Boyani Nyabururu Girls Choti, Agnes Kemunto Nyanchwa Girls Atika, Henry Nyabuto Buyonge Maronga, Godfrey Nyabuto Nyabonge Nyakora, Joseph Omweri Kerongorori Matara, Elqueen Ocharo Nyamagwa Omweri, Moses Begi Riosiri Ongwacho, Rhoda Kemunto Mosensema Primary School Bosire, Gladys Nyambune Sengera Girls Misati, Jeremiah Nyachenge E.L.C.K Mixed Marieta, Joyce Mokeira Ikoba Sande, Dorothy Anyango Obwolo Onyango, John Gilbert Maseno School Jode, Fredrick Onyango St. Peters Nanga Abong, Luke Omolo Kitmikayi Pri Sch Ingosi, Herman Witaba Rae Girls Kyutha, Juliet Ann Mutito Manzi, Timothy Manandu Kyuso Nyolo, Patrick Kyalo St. Charles Lwanga Mboya, Elizabeth Amakobe Kwa Ukungu Ndegwa, Fredrick Augustine Mkongani Said, Morowa Mohamed Mpeketoni Munyao, Joseph Mbondo Kinyui Girls Nzomo, Purity Njeri Mumbuni Girls Michael, Anne Ndunge General Mulinge A.I.C. Nyayo Girls S Mulei, Jeremiah Kyalo Ndiku, Titus Maundu Kwawanzilu Mixed Indakwa, George Alfred Fr.Heeran Musiu, Agnes Ndinda Kathiani High Ndeto, Justus Muthoka Kiatineni Mutende, Nicholas Wambua Kivani Ndoloh, Sylvester Philip Bishop Ngala Munguti, Henry Ndue Kilungu S.s. Mutie, Beatrice Mbinya Komboyoo Girls Nzioka, Leonard Mutua Makueni Boys S.s. Kilonzo, Philomena Kamene Makueni Girls S.s. Mwangi, Hannah Njoki Kyanginywa Sch Kimuyu, Boniface Mwanza Good Shepherd G Mutua, Lucas Ngolo Mukaa Boys S.s. Musyimi, Mike Reuben Komboyoo Girls Mugaru, Harrison Gathigi Takaba Boys Galle, Abdub Jirmo Sasura Girls Gikunda, Doris Kawira Ndagene S.s. Mwaja, Samuel Gitonga Nthimbiri Mutuaruchiu, Monica Gakii Kianthumbi Mixed Mburugu, Rosemary K. Ntugi Mixed Day Marithi, James Mwirigi Nkuene Mixed Igweta, Jacob Mugiira Giaki Nkando Boys S.s. Ikiugu, Dorcas Kagwiria Meme, Dickson Mutai Kirige Mixed Day Mutwiri, Francis Gitonga Igoki Maitti, Leonard Kaburu Ntharene Day Otieno, Simeon Jerry Oyugi Agenga Onyango, Fredrick Mbogo Bishop L. Okoko Osogo Nyongesa, Joash Walukendo Ikerege Sec. Sch. Ochieng, Moses Marango Uriri Otieno, Ezekiel Ouma Uriri Ragero, Dismus Nyangoko Kanyasrega-nyokal Otieno, Elizabeth Aoko M. Onyalo Mixed Day Kinyua, Jane Kwamboka Khamis Mraaria, Job Mutuma Murithi Star Of The Sea Ochieng, Beatrice Akinyi Allidina Visram Shimo La Tewa Titus, Kisingu Muthami Gitau, Nancy Wanja Thangira Umoja Kageri, James Karuku Kiambuthia Mixed Mburia, Daniel Njoroge Mukumu Mwangi, Timothy Macharia Kahatia Kigumo Bendera Chege, John Maina Mutitu, James Wahindu Mutheru Ndungu, Simon Githinji Njumbi Njine, Millicent Wacera Njiri School Mutahi, William Gichuki Pumwani Hospital Hill Owino, Crispo Oduor Kamau, David Mwaniki Dandora Aseto, Enoch Otieno Hospital Hill Mmbaka, Boniface Shisakha Nile Road Buruburu Girls Wanjohi, Loise Thiguku Machana, Dannis Mogoko Ofafa Jericho Wafula, Mary Odenyo Kangemi Nyakeri, Florence Lenana School Mmukui, Anthony Kimathi Highridge Langat, Mary Chebet St. Marys Girls Njoroge, Eunice Ngethi Michinda S.s. Mahero, Evelyn Ondiso Menengai Cheruiyot, Eric Kibet E.L.C.K. Kongoi Gicheha, Isaac Kabue Kenyatta Njoro Girls S.s. Kamau, Josephine Nduta Karanja, Loise Njoki Naivasha Girls S.s. Lagatt, Josephine Jelimo Kemeloi Girls Chemutai, Calvin Serem Kurgat, Joyce Jemeli Kaptumo Choge, Hillary Kirwa Kapnyeberai S.s. Sanga, Methusela Kipchumba A.I.C. Kosirai Girls Bett, Richard Oloomirani S.s. Ombura, Thomas Kiage Enoosaen Kiprono, Zachariah Kibet Ndamama Buge, Henry Nyabuto Nyansabakwa Ongeta, Henry Mageto St. Joseph Lietego Moroti, Bernard Musa Nyagokiani S.s. St. Patrice Onsongo, Oyori Nyantaro Otiso, Veronica Magoma Ikobe Mixed Sec. Masakara, Ezbon Araba Nyakongo S.s. Nyaanga, Job Rasugu St. Peters Nyakemincha Moenga, Stella Gesare Getaari S.s. Morwabe, Gladys Nyaboke Rirumi Mixed Sch Atuma, Raymond Ombaye Machururiati Nyabunga, Millicent Moraa St. Pauls Gekano Boys Evelia, Josephine Vugutsa St. Danes Eronge Njenga, Joyce Nyambura Salient Gichaga, Philip Kamore Silanga Mixed Day Karumi, James Irungu Mt. Kinangop Girls Kinyua, Charles Munyi . Kenton Wahome, Simon Kirichu Kanjuri Githui, Georey Gathu Gikumbo Ndirangu, Lucy Wanjiku Muruguru Mote, Irene Grace N. Kenyatta - Mahiga Wahaba, Paul Maina A.I.C. Moi Samburu Wandei, Phillip Ochieng Moi Uloma S.s. Mudemb, Vincent Eric Inungo Mixed Auni, Rhoda Topister Ukwala S.s. Sijenyi, Benard Omondi Nyangulu Mixed Abiero, Philip Omondi Makasembo S.s. Horace Ongili Onyango, Daniel Odhiambo, Hellen Achieng Maliera S.s. Ojwang, Vincent Ochieng Raliew S.s. Agutu, Charles Ogombe Nyawara Girls S.s. Walubengo, Anourine N. Dr. Aggrey High Moto, Jane Kulola Bura Girls High Kiambi, Roseline Kawira Chief Mbogori Girls Kathia, Alfred Njeru Kiereni Mugwiria, Rose Gatune Chogoria Girls Mkubania, Charles Materi Boys Sch Nyagah, Charles Kiini Kaguongo, Margaret K. Nturiri Gitahi, David Kwanza Friends Mwirigi, Tabitha Kabura St. Teresa Mixed Sec. School Sinyereri Amogah, Ebby Khavai St. Michaels Top Station Sec.School Cheptepkeny, Josphine Hills S.s. Nugi, Margaret Njeri Eldoret Central S Wareng S.s. Chemeli, Teresa Okumu, Sammy Were K.A.G Bwayi Mixed Silikhani, Catherine Nanjala St. Marys Osorongai Secondary School Temba, Chris Mumelo Kegoye Mixed S. S Ayuya, Anthony Mavisi Kaptik Secondary Nelson, Angode Stanley Godia Secondary School-Givogi Akelo, Aggrey Makhama Chango S.s. Muyela, Oscar Lutaza Gavundunyi S.s Lotuliatum, Micah Kibet Chesta Girls Mbetah, Stephen Wa OgendoSiwot Sec Sch Cheruiyot, Philip Kipsang Cheptalal Sec. Sch. Chege, Ann Njambi St. Michaels Bomet Rotich, Alfred Kiplangat Tarakwa S.s. Maina, Stella Chemutai Chesilyot G. Richard K. Chepkwony Kaplong Boys High Miss Chepkorir, Salome Ngererit S S Mulumia, Joseph Makokha Luuya Girls Ongoro, Janerose Mildred S. Namawanga Girls Bokose, Hillary Masai Arap Moi Kaptama Sec Mulongo, Philip Wafula Bishop Atundo S S Kundu, Amos Nandasaba Teremi High Misikhu Friends S S Binga, Antony Wanyonyi Barasa, David Muyonga Kimilili S.s. Chongana, Gilbert Nyongesa Kamusinde High Chengek, Silas Chepkurui Chemoge S S Wesonga, Gerald Oronda Kolanya Boys S S Miss Obam, Risper Abiero Butula Owour, Boswell Omondi Butula Mugwanga, Praxides Akinyi Nambale S S Torotich, Ezekiel Kosgei Moi Kapsowar Girls Kipkoech, Simion Lelan Secondary Wanyonyi, Henrica Nabwille Moi Kapsowar Girls Miss Changwony, Truphena J. Kaptagat S S Miss Wendot, Esther Jerutich Simotwo S S Ndwiga, Asunta Wawira Itabua Secondary Njiru, Josphat Ndwiga St. Joseph The Worker SS-Kathuniri Kimathi, Barine Frankline Mbita Sec. School Gicobi, Samuel Njue Wachoro S S Mwaniki, Robert Nyaga Kiangima S S Mbogoh, Stephen Kilonzo Sankuri Secondary Kajiei Secondary l Oluoch, Bildad Otieno Ochanda, James Okoth Mititi Secondary Hamisi, James Odiwuor Okal Lambwe S.s. Odhiambo, Millicent Aoko Kotienditi Mixed S. Kapere, Derrick Onyango Ringa Sec School St. Francis NyanObwa, Florence Akinyi gajo S S Amollo, Patrick Nyamanga Tom Mboya S S Kadunga, James Okuku Okok Mixed S S Arodi, Sospeter Ochieng Mirogi Girls S S Obudho, Gideon Okuku St. Pauls Ligisa S S Odegi, Allan Juma Ratanga Mixed S S Halkano, Roba R Isiolo Boys S S Ndungu, Stephen Mwangi Kimana S.s. Ekesa, Henry Tovesi Manyala S.s. Kabole, Caleb Panyako St. Bonventure Shimanyiro Omuralo, Hadlistone Muhuyi Malava Girls S. S. Kidaha, Julie Mongoi Kakamega High Chivuyi, Samuel Kharinda Kimangeti S.s. Mukatia, Mary Amukoya Bukaya Secondary Akala, Aggrey J.Lipuku St. Ignatious Mukumu Boys S S Miss Andege, Linnet Imali Bukhaywa S.s. Muslim Girls S S Wechuli, Margaret N. Wesonga, Patrick Bukhakunga S.s Namusasi B. Chinungo Kakamega High S Kikwai, Daniel Chepsir S.s. Kitur, Stanley Kibet Kericho Tea S.s. Rugut, David Kiptonui Marinyin Secondary Rono, Weldon Cheruiyot Chebwagan S.s. Korir, Francis Kibet Cheptenye S.s. Getumbe High Ngenoh, Richard Kipkurui Mwangi, James Ndungu Murera Secondary Muya, Patrick Kahihu St. Marys Thigio G Mburu, Jane Kabura Gathugu Sec Sch Kamau, Catherine Njeri Kerwa Secondary Njoroge, Jane Wangari Ruiru High School


Rotich, Jonah Kipkosgei Opiata, Samson Okello Mutai, Henry Mwangi, Alice Nyaguthii Njuguna, Francis Thuo Muiruri, Samson Kamande Mwangi, Peter Wagai Muisyo, Purity Mueni Simba, Jeliah Nyanduko Mwangi, Joseph Kigathi Amboka, Patrick Wesonga Munywoki, Ruth Mbeneka Muhia, James Muriithi Mwaura, Naomi Wanjiru Mwaura, Susan Gathoni Kabiru, Dianah Wangari Githui, Margaret Wanjiku Mwangi, Agnes Mukuhi Kingara, Susan Wambui Mwega, George Njuguna Githige, Lydiah Muthoni Wakuria, James Kamondo Gitonga, Francis Ngunjiri Njoki, Gladys Khanani, Sara Brenda Wathome, Susan Mueni Kamau, Stephen Mbugua Kaboro, Peter Muriithi Kadenge, Kitsao Khamisi Anne, Wasike Kofa, Zena Githaka, Stephen Muriithi Muriuki, Dedan Maina Ngure, Dishon Maina Njoroge, Felicita Waithira J Kiriama, Maurice Mironga, Abraham Moibi Nyagwencha, Calvin Omari Sch- Gesicho Matoke, Erick Ongeri Obiri, Yuvenalis Maranga Onyango, Mildred Achieng Mirioba, Richard Areba Kaburu, Vincent Omwando Nyangau, Johnson Ongeta Obala, David Ochora Lewis Nyankabaria, Felistas N. Kinara, Joel Oguta Kariuki, Joseph Karuga Maburi, Lucas Josephat Casmir, Bernard S K Ouno, Kelvine Adhiambo Ojwang, Kenneth Omondi Omulimi, Moses Otundo Kandege Sec. School Oigo, Nellie Atieno Pamela Musyoka, Lilian Muthike Mwendwa, Peter Mwalimu Mwendwa, Jennifer Malia Kone, Jenerika Gichohi, Vincent Maina Mutua, John Musyoka Kamami, Benjamin Musyoka Ndolo, Augustine Mwaiwa Mumina, Julius Munguti Masoo, Benjamin Katei Tua, Samuel Wambua Kasimba, Martin Wambui Mendeni, Bernard Kyalo Muthamia, Samuel Mwiti Kiende, Pauline Kainga, Peter Mutabari Mbwiria, Moses Mutuma Njeru, Joseph Gikunda Kinoti, Patrick Onyango, Jared Meja Koyoo Kerario, Paul Nyamohanga Hongo, Caleb Okello Maina, Philip Kenguru J. Owiti, Richard John Oyugi, Barack S.O Odhiambo, Jacton Juma Mbogori, Mercy Kendi Gitau, Steve Mwaura Gatome, Justus Njoroge Karuku, Anthony Mwangi Gachoya, John Billy Ndabi, Regina Wanja Kinyua, Evah Nyawira Maina, Mary Wairimu Mwangi, David Maina Muchiri, Peter Kahiga Njenga, Margaret Mukami Njoroge, Simon Kiarie Njoroge, John Ndirangu Mukundi, Simon Kimani Onywere, Evans Mogambi Ngetich, Alfred Kiprono Bwambok, Eliud Kipkorir Kipkering, Josphat Sitienei Kemei, David Kiprono Kiptoo, Ernest Ruto, Silas Kipkemei Kimurei, Tom Wesa Githenya, George Kingori Sadera, Emmanuel Saruni Onyancha, Fred Nyakwara Getuma, Evans Mogaka Mboga, Wilfred Mongare Mochana, Albert Ondieki Okerio, Hesboniah Nyauma Osiemo, Bernard Osindi sare Mixed Sec. Aseka, Ishmael Ondonga, Fred Onyambu Missiani, David Otundo incha Nyamweya, Carolyne Katio Omweri, Alice Moraa Bosibori, Rosalia Korongoi S.s. Musaria Getarwet S.s. William Ngiru Gitau Gachororo Mixed Gakurari S S Riabai St. Josephs Githung. Kinyogori S S Uthiru Komothai Girls S S Ruiru Girls Ndakaini Miguta Kiangunu S S Kinyogori S S Ruiru Girls J.G. Kiereini S S Ndunyu Chege Lari Sec. School Kahuguini S S Gitwe Girls S S Mary Leakey Girls S Komothai Boys S S Bibirioni Boys Gatitu Nyamweru S S Karuri St. Johns Girls Malindi High Schol Barani Kiburia Girls St. Johns Thaita Kiangai Nyaura Sec St. Lukes Ekware E.L.C.K. Itierio Girls Musa Nyandusi Mobamba H. Sec Chibwobi Suneka S.s. Amabuko Gesero Mixed Sch Keoke Friends Eberege Randani Mixed St. Johns Ichuni Rigena Sengera Girls Nyamagwa Cherwa Sec Andigo Opanga St. Augustines R.C. Sinyolo Girls Mwingi Kasue Kauma Ndururumo Kalalu Makutano Kalulini S.s. Thomeandu A.I.C. Nunguni Sch Gigiri Lions Boys S Darajani Ukia Girls Darajani Kibirichia Boys S.s. Igembe Boys Maua Girls Kibirichia Girls S.s. St. Eugene Mixed S Akithii Arambe S.s. Nyankore Sec. Manyatta S.s. Isibania S.s. Piny Owacho Nyabisawa G H S Kubweye Lwala Mixed Sec. Maragi Muguru Kariua Kianderi Githumu Kihuro Upper Hill Starehe Girls Centre Ngara Girls Starehe Girls Centre J.M.Kariuki Memorial Seet kobor Baptist Lanet S.s. Crater View School Kamwaura Chepkumia S.s. Kilibwoni High S. Kebulonik S.s. Cheptil S.s. Cheptil S.s. Enoosaen Narok Ololulunga Nyamira Tech. S.s. Embonga Mixed S Rangenyo S.s. Kiendege Gucha Sda Mixed S St. Joseph KemaMokomoni S.D.A. S Nyamira Tech. S.s. St. Peters NyakemKiabiraa S.s. Nyansiongo S.s. Nyamiranga SDA S


20 | County News
IN THE DOCK | Suspect facing murder charge

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Man accused of eating neighbours body parts

Casual labourer accused of feasting on human being liver and genitals
BY JAMES KARIUKI The body was covered in a womans clothes, and a further search discovered boneless meat in a polythene paper inside a goats pen. A sufuria full of boiled meat was also found. Mr Lochicho said they suspected Mr Kimeria because he was nervous and his clothes were stained with blood. He accused him of feasting on the deceaseds heart, private parts and bowels, which were not found. The suspect was handed to police after he failed to explain why he was acting suspiciously. If he had been around when we found the body and the cooked meat, we would have been speaking of another death. All people of Tetu farm would have been arrested for murder. I am the one who insisted we escort him to the police post long before we saw the body, he said. Mr Epolis wife, Jane, told the court that she decided to borrow food from a neighbour after her husband failed to return home on June 28 last year. The following day, she said, she learnt of his death but was barred from viewing his body because Turkana traditions do not allow. Judge Emukule said he would give a verdict after receiving evidence. The case continues on October 28.

NEW HOMES | 700 houses being built for IDPs

A mason works on one of the 764 housing units being built for IDPs at Lokichar in Turkana County. About 300 houses have been completed.

he High Court was yesterday told of how a casual labourer was slaughtered and body parts allegedly eaten by his neighbour in Nakuru. Two witnesses, Mr Thomas Lochicho and Mr Lucas Tarkus, accused Mr Amos Kimeria (right) of cutting Mr Samuel Epolis into pieces before feasting on some of them. They told Mr Justice Anyara Emukule that they found Mr Epolis body with severed thighs and bowels at Tetu farm in Subukia on June 29, 2012 after he had gone missing for a day. They said the body was found on a footpath passing through a Dr Karanjas farm, where Mr Kimeria used to work as a caretaker.



Body was found in farm

n June 28: Mr Epolis is seen at a drinking joint carrying food for his supper. He fails to reach home. n June 29: A man-hunt is launched after he is declared missing by his family. n Later, villagers discovered is body on a footpath in a farm.

Ex-ghters families seek more from UK

Relatives of Mau Mau ghters tortured during the British colonial rule have demanded more compensation from the UK. They want the British Government to compensate them with an amount equivalent to one kilogramme of gold for each year of the 70 years of colonial rule. A kilogramme of gold is estimated to be worth $39,041 (Sh3,318,485) in the black market. The relatives argue that the Sh2.6 billion compensation oered by the UK is an insult, maintaining that the amount is a pittance compared to the torture and loss suered during the liberation war. That is not the kind of money they reaped from Kenya for the entire 70 years they ruled our nation. If they want to give us any compensation, it should be an equivalent of a kilogramme of gold for each of the 70 years of colonial rule, Ms Everylne Wanjugu, the daughter of Mau Mau war hero Dedan Kimathi, told the Nation yesterday. Ms Wanjugu, who is also the chairperson of the Mau Mau Foundation-Mt Kenya Development Forum, said it was unfortunate that the UK did not correctly evaluate the magnitude of suering it caused the ghters families.


Financial Inclusion for Rural Microenterprises (FIRM)



Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

FIRM, a USAID Kenya financial services program, implemented by DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.), seeks specialized business service providers (BSPs) to undertake important activities in support of the programs objectives for the year 2013/2014. BSPs with Technical expertise and a proven Kenyan track record in one or more of the following areas are encouraged to apply for pre-qualification. 1. Agriculture Finance: Financial Products design and development; pilot-testing and roll-out of financial products; strategic planning and development; capacity building for Banks, SACCOs and MFIs staff; development of Agency Banking models ; financial Products and policy procedure; Financial Institutions operations manual development. Clean and/or Renewable Energy: Financial Products design and development (including but not limited to solar, biogas, wind, hydro, biomass); 1MW, or more, energy project feasibility studies; prospecting high energy generation projects; develop capacity and the provision of expertise to Kenyas clean energy sector; Financial Advisory in developing clean and renewable projects. Financial Sector Policy Reform: Credit Information Sharing financial information analyses; drafting of key financial sector Policies and Bills; development of Credit Scoring and Guarantee Schemes platforms. Agriculture Value Chain Research: questionnaire development, data collection and analysis; research protocols; development of Financial Products based on value chain research findings; pilot testing and financial products roll out;


Rule 3(3)


Notice is hereby given that preparation of the above Development Plan was completed on 27th May, 2013 The Development Plan relates to land situated within an area covering about 25 Km2 which is bordered by Kiima Kiu to the South East, Ngiini Centre to the North East and Waami Hills to the North West in Machakos, Makueni and Kajiado Counties. The land extends 4.4 Km to the North, 8.7 Km to the East, 7.1 Km to the South and 7.65 Km to the West of Konza Technocity. A copy of the Development Plan as prepared has been deposited for public inspection at the offices of the Chief, Malili Location, the Director of Physical Planning, P.O. Box 45025-00100, Nairobi, offices of County Physical Planning Officers P.O. Box 333 Machakos, P.O. Box 295 Makueni and P.O. Box 26 Kajiado; Governor, Machakos County Government, P.O. Box 262-90100 Machakos, Governor, Olkejuado County Government, P.O. Box 11, Kajiado, Governor, Makueni County Government, P.O. Box 78-90300 Makueni and Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, Teleposta House Nairobi, P.O. Box 3002500100 Nairobi. The copy so deposited is available for inspection free of charge by all persons interested at the above mentioned addresses between the hours 8.00 a.m and 5.00 p.m. The Plan can also be viewed on the following websites: and Any interested person who wishes to make any representations in connection with or objection to the above Development Plan may send such representations or objections in writing to be received by the Director of Physical Planning P.O. Box 45025-00100, Nairobi not later than 14th August, 2013 and any such representation or objection shall state the grounds on which it is made. DATED the 14th day of June, 2013 AUGUSTINE K. MASINDE,EBS DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL PLANNING


3. 4.

BSPs are considered licensed businesses, companies, firms, associations, universities or NGOs with technical expertise and a proven track record in Kenya. Individual consultants will not be considered for this EOI. To apply for this EOI consideration, email, by Friday June 21, 2013 at 5.00pm, East Africa Time. Only Email applications will be reviewed and previous successful applicants are required to reapply. The Request for proposal (RfP) instructions including information on the qualification process and submission deadlines will be sent to the BSPs by July 2 ,2013. Development Alternatives Inc. FIRM
P.O. Box 13403-00800 Nairobi, Embankment Plaza, 9th Floor, Longonot Road Upper Hill

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013





Kenya Civil Aviation Authority is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure established under Civil Aviation Act, 2013 of the Laws of Kenya with a Vision to be a model of Excellence in Civil Aviation and a mission to develop, regulate and manage a safe, efficient and effective Civil Aviation System in Kenya. The Authority wishes to announce that it will offer a fifty (50%) percent sponsorship programme to 20 (10 Avionics and 10 Airframe & Engines) newly qualified BSc Engineering and KNEC Diploma graduates for the inaugural Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) training which will commence in July 2013 at the East African School Aviation (EASA) Embakasi, Nairobi. The training will be residential. The ideal candidates should possess the following qualifications: (1) (2) (3) Bachelors degree in Aeronautical / Engineering; Electrical/Electronics/Telecommunications/ Mechanical/ Mechatronics OR its equivalent from a recognized university; KNEC Diploma in Aeronautical engineering (Avionics and/or Air Frame & Engines); or its equivalent from a recognized institution. Be aged below 30 years.

The opportunity is open to both male and female candidates who have recently successfully completed their studies. No salary will be paid to any trainee during the entire training period but accommodation and meals will be provided. Interested candidates are requested to forward their application letters attaching copies of certificates, other relevant testimonials and the current CV indicating day-time telephone contact and full contacts details of three referees so as to reach the undersigned not later than 27th June, 2013 The Director General Kenya Civil Aviation Authority KAA Complex Building JKIA P. O BOX 30163 00100 NAIROBI E-mail: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. @countybrandy

Available in all leading supermarkets and your favorite entertainment joints.

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


Mount Kenya University is a chartered and ISO 9001:2008 certified private university with its main campus located in Thika. It has also established campuses in Kenya, Rwanda and Somaliland. The University has nine (9) schools offering various Post-graduate, Bachelors, Diploma and Professional Certificate Courses. The University is a member of Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA). Pursuant to the university objective of generating and imparting specialized knowledge and skills through research and teaching, the University Management wishes to recruit experts to participate in the university research teaching, staff capacity development programmes to serve as Associate Faculty, Adjunct Professors and Visiting Professors.
POSITION Associate Faculty (Non-tenured position) Adjunct Professors (Non-tenured position) RECRUITMENT CRITERIA or or Ph.D in a relevant area or Masters degree in a relevant area and at least 3 years of relevant experience. Evidence of supervision of Postgraduate resource work Ph.D in a relevant field At least 6 years of relevant experience Either two articles in referred journal or one book by a reputable publisher. Masters Degree with at least 8 years of relevant experience. Either two articles in referred journal or one book by a reputable publisher. Evidence of supervision at postgraduate level. Ph.D in a relevant field At least 6 years of relevant experience Either two articles in referred journal or one book by a reputable publisher. Masters Degree with at least 8 years of relevant experience. Either two articles in referred journal or one book by a reputable publisher.

Visiting Professors (Non-tenured position)

RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Participate in:i) Teaching ii) Research iii) Offering clinical services iv) Community Outreach Programmes Facilitate student learning using a variety of instructional strategies such as online plat form cooperative learning, experimental learning, writing for learning and critical thinking initiative. Participate in review of academic programmes. Advise on teaching and research requirements. Support student learning outcomes by: i) Maintaining academic integrity. ii) Making reasonable provisions to accommodate student individual differences. iii) Taking into account the needs and abilities of students. iv) Focusing on student learning outcomes. Demonstrate commitment to a positive cooperative and supportive attitude. Co-supervise postgraduate students and maintain level of scholarship and research. Participate in application of grants for collaborative research.

2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8.

REMUNERATION Payment will be commensurate to services rendered.


The School of Pharmacy at Mount Kenya University is accredited by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB), the Pharmacy regulatory authority in Kenya to offer the following programmes: Bachelor of Pharmacy 1. Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing 2. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology. 3. The School of Pharmacy is also working closely with the Kenyan Pharmaceutical Industry and intends to mount Higher National Diploma in Pharmacy programme in September 2013. Due to the rapid expansion of the School of Pharmacy, we seek to recruit:

Graduate Assistants

Applicants must be holders of a good B.Pharm degree from a recognized university and registered/ registrable as Pharmacists by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. The successful applicants will immediately be enrolled to pursue a Masters degree in the following Pharmacy/Pharmacy related disciplines: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmacognosy Pharmaceutics Medical Physiology Pharmacology Human Anatomy A competitive remuneration package and medical insurance will be offered to successful candidates in accordance with Mount Kenya University Terms and Conditions of Service. Interested persons should submit a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae that contains details of daytime telephone number, the current remuneration, names, postal and e-mail addresses of three (3) referees and copies of academic and professional certificates to: The Human Resources Director Mount Kenya University P.O. Box 342 -01000, Thika Email:, Submit two copies of your application not later than 29th June, 2013. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. For more details about Mount Kenya University visit the University website:

MKU is an equal opportunity employer.

ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED INSTITUTION Mount Kenya University - Scaling the heights of Education

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County News 23
SECURITY | Journalists petition police

WRATH | Workers vow to down tools if award is slashed

Public varsities sta threaten strike over pay

House budget team accused of plan to have funds meant for union reduced
BY MATHIAS RINGA reduce our Sh3.9 billion pay by Sh1.8 billion for the 2013/2014 nancial year. Any attempt to reduce the payment will provoke employees of public universities into a strike, he warned.


Man locked up for not taking TB drugs

A man who defaulted on taking tuberculosis medicine will spend the next eight months in Nyahururu prison to ensure that he completes the dosage under supervision. Francis Kagwi Ndungu was locked up in prison for putting other people at the risk of contracting the disease by not taking the TB drugs. Resident magistrate Peter Muholi yesterday convicted him of wilfully failing to take precautions against spreading the infectious disease between May 2 and June 11. Health workers will ensure that the patient completes the dosage.

mployees of public universities have threatened to boycott work if the government reduces their Sh3.9 billion payment. Kenya Universities Staff Union (Kusu) secretarygeneral Charles Mukhwaya warned that any attempts by the Treasury to cut the Sh3.9 billion payment by Sh1.8 billion would earn the wrath of members. Mr Mukhwaya said that the union entered into a deal with the government last year that the payment would be eected next month. He explained that the Sh3.9 billion payment was also registered by the Industrial Court last year. We have learnt that the Budgetary Committee of Parliament has hatched a plot to

Amount the union claims has been slashed by Parliament

We have learnt that Parliaments Budgetary Committee has hatched a plot to reduce our Sh3.9 billion pay
Charles Mukhwaya, Kusu ocial

The union ocial claimed that the reason why by the parliamentary committee was slashing the payment was because the Treasury wanted the Sh1.8 billion for the primary school laptop project. We are not opposed to the laptop project, but we shall never accept our payment to be reduced because the national government wants to implement the scheme, he stated in Mombasa during the unions national governing council meeting. The union was also opposed to the reduction of budgetary allocation for the education sector. Mr Mukhwaya said Kusu supported the Kenya National Union of Teachers, Kenya Union of Post Primary Education and Union of Kenya Civil Servants on payment demands. He added that the unions would today issue a comprehensive statement over their payment demands if the funds they were demanding were not included in the national budget presented to the MPs yesterday.


Shoot-to-kill order out on terror gangs

A shoot-to-kill order has been issued against criminal gangs. Kisumu East district commissioner Willy Cheboi gave the order after Nyalenda residents stormed his oce yesterday in protest against the killing of a man by gangsters at 12.30am. Residents also marched to the police headquarters demanding action over increased insecurity in the region. Local police boss Musa Kongoli said police were on the alert to curb the increased robbery with violence incidents in the region.

Mombasa journalists protest over attacks targeting them yesterday in the town. They were joined by various human rights groups in their march to present their petition to Mombasa OCPD Kipmkemboi Rop.






The Clerk of the National Assembly, who is the Officer Administering the Fund in respect of the Public Finance Management (Parliamentary Mortgage (Members) Scheme Fund) Regulations), 2013 and the Public Finance Management (Parliamentary Mortgage (Staff) Scheme Fund) Regulations), 2013 established under the Public Finance Management Act of 2012 wishes to pre-qualify providers of legal services who may be called upon from time to time to render legal services to the Parliamentary Service Commission, Members of Parliament and staff accessing mortgage facilities from the two Funds. To be pre-qualified, interested advocates/law firms must meet each of the following: 1. The applicant must demonstrate competence in the provision of conveyancing services, particularly the registration of transfers of land and registration of charges/mortgages and the discharge thereof. 2. The applicant must provide a comprehensive profile detailing the advocate(s) qualifications and history of similar services rendered. The profile must be accompanied by a covering application letter. 3. The applicant must provide copies of the following documents: A current tax compliance certificate. A PIN certificate of registration. A VAT certificate of registration. A current practicing certificate. A clearance certificate from the Advocates Complaints Commission and the Advocates Disciplinary Committee 3. The applicant should have professional indemnity insurance cover of at least Kshs. 20,000,000 (twenty million shillings). The prequalification of any advocate/law firm shall not amount to a contractual obligation on the part of the Clerk of the National Assembly/Parliamentary Service Commission. Advocates/law firms that have been or are currently on the panel of advocates for the purposes of the Funds must re-apply if they wish to be considered for future provision of legal services. The Clerk of the National Assembly reserves the right to independently authenticate any information provided by an applicant without reverting to the applicant. The decision of the Clerk of the National Assembly shall be final. Applications clearly marked PREQUALIFICATION FOR LEGAL SERVICES should be sent to: The Clerk of the National Assembly, Parliament Buildings, P O Box 41482 00100, NAIROBI. So as to be received not later than 5th July, 2013.

All County Governors All County Commissioners All District Commissioners All Other Public Agencies/ State Corporations All Land Officers


The National Land Commission was established under Article 67 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and gazetted on 20th February, 2013 via Gazette Notice No.2224 of 2013. The National Land Commission has a broad mandate of administering and managing public land in the country, amongst many other functions. It has come to the Commissions attention that some offices, officers and authorities are disposing of public land without either informing or consulting the National Land Commission. It should be noted that under the Land Act of 2012 and the Constitution of Kenya, it is only the National Land Commission which is mandated, on behalf of the national or county governments, to allocate public land, and even to sanction conversion of public land to any other category. The Commission now wishes to request all the concerned offices, officers and authorities to suspend any allocation and stop all occupation of public land in their custody and/or in areas under their jurisdiction until further guidelines are in place, and consultations are concluded. The National Land Commission will soon issue such guidelines and procedures as per the law. DR. MUHAMMAD A. SWAZURI, PhD, OGW CHAIRMAN, NATIONAL LAND COMMISSION

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

AU urges Egypt and Ethiopia to meet as Nile dam row rages
Cairo claims treaties from 1929 and 1959 allow it 87 per cent of the Niles ow and give it veto power over upstream projects
ADDIS ABABA, Thursday he African Union urged Egypt and Ethiopia yesterday to come together for talks to solve a bitter dispute over the sharing of Nile river waters triggered by an Ethiopian dam project. Meanwhile, Ethiopias parliament ratied a controversial treaty today ensuring its access to Nile water resources. The deal replaces a colonial-era agreement that granted Egypt and Sudan the majority of water rights and allows upstream countries to implement irrigation and hydropower projects without rst seeking Egypts approval. Parliament approved and passed a law that incorporates the treaty into domestic law, government spokesman Shimeles Kemal told AFP. Egypt and Sudan have not signed the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) led by HIGH COSTS

LEAKS US spy chief says surveillance programme thwarted attacks Page 29

READY | No country operates without precautions, let alone Ethiopia, says foreign ministry spokesman

Mandela responding well to treatment

Nelson Mandela has been responding well to treatment, the South African government said today, the frail former presidents sixth day in hospital battling a lung infection. In a statement, members of the cabinet wished the revered antiapartheid icon a quick recovery and said they were pleased that he is responding well to treatment. The 94-year-old elder statesman was admitted to hospital in the capital Pretoria in the early hours of Saturday for a pulmonary condition that has plagued him for years. President Jacob Zuma had told the country on Wednesday that Mandela was responding better to treatment after a dicult last few days. It is Mandelas fourth stay in hospital since December, leading to a growing acceptance that the much loved father of the Rainbow Nation may be nearing the end of his life. Despite the more positive assessment of Mandelas state of heath after the government previously described his condition as serious but stable, concerns remained among South Africans. (AFP)

the Nile Basin Initiative, but six upstream nations have. In addition to Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda have all signed, while Democratic Republic of Congo and newly independent South Sudan have said they also intend to join. For decades, Egypt held veto rights over all upstream projects, following powers granted by a 1929 colonialera treaty with Britain. Egypts subsequent 1959 deal with Sudan gave the two downstream countries more than 90 percent control of Nile waters. Ethiopia inked the deal in May 2010, and its ratification by parliament comes amid rising tensions between Addis Ababa and Cairo over Ethiopias construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile. Yesterday, the AU Commission chief Nkosazana Dlamini-Zumas appeal came

Country ready to spend $4.2bn

Fund the project: Despite its lack of means, Ethiopia insists it can fund the $4.2 billion (Sh352bn) project itself without help from international lenders wary of the diplomatic dispute. It has been aided by a $1bn loan from China to build power transmission lines. Early stages: Ethiopia says the project, on which work to divert the river temporarily began in May, is 21 per cent complete. Thousands of megawatts: With a target generating capacity of 6,000 megawatts, it is part of a plan to make Ethiopia the biggest electricity exporter in Africa. Ethiopia cannot remain poor, Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom said in a statement. It must utilise its resources to lift its people out of poverty.

after Egypt angrily warned that all options are open over Ethiopias diversion of a section of the Blue Nile for the dam. There should be discussions around these issues... aimed at having a win-win situation, she said. Both countries need the water. Ethiopia has pledged to press ahead with construction of the $4.2 billion (Ksh352 billion) Grand Renaissance Dam, set to become Africas biggest hydroelectric dam when completed, despite Egypts fury. If a single drop of the Nile is lost, our blood will be the alternative, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy warned on Monday . We are not warmongers, but we will never allow anyone to threaten our security. Egypt , which fears the project may diminish its water supply, says its historic rights to the Nile are guaranteed by the two treaties from 1929 and 1959 which allow it 87 per cent of the Niles ow and give it veto power over upstream projects. Talks between the two countries should focus on nding on a solution in a new context, not in the context of the colonial powers, Ms Dlamini-Zuma said without elaborating. Ethiopia dismissed Egypts threats as empty and violent rhetoric. Intimidating Ethiopia by putting on the table all the options, including war, is for us a non-starter, we wont be subdued with this, foreign ministry spokesman Dina

A Taxi Nile boat ferries passengers along the waters of the Nile river on May 19, 2013 in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Egypt fears a new Ethiopian dam may reduce the waters of the NIle.
Mufti told reporters on Wednesday. Ethiopia last month began diverting the Blue Nile a short distance from its natural course for the construction of the dam, but has assured its neighbours downstream that water levels would not be aected. A study by international experts on the dams impact on the river has been submitted to Egypt and Sudan, which also relies on Nile resources and supports Ethiopias hydro-electric project. Egypt has dismissed the studys findings, which minimise the dams impact, and has called for further assessments. The first phase of the Grand Renaissance Dam is expected to be complete


in 2016 and will generate 700 megawatts of electricity. When the entire project is complete it will have a capacity of 6,000 megawatts. Asked if Addis Ababa was looking at measures to defend the dam, Mr Dina said: No country operates without precautions, let alone Ethiopia, which has a track record of defending its independence from all forces of evil. Egyptian politicians were caught on camera last week talking of air strikes or backing Ethiopian rebels after the start of major new work on the project took Cairo by surprise late last month. Egypts foreign minister has said he will give up not a single drop of water. (AFP)


SA vows to return Gaddas assets

South Africa will return assets and cash stashed by the slain Libyan dictator Moamer Kadha in the country after reaching an agreement with Tripoli, the nance ministry said on Thursday. The two governments agreed on the repatriation from South Africa of Libyan funds that are thought to include diamonds and gold worth more than $1 billion. The assets were placed in South Africa by the Libya Investment Authority, the Libya Africa Investment Portfolio and the Libya Africa Investment Company funds closely controlled by Gadda. SAs treasury said the assets will be returned. (AFP)

First ever EU political, security committee visits Somalia

NATION Correspondent MOGADISHU, Thursday Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud yesterday hosted the first ever visit of the EU Political and Security Committee (EU-PSC) Ambassadors in Mogadishu. The Political and Security Committee (PSC) is the main decision-making body of the EU and comprises ambassadors from the 27 EU Member States. Addressing the ambassadors at Halane a compound next to Mogadishus Aden Abdulle International Airport, President Mohamoud said, I am very pleased to receive you in Mogadishu on this rst historic visit of the EU Political and Security Committee to Somalia. Welcome you to the capital of Somalia. Your presence here today is indicative of the change that is happening here. The president thanked the EU delegates for their unwavering support to the government and the people of Somalia, which he said shows the commitment of the EU and their determination to see Somalia succeed in its recovery. The mission to the Somali capital was led by Ambassador Olof Skoog, Permanent Chair of the EU PSC. TO COMMENT ON THESE AND OTHER STORIES GO TO

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Africa News 25

POLITICS | Major clash ahead as president adamant

Mugabe sets July 31 for Zimbabwe polls

Rival in government sharing deal with the veteran leader wants October date
NATION Correspondent HARARE, Thursday


The Privatization Commission, a State Corporation established under the Privatization Act (2005) invites applications from interested and eligible firms for registration/prequalification as suppliers/providers of goods and services for the Financial Years 2013-2014 and 20142015 in the following categories:CATEGORY NO. CATEGORYA PC/PREQ/01/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/02/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/03/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/04/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/05/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/06/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/07/2013-2014 ITEM DESCRIPTION SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF GOODS Supply of General Office Stationery, computer, printer and photocopier consumables Supply of Computer Hardware, Printers, ICT related equipment, Accessories and software Supply and delivery of Office Furniture, Furnishings, Fittings and related equipments Supply and delivery of staff uniforms and CMT charges Supply and delivery of Newspapers, Magazines and periodicals Supply and delivery of assorted Mobile phone scratch cards and calling cards Supply and delivery of bottled water and refilling of branded water dispensers PROVISION OF SERVICES Provision of design, artworks and printing services of Audited Accounts, Publications, Magazines/Bulletins, Cards, Calendars, Diaries, branded Promotional materials, banners, brochures etc Provision of Transport, Car Hire and Taxi Services Provision of Air Ticketing Services (IATA Registered firms only) Provision of local and international Courier Services Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services Provision of Legal Services Provision of valuation services of office equipment, photocopier, furniture and related items Provision of repairs and maintenance services of computers, printers, CCTV and Access control system Provision of repairs and maintenance of networking equipment such as servers, firewall, routers etc Provision of repairs and maintenance of air conditioning units, firefighting equipment and accessories Provision of minor building repairs and maintenance services including electrical and plumbing works Provision of data security, backup and data recovery services Provision of Website hosting and consultancy services Internet service providers

imbabwe President Robert Mugabe today by-passed parliament to fast track changes to the countrys electoral laws, effectively setting July 31 as the date for the countrys long awaited elections. The declaration in a Government Gazette drew an immediate angry response from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who threatened to take his rival to court for violating their power sharing agreement. He said he was only informed about his 89 year-old rivals decision on Thursday morning. I have instructed my attorneys to file an urgent court application against this fraudulent action, I call upon all peace loving Zimbabweans to remain calm, Mr Tsvangirai told journalists soon after the proclamation was issued. President Mugabe had vowed to abide by a Constitutional Court judgment passed a fortnight ago that compelled him to call for elections by the end of next month. But his coalition partners say a July 31 election is impossible because of outstanding reforms that are necessary before the polls. Given the deadline imposed by the Constitutional Court, it is inexpedient to await the passage through parliament of an act dealing the situation, President

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (right) and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai during a past public function.
Mugabe said in the notice referring to amendments to the Electoral Act passed by Cabinet on Tuesday. The amendments will ensure that all political parties have access to the state broadcaster and that the results of the elections will be posted outside polling stations. Mr Tsvangirai said President Mugabe had shown disrespect to SADC leaders by declaring a date for elections on the eve of a summit in Maputo, Mozambique to discuss the Zimbabwe polls. We hope the wise leadership of SADC will reign in (President) Mugabe in view of the proclamation, he told journalists. I will leave for SADC tomorrow and brief


CATEGORY B PC/PREQ/08/2013-2014

Millions of dollars Zimbabwe needs to hold elections.

SADC accordingly. The summit that was originally set for last Sunday was postponed after the ageing ruler said he was busy. Zimbabwe has appealed to its neighbours to help it raise $130 million for the polls. However, the regional leaders also want to use the summit to discuss preparations for the elections that include media, security sector and media reforms. President Mugabes opponents want SADC to force him to delay the elections until he implements the reforms. Mr Tsvangirai last week said credible elections were not possible before October. In 2009, SADC brokered the power sharing agreement in Zimbabwe. between the two rivals after President Mugabes so-called victory in a presidential runoff poll the previous year where he ran unchallenged was rejected by the international community.

PC/PREQ/09/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/010/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/011/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/012/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/013/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/014/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/015/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/016/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/017/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/018/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/019/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/020/2013-2014 PC/PREQ/021/2013-2014

Tender Documents, containing detailed terms and conditions of qualification may be obtained from Extelcoms House, 11th Floor, Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi between 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m., upon payment to the Accountant, a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2,000.00 in cash or bankers cheque payable to the Privatization Commission per set of documents; per category. Completed Registration/Pre-Qualification documents in plain sealed envelope clearly marked; TENDER NO.PC/01/2013-2014 FOR REGISTRATION/PRE-QUALIFICATION SUPPLIERS FOR SUPPLY/PROVISION OF GOODS AND SERVICES Category No......... Item Description .. And addressed to:The Executive Director/CEO Privatization Commission 11th Floor, Extelcoms House, Haile Selassie Avenue P. O. Box 34542-00100 NAIROBI OF

Armed group burns 16 alive in DR Congo

KINSHASA, Thursday
An armed tribal movement burned 16 people alive in a house during a June 1 attack on a village in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, UN sources said today. The victims were targeted by elements of the Mai Mai Bakata-Katanga militia in a raid on Lwela village, near Manono town in the centre of the province, according to the latest weekly report of the UN mission in the DRC. A local self-defence group known as Simba Moto counterattacked and killed seven of the Mai Mai. (AFP)

Cameroon ends long void in presidential succession

NATION Correspondent YAOUND, Thursday Cameroons maiden senate elected a president yesterday lling a succession void that loomed for more than a decade in a country led by one of Africas longest-serving presidents. The election of 79 year old Marcel Niat Ndjifendji, an appointed senator from the West region and a ruling party old guard, however seals the tight grip of the lawmaking body by 80 year old Paul Biya who has ruled since 1982. Mr Ndjifendji, the only candidate who ran for the post , would rule in the interim in case of a mid-term presidential vacancy. Polls for the election of a new president will then be held not less than 20 days and not more than 40 days after the oce becomes vacant. The former vice-prime minister was voted by 86 of the 100 senators. 14 invalid votes cast in the vote could have come from the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) senators who boycotted the start of the session in protest over the supposed refusal to allow them have the post of rstvice president. First vice-president, Mr Aboubakary Abdoulaye, was also elected alongside four other vice-presidents,

Should be deposited in the tender box situated on the 11th Floor, Extelcoms House,Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi so as to be received on or before, Friday, 28th June 2013 at 1200 noon. Pre-qualification documents will be opened immediately thereafter, in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR/CEO

26 | International News

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

D-DAY | Repalcement for Ahmadinejad to be picked today in election that could mark change in countrys nuclear policy

Iran reformists hopeful in presidential election

Unocial polls show the top conservative frontrunner to be ex-minister Velayati
TEHRAN, Thursday
Sources said behind-thescenes negotiations were underway in the conservative camp on Thursday in a lastditch attempt to unify ranks in a bid to beat back Rowhanis challenge. Unofficial polls show the conservative frontrunners to be former foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati, Tehran mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili. On Wednesday, eorts were reportedly made to persuade three of the ve conservative candidates in the six-horse race to withdraw in favour of those shown to be leading the eld Qalibaf and Jalili. However, the conservative contenders dismissed any suggestion of withdrawing, ensuring that a total of six candidates will line up on Friday, reports said. Mr Rowhanis backers were today working the phones and social media networks to urge a massive turnout in favour of the moderate-level cleric, who was Irans chief nuclear negotiator from 2003 until 2005. The unied support for Mr Rowhani does not mean that reformists are united but it does boost his chances of forcing a run-o, according to Tehranbased conservative political analyst Mehdi Fazayeli. Rowhani is now regarded as one of the leading candidates and (his) chances of being in the second round, if there is one, are more evident, said Fazayeli. The managing editor of the hardline Kayhan newspaper warned on Thursday said that the conservative candidates stubbornness may transform the river of conservative votes into a multitude of small streams. Mr Reza Marashi of the US-based National Iranian American Council advocacy group, said it was vital for the conservatives to rally behind a single candidate. Unless the remaining con-

ith Irans conservative camp divided, reformists were condent of a good showing by the moderate cleric they back in Fridays presidential vote as they seek to avenge the disputed re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad four years ago. Thanks to a late surge of support, cleric Hassan Rowhani has emerged as one of the front-runners in the poll and has a real chance of forcing a runo against the conservatives, analysts say. The support came after the moderate and reformist camps this week joined ranks behind 64-year-old Rowhani after pressurising the sole reformist candidate, Mohammad Reza Aref, to withdraw from The age of the favourite liberal the race. candidate Hassan Rowhani

The decision by Mohammad Reza Aref to withdraw from the upcoming presidential election is seen as an attempt to bolster the reformist vote in favour of moderate cleric Hassan Rohani CANDIDATES STILL RUNNING Saeed Jalili: Nuclear negotiator since 2007. Hardline conservative close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Hassan Rohani: Former nuclear negotiator known for conciliatory approach. Backed by former president Mohammad Khatami, head of reformist movement Ali Akbar Velayati: Former foreign minister and senior adviser to Khameini. Traditional conservative but maintains ties to former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Mohsen Rezaei: Former Revolutionary Guards chief. Wanted by Argentina for 1994 bombing of Jewish centre in Buenos Aires Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf: Charismatic Tehran Mayor, former national police chief and pragmatic conservative Mohammad Qarazi: Oil minister in 1980s and post minister under Rafsanjani in 1990s. Running on anti-inflation platform
Pictures: Getty Images



servative candidates coalesce, a splintered conservative eld will face a candidate in Rowhani who has the backing of signicant political and social forces in Iran, Marashi told AFP. Mr Rowhani has received the endorsement of expresidents Akbar Hashemi

Received backing

Rafsanjani, a pragmatist, and the reformist Mohammad Khatami. I ask everyone, especially reformists to vote for Rowhani, said Mr Khatami, who was president between 1997 and 2005. Rafsanjani, a pillar of the Islamic republic who was in power between 1989 and 1997, too voiced his support

for Rowhani, who also served him. Rafsanjani urged voters Wednesday to vote despite doubts, adding, according to the Mehr news agency, that surveys show that Rowhani is ahead. Four years ago, the reformists hopes of returning to power were dashed by the disputed re-election of Ahmadinejad. (AFP)


The NEPAD Kenya Secretariat invites applications for prequalification from qualified bidders for the Financial Year 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. Bidders are informed that goods and services will be procured on As and when required Basis CATEGORY OF GOODS AND SERVICES S/NO. CATEGORY ITEM DESCRIPTION 1 NPD/PQR/1/2013/2014 General supply of office & computer stationery 2 NPD/PQR/2/2013/2014 Provision of Air travel ticket and related services 3 NPD/PQR/3/2013/2014 Supply of Newspapers and Periodicals 4 NPD/PQR/4/2013/2014 Provision of Printing and Publication services 5 NPD/PQR/5/2013/2014 Provision of Catering services 6 NPD/PQR/6/2013/2014 Repair and maintenance of Motor Vehicle 7 NPD/PQR/7/2013/2014 Supply of fuel, oil and lubricants 8 NPD/PQR/8/2013/2014 Provision of Car Hire and Taxi services 9 NPD/PQR/9/2013/2014 Service and repair of office equipment 10 NPD/PQR/10/2013/2014 Supply and delivery of Computer, Accessories and Computer Software 11 NPD/PQR/11/2013/2014 Provision of cleaning services 12 NPD/PQR/12/2013/2014 Provision of staff Medical Insurance Cover & Motor Vehicle Insurance Cover 13 NPD/PQR/13/2013/2014 Provision of Management Consultancy Services 14 NPD/PQR/14/2013/2014 Provision of Office Furniture, fittings and Furniture equipments 15 NPD/PQR/15/2013/2014 Provision of Courier Services 16 NPD/PQR/16/2013/2014 Provision of Fresh Cut Flowers and Indoor Plants Prequalification documents may be obtained from the Accounts Office upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of Kshs.3, 000/- per tender document by bankers cheque. Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelope clearly marked prequalification of supply of goods and services for Financial Year 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 with the tender reference number should be addressed to:The Chief Executive Officer NEPAD Kenya Secretariat P O Box 46270-00100 NAIROBI OR Deposited in the Tender Box at the NEPAD Main Reception, State House Avenue, Liaison House 4th Floor on or before 5th July, 2013 at 10.00 a.m. The opening of the tenders will be done immediately after deadline in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Buyer be ware!!! Is your MF tractor supported?

Look out for the MF Xtra Series

Agco International Gmbh Victor-Von-Bruns-Strasse 17, CH-8212 Neuhausen, Switzerland Telephone + 41 52 725 2200, Fax: +41 52 725 2272,

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Massey Ferguson branded tractors produced by Millat Tractors Limited We, jointly, confirm the following: 1. Massey Ferguson branded tractors are produced by Millat Tractors Limited (MTL) in Pakistan under licence from AGCO Corporation (AGCO); 2. The tractors are intended for sale and use only in Pakistan; 3. Any export of the MTL, produced Massey Ferguson tractos is done without agreement or approval of MTL or AGCO; 4. All such exports through any 3rd party traders do no carry a manufacturers warranty, we cannot provide any after-sales support for any tractors outside Pakistan and do not want any customers misled into believing that this is available. Yours faithfully

For more information, kindly contact FMD East Africa on: Nakuru: 0722 205538, Nairobi: 0733 333922 Eldoret: 0727 509018

Millat Tractors Limited

AGCO International GmbH


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International News 29

DAMAGE | Big stain on Washingtons overseas image

US spy chief defends surveillance scheme

Investigations are underway and spy may face criminal charges, says boss
ozens of terror attacks had been thwarted by a programme to gather and analyse massive amounts of Internet and phone data, the National Security Agency chief told US lawmakers yesterday. Facing sceptical questions from lawmakers after a rogue technician leaked the secret operation, NSA chief General Keith Alexander, who also heads the US Cyber Command, insisted that the programme is legal and operates under judicial oversight. Its classied but its dozens of terrorist events that these have helped prevent, he told the hearing, the rst time he had been questioned in public since 29-year-old former contractor Edward Snowden spilled the beans. I want the American people to know that were being transparent in here, he insisted, warning that the trust of the American people was a sacred requirement if his agency was to be able to do its job. Could the revelation help terrorists avoid surveillance? They will get through, and Americans will die, Gen Alexander said. Great harm has already been done by opening this up. The consequence I believe is our security has been jeopardized. Mr Snowden, a technician working for a private contractor and assigned to an NSA base in Hawaii, disappeared last month after downloading a cache of secret documents and surfaced over the weekend in Hong Kong to give media interviews. China has said little on the case, and on today appeared to keep its distance. I have no information to offer, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing when asked about Mr Snowden, who is hiding in Chinas semi-autonomous southern territory. Mr Hua dodged questions about whether Washington had approached Beijing seeking Mr Snowdens extradition, and how China would react if Mr Snowden applied for asylum. Mr Snowden told Hong Kong daily the South China Morning Post that he would resist any attempt at extradition. Chinese state media has also remained relatively quiet on the case, but the China Daily said Thursday that news of the US programme is certain to stain Washingtons overseas image and test developing Sino-US ties. How the case is handled could pose a challenge to the burgeoning goodwill between Beijing and Washington given that Mr Snowden is in Chinese territory and the SinoUS relationship is constantly soured on cybersecurity, the government-owned newspaper said. Mr Snowden embarrassed and infuriated President Barack Obamas administration by revealing that the NSA had gathered call log records for millions of US phone subscribers and targeted the Internet data of foreign Web users. Gen Alexander said he had grave concerns about how Mr Snowden was able to gain access to critical classified information with a limited education and little work experience. Several investigations are underway and Snowden may yet face criminal charges, but in the meantime, debate is raging about the legality and utility of the NSAs broadbrush approach to sweeping up private data. How do we get from reasonable grounds... to all phone records, all the time, all locations? asked Senator Je Merkley, a supporter of limiting government surveillance powers. Holding up his own phone, he asked Alexander: What authority gave you the grounds for acquiring my cell phone data? The general repeated the administrations defence that, while the NSA did gather large quantities of telephone metadata, it could not mine the logs to target a specic user without authorisation from a secret court. (AFP)


Thousands were targeted

Hits: Mr Snowden has told the South China Morning Post there had been more than 61,000 NSA hacking operations globally. Privacy: He says network backbones that can yield access to hundreds of thousands of individual computers, are in operation led by General Keith Alexander (pictured).

Pope says there is a Vatican gay lobby

A Latin American group which quoted the pope saying that there is a gay lobby in the Vatican conrmed the contents of the pontis speech yesterday, but said they were unocial and not for publication. The Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious Men and Women (CLAR) said it regretted the publication on the Catholic Reflection and Liberation website of comments made by Pope Francis during a private meeting regarding rumours circulating within the secretive state. In the Curia (the Vaticans administration)... there is a current of corruption. There is talk of a gay lobby and its true, it exists. We have to see what can be done, the 76year-old ponti was quoted as having said. CLAR said Wednesday it profoundly regrets the publication of a text making reference to the conversation with the pope, as no recording was made and the quotes were jotted down from memory. The notes from the meeting were then published by Reection and Liberation, though no request for the authorisation to publish was made. Clearly we cannot be sure the words we have attributed to the pope in the text are specic, only the general sense, it said. The Vatican admitted an internal communication problem linked to Franciss tendency to ad-lib. The popes reported comments referred to a gay lobby inside the Curia, allegedly exposed during a leaks scandal. Back in February Italian media claimed that a secret report by cardinals investigating the leaks included allegations of corruption and blackmail attempts against gay Vatican clergymen. At the time, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said the reports were conjectures, ctions and opinions. (AFP)


The age of Pope Francis

30 | International News

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Turkey PM gives protesters last warning

ISTANBUL, Thursday
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a last warning today for thousands of protesters to evacuate an Istanbul park at the centre of mass antigovernment demos, ratcheting up tensions in two weeks of deadly unrest. A day after meeting with protest leaders and oering to hold a referendum on plans to redevelop Gezi Park, Erdogan resumed his combative stance on the environmental protest that has snowballed into the biggest challenge to his Islamic-rooted governments decade-long rule. Im making my last warning: mothers, fathers please withdraw your kids from there, Mr Erdogan said in a live television broadcast. Gezi Park does not belong to occupying forces. It belongs to everybody. Demonstrators have been camping out in the park since May 31, when police brutally responded to a campaign to save the sites 600 trees from being razed. The crackdown sparked an outpouring of anger across the country against Erdogan and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), seen as increasingly authoritarian. Mr Erdogan raised the stakes on Tuesday, when riot police stormed Istanbuls Taksim Square, the focal point of the protests. (AFP)

INDIA RIOT | Seeking statehood

Number of trees under threat

Indian students of the Telangana Joint Action Committee overturn barricades as police prevent them from marching to the Assembly during a pro-Telangana protest in Hyderabad yesterday, seeking statehood for Telangana in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


HIGH TOLL | Conict taking too long

At least 93,000 killed in Syria war, says UN

Children being used as human shields and sniper targets, says rights report
GENEVA, Thursday
pattern of the conict over the past year, Ms Pillay said. Nearly 27,000 people have been killed since December alone, she said. Civilians are bearing the brunt of widespread, violent and often indiscriminate attacks which are devastating whole swathes of major towns and cities, as well as outlying villages, she said. The figures in the study, running from the outbreak of the conict in March 2011 to the end of April this year, compares with a UN toll of 60,000 in November and an estimate of 94,000 by a monitoring group. On Wednesday, another grim UN report said Syrian children were being used as sniper targets and human shields, as well as facing torture and recruitment as ghters. UN chief Ban Ki-moon said the near 27-month war was taking an unacceptable and unbearable toll on youngsters. (AFP)

t least 93,000 people, including over 6,500 children, have been killed in Syrias civil war, the United Nations said today, warning that the true death toll could be far higher. The skyrocketing number of deaths over the past year, along with documented cases of children tortured and entire families massacred, is a terrible reminder of just how vicious this conict has become, UN rights chief Navi Pillay said. Describing the killing as senseless carnage, Ms Pillay said the toll in a new UN-commissioned study was most likely a minimum casualty gure. The true number of those killed is potentially much higher. The number of people killed has skyrocketed over the past year, with the average monthly toll since July last year standing at more than 5,000, compared with 1,000 in the summer of 2011, the study said. This extremely high rate of killings, month after month, reects the drastically deteriorating

Civilians are bearing brunt of widespread, violent and often indiscriminate attacks
UN rights chief Navi Pillay

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013



The Management of International Rescue Committee (IRC) Kenya, wishes to inform the general public that it has come to our attention that some unauthorized individuals and groups have been posing as IRC recruiters or local agents of the organization. These individuals have extorted monies from unsuspecting members of the public with promises of jobs opportunities with IRC. They typically use social media sites, SMS and campus recruitment flyers, and are targeting recent graduates. The general public should please take note that all vacant IRC jobs are only advertised either in the local print media or on our website Applicants and/or successful interview candidates are NOT required to pay any fees at any stage of recruitment. NO local agents have been appointed to recruit staff for ANY IRC field or country office. If you believe you have fallen prey to such a scam, you are encouraged to report such individuals/groups to the nearest police station, the CID Nairobi Office or contact IRC on +254733344443, 020-2727730, 2720003. Your cooperation in this regard will assist in the apprehension and prosecution of these individuals. Mohamed El Montassir Deputy Director Operations

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

BUDGET | Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich says government will hunt down tax dodgers

GLOBAL ECONOMY TO GROW LESS, WORLD BANK PREDICTS Sub-Saharan Africa expected to perform better this year, however. Page 37

Go after landlords, KRA told

Slow pace in clearing cargo hurts business

Cargo movement at the Malaba border has slowed down as trucks are being held up at weighbridges. Clearing agents at the border said business had dropped due to delay to clear cargo trucks at Mariakani, Gilgil and Webuye weighbridges. The agents said cargo trucks were being held up at the weighing points, and this has negatively aected their business. Mr Manuel Mutua, a clearing agent, said they were currently idle as there were no cargo trucks at the border town. Mutua said only a few trucks that had been cleared were making their way to the town. He said no new truck had arrived in the town since Wednesday evening. Many trucks are being held up at these weighbridges and the drivers are not getting proper explanation for the delays. These delays have caused our businesses to drop in the last two days, Mutua said. The agents said the delay had largely aected their incomes as most of them rely on the clearance of cargo to earn a living. He said clearance of cargo trucks takes up to two days at the weighbridges. This, the agent added, is creating a backlog of trucks at the weighing points. The backlog normally translates into a long queue at the Malaba border when the trucks are nally released.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich with, from left, permanent secretary Joseph Kinyua, Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru and permanent secretary Edward Sambili at the Treasury Building before the Budget estimates were presented in Parliament yesterday.


Property owners are likely to pass on the cost of taxes to tenants


he taxman has up to the end of this year to establish a robust institutional framework that will bring landlords in all major cities into the national tax bracket. Presenting the rst budget under the Jubilee government, Finance Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich yesterday reiterated the governments eorts in hunting down tax-evading landlords as one of its strategies to raise more revenue to meet a growing expenditure. The move, Mr Rotich said, will ensure that those earning rental incomes pay their due share of taxes to the Exchequer for purposes of equity and fairness. I have once again directed KRA to leverage on technology, map out all rental property in urban areas and put in place a

Equity and fairness

robust institutional framework for bringing all these landlords into our tax net by December, 2013, Mr Rotich said while addressing Parliament. Eorts to bring landlords into the tax bracket started last year when retired Finance Minister Njeru Githae directed the Kenya Revenue Authority to ensure all landlords start paying taxes on rental income. The move is likely to have a far-reaching effect on the pockets of Kenyans living in the urban areas with the landlords expected to pass on the cost to their tenants. This inflicts more pain on consumers who are already facing a bleak future with the re-introduction of the VAT Bill in Parliament. The passage of the Bill into law would result in price increases of basic commodities and services by at least 16 per cent. KRA is now banking on revenue inows from the property tax collections to help it meet annual targets that it has con-

tinually missed over the years. The agency had set a target of Sh1 billion from the rental taxes collection for the nancial year ending June 2013. An ocial from the tax agency said the authority has achieved more than it expected in the new tax bracket since July 2012 when it began mapping out big land and real estate owners to increase rental tax collections. For sure we are near to the billion mark and we expect to

meet our full year target, a KRA ocial, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. However, the authority is locked up in a tussle with one of its employees over a technology system that was supposed to be used in implementing the mapping out exercise. Mr Samson Ngengi went to court last November seeking to force the his employer to issue him with a certicate of innovation and compensation for his eort in developing the system used in mapping rental property. The High Court directed the two parties to arbitrate the matter, which they were supposed to have done by yesterday. KRA has been under pressure over the last three months to beat the annual revenue target of Sh881.2 billion. In March, three months to the close of the government nancial year, the taxman was Sh321 billion short of the annual revenue target.

Arbitrate the matter

Target revenue collection from rental income taxes for the year ending 2013


The total national budget. The government is targetting the lucrative real estate as a key source of revenue

Many trucks are being held up at these weighbridges and the drivers are not getting proper explanation for the delays
Clearing agent Manuel Mutua

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


34 | Business
Last 12 Mths High Low Security Yesterday Prices Prev deal Shares traded

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

57.00 22.00 90.00 67.50 148.00 111.00 500.00 400.00 23.50 14.50 14.00 10.00 315.00 180.00


Eaagads Ord 1.25 Kakuzi Ord.5.00 Kapchorua Tea Co. Ord 5.00 Limuru Tea Co. Ord 20.00 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ord 5.00 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ord 5.00

27.50 83.00 147.00 22.75 14.60

27.75 84.00 146.00 450.00 23.00 14.50 254.00

500 5,300 3,700 15,500 11,500

115.00 90.00 565.00 280.00 150.00 88.00 426.00 180.00 1.35 3.70 7.35 4.00 8.60 16.50

Manufacturing & Allied

539.00 142.00 350.00 2.95 4.35 15.60 11.10 115.00 532.00 142.00 358.00 2.95 3.00 4.40 15.50 9,000 700 281,100 17,800 372,500 84,800 Money Market Funds African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund Old Mutual Money Market Fund British-American Money Market Fund Stanbic Money Market Fund CBA Market Fund CIC Money Market Fund Amana Money Market Fund Zimele Money Market Fund ICEA Money Market Fund Madison Asset Money Market Fund African Alliance Fixed Income Fund CIC Fixed Income Fund Stanbic Fixed Income Fund B1 Stanbic Fixed Income Fund A Standard Investment Income Fund Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund ICEA Equity Fund British-American Equity Fund CBA Equity Fund CIC Equity Fund Dyer and Blair Equity Fund Old Mutual Equity Fund Stanbic Equity Fund Madison Asset Equity Fund African Alliance Managed Fund British-American Managed Retirement Fund Amana Growth Fund ICEA Growth Fund Amana Balanced Fund British-American Balanced Fund CIC Balanced Fund Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Madison Asset Balanced Fund Zimele Balanced Fund CFC Simba Fund Old Mutual East Africa Fund British American Bond Plus Fund Dyer and Blair Bond Fund ICEA Bond Fund Old Mutual Bond Fund Daily Yield Eective Annual Rate Kenya Shilling 7.05% 7.28% Kenya Shilling 7.44% 7.70% Kenya Shilling 9.07% 9.51% Kenya Shilling 8.07% 8.37% 7.31% 7.59% Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 9.22% 9.62% Kenya Shilling 10.10% 10.30% Kenya Shilling 9.0% 9.31% Kenya Shilling 7.57% 7.87% Kenya Shilling 8.72% 9.09% Kenya Shilling 11.67 11.29 Kenya Shilling 9.89 10.14 Kenya Shilling 104.60 104.60 Kenya Shilling 104.06 104.06 Kenya Shilling 98.34 98.88 Kenya Shilling 76.15 76.80 Kenya Shilling 171.00 160.59 119.65 125.95 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 176.54 182.15 Kenya Shilling 153.13 161.19 Kenya Shilling 13.20 13.89 Kenya Shilling 169.08 177.98 Kenya Shilling 360.72 382.72 Kenya Shilling 144.34 152.34 Kenya Shilling 58.07 61.13 Kenya Shilling 20.80 19.59 Kenya Shilling 126.58 127.66 Kenya Shilling 96.54 96.54 Kenya Shilling 123.96 130.49 Kenya Shilling 95.86 95.86 Kenya Shilling 178.88 184.11 Kenya Shilling 12.48 13.07 Kenya Shilling 151.55 159.55 Kenya Shilling 70.08 73.38 Kenya Shilling 4.49 4.63 123.08 129.55 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 146.28 153.58 Kenya Shilling 149.85 152.90 Kenya Shilling 124.90 127.45 97.80 98.79 Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling 102.04 104.12

A.Baumann & Co. Ord 5.00 B.O.C Kenya Ord 5.00 BAT Kenya Ltd Ord 10.00 Carbacid Investments Ord 5.00 East African Breweries Ord 2.00 Eveready EA Ord 1.00 Kenya Orchards Ord 5.00 Mumias Sugar Co. Ord 2.00 Unga Group Ord 5.00

29.00 14.20 5.95

Automobiles & Accessories

21.00 12.00 3.40 Car & General (K) Ord 5.00 CMC Holdings Ord 0.50 Marshalls (E.A.) Ord 5.00 Sameer Africa Ord 5.00


25.50 13.50 13.00 5.30

11.00 3.75 AccessKenya Group Ord 1.00 9.55 3.05 Safaricom Ltd Ord. 0.05 7.30 7.35 7.55 NSE All Share Index(NASI)-(1 Jan 2008=100 Down 1.26points to close at 122.97 NSE 20 Share Index Down 24.686points to close at 4838.01 Equity Turnover Close586,781,537 Previous sh448,222,066 156,600

Telecommunication & Technology


Euro BANK ABC Barclays Co-op Equity NBK KCB buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell buy sell 114.02 114.32 113.58 114.42 113.93 114.22 113.44 113.71 108.89 109..02 113.30 113.70 113.43 114.28 113.97 114.26 113.77 114.05 109.60 109.90 113.30 113.80

18.90 10.70 74.00 34.50 175.00 86.00 36.50 19.50 13.00 27.75 44.00 20.25 24.25 16.00 58.00 25.00 320.00 160.00 18.00 10.15


$ 85.50 85.70 85.10 85.60 85.30 85.50 85.35 85.55 84.25 84.35 85.25 85.45 85.40 85.60 85.20 85.40 85.15 85.35 84.65 84.85 85.00 85.50

133.82 134.16 133.38 134.33 133.75 134.10 133.62 134.00 127.19 127.32 133.40 133.90 133.63 134.08 133.62 133.94 133.57 133.91 128.10 128.40 133.50 134.00

C$ 83.96 84.19 83.20 83.85 83.55 83.78 83.98 84.19 81.61 81.75 83.75 84.10 83.07 84.14 83.37 83.56 83.28 83.51 82.05 82.25 83.80 84.30

SF 92.65 93.17 92.62 93.37 92.91 93.19 92.27 92.53 87.07 87.26 92.10 92.50 92.78 93.14 93.07 93.29 92.79 93.01 88.05 88.25 92.00 92.50

IR 1.47 1.47 1.48 1.49 1.46 1.47 1.47 1.47 1.51 1.51 1.46 1.47 1.46 1.50 1.45 1.47 1.45 1.46 1.55 1.60 1.46 1.47

JY 90.49 90.79 89.73 90.45 89.96 90.19 90.16 90.39 83.11 83.22 90.00 90.50 90.42 90.74 91.00 91.00 90.23 90.46 83.85 84.06 90.00 90.50

ZR 8.51 8.53 8.40 8.47 8.26 8.53 8.54 8.61 8.80 8.85 8.50 8.60 8.45 8.58 8.46 8.56 8.41 8.44 8.80 8.85 8.50 9.00

Barclays Bank Ord 0.50 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ord.5.00 Diamond Trust Bank Ord 4.00 Equity Bank Ord 0.50 Housing Finance Co Ord 5.00 KCB Ord 1.00 NBK Ord 5.00 NIC Bank Ord 5.00 StandardChartered Ord 5.00 Co-op Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00

17.00 69.00 161.00 33.00 25.50 39.00 22.50 56.00 289.00 16.10

17.10 67.50 165.00 33.50 25.50 39.75 22.75 56.50 292.00 16.45

264,800 190,200 300 836,100, 148,200 1,,279,600 195,400 276,700 15,100 212,200

4.50 3.00 19.00 10.00 8.50 21.00 400.00 145.00 75.50 40.00 38.00 20.00 61.00 36.00 24.00 9.00

Commercial & Services

Express Ord 5.00 Hutchings Biemer Ord 5.00 Kenya Airways Ord 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ord 1.00 Nation Media Group Ord. 2.50 ScanGroup Ord. 1.00 Standard Group Ord 5.00 TPS EA (Serena) Ord 1.00 Uchumi Supermarket Ord 5.00

4.00 10.70 9.00 310.00 64.50 31.00 52.00 19.50

4.00 20.25 10.55 9.00 310.00 64.50 30.25 52.50 19.85

900 235,300 4,300 5,400 682,800 5,300 28,400 235,900

CBA CFC Stanbic GulfAfrican FCB Prime

74.00 225.00 58.00 17.50 65.00

Construction & Allied

48.75 143.00 24.00 9.55 32.00

ARM Cement Ord 1.00 BamburiCement Ord 5.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ord 5.00 E.A.Cables Ord 0.50 E.A.Portland Cement Ord 5.00

66.00 202.00 14.45 59.00

65.00 209.00 56.00 14.50 60.00

501,800 1,200 19,600 2,400

1 US Dollar 1 Sterling Pound 1 Euro 1 South African Rand Ksh/Ush 1 Ksh/Tsh 1 Ksh/Rwanda Franc 1 Ksh/Burundi Franc 1 UAE Dirham 1 Canadian Dollar 1 Swiss Franc 100 Japanese Yen 1 Swedish Kroner 1 Norwegian Kroner 1 Danish Kroner 1 Indian Rupee 1 Hong Kong Dollar 1 Singapore Dollar 1 Saudi Riyal 1 Chinese Yuan 1 Australian Dollar

17.40 16.95 20.75 18.00

Energy & Petroleum

7.05 9.00 14.00 12.65 KenGen Ord 2.50 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 KP&LC Ord 2.50 Total Kenya Ord 5.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50

16.85 9.90 16.80 17.00

17.00 9.80 16.40 16.85 10.95

1,482,100 318,300 1,086,100 10,000 -

9.60 3.80 3.05 7.00 280.00 150.00 7.15 18.50 6.30 14.05 67.00 18.00


British American Investments Co.0.10 CIC Insurance Group Ord.1.00 Jubilee Holdings Ord 5.00 Kenya Re Corporation Ord 2.50 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ord 1.00 Pan Africa Insurance Ord 5.00

8.35 5.10 250.00 16.45 12.60 57.00

8.45 5.15 250.00 16.40 12.80 57.00

216,000 274,800 2,300 67,400 5,100 1,700

24.00 500.00 6.00 37.75

11.05 220.00 3.05 20.00

Centum Investment Co Ord 0.50 City Trust Ord 5.00 Olympia Capital Holdings Ord 5.00 Trans-Century Ord 0.50

23.00 4.95 32.00

22.00 448.00 5.00 34.00

662,700 9,900 100,000

Mean 85.3531 133.8490 114.1147 8.4568 30.3212 19.2144 7.6038 18.2303 23.2383 83.5292 93.1936 90.6533 13.1272 14.8417 15.3196 1.4612 10.9915 67.9806 22.7596 13.8973 80.9958

Buy 85.2600 133.7002 113.9827 8.4426 30.2296 19.1349 7.5486 18.0933 23.2120 83.4243 93.0797 90.5557 13.1039 14.8182 15.2996 1.4596 10.9795 67.8876 22.7342 13.8817 80.8862

Sell 85.4461 133.9978 114.2467 8.4709 30.4129 19.2939 7.6589 18.3673 23.2646 83.6342 93.3074 90.7508 13.1506 14.8653 15.3396 1.4628 11.0036 68.0737 22.7850 13.9129 81.1054

Algerian Dinar Bahrani Dinar Djibouti Franc Egyptian Pound Jordanian Dinar Kuwait Dinar Lebanese Pound Libyan Dinar Omani Riyal Qatar Riyal Saudi Riyal Syrian Pound Yemeni Riyal UAE Dirham 78.64 0.37698 177.72 6.9817 0.7078 0.2847 1500 1.2789 0.3850 3.6405 3.7501 70.50 214.95 3.6729

Currencies are quoted against the US Dollar



The Physical Planners Registration Board


IN PURSUANT to section 3 Subsection (4) (b) and Section 12 Subsection (1) (a) of the Physical Planners Registration Act, No, 3, 1996, the Board invites applications for the above Examination from eligible candidates.


The Seven Seas Technologies Group has appointed former Solicitor General, Mr. Wanjuki Muchemi as the new Executive Board Chairman. Mr Muchemis appointment comes in the wake of The Seven Seas Group consolidating all their brands under one roof and the recent inauguration of their Global h eadquarters in Nairobi. Prior to his appointment, Mr Muchemi served for the past 10 years as the Solicitor-General of the Republic of Kenya under Retired President Kibaki. President Uhuru Kenyatta has formally accepted his resignation. Mr Muchemi in his role as Executive Chairman will provide leadership that will oversee the expansion of the companys operations to the rest of Africa and the world. He brings a wealth of experience to the board. He is a senior lawyer, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a member of the Law Society of Kenya, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries. He is an alumni of the University of Nairobi and holds law degree (LL.B Hons) and an MBA in Strategic Management. SEVEN SEAS TECHNOLOGIES Block 1, Delta Riverside O_ce Park, Riverside Drive P. O. Box 14462 - 00800, Nairobi, Kenya, T: (+254) 20 2108 592/59/67/51/13/61 C: 0711 059000, 0721 748111, 0717 718979, 0711 550177, 736 998311

The Applicant Must (a) Be a holder of Bachelors of Post Graduate Degree in Urban and/or Regional Planning or Both from any University which is recognized for the time being by the Physical Planners Registration Board. (b) Have had Two Years Post qualification practical experience in Physical Planning. Logbooks can be obtained from the office of the Registrar at a nonrefundable fee of Ksh. 3,500 from 17th June, 2013 to 28th June, 2013. Applicants should submit the completed Logbook and a project for Oral Examination by 16th August, 2013 latest 5.00 p.m. The fee for purchase of Logbooks should be deposited in the Boards A/C No. 1108719538 KCB Milimani Branch. Ardhi House 5th Floor, Wing A Room 503,502 P.O. Box 45025-00100, NAIROBI Email: Dated this 14th Day of June, 2013 PLAN. ALFRED M. MWANZIA THE REGISTRAR

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013



OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR P.0. BOX 78-90300 MAKUENI Date: 14th June, 2013

In line with the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the County Government Act No. 17 of 2012, Section (4), the Office of the Governor wishes to invite the public to participate in the design of Government of Makueni County Flag, Coat of Arms, Slogan and Public Seal. The logo should bear the following conditions: Capture the main physical and social economic and cultural activities. Bear the name: Government of Makueni County Be original in nature and must not infringe on any copy and shall not be the same as or be a likeness or similar to a national symbol Be done using the common design program with a scale/size 28*20 and graphic resolution of 1280*768. Eligibility Entrants must be Kenya citizens. Residents of Makueni County including students are encouraged to participate. However, if a student wins the cash prize, the same will be paid through the guardian or school administration. Guidelines i. Submission of the designs must be in both hard and soft copies. ii. Entrants must not submit more than one entry in each category. iii. There is no participation fee. iv. Once a winner has been selected and awarded, the Government of Makueni County shall retain copyright and intellectual property rights. Prizes The winners in each category will be awarded as follows:County Flag - Winner Ksh. 75,000; 1st runners up Kshs. 50,000 County Coat of Arms, Slogan and the Seal - Winner Kshs.75,000; 1st runners up Kshs. 50,000 Note: By submitting the Logo, you agree to transfer copyrights of the designs to the Government of Makueni County. The proposed Logo Designs with a soft copy should be enclosed in a plain envelope marked COMPETITION FOR DESIGN OF COUNTY FLAG or COMPETITION FOR DESIGN OF COAT OF ARMS, SLOGAN AND PUBLIC SEAL and addressed to the undersigned, should be deposited in the Tender Box at the County Headquarters, on or before Friday 5th of July, 2013 at 12.00 noon. The County Secretary Government of Makueni County P.O. Box 78-90300 MAKUENI

36 | Business News
ENERGY | Marketers have threatened to end deal with renery

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

CONCERN | Cost of living up as food prices remain high

Oil agencys move on defaulters splits rms

Licences for companies which have not paid may be revoked
ikarambu@ke.nationme il marketers are sharply d i v i d e d over a threat by the Energy Regulatory Commission to withdraw licences of rms that have defaulted on payment for products from the Kenya Petroleum Reneries Ltd. The rift comes barely two months after chief executives of oil marketing companies collectively signed a letter threatening to terminate their agreement with KPRL over what they termed as failure by refinery stakeholders to address their concerns. In a letter, Cape Suppliers Ltd, one of the companies listed by KPRL as having defaulted termed the move by some marketers to back ERCs decision as selsh, adding that indeed only few oil marketers pay for the KPRL products on time. The last defaulters list circulated on May 23 had more than 15 oil marketing companies listed. So it is selsh and avoidance of competition by some OMCs just because they have paid for products in the last few days to be shouting loudest and demonising others, read a communication from Cape Suppliers in part. The communication was a reaction to a copy of minutes of an oil industry meeting held on Monday that was circulated to industry chiefs by Vivo Energy managing director Polycarp Igathe. While Vivo Energy did not appear on the defaulters list circulated mid last month, names of Total, KenolKobil and state-owned National Oil Corporation of Kenya featured.

The last defaulters list circulated on May 23 had more than 15 oil marketing companies
Cape Suppliers

An attendant with a customer at a fruits stall in Kasturi Supermarket, Nyeri Town yesterday. Many Kenyans had expressed hope that the Jubilee governments rst budget would address the high cost of basic essentials.


yuMobile set to launch 3G network

yuMobile will soon roll out a 3G network as it seeks to increase revenues from its data business. The mobile operator yesterday said it has now applied for a 3G operating licence worth more than Sh2 billion as part of its eorts to make communication more aordable and convenient for its growing subscribers. The company appears to have changed its strategy given that it had earlier stated it would bypass 3G and move directly to the 4G platform, which was expected to be rolled out through a public-private partnership next year. The plan to attain 3G could have been informed by the sluggish pace at which the 4G project is moving and the delay in freeing up the spectrum caused by the slow pace in the implementation of digital migration. yuMobile has committed to expand its network across the country to meet the increasing demand on its growing subscriber base of 3.2 million, chief executive Madhur Taneja said in a statement.


This week the Central Bank of Kenya offered 91-day Treasury Bills for a total of Kshs. 2 Billion. The total number of bids received was 180 amounting to Kshs 4.74 Billion, representing a subscription of 237%. Total bids accepted amounted to Kshs. 4.74 Billion. The market weighted average rate was 5.424%, and the weighted average of accepted bids which will be applied for non-competitive bids was 5.424% down from 6.721% in the previous auction. The other auction statistics are summarised in the table below. 16/09/2013 2,000.00 4,739.57 236.98 180 180 4,739.57 4,093.80 645.77 4,034.97 704.60 5.424% 5.424% 98.666
Last Auction 10/06/2013 6.721 Variance 1.297


Value Dates Weighted Average Rate of Accepted bids (%)

Due Date Amount Offered (Kshs. M) Bids Received (Kshs. M) Performance Rate (%) Number of Bids Received Number of Accepted Bids Amount Accepted (Kshs. M) Of which : Competitive bids : Non-Competitive bids Purpose / Application of Funds: Rollover / Redemptions New Borrowing Market Weighted Average Rate Weighted Average Rate of accepted bids Price per Kshs 100 at Weighted Average Rate for accepted bids
This Auction 17/06/2013 5.424

C. NEXT WEEKS TREASURY BILLS AUCTIONS: ISSUE NOS. 2009/91, 1990/182 & 1907/364 DATED 24/06/2013
TENOR Offer amount (Kshs. M) AUCTION DATES & BIDS CLOSURE RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT Redemptions New Borrowing 91 DAYS 2,000.00 20/06/2013 21/06/2013 182 DAYS 2,000.00 19/06/2013 20/06/2013 364 DAYS 2,000.00 19/06/2013 20/06/2013 TOTAL 6,000.00 5,854.50 145.50

The actual amount to be realised from the auction will be subject to Treasurys immediate liquidity requirements for the week. Where several successful bidders quote a common rate, the Central Bank of Kenya reserves the right to allot bids on a pro-rata basis. The Central Bank reserves the right to accept/reject bids in part or in full without giving any reason. Individual bids must be of a minimum face value of Kshs. 100,000.00. Only CDS holders with updated mandates are eligible. Bids must be submitted using the specified format and must reach the Central Bank (HQ, Branch or Currency Centre) by 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday 19th June 2013 for 182-day and 364-day and Thursday 20th June 2013 for 91 Treasury Bills. Payments above Kshs.1 Million must be made by electronic transfer using RTGS. Payments below Kshs. 1 Million may be made by Bankers Cheque or RTGS. These payments must reach the Central Bank not later than Monday 24th June 2013 2.00 p.m. for Cheques and 3.00 p.m for RTGS electronic fund transfers. Please provide the following details with each payment: Name, Reference No., the New CDS Portfolio and the customers Virtual account No.

Non-competitive bids are subject to a maximum of Kshs. 20 Million per investor and are issued at the weighted average of accepted bids. MWENDA K. MARETE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, FINANCIAL MARKETS Thursday, June 13, 2013

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Business News 37

FORECAST | Outlook revised

Bank lowers 2013 growth prospects

World economy was expected to grow by 2.2pc led by a 5.1pc upsurge in developing countries
Mr Kaushik Basu, the World Banks chief economist, said the estimates are actually somewhat similar to what we were saying about six months ago. In a turbulent global economy, that is good news, when you have two periods without any big shifts and changes, he told a news conference. Growth in high-income countries was notably dampened by the recession-mired eurozone. Not surprisingly, the sharpest downward revision was for the 17-nation bloc, where a contraction of 0.6 per cent was seen, down from the prior estimate of a 0.1 per cent dip. Collateral damage from the eurozone crisis continued to be felt in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, one of the eurozones most important trade partners. The Mena economies, projected to grow 2.5 per cent, were still feeling the impact of political and social tensions from the Arab Spring, though there were signs of improvement in Tunisia and Morocco, Bank experts said. Sub-Saharan Africa should do better this year, with growth accelerating to 4.9 per cent from 4.4 per cent in 2012, supported by robust domestic demand factors and increased money ows from workers abroad. (AFP)

Yahoo! buys smartphone photo app maker GhostBird

Yahoo! has announced it has bought a start-up that makes picture-taking applications for iPhones to enhance its Flickr photo service. Yahoo! did not disclose how much it paid for GhostBird Software, the company behind KitCam and PhotoForge2 apps for Apples popular smartphones. Well integrate many of the mobile photography experiences from GhostBird into our Flickr apps, Yahoo! said in a brief email statement on Wednesday. People who have installed KitCam or PhotoForge2 apps on iPhones will still be able to use the mini-programmes, but Yahoo! yanked them from Apples online App Store and planned no updates for the future. Over the last few years,

Amount in dollars Yahoo! paid to acquire blogging site Tumblr
mobile photography has really taken o, the GhostBird Team said in a blog post conrming the takeover. Were thrilled to be able to bring our technology and

passion for beautiful photos to the Flickr team. Yahoo! last month unveiled a dusted-o design of its Flickr photo platform only hours after the companys dramatic acquisition of blogging site Tumblr. Yahoo! chief executive Marissa Mayer said the new site will showcase bigger images and create a user experience that is more immersive, more expressive.

he World Bank on Wednesday lowered its growth estimate for the global economy in 2013, but said that expansion appeared better balanced than just before the 2008 nancial crisis. The global economy was expected to grow at an annual rate of 2.2 percent this year, led by a 5.1 percent surge in developing countries, down from a January estimate of a 2.4 per cent. The overall acceleration is not stronger because the majority of developing countries have more-or-less fully recovered from the 2008 nancial crisis, the report said.

An opportunity to invest in Government of Kenya Five and Ten Year Fixed Coupon Treasury Bonds The Central Bank of Kenya acting in its capacity as a fiscal agent for the Republic of Kenya is offering the investing public an opportunity to invest in Five & Ten year Fixed Coupon Treasury bonds whose terms and conditions are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Issuer Amount Purpose Period of Sale Value /Payment date : : : : : Republic of Kenya Upto Kshs 20 Billion Budgetary Support 12/06/2013 to 25/06/2013 01/07/2013. Payments above Kshs. 1 Million must be made by RTGS, Payments below Kshs.1 Million may be made by Cash, Bankers cheque or RTGS transfer and must reach the Central Bank of Kenya not later than 2 pm on Monday, 1st July, 2013 for Cash and Cheques and 3.00 pm for RTGS. Please provide the following details with each payment: Investors Name, Reference No. , Portfolio Account Number and the Virtual Account number to be credited. Discounted/Par/Premium. Kshs. 50,000.00 Five Year - New Ten Year New 5 Year Market Determined 10 Year Market Determined 5 Year: 30/12/2013, 30/06/2014, 29/12/2014, 29/06/2015, 28/12/2015, 27/06/2016, 26/12/2016, 26/06/2017, 25/12/2017 and 25/06/2018. 10 Year: 30/12/2013, 30/06/2014, 29/12/2014, 29/06/2015, 28/12/2015, 27/06/2016, 26/12/2016, 26/06/2017, 25/12/2017, 25/06/2018, 24/12/2018, 24/06/2019, 23/12/2019, 22/06,2020, 21/12/2020, 21/06/2021, 20/12/2021, 20/06/2022, 19/12/2022 and 19/06/2023 Only CDS account holders with updated mandates. Multi-Price Bid Auction. All investors are required to complete bond application forms. Maximum Kshs. 20 Million per tenor per investor. 2 p.m. on Tuesday June 25, 2013. Wednesday, 26th June, 2013. Investors should obtain details of amounts payable for successful bids, from Central Bank on 27/06/2013. 5 Year 25/06/2018 10 Year 19/06/2023 Commercial Banks Non-Bank Financial Institutions Licensed Stock Brokers Licensed Investment Advisors Possible as a last resort, the bond will be rediscounted at 3% above the higher of prevailing market yield or coupon rate. The bonds qualify for statutory liquidity ratio requirements for commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions The bonds will be listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Secondary trading in multiples of Ksh 50,000 to commence on Tuesday, July 02, 2013. Discount/interest amount is subject to withholding tax at the rate of 15% for the 5 year and 10% for the 10 year bond. The Central Bank reserves the right to accept bids in full or part thereof or reject them in total without giving any reason. The Bonds may be re-opened at a future date.

Sub-Saharan Africa

6. Pricing 7. Minimum amount 8. Tenors 9. Coupon Rates 10. Interest payment dates

Majority of developing countries have moreor-less fully recovered from the 2008 nancial crisis
World Bank report

: : : : : : :

Google warns of user names theft in Iran

Google says it has been battling what appeared to be politically targeted eorts to steal the user names and passwords of tens of thousands of account holders in Iran. The timing and targeting of the campaigns suggest that the attacks are politically motivated in connection with the Iranian presidential election on Friday, Google vice-president of security engineering Eric Grosse said in a blog post on Wednesday. These campaigns, which originate from within Iran, represent a signicant jump in the overall volume of phishing activity in the region. For nearly three weeks, California-based Google has been ghting phishing email messages crafted to trick recipients into clicking on links leading to phony account maintenance web pages that steal user names and passwords. Mr Grosse said the ruse was aimed at compromising the accounts owned by tens of thousands of Iranian users. There were indications the same culprits were involved in a cyber attack targeting Iranians about two years ago, according to Google. In this case, the phishing technique we detected is more routine; users receive an email containing a link to a web page that purports to provide a way to perform account maintenance, Grosse said. If a user clicks the link, they see a fake Google signin page that will steal their username and password. (AFP)

11. Eligibility 12. Issuance method 13. Bids 14. Non- competitive bids 15. Bids Closure 16. Auction Date 17. Results 18. Redemption dates 19. Placing Agents

: : : : : : : : :

20. Rediscounting 21. Liquidity 22. Listing 23. Trading 24. Tax 25. Right to accept applications 26. Re-opening

: : : : : : :

Phising technique

For further details contact any of the following: Your Bank Brokers of Nairobi Securities Exchange and Licensed Investment Advisors, CBK Headquarters, Branches in Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and the Currency Centres in Nyeri, Nakuru & Meru or visit our website at

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Invitation to Kenyan Maize Millers, Wheat Millers and edible oil processors
The Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) is the capacity building agency of the Ministry of Education in Kenya. The Institute is mandated under Legal Notice No.19/2010 to undertake management training, research and consultancy in the education sector. KEMI has held two successful National Conferences. The first conference was held in 2010 and focused on Innovations in Education Management, the second conference was held in 2012 on Sustainable Quality Education in the Context of Vision 2030.

Food Fortification Workshop, Thursday July 4th - Friday July 5th 2013 at KARI Kabete
TechnoServe in collaboration with U.S. based Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) is implementing a project named Solutions for African Food Enterprises (SAFE) with funding from USAID. The objective of SAFE is to increase competitiveness of the African food processing sector to expand availability of affordable and nutritious foods. This will be done through knowledge and technology transfer from volunteer experts from some of the world leading food and equipment manufacturers such as General Mills, Cargill, Royal DSM and Buhler. In support of the mandatory fortification requirements of the above groups of foods by the Ministry of Health, SAFE is working with relevant authorities and stakeholders (such as Ministry of Health, Kenya Bureau of Standards, public universities and nutrition experts) to carry out a two day training workshop for small and medium processors of the above foods in order to equip them with the theoretical and practical knowhow that will enable them comply with the fortification regulations as required. We are thus calling for food processors who would like to benefit from this training to send an application nominating one delegate from their company who they propose for the workshop. Training expenses will be covered under SAFE and reservations for the limited slots will be on a first-come-first-served basis. TechnoServe, Inc. ( is an international nonprofit development organization founded in 1968. Its mission is to work with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries. Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) is a nonprofit organization that links the technical and business expertise of volunteer employees from General Mills, Cargill, Royal DSM and Buhler to small and growing food processors and millers in the developing world. Interested food processors should send applications to:, cc: so as to reach not later than 21st June 2013.


Dates: 26 -28 June 2013
th th

CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION MANAGERS TOWARDS ACHIEVEMENT OF EDUCATION FOR ALL (EFA) GOALS. SUB1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. THEMES: Innovations in capacity development Public private partnerships in capacity development Sustainability of capacity development Best practices in capacity development Knowledge and skills transfer in capacity development Monitoring and evaluation of capacity development programs 7. Capacity development in reference to education; access, equity and quality 8. Devolution of capacity development CHIEF GUEST AND KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Prof. Jacob Thuranira Kaimenyi Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education VENUE: KEMI CONFERENCE HALL 6 AVENUE MTAMA ROAD, PARKLANDS P. O. BOX 62592-00200 NAIROBI Telephone: Nairobi 0722793337 or 0718518422 Email:




Charges: Ksh. 3,000 for lunch, teas and stationery (Pay through Mpesa Paybill No: 971900 Use your T.S.C No., PF No., ID No. as your account number Accommodation available at KEMI on request, Please visit for charges For reservations: contact wycliffe wasike 0722793337 or 0718518422 Confirm attendance by: 20th June 2013



The persons whose photographs appear above are required by the Banking Fraud Investigation Unit of the Kenya Police Service to assist with some investigations. Any person with information on their whereabouts can contact the unit on telephone No.22861918, 0722989019 and 0721335743 or the nearest police station. Information leading to their whereabouts will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013





Programme Diploma in Education (Arts) Minimum Admission Requirements KCSE C+ with C+ in each of the teaching subjects. In addition, the applicant should have at least a C (plain) in English and a D+ in Mathematics. Or One principle and two subsidiaries at A Level with credit, and a credit pass in each of the two teaching subjects. Or P1 Certificate KCSE C+ with C+ in two teaching subjects, or P1 Certificate, or two principles and one subsidiary at A Level, or Diploma in Education Requirements are as shown for the BEd (Science) above KCSE C+, or Diploma in Theology Tuition Fees per Duration Semester (Ksh) 30,000 4 sessions


Kabarak University invites applications for admission

Bachelor of Education (Science) Bachelor of Education (Arts) Bachelor of Theology

30,000 30,000 30,000

P1 holders - 9 sessions, Dip holders 7 sessions Duration as in BEd (Science) above Direct entry 9 sessions, Diploma holders 7 sessions


Programme Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology (BMIT) Bachelor of Commerce Options: Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Strategic Management Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematics Master of Business Administration (MBA) Options: Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Entrepreneurship Management, Finance, Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing, Strategic Management Programme Bachelor of Laws Minimum Admission Requirements KCSE C+ with C (plain) in Mathematics and English KCSE C+ with C (plain) in Mathematics and English Campus Main Campus Nakuru Town Main Campus Tuition Fees per Duration Semester (Kshs) 60,000 Main 8 semesters Camp 50,000 Nakuru 60,000 (Main) 8 semesters

Nakuru Town Campus 50,000 (Nakuru) KCSE C+ with C+ in Mathematics First Degree Second Class Honours (Upper Division), or Lower Division with 2 years of work experience Nairobi Campus Main Campus 55,000 (Nairobi) 60,000 8 semesters 4 sessions Evening and weekend classes

Nakuru Town Campus 60,000 Nairobi Campus 60,000

Minimum Admission Requirements KCSE C+ with B (plain) in English, or a recognized degree Campus Main Campus Tuition Fees per Duration Semester (Kshs) 75,000 8 semesters


Programme Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science Diploma in Information Technology Pre University Bridging Certificate Course in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, or Chemistry Minimum Admission Requirements KCSE C+ with C (plain) in Mathematics, Physics and English; or Diploma in Computer Science or Information Technology with at least Credit Pass KCSE C+ with C (plain) in Mathematics, Physics and English; or Diploma in Computer Science or Information Technology with at least Credit Pass KCSE C+ with C (plain) in Mathematics or Physics and English; or Diploma in Computer Science or Information Technology with at least Credit Pass. KCSE C+ with C (plain) in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Physics or Mathematics KCSE C (plain) with C in Mathematics and C- in Physics KCSE C Plain KCSE C+ but with lower than C (plain) in Math, Biology, Physics, or Chemistry Campus Main Campus Main Campus Main Campus Nairobi Campus Main Campus Tuition Fees per Duration Semester (Kshs) 65,000 8 semesters 65,000 65,000 60,000 8 semesters 8 semesters 8 semesters 5 semesters 2 semesters 8 weeks

Nakuru Town Campus 25,000 Main Campus 40,000 Main Campus 17,500 Nairobi Campus (Math only) Campus Main Campus Tuition Fees per Semester (Kshs) 45,000


Programme Bachelor of Theology Bachelor of Education (Science) Bachelor of Education (Arts) Diploma in Education (Arts) Minimum Admission Requirements KCSE C+, or Diploma in Theology KCSE C+ with C+ in two teaching subjects, or P1 Certificate, or two principles and one subsidiary at A Level, or Diploma in Education Requirements are as shown for the BEd (Science) above Duration 8 semesters, or 5 semesters for Diploma holders 8 semesters

Nakuru Town Campus Main Campus 60,000

Main Campus

60,000 40,000

8 semesters 4 semesters

Diploma in Theology

KCSE C+ with C+ in each of the teaching subjects. In addition, Main Campus the applicant should have at least a C (plain) in English and a D+ in Mathematics. Or One principle and two subsidiaries at A Level with credit, and a credit pass in each of the two teaching subjects. KCSE C (Plain) Main Campus


6 semesters

NOTE: Successful applicants with KCSE aggregate of A- or higher are eligible for 50% tuition waiver for the first academic year. Applicants with relevant diplomas validated by the Commission for University Education (CUE), or those with recognized diplomas from KNEC or KASNEB (CPA) are eligible for credit exemptions in relevant subjects up to second year of study. MODE OF APPLICATION Application forms and further details are available from the offices or website listed here under. Duly completed forms should be returned to any of those offices with a non-refundable fee as follows: Bridging Kshs.500, Pre-University and Undergraduate Kshs.1000, MBA Kshs.1500, payable to Kabarak University into any of the following bank accounts: Standard Chartered Bank 01040-943637-01 Nakuru; Trans National Bank 0040503005 Nakuru; Kenya Commercial Bank 1109663161 Nakuru; Equity Bank 0310294445167 Nakuru Kenyatta Avenue. The Admissions Office Kabarak University Private Bag-20157, KABARAK Tel. 020-2114658 0729-223370 Fax. 051-343012 The Director Kabarak University Nakuru Town Campus Giddo Plaza Nairobi- Kisumu Highway Tel. 051-2215549, 0726-415541 The Director Kabarak University Nairobi Campus Trans- National Plaza 3rd Floor City Hall Way Tel.020-2240634, Fax.2229090
Kabarak University Moral Code As members of Kabarak University family, we purpose at all times and in all places, to set apart in ones heart, Jesus as Lord (1 Peter 3:15)

40 |

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013




Bomet County Government, P.O. Box 19-20400 BOMET,KENYA Email:

The County Government of Bomet wishes to inform the members of the Public that due to unavoidable circumstances, the advertisement for Tenders and Prequalification of Suppliers of Goods and Services which appeared in the Daily Nation on Friday 7th June, 2013 has been cancelled. The inconvenience caused is regretted. All those who had purchased the tender documents are advised to keep their receipts and will be issued with fresh tender documents when the same are re-advertised. County Secretary County Government of Bomet P. O. Box 19-20400 BOMET

The Public Procurement Oversight Authority is mandated to convene consultative forums with stakeholders from the public and private sectors who may have an interest in the proper functioning of the public procurement system in Kenya. In pursuant to Section 134 of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005, PPOA invites comments from all stakeholders. The stakeholders submission shall determine the agenda for the 6th Annual National Public Procurement and Disposal Stakeholders Forum to be held on 21st June 2013 at the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC). The submission should be sent electronically through or posted to the; Director General Public Procurement Oversight Authority P. O Box 58535 00200 NAIROBI On or before close of business on 18th June, 2013. Invited stakeholders include and are not limited to representatives from National Government Departments, County Governments, Constituencies, State Corporations, Public Educational Institutions, Women, Youth, SMEs, Persons with Disabilities, Tenderers, Suppliers, Contractors, Civil Society Organizations, Professional Bodies among others. Attendance is by registration on a first come first served basis through sending an email to , indicating the name and organization one is representing. Results of the forum will be considered for the purpose of improving the public procurement system in Kenya. For further information, call Everlyne or Dido on 020 3244000, 020 2213106/7 or visit M. J.O JUMA DIRECTOR GENERAL

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013




The Clerk of the National Assembly, who is the Officer Administering the Fund in respect of the Public Finance Management (Parliamentary Mortgage (Members) Scheme Fund) Regulations), 2013 and the Public Finance Management (Parliamentary Mortgage (Staff) Scheme Fund) Regulations), 2013 established under the Public Finance Management Act of 2012 wishes to pre-qualify providers of legal services who may be called upon from time to time to render legal services to the Parliamentary Service Commission, Members of Parliament and staff accessing mortgage facilities from the two Funds. To be pre-qualified, interested advocates/law firms must meet each of the following: 1. The applicant must demonstrate competence in the provision of conveyancing services, particularly the registration of transfers of land and registration of charges/mortgages and the discharge thereof. 2. The applicant must provide a comprehensive profile detailing the advocate(s) qualifications and history of similar services rendered. The profile must be accompanied by a covering application letter. 3. The applicant must provide copies of the following documents: A current tax compliance certificate. A PIN certificate of registration. A VAT certificate of registration. A current practicing certificate. A clearance certificate from the Advocates Complaints Commission and the Advocates Disciplinary Committee 3. The applicant should have professional indemnity insurance cover of at least Kshs. 20,000,000 (twenty million shillings). The prequalification of any advocate/law firm shall not amount to a contractual obligation on the part of the Clerk of the National Assembly/Parliamentary Service Commission. Advocates/law firms that have been or are currently on the panel of advocates for the purposes of the Funds must re-apply if they wish to be considered for future provision of legal services. The Clerk of the National Assembly reserves the right to independently authenticate any information provided by an applicant without reverting to the applicant. The decision of the Clerk of the National Assembly shall be final. Applications clearly marked PREQUALIFICATION FOR LEGAL SERVICES should be sent to: The Clerk of the National Assembly, Parliament Buildings, P O Box 41482 00100, NAIROBI. So as to be received not later than 5th July, 2013.

All County Governors All County Commissioners All District Commissioners All Other Public Agencies/ State Corporations All Land Officers


The National Land Commission was established under Article 67 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and gazetted on 20th February, 2013 via Gazette Notice No.2224 of 2013. The National Land Commission has a broad mandate of administering and managing public land in the country, amongst many other functions. It has come to the Commissions attention that some offices, officers and authorities are disposing of public land without either informing or consulting the National Land Commission. It should be noted that under the Land Act of 2012 and the Constitution of Kenya, it is only the National Land Commission which is mandated, on behalf of the national or county governments, to allocate public land, and even to sanction conversion of public land to any other category. The Commission now wishes to request all the concerned offices, officers and authorities to suspend any allocation and stop all occupation of public land in their custody and/or in areas under their jurisdiction until further guidelines are in place, and consultations are concluded. The National Land Commission will soon issue such guidelines and procedures as per the law. DR. MUHAMMAD A. SWAZURI, PhD, OGW CHAIRMAN, NATIONAL LAND COMMISSION

Required for Soap Manufacturing Plant in Kinshasa DRC, Congo

Engineer with experience and knowledge of running, repair and maintenance of Laundry and Toilet Soap Manufacturing Plant and Stamping Machine.
An attractive remuneration package will be offered to the right Candidate.


P.O BOX 34-060130 RUNYENJES MOBILE:0704377808

Required for Foam Factory in Lubumbashi DRC, Congo.

Production Manager with experience in handling Foaming Machine independently and Knowledge of Foam Formulation (Low density to high density). Experience and knowledge of handling Sunkist and Laaderberg Foaming Machinery will be an added advantage. An attractive remuneration package will be offered to the right candidate.
Applications should be sent to the following address on or before 22nd June 2013


To a resource mobilization to be held on 22nd June 2013 starting from 9:00am at the school grounds. The purpose of the function is to raise funds towards the completion of the Ultra Modern Tuition Block and Dormitory. Our distinguished guest and the general public are warmly welcome. Thank you and God bless you.
REPUBLIC OF KENYA IN THE SENIOR PRINCIPAL MAGISTRATES COURT AT LIMURU CIVIL SUIT NO. 156 OF 2011 JULIUS OSEYA NYENDE................................................................PLAINTIFF -VERSUSPETER NJUNGE .............................................................................1ST DEFENDANT KAHURIA GEORGE ........................................................................2ND DEFENDANT AND HZ & COMPANY LIMITED...............................................................1ST THIRD PARTY THIRD PARTY NOTICE (Pursuant to leave of court granted on 13th November, 2012) To: HZ & CO. LIMITED P.O. Box 74358, NAIROBI. TAKE NOTICE that this action has been brought by the Plaintiff against the Defendants. In it the Plaintiff claims against the Defendant in accordance with the attached Plaint. The Defendants claim against you is for indemnity and or contribution on the grounds that: a) It is alleged that you were the registered owner motor vehicle registration number KAJ 475W which collided into motor vehicle registration number KBA 890Q on the 19th day of September, 2009 along Limuru-red hill road at Kianjogu area. b It is alleged that the said collision was solely caused and or substantially contributed to by the negligence of your authorised driver, servant and or agent in driving, managing and/or controlling motor vehicle registration number KAJ 475W for which you are vicariously liable. AND TAKE NOTICE that if you wish to dispute the Plaintiffs claim against the Defendant or the Defendants claim against you, you must appear within 14 days after the service of this Notice on you, inclusive of the day of service, otherwise you will be taken to admit the Plaintiffs claim against the Defendant and the Defendants claim against you and you will be bound by any judgement given in the suit. DATED at NAIROBI this 14th day of November 2012 Kairu & McCourt, Advocates for the Defendants

Applications should be sent to the following address on or before 22nd June 2013 To: DNA 1517 P. O. Box 49010 - 00100, Nairobi.

To: DNA 1518 P. O. Box 49010 - 00100, Nairobi.

Drawn & filed by: Kairu & McCourt Advocates, Advocates, Hazina Towers, 10th Floor, Monrovia Street P.O. Box 51385-00200 NAIROBI.

(File Ref: D0008/2307/002)

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Machakos Highway P.O. Box 1996-90100 MACHAKOS TEL. 20246 / 21158 FAX: 20655 Email:


Telephone: Fax: Mobile: Machakos

+254-44-20246 +254-44-20655 +254-716-966938,738-545300





LILIAN ACHIENG ORIMBA MAUREEN ACHIENG ABOK ESTHER ACHIENG OBUON I.D NO: 20844339 ID NO: 24570956 ID NO: 23432379 This is to inform the general public that the person whose photograph appears above are no longer employees of SKYLARK CREATIVE PRODUCTS LTD and are NOT authorized to transact any business on behalf of or purport to represent SKYLARK CREATIVE PRODUCTS LTD in any transaction. SKYLARK CREATIVE PRODUCTS LTD Management will NOT take any responsibility or honor any transactions entered into by the above.

-./, #%# &%* *)*%" #%# &%* *$'(" #%# &%* *)#*" #%# &%* *)($" #%# &%* *)$'" #%# &%* *)&#" #%# &%* *)+'" #%# &%* *)%)" #%# &%* *)''

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A medium size in-store bakery operating within a leading Supermarket chain based in Kisumu with several branches in Western Kenya and parts of Rift Valley seeks to recruit Bakers and a Human Resource Manager. The ideal candidates should meet the following requirements: BAKERS Have work experience in a busy bakery for a minimum of five years. Have a minimum of an advanced certificate or diploma in baking. Must have knowledge and experience in a wide range of either or combination of bread, confectionery or pastry preparation. Knowledge on icing and decoration will be an added advantage. Must have knowledge on usage of various bakery machinery and equipment HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER Have work experience of no less than 5 years in human resource management. Have a diploma or degree in human resource management. Have experience in collective bargaining. Have experience in ensuring compliance to regulatory concerns. Have the ability to make needs assessment, train, and develop people. Be in a position to manage employee compensation and benefits administration. A salary commensurate with the successful candidates qualifications will be offered. Submit your application supported by a CV and relevant certificates to: The Manager Cygnet Holdings Ltd. P.O. Box 322-40200, Kisii or by email to to reach us not later than 5th of July, 2013.


Weld-Con Limited is a Company specialised in providing engineering and construction solutions and proven technologies in the fields of Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Mining and Steel Construction. In pursuit of its vision to be the preferred choice by 2020 in providing these services, the Company is looking for suitably qualified personnel to fill the following positions which are key to this objective: 1. Procurement Officer planning and scheduling Knowledge of AUTOCAD will be an added advantage Familiarity with NDT (RT, DPT, MPI, UT etc) will be an added advantage Work with minimum supervision Flexible in utilisation of available manpower Knack for compliance with safety rules and legislation Computer literate Good oral and written communication skills 4. Surveyor


ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED P.O. Box 150 50309 Kaimosi Email: Website: Cellphone: 0735818311/ 0720470599/0722969913/0722890891


He/she will be responsible local and overseas procurement of steel construction materials, consumables, equipment and spares.

Are you an energetic individual, driven with unmatchable sales prowess? We are looking for you!
Our client, a large National FMCG Company, is looking for Sales Representatives in Nairobi, Eastern and Rift Valley with above average analytical and sales skills to market and sell their products. Availability; Immediately Responsibilities; Act as primary point of contact with both new and existing customers. Relationship management and recruitment of new customers Coordinate and steer agreements on sales, prices, contracts and payments Consistently meeting sales targets. Manage Promotions for new and existing products. Communication on delivery schedules and Management of after-sales services Pursuing sales orders and coordinating delivery to customers. Giving feedback on competitor activity and market trends Generation of Sales reports, especially deals and credit notes. Act as company representative at relevant in sales and marketing events Educational/ Experience Requirements Bachelors degree in a business related field or and advanced diploma in Sales and Marketing. A minimum of 3 years experience with an FMCG company. Above average analytical, Sales/ Marketing Skills. Computer applications Training. Valid driving license To apply for this job, kindly send an email with your application letter and CV to with Sales Rep Nairobi or Sales Rep Rift Valley or Sales Rep- Eastern on the subject line by 23rd June, 2013. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. We thank you for your application.

The person for this position is required to provide support for an ongoing project in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a period of 6 months to 1 year. Minimum Qualifications Minimum Qualifications and HND in relevant field (Civil experience Engineering, Surveying) Diploma in supply chain 3 years experience management (CIPS UK or NEC) Conversant with survey work related to cross country pipeline laying 5 years experience, preferably gained in an environment of Team player and willing to relocate procuring engineering materials and to the DRC for a period of not less equipment than six months. The holder may be asked to stay on after Computer literate Good oral and written communication completion of the DRC project for other projects within East and Central Africa. skills High integrity and confidentiality The job involves forward planning on 5. Crane Operators (4 stocks for ongoing projects scattered positions) all over in the East and Central African Certified Crane Operators with work Region experience of at least 10 years with both rough and all terrain cranes of 100 t0 150 2. Estimation Engineer Tons capacity range, He/she should also be familiar with modern computerised He/she will be responsible for cranes (Post 2006 models) Interpretation of Clients BQs and development of BQs from Clients drawings 6. Heavy equipment Preparation of tender documents (construction machinery) Measurement of as-built quantities mechanics (2 positions) and preparation of payment He/She should be Mechanical Technician certificates. Monitoring of Clients design changes with Class 1 Trade Test Certificate from a recognised Government Institution with 5 as projects progress. years experience. Preparation of as-built drawings The Holders should be willing to relocate outside the Country for periods that could Minimum Qualifications and experience at times go beyond six months HND in Mechanical Engineering 5 years experience in a mechanical 7. Auto electrician (2 contracting firm positions) Competency in MSP 3. Steel Fabrication Workshop Supervisor He/she should be an auto electrician who is a holder of Class 1 Trade Test Certificate from a recognised Government Institution with 3 years experience. The holders should be willing to relocate outside Mombasa and outside the Country for periods that could at times exceed six months. Send your applications to : to reach on or before 28th June 2013.

We invite applications from suitable candidates for the following vacant positions. The candidates must possess the following minimum qualifications: 1. FINANCE OFFICER CPA (k) or ACCA or equivalent Ability to use Microsoft excel and or any other accounting programme Leadership and co-ordination ability 5 years experience in an educational institution HRM qualifications will be an added advantage 2. CATERESS KCSE certificate Diploma in Food and Beverage Management Leadership and ability to supervise Minimum of 3 years experience in an Institution of Higher learning 3. HOUSE KEEPER KCSE Certificate Diploma in Housekeeping Leadership and ability to supervise Minimum of 3 years experience in an Institution of higher learning. 4. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER KCSE Certificate Diploma in Human Resource Minimum 3 years experience in similar position in an educational institution Proven practical knowledge and experience in Industrial Relations and in dealing with workers Unions, collective bargaining and negotiations. Proven practical knowledge and experience in Human Resource Management and development. 5. CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER KCSE certificate Current certificate of good conduct Must have worked with any of the disciplined forces or reputable security firm and posses a discharge certificate. Must have at least 2 years experience in a comparable position Interested and qualified candidates to apply to the Secretary, Board of Governors, Friends College Kaimosi, P.O. Box 150, Code 50309, TIRIKI, by 28th June 2013. Enclose copies of all relevant testimonials. D.T.L.Sasala PRINCIPAL/SECRETARY-BOG


Working from engineering drawings and with strict deadlines, the person will be responsible for production of project components in a busy workshop. Minimum Qualifications and experience HND in mechanical engineering 5 years experience in a busy engineering workshop Must be able to carry out fabrication



DNA 1519 P.O. BOX 49010-00100 NAIROBI, KENYA


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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Kenya (AHF Kenya) is a legally registered not-for-profit Kenyan NGO with incorporation by AHF Global whos Headquarters is in Los Angeles, US. AHF Kenya collaborates with the Kenyan government, partner institutions and civil society to provide HIV prevention, treatment and care to the Kenyan people. To meet the above needs, the AHF Kenya HIV/AIDS Program wishes to recruit a dynamic, skilled, committed, self driven and results oriented individual to fill in the following post: Location: KENYA. Job Summary: The Senior Medical Officer (SMO) position is a combination of leadership and clinical care position. It involves management of resources such as staff, facility infrastructure, clinical equipment; identifying and maintaining strategic partnerships; reporting and ensuring highest standards of care at the facilities. This role entails day-to-day operations, quality assurance and decision-making in liaison with the AHF Africa Bureau, Country Director/CEO, & other key managers. Core/Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 1. Supervisory Responsibilities Directly supervises/oversees all the AHF Clinical staff countrywide. He/she carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organizations policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include supervising, mentoring and training employees, planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems. 2. Ensures proper management and maintenance of logistics, supplies, equipment and infrastructure of the AHF Clinics. 3. Clinical care Personally performs clinical work. Ensures provision of high quality care and service delivery at the facilities Constitutes and oversees activities of a clinical team and ensures that the team meets regularly to discuss quality of care items and receive continuing medical education Ensures that staff adhere to, and operate according to set national and international standards of care Responsible for patient chart review and peer review following the guidelines established by the quality of care committee Maintains adequate provider staffing in the healthcare center to ensure smooth flow of patients. This will include coordination of vacation schedules Qualifications, Education and Experience Minimum of a Bachelors degree (MBChB or equivalent) from an accredited University with a minimum of 5 years providing HIV care preferably in an NGO setting; plus 3 years of managerial experience and /training. A Post graduate medical qualification in Public Health, Infectious Disease etc would be an added advantage. Experience in managing a team and building capacity/training in resource-limited settings Ability to work in a public sector environment to accomplish goals and favorably influence decision making processes in a diplomatic and collaborative manner Interested candidates should apply by email to: COUNTRY DIRECTOR AIDS HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION - KENYA Email: The application must include copies of C.Vs, valid certificates and must be submitted not later than 30th June 2013. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted


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Islamic Relief is an international NGO, established in 1984 in the UK, seeking to promote sustainable Economic and social development by working with local communities through relief and developmental activities. We aim to help the needy regardless of Race, Religion, Color and Gender. Islamic Relief is currently running Programmes in several sectors that include Education, Health & Nutrition, Water & Sanitation, Livelihoods Support and Child Welfare. IRK also implements seasonal Food Security Programmes including the Ramadan Food Distribution and Qurbani. Islamic Relief Kenya program seeks to recruit the following positions in Health sector for Dadaab office:

P.O. BOX 3705 30100, ELDORET. Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the following job vacancy.

Head of Finance/Accounts
Summary of qualifications: 1. At least a first degree in accounting or finance from a recognized university. 2. Must be CPA(K) or Chartered Accountant. 3. Must have Certificate of good conduct. 4. Minimum of 3 years relevant experience. For more Vacancys details and requirements, please visit our website, Interested candidates should send their applications along with the C.V. and copies of relevant certificates, three referees, current and expected salary to the Office of the Hospital Administrator or to by 30th June, 2013.


HOW TO APPLY: For detailed Job descriptions on the positions kindly, visit our website: Send in your updated CV with cover letter and 3 professional references to or to reach us not later than Friday 21st June, 2013 clearly mentioning the position you are applying for. CVs will be screened on an ongoing basis and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

APHIAplusKAMILI is a five year project funded by U.S Agency for International Development (USAID). APHIAplusKAMILI contributes to the overall USAID framework goal of Sustained improvement of health and well-being for all Kenyans. The project implemented in Eastern and Central provinces of Kenya; focuses on key result areas of USAID implementation framework which are; increased use of quality health services, products and information and social determinants of health addressed to improve well-being of targeted communities and populations. APHIAplusKAMILI is currently recruiting experienced individuals with excellent technical skills who areteam players, dedicated, hardworking, innovative, highly motivated and willing to work in a high pressure environment requiring multitasking abilities.


Reporting to the Deputy Project Director,the Senior Technical Officer-PMTCT will be based in Embu and willlead the APHIAplusKAMILIteam in the implementation of the PMTCT activities in the entire APHIAplusKAMILIzone. He/She will provide technical expertise, management, coordination and support supervision of PMTCT activities within the region and ensure maximum integration of project activities across and within technical areas. Responsibilities: Lead implementation of APHIAplus KAMILI PMTCT activities in Lower Eastern Province Manage the projects PMTCT technical implementation team, ensuring maximum integration of all activities Assist with development of work plans, proposals, budgets, liaising with Ministry staff and donors regarding implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs Continue, improve and expand PMTCT services at all imperative sites in Lower Eastern Province in for high-quality standards and efficient services Ensure successful transfer of mentoring and service delivery of PMTCT to the MOH by supporting leadership, direction and coordination and ultimate decision-making Input to RH/FP and MNCH / paediatric care and treatment service delivery Prepare periodical technical and administrative reports in a timely way Ensure appropriate linkage between PMTCT, HIV/AIDS/STIs and FP/RH clinical services with other health and non-health activities within the project. Qualifications: Medical Doctor with post graduate training. Registered Clinical officers with the required experience will be considered At least 3 years working experience in successful implementation of large PMTCT program Strong programming, management and technical skills Experience working with MOH personnel and good knowledge of health systems and programs. A demonstrated track record of providing mentorship and supervision for strengthening healthcare services; training in quality improvement approaches Excellent analytical, communication and report writing skills Computer literacy, particularly in the use of MS word, Excel and PowerPoint


Reporting to the Technical Advisor, the Program Officer- Nutrition will workin Lower Eastern Provinceto support health facility staff and communities to improve access to qualitynutrition services in collaboration with the Ministries of Health. Responsibilities: Coordinate implementation of nutrition services within designated regions of Lower Eastern Province Ensure nutrition services are integrated with other health and non-health activities Provide mentorship and supportive supervision of health care workers in respective discipline, with a focus on quality assurance / quality improvement In Liaison with MOH health officials, strengthen linkages between facilities service delivery and community Implement an annual rapid assessment of the county and feed information back to relevant stakeholders Coordinate sensitization workshops and advocacy sessions for community leaders and other stakeholders in collaboration with APHIAplusKAMILIpartners Participate in preparation of budgets, work plans, reports and other technical papers Assist in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports Assist in program monitoring and evaluation Requirements: Degree in Social Science, Nutrition, Community Development, Public Health or related field Possess strong clinical and training skills in nutrition. At least 5 years of progressively responsible work experience in the respective discipline Experience working with MOH personnel and good knowledge of health systems and programs. Knowledge of systems and experience with donor related projects will be an added advantage Familiarity with the National Health Strategic Plan/National Community Strategy A demonstrated track record of providing mentorship and supervision for strengthening nutrition programsand training in quality improvement approaches Critical thinking and troubleshooting skills to facilitate program implementation Computer literacy, particularly in the use of MS word, Excel and PowerPoint

Interested applicants should send a CV and detailed cover letter to not later than 30thJune 2013. Please indicate how your education and experience qualifies you for the position. Only those selected for interview will be contacted Jhpiego is an equal opportunity employer

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Musoni Kenya is one of the leading Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, offering the simplest, most reliable and customer-orientated financial services in the market. It is the only wholly cashless Microfinance Institution, paying out loans and accepting repayments using the local mobile payment service M-PESA. We seek to recruit a visionary, strategic and dynamic Chief Executive Officer to provide leadership and direction in the realization of Musonis medium and long-term business strategies. Reporting to the Board, the CEO will have the overall responsibility for the performance of the company in line with Musonis Vision, Mission and Values. Required Education, Training and Experience A degree preferably in business related discipline from a recognized university. Masters in Business Administration will be an added advantage. Minimum of 10 years of Microfinance or Commercial Bank experience preferably having been involved in restructuring or transformation. At least 5 years as a Senior Executive. Demonstrated awareness and knowledge of the local and regional business climate as well as the Kenyan agricultural landscape will be advantageous. Proven experience in developing and maintaining organisational structures, functions and processes to achieve business objectives. Notable success in leading a diverse group of managers through creativity, mentorship, innovation and team leadership. Change management experience with the ability to develop staff capacity to improve productivity. Strong influential and executive leadership style, articulate and confident personality. Excellent written English. Ability to work under pressure with multiple priorities with a positive and constructive attitude. If your career aspirations match the requirements of this exciting career opportunity, please send your detailed CV (not exceeding 3 pages) and cover letter to not later than Friday 21st June, 2013. Your cover letter should explain what you believe you can offer Musoni, as well as current and expected remuneration and benefits. Candidates that had applied in February need to submit fresh applications. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Musoni Kenya is an equal opportunity employer.

MEDIHEAL GROUP OF HOSPITALS The Company The Mediheal Group of Hospitals is a premier private healthcare chain in Kenya providing a wide range of healthcare services, both outpatient and inpatient. The Group was founded in Eldoret over 9years ago. We have 4 facilities in Kenya and our latest addition which will be open in Rwanda by October 2013. Our clients come from within Kenya and also as far as Southern Sudan, Eastern Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. To enable continued growth, Mediheal invites applications for the following position:-


Group CEO and MD

The Role Mediheal is looking for a leader to enable it achieve its vision. This is a top executive management position in the company and thus the successful candidate will report to the Board of Directors. The key responsibilities of the position will include:1. Review and implementation of Mediheals strategic plan 2. Developing and leading a high performing team of senior managers and other staff 3. Supporting operation and administration of the Board by advising and informing Board members and interfacing between Board and staff 4. Liaising with key stakeholders including regulatory institutions to ensure consistent and harmonious compliance with industry requirements 5. Achievement of the annual targets (revenue, expansion, expenses and profit) as agreed with the Board The Person The successful candidate will be an ambitious management professional with a minimum of ten (10) years experience in the healthcare sector, five (5) of which must be at senior management level. During this period he/she must have led a large and diverse team of professionals. In addition he/she must be a self-driven and passionate individual with a proven strategic and entrepreneurial approach to organizational challenges, goals and objectives. The successful candidate must possess a: Bachelors degree from a recognized university Sound understanding of the health sector Top-level networking capability in both private and public sector NB: added advantage will be: Past history of Medical training eg Medical degree, Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). The position attracts a competitive remuneration package commensurate with the responsibility and experience requirements of the job. Application If you feel that you possess the necessary skills and experience to thrive within this respected business please apply by email with a covering letter and CV to:The Executive Chairman Mediheal Group of Hospitals Email:-; The closing date is June 26, 2013. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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Vacancy Notice No: Position Title: Department: Duty Station: Classification: Type of Appointment: Closing date: SCO/037/2013 Civil Registration Expert (International) (2 Positions) Field Coordination Unit Hargeisa, Somaliland Consultant with Ministry of Interior of Somaliland 6 months with possibility of extension 28th June 2013

The core component of the International Organization for Migrations Transition Initiative for Stabilization (IOM/TIS) program for Somaliland is building technical capacity support to the central and regional government entities to enhance their ability to provide adequate services. To sustain stability and build on the continuous efforts of the Somaliland administration to improve its accountability and performance, the establishment of the first ever civil registration systems in the history of Somaliland is critical. The well-planned and institutionalized civil registration will allow for access to statistics which can enhance service delivery and development plans of Somaliland. It will jumpstart issuing of identification cards, and provide sufficient data for improved development planning in the areas of education, health, social benefits, security, and employment. It will also help uphold greater transparency and fairness of the presidential and parliamentary elections currently slated for 2015. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) for Somaliland in Hargeisa, a key partner on the project, is mandated and best positioned to implement a comprehensive civil registration initiative given its network of about 23 District Councils. The Ministry of Interior has in the past made efforts to undertake civil registration exercise that will collect and record demographic information, the initiative was however constrained by lack of both technical and financial capacity. This activity seeks to provide the Ministry of Interior with two consultants who will bring the necessary expertize and support for the Ministry at a critical juncture when strategic and clear milestones have to be established to achieve first tangible results. This activity will be the starting point in assisting the Ministry of Interior to identify capacity issues and interventions that need to be implemented to ensure that the Ministry is better equipped to launch a transparent and efficient civil registry exercise in Somaliland. Technical Direction and Management The consultant will report to the Minister of Interior and the TIS/IOM Program Manager. The consultant will provide guidance and manage locally hired consultant and advise the team of MOI appointees engaged in setting up civil registration in Somaliland. Specific Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Provide technical coordination, support, and advice to MOI and facilitate discussions to identify the most appropriate model of civil registration in Somaliland considering its context, capacity, infrastructure, human resources, and funding; 2. Encourage MOI to reach out to local stakeholders and promote information exchange; 3. Work with MOI and local expert to identify a core group of civil servants who will be working for civil registry; 4. Advise and guide MOI to develop a civil registration strategy outlining the model, approach, and implementation; 5. Advise and guide MOI to develop a detailed 1-year plan and a budget; 6. Provide guidance to MOI on assessment initiative of District Councils in Somaliland, bearing in mind infrastructure, human and funding resources; 7. Carry out desk review of documents, laws, and reports of relevance for civil registration in Somaliland; 8. Work closely with MOI and the key stakeholders to ensure coordination and support for the civil registration; 9. Manage local expert when necessary; 10. Upon completion of assignment in Hargeisa provide daily support to either MOI or local consultant over phone or e-mail for a period of 3 months. Desirable Qualifications and skills: Education and Experience 1. Minimum of 8 years experience working in civil registration; 2. Interdisciplinary university degree relevant to civil registration; 3. Experience in supporting governments establish or advance civil registration systems and processes, also electronic; 4. Familiarity with the civil registration approaches and methodologies in African countries; 5. Familiarity with UNECA civil registration and vital statistics strategy in Africa; 6. Experience working with government administration in politically unstable environments, and with a sound understanding of the sensitivity and confidentiality issues involved Civil Registration; 7. Experience in facilitation and coordination, report writing, and presentation of findings. Deliverables 1. Bi-weekly meeting schedule and progress report (2 page); 2. Ensure that the strategy and 1-year work plan are drafted by MOI; 3. Presentation of findings and achievements in Hargeisa for MOI, key stakeholders, and IOM/TIS, and the same presentation in Nairobi for USAID and IOM/TIS; 4. Final report one week after departure from Hargeisa; Method of Application: Interested candidates should submit CV and a cover letter indicating the Vacancy Notice Number and position title in the subject line, with three professional references and contacts (email or telephone) to the: International Organization for Migration (IOM), Human Resources Department, Gitanga Groove, off Gitanga Road P.O. Box 1810 - 00606 Nairobi Or send by email to:

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About the organization The World Agroforestry Centre is an independent research institution which generates science-based knowledge about the complex role trees play in agricultural landscapes and rural livelihoods. As part of the Centres work to bring tree-based solutions to bear on poverty and environmental problems, researchers working in close collaboration with partners are developing new technologies, tools and policy recommendations for increased food security and ecosystem health. The Centres headquarters are located in Nairobi, Kenya, and research is conducted in 23 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are supported by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and receive funding from over 50 different donors. The following positions are vacant: Human Resources Officer- Compensation and Benefits Human Resources Officer- Recruitment Human Resources Officer- Contract Management Human Resources Specialist- Recruitment and Insurances

Terms of offer The World Agroforestry Centre is an equal opportunity employer and offers a collegial and gender-sensitive working environment. We believe that staff diversity promotes excellence and strongly encourage applications from qualified women and physically challenged persons. These positions are on local terms and will be for an initial period of three (3) years, renewable subject to six (6) months probation period, assessment of performance, continued relevance of the position and availability of resources. How to apply Go to Applications will be considered until 21 June, 2013. Please note that only short-listed applicants meeting the above requirements will be contacted. We invite you to learn more about World Agroforestry Centre by accessing our website

A well reputed Outdoor Company based in Nairobi is looking to fill the above position.

HIVOS Regional Office Nairobi
A leading steel manufacturing engineering firm is looking for Artisans in the following trades:1. Turner Machinists (Lathe Machine Operators) 2. Milling and Boring Machine Operators 3. General Fitters (Bench Work) Qualifications/Requirements:1. Tertiary technical education - Diploma or Trade Test Certificate Grade 1 in any of the above trades from a recognized institution 2. Able to read and interpret technical drawings 3. At least 3 years working experience in a similar position Salary package negotiable Applications enclosing a detailed C.V, certificates and testimonials to be addressed to: The Human Resources Manager, P. O. Box 48624, 00100-GPO, Nairobi. To reach not later than Friday, 28 th June 2013.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience: Degree/Diploma in Civil and Structural Engineering or its equivalent from a recognized institution. Have at least 5-7 years experience in the management of structural steel related projects. Computer knowledge Microsoft Office - AutoCAD. Knowledge in the process involved in steel fabrication will be an added advantage If you meet the above requirements, send your application with detailed curriculum vitae, indicate current salary, copies of certificates, testimonials, contacts of at least three referees and daytime telephone to the undersigned to reach us by deadline 25th June 2013. DN/A 154 P.O. Box 49010,00100 Nairobi, Kenya

The GE programs objective is to increase the capacities of rural men and women and small and medium enterprises to improve their businesses in a sustainable way. The program equally contributes to the development of a supportive green and inclusive financial and renewable energy sector. For full application details go to:

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Center International for Development and Research (CIDR), International Development NGO specialized in particular in the promotion offinancial inclusion, wishes to recruit a Rural and Agricultural Finance Specialist. Mission: Under the supervision of CIDR Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Regional Office Director, provide expertise and technical support to CIDR partnersand clients in Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean for the development and implementation of innovative pro poor rural finance products, with focus on agricultural and value chain financing, and contribute to their documentation and dissemination. Duties and responsibilities Implement or supervise market and value chain studies. Financial Product development. Back up and monitoring for the implementation of the products developped. Training on rural and agricultural finance. Documentation of products, methodologies and tools developped, and of lessons learnt. Contribute to the conception of new programs. Contribute to the strategic and business planning for CIDR Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Office. Profile Education: Master degree in economics, agro-economics or finance. Experience: At least 10 years in design, support to and / or implementation of rural / agricultural financemethodologies and products in Africa (preferably in Eastern Africa or Indian Ocean)in a senior management or expert position, with strong background on product development and implementation, for smallholder producers as well as other actors of the value chains like MSMEs. Experience in the agribusiness private sector would be a plus, as well as in the use of new technologies to improve efficiency of rural finance products delivery. Professional skills Agricultural value chain mapping and analysis. Financial product development. Strategic and business planning. Elaboration and implementation of training modules in rural finance. Excellent capacities of negotiations and interpersonal skills. Autonomy, force of proposal, ability to anticipate, creative thinking. Excellent command of office computer softwares (Word, Excel, Power Point), and internet. Excellent writing skills. Languages: Fluency in English. Fluency in French will be a plus. Terms of the contract: Position based in Nairobi, with frequent missions in Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean and in perspective Southern Africa.1 year term contract, renewable. Salary and benefits as per CIDR grid, accommodation in Nairobi. Interested candidates are required to submit a CV and a supporting letter with telephone and Email contacts of three professional referees at the following Email adress:, at the latest by July10, 2013.

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GOAL is seeking ambitious and dynamic candidate to join its Kenya programme (GK) team based in Marsabit, Northern Kenya. The WASH Engineer Technician will oversee the development and implementation of the WASH project including designing, planning, implementation, supervision and evaluation of activities, outputs and objectives. The WASH Engineer Technician will be responsible to ensure high quality standards and timeliness of implementation in collaboration with stakeholders. For full job description and requirements, please email to Suitably qualified applicants are invited to apply by email only to Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject area of the email. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Closing date for applications is 5.00pm Friday 21st June 2013

Opening date: 14/06/13 1. VACANCY: NO. K54/06/13 POSITION :Research/Assistant Research Officer-1 position (MR10 or 11) LOCATION :Nyanza Provincial General Hospital /or Siaya District Hospital REPORTS TO :Deputy Branch Chief Tuberculosis Research. Essential Qualifications In possession of Bachelors Degree in Medicine and Surgery or Masters Degree in internal medicine or Public Health from a recognized university. Minimum of 2 years clinical experience in out-patient/in-patient settings and TB clinics Registered with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board 2. VACANCY NO: K55/06/13 POSITION :Lab Director TB MR 11 (1Position) LOCATION :Kisumu REPORTING TO :Deputy TB Branch Chief Essential Requirements: Masters degree in Microbiology, Molecular Biology or related field from a recognized university. Minimum 3 years of clinical or research laboratory experience with at least 5 years of senior level experience in microbiological laboratories. Proficiency in computer usage especially Microsoft packages. Must be a registered member of the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technician and Technologists Board Experience in writing scientific articles: abstracts, journals, protocols, proposal, grants and manuscripts Apply To: Human Resource Manager, KEMRI/CDC Program, P.O. Box 1578, Kisumu. Or e-mail to not later than date 27th June 2013. Full details for the job are available at our web:

JOB TITLE : PREVENTION PROGRAM OFFICER PROJECT : WRP Mil-Mil PEPFAR PROGRAM LOCATION: Nairobi JOB PURPOSE: The WRP Mil Mil PEPFAR Program seeks to fill the position of Prevention Officer: To increase technical capacity for comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention programming and implementation of Evidence-based Behavioral Interventions (EBIs). To provide technical support to KDF in implementation & roll-out of evidence-informed combination prevention including adaptation, package, capacity building/TA, and especially sustainability to the HJF HIV/AIDS prevention partners within Kenya Army, Kenya Air Force, Kenya Navy and their civilian dependents. POST HOLDER REPORTS TO: PROGRAM PREVENTION MANAGER Key Responsibilities: Develop a framework to ensure all prevention activities are aligned to PEPFAR and additional policies Support the implementation and roll-out of nationally approved EBI standards at partner sites Provide technical support and supervision to implementing partners and their personnel Provide capacity building support to implementing partners on EBIs Participate in systematic adaptation process for EBIs Provide project management support to the Kenya Defense Forces Any other duties assigned SKILLS AND COMPETENCE: Minimum Qualification: Bachelors Degree in social sciences from a recognized university At least 2 years experience working in HIV/AIDS prevention programming and implementation of Evidence-informed Behavioral Interventions (EBIs) Fluency on National Policies and Guidelines in HIV prevention Facilitation skills and knowledge of adult learning techniques Understanding of PEPFAR Technical guidance requirements on EBIs Ability to process written reports and must have strong computer skills in spreadsheets and database software Training and/or experience in project management and Research/Basic Program Evaluation; data analysis and interpretation would be an added advantage Ability to work both on a team and independently How to apply: All applications including a current CV, daytime telephone contacts should be sent to: The Director, WRP Mil-Mil PEPFAR Program, P. O. Box 29893 - 00202 Nairobi, on or before June 14th 2013. Please note: 1. The engagement for the position will be on a period of one year renewable on mutual agreement. 2. Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview. Candidates who canvas will automatically be disqualified.

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Galana Oil Kenya Limited is one of the leading oil marketing companies in Kenya with a large network of service stations countrywide under the brand name DELTA. We are also the sole distributor of ENOC Lubricants. To grow our business, we are looking for proactive, passionate and results driven individuals to fill the following positions.

Jobs 51

Territory Manager
JOB PURPOSE Reporting to the Retail Network Manager, you will be responsible for managing the sales and revenue of service stations in the assigned territory while ensuring growth both in volumes and revenue. You will also ensure compliance to HSEQ standards, and oversee recruitment of staff at the station level as well as monitoring their performance. To achieve this you will: Market the station within the region and recruit customers for the service stations to improve sales. Monitor and report on service stations performance and make appropriate recommendations to improve their performance. Review station pricing data in line with market movements. Train station employees on customer service, products, offloading procedures, safety, quality, health and environment guidelines and statutory compliance. Gather market intelligence in the region. Set targets for and monitor performance of the service stations and in liaison with the Station Managers, develop strategies to meet station performance targets. Oversee the effective financial operation of the service stations covering petty cash , banking and credit management. Review and recommend ways of improving the diversification status of service stations to improve profitability. Requirements: Minimum Bachelors Degree biased on business related disciplines such as B. Com. Trained in operation of petrol service stations. At least 5 years in the oil industry or FMCG. Strong sales management skills. Good negotiation and leadership skills across all level. Excellent analytical and computer skills (Microsoft office). Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Exposure to logistic and operations. Clean driving licence.

Lubricant Sales Representative-Coast

JOB PURPOSE Reporting to the Lubricant Business Manager you will be responsible for planning, implementing and executing lubricants business sales strategy, tactics and activities to achieve company objectives for business development, growth, retention and profitability in the Coast Region. You will also execute the marketing strategy for lubricants business, conduct project surveys on proposed activities and ensure implementation of the programmes. To achieve this you will: Strategically prospect and acquire new business and customers to grow volume and develop lubricants business in consumer, retail, and resellers/distributors segments. Implement lubricants business strategies and tactics to respond to changes in business environment. Ensure customers requirements are defined understood and documented and follow up on amicable resolution of customer complaints and feedback. Manage relationships with existing customers through regular and planned visits to customers. Ascertain the quality of lubricants product range to be marketed by the company, monitor market conditions trends and competitor activities. Coordinate sales promotions for lubricants and be responsible for product merchandising at sales outlets. Identify customers and staff training needs on lubricants and other petroleum products and facilitate the implementation of the training. Carry out marketing programmes for lubricants brand building, advertising and sales promotion Coordinate customer orders, follow up on delivery and liaise with other departments in the company and third party service providers for effective and efficient operations. Requirements: First degree in Engineering, Economics or Commerce or other professional qualification. 2-3 Years Post qualification business to business selling experience preferably in lubricants markets, equipment or part sales. Strong communication, presentation and negotiation skills. Commercial awareness and capacity to thrive in a competitive environment. Aggressive, self motivated and able to work under minimal supervision. Good working knowledge of the Coastal Region. Interested candidates, who satisfy the above requirements, should send a covering letter indicating the role you are interested in, a detailed CV highlighting relevant experience, a daytime phone contact, email address, and the names of three professional referees. All applications should be addressed to; The Human Resources Manager. Email: Closing date: 26th June 2013

1st Floor, Taj Tower Upper Hill Rd-Upper Hill P. O. Box 11672-00100 Tel: +254 20 4934000 Fax: +254 20 2714610 / +254 20 4934401

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(A Constituent College of MasindeMuliro University of Scienceand Technology) P.O. Box 1699 - 50200 Bungoma, Kenya Tel. 020 2028660/0708 - 085934/0734 - 831729 Website: E-mail:;;

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Tel: 056-30836 Fax: 056-30836/30153 E-mail: Website:

P.O Box 190 Kakamega 50100 Kenya

Kibabii University College (KIBUCO) was established by the Kenya Government through the KIBUCO Order No. 115 of 12th August 2011 as a Constituent College of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. The University College aims at becoming a global and dynamic University of excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation. To enable it realize its goals and objectives, the University College Council seeks to recruit suitable candidates for the following positions:-

1. Senior Office Administrator Scale 8 2. Office Assistant Scale 3 3. Office Administrator Scale 6 4 Legal Officer Scale 12 5 Assistant Office Administrator I Scale 5 6 Deputy Registrar (Administration) Scale 14 7 Senior Assistant Registrar (Administration) Scale 13 8 Senior Administrative Assistant II (Administration) Scale 10 9 Driver III Scale 5 10 Driver I Scale 4 11 Telephone/PABX Operator Scale 4 12 Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs) Scale 14 13 Assistant Registrar (Academic Affairs) Scale 12 14 Accountant Scale 12 15 Senior Accounts Assistant I Scale 8 16 Accounts Assistant II Scale 5 17 Internal Auditor Scale 12 18 Audit Clerk Scale 4 19 Catering Officer Scale 12 20 Cateress II Scale 5 21 Kitchen Attendant Scale I 22 Janitor I Scale 3 23 Deputy Senior Clinical Officer Scale 12 24 Clinical Officer III Scale 9 25 Nursing Officer III Scale 8 26 Public Health Officer III Scale D/E/F 27 Medical Laboratory Technologist III Scale D/E/F 28 Pharmaceutical Technologist III Scale D/E/F 29 Clinic Attendant Scale 4 30 Estates Officer Scale 12 31 Maintenance Officer II Scale 9 32 Caretaker (Electrical) Scale 6 33 Caretaker (Building) Scale 6 34 Artisan II (Masonry) Scale 3 35 Electrician (Power option) Scale 3 36 Groundsman Scale 1 37 Assistant Librarian II Scale 11 38 Senior Library Assistant Scale 8 39 Library Assistant Scale 5 40 Binder/Printer Scale 5/6/7 41 Procurement Officer Scale 12 42 Procurement Assistant/Supplies Assistant I Scale 8 43 Procurement Assistant/Supplies Assistant II Scale 7 44 Procurement Clerk Scale 4 45 Senior Assistant Dean of Students Scale 13 46 Assistant Dean of Students Scale 12 47 Assistant Students Counselor II Scale 9 48 Coach Scale 6 49 Security Officer II Scale 10 50 Investigation Officer I Scale 7 51 Security Assistant II Scale 3 52 Director of ICT Scale 14 53 Systems Administrator II Scale 11 54 Network Administrator I Scale 10 55 Webmaster I Scale 10 56 User Support Technician I Scale 8 57 Senior Technician III (Physics) Scale 8 58 Senior Technician III (Computer Science) Scale 8 59. Senior Technician III (Information Technology) Scale 8 60. Technician I (Information Technology) Scale 7 61. Technician in CIT Scale 6 62. Technician in Geography Scale 8 63. Assistant Office Administrator I Scale 5 KIBUCO/AD.01/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.02/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.03/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.04/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.05/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.06/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.07/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.08/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.09/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.10/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.11/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.12/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.13/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.14/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.15/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.16/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.17/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.18/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.19/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.20/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.21/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.22/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.23/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.24/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.25/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.26/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.27/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.28/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.29/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.30/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.31/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.32/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.33/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.34/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.35/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.36/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.37/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.38/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.39/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.40/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.41/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.42/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.43/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.44/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.45/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.4/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.47/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.48/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.49/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.50/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.51/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.52/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.53/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.54/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.55/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.56/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.57/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.58/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.59/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.60/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.61/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.62/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.63/06/13 1 Post 1 Post 2 Posts 1 Post 2 Posts 1Post 1 Post 1 Post 2 Posts 1 Post 2 Posts 1 Post 1 Post 1 post 2 Posts 1 Post 1 Post 1Post 1Post 1 Post 2 Posts 3 Posts 1Post 1 Post 3 Posts 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 2 Posts 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1Post

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) UNIVERSITY COUNCIL

Founded in 2002, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), is a leading public university in Kenya. The vision of the university is To be a centre of excellence in Science and Technology responsive to development needs of society through engagement in dynamic knowledge creation and application. As part of our strategy to realize our goals and objectives, and in compliance with the provisions of Section 39 of the Universities Act 2012, the University Council is seeking to recruit suitably qualified, experienced, dynamic and visionary individual with excellent credentials to provide leadership to the university in the position of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Planning, Research and Extension). Duties and Responsibilities Reporting to the Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Planning, Research & Extension) will be in charge of planning, research and extension programmes of the University and shall:i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) Have the overall responsibility for direction, organization and administration of planning, research and extension programmes. Be responsible for initiating, coordinating, implementing and monitoring of the Strategic Plan in line with Master Plans. Provide innovative and creative leadership in the areas of planning, research and extension. Coordinate workshops and seminars for outreach programmes on technology transfers. Promote knowledge and skills dissemination to meet the needs of the University, community and industry. Mobilize and solicit financial support for research and community extensions programmes. Advice Senate on the status of the development of research and extension programmes in conformity to national and international standards and legally recognized professional bodies. Be responsible for promoting, research and innovation. Create and maintain collaboration and linkage with industry and community both locally and internationally for research and innovation programmes.

Requirements for the position Applying candidates who must be Kenyan citizens should meet the following requirements:1) 2) 3) Must be holders of a earned PhD degree as well as being a full Professor or Associate Professor from a reputable University. Must have at-least ten (10) years academic and research experience with a scholarly record demonstrated by publications in internationally peer reviewed journals in their areas of specialization and supervision of Masters and Doctoral students. Must have served substantively with a demonstrable record of success in a senior administrative and management position at the level of Dean/Director/Deputy Principal of a Constituent College/Principal of a Campus College in a university or an equivalent institution of higher learning for at least three (3) years. Must have successfully demonstrated competence in administrative and academic leadership in an academic and research environment. Must have a successful record of leadership in development and implementation of research and extension programmes at University level. Must have excellent understanding of current trends in university education and training globally and the factors and conditions shaping development of university education in Kenya. Must have excellent and proven organizational, communication and interpersonal skills; Must show good understanding of University functions and procedures coupled with a passion for promoting learning, excellence in teaching, research and innovation. Must demonstrate capacity to initiate and facilitate the development of relevant and quality market and society driven research and extension programmes. Have the highest ethical standards, integrity, accountability, professionalism, and be capable of team work and good stewardship and must comply with the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; and Must obtain clearance from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and have a current Certificate of Good Conduct.

4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11)

FACULTY OF SCIENCE 1. Department of Physics Associate Professor Scale 14 KIBUCO/AD.64/06/13 Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.65/06/13 2. Department of Computer Science Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.66/06/13 KIBUCO/AD.67/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 3. Department of Information Technology Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.68/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.69/06/13 4. Department of Mathematics Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.70/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.71/06/13 7. Department of Religion and Philosophy Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.80/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.81/06/13 8. Department of Criminology Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.82/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.83/06/13 9. Department of Social Work Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.84/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.85/06/13 10. Department of Linguistics and Literature Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.86/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.87/06/13 11. Department of Kiswahili & African Languages Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.88/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.89/06/13 12. Department of Business Studies Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.90/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.91/06/13 13. Department of Economics Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.92/06/13

1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 2 Posts 2 Posts 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post

1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 2 Posts 1 Post 1 Post 1 Post 2 Posts 1 Post 2 Posts 2 Posts

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SERVICE Successful candidate, for the position, will be offered competitive remuneration package, including house allowance and other benefits in accordance with the Kenya Government public service guidelines. The appointments will be for a contractual period of five (5) years renewable for a further one term subject to satisfactory performance. APPLICATION GUIDELINES Applicants should submit ten (10) copies of detailed Curriculum Vitae (including academic qualifications, professional experience, academic leadership, publications, awards/scholarships/ funding, membership to professional associations and linkages), copies of certificates, e-mail addresses and telephone contacts. They should also provide names, telephone numbers and contact addresses of three (3) referees. Applications and referees confidential reports on the applicants suitability for the post should be sent to the undersigned by courier, registered mail, or hand delivered at the University so as to be received on or before Friday 5th July, 2013. Applicants should indicate on the envelope the Reference number for the position applied for The Chairman of Council Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology P. O. Box 190 50100 Kakamega Telephone: 056-30836 e-mail: MMUST IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

FACULTY OF EDUCATION & SOCIAL SCIENCES 1. Department of Education, Planning and Management Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.72/06/13 1 Post 2. Department of Educational Psychology Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.73 /06/13 3 Posts

3. Department of Curriculum & Instructional Technology Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.74/06/13 2 Posts 4. Department of Educational Foundation Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.75/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.76/06/13 5. Department of Geography Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.77/06/13 6. Department of History and Political Science Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.78/06/13 Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.79/06/13 Note that 1 Post 1 Post 2 Posts 1 Post 1 Post

14. Department of Science & Mathematics Education Senior Lecturer Scale 13 KIBUCO/AD.93/06/13 1 Post Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.94/06/13 3 Posts 15. Department of English and Literature Review Lecturer Scale 12 KIBUCO/AD.95/06/13 1 Post

(i) Applicants for any of the Advertised positions should be computer literate. (ii) Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications to be sent by: 5th July, 2013 For more information and mode of application please visit our website

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Jobs 53


Shield Assurance Company Limited is a life Assurer established in 2009. The Company was started with the goal of making assurance products and services affordable and accessible to a wide cross section of Kenyans. The origin of the Company has endeared it to Kenyans it is with pride that we say we are truly Kenyan. With our head office in Nairobi, we have a countrywide branch network and a strong team of intermediaries who include brokers and agents. As we strive to enhance our services we are keen on recruiting high performers for the following positions. JOB TITLE: TECHNICAL OPERATIONS MANAGER Key Responsibilities Designing, updating and maintaining sound underwriting standards, Coordinate and maintain expeditious and efficient processing of claims and ensure customer needs are attended to promptly, Prepare periodic underwriting and claims report and other management reports relating to the department and Active selling and marketing of all Shield Assurances products and make presentations to prospective clients Qualifications Bachelors degree in a business related field from a recognised university. A masters degree will be an added advantage A diploma in Insurance (ACII, and above) 6 years relevant experience; 4 of which should be in leadership PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES Excellent communication skills (Spoken and written), Organization and planning of work, Time management, Team work, Integrity, Good selling and presentation skills JOB TITLE: ACCOUNT ASSISTANT Key Responsibilities Preparation of Cash and bank reconciliation, Receipting for new business, Cheque writing for claims and miscellaneous expenses, Verification of miscellaneous and claims payments, Receive receipts and banking slips from branches and effect payment of commission to agents, Process travel allowance for regional agents and calculate commission for regional managers for submitted business, Receive and verify all invoices, expense forms and requests for payment of claims Qualifications Bachelors degree in a business related field from a recognised university CPA (Part 2) 3 years relevant experience in a service sector Interested candidates should apply with copies of certificates and testimonials. The closing date for receipt of applications is 19th June, 2013. Applications should be sent to: The HR &Admin Manager Shield Assurance Company Ltd P.O BOX 25093-00100, NAIROBI 5th Avenue Office Suites, 7th Floor, 5th Avenue, off Ngong Road Email:

KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme is well known internationally for its work tackling malaria and other infectious diseases, particularly bacterial and viral childhood infections. The Programme invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced persons to fill the following positions in Kilifi: 1. Procurement Manager:

The post holder will manage all purchasing issues in support of the Programme, managing a purchasing team to deliver a proactive and efficient value for money service. Deadline for this application is 23rd June 2013. 2. Human Resource Officer - Information Systems:

The post holder will be responsible for maintaining the Programmes human resource management information system and management of employee details on database, contract management and human resources administrative functions. Deadline for this application is 30th June 2013. For full job descriptions and application procedure details, please check our website ( Find the vacancies under the Careers section.



We are an organization located in a rural environment 50kms from Kericho town consisting of tea estates and two highly automated tea factories. We have an innovative approach to the growing and manufacture of black tea and pride ourselves in the quality of our personnel and productivity. We are seeking an applicant for the position of CLINICAL OFFICER. The applicants should be: Dynamic, energetic, pro-active and result-oriented person. Genuinely keen learners who want to improve themselves and be motivated by the challenge of working towards ever improving standards. Persons with a mature disposition, unquestionable integrity and a meticulous approach to their work. Duties: To co-ordinate the day-to-day running of 3 Company Dispensaries. To provide VCT and ART services to Company employees. To deliver clinical services to all levels of Company employees. To act as a 1st referral point for patients referred from the 3 Company dispensaries. To co-ordinate the activities of all staff within the medical department. To liaise with management on behalf of the medical department. To be on off working hours call on a rotational basis with other medical staff. To act as a link between the medical department and other related governmental fields. To co-ordinate the training of medical staff in order to ensure they are up to date in their knowledge and skills. To carry out other duties as may be assigned by management. To prepare budgets and control medical expenditure. Qualifications: Diploma in Clinical Medicine or higher. Trained in the provision of VCT and ART services. Training on Occupational Safety & Health will be an added advantage. Have a minimum of 5 years experience in a similar position. Be at least 28 years of above. Applications, including detailed C.V., to be submitted to the Managing Director, Sotik Tea Companies, P.O. Box Private Bag 20406, Sotik by Friday 29th June 2013. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Read widely, its food for the brain

Are a job seeker? Does a week pass before you hold some reading material? If the answer to this is yes, then you are doing very poorly, and even more so if you hold professional qualifications. The dynamics of the job market require that you keep yourself updated on current affairs and also on issues directly related to your career. Changes in technology and in work applications, such as accounting techniques or desktop publishing skills, are very frequent these days. You will be left behind if you dont read constantly. You may find yourself facing an interview panel with answers that are no longer relevant. The way to avoid this is to read broadly. Keep your eyes glued to the newspaper. If you cant afford one regularly, befriend the vendor, or your neighbour who always comes home with one. You will at least know various things. Also, get your hands on the running editions of magazines that focus on your profession or areas of job interests. Go to the internet, too. These practices will keep you updated on the latest trends in the market, so that the next time you face prospective employers, you will be at par with them on the latest jargon in the field.

Why should we hire you?

It sounds like a simple question, but its quite weighty. Often, it comes towards the end of the interview. This is your last opportunity to restate your skills and qualities that relate to the job on offer more concisely. Since its a common question, you should prepare for it beforehand. Understand the goals of the company and do some research, either by talking to people doing similar work or by conducting a web search. Relate your answer to the companys goals, explaining how your skills are important to the team. Refer occasionally to the companys values and show how your personal values fit with them. Overall, be enthusiastic. Show interest in the job.

54 | Jobs

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Background The Ministry of Education in partnership with Concern Worldwide seeks the services of a consultant to conduct mapping of basic education facilities in urban informal settlements in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. This exercise is intended to create a data base of these institutions with a view to provide baseline data for policy and planning to Government and other actors in the education sector. Objectives & Scope of the Consultancy The consultant is expected to lead the technical team responsible for the digital mapping exercise within a period of 20 days between 1st July and 31st July 2013 to: Identify variables for the database Design and test digital data collection instruments Train data collectors and supervise digital data collection and entry Upload the data into digital Education Management Information System (EMIS) Conduct a test run of the EMIS Expected Outputs/Deliverables A digital map (spatial) that shows the exact location of each institution A web based database that provides information on all variables identified for each institution Consultants Profile Degree or equivalent in Education; Masters Degree in Education Research is an added advantage At least five (5) years experience in the Education Sector. Working knowledge and experience with diverse target groups in Non Formal Education sub sector and general education issues Competent in the effective use information management tools and systems, both software and hardware Excellent interpersonal, communication and report writing skills Fluent in both oral and written Kiswahili and English A detailed ToR may be obtained by sending an email to the following address: Interested applicants who meet the above requirements should submit the following: CV & cover letter demonstrating capability and availability. Telephone and email contacts of at least three previous clients who can validate their technical expertise must be included A technical and financial proposal Applications should be sent to the following email address: with the subject as Digital Mapping of Basic Education Institutions by Friday, 21 June 2013. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.
Concern has a Code of Conduct and a Programme Participant Protection Policy to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from abuse and exploitation.

P.O.BOX 1129 NAIVASHA TEL: 050-50439/50440 FAX: 050-50438 MOI SOUTH LAKE ROAD NAIVASHA

Van den Berg RoseS is an international oriented company in the agro business. Its head office is situated in Netherlands (Delfgauw) with subsidiaries in Kenya (Naivasha) and China (Kunming). Van den Berg Roses produces roses of the highest quality with sales made via auction as well as directly to retail outlets. In the coming years, Van den Berg RoseS expects continuous growth in their foreign subsidiaries in Kenya and China. Due to further professionalization of our farm in Kenya, we are looking for a

As Financial Accountant, you should demonstrate ability to interact and cooperate with all the company managers and employees. Be proactive and efficient in team relationships; professional with sound interpersonal skills. You should maintain regular contacts with customers, suppliers, bankers, government bodies and group accounting colleagues. You will be part of an effective accounting department, build trust, enhance internal control systems, be creative and demonstrate high integrity. You will work according to prescribed procedures and work instructions. You will be responsible for daily accounting issues and correct data entry in order to ensure timeliness, accuracy and integrity in business information used for financial decision making ensuring that statutory audits by companys external auditors are conducted efficiently and on a timely basis. You are accurate and loyal to the company. We expect you to be critical to the daily output of the accounting department. You will be in charge of credit control, payroll, treasury, and reporting, social responsibilities and daily planning. You will check the accounting system in different currencies, check the balances of customers and suppliers on a monthly basis and periodically analyse the outcome of the balance sheets and income statements. You will report indirectly to the general manager in Kenya and directly to the group financial manager in Holland. You will provide assistance to companys external auditors. Qualifications/ Experience and Skills Bachelor of Commerce degree Accounting or Finance option Certified Public Accountant (Kenya) Applicants with MBA or audit experience will have an added advantage Excellent computer skills, especially in Sage pastel - Evolution and Microsoft Office tools At least five years of working experience; in an internationally operating (flower) firm must be a pre requisite Good skills in English (accounting) language As a company, we offer competitive salary and benefits commensurate to the position. Applications with detailed CV indicating current and expected remunerations together with copies of certificates should be sent to the following address:-



Learning, Evaluation and Achievement Program (LEAP)

SEARCH CLOSES: June 24, 2012 Send resume and cover letter to We seek a dynamic program officer to head a cross-cutting program to promote organizational learning, evaluation, and knowledge sharing. The program officer reports to the executive director. The LEAP Officer provides strategic vision and leadership on internal monitoring and evaluation efforts; staff and grantee learning and training initiatives; and the integration of the organizational values into the work environment and product. The Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA) promotes vibrant and tolerant democracies by supporting individuals and groups to participate in matters that affect them and to demand fair treatment, access to services and accountability from their leaders, institutions and government. Responsibilities Tracking Impact Develop and apply criteria to measure the effectiveness and outcomes of OSIEA programs through the use of the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) evaluation methodology to improve performance Staff Learning and Training Promote an office environment that encourages innovative thinking and knowledge sharing. Organize regular all-staff trainings and identify learning opportunities for staff on an individualized basis. Create learning opportunities to improve network program collaboration. Integrating the Organizational Values Lead innovative initiatives to uphold and integrate the organizational values into the performance of duties and tasks on a daily basis to foster healthy inter-office communication Grantee Learning and Training Support program staff to incorporate capacity building and institutional strengthening components into grant making. Oversee a grant portfolio to oversee these aspects as well as to support opportunities for promising young leaders QUALIFICATIONS Relevant advanced degree and proven commitment to the protection of human rights in the Eastern African region Knowledge of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology of monitoring and evaluation Experience in capacity building and organizational development Extraordinary initiative, creativity and capacity to think strategically Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a diverse array of people Team spirit and respectful working and decision-making style Ability to manage multiple liaisons within OSIEA and the larger Open Society Foundations network in a fast paced environment Strong organizational skills and close attention to detail Integrity, diplomatic manner and professional discretion essential Willingness to travel as needed For more information: COMPENSATION: Competitive salary, with good benefits package No phone calls, please. Only successful candidates will be contacted

Human Resource Manager Van Den Berg (K) Limited, P.O. Box 1129, Naivasha. e-mail: (Johan Remeeus/Marcel Dijkstra) Applications should be received not later than 21st of June, 2013.

Dont give up the search

About 10 years have gone by since you happily graduated from college. Yet the job you aspired to get is still not forthcoming. You have sent application letters to various institutions and many of them have not even been answered. The few responses you have got are all negative. If you are considering resigning to fate, dont. Just hold on. Finding a job can be very frustrating, but dont let the regret letters you receive dampen your spirit. Keep your head up and try even harder. When you slow down, you will reduce your chances of landing a good job. The converse is true. Sustain your aggression and you will increase the probability of success. You have everything to lose by stopping the search, and something to gain by going on.

Always take notes

Office meetings are usually to plan ahead, review products or events, or resolve issues. Whatever the purpose of the meeting you are attending, take notes. Make it a habit. Dont sit there emptyhanded just because someone else has been appointed to officially do so. Taking own notes is recommended for a number of reasons. You tend to pay more attention when you jot down issues that are relevant to your position. The notes capture key contents of the meeting for processing later. They are a reminder and guide on the action you should take. As a manager, take down notes to establish accountability. It portends well when other people at the meeting see you noting down proceedings. It means you are listening and taking matters seriously. One more thing: After youve jotted down the points, devise a plan for putting them to use. Peruse through your notebook immediately after the meeting to check what can be acted on immediately. Look at the notes again at the end of the working day to remind you of what to follow up on later. If nothing is urgent, check the note book at least every week.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013


The Nakuru County with the approval of the Nakuru County Governor hereby give notice to all Rates payers in default that all interest sums outstanding upto to 31st May, 2013 , have been waived on the following conditions. 1. That the rate payers clears in full the total Principal Rates Arrears outstanding as at 31st May 2013. 2. Rates defaulters are also warned on consequences of defaulting in payment NB. i. The County has powers to recover all the Rates Principal plus interest that may have accrued there on. ii. The County has the powers to compel tenants to pay directly to the County until the Rates and interest due are fully recovered. iii. The County can cancel or withdraw any license/Permit granted in the premises in which Rates have not been paid. iv. The County can withhold any development/approvals until total property Rates are paid. NB. All those with developed structures without Countys approval are advised to formalize the development to avoid litigation. Consequently, all Rates payers are required to update their contact address. This is our LAST and FINAL WAIVER. JENGA UCHUMI WA COUNTY YAKO JOSEPH M. MOTARI, MBS COUNTY SECRETARY NAKURU COUNTY.

LoanNo: 2100150023655 IFB N : ICB No. AWSB/NaRSIP/W03/2013


This Invitation for Bids (IFB) follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this Project that appeared in United Nations Development Business online (UNDB online)No. 789 of 13th December 2010, and on the African Development Banks Internet Website ( The Government of Kenya on behalf of Athi Water Services Board has received loan financing from the African Development Bank (ADF) in various currencies towards the cost of Nairobi Rivers Basin Rehabilitation and Restoration Program: Sewerage Improvement Project. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this loan financing will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for Construction of Dandora, Kangundo Road, Kibera, Upperhill and Kirichwa Dogo Trunk Sewers The Project involves construction of Trunk and Reticulation sewers within the Ngong and Nairobi Rivers basins to be supervised by a Consultant. The construction of the Trunk and Reticulation Sewers is expected to take 18 Months with a one year defects liability period. The Athi Water Services Board now invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for the Construction of Dandora, Kangundo Road, Kibera, Upperhill and Kirichwa Dogo Trunk Sewers (hereinafter called the Works). International Competitive Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Banks Rules and Procedures for Procurement of Works. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the office of Chief Executive Officer Athi Water Services Board Africa Re-Centre 3rd Floor, Hospital Road Nairobi P.O. Box 45283-00100 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: 254 20 2724292/3 Fax: 254 20 2724295 Email: A complete set of Bidding Documents may be purchased by interested bidders upon the submission of a written application to the said Executing Agency, and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kenya shillings Five Thousands only (Kshs 5,000.00). The provisions in the Instructions to Bidders and in the General Conditions are those of the Banks Standard Bidding Document for Procurement of Works. Bids must be delivered to the above office on or before 12.00 hrs (local time) on 18th July, 2013 and must be accompanied by a security of KShs Nine Million only (KShs 9, 000,000.00) in the form of Bank Guarantee. Bids shall remain valid for 120 days after the deadline for bid submission prescribed above.




VACANCY READVERTISEMENT - VACANCY Nile Basin Initiative/ Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action


Program/Mara River Basin Subsidiary Management Project Nile Basin Initiative/ Nile Equatorial Lakes Action Program Position: Junior Professional Officer/Water Resources Engineer Position: Finance Officer: Mara River Basin Project

Reference No: NEL/RBM/13/02 Reference: NELSAP-Mara 2013 Category: Regional Position Category: Regional Position Eligibility: (Kenya and Tanzania) Eligibility: Kenya and Tanzania Duty Station: Musoma-Tanzania, with extensive travel in the Nile Equatorial Lakes Region Musoma, Tanzania Duty Station: Reporting to: Project Manager Mara River Basin Management Project Project Manager Reporting to: 3 Years with annual contracts renewable depending on performance and availability of funds Employment terms: Employmentth Year renewable depending on performance and availability of funds June12013 Deadline: 28 terms Expected start date: April 2013 Deadline: Friday 1st March 2013 1. Background The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is a partnership of the riparian states of the Nile. The Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program 1. BACKGROUND (NELSAP) is a Subsidiary Action Program of the NBI, covering the countries of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt, The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is a partnership the riparian states the Nile. The Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Its mission isof to contribute to the of eradication of poverty, to promote economic growth, Program (NELSAP) is a subsidiary action program the NBI. The Mara River Basin Management Project, one of the three and to reverse environmental degradation in the NEL region. Theof Mara Transboundary IWRM &D Project is shared between Kenya Basin Management Projects being implemented within the framework the NELSAP oversees the preparation of the and Tanzania andRiver targets economic growth opportunities from cooperative management ofof the shared water resources and contributes jointly identifi ed investment projects and promotes cooperative inter-country and in country investment projects(NBI) related to towards the eradication of poverty, economic growth, and reversal of environmental degradation. The Nile Basin Initiative has common use of the shared water resources of Mara the Mara River basin. Countries benefi ting from the project are Kenya received a Grantthe from Sida towards the cost of implementation River Basin Transboundary Integrated Water Resources and Tanzania. The NELSAP now wishes to recruit a Junior Professional Offi cer/Water Resources Engineer to support its Management and Development project under the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP). Kenya and Tanzania functions. This position provides an exciting opportunity to implement a regional in collaboration with governments of countries will participate and benefit under the project. The NELSAP Regional Coordination Unitproject now seeks to recruit competent nationals Kenya and as well as multi-lateral from Kenya and Tanzania to Tanzania the position of Finance Officer. development partners.


2. Functions 2. and Responsibilities: FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Finance Officer shall under directly report to the Project for all functions and Professional duties of theOffi project. He/she, however, shall be Working the overall supervision of Manager the Project Manager, the Junior cer/Water Resources Engineer will responsible to theperform NELSAP Finance and Administration Manager for technical guidance. The responsibilities for the position will include, the following functions and responsibilities: but are not limited- to: Assist in the identification of project development opportunities, development of project concepts and proposals, and Provide development advice and support the Project on financeissues; matters, including procurement and logistics issues. a) of new to initiatives and Manager responses to all emerging Establish and operationalize financial management functions at the Projectwork Management Unit. plans, and training plans, b) Support timely and quality preparation and implementation of project plans, monitoring c) Establish and maintain common, computerized financial management/accounting system at the Project Management Unit adhering to the a required approval processes that -is inParticipate compliance and consistence with that atand the contract Nile Basin in with preparation of terms of reference forSecretariat. consultants and assist in overseeing the work of Monitor,consultants analyze and operationalize the financial transactions through a computerized financial environment. d) In consultation with Projectand Manager, design and prepare project cost projections for the years expenditures in manage order to e) Assist in thethe collection updating project data and information related to the river basin. Also maintain and make accurate delivery projections realistic budgets. a database about the projectand activities and maintain a consolidated list of current and developing projects. Prepare, produce and submit monthly, quarterly and annual accounts and reports to the NELSAP Finance and f) Support other relevant activities in the project as a team member, as deemed necessary Administration Manager and the Project Manager in an acceptable format/ design. 3. the QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE Initiate process for procurement of an external auditor and ensure that the procured auditor is enabled to carry out g) - examination An Advanced in Water Resources Engineering, Land and water management or related field with proper ofdegree the project structures, accounts and systems. supplementary experience in Water Management Development. Respond to all observations that are raised Resource by external auditors forand better management of the project and for strengthening h) At leastsystems. 2 years of progressively responsible work experience in Water Resources Engineering or management internal control related disbursement fields. Operationalize procedures in accordance with program and project agreements i) - Excellent writing, networking, communication, presentation and reporting skillsoperations of the project. Maintain proper assets/stores inventory, filing and recording systems, logistics and j) Fully computer literate and familiar with Microsoft ce and technical software packages. k) Any -other duties that may be assigned to him/her by theOffi Project Manager - Knowledge of GIS, remote sensing and Water Resources modeling applications 3. Qualifications and Experience: - Fluency in spoken and written English language. The appropriate candidate shall meet the following qualifications and experience requirements: University degree in finance, accounting or business administration and if in possession of professional qualifications such as a) HOW TO APPLY ACCA, Interested CIMA, CPA awarded by accountancy bodies accredited to the International Federation of Accountants will be candidates, below the age of 32, should submit an online application and attach Curriculum(IFAC) Vitae (clearly an added advantage indicating the reference number above) to the NELSAP Regional Coordinator on: copied to nelcuvac At least five years of working experience in accounting, financial management and logistics in an international/donor b) by Friday 1st March 2013. Priority will be given to nationals originating from Kenya and Tanzania. Only organization or public (government) sector. Experience and of Sida or World Bank procedures applicants who fully meet the NBI requirements and areknowledge being considered for interview will be contacted. will be an added advantage. c) Efficient Applications and up-to-date computer knowledge in all MS and window-based applications including excel, word and atemployer least one received after the closing date shall not be considered. The NBI is an equal opportunities relevant accounting soft ware package. and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Excellent oral and written English and experience working in Africa, particularly the Nile Basin countries d) 4. How to Apply Interested candidates should submit an online application and attach Curriculum Vitae (clearly indicating the reference number above) to the NELSAP Regional Coordinator on: copied to by June 28th, 2013. This position is open for nationals originating from Kenya and Tanzania. Only applicants who fully meet the requirements and are being considered for interview will be contacted. Applications received after the closing date shall not be considered. The NBI is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. NB: The gross annual remuneration attached to this position is US$ 47325. This is exclusive of mobilization/demobilization costs.

7. 8.


10. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders representatives who choose to attend at 12.05hrs on 18th July, 2013 at the offices of Chief Executive Officer Athi Water Services Board Africa Re-Centre 3rd Floor, Hospital Road Nairobi P.O. Box 45283-00100 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: 254 020 2724292/3 Fax: 254 020 2724295 Email:

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

The County Government of Kericho invites interested and eligible suppliers to apply for prequalification/ tender for supply and provision of the listed goods, works and services for the financial year 2013-2014 on as-and when is required basis. S/No Category A - Prequalification 1. CGK/P/1/2013/14 - Supply, servicing and delivery of computers, printers, softwares consumables, Photocopiers, Laptops. 2. CGK/P/2/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of Hardware, building materials and Paints. 3. CGK/P/3/2013/14 - Supply of fuel, oil and lubricants. 4. CGK/P/4/2013/14 - Repair and servicing of County vehicles. 5. CGK/P/5/2013/14 - Supply of spare parts and equipment for motor vehicles. 6. CGK/P/6/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of office furniture and equipment. 7. CGK/P/7/2013/14 - Rehabilitation of markets, slaughter houses/slabs, fencing works. 8. CGK/P/8/2013/14 - Provision of maintenance of access roads within the County and CBD. 9. CGK/P/9/2013/14 - Installation of street lights within the County. 10. CGK/P/10/2013/14 - Provision of motor vehicles insurance cover. 11. CGK/P/11/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of electrical items, repairs and fittings. 12. CGK/P/12/2013/14 - Provision of Environmental impact Assessment and Audit report 2013-2014 13. CGK/P/13/2013/14 - Prequalification of building contractors and civil works. 14. CGK/P/14/2013/14 - supply and delivery of motor vehicle batteries, tyres & tubes. 15. CGK/P/15/2013/14 - provision of catering services 16. CGK/P/16/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of motor vehicles. 17. CGK/P/17/2013/14 - Asset and Land valuation services. 18. CGK/P/18/2013/14 - Provision of Consultancy services. 19. CGK/P/19/2013/14 - Repairs and maintenance of office furniture. 20. CGK/P/20/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of veterinary drugs, vaccines, AI services and equipment 21. CGK/P/21/2013/14 - Provision of advertisement 22. CGK/P/22/2013/14 - supply and delivery of firefighting equipment and training. 23. CGK/P/23/2013/14 - Provision of air travel services (IATA REGISTERED) 24. CGK/P/24/2013/14 - Provision of supply of plumbing materials 25. CGK/P/25/2013/14 - provision of Legal services 26. CGK/P/26/2013/14 - provision of auctioneering services. 27. CGK/P/27/2013/14 - provision of general, medical insurance and life assurance covers services (underwriter) 28. CGK/P/28/2013/14 - provision of architectural services 29. CGK/P/29/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of airtime calling cards 30. CGK/P/30/2013/14 - supply and delivery of office fittings and furnishings. 31. CGK/P/31/2013/14 - supply and delivery of power generators. 32. CGK/P/32/2013/14 - supply and delivery of medical and industrial services. 33. CGK/P/33/2013/14 - supply and delivery of milk coolers and dairy equipments 34. CGK/P/34/2013/14 - supply and delivery of ornamental and general tree seedlings. 35. CGK/P/35/2013/14 - supply and delivery of printing, communication and photographic equipments. 36. CGK/P/36/2013/14 - supply and delivery of electrical poles, wires and accessories 37. CGK/P/37/2013/14 - construction of electricity lines. 38. CGK/T/38/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of cleaning materials, detergents, soaps and disinfectants 39. CGK/T/39/2013/14 - Provision of event organizing and conferencing facilities S/No. Category B - TENDER 1. CGK/T/1/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of office stationery 2. CGK/T/2/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of printing security of accountable materials 3. CGK/T/3/2013/14 - Provision of Internet Services 4. CGK/T/4/2013/14 - provision of Courier and Postal services 5. CGK/T/5/2013/14 - provision of sanitary bin services 6. CGK/P/6/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of uniforms, sports kits, protective clothes and other related materials 7. CGK/T/7/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of cereals-dry maize. 8. CGK/T/8/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of water treatment chemicals. 9. CGK/T/9/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of fertilizers. 10. CGK/T/10/2013/14 - Supply and delivery of medical and non pharmaceutical drugs. 11. CGK/T/11/2013/14 - provision of laundry services. 12. CGK/T/12/2013/14 - provision of garbage collection and dumping services. 13. CGK/T/13/2013/14 - provision of water drilling services. 14. CGK/T/14/2013/14 - provision of cleaning services 15. CGK/T/15/2013/14 - provision of security guard services. 16. CGK/T/16/2013/14 - provision of surveying services. 17. CGK/T/17/2013/14 - provision of training and consultancy services. 18. CGK/T/18/2013/14 - provision of septic tanks and soak pits dislurging services 19. CGK/T/19/2013/14 - Supply of bottled water, beverages and soft drinks 20. CGK/T/20/2013/14 - Daily supply of daily news papers. 21. CGK/T/21/2013/14 - Supply and distribution of fresh cut flowers 22. CGK/T/22/2013/14 - Provision of pruning services Tender documents with detailed information forms, Terms and condition with Specifications may be obtained from Kericho County Procurement Office RM 104 during the office working hours. An official Receipt MUST be obtained upon payments of a non-refundable fee of KShs. 3, 000.00 per set of Tender document to the cashier. Completed Tender/ Pre-qualification documents should be sealed in plain envelope bearing no indication of the sender and marked Tender No..; or prequalification No.and be deposited in the Tender Box inside Kericho County Governors offices at 10.00 a.m on or before Thursday 27th June 2013. Tender opening exercise will take place thereafter. NOTE: 1) Registered firms of youth, women and persons with disabilities from Kericho County are encouraged to apply. 2) Canvassing or giving false information will lead to automatic disqualification. Late applications will be rejected. The tender committee reserves the right to accept or reject any applications in part or whole and is not bound to give reasons for its decisions thereof. County Secretary, County Government of Kericho, P. O. Box 112 20200, KERICHO


Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) is an internationally recognized leader in the fight against pediatric HIV/AIDS, working to eradicate pediatric HIV infection through research, advocacy, and the delivery of comprehensive HIV services to women, children, and their families in 15 countries globally. Since the year 2000, the Foundation in Kenya has expanded from a small HIV and AIDS initiative to a large prevention, care and treatment program covering several regions in Kenya. To realize our mission we work closely with the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the National AIDS & STI Control Programme (NASCOP). Eligible suppliers are invited to submit tenders for the design, delivery and installation of framed tents, plastic chairs and plastic tables to selected health facilities in Kenya. B idders MUST submit the following documents: (i) Certificate(s) of incorporation and/or registration. (ii) Proof of past or ongoing similar contracts. (iii) Current audited financial statements. (iv) Provide PIN, VAT, Tax compliance certificates. (v) Provide a tender security in form a bank guarantee from a reputable bank. Interested bidders may obtain further information from the Procurement and Logistics Manager, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Kenya, Ariel House, Westlands Avenue, Off David Osieli Rd, Waiyaki Way, P.O Box 13612-00800,Westlands; Telephone contact: 020 4454081/2, A complete set of bidding documents in English may be collected by interested bidders from Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Kenya offices and must sealed and deposited in The Tender Box on 27th June, 2013 at 9 am at the same address clearly marked CT-Jun05-8-170-03164-5-00 DESIGN, DELIVERY, AND INSTALLATION OF FRAMED TENTS,PLASTIC CHAIRS, AND PLASTIC TABLES. Bids received late will not be considered. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders representatives, who choose to attend in person on Monday, 1st July, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at Elizabeth Glaser Boardroom.


The County Government of Kericho invites all stakeholders, Kenyan citizens and Kericho residence to develop County symbols through competition by creative, innovative artists and designers. This is a requirement as stipulated in the County Government Act no, 17 of 2012 Section 4. These symbols are; 1. County flag 2. County seal 3. County coat of Arms FEATURES. The features in the County symbols must capture the socio-economic and cultural diversity of the county as follows; i) Capture the main physical, socio-economical and cultural activities. ii) Bear the name: County Government of Kericho iii) Be original in nature and must not infringe on any copy right and shall not be the same as or be in likeness or similar to a national symbol. iv) Submitted in full colour design measuring 28x20cm high resolution of 300 pixels. v) Any material graphic, software or otherwise submitted by the entrant in the competition shall belong and remain property of County Government of Kericho. ELIGIBILITY. A. B. C. Entrance must be Kenyan citizen and Kericho County residents are encouraged to apply. The contest is open to individuals and organized teams. Entrants must be eighteen years and above.

ENTRY GUIDELINES. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The entrants are required to collect an entry form from Kericho Procurement Office Room 104. Entrants must not submit more than one entry in each category. There is no fee to enter the contest. Note that, once a winner has been selected and awarded, Kericho County shall retain copyright and all intellectual property rights. Each entry must submit the three design symbol i.e. one for flag, coat of arm and seal. Each entrant will be required to present their designs to the public for scrutinies vide slide presentations.

The designs presented will be subjected public views after which the winning design for each category shall be adopted. The winners of each category will be awarded in order of merit as follows; Winner First runner Second runner KShs. 100,000.00 KShs. 50,000.00 KShs. 25,000.00

Design should be presented in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked symbols of Kericho County. The design in hard copy and soft copy should be submitted to the undersigned on or before Thursday 27th June 2013 noon and any entry received thereafter shall not be accepted. The entries are opened in the presence of competitors. County Secretary, County Government of Kericho P. O Box 112 - 20200 KERICHO

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013



P.O. BOX 2738 - 40100 Kisumu.


Following the advertisement for the posts of the Chairperson, Members and Secretary to the Kisumu County Public Service Board, the following have been shortlisted and are consequently required to appear before the selection panel on the date and time as indicated below:NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 TITLE Eng. Mrs. Prof. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Dr. Dr. SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES Job Title - Chairman NAME DATE OF TIME INTERVIEW Nashon Wilson O. Oguya 25/6/2013 9.00 am 9.45 am Caroline Akinyi Odhiambo 25/6/2013 9.55 am- 10.40 am Judith Migunda Attyang 25/6/2013 11.10 am 11.55 am Patrick Anyango Orege 25/6/2013 12.05 pm 12.50 pm Kennedy Otieno Oluoch 25/6/2013 2.00 pm- 2.45 pm Duncan Oluoch Nyabilo 25/6/2013 2.55 pm 3.40 pm James Ochola Ogoda 25/6/2013 3.50 pm 4.35 pm SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES- Job Title- Secretary Violet Onyango 26/6/2013 9.00 am 9.45 am Peter Ojwang Hongo 26/6/2013 9.55 am 10.40 am Ezra Owuor 26/6/2013 11.10 am 11.55 am Elijah Ochieng Achoch 26/6/2013 12.05 pm 12.50 pm Crispin Opiyo Ndege 26/6/2013 2.00 pm- 2.45 pm Abuta Joseph Machogu 26/6/2013 2.55 pm 3.40 pm SHORT LISTED CANDIDATES- Job Title Members. Odeny Jackson Oyoo 27/6/2013 9.00 am 9.30 am Oroni Samuel Omondi 27/6/2013 9.40 am -10.10 am Odeny Philip Olago 27/6/2013 10.40 am 11.10 am Martin Basil Odhiambo 27/6/2013 11.20 am 11.50 am Fredrick Okeyo Olande 27/6/2013 12.00 pm 12.30 pm Gabriel Sam Odiwuor Omolo 27/6/2013 2.00 pm- 2.30 pm Ayub Otieno Odida 27/6/2013 2.40 pm 3.10 pm Joshua Turman Ongwara 27/6/2013 3.20 pm 3.50 pm Tom Obengo Faith 27/6/2013 4.00 pm 4.30 pm George Odhiambo Kabonga 27/6/2013 4.40 pm 5.10 pm Moses Ondiek Odingo 28/6/2013 9.00 am 9.30 am Christine Awuor Orido 28/6/2013 9.40 am -10.10 am Jared Odhiambo Adera 28/6/2013 10.40 am 11.10 am Jacinta Anyango Kapiyo 28/6/2013 11.20 am 11.50 am Beatrice Munyendo Otieno 28/6/2013 12.00 pm 12.30 pm Agnes Awuor Ogada 28/6/2013 2.00 pm- 2.30 pm Lynette F.A. Jakakimba Otieno 28/6/2013 2.40 pm 3.10 pm Pamela Anyango Oloo 28/6/2013 3.20 pm 3.50 pm Pamela A. Mreji 28/6/2013 4.00 pm 4.30 pm


P.O. BOX 226-00900 Kiambu. TEL 020-2518187.


NDUMBERI DAIRY FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD invites registered and eligible suppliers for pre-qualification and supply of goods and services of the following items for the year 2013/2014. CATEGORY A. SUPPLY OF GOODS TENDER NO 1. NDF/GOS/2013-2014 2. NDF/GPS/2013-2014 3. NDF/GCA/2013-2014 4. NDF/GSU/2013-2014 5. NDF/GAF/2013-2014 6. NDF/GAB/2013-2014 7. NDF/GAS/2013-2014 8. NDF/GTB/2013-2014 9. NDF/GCD/2013-2014 10. NDF/GMC/2013-2014 11. NDF/GLR/2013-2014 12. NDF/GEC/2013-2014 13. NDF/GWP/2013-2014 14. NDF/GPB/2013-2014 15. NDF/GYF/2013-2014 16. NDF/GCI/ 2013-2014 17. NDF/GHS/2013- 2014 18. NDF/GPM/ 2013-2014 DESCRIPTION Supply of general office stationery. Supply of printed Office Stationery. Supply of computers software, hardware and accessories. Supply of staff uniforms and protective clothing Supply and delivery of dairy animals concentrates feeds. Supply and delivery animal feeds by-products. Supply of dairy animals mineral supplements,drugs and disinfectants Supply of vehicle tyres and tubes Supply of cleaning detergents sanitary materials and equipment. Supply of milk Cans (Assorted types) Supply of laboratory chemicals reagents & equipment. Supply of electrical & manual chuff cutters. Supply of shrink wrapping materials. Supply of food grade plastic bottles. Supply of yoghurt aluminum foils, trays and induction seals. Supply of yoghurt cultures & ingredients. Supply of household/Industrial sugar. Supply of marketing promotional materials.

Candidates are requested to be at the interview venue 30 minutes before the indicated time and come a long with the following legal and statutory requirements:A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) Certificate of good Conduct from the Kenya Police. KRA Tax Compliance. Integrity Declaration Form from Ethics and Ant-corruption Commission. HELB Certificate, where applicable. Credit Reference Certificate. Original ID or Passport. Original Certificates and Academic Credentials. Copy of CV

CATEGORY B, PROVISION OF MAINTENANCE & SERVICES 19. NDF/SRE/ 2013- 2014 Supply of refrigeration equipment, spare parts and related services. 20. NDF/SBW/ 2013-2014 Repair and Maintenance of Wood fired steam boiler, supply of spare parts and related services. CATEGORY C. PROVISION OF SERVICES 21. NDF/SFS/ 2013- 2014 Provision of fumigation, pest & rodent control services. 22. NDF/SES/ 2013-2014 Provision of septic tanks exhaust services. 23. NDF/SFE/ 2013-2014 Provision of fire services and firefighting equipment. 24. NDF/SMS/ 2013- 2014 Provision of Motor Rewinding Services. Tender documents with detailed specifications can be obtained from NDUMBERI DAIRY FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD main office upon payment of a NON REFUNDABLE fee of Ksh. 3,000/= per each set of the document. COMPLETE tender documents in plain Sealed Envelope bearing and clearly marked TENDER NO should be addressed to:THE CHAIRMAN NDUMBERI DAIRY FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD P.O. BOX 226-00900 KIAMBU OR be placed into the TENDER BOX near the SECRETARYS OFFICE so as to reach the Chairman not later than Thursday 04th July 2013 at 11:00 am. Tenders will be opened promptly after closing and bidders or their representative who wish to attend are invited. The society reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in whole or part and does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender or give reasons for its decision.

Venue of the interviews: Municipal Hall Kisumu. Members of the public are invited to submit any information (on oath) that may have a bearing on the selection of candidates using the address below: The Selection Panel, (CSPB), P.O.BOX 2738 - 40100 KISUMU HUMPREY O. NAKITARI INTERIM COUNTY SECRETARY/ SECRETARY TO THE BOARD

58 |
TAKE NOTICE that the agreement to transfer the ground handling business of Tradewinds Aviation Services Limited to NAS Aviation Services Limited has been terminated. Any earlier announcements regarding this transaction are hereby withdrawn. NAS Africa Aviation Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius (including its affiliates and subsidiaries) is not, and does not purport to be, in any way connected with Tradewinds Aviation Services Limited or NAS Aviation Services Limited, or any of their directors, shareholders, agents, employees and/or representatives.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013




Lots of kuku, nyama choma, etc....Ample & secure parking

For Reservation; 0720571221

FRIDAY 14/6/2013


SATO 15/6/2013

SUN 16/6/2013;


5th Floor Moi Avenue Presents........THIS FRIDAY 14/6/2013
THIS FRIDAY 14th June 2013; JONNY This SATO 15th June 2013





Featuring; Madanji Perimeter, Onyipapa Jay, Otieno Small, Mali Yamungu, Jasiga, Ajose Ka 1000; among others USIKOSE UCHEKWE


NEXT THURSDAY 20th June 2013


Lots of African Dishes available daily. For more information call : 0724119289 or

M-Pesa Now Available 24 / 7

MELADEN - Rebranded



EVERY MON, Country Music. TUE; Special Request. WED. Karaoke Live. THUR. Lovers Rock (Reggae Nite). FRI. Rhumba Special. SATO; Video Mix. SUN Jam Session, Music Extravaganza by DJ Dea So
FOR RESERVTION: 0722623317 / 0722 156775

from 27th June - 12th July 2013

For Ref: 0702037622






Sato 15th June 2013 Presents

Saturday 15th June 2013
THIS FRIDAY MALI YA MUNGU/STEVE KIRABI SUNDAY DOLA KABARRY (FREE) Club Paris Umoja reggae every Sunday & Enjoy Rhumba every Wednesday @ New Paris Lounge by DJ Dickie


Featuring Ken wa Maria, Kithungo Raha (Tonya Maima), Peris Mueni (Kakongo Sisters) & John Muasa

Kitindo Nite

wa Maria & Muasa


DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Classieds 59
A258 Marriage & Family Counselling


A109 Lost
LOST Lease for KJD Ewaso Kidong
West block 2277 Lost Title 0722153420 0713483566

SUPER Market 4sale 0729908405 WHOLESALE shop in Umoja Est.

Nrb on sale Call 0721386133


Up to 300,000 in 24hrs. Eld, Ksm, Nku, Ktl, Bgm, Kisii, Kco, Kakamega, Kabarnet, Iten, Kapsowar. SUNDAY CAR BAZAAR Buying/selling/importing motor vehicles

EVASTOM! C2duo 11k, 2.4 4k, Tft

4k,Asus 3.0c2duo 16k, crt 1k, Imac 40k,Cisco. Nbi & Ksm 0722710331


FREEWEBSITE.CO.KE 0722-216522 Laptop*repair,we buy dead! 0721486136 LAPTP C2Duo/250 @25K 0710938538 LENOVO!! Thinkpad R500 / 3Hrs
battery / 2.2Ghz core2duo / 2Gb RAM / 160Gb / DVD-RW / Wi-fi / B.T / Bag @22K. Arcade house 2nd floor room 204 next to Meridian Hotel Call 0723-464410, 0700-853144

LOST Title Thika Mun Blk 24/285 LTK

/ Kimana Tikondo/3037 Ltk/Kimana-Tikondo/3534/Ltk/Kimana -Tikondo/4102

Lost love Business Politics Menspower Spiritualist Lost items Cases/HIV Located in Nairobi, River Road, near Equity Bank. Mombasa kwa Pembe za Ndovu, Metric Hotel. For details Call 0724614636, 0721783535

B469 Business Offers

INVEST 2m. 0712162613

B476 Business Opportunities

Opportunity sales & marketing earn ksh 30,000/= to 100,000/= per month part time or full time call 0714470888

SMS: 0735 144 317 KERIO CREDIT LTD

LOANS on the spot between 15-40K
with laptops as security, 0723408602

A265 Medical

A116 Marriage
Want a certain man/woman 2marry u? is she/he unfaithful & want him or her 2 commit 2u alone? want back ur partner & restore ur love etc. Call: Sowari 0722140527, 0733291085 SMALL SIZE SHORT TIME

SHORT-TERM Loan 0722-682663

MAC*repairs we buy dead! 0721-486136 PIV Computers @10K 0727093770 POINT-OF-SALE 1k 0729444100 WEBDESIGN 4k smart 0728303129

B546 Machinery for Sale

LOVE line send Mistari to 5006 Read well 4speakers/readers 0733677420 RICH-PARTNERS 0716543711

A829 Domestic Appliances

A167 Acupuncture
DIABETES - Disorders and Pains.
3744885, 0737540562, 0721170217

A279 Notices
The Physical Planning Act Cap 286. CHANGE OF USER The owner of plot No. 165 (Kadika) Migori town wishes to change user from Residential to commercial (Hotel) subject to approval by the County of Migori. Individual(s), organization(s) or institution(s) with comment(s) and/or objection(s) should forward such in writing stating grounds of objections within 14 days of this notice to:The Interim Secretary, Migori County P. O Box 195-40400, Suna-Migori

MENSIZE and Failure / Low Desire.

3744885, 0737540562, 0721170217


EARN 10k/wk online 0727059966 ELDORET

Mpo!! Looking for ambitious campus students to start rewarding Biz with Ksh 8,400/= only FREE Presentation in Eldoret this Sat Call 0718-724084
Telephone No: 0722642687, 0733670010

PAINS - Back, Hip, Knee & Gout.

3744885, 0737540562, 0721170217

STROKE, Paralysis and Weakness.

3741179, 0737540562, 0721170217

W EIGHTLOSS - Firm up and Slim up.

3748561, 0737540562, 0721170217

INVEST 100K, earn 4% pm for the

next 12 months plus refund of your principal. 0738-097500


WOMEN - Monthly Pains and Moods.

3744885, 0737540562, 0721170217


A181 Beauty
0723408602@Mombasa mens delay gel 0723408602 @ mombasa mens VigrX
LAVINGTON new 0722795917


Detrioit 500KVA 0727752109/0723859999

MARKETERS required for a new

UK Academic product 20k pm on passing interview 200 pple per County pls register with details

B338 Engineering
WE buy or repair fridge cooker a/c
washing machine 0722807615


PUBS to let at Pipeline Estate fully

finished, licenced and sound fitted. Interested owners Chris 0707 567302

A836 Electrical Appliances

POWER bk up inverters 1.5KVA -8KVA auto 10hrs f/inst 0722747246

Everything under one roof

Specialised fitting services for: Doors Frames Parquet Flooring Staircases Kitchens Wardrobes and much more Parking and Quick Convenient service Enterprise road/Jirore Road, Ind Area Tel 556155/556368/550112 0736 668007, 0728 333417

Timber Corner

PATTAYA Westlands 0722108363 THE Beauties party tonite @ Apple Bees

Club Another party at Club Caldino 3rd Flr China Centre Ngong Rd.
Dewrock Musili Kithome went missing on 6th June 2013 at Umoja One, Nairobi. Lastly seen wearing brown trousers, red tshirt, grey jumper and akala shoes. Anyone with any information on his whereabots should Contact: 0721-688364, 0717-129268

Dewrock Musili Kithome

B485 Business Services

Fabricator & glass mart contractor 0722549038

A202 Entertainment
BEAUTIFUL She has to! Guys are
invited lots of fun @ the party Apple Bees tonight. Another party @ Club




LOOKING for bookkeeping services.

Call 0738684125

Caldino 3rd Flr China Centre Ngong Rd.

A286 Personal
AVAILABLE Bed (sc) graduate,
PGD nutrition for hire in influential homes for all educational and nutrition needs of a busy 0723790167.

A230 Health
020-2245564 ( 020-2245564 France T253 delay pills 0700050544 Mens Size & Power1500/= 0700132107 Mens Big size & power 0715471994 Size,delay,hardrock 150/= 0723408602@ Msa hardrock @200 0723408602 @Msa Hip booster 0723408602 Cavanossa size, caps @3k 0723408602 Maxman pills @1500/= 0723408602 Original vimax 60 pills 0723408602 Rockhard instant @200 0723408602 Savage King power caps 0723408602 Vigrx big-size @1500

38,000/= +VAT

B488 Borehole Services

EIA contact 0724458684, 0202620540 E-mail: Website:

HIRE Private Investigator for cheating

spouse, company cases, undercover business Call 0722-422131

For Discounted prices Visit Us at: Lusaka Road, Shop No. 29. Opp. ASL Trading Division 1 Tel: 0770 333034 Industrial Area, Nairobi



A557 Apartments Available
Product specifications and technical parameters: Water capacity/Total capacity (L)140/185 Tank...........................Lock hot water tank Vacuum tube.......58 Plum Shaped tube The number of bath..............................4-6 Angle...........................................38 / 48

A392 Gift Items
SELL, buy, donate items freely @ Try it!!

B490 Computer Services

QUICKBOOKS Sales & Train 0713

B581 Printing
+ ve plates & exposure services spot on printers babs centre Kirinyaga Rd 0722-360207


bdr Siwaka Plaza. 0721987437, 0729338509 0728139992


2&3 bdr Donholm. Call 0721987437 or GEMINA Court serviced Apartments

Tel. 020-2021200, 0721931119

SCHOOL mngt softwr 0728555528 STOCK/SALES softwr 0728555528

B595 Security Services

GUARDS Guardetes wanted urgently
call 0729572910

A427 Ready-Made Clothes (general)

Read well 4speakers/readers 0733677420

WEBSITE design @0711664815

SPY Cam installation 0773614911

0738076076, 0737904847, 020 2015374, 0722269072 TWIGA TOWERS, 1ST FLOOR

SERVICED Apts Kshs 79,000/- pm

only No water/elec outages. Wifi. 0722344778

A826 Computer Services
Tlds & all .KE domains @ 0721439151

B525 Financial
@0202245564 cash on ipads&iphone5 @0722632287, 0733890174 Loan
on Cars, Laptops, househols, iPads

B947 Designer Services
KITCHEN Cabinets. Do you want to
realise your dream kitchen? Call: 0733445446, 0715418656

A871 Miscellaneous
ROASTED coffee @1200/kg well
packed in 500 & 250gms 0719101010

A564 Hostels
NAIROBI West Ladies 0712-950224

VigRx Caps (8 Pills)-1,500/Original VigRx Plus (USA)-3,000/LADIES PRODUCTS: Ladies Arousal liquid & powder B-Firming & enlarging Wild growth / XP hair oil Hip Boosting & Weight gain Dark spots/pimples/scars Grey hair in weeks Magic slim weight loss

A571 Hotels SEASONAL OFFER !!!

B462 Business for Sale

CHEMIST in Kasarani 0722-239265 MINI Cafeteria Pangani 0721890135 or


Equipment 0719132425

on sale. Call

020-2245564 spot loans on Toshiba,

Macpros& HP Laptops btwn 20K-50K

For Free Delivery and Priv. cons. call NBI 020 2245564, 0723408602, Nacico Chambers 2nd Flr Rm. 1, Opp. Imenti Hse, Moi Ave. Kisumu, Eldoret, Kitale, Nakuru 0723957189. Mombasa - Kapacee Building, Ground Flr, Stall No. 2, Opp. Post Bank Hse Moi Ave, 0723957189 Kisii, Busia, Kakamega, Bungoma, Meru: 0723408602

PRIME Phamacy Riruta ideal for clinic

/ Lab 250k 0732-033241

0729840857 a loan on ur car 1hr. 0729840857 we buy clean cars cash ADVANCE selling ur car 0722833300 CASH within 30 min on your Car &
plot 0722-108080


A822 Computers
Computers/CPU 4900/= 0726720766 ETR (Moi Avenue Rahimtulah building
1st floor rm16 0712-097340 opp TSC


B324 Building
ATHI River- millenium
hardware, makadara road for cement direct from the factory, building materials and timber for reasonable price and reliable service contact 0721-855821, 0722-250126, 0714-326394

Hotel Ambassadeur
Freedom to stay your way
Conference And Meeting Rooms Bar & Restaurant | Free wi-fi For reservations please call: +254 202246615/6 | +254724259829 Email: SINGLE BO: 2,300 | DOUBLE BO: 2,800

RESTAURANT /Coffe shop located

on Msa rd in a very busy and strategic location/complex. Tel 0788109339 Kiambu town. Asking 1.1m ono. 0703888200

MENS big size & confidence 0726272266 MENS instant hardrock 200/- 0726272266 PRO-EXTENDER machine (USA) REFLEXOLOGY W/Lands 0729524441
for size, 100% guarantee 0722-506355 Visit:

SALON for sale as going concern SALON on sale Nrb 0721514886 STALL next to World Business @
1.65M call owner: 0724361084

RABI-HOTEL, Ngara, Limuru rd &

Seldom Hotel-Muranga rd: For Bed & Breakfast 1500/=. Conferences,
meetings. Ample secured parking and Satelite TV 0721 557367, 0724566574

LOANon car laptops hsehld 0722536519

TREAT your building timber against

fire & Insects tel: 0728550074

60 | Classieds
B894 Tour Services
MASAI Mara 3 days Migration special
offer 12.5k 0721362462

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

A flower farm in the outskirts of Nairobi requires: CLERK OF WORKS Qualifications : Diploma in architecture or Building and Construction Engineering or Civil Works Engineering or equivalent. Be conversant with ARCHICAD and/or AUTOCAD. Be conversant with relevant building regulations/policies/statutes/safety and health requirements. QS experience will be an added advantage. Certificate of Good Conduct STORES ASSISTANT Qualifications: Degree / Diploma in purchasing & Supplies, stores. At least 2 years relevant experience in same position Age: below 30 years Apply to to reach by Friday June 28th 2013

B891 Air Travel

FLYING to/Frm MOMBASA? Airport
CBD Transfer @ 300: Tel: 0700284600


A988 Dogs, Pets, Kennels
GSD puppies 4sale 15k call 0725783656

Mahanaim International High School TEACHERS WANTED A private secondary school offering the IGCSE curriculum at key stages 3,4 and 5 seeks to recruit teachers to fill up the following teaching positions MATHEMATICS ENGLISH PHYSICS CHEMISTRY BIOLOGY BUSINESS STUDIES GEOGRAPHY HISTORY KISWAHILI Applicants should hold a B.Ed degree and have experience in teaching for at least 3 yrs. Preference will be given to those with IGCSE experience. Email cv and cover letter to Mobile :0722-344-358, 0722 344358 Application deadline 28th June 2013

B291 Men
Needs job has 3yrs exp. pref audit firm 0710586710

TIRED of lifestyle diseases and

stressing medical conditions eg cancer, diabetis, arthritis, attend seminars and counselling services with a qualified nu

B403 Colleges


B895 Travel Services
40 Enclosed trucks 0724-906805


B650 Building Repairs
WE are expert in tile laying, painting &
cabro 0738-424768

B664 Farm Services

PARTIAL SPONSORHIP FORESIGHT INSTITUTE OF LOGISTICS & BUSINESS STUDIES (Reg. No. MOHEST/PC/1474/011 The Institute is offering partial sponsorship for the rst 20 qualifying students for July 2013 intake for the following Courses: Information Technology/Computer Studies (KNEC) Cert & Diploma Early Childhood Development (KNEC) Accounting ATC/CPA (KASNEB) Information Communication Technology Technician/ Certied Information Communication Technologist (KASNEB) Diploma in Human Resource Mgt (ABE) Diploma in Business Mgt (ABE) Diploma in Marketing (ABE) Diploma in Mgt Information Systems (ABE) Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Mgt. (ABE) Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Mgt (ICM) Diploma in Clearing, Forwarding & Cargo Handling Sponsorship test will be held on 24th June 2013 at 9 :00 a.m at Athi River campus. Boarding Available on campus

LEBANON Housekeepers needed

ladies 20-27yrs Call: 0722530703, 0733885743 us

B001 Livestock
DAIRY Goats 4 sale 0721-743583 HYBRID dairy cows in calf heivers
0772818664 vet



ONLINE jobs. Work from home &

make $20/day ===> visit www.

B671 Fertilizers, Seed & Seedlings

MANURE For sale & transport to
destinaton call 0708269106


Ruminal bolus disposable syringes 100cc vacutainer tubes & needles available in Medilink Dev hse mez. floor Tel 0722779774, 0736250402. Email


A private 8.4.4 High School urgently Requires teachers with the following combinations: Biology/ Chemistry: Agriculture/ Biology: Geography/ Business Studies. Send you CV to

QATAR: Cargo loaders(Air ticket

provided) 10 PP Photo size, 2 Full photo, C.v, copies of documents & Passport. 0708991270, 0708991277, 0708991276, 0715664102. or

B049 Car Hire
0723973677, 0710274642 0720308752,

B008 Othr
RABBIT Farmers needed in an NGO
sponsored project consultation & training offered. 020-2647907,
0725899695, 0708914867, 0702980422


& Marketing executives required. Email CV to:

SALES Admin preferably a lady living

in Embakasi. Good knowledge of computers ability to do marketing send CV to

B243 Domestic
AFAMAC h/gs best sal+off 0722386482 5H/girls wntd good sal+off 0722702558 CLEANERS req at Bakery


SALES Executive male aggressive in

marketing with experience in construction industry send CV to
for roadkerbs, slabs, culverts. Experience a must.Info

Kings Foundation International Ministry (KIFM) is a Faith based organization whose main purpose is to reach young people with the Word of God. In line with her vision, KIFM has the focus to open churches named Pentecostal Baptist Church in Kenya and worldwide. We are therefore looking for mature board members with the following qualities: 1. Must be Christians with at least a degree from a recognized University in the world 2. Must be above 35 years old 3. Willing to give towards Gods work. 4. Not expect any type of payment for whatever service they give but work as they are working for their maker.


0700015772 NZE WISH 1K P/DAY 0700128555 4hire cars + Rav + Voxy 0700327777 Cars wtd 50-200K pm. 0701407382 PREMIO WISH NZE 2K

SALES team & wholesalers wanted in

H.Helps wntd Best Sal+off 0722466091 HOUSEHELPS Wanted 0723719101

Nakuru /Naivasha for small pack sugar to high density retailers guaranteed markup and volume based commission offered respectively experience in FMCG essential Call John 0718-345201

For more information contact:, Call or sms: 0729 000 595/ 0727 944 586 P. O. Box 39818-00623 Nairobi

0721144998 NZE/Prado @1500/0722121377 Cars for Hire 2500 p.d 0722428681 WISH PREMIO NZE A.REGENCY lemousines, saloon
0733758503, 0722410172 Mr Noorani


DIMA: New intake-Secretarial Languages

SPECIAL Practical attachment on any

computer field 0722-436082

UNGA Co req store att: 0716921524

An AUDIT FIRM based in Nairobi is seeking AUDIT SENIORS. The minimum requirements for the positions are as follows: CPA (K), ACCA, or ACA Five years working experience in a wellestablished audit firm. Broad knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) and International Standards on Auditing (ISAs). Good understanding of Kenyan company and tax laws. Good analytical skills, ability to work under pressure, and a proactive approach to problem solving. Please send your cover letter and CV to by 28th June 2013


A private school requires a driver cum mechanic. Applicants should have PSV driving license and be able to do maintenance work on school buses mainly Isuzu and Nisan Diesel. Proof of ability to do mechanical maintenance will be required. Hand written applications together with CV and copies of certificates to be received not later than 28/6/2013

(French, English) Hotel & Catering Tour & Travel C&FWD (ICM) Business (BTEP KNEC ICM) Supplies Mgt (BTEP KNEC) Social work/ Comm Devt CPA CPS ATC IT (KASNEB KNEC) Computer paks @600/= KCB T Mboya St/Moi/ Maragua Lanes next Stanbank Hse. Tel: 0203545988/ 0202514805/0724360244/0722516235 /0736160269 Box 48379-00100NBI Scholarships for C plain or better Studies: June intake: Diploma in ICT, Computer Engineering, German A1 & A2, Tourism, Hospitality, Chinese, Spanish, French & Computer Packages Adamali Hse, near Globe 0721688085, 0202012487

cars, Prados, Range Rovers, call 0703 911484, 0735-560625, 020-2667103,

AA Lucky Autos for saloon, 4x4s,

Buses Call 0722952038, 0734583610

CARS Wanted 40-150k 0733270366 CARS wanted 40k-280k 0724420609 GENUINE CARHIIRE 3K
0719880922 0735768989

GERMAN Institute of Professional


RANA Ltd wnts cars 4 lease NZE,

Alion, Fildr, Prmio 0729365999 Nrb twn

B250 Gnral
GOOD pay Jobs? sms KAZI to 22026 PCEA Rev. Musa Gitau Primary
CATERESS Requirements Diploma in food & beverages production in Institution Management from a recognized Institution KCE/KCSE Minimum Grade (C-) or equivalent 3yrs experience as a cateress preferably in a learning institution. Apply to the Secretary, Box 312-00902, Kikuyu or email by 25th June, 2013 Interview on 28th June, 2013 at 2.00 p.m

Welcome and be part of this kingdom team. Pastors who feel led by God to plant churches under Pentecostal Baptist Church are also welcome. Interested candidates should forward their application letter and CV to: or on or before June 30th 2013.

SALOON Cars @1500p/d0724139935 VICTOR safaris & tours ltd car hire
0720545192, 0722379197

VACANCY for a Restaurant and Bar

Manager in Kampala, Uganda. Must have experience in managing a Restaurant and Bar along with Events Management. Send CV & references to
& live in the sea-84k Send your phone no. to 0719160091

CHEM /AGRI Teacher For Nyeri Sch

Grad/Dip Call 0735385840

DUBAI: Security guards. Secretaries

DN/A. 1521 P. O. Box 49010 - 00100 NAIROBI

(Receptionist with or without experience) Salary 2300 Drhms per month. 10 PP Photo size, 2 Full photo, C.v, copies of documents & Passport. 0708991270, 0708991277, 0708991276, 0715664102. or www.


Flower export company based in Naivasha requires stores assistant/ store supervisor With the following requirements. 1) 3yrs experience in flower industry (stores department) 2) Dip in stores and purchasing/ computer knowledge 3) Age 25yrs and above 4) Ladies are encouraged to apply The applications should reach the below address on or before 24/6/2013

VACATION co. req 86pple to work

To make appropriate enquiries and take appropriate advice before sending money, incurring any expense or entering into binding commitment in relation to an advertisement. NATION MEDIA GROUP shall not be liable to any person for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of his/her accepting of offering to accept an invitation contained in any advertisement published in the Nation.


B257 Men
SERVICE Centre on Thika Rd needs
competent persons for Computerised wheel alignment & balancing Mechanic/Service contact 0700219023

B148 Tyres, Spares and Accessories

MERC C240 w202model 2001 half cut
for sale 0731817166, 0722795009 Dubai. Best 0722795009 prices

Developing Chemical company requires Additional Office Sales and Technical Staff.
Apply with CV to 0700166464 6long d/driver &t/boy rq 0700166630 2home driver & recep 0700563132 14airport casuals rqd 0705320421 2bce driver &t/boy rq AIRPORT jobs avail 0717237280 CANADA: Cleaner, 10 PP Photo
size, 2 Full photo, C.v, copies of documents & Passport. 0708991270, 0708991277, 0708991276, 0715664102. or

WE Import all spares from UK &


B263 Women
LADY Beautician required 0735643703

KIWAN Computer College offers all NGO full sponsor to study Dip. &

LADY driver PSV good conduct

certificate. Call 0722747461

job oriented computer courses Tel: 0722-453607 Information Hse 2nd Flr Cert. in HRM, Business Mngt, Co-op Mngt, ECDE, ICT, Engineering, Social Work & many more courses. Sep. 2nd, 2013 intake. SMS name, course & address to branch opted for: Eldoret 0729 494 261, Nakuru - 0707 656 853, Sotik - 0716 691 369

B070 Exhaust Pipes and Silencers

SETLAK Galv 552265, 0722527924

B277 Domestic
COOKS, H/girl/boy, waiters, driver.
0733404320, 0702603961

B086 Lrr Fr Sal

DFM 6ton long chs 380k 0722340082 FH215 KAW Lorry 2.8m 0721356730 MITS FH KBH 3.2M neg 0702918354

ENROLLED Nurses 0722-338981 FARM Supervisor wanted. To work in

Salgar Nakuru. Min 2yrs experience. Send CV to before 21st June 2013.

FLIGHT OPERATIONS MANAGER An established company in Nairobi is looking for an experienced Flight Operations Manager. Requirements: Minimum of 5 years experience in aviation administration. Current and qualified on the CRJs 100/200 or Dash 8. A current ATPL & medical. No aviation accidents or violations. A clear police record. A good knowledge of computers. Available immediately. Please note: Only persons meeting the above qualifications will be contacted for an interview. Please send your applications and attach CV, copy of license, copy of medical and copy of log book to before 21st June 2013.

B077 For Sale, Dealers

TOY Porte KBU 670k 0722352215

HOUSE maids wanted good salary

B424 Private Tuition

FASHION Design courses in pattern
drafting, stitching, 0723550503 crafts. Call

ICM Hotel &

Catering Lecturer required in Thika 0723393072

free air ticket, medical, housing, food in lebanon call 0722802400 or 0202217471 Union Towers First floor Moi Avenue Nairobi

B085 For Sale, Private

504 Pup 230k ONO Must Sell Clean
Call 0737499006

INTERNS needed for a busy office,

Degree in H.R., Business Admin, Project Management, etc. Send CV/Certs to

B284 General
Architectural Tech 0722-583365 EMPLOYERS call Abela 4 all staff
Adm HRM Acct Drvrs 0202223131

HOME School/tuition 0722808764

B431 Seminars / Workshops

ATTENDING an Interview? Discover the winning secrets including apt body language. 0713037703 Nairobi only.

CLEANERS (6) rq A/port 0701939626

Need a Job? sms ur email to 0700103666

ADVANCE selling ur car 0722833300 B13 Nissan v/clean 225k 0722736786 BENZ 230E 480k 0716324937 BENZ E230 round lights KAY leather
1 owner as new 945k 0728-595988

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

BENZ ML270(salvage) KBE 0722594570 BMW X3 05 2.3M 0733530834 CALDINA 06 BU 1.1m 0722793535

Classieds 61
MITS. Outlander 06 0722747147 MITS FH215 KAW 2.4m 0727136014 MITS FH 215 KBG 3.4m c/b 0722490360 MITS L200 Pickup 420K 0721668150 MITSUBISHI lancer 06 0733825668 MUIGAI-In 5br m/en 14m0717070411 MUSSO AH 97 395K Q/s 0788534317 N/Advan 06 sil 640k 0716010961 N/B15 KAV silver mnl 370K 0722277726 N/B15 kay@350k 0720611646 N/NOTE black KBV 600k 0721381516 N/SUNY B14 cheap 0724472353 N/TEANA 05 KBV 1.2m 0716324937 N/Vanette Van from 690k 0716010961 N/Wingroad KBM v/clean fully loaded.
Buy and drive 0773111111

T/HIACE KBB 750k 0735503721 Nrbi. T /IST 06 black 1300cc auto KBV just
landed clean 0723-344388 T/ist BM black 580k 0722784296 T/L/touring AU man 480k 0722784296 T/Nadia BF 02' v/c 0722736235 T/Noah 2002 black 620k 0733383388 T/Noah 06 KBU silver 0726541414 T/Noah KAU dsl 520k 0727136014 T/Nze 06/05 sil auto 0722539418 T/NZE BL 03' cln 620K 0725844260 T/NZE KBL a/t 03 v/c 540k 0725601150 T/NZE KBM 123C 650k 0719847010 T/NZE KBR cln 04' 790K 0720728998 T/Passo BV 06 640k 0722355685 T/PRADO TX BB 1.45 0710653893 T/Premio 01 KBC 565k 0750899911 T/Premio BM 840k 0722784296

TOYOTA Landcruiser V8, petrol,




N/XTRAIL KBB cln @760k 0721116644 N.Xtrail KBM 03 990k 0720717777 NAVARA D /cab 03 KBM Call

NAVARA d/c manual x-uk KBV black

MERCEDES E350 & S350 2010 asking 6.8M ONO MERCEDES BENZ S/C CLASS diesel/ petrol 2006/2009 models also available

v/clean 0722678835 & 0722411078 NIS Advan KBV 585k 0722340225 NIS H/body @950k 0722-516322 Nissan B14 KAM 260K 0729880187 NISSAN d/cab J84 2007 local comp. owned/maintained 1.3m ono 0720389066 NISSAN navara new model kbt/t asking 2.2m owner leaving NISSAN Tour Van, local, KBC, 1.7M 0786216912

T/PREMIO BU 06 1800cc 0722213294 T/PREMIO KAT 465K 0722712150 T/Premio KBE v/c 550K 0727723284 T/PREMIO KBL 05 780K 0724787350 T/PREMIO KBQ 04 970K 0722760157 T/Premio KBU 1.5cc 900K 0722104845 T/premio old/s KAV 550k 0721673707 T / P R O B OX @ 5 6 0 K - B M

TOYOTA LANDCRUISER V8 VX 2010 asking 12.5m petrol/diesel also available, 2008/2009, fullyloaded

NISSAN X-trail, KBD & KBL, silver,

Tel: 0722-876102
CLEARING & forwarding 0713326159 FAW 5ton coverbody truck KAX & Captains 5ton KBA & KBL Ksh 0.5M Isuzu FVR 10 wheelers KAK and KAY off the road & Trailer with Alluminium cover body 23ft long ono. 0751-753214 Saila

manual, alloyrims, CD player, from Kshs 850,000 Call 0721 911 517 NISSAN X-trail 2006 0733825668 NISS Hard-body 04 AS local TD27 engine, very clean 780K 0725 114 308 NZE 03 v/cln 650k 0733435866. NZE beige @980k.0720079955 NZE KBL 2003 AUTO 520K. PAY 30K PER MONTH. TEL 0721727540

T/PROBOX BR 04 590K 0722348802 T/RAV4 BQ v/c 930K 0739930716 T/SHARK KAT v/c 395k 0721794163 T/townace AW 1800cc 500k 0722784296 T/VIGO BQ 2010 2.5 0710653893 T/Voxy 06 2 units alloy fogs body kit
power doors clean KBV 0723-344388

FUNCARGO KAY 390K 0726486296 HI D/Cabin 06 2.6m 0725114308 HONDA 4x4 650k 0722379197 HONDA Ballade KAH accident free
a/rims 1500cc as new 275k 0721492222

P/406 manual 450k 0727723949 PAJERO 06 KBU 2.5m 0722793535 PAJERO Diesel 350k 0722519831 PAJERO KAX Petrol 0722235468 owner PAJERO Local 450K 0727929137 PEUG. 504 P/UP AK 390K PEUG504 s/w KBT 230K 0727-081514 PEUGEOT 206 very clean lady
driven 350k ono 0721421915 owner

HONDA CRV RD7 2006 KBV silver

4WD Sh. 1.72m ono 0722340225 I/TROOPER 2000 780k 0716324937 iO Pajero 2000 KAZ 063Q pearl white 650,000. Call 0734647113 ISUZU Bus KBA 51 seater call 0716654140 ISUZU d/cab d/max auto KBT leather 05 Ex-Uk yes trade-in 0722386674 ISUZU Dmax d/cab 05/06 0720852366 ISUZU Dmax KAY 1.1m 0727265240 ISUZU DMX P/UP KBS 860K 0722560832

ISUZU Elf 3ton 1.2m 0724499169 ISUZU ELF reg KBN 285U 2003 1.2m
Tel 0713-563292

ISUZU Elf Truck c/b BQ 1.4M n/hbody

S/C P/up BR 1.35m 0721484529

PRADO 06 KBU 3.6m 0722793535 PRADO KBS local 1.65m 0726472036 PREMIO 02 66km 780 0733338088 PREMIO AT v/c 440,000k 0721838775 PREMIO KBH @750k 0727265240 RangRover S red KBV 5M 0702592919 RAV4 03/4/05 auto 0722-906978 RUNX 06 white 890K 0722793535 S/Impreza mnl 98 380k 0727331856 S/Impreza sedan 06 KBU 0724314134 S/Legacy sln KAP 260k 0714207204 SCHOOL bus 41seats 1.25 kbb

T.Allion KBN 03 650K 0721330125 T.Premio KAT v/c 460k 0722759899 T-102 KBK VC 540K 0721937547 T91 KAJ efi 275k 0714739876 T mark 2 BN 03 790k 0722128875 T/NZE KBJ a/t 575k 0722212564 TOY-110 0725798667 Quick sale TOY 110 AY vclean 385k 0713490033 TOY 110 KAX 410 k 0725956733 TOY 110 KAZ 250K 0726588023 TOY Avensis 04/05 0721946752 TOY d/cab KAW 1.6m 0727265240 TOYDX 103 KBH 400K 0701407382 TOY Fielder 05 v/cln 780k 0721133300 TOY Fielder 06 mdls, silver & black,

2007 & 2008 mdls, black & pearl white, alloyrims, sunroof, roofrails, from Kshs 8.3M Call 0725 863 242 TOYOTA Noah KBL, 03 mdl, white, alloyrims, CD, 680K 0720 217 583 TOYOTA NZE 2001 x-Grade clean KBC 0722335178 owner 615,000/= TOYOTA NZE KBN v/gd condition low milage @670k 0725404169 TOYOTA Platz, KAZ, alloyrims, white, v/clean, 365K 0721 911 517 TOYOTA Platz n/shape, KBP, 1000cc, gold, alloys, CD player, v/clean, 515K neg. Call 0723 574 352 TOYOTA Prado, o/shape, KAU, KAY & KBC, silver, white & green, auto, diesel, alloyrims, sunroof, sidesteps, v/clean, from Kshs 1.1 million Call 0723 577 726 TOYOTA Prado LC5, KBU, black, diesel, alloys, sunroof, CD, 3.49M trade-in accepted Call 0723 810 654 TOYOTA Premio KBV 06 alloys silver cc18 Call 0720610820 TOYOTA Raum KBV Champagne 1.5L v/clean 820,000/= Call 0729567811 TOYOTA RAV-4, 06 mdl, 4WD, keyless ignition, alloys, trade-in acceptable, 2.29M neg. 0721 453 484 TOYOTA RAV-4, 06 mdl, black & silver, keyless ignition, alloys, trade-in acceptable, 2.29M neg. 0721 453 484 TOYOTA Shark 5L KBD very clean 0716926625, 0729153233 TOYOTA Vitz, KBJ, blue, 1300cc, CD player, 370K neg. 0733 287 327 TOY Premio n/shape, 1.8L, silver, KBN & KBP, 820K neg. 0721 754 760 TOY Raum KAY yr 2000 blue 1495cc f/loaded a/rims cln 435K 0721348280 TOY Raum KBN @630k 0719-766144 TOY Rush 1.5L KBU/N 06 0735-761101 TOY Shark 06 diesel 0716855193 TOY Shark KAQ @260k 0732485440 TOY Shark KAU 450,000 0724353391 TOY Spacio 450k KBB 0722809173

4ACRES touching Thika rd 45m p/a

Kitengela Milimani 1/8 @1.4m titles gated comm elec fence 0722754875 5 acre, 3 acre Mombasa Road behind Nice & Lovely 50M per acre 0722270313, 0721347080 Nyotu 8 No. 2br flats on 1/2 O/Rongai @30M Tel 0739816702 or 0706217277 ACACIA 3br bungalow on 1/8 O/Rongai @6.5M Tel 0739816702 or 0706217277 AIRPORT North Road prime serviced plots Call 0723 438 123
Konza City (Kibini Town) 50x100...50,000 Kitengela ICT City 50x100......130,000 Konza (10km from City) 40x80....125,000 Kajiado Konza 50X100.............65,000 Nanyuki (6km from tarmac) 100X100.85,000 Nanyuki near golf course 100X100..130,000 Makuyu 50x100.........................55,000 Thika Ngoingwa 40X80...........600,000 (ACRES AVAILABLE) Kajiado (Sajiloni) 20-40 Acres.350,000 per acre Nanyuki acres ....400 - 600/- per acre Juja (near JKUAT) 4km from Super Highway, 7 acres .............5M per acre Installments allowed (Viewing on Wednesdays & Saturdays) Nairobi Information hse 4th Flr Rm 409 0732-435100 / 0736-441579 Thika Kigio plaza top of Fina Bank 0729-293559, 0738-842999 Gatundu behind KANU Office 0729-293781 / 0710-291371 Kitengela Milele Centre 2nd Flr. 0723-895098 Karatina top of Uchumi Super Market 0716-381367

K.B.C 1,2,3,5 &10 acres 4km from

Kangundo Rd 1.7M per acre call 0722419583 or 0722527826 KABETE 1/4 acre 4 units 2br inc 60,000 asking 13m Tel 0733180724 KAHAWA Sukari plots for sale 1/4 or 1/2 acre 0722-370842 Esther KAJIADO TOWN 3/4acre with bore hole water 4.2M 0722608030


SIZE: 50ft X 100ft JOSKA at Sunshine 4km from Kangundo Rd.....................120,000/ JOSKA at K.B.C 500m From Kangundo Road Near A.I.C School.............300,000/ JOSKA at K.B.C800m from Kangundo Rd Past A.I.C School.......................280,000/ JOSKA at K.B.C 3km From Kangundo Rd near Farm C .............................150,000/ JOSKA at K.B.C Prime Dev Area with Electricity ................................250,000/ JOSKA Kamulu within green houses ............................................210,000/ Kitengela 13km from tarmac......100,000/ Kitengela near KCA University...110,000/ Kitengela behind Malili.................95,000/INDIVIDUAL TITLES PER PLOT. VIEWING DAYS: Kamulu - Joska Tues, Thur, & Sat Time: 9.00am. VIEWING DAYS: Kitengela - ICT city Wednesdays & Saturdays Time: 9.00am. RELI-CO-OP HSE, 4TH FLOOR DOOR 411, Next To Bus Station K.B.S Tel:020.343894, 0722-312387, 0733-582208.




A Piece of land for sale 5acres at

Kiangwachi near main rd 0722522758 A plot @ 495K BURUBURU Farm 55x100 with title 1.65M Call: 0701-145265 BYPAS KU Kiwanja 1.8m 0722467230 CHARITY Nyeri Well developed 5 acre 3semi hse 4.3m 0755530057 CHOKAA 30x60 350k 0722516322

KAMULU 1ac 2m; 50x100 350k

both with title owner 0721555654

KAMULU 40x60 1/2km from

Kangundo Rd 550,000/= 0722419583

KAMULU 50x100 dep. 50,000 bal

COMMERCIAL plots 40x80 Kdo rd DANDORA 16rm 3m 0711540073 Eastleigh 50x100 25m 0722448088 ELDORET 14 plots at Baraka 500m
from tarmac 3plots left call owner 0726702953 EMBAKASI Ranch several 1/4/1/2 ac plots on sale Tel 0722346935 EMBU 70 Acres Tel 0722-754233

dep. 100000/= bal 4months, titles ready, 020-2610923, 0700497890 Homeward

1.5 & 1.8 ltrs, roofrails, CD player, choice of 4, from 980K 0727 515 312 TOY Harrier 99 820k 0711283829 TOY Hilux p-up Vigo 2010 model D4D clean 0700-166232, 22885986 TOY Hilux Vigo d/cab, 2005 mdl, auto, n/tyres, alloys, leather interior, wood finish, trade-in acceptable Kshs 2.49 million neg. Call 0722 968 863

40FT SKELETAL TRAILER Super Single, Fresh Import, Super High Reinforced, Steel Centre Beam. Feather Weight Maximum Loading Capacity 34 tons. 5 tons Tare Weight. No Weigh Bridge Issues. Logbook available, Advance tax paid. Asking Price 1.5M ONO Tel: 0722519780 / 0733123890

4mths. Ready titles. 0202-164920, 0788 953862, 0707-965632 Sideway Properties Ltd. Vedic Hse 7th Floor KAMULU Commercial plots - 50x100 850K, 750k, 600k, 500k, 300k, Golden Street Inv. 020-2573901, 0706750028 Twiga Towers, Rm 402 Moi Ave KANTAFU 2km 15acre 0721352155 KANTAFU 50x80 150k 0722795791 KAREN 5ac 35m an ac 0722858562 KAREN BANDA SCH 1/2ACRE REDSOIL FEW REMAINING 0722703585 KAREN Bogn.rd 1/2ac 20m 0702414118 KAREN Hillcrest Rd. 1/2 acre res. plots shs. 18M call 0721287142

KASARANI Re-settlemet stall plot on

way to Sportsview owner0722511899 Aberdeen 0722829195, 0734572994

KATANI 1/8ac near Syokimau r/titles


TSHARK KBA/H 670K 0721810834 T/VITZ KBU 670K 0722642148 VEHICLE Tracking & Fleet
Management from 16k 0722587753 or VOLVO 940 96 480k 0716324937 VOXY KBQ 900k 0725956733

KATANI 1/8ac T/Deed 0721703014 KATANI50X100 dep. 100,000 balance

4months, Titles ready, 020-2610923,

0700509512 Homeward, viewing free

TOY Ltouring A/T 465K 0733988590 TOY NZE 700k KBM 0722809173 TOY NZE BC yr2001 0728115199 TOY NZE BM 03 630K 0737-709115 TOYO NZE KBK auto silver vclean

VW Golf BV 06 GTI 0721-285044 VW-GOLF KBV silver with alloys

1600cc yr 06 @899k 0722856272

ISUZU Giga KBE 3.8M 0723282829 ISUZU Mat 3.6 KAM 500k 0722869385 ISUZU NKR 4.3 Staff bus V/clean 26
pass 1.48M 0721597430 owner 0719222071owner

SPACIO v/cln 460k 0722784296 SUBARU Foresta with turbo KBV

ISUZU NPR 3.6 KAH 750K very clean ISUZU TFR 4WD P/up 0724472353

1.3M silver yr 06 0722856272 SUBARU Legacy, 2006 mdl, black, turbo twin exhaust, v/clean, Kshs 1.15M neg. Call 0722 968 863

2005 Petrol Automatic only 41,000kms, Ex-pat leaving Kenya. Fully loaded. impeccable condition, low mileage of 41,000km. Service by Toyota Kenya. Leather interior, top range electronics, sound system. Immaculate condition, great car, reluctant sale - make an offer.

alloy CD 585k 0722288181 owner

VW Toureg 04/05 0722228273

CALL: 0700 416 390

G/FIELD H-Sacco 2.2M 0722344197 Garden Estate 1/2ac prime 0721271285 GILGIL Ol-Burgel 2km from town
50x100 200k 0722498390

KAYOLE plt 1.5m 0704770982 KENOL 1/2ac plt 2M 0723488507 KENOL 2 acres 6M 0728829938 KERARAPONKaren 1/8 0727288098 KIAMBU rd 5ac 1km off 0722858562 KIAMBU rd after Starehe Girls 1/4
acre plots 0703567769

KIAMUMBI 1/4 plot 1km off tarmac

call owner- 0738511330


SUBARU Legacy /Impreza/Pleo 06 0721830004

GITHURAI44 50x50 1.6m 0720385354 GITHURAI-45 size 0.0180Ha


Leg s/w KAJ/P 225K negotiable Call 0710-833917 SUB Legacy Wagon KBV black 2 exhaust No-turbo 1.1M 0722856272


ISINYA 10Ac 2.8M p/a 0723983472 ISINYA 3 x12 acre plots @1.4m each
clean titles 0732988947

owner 1.5m 0722-760824 with title


SUB leone 1.6cc 285K 0726-680853 SUB-OUTBACK @ 1.55m LLBEAN

KBV yr 06 2500cc 0722856272


SUCCEED YR 03 KBN 0723995043 SUZ Escudo KAQ @400k 0727265240 SUZUKI Escudo, 05 & 06 mdls, grey,
alloyrims, sidesteps, CD player from Kshs 1.68M Call 0725 863 242

CALL: 0727 300166 TOYOTA 110 400K v/c 0721553478 TOYOTA 14" RIMS 0722381018 TOYOTA 91 EFI 170K 0722115496 TOYOTA Harrier, 2006 mdl, 2.4L


ACRE . Tel 0723896805 owner . Rd 450,000/= 0722419583

WIDE Vision motors & properties

Thika Town.Probox 420K,W/Road BQ 430K, Voxy BS 785K, T/103, Starlet Efi, Benz 190E, C180, 230E, P/ups 150K, Plots & Hse 0727723284 XTRAIL KBC @ 780K 0734-808096

JOSKA 40x60 1/2km from Kangundo JOSKA 50x100 dep. 50,000 balance
4months, titles ready, 020-2610923, 0751201267 Homeward, Viewing free



Nissan 0722-645757



M/Demio 06 570k 0733153003 M/PAJERO KBU/grey 0722-257650 MAN prime mover KBJ '03' with
trailer 3.9m 0723846658

T/102 KAQ auto @435K 0721701854 T/110 AU 420k 0722784296 T/110 KAV M 420k 0727136014 T/ALLION 02 750k 0726507291 T/AVENSIS KBT 1.8L 1m 0716457435 T/Caldina BV 1.8cc 06 995k 0729009111 T/CALDINA KBJ 530K 0736150343 T/CARINA TI BF 450K 0721217684 T/E91 KAE 230K. 0720289072 T/Fielder BL v/c 685K 0739930831
T/Fieldr kbv aloys f/l 1.1m 0722783793

VVT-i, black, alloys, camera, v/clean, trade-in acceptable, Kshs 2.45 million neg. Call 0725 863 242 silver, alloyrims, CD player, v/clean, Kshs 1.08M neg. Call 0723 091 259 local, diesel, silver, grey & white, from Kshs 1.5M Call 0714 903 606 auto, n/tyres, alloys, leather interior, wood finish, trade-in acceptable, Kshs 2.49 million, neg. Call 0722 968 863

TOYOTA Harrier, KBB, 2.4L VVT-i,


B740 Land, Plots for Sale
1/8 acre Ongata Rongai for flats 4.6m
0722270313, 0721347080 Nyotu Lorugosua 0722640408

JOSKA 6acres 850k p.a 0719-756740 JUBILANDS:Isinya Konza/Malili rd 90k

0714915424,0728879191,0736901000 0714915424,0728879191,0736901000
s/offer 200k 0714915424,0728879191

Plot 50x100 2.5m 0722496960 or 0721849916 owner KIKUYU 1/4 acre plot @2.8M owner: 0723468048 Kikuyu Ndeiya 100x100 450k in instalments 0711299467 Kilimani 0.9acre 220m 0722448088 KINOO 0.034 acre plot 0710541296 KIRNYAGA Cofee f@3m 0720552070 KISAJU along Pipeline rd 2acres @2.2m ono Tel. 0722290438 KISAJU town 1/8 acre prime plots 020-311610, 0722998343,0720852338 KISERIAN 1/8 0.5km from Kiserian along Ngong rd 1.1km from tarmac title ready 0714-540399

KISERIAN 1ac Kunde rd0721444442 KISERIAN 1 acre near main road 4m

ready title. 0721236494

JUBILANDS: Isinya Pipeline rd 220k JUBILANDS: Kitengela Isinya 50x100 JUBILANDS: Ruai 50x100 110k 0714
915424, 0728879191, 0736901000

TOYOTA Hilux, KAX/BL/BK & BR, TOYOTA Hilux Vigo d/cab, 05 mdl,

KISERIAN P/Line 1.2 & 4acs 800k p.a

1/8 400k 1/4 800k 0722347033

KISERIAN Pipeline Rd 4Km from

Isinya Town Quarter acre KShs 750K and 1/8 acre at KShs 400K Tel 0723896805 owner . 1/4 2.2M 1/8 950k 0722-347033

MBENZ E200 880k 0716324937 MERC C200 @1M 0722-516322 MERC E200 @1.7M 0722-516322 MERC E230 mnl clean 0727723949 MIT/LANCER S/W KBV 0787360351 MIT Fighter KBL yr 2003 h/side body
2.1m 0722896735, 0710364195

100 acs off Kjd NMG rd 2nd rw KAJ 15&20 acres off Namanga road 250k
p.a 0733277777, 0720800551 Hurry!!

JUBILANDsIsinya Konza/Malili rd 115k

0714915424,0728879191,0736901000 5acres 2km from s/hway 0735031795

KISERIAN Town 1/8 1.5M Kaurai Rd KITE EPZ 1/4acre 3.5m 30acres 3.5m KITENGELA:
p/acre near tarmac 0716-032972 30 plots, 1/8 acre, 1.5km from tarmac @600k, titles ready. Owner 0722 635792.

TOYOTA Ipsum, n/shape, KBJ, silver,

T/Gtourin KAW mnl 465K 0721825673 T/HARRIER KBH 1.3m 0721510176

7-seater, v/clean, Kshs 750,000 neg. Call 0723 577 726 extras KBU leather black 0722257650

1 acre Athi-river Portland Senior staff

Housing estate 22M 0722270313, 0721347080, 0733347080 Nyotu 0721347080, 0722270313 Nyotu

TOYOTA Land Cruiser VX many

2ACRES Ongata Rongai Town 26M

JUJA Ndaraca @580k 0724296513 JUJA rd 0.9ac @60m 0722733612 Kajiado 200ac @150kp.a 0719756740

62 | Classieds/Transition
1/8ac 830k titles, s/offer 020-2610966, 0715086866 KITENGELA 1 /8ac quick sale 0737-563233 owner KITENGELA 1/8 acre New Valley price 2.4m neg Tel 0733180724 KITENGELA 1/8plts near Newlight Snr Girls 1.7m. Call 0734615657 KITENGELA 1ac @3M 0722762233 KITENGELA 1AC @3M 0712352252

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

TASSIA 66x25 1.5M call 0713156809 THIGIO 1/4 plot 0722524658 THIKA 1.5Km behind Mang'u High NGONG: Town 3br m/enst Apts
300m to Barclays 0701088127 4.45m NYAYO Embakasi m/snet 0725273006


KITENGELA 2acre 7m 0727376950 KITENGELA 3ac @20m0722733612 KITENGELA kisaju prime 1/8ac

plots @500k 0721455870 Wrisco KITENGELA Kisanju 1acre 7M 300metres from H/way 0722419583 KITENGELA Korompoi prime 1/4ac @1.4M 0721455870 Wrisco KITENGELA Milimani 1/8 Acre plots 2km from tarmac 0722998343 KITENGELA Milimani Estate next to Thorn Grove School 1/8 with title 650k dep 25% Bal. 3months 0726343631 KITENGELA near prison 1/8acre plot call 0716654140 KITENGELA nr Thorn Grove 5ac plots @2M p.a 0721455870 Wrisco KITENGELA plots @430Kper 1/8ac 0720043288, 020-550287 Vineyard KITENGELA serviced plts 1/8ac 500M from yukos 0721950787 Kitengela town 1a-10ac 0722467230 KITENGELA Yukos 1/4acre 3.7m neg 0711540073 KITE Town acre @36m 0720251188 KITE Ukulima Sacco 1/8 plots 1.7m 0732819337 KONZA 2.5acs call owner 0725443678 KONZA 8 acres 0722448088 KONZA City 7ac 12M 0789-180101 LIAKIPIA 6 acres 0721-648375

Kinangop 2ac with borehole,trees & fence 0735629828 O/RONGAI 1/4ac touching tarmac near Naz Uni 3.8m 0716320844 O/RONGAI 1/4 plots commercial resid opposite Laiser Academy 300mts from tarmac 0722769388 O/Rongai 1/8 350k, 600k 0722312536 O/Rongai 11acres 2.6@ 0722312536 PLOTS For sale Katani 50x100 650k Joska Mutalia 8plts @600k Mihango plt 30x50 600k Ruai Githunguri 50x100 with title 1.2M Ruai centre market plots 10x15 & 16x20 Tel 0722346935 RIDGEWAYS 1/2acre 0732401679 RONGAI 1/4 acre near Tusky ideal for flats1km inside 0736168382 RONGAI Kandisi section six near holy spirit Catholic Church 3 plots @ 1/8acres call 0733514696, 0722-313383 RUAI 1/8ac (50x100) 275,000/= 0722 450218,0722986680, Nemuge Co. Ltd RUAI 1/8ac 400,000/= prime with title 0202632731,0722986680 Nemuge Ltd RUAI 1/8acre 135,000/= best s/offer 0722450218, 0722986680 Nemuge

L/KABETE 2bed flat next to UON

THIKA 40x100 behind Mt. Kenya Univ.

clean title 2.8m owner 0722-779994

Sch 80x40 @650K, Maguguni 80x40 @400K installment Ok ready title 0728267725/0726148906

O/RONGAI 3br hse Ksh 5M 0721551419 OCCUPIED Hostel for sale with

THIKA from Mang'u H/sch 40x80 THIKA

RUAI 1/8acre 200,000/= with title 0789

767109, 0722986680 Nemuge Co. Ltd

Co. Ltd. Free Viewing Wed & Sat 9.30am

650K titles 0728267725/ 0707456974 rd plot 3rd row Ruiru 0725297795 THOME 1/2 acre18M 0735663284 THOME 1/2 arces Call 0729687100 THOME-1 18m 0705598148 owner THOME-V 1/2acre behind Safaripark hotel 0704-757875 TKA Landless 0.148 HA with title owner 2.5M tel: 0722425982 UMOJA Innercore 40x80 4.2M Tel: 0722870828 UMOJA Innercore plots 0729475785 UNEP/Runda 1.25ac, 1/2a 0722885302 UTHIRU plot for sale 0725097378 WAIYAKI Way 1ac prime 0725156510 WELL Fenced 4 adjoining 1/4acre plots, river frontage @Ruai Shs. 2.5m each or 9m the lot owner 0716707551

title on 1/4 acre behind K.U Call 0733-438091 ONE Storeyed building Kayole call 0716654140 ORONGAI Laiser 4br 0723683178 PORTABLE 2.5mt by 3mt heat proof kiosk ksh. 250k call: 0722748929 RESTAURANT For sale located Upperhill 5000SQFT Invited for viewing 0723907707 or 0725722225 RONGAI Hse 4 sale 3br 0720702180 ROYSAMBU Mirema drive 2storey hse income 120k Call 0729687100 RUIRU 2 Hses 3bedroom with title 5.5/6.5 Tel. 0723375215 RUIRU Eastern bypass 4br Bungalow ensuite 7.8M 0721354846/ 0720357710 RUIRU Kimbo 4brm maisonette dsq 2km from Thika rd 0722944068

ksh 25,000/= with B-hole on tarmac 0720408686 or 0712288517 L/Kabete 2br apt @25k 0729913703 LANGATA 1BR SELF 10K0722830991

COAST (Telephone
D531 Hotels

Coast Numbers Only)

LAVINGTON Valley 2 bedroom apt LIMURU

Ksh. 50,000/ month call: 0722720382 rd 3br master ensuite apartment 45000 Call 0726790685

MADARAKA 2&3br apt 0722813866 MEMBLEY Estate 3bedroom 30k

bedistter/sq 6k 0722918413

MFANGANO St. Shop/Stalls 800

sq/ft 0720215610/0202211057 0720215610 / 0722483396

N /WEST Mkt Centre 1br 0722678051/ NASRA Gardens 3brm/enst 10000lts

watertank Hot water 0722448396

NGARA Bed-sitter 0716358030 NGARA s/c rooms 11-15k 4451131/2 NGONG: Town 1br & 3br m/enst

A. Glory Nyali holiday resort 1,500/- pp

0735-202728, 0721895935 Mr. Bachani

+ b/fast & swimming pool 0202107105, 0721-895935, 0720- 298208,

RUAI-JOSKA, KBC 40x80 70k, 50x

B761 Premises, Offices for Sale

CBD office space
600,000 0726790685, 0735126839 Call

100 100k 150k 5km Kamulu 50x 100 450k, 400k, Joska 50x100 2km 500k ready titles. Viewing Sat 10.30am. Hope Realty Ltd Tusker Hse opp. Naivas 0727-867432, 0735696835 RUAI June Offer 50x100 with ready titles 300m from tarmac fully built area 495K only,others along Greater Eastern bypass 350K 0707456974/0728267725 Dolphins Real Estates Ltd RUAI town 100X100 1.8 near bypass 0725264950, 0750434140, 0736139434 RUAKA 150x100 0727466794 owner

Spacious 3bedrooms with DSQ all ensuite in Kileleshwa Mbooni Road. In secured location PRICE Kshs. 13.2M To book your slot pay Kshs. 3M now and Kshs 1.3M within 90days, Balance in 18months during the construction period For more information contact: Tofina Rom Builders Ltd Lavington Green shopping centre Chandarana Supermarket 3rd floor Mobile: 0733-944532, 0722-718161, 0733-677015 Website:

DSTV 24h sec. 13 & 23k 0701088127 NGONG Flats 2bedrooms master ensuite spacious Ksh 18,000/= Call Simon 0725-165000, 0733-677015 NGONG Town 3br exclusive apt ensuite 23k Tel 0715-507205 NGUMO 1br 8k 0722549004 ownr NYAYO Emba 3br apt 0722813866
apt .M/ensuite. 28k pm. owner 0732934535. NYAYO hirise 2BR 0722-702656

ATTN: Principals coming to Msa for

Annual conf; COASTGATE Hotel has special rates for you. Budget Exec Rms, BB. Free Transport to and from venue 0729170500

NYAYO estate embakasi new 3 bdrm

B768 Premises, Offices to Let

ADAMS G/hse 909 sqft 0722682212 CAFE shop pub office CBD0725817817 Ext/Biz rms B/Buru Ph-1 0710-205558 GODOWNS 5000-10000sqft 4454285 HARDWARE Shop to let, 650k

NYUMBALINK skyline apartmets

Sheikh Karome Rd Nrb 0723035025 0712606875, 0731540548 IND /Area Darsalam/ Rd Offices
0722678051 / 0720215610 / 0202211057

SOUTH-C 4br 15m 0722424328 SOUTH-C Mbugani 3b/rm hse + dsq


Emperon 5acres 1.5M 0721165669 Owner LUKENYA 5 acres @4.5m 2km from Daystar University 0700-323022


Ruai Joska 50x100 200,000/= Ruai Joska 50x100 very prime 300,000/= Ruai Joska 50x100 4km from Kangundo road 125,000/= Ruai Joska 50x100 2km from Kangundo road 500,000/= KBC 50x100, 3Km from Kangundo road 250,000/= Isinya 50x100 3km from Pipeline road 150,000/= Isinya 50x100 best offer 110,000/= Viewing free Ruai Wed & Sat 9.30am-10.30 am respectively Isinya Tues, Thurs & Sat 9.30 am Contact Truelands Holdings Ltd Reli-Co-op Hse, 4th Floor Rm 404, Mfangano St. Tel: 020-2250594, 0720738141 or 0734800400

KAREN Muiru Lane 5br+sc Guest

House 140k 0722678051, 0720215610

MACHAKOS Town plot 0.013Ha

for sale 1.6M call 0787192926 MAGADI 1-100acres before Tinga. Call 0729767098 or 020-6006319 MAGADI rd (LOODARIAK) 232acres 160,000 p.a 0722347033 MEBLY 1/4a 3.7m 40x80 2m 0722885302 Membley 40x80 2.7m 0738663797 MEMBLEY 40x80 with title bypass side 2.3m Call: 0789860908 MEMBLEY plot 1st row 1/4acre facing bypass titled 8m 0736219707

OFFICE 6th pklands 0733405407 SHOP&Office Baricho rd 0737512658 SHOP to let cross road 0722667019 SHOP To Let Patel Tel: 0722497066
junction of Kirinyaga road 7M

Ksh 13.5m 0727355955 SOUTH-C Solendo Est 5brm hse 2 ensuite, parking for 2, gated comm & in vacant position 18m Jeflock 0725568030 THIKA 2br hse 1.6m 0723147453 VClean 10flat 25m0725959512 owner

B789 Properties to Let

1&2BR furnished servd aprt 50 & 60k
pm or 2,500/- & 3k p/day 0729767098 1B/S Ngara 6, 000 cal 0720663050

B782 Properties for Sale

3bdr hse 50x100 title 3.7M quick sale AMAZING
TKA Kiganjo 0725576114 Offer Green pasture estate Kamulu - KBC 3brm Bung on 1/8acre Kshs 2.95M call: 0702487288

2 bedroomed houses in Zambia- Ngong


MHASIBUMwiki 1/8 770K 0722851228 MHIHOKO 1/8ac 750k 0722329180 MIREMA Drive 40 by 80 plot 6M
weigh bridge 50x100 3.5m 0787410771

contact owner: 0722748929 MLOLONGO commercial behind

RUIRU 1/8Acre 1.5km from Ruiru Ruai Bypass Behind Victoria Girls Secondary School next to PCEA Church 3M 0721-609428 or 0734258605 or 0722307050 RUIRU 50x100 with title 2km from bypass 0721789209

020-2252343, 0722-524481 ELEGANT 4 bed rm hse with 1 bed rm ext next to Buru Buru police station call 0719356214 or 0724584806 serious offers no agents

BARAKA 4br mais 8.5m 0722788500 BARICHO Rd GoDown 0733363100 EASTLEIGH 3br with ext

Ksh. 8,000/= pm. Call 0722756612 1BR 7K 0724829162 0WNER ARBORETUMDRIVE 2BR25K 722560832 running 15yr walk in walk out serious offers only good will req 0733618769/ 0726006618 to bypass 20,000. Has quarter acre farm 0716707551

new gated 500mts behind tuskys Embakasi 3br M/E @23,000/0716619989 0715270393 ORongai 3br 25k 0722632072 owner ORongai Total 4br 0723683178 RIRUTA 2bd clean 0722749910 RONGAI Exec 2br m/ens apt behind Uchumi spacious & modern DSTV gated community @22k 0722289881 RUAKA 2BR exec CCTV DSTV master ensuite inside parking hot shower intercorn 30k 0724474249 RUAKA Exec 2br m/ens apt DSTV CCTV Security modern & spacious & parking bash arena 0726968196 SAFARIPARK 4br+dsq 0720582155 SAFARIPARK Gardens executive 4bedrooms maisonette with study room & office space Call 0738464046 SOUTH B /Embakasi 1br new flats 17-23k-10-11k Cont. 0722404597

HOTELCOSTA Mtwapa pocket friendly cleans/c rooms s/pool parking DSTV 0732844942/ 0728595094

SUNSWEET, Shanzu s/pol, con/Hal

DSTV. rm&apt 1250pp 0724655315

D571 Hotels
BAXTON Leisure Lodge Msa Island
opp Municipal Stadium, Sagana Rd off Coach Mohammed Heri rd From 1300, Room TV for your comfort & Hot shower. Tel 0722252440 Email:

BAR & rest Zimmer Kamiti road

SOUTH-B SQ+Ext 0722321030 SOUTHC2br 20k 3br 30k0725817817 SOUTHC Bandari 3br apt 0722813866 STATE Hse 2BR 60K 0720 346 860 STH C 4br mais sq 50K 0722163379 THIKA 3Bed Maisonette with DSQ
close to town from 40k. 0713322142 / 0788319010

D557 Apartments available E740 Land Plots for Sale

KILIFI Beach 10acres 0722467230
delivered anywhere 0715-046690 in mombasa

BUNGALOW @Ruai 3bdrmd next BURU 1br 15k owner 0722847649 DONHOLM 3BR 16K 0735517638

UMOJA Inner-core 2br flats spacious

and clean 13500/= Tel 0722614009 or 0722784747 3br Apartment lease owner 0722-801568 for

Mlolongo title 1/8ac 0715086866 Mlolongo title 1/8ac 0727414187

MUCHATHA 1/8ac 5M 0722685995 MUGUGA 3acs 19M p.a 0720359005 MUIGAI Inn 40x80 1.65m 0727037569 MULINGE scheme 2ac 0715086866 MURANGA Kenol Plots 4080FT Next to Magomano Petrol Station. Ready Titles few remaining. Contact 0726571402 NAIROBI size 50x100 behind Kirinyaga rd 1st row new Kirinyaga road price 30m ono Tel 0733986877

GATANGA 2acres mature coffeee

RUIRUbypass 1/8 1.4m title 0722557356 RUIRU Bypass 1/8plot gated

community 3M Call: 0722-538443

RUIRU bypass 1/8 with title @1.5m

2km frm Thika Highway 900M from bypass 0714-540399 RUIRU Greater Eastern bypass special offer on 1/8acre plots 320,000 inc t/deed installments allowed owner South Edge properties 0724899404 RUIRU Toll 1acre on Thika Super Highway 60M Tel 0721926610 or 0731976828 RUNDA Mimosa 1/2 25M 0722711145 SABAKI 1/4ac Plot for sale off Mombasa Road 3.2M call 0787192926 SAIKA Est. Kangundo rd (Komarock Area) 1.25acre 60m ono 0722713264 SAIKA Plot 50X25 420K 0721642555 SPRINGValley rd 1/2ac 0719112415

asking 5M Tel 0786473263 GITH44 flats 4 sale 4 storey inc 135K @16m owner 0725-969842 GODOWN 500sqft 0722733612 GR/FIELD 3br+1br sq 11M 0722852214 GREATWALL 2br 4.8M 0723435664 HIGHRISE: H 2br 3.3m 0722344197


E761 Premises,Offices for sale

GODOWN Station Rd. 5000sq ft
feet free hold 45M ono 0722-784235

DONHOLM 3br 20K 0722605036 DOONHOLM 4br no extensions

secure no agents owner 0721684600

VILLA Franca 3br apt 37K 4451131 VILLA Franca Easy Court Apartment

HSE to let Kileleshwa 3br all ensuite

tastefully furnished 145k pm, 2br Madaraka apartment for sale 7.5m, 1/4 acre plot Isinya for sale from 750k, Konza land for sale 2 acr Comm, 10.8 acr Agri +254 20 263 7111, +254 736 724 666

NAIVASHA 10 acres 1.2M per acre

800 metres from Nakuru Highway 0722419583 or 0722527826

NAKURU Kirobon 5acs 0721302773 NAKURU Miti Mingi 50x100 Kshs

80,000. 0726744581, 0731703037 Scenic view L. Nakuru & elementaita. 1/8 plot with title2.1m 0707398962

KAHAWA Sukari 3br 0722733612 KAHAWA West Juakali near Mukasa

Dispensary Call: 0733790659 63k asking 6.5M 0722170079

To let in Kitengela. 2 bedroomed apartments very spacious, with borehole, water, stone wall, cabro paving/ playground.


3 Bedroom Kshs 28,000 security, water, garbage, maintainance Inc. 0725813791, 0733733170 ideal for motor bazar transporters yard etc 0722399550, 0733977861

E789 Properties to Let

MTWAPA Matundula 2bedroom
@10,000 Sokomjinga Mtwapa @8000 Contact 0733624898 0723556877

YARD 0.54 acres along workshop rd

B810 Wanted to Buy

1-2acre plot in Ngong or Kerarapon
area interested in selling or joint venture call 0721-921949


KAYOLE 3 storeys 28 rooms income KAYOLE 3stry hse 6m 0704770982 KIAMUMBI Hse on 60x80 0724348088 KIKUYU Town: Msafiri apartments

Contact Caretaker Charles: 070-017978

GACHIE 3brm hse 12k 0717604608 G-COURSE II 3 bed 45K 0726103009 GREAT Wall Msa rd 2br 0722813866 JAMHURI estate phase1 newly
furnished 3bdrm,call:0700505508

KILIMANI area 1acre aprox for

re-development call 0721-501111

18th Anniversary
It is exactly 18 years since that sad morning when you suddenly left us. Though gone we will forever cherish all that you impacted in us. We thank God for the memorable years we shared as a family Fondly missed by your loving wife mama Monica Awuor Sikuku, children, grand children, great grand children, friends and relatives.

NAKURU Pipeline on NBI-NKR rd NAMANGA1200ac 400Kp.a 0720728982 NAMANGA 500acres for 175M, Ideal
for SACCOs, Developers, Chamas. Raise 10% balance in 12 months. Financing arranged Call 0722-529304

Nanyuki- Mungetho/ Baraka 1/4 Acre

plots ksh. 600,000 No agents. Tell 0726770161

NDEIYA 5 acres @250,000/= per

acre call Wakaba 0722734373 NGONG 1/8 & 1/4acre plots shs. 850k to shs 3.2M o.n.o call 0721287142

NGONG Juango 1/2ac 0721302773 NGONG Olollua 1/2acr 3bdr hse Call
0718697112, 0722632502

ready, Malili Plots 50x100 Viewing Sat Esteem land surveying & Mapping Ltd Nalepo hse Sultan Hamud Few remaining 0713-944372, 07233-77001 SYOKIMAU (2) 1/8 plots behind Master Mind call 0721422857 Syokimau 1/4ac 5m title 0714929955 SYOKIMAU 1/4 acre 0722524909 SYOKIMAU 1/4acre corner plot clean title. Call 0724993290

S ULTAN 5 acs, touching Mba rd, t/deed

3b/r @5.5M & 2b/r with study @4.5M call Wakaba 0722734373 KILIMANI 3brd 18m ono 0720385354

Kahawa Tka rd 2br 23k 0715932879 KAHAWA Wendani nr Nakumatt


prime commercial new property 90M 0725156510

spacious b/sitters-s/contained Kshs. 6500/=. Tel.0722-995047 Tel 0715-507205, 020-2132708

KITISURU hse 5br 45m 0720800551 Komarock hse sec 3A 0721107642 LANGATA ,4br,mais sq15m 0722163379 LAV 4bd apt 14M 0727487013 LAVINGTON 3br apartment
020-2252343, 0722-524481

KIAMBU rd 2br executive apt 45k KIAMUMBI 2br 9K 0724674808 KILELESHWA Milimani splendor
3bdr apart 0722846673 owner New 75K. 0722 966132

KILIMANI 3BR apt Master ensuite KITENGELA Milimani 3br on 1/8ac

@20k p.m 0721455870 Wrisco

Boaz Sikuku Owuor

NKoroi /Maxwell 1/8ac 3m 0723683178

SYOKIMAU 1/4ac titled 0722673245 TASSIA 30x60 1.5m 0722376136

NGEI 1 clean& big 0725959512 owner NYAYO Emba 3br apt 0722813866

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Transition 63
It is with great sadness and humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the sudden death of Edward Mundia Mwaura (Eddie) which occurred at South Bend, Indian U.S.A.

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on of Elder Irene Wangui Kinyua Kabugi on 10th June 2013.

Promotion To Glory

Death and Funeral Announcement

Death and Funeral Announcement

We announce the death of Ephraim Nderitu. Son of the late Arthur Tutu and Miriam Muthoni Tutu. He was a retired civil servant and a father of Tutu, Noni, Shiru, Gitau and Ndichu. Brother of Kogi, Waruinge, Gathigia, Nyathigi, Maingi, the late Magothe and Wanjohi. He hailed from Hirigi Village in Ngorano Location of Mathira District. Burial will take place on 19th June 2013 at Langata Cemetery. The body leaves Lee Funeral Home on 19th June 2013 at 10.00 a.m.

Wife of Elder Charles Kinyua Kabugi. Mother of Daniel Kabugi, Timothy Murage, Stephen Murithi and Michael Kinyua (Equity Bank, Nairobi West). Sister of Caroline Muthoni (Muranga) and Peninah Kirubi (Nanyuki D. Hospital) Family and friends are meeting daily at her residence near Timau in Ngenia Kibiro Village and also at Evaton Junction Thika Town for prayers and funeral arrangements.

Irene Wangui Kinyua Kabugi


Son of Mr. Pius Mwaura Karanja (Wa Eddie) and Benadette Wambui (Mama Edie) of Karibaribi Thika Kiambu. Husband to Lucy Wanjiku Munida and father to the late Shirley Wambui Mundia of South Bend Indian U.S.A. Brother of John Karanja, Jackline Wambui (Thiwasco) and Lucy Mutohni Mwaura. Grandson of the late John Karanja, late Joseph Mundia Njui, Eunice Wambui Karanja and Lucy Muthoni Munida all from Karibaribi Thika. Nephew of late Francis Waweru, Mbugua (Bismark), Jane Wanja Njuguna of Landless Thika, Thomas Gakungu (U.S.A), Pauline Wamaitha (Texas-U.S.A). Cousin of Joseph Mundia Njui of Texas (U.S.A), Florence Njeri, Njuguna - Nairobi among others.

Edward Mundia Mwaura (Eddie)

1979 2013

Ephraim Nderitu.

The cortege leaves Nanyuki District Hospital Mortuary on Monday 17th June 2013 at 8.00 a.m. Thereafter burial and funeral service will be held at her husbands residence Ngenia from 11.00am. You have fought a good ght nished the race, I have kept the faith. 2nd Tim 4:7

Friends and relatives are meeting daily from 6.00 p.m at Thika Coconut Grill Hotel and his parents home Karibaribi.

May his soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.

The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Tuesday 18th 2013 starting at 9.00 a.m. Funeral and burial service will take place at his parents home Karibaribi, Thika Kiambu County. Rest in peace Eddie.

Thank You

Death and Funeral Announcement

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on to Glory of Mrs Tabitha Wangari Kamau . Wife of the late Charles Kamau Gakungu of Rwathia Njoguini Group of Companies. Mother of Cllr Mary Wanjeri Mihango (Former Deputy Mayor Nyahururu), the late John Irungu, the late Albert Macharia, Priscah Nyambura (Salama), Gladys Wanjiru (Dot Com Pub), Missionary S.K Kamau (Makuyu), Catherine Njambi (S.Sudan) and Rahab Muthoni (Nrb). Mother in law to John Mihango, Lucy Kaheti, Jean Njeri (Principal Chief Petero Chuka), Geoffrey Kamanja, Margaret W. Karanja (Muranga TT College) and Patrick Maina (Nrb). Grandmother and great grandmother to many. Family and friends are meeting daily at her home Rwathia farm Nyahururu and at Njoguini bar and restaurant Nairobi at 6 pm for prayers and burial arrangements. The cortege leaves Nyahururu District Hospital Mortuary on Wed 19th June 2013 at 9.00am and thereafter burial service at her home Rwathia farm Nyahururu. You kept your faith you nished the race.

Promotion To Glory

Tabitha Wangari Kamau (Nyina Wa Irungu)

1930 - 11/6/2013

We, Mildred, Jeffrey, Gilbert and Katherine Owuor, Leonora Nyadimo and the entire Nyadimo family, glorify and exalt the Almighty God for the gift of life and generous time the Lord gave Alfred to be with us here on earth. We express our deep and sincere gratitude to all those who loved and painfully mourned him, for sharing in our sorrow and sadness, for celebrating his life, and for your immense support following his untimely and sudden demise. We thank you for the prayers, phone calls, text messages, emails, letters, cards, visits, spiritual, emotional, and material assistance so spontaneously accorded us. We wish to recognize the seless and generous contributions of family, relatives, clan, friends, business associates, workmates, ofce and domestic workers, neighbors, and the amazing funeral committee; all who worked tirelessly to ensure all resources were made available to facilitate seamless funeral arrangements. Our immense appreciation for the support and encouragement from doctors at the Nairobi Hospital ICU, who fought to save Alfreds life; for the pastoral care of the Rt. Rev. Johannes Angela, Bishop of Bondo Diocese; the Vicar, Clergy and Members of St. Francis Church, Karen; the Provost, Clergy and Choir members of All Saints Cathedral; Rev Margaret and Rev. Joel Onyango Awili, Rev. Frederick Oyola and St. Pauls ACK Church, Majiwa. Our gratitude to Alfreds friends and his former colleagues at Unga Limited; former students of Alliance Girls High and St. Marys Schools; staff and former staff of the National Bank of Kenya, Kenya Revenue Authority, former ECK Commissioners and staff, Board members and staff of K-Rep Bank, Committee members of UON Alumni Association, GNLD distributors and staff, and friends from the USA; to Pearl Banquets for the catering services, and to those who so eloquently and passionately gave tributes at the services in Nairobi and Majiwa, Sakwa. It is not possible to name everyone who gave and continue to extend to us support and encouragement during the sad and difcult times. Please accept our assurance that your support, input and contributions are deeply appreciated.Through standing with us, you gave and continue to give us strength and grace to bear this great loss. May God bless you all abundantly for your kindness and unwavering support and encouragement. Hebrews 4:16 So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God There we will receive his mercy, and we will nd grace to help us when we need it.

Alfred Peters Owuor

Death and Funeral Announcement

Damaris Gachigi Michobo
1929 - 10th June 2013
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on of Mrs. Damaris Gachigi Michobo. She was the daughter of the late Ngotho Kahara and Esther Njambi Ngotho of Ndumbuini, Uthiru. She was wife of Elder Wallace Gichuru Michobo. Sister of Eunice Nganga, Rahab Njenga, Gladwell Gathu, Daisy, Chris Kahara, Richard Mbugua and the late Edward Muchene. Sister-in-law of the late Thomas Nganga, the late Simon Njenga, the late Leonard Gathu, Late Dr. Mwangi & Agather Wangechi and Rev. Judy Mbugua; Phyllis Njambi Gathungu, the late Winnie Wanjiku, the late Violet Nyamwinga, the late Wanja Kimachia, the late Mwalimu Samuel Ngugi, Mwalimu Francis Muiruri, the late Julius Kinyanjui, Ruth Gathuri and Titus Gitau. Loving mother of Mrs. Rosemary Ngwiri (USA) and the late Simon Thande, Martin Ngotho (UK) and Tabitha Waithera, Victoria Njambi, Wanjiru Michobo and Simon Kinuthia Wainaina, Grace Nguhi (UK), Kambi and Phillip Njoroge, Nduru and Ann (UK). Auntie, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend to many more. Family and friends are meeting daily for prayers at the family home in Mai-ai-ihii (Near Alliance Boys & Girls) Kikuyu starting from 4.00p.m. The cortege departs PCEA Kikuyu Hospital Mortuary on Tuesday 18th June 2013 at 10.00 for a Funeral Service at P.C.E.A Church of the Torch, Kikuyu at 11.00a.m followed by burial at the Presbytery Cemetery next to the Church. Loved ones never die, they leave behind a legacy in our hearts that lives forever. Rest in peace Damaris

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the death of Mrs. Leah Wairimu Njoroge Muchugi. Daughter of the late Mwangi Kihuga and late Wanjiru. Loving wife of late Paul Njoroge Muchugi. Sister of Kihuga, late Njeri, Mburu, Mugure, Kinyanjui, Nyambura. Mother of Wilson Njoroge of Kenya Power. Mother-in-law of Dinah Njoroge of Action Africa Help. Grandmother of Njoroge, Christine and Muthoni. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at her home, Muhutiini, Githunguri, Kandara and at Thome V, Mukima Drive off Garden Estate Road.

Leah Wairimu Njoroge Muchugi

The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Mortuary on Wednesday, 19th June 2013 at 9.00 a.m. for funeral service at Saint Stephens ACK Kangengu Church and burial will take place at her home Muhutiini village, Kandara Muranga. 2 Tim 4:7:You have fought a good ght; you have nished the race and have kept the faith. Rest in eternal peace mum

Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, or glory in the flower, We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. William Wordsworth

It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing-on of our dad Francis Kioko Mutuku which occurred at Kangundo Hospital on 8th June 2013. Son of the late Samuel Kioko and Anna Ndumi. Husband of Stella Mutuku (Nairobi City Council).

Death and Funeral Announcement

Father of Stanley Mutuku (DHL), Ann Mutuku (Manchester) Pascaline Mutuku (Kenya Airways), Peter Mutuku (Event Intent), Rose Mutuku (Aga Khan). Father-inlaw of Alex Maweu (KQ), Cathrine Muasya, Winnie Ngugi (Telkom). Grandfather of Natasha, Amani, Brian, Gift and Wesley. Brother of Esther, Kingoo, Tabitha, Agnes, Patrick, Wavinya and Muthini.

Francis Kioko Mutuku

Uncle of many. Cousin of Munyaka and Dan Munyao among many others. Friends and relatives are meeting Norwich Union 7th oor room 3 daily from 6pm-8pm. There will a service at AIC Ziwani, Nairobi near Starehe Boys Centre on Thursday 20th June from 11am. The cortege leaves KU mortuary on Saturday 22nd for funeral service and burial at his farm, Kilalani sublocation, Kangundo District. We loved you but God loves you more. Always in our hearts forever. Rest in peace dad.

William Wordsworth

64 | Transition
We regret to announce the death of Mama Milkah Narotso Barasa. Wife of Mzee Abiud Barasa which occurred on 6th June 2013 due to long illness bravely born. Daughter of Lolwe Ofokha (diseased) and Rhoda Auma Lolwe (deceased). Sister of Benjamin Khamusini (Kinyoro), Kitale, Fridah Walukana (Naitiri), Norah Sirari (deceased), Absolom Wabwire (deceased) and Reverend Dismas Wanyonyi of Kamusinga village. Mother of Kenneth Okware (deceased), Lillian Kakai formerly of Tongaren Health Centre, Jessy Olukutukei (Wandera) formerly of Immigration Department; Feed the Children and Mercy Corps, Collins Barasa (deceased) and Evelyn Odanga of Misanga Primary School, Kitale. Mother-in-law of Judith Okware (Bungoma), Beatrice Olukutukei (Cemestia, Nairobi), Benedict Olukutukei (Bungoma), John Kakai (formerly of KMTC Kakamega) and Wilstead Odanga (deceased). Grandmother of Nickson Barasa (Kimilili), Haggai Olukutukei (UK), Milly Okware (Nairobi), Caleb Barasa (Naitiri), and Stella Odanga (Kitale) among other thirty grandchildren. She is also survived by Seventeen great grandchildren. The cortege will leave Lumboka Funeral Home, Bungoma, on Thursday 13th June 2013, for service at Kamusinga St Peters ACK Church at 2.00pm. Burial will take place on Saturday 15th June 2013 from 9.30 am.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Death and Funeral Announcement

Mama Milkah Narotso Barasa

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on of Justus Kirimi MIkiugu (Ukuu, Nkuene Division, Meru County) which occurred on Sunday 9th June 2013 at Consolata Hospital Nkubu after a short illness. Son of late MArimba MIrambu and Tabitha Gakungu. Loving husband of Elizabeth Tirindi. Father of Ziporah Gakii IKiara (formerly of Meru Central Farmers) Julius Mwiti (Gikumene Girls Sec.sch.) Chairman SIDA, Jane Thuranira, the late Orripah Mwiti, Peter Mugambi (PEMA Nyahururu), late John Muriungi, Florence Kagwiria Bundi (Ministry of Health (G.S.U) Nairobi), James Mwenda (Assistant chief Buriekingori sub-location) and Godffrey Mutuma (Greenland Master Mind Thika). Brother of Rebecca MKiara, Zipporah Mberenya Mbeeria and late Marion MArimi. Adoring father in-law of Mrs Florence Mwiti (Ukuu Pri. Sch.), Mrs Margaret Mugambi (Bishop Louis High sch. Nyahururu) Harun Kiara (Surveyor), Bundi, Thuranira, Kathambi and Jane. Grandfather of Nkirote, Mutwiri Kithinji, Nkatha, Gitonga, Mutugi, Munene, Kenneth, Gitonga, Dennis, Kendi, Kush, Betty, Mutethia and Mureti. Great grandfather of Murithi, Rama, Muthuri, Koome and Kathure. Friends and relatives are meeting daily starting at 6.00 p.m. at Sanvalencia Hotel Nairobi, Safari Hotel Meru, Joycem plaza Nkubu, Pema Hotel Nyahururu and his home Ukuu. The cortege leaves Consolata Hopital Nkubu Mortuary on Tuesday 18/6/2013 at for burial service at Ukuu Methodist church and thereafter for burial at his farm, Muthara Village Ukuu Location.

Celebration of a Life Well Lived

We regret to announce the passing on of Paul Muthee Ndungu formerly of Kairuthi Distributors which occurred on the morning of Tuesday 11th June 2013 after a short illness. Son of the late Peter Ndungu Wainaina (Kairuthi) and the late Mary Mwihaki Ndungu. Son in-law of the late Edward Njoroge Chege and Jane Nyambura (Gilgil). Loving husband of Gladwell Wairimu, father of Sylvia Mwihaki Muthee (Methodist University) and Peter Ndungu Muthee (Thigio Boys), Brother of Michael Wainaina Ndungu (W.K. Auto & Hardware Kariobangi), the late Nancy Gathoni, Alice Njeri Kamau, Mercy Njeri (Kairuthi Green Grocers), Priscillah Wambui (C.B.A Bank) and Stephen Mburu Wainaina. Brother in-law of Moses Chege, Alice Wanjiku, Irene Wanjiru, Nelly Njeri, Samson Kinyanjui and John Njenga (Gilgil). Friends and relatives are meeting daily at the family residence in Gikuni village Kirangari Sub-location, Kabete for prayers and burial arrangement.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Born: 1932 Died: 9th June 2013

Justus Kirimi Mikiugu

The cortege leaves Lee Funeral Home on 18th June 2013 at 9.00 a.m. followed by funeral service and burial at their home in Gikuni Village Mukui starting from 11.00 a.m. May God Rest his soul in eternal peace

Born 6th Dec 1965 Died 11th June 2013

Paul Muthee Ndungu

We the family of the late Esther Wanjiku Karani ,wish to most sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to you who went out of your way to console us and to offer us support during and after the burial of our dear mother and cucu.


May God rest her soul in Eternal Peace. ... Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Matthew 25:21

Thank you for organizing and participating in the Nyahururu burial committee led by Dr. Ndegwa. Thank you for travelling from far to visit us at our homes. Thanks to Ngarua, Igwamiti and Nyahururu friends for organizing prayers and escorting Esther to her nal resting place. Thanks to those who offered transport and those who made donations. Thanks to Mwaki wa Asian, Nyahururu led by Mr. Gikonyo. Thanks to Fathers Karoki and Kubai together with Nyahururu Catholic Church Choir for conducting the burial ceremony. Thanks to you who we may not have mentioned. May the good Lord bless you abundantly.

Ministry of Health Death and Funeral Announcement

Esther Wanjiku Karani

It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance that we announce the sudden death of our beloved Joseph Nduati Mbaka formerly of NSSF Nairobi which occurred in the morning of 08/06/2013 at Marura Nursing Home Kiambu Town. Son of the late revered Arthur Mbaka and late Gladys Wanjiku Mbaka of Mwandus Kiambu. Loving husband of Mary Wangui Nduati. Father of Susan Wanjiku (UK), Beth Wambui Kagiri (Bidco Oil), Serah Waithera Macharia (UK), late Ruth Wangari and Arthur Mbaka (UK). Brother of late Serah Waithera Gatumbi, Ben Wamiti, late Andrew Mbito, late Charles Waiharo, James Gichui and Esther Nyakio. Son-in-law of late Ezekiel Wanyoike and late Lucia Kabui Wanyoike from Miguta Githunguri. Brother-in-law of Wanyoikes from Miguta-Githunguri. Father-in-law of Joseph Kagiri, James Mwangi Macharia (UK). Grandfather of Zara Wakarima. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at his Mwandus Residence Kiambu Town from 4.00pm for funeral arrangements. The cortege leaves Mukoe Funeral Home Githuguri Monday 17/06/2013 at 9.00a.m for funeral service and burial at his home in Mwandus Kiambu Town. We give God all the glory.

Death and Funeral Announcement


Joseph Nduati Mbaka

Duncan Ndegwa

Jane Wanjiku Ndegwa

Its with deep sorrow that we announce the tragic deaths of Mr. Duncan Ndegwa (Muriranjas District Hospital) and Jane Wanjiku (Mukurweini District Hospital) which occurred on Saturday 8th June 2013 after a re tragedy at their Mukurweini residence. Mr. Ndegwa was a son of Ephraim She was daughter of the late Erastus Mwangi Muya and the late Rose Mwangi Kabui and Lucia Wambui Mwangi, sister of Lydia Wangechi, Joseph Kabuti, Waruguru. Stepson of Gladys Wagithi, Stephen Kariuki, Hannah Wangui, brother to the late Bernard Maina, Symon Waruhiu, Rose Muthoni and Alice Waigumo, Gerald Wanjohi and Joyce Wathanu. Virginia muthoni. They had three children, Catherine Wambui, Ephraim Karugia and Cecilia Waruguru. Grandparents to Chelsea Wangui. Parents in law to Patrick Karanja. Funeral arrangements are ongoing at Kamara Estate, Mukurweini D. Hospital, Muraranjas D. Hospital and Kiahungu town. The corteges leave Mukurweini D. Hospital Mortuary at 9.00 am and thereafter funeral service and burial at their Kibutio home on Friday 21st June 2013 at 10:00 a.m. There will be a fundraising towards the Hospital bill and funeral arrangements at Muhito P.C.E.A. on Sunday 16th June at 2:00p.m. Friends and well-wishers can also contribute through M-pesa. 0704545757.

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Benson Chege Kamau (Kirenga Village, Lari District). Husband of Miriam Wambui Chege. Brother of the late Eunice Wanjiru Giceha, the late Joseph Kwera and Mary Wangeci Ngugi. Father of Margaret Nduta, Freshiah Wairimu, Eunice Wanjiru, Mary Wangechi, Polly Njeri, John B. Kamau, Elvetts Mwaura, Joe Kwera, Francis Thiongo and the late Mary Njoki. Father in-law of the late Stephen Mwathi, Stanley Muturi, the late Andrew Edagwa, Elijah Runo, Mercy Kamau, Njoroge Gacanja, Pascalia Syokau, Justina Katunge, Wairimu Thiongo. Grandfather and greatgrandfather of many. Family and friends are meeting daily at his Kirenga home daily, at Emmacra Hotel on Friday 14th June, Saturday 15th and Monday 17th for prayers and burial arrangements.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Ofce of The Attorney General

The cortege will leave Uplands Funeral Home on Tuesday 18th June 2013, at 9:00 a.m. The funeral service will be held at AIC Kirenga Church starting 10:00 a.m. Burial thereafter at his farm in Kirenga Village.

Benson Chege Kamau

Promotion To Glory

Its with great grief that we announce the promotion to glory of mama Joyce Samba Amon on 6th June 2013.

Promotion to Glory

Wife of the late Edward Kihaki Amadi and daugter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Amon Mwanjala Mwandawiro. She was blessed with two daughters Diana Amadi married of Antony Gitau and Reba Amadi married of Emmanuel Papa and one granddaughter Cheyenne Gitau Prayers and meetings are taking place in Nairobi at Apple green hazina towers ground oor and in Mombasa Hotel Dorse. The cortege leaves pandya funeral home on Friday 14th June 2013 at 10.00 a.m. for mariakani and nal respect on Saturday 15th June 2013. Its God who gives and its the same God who takes. May the soul of our lovely mama rest in eternal peace. Amen psalms 115:15

Its with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the death of Mr. Jackson Ochengo Nyaigoti of The Attorney Generals Ofce which occurred on 10th June 2013 at KNH after a short illness. Son of the late Nyaigoti Nyankurate and late Prisca Moraa. Loving husband of Mrs Linet Mokeira Ochengo. Loving and caring father of Reuben Onyancha, Eric Mogoko, Sylvia Kwamboka, Albert Kereri and Enock Achoki. Brother of Nyaboke, Hellen, Jelia, Orutwa, Julius. Step-brother of Late Mose, Guto, late Moraa and late Bochaberi. Father in law of Rose faith Moruri. Grandfather of Cynthia Moraa, Nyaribari, Edna, Judy among others, Great grandfather of Carlene and Annice. Son in law of the late Sagwe Nyangau and late Prisca Kerubo. Brother in law of Nyangau (Enchongu), Nyakundi, Vane, Joyce, Ateka, Chache among others, Cousin of Charles, Alice among others. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Professional Center and Joska home for prayers and funeral arrangements as from 5pm. There will be a main fundraising to offset medical and Funeral expenses on Tuesday 18th of June 2013 at 680 Hotel. The cortege leaves KNH Private Wing Mortuary on 20th June 2013 at 8.00am and will be laid to rest at his home Marindi village, Bundo sub location. Nyamira County on 21/6/2013.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Jackson Ochengo Nyaigoti

Dad, you fought a good ght, you nished the race and you have kept the faith, you have been an inspiration to many. In Gods hands you rest, in our hearts you remain forever. Amen.


Joyce Samba Amon

Naomi Wairimu Kanyugi

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that Mzee Hezekiah Kanyugi and his entire family of Kangari Muranga County announces the passing on to glory of his wife, Naomi Wairimu Kanyugi on 06/06/2013. Family and friends will have a nal prayer at his home in Kangari today at 4.00 pm. The cortege will leave Githumu Hospital on Saturday 15th June 2013 at 10.00am for the funeral service at ACC & S Church, Kangari starting from 11.00 am. Burial will take place at her home on Saturday 15th June 2013 in Kangari farm, next to the church, after the service. Rest in Peace Mum. Amen

It is with profound shock that we announce the passing on of Joel Muange Mbondo formerly of General Motors and Alawaika Ltd. Son of James Mbondo and Mama Grace Ndulu. Son-in-law of the late Col. Meshack Birgen and Mama Esther Birgen. Husband to Prisca Birgen and father of Derek Mbondo. Brother of Titus, Francis, Moses, Samuel, Veronica, and Tabitha. Brother-in-law of Hosea, Dorothy, Rosemary and the late Helen. Uncle of Rose amongst others.

Death Announcement

We regret to announce the passing on of CPL Charles Murithi Mwirigi of Coast Provincial Police headquarters attached VIP security of Hon. Kareke Mbiuki on 11th June 2013 after short illness at Nairobi hospital ICU unit. Beloved son of Francis Mwirigi and Zippora. Son in-law of Marete, Alice, Monica. Beloved husband to Lucy Murithi. Father of Karen Mwendwa (JKUAT MBSA), Franklin Mutuma (Meru Sch), and Tessy Gatwiri (Golden SeaMbsa), Brother to Rose, Gacheri, Muchai, Mutwiri (KBC), Kiende, Ayub, Kinya ,Sammy and late George. Brother in-law to Fridah, Jane, Catherine, Dorothy, David, Makena, Irene, Mercy, Murithi Kithinji, Mutembei and Gikunda.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Family and friends are meeting at his home in Ntirimiti, Joycem Nkubu, California restaurantMombasa and All Saints Cathedral Nairobi for burial arrangements.

CPL Charles Murithi Mwirigi

24/12/1969 - 11/06/2013

Friends and relatives are meeting daily at 5.30 pm at Nyayo Swimming Pool Cafeteria. The burial date will be announced later.

Joel Muange Mbondo

There will be a fundraising to defray hospital bill on 18th June 2013 at All saints cathedral Nairobi and on 19th June 2013 at California restaurant-Mombasa. Memorial service will be held on 19th June 2013 at Kariakor Methodist church starting at 10.00 am. The cortege leaves Kenyatta University mortuary on Friday 21st June 2013 at 6.00 am for burial at his home in Ntirimiti location, Buuri District of Meru County. In Gods hand you rest, in our heart you live forever.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Transition 65
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on of Martin Kinoti Kibiti Alias Councillor of Meru Nissan SACCO which occurred on 7th June 2013 at KNH after a short illness. Son of the late Obadiah Kibiti and the late Stella Karuru Kibiti. Grandson of the late Japhet Mugwika MItirithia and Mary N. Japhet. Husband of Purity Kendi Kinoti and Winnie Wanjiku Kinoti. The father of Vicent Muriungi Kinoti, Nancy Mukiri Kinoti and Nicholas Mwenda Kinoti. He had one brother and two sisters. Cousin, brother in-law, uncle, nephew and a friend to many. Friends and relatives are meeting at Emmaccra Hotel (Tea Room) every day at 5.00 p.m. for burial and funeral arrangements. The cortege will leave KNH Mortuary on Wednesday 191h June 2013 at 6.00 a.m for service and burial at Nari location, Meru County. May God rest martins soul in eternal peace

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the death of John Kageche Kimani, (which occurred on 8th June, 2013 ) of Gitaru Village, Kikuyu Division, Kiambu County. Husband of the Late Joyce Njeri Kageche. Father to George Kimani Kageche (Sigona), Esther Wangari Kihiko (Milangine, Nakuru County), Margaret Nyokabi Karanja (Wakageche), Mercy Wanjiku, Eddy Njunge Kageche, Nancy Wangari, Charles Njathi and Evah Wacu Muratha. Brother to the Late Njathi Kimani, Ndauwa Kimani and Wangari Geteru. He was Father-in-Law to Marion Kimani, Late Naftaly Kihiko Kiore, James Karanja, Helen Kageche (KPLC), Late Waceke Njathi and James Muratha (K. Sukari). Grandfather to Kiore (Nkr), Joyce, Kinyanjui, Kahura, Henry, Kageches, Carol, Warui, Dan, among others and great grandfather to many. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at his home. The Cortege leaves PCEA Kikuyu Hospital Mortuary on Tuesday 18th June, 2013 at 9.00 a.m. followed by service and burial at his home in Gitaru (Kawachira), Kikuyu. We thank God for all the many years he gave you.You have lived a full Life and may you rest in peace until we meet again.

Death & Funeral Announcement

Death and Funeral Announcement

We regret to announce the demise of Laban Mbugua Gikonyo-African Discovery Tours and Travel Malindi and hails from Magana Village, Munyu Location, Thika East District.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Son of Gad Gikonyo and Grace Wanjeri. Brother of Karanja, Kimani, Munge, Wainaina, Kuria, Wanjiru, Wambui and the late Wanjiku. Husband of Keziah Wanjiru. Father of Gikonyo, Karanja, Erick Gikonyo and Wanjeri Family and friends are meeting at Open View Club Malindi, at his Casaurina Milele residence and at his parents home in Munyu Thika.

John Kageche Kimani

Martin Kinoti Kibiti Alias Cllr


Cortege leaves Bishop Okoye Funeral Home in Thika on Saturday 15th June 2013 at 9.00 a.m. for burial same day at his parents home in Munyu, Thika East District.

Laban Mbugua Gikonyo

Born 4/5/1971 Died 9/6/2013

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on of Harrison Kamau Kihumbu which occurred in California USA on 02/06/13. Son of Arthur Kihumbu Thairu and Margaret Nyakio Thairu of Mwimuto Village, Kiambu County. Brother of John Thairu and Jackie Thairu, Judy and Richard Bere and Maryanne Thairu.

Death and Funeral Announcement

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the death of Charles Wamui James on 10/06/2013. Son of James Watiiri and Lucy Wanjiku of Kabocha Village. Beloved husband of Hannah Nduta Wamui. Father of Grace Wanjiku (Dedan Kimathi University), Sammy Mwaura (Nyandarua High) and Abigael Murugi (Achievers Academy-Ruiru). Brother of Leah Njeri, Joram Muni, late Lydia Nyambura, Alice Wairimu, Joseph Nginyo, Samuel Kairu and Ernest Ngigi. Son In-law of the late James Ndungu Mbaria and Margaret Murugi of Githunguri- Ngecha.

Death and Funeral Announcement

We the family of Beth Nyambura wish to thank the almighty God for the gift of a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister aunt and friend.


Husband of kellen Njoki. Father of Yvette Nyakio Kamau. Grandson of the late Mr. & Mrs. John Thairu Kihumbu and the late Harrison Kamau and Judith Waithaka. Uncle, cousin, nephew and friend to many. The cortege leaves Montezuma Monalisa funeral home on Tuesday 18/06/2013 at 10.00am followed by service and burial at his parents farm in Mwimuto Njathaini at 12pm. Family and friends are meeting daily at his parents farm in Mwimuto-Njathaini for prayers and funeral arrangements. Loved ones never die,they leave a legacy behind in our hearts that live forever. Amen

We wish to convey our most sincere and heartful gratitude for the overwhelming love and support we received from relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fans and well wishers through prayers and visits, material support, great words of comfort and encouragement accorded to us during our time of bereavement on facebook and Twitter. Special appreciation to Royal Media Services fraternity, Star Newspaper, Nation Newspaper, Mediae Productions, Guango Ltd., A.C.K Kanyariri Church, Kanyariri High School, Commitee members, Doctors & Nurses of KNH and Equator Meridian Hospital.

Harrison Kamau Kihumbu

6/12/1975 - 3/06/2013

It is with great sadness and humble acceptance that the family wishes to announce the death of Gerald Waithaka Mwanu of Mweiga Expages on June 08th, 2013. Husband of Late Gladys Wamahiga, Jane Muringi and Catherine Wambui. Brother of Moses Ndungu, Sister Esther Nyambura, Wamucii Rugongo, Late Wangui Ndungu and Late Josephine Wambui.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Friends and relatives are meeting daily for prayers and funeral arrangements at his residence in Ruiru- Mugutha village, at his parents residence in Kabocha and for Malindi friends at Comeback restaurant, starting from 6.00 pm in all venues.

Charles Wamui James

The cortege leaves Gachie Funeral home on the 18/06/13 at 9.00 am and thereafter burial at Kabocha Village. Blessed are those who die in the Lord.

(Mother-in-law) Since it is not possible to thank each one of you individually, kindly accept this message as our familys expression of our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of you who participated in one way or another.
May God Bless you abundantly. Asanteni Sana

Beth Nyambura Mbaya a.k.a Wanade

Loving Father, a Grandfather and a Great Grandfather to many.

Gerald Waithaka Mwanu

The church service will be conducted at Nganga AIPCA Church Expages and later the body will be laid to rest at his Mweiga Farm on Saturday June 15th, 2013, starting at 10am. Family and friends are meeting in Nairobi, Norwich Union House Room 5A and his Mweiga home for prayers and funeral arrangements.

Dickosn Muthomi Kobia was born on 17th August 1981 in Anchenge village, Antobochiu Location, Igembe District, Meru County, He is the 4th born of the late Alexander Kobia Mwirabua and Margaret Kobia. Grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Aloise Mwenda and the late Mr and Mrs Mwirabua. Brother of John Mwiti Kobia, Kenya Police Nakuru, Raphael Mwenda Nelion Construction Company Nairobi, Magdaline Kawira Kariuki (St Marys Secondary SchoolIsiolo), Ann Makena Gitonga (PACJA-Nairobi), Agatha Kobia (Nkabune Technical Training Institute-Meru). Dickson is succeeded by his wife Mary Makena and two children Wycliffe Muriira and Pityness Mwendwa both in Good Shepherd Academy Anchenge. Uncle of Mercy Mwendwa, Mark Murimi, Natasha Wanjiru, Jayden Muthuri, Gavin Karani, Owen Mawira, Joyce Wanja, Ryan 17/8/1981-7/6/2013 Muriki,Ayannah Mwedwa and Nicole Mukiri. Brother-in-law of Esther Wanjiku, Mercy Mwenda, Dickson Kariuki, Fred Gitonga. Nephew of Eustus Mauta, Mithika Mwenda, Robert Kubai, Kendi, Kainda, Kamami among others.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Dickson Muthomi Kobia

It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the death of Mama Dorcah Murasi Aloyo, Retired Senior Evangelist of St. Stephens Mulwanda ACK Parish, Butere Diocese which occurred on 8/6/2013 at Milimani Hospital, Kisumu. Loving wife of the late Baba Samuel Aloyo Sharanda of Ebukambuli Ebuluma village. Daughter of the late Kukhu Martha Nehondo and Murasi of Ebuseta village, Marama. Mother of Prof. George Eshiwani (Pro-Chancellor, Mt Kenya University), Edwin Luchemo (formerly ECK), Beatrice Amunga (formerly Egerton University), Howard Aloyo (Retired Principal, Chebuyusi High school), late Jimmy Aloyo, Margaret Aloyo Malau (Kenyatta University), late Augustine Sharanda, David Aloyo (Kilimo Sec. school) and Florah Aloyo (principal, Kisima girls high school). Mother in law of Rebecca, Doris, Nellie, the late Moses Amunga, Margaret, the late Phyllis Aloyo, Nicholas Malau, Fridah, Mary and Dr. Beauttah A. Ngaya. Adoring and Caring grandmother of Thomas Waswa Eshiwani, Barry Eshiwani, Pamella Anyanga, Sammy Luchemo, Joyce Anyanzwa, Henry Amunga, Fred Sharanda, Paul Omulupi, Johnston Weche, Reuben Miruya, Sarah Ashubwe, Brian Amunga, Sammy Eshiwani (Junior), Sammy Livingstone Aloyo, Sammy Gift Amukhoye and Ronnie Sammy Eshiwani among others. Great grandmother to many. She was Senje to many Abaseta. The cortege will leave Sagam Funeral Home at 8am on Saturday 15/6/2013 for a church service at St. Stephen ACK Mulwanda Church at 10.30am. She will be laid to rest at her home on Monday 17/6/2013. Funeral service will start at 9am.

Celebration of a life

Snr. Evangelist Dorcah Murasi Aloyo

You made a difference in our lives Mama, Goodbye Mama. Your sun will never set again and your moon will wane no more, the Lord will be your everlasting light! (Isaiah 60:20)

He was working as a teacher in Ngitani primary School.

We the family of the late Margret Mbutu Nguitui wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Almighty God for giving us such a loving mother.


He will be laid to rest on Saturday 15th June, 2013 at his Fathers Farm, Achenge Village Meru County.

We want to register our heartfelt appreciation to the family, friends, neighbours, churches, doctors and pastors for your prayers, messages of condolence, encouragement, moral and nancial support following the bereavement and the burial of our beloved mum. We will forever treasure in our hearts your profound kindness and generosity.

Our special thanks goes to AIC Thigio Church, the entire Kikuyu PCC, the gospel musicians who graced the occasion, the burial committees at Thigio, AthiRiver and Kitengela and our mums best friends who stood with her during her nal days. As it is not possible to mention each and everyone individually, kindly accept this notice of appreciation as an expression of our utmost gratitude. Asanteni Sana! Koma Thayu Maitu

Margaret Mbutu Nguitui

It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the sudden death of Teresiah Njeri Kamotho, which occurred on 11th June 2013 at Muranga District Hospital. Daughter of the late Francis Mbaria Mathai and Mrs. Jacinta Wanjiku Mbaria of Gatunguru Village in Mathioya District. Step-daugter of Helina Nyambura Mbaria. Mother of Rose Mwariri, Anthony Muchai, MaryAnne Wangari of S.A, late Catherine Nduta, late Wairimu Kamotho, Francis Mbaria and James Karina. Motherin-law of Peter Mwariri Chege, Beatrice Muchai, Wangui Mbaria and Mary Karina. Sister to Nduta Kiragu, late Raphael Muchiri, Martha Wambui, Salome Kingori, late Peter Muchiri, John Muchunu and Mwangi Mbaria, among others. Grandmother of Carol Mwariri, Njeri Mwariri, Kamotho Muchai, Kamotho Mbaria, Mbaria Muchai, Wangari Karina, Chege Mwariri, Muteru Mbaria and Chege Muchai. Aunt of many.

Death and Funeral Announcement

The family of Duncan Kiiru Karathe wish to inform our friends and relatives of the triumphant entry into glory, on Tuesday, 11th June 2013, of Mama Jane Wanjiku Kiiru after a brave battle with diabetes. Loved wife of Mr. Duncan Kiiru Karathe and Co-wife to Mrs Jane Waceke Kiiru. Daughter to the late Mwangi Wandugi and the late Grace Wairimu. Sister to : Florence, Catherine, Alice; Lucy and the late Muturi, John, Kibinge, Nelius and Kimani.

Ushered into Heaven

Teresiah Njeri Kamotho

Mother of Wandugi KK (Wandugi & Co Advocates), Muthoni and Jennifer ((Utalii College); Charles and Margaret Wathini (TSC); Njeri and Jimmy ( Kinangop); Wairimu (Wandugi & Co Advocates); Sarah (CMD-Kenya) and Nicholas Muhoya (KCAA) and Muturi (DEO, Igembe S) and Catherine ( Muranga College Pri). Step- mother to the late Wangui and Kamau (Kitale), Muragu and Muthoni (Muhoroni); CK Muhia ( MoD) and Catherine; Njeri and Mwaura 1927 - 2013 (Elburgon)); Mbare ( Kimandi Sec ) and Pascaline (Kangema High); Wanjiru & Mwangi (Kangema) Robinson (Wamahiga Sec ) & Purity (Kilimambogo TTC); Karathe ( NHIF, Meru) Muguru; and Karuri (Smart Sudios, Mwiki).

Jane Wanjiku Kiiru

Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Muranga Mukawa in Muranga from 7.00pm and her Maragi home for prayers and burial arrangements. The cortege leaves Muranga District Hospital Mortuary on Wednesday 19th June, at 9.00am for funeral service at the graveside at her home in Maragi Village, Township location Kiharu, Muranga County. Cheerful ones never die, they leave a legacy in our hearts. May The Almighty God grant you rest.

Thanksgiving and planning meetings are being held at All Saints Cathedral from Friday, 14th June and Monday to Wednesday from 5.30 pm and at the family home in Thirikwa. The cortege is at Kenyatta University Funeral Home, awaiting celebration of her life on Thursday, 20th June 2013 at ACK ST Lukes, Thirikwa, followed by interment on the same day at the family Kawangari farm, Kangema, Muranga County. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they nd rest as they lie in death (Isaiah 57: 2).

66 | Transition
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the sudden death of John Mburu Nganga through a fatal road accident on 8th June 2013. He was a former commercial manager Kirinyaga Water and Sanitation Company Limited and until his demise internal auditor Muki Sacco Society.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Funeral Announcement

A Time To Rest
It is with thanksgiving to God that we announce the passing on to Glory of Mrs. Rachel Wahito Kibugi of Gitaru Ward, Kikuyu Division, on 12th June 2013. Daughter of the late Paul Muite and Elizabeth Njeri. Wife of late Benson Kibugi Ruhiu. Mother of Samuel Ruhiu. (deceased), Hon. Paul Muite, Esther Mary Nyambura (deceased), Elizabeth Kungu, Peter Thiongo, Keziah Karanu, Sarah Kibugi, late David Njogu, Rose Kibugi and Maggie Kibugi.

Death has occurred of Robert Muchiri Mungai (Wambua). Son of late Mungai Muchiri and Lucy Wanjiku Mungai.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Son of Nganga Njinii and the late Mary Wanjiru Nganga. Husband of Winfred Wambui Guthua and loving father of Andreas Nganga Mburu. Brother of Stephen Ngige, Stanley Njuguna, Susan Wairimu, Eunice Njeri, the late Naomi Wangui, Jecinta Nyamagu, James Muturi (Mathira Water), Daniel Nganga (MD Muranga Water), Lucy Waithera (UAP Insurance), Margret Wambui (DCs ofce Njoro) and Samuel Mihwa (KEWI). Family and friends are meeting at Nyakiambi farm Elburgon ang Ruiru Gerdens from 6:00 p.m.

Husband of late Josephine Gachambi Muchiri. Father of Peter Mungai Muchiri, Stephen Mbugua Muchiri, Lucy Wanjiku and Salome Wanjiru. Brother of Sarah Wanaga Kangethe, Loise Wanjiru Njogu (Njoro) Nelly Wairimu, late David Munyui, Ndichu, Wakamau, Munyui and Johnman among others. Family and friends are meeting at his home daily from 5.00 p.m. The body lies at Avenue Hospital Mortuary. Funeral service will be at his home Ruaka on Monday 17th June 2013 starting from 11.00 a.m. May the Lord rest his soul in internal peace.

Sunrise: 24/8/1982 Sunset: 8/6/2013

John Mburu Nganga

The cortege leaves Nakuru war memorial hospital Mortuary on Saturday 15th June 2013 at 8:00 a.m. for funeral service and burial at their home village in Nyakiambi farm Elburgon, Nakuru county. In Gods hands you rest, in our hearts you remain forever

Mother-in-law of Jane Ruhiu, Edith Muite, Peter Kungu, Beverly Thiongo, Karanu Kimotho (deceased) and Sarah Njogu. She is survived by many brothers and sisters, 25 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. The cortege leaves Lee Funeral Home on Tuesday 18/06/2013 at 9.00 am for funeral service at ACK St. Marys Ngure, (Gitaru) at I I.00 am and thereafter burial at her home near Gitaru Market. I have fought a good ght, I have nished the race, I have kept the faith (2 Tim 4: 7) You are in our hearts to live

Rachel Wahito Kibugi

Robert Muchiri Mungai


It is with deep sorrow that and humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the passing on of Manjeri Apiyo Elizabeth Mainga (Njeri) which occurred on the 7th June 2013 through a road accident in Busia town.

Celebration of a Life Well Lived

Daughter of the late Nelson Mainga and Matilda Mainga. Mother of Felix Mainga and Reagan Mainga. Sister of the late Alice, the late Jane, the late Lorna, Ann, Ochwada, Margret, Richard among others. Mother In-law of Brenda, the late Raphael, Maurice (Scorpion), Vincent , Dan, Lillian and Bruno. Sister in-law of the late David Bett, Julius, Jeremiah and Musanya. Aunt of Zilpa, Esther, Jones, Evans, Hellen, Duncan, Victor, Boh, Ruth, Martha, Abraham, Isabel, Rogers, Ken, Tyson, Jael and Valentine. Grandma of Eugene, Blessing, Claire, Peter, Gift, Jano, Louise, Sue, Winfrey, Seth, Donnell, Sasha, Jaydan and Amanda.

We, the Waithaka family wish to express our sincere gratitude to all those friends, relatives and colleagues who stood by us in prayers, messages of condolences, material and nancial support in our bereavement following the passing on of our father, Julius Waithaka Nganga. We particularly express thanks to KenGen Staff, Aroma Group, Friends Group and Parklands Baptist Church for standing by us during the period of bereavement.


The cortage leaves Busia District Hospital mortuary on Friday 14th June 2013 for viewing at her Burumba residence- Busia. Thereafter the body proceeds for an overnight vigil at their Bukhakhala home , Busia County where the funeral service and burial shall take place on 15th June 2013 2nd Timothy 4:7 You have a fought a good ght and you have nished the race and you have kept the Faith In God we rest your Soul

Manjeri Apiyo Elizabeth Mainga (Njeri)


It is with profound grief and humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the death of Jaston Lusigi Ayodi who until his death was a Senior lecturer at Moi University, School of Human Resource Development; Department of Communications Studies. Son of the late Yohana & Makungu. Husband of Jenipher Mbayi Ayodi of The Sacred Heart Girls Mukumu. Father of Rev. Sydney Lusigi, Maureen Lusigi (Butere District Hospital), Celestine Lusigi, Millicent Kavosa (Save the children Int.), Valentine Lusigi (KCB Western Regional ofce), Dr. Ayodi Lusigi (Vihiga County hospital) & Immaculate Lusigi. Brother of the late Hezron Ayodi, Naftali Ayodi, Zefata & Jezina. Son-in-law of Zilipa & the late Zacharia Mukisira. Brother-in-law of Bernard, Dr. Mukisira (Director KARI), Anne Kamidi, Amugune, Lidedi, Edith, Allan & Clarkson. Father-in-law of Anne Musigali, Ambrose Siwa & Gideon Amimo. Grandfather of Humphrey, Junior, Michelle, Jack, Jayden & Bryant.

Death and Funeral Announcement

Special thanks also go to the Funeral Nganga Organizing Committees (Nairobi & Muranga) and PCEA Wamahiga Church 1921 16th May 2013 who worked tirelessly to ensure that we gave our beloved father a dignied send off. It was indeed a celebration of a life well lived. To all those who shared in our grief and offered us support in many ways, it is not possible to mention all of you by name but we kindly request you to accept this message of acknowledgment and appreciation. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Julius Waithaka

Jaston Lusigi Ayodi

Cortege left Vihiga County hospital mortuary on Thursday 13th June 2013 for burial on Saturday 15th June 2013 at his home in Budira village, Sabatia constituency, Vihiga County. Family and friends meet daily at his home for prayers and funeral arrangements. I have fought the good ght, I have nished the race.


Death and Funeral Announcement

Eunice Muthoni Njeru

We the family of the late Mrs. Eunice Muthoni Njeru wish to pass our heartfelt appreciation for the support you accorded us during the trying moment following the fatal shooting of Eunice.We thank all our relatives, friends and funeral committees in All Saints Cathedral, River Road, Kahawa Sukari, Manyatta and Kanja. We wish to sincerely thank H. E Uhuru Kenyatta President of the Republic of Kenya for his support during this trying moment, Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charity Ngilu, Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. J.B Muturi, Govenor Martin Nyaga Wambora, Senators, Members of Parliament, Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA), ACK. Bishop of Nairobi Diocese Joel Waweru, ACK Diocese of Embu Bishop Harry Kathii, Rtd. Bishop Njoka, Ven. Fredrick Kibaki, All Nairobi Diocese ACK Clergy, ACK St. Peters Kahawa Sukari, ACK St. Johns Matiru, Ven. John Maringa of Kigari Parish, Vicar Rev. Rose Namu, Bible Study Fellowship team Cluster ten (10), Friends in USA & UK, Business Associates from Kenya and outside the country, Kamama B.O.G & Staff KTDA Zone 7, Kenya Police Kasarani Division, Kahawa Sukari Police Post, PCIO, DCIO & Manyatta Police Station among many others. As we are not able to thank each one of you individually for the support you gave us, kindly accept this as our heart felt gratitude. May God bless you Mightily

Rita Wanjiru Wamae Alphonse Kimatu Mwithi

We regret to announce the death of Alphonse Kimatu Mwithi on June 10, 2013 at The Nairobi Hospital. He was the son of the late Mutuku Mwithi and late Teresia Nduku. Alphonse worked with the former Income Tax Department for over 35 years until his retirement in 1998. He is survived by his loving wife Blanche Mwikali Mwithi. Father of Lucy Ndunge, Jimmy Mutuku, Jane Nduku, Rose Wayua, Josie Ndanu Kamunyo, Johnson Kiamba & Dorine Kavindu. Grandfather of Sydney, Symone, Shingi, Raisa, Nicole, Michael, Samantha, Sean & Jabari. Father-in-law of Dr. Peter Kamunyo,Wambui Wahome Kiamba and Fridah Ngechu. Brother of the late George Matasi, the late Moses Ngui, the late Scholastica Kalekye, the late Bernard Mutua, the late Frederick Kibela and Athanas Kioko. Step brother of Musyoka. Son-in-law to the late Mr. and Mrs. Onesmus Kiamba Nzau of Sengani. Brotherin-law to Wilson Muia, Renee Nzau, the late Eliud Mwatu, late Jonathan Ndambuki, late George Nzioki, late Gideon Ndunda, and the late Benson Nzomo. He was a loving Uncle and a friend to many. Family and friends will meet on Friday June 14, 2013 at All Saints Cathedral (St. James Hall) from 5:00pm - 8:00pm for the nal fundraising for burial expenses. A memorial service for Alphonse will be held on Monday June 17, 2013 at 2:00pm at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Kileleshwa, Nairobi. The cortege will leave Umash Funeral Home on Tuesday June 18, 2013 at 8:00am for burial at 11:00am at his home in Komarock, Matungulu Division, Machakos County. Great is the art of beginning but greater is the art of ending

We, the family of the late Rita Wanjiru Wamae, wish to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all our relatives, friends, colleagues and well wishers for the overwhelming spiritual, material and moral support accorded to us as we cerebrated the life of our beloved Rita. Your messages of condolence, personal visits and prayers are greatly appreciated. Special mention go to Senator and Mrs. Prof. Anyang Nyongo and staff of Ministry of Health, P.S. Joseph Kinyua and staff of The Treasury, P.Ss Prof. Karega Mutahi and Richard Ndubai, former P.S. Mr. and Mrs Joseph Magari, former nancial secretary Njeru Kirira, Commissioner General, KRA, Commissioner, MST and staff of KRA, staff of Ministry of East Africa, Friends of Stella and Tracy Wamae of JKUAT-Karen Campus and Moi Girls - Nairobi respectively, Doctors and staff of Karen Hospital, Father- in- charge, Priests and Congregation of Divine Word Parish, Kayole, Father Andrew Githinji, The Holy Family Basilica Bible Class, Father- incharge and congregation of St. Francis Parish KITI Nakuru, Bishop Naphtali Thuku and congregation of A.I.P.C.A Menengai. The Board, teachers and students of St. Anthony Sec. School Nakuru, Management of Evans Sec. School Nakuru, Engonairo Welfare Association, Committee members both in Nairobi and Nakuru, among others. Since we cannot reach each one of you individually, please accept this as our heartfelt gratitude. God bless you Mightily.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE FKF gives Stars coach Amrouche the thumbs up despite World Cup qualication op. P.70

ATHLETICS | Twenty athletes to represent Kenya at the Donetsk championships in July

No foul play, sprinters excluded because of poor prospects: AK

Ocials say they had limited quota for World Youth event and chose those likely to excel
BY ELIAS MAKORI thletics Kenya ocials have explained their decision to lock out sprinters from next months World Youth Championships, arguing that selectors gave priority to medal prospects for the July 10 to 14 competition in Ukraine. There was drama at Nyayo Stadium on Wednesday when some athletes who qualied for the global competition were omitted from the travelling party named by AKs Youth Sub-Committee chairman Jack Tuwei. Maureen Thomas (200 metres), Anastasia Kanini (400 metres) and Georey Kipkoech (400 metres hurdles) were all excluded from the travelling party of 20 athletes who will y Kenyas ag in Donetsk, with AK also mitigating that they had exhausted their quota of athletes. While we acknowledge the fact they performed brilliantly and deserved a chance to compete, the selection committee decided not to include them in the team for the following reasons: The rst is our allocated quota of 20 athletes from the IAAF was full, AKs public relations ocer Evans Bosire said. In deciding who to select, the Technical Committee looked at their performance in comparison to those of other competing nations expected in Ukraine and ruled the gap was signicant enough to warrant giving others who have better chances to compete well in Ukraine.

Kenya 7s seek Cup balance

BY CHARLES NYENDE Kenya, ranked fth globally, are under no illusion of what to expect at the Rugby World Cup Sevens as they prepare to y to London tomorrow for a 10-day training camp. Kenya has improved and so have other teams. We made the semi-nals of the last World Cup (Dubai 2009) and we will not be going into this World Cup as underdogs. So every other team will want to beat us. It will be tough, Kenya Sevens assistance coach Felix Ochieng (above) said yesterday. Ochieng, a member of the team that played in the 2001 World Cup in Mar del Plata Kenyas inaugural appearance, said the players were focused on getting through their group before looking ahead in the tournament.

Tough challenge
A World Cup is a World Cup and it is a challenge to get the boys to be in the right frame of mind. It will be dierent from the IRB World Sevens series. This will be the ultimate challenge, Ochieng said Ochieng welcomed the training camp in London where head coach Mike Friday, a native of England, will link up with the team for the nal preparations ahead of the Moscow event from June 28 to 30. The players have really stepped up to the challenge of the training load we have given them. Every lad is up for the scrap and I can tell you it will be dicult whittling the team down to the nal 12, Ochieng said. An expanded squad of 16 was named last week and has been undergoing vigorous training in Nairobi. Kenya are in group C together with pool favourites Samoa, Zimbabwe and minnows Philippines. Twenty-four teams are participating in this years World Cup divided in six groups of four teams each. Group leaders and the two best placed runners-up will advance to the Cup semi-nals. The world sevens showpiece will be staged at the iconic Luzhniki Stadium.

CLEAN PAIR OF HEELS: Kiptanui Bett (left) breaks away from the eld on his way to victory in the mens 2,000m steeplechase race during the World Youth Championship national trials at Nyayo Stadium on Wednesday.


Skrum Programme intends to catch them young

BY FRANCIS MUREITHI A United Kingdom sporting organization, Tour Aid, has partnered with Nakuru RFC to train youth to embrace rugby at a tender age. The project, christened Skrum Programme, will target children from the age of nine to 19 in primary and secondary schools in Nakuru County. While launching the project at the Nakuru Athletics Club, the organization coordinator Andy Devon said the overall aim is to give the youth hope for the future.

Aim of programme
The core ideas of Skrum Kenya is to teach youth the game of rugby and more importantly give them the opportunity to educate and discuss the serious issue of HIV and aids as well as peace building initiatives, said

Devon. The Skrum Kenyas mission is to develop individuals talents particularly from poor family background who show interest and ability in the game but lack necessary backing to improve their talents. We will educate participants in all aspects of the game - playing, ofciating, coaching, diet, medical and administration, through rugby workshops, courses, apprenticeships and volunteer programmes, he added

The children will be handled by coaches from Menengai Oil Nakuru RFC players, teachers from the local schools and volunteers. Some of the teachers in Nakuru have welcomed the initiative saying it will help nurture talent at early stage. Rugby has helped mould the character of my pupils in school and has made my work in the classroom much easier, Richard Ochieng of Kenyatta Primary School said.


Reigning MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo switches attention to the Catalan Grand Prix this weekend after his victory at the Italian Grand Prix recently.




Four Wallabies have been released from a training camp to turn out for their Super 15 teams against the touring British and Irish Lions, the Australian Rugby Union has said.


Storm system halts play at US Open

Bad weather brought play to an abrupt halt at the 113th US Open yesterday after just under two hours of rst-round play had been completed. The disruption had been widely expected with a strong storm system tracking out of the Midwest and into Pennsylvania and there were fears that worse was to come during the day. When play was suspended, English Ryder Cup hero Ian Poulter had stormed to the top of the nascent leaderboard with birdies at his rst three holes.

Bar brawler Warner suspended

Australias David Warner has been suspended until the start of the Ashes series and ned after attacking Englands Joe Root in a bar, Cricket Australia (CA) said yesterday. @davidwarner31 has been suspended up until the First Test of #TheAshes and ned $11,500, the federation said on its Twitter account @CricketAus after a disciplinary hearing.

Super Eagles World Cup qualier draw wtih Namibia in Windhoek to stay top in Group F.

68 | Sport

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Kiarie to lead Thika challenge in KFS series

BY LARRY NGALA Edwin Kiarie will this weekend lead home golfers in the race for honours at second leg of the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) golf tournament at the par-72 Thika Sports Club. Kiarie, who is one of the longest hitters in the country, leads other low handicap players from Thika Club like Patrick Kingori (right), former captain Patrick Gakuo, Steve Mugwe among others. Formerly the Misitu Challenge, the nine-event KFS series started at Limuru on May 25 where a large eld of 178 players participated. Over 200 golfers are drawn to play at Thika Sports Club course where action gets under way from 6am. An array of prizes offered by KFS will be up for grabs in addition to over 200 seedlings to be planted by the Thika golfers. And with the Kenya Amateur Matchplay Cham-


Players expected to compete in second leg of KFS series at Thika Club

pionship coming mid-next week, this weekends action at Thika will be a good opportunity for Thika golfers to prepare themselves for the Matchplay, Kenyas top matchplay tournament. The Thika course is currently in an excellent condition and high scores are anticipated depending on how the pin positions are set. The Thika event will be followed by the third leg at Sigona on July 13.

Mumias Tomorrow: Morganite Company Ltd Golf Day; 9:00 S.Kigen, E.Muriithi, B Odhiambo, P.Murgor; 9:10 M. Ojanga, J.Koome, P.Amakobe; 9:20 C.Misango, Prof. Wangila, F.Otieno; 9:30 M.Khaoya, B.Awuor, I.Ondieki, E. Mudambi; 9:40 K.Akhoko, M.Natecho, G.Ombito, Pro Indiza; 9: 50 E.Siganga, W.Kamanga , D.Balaka, S.Opuka; 10:00 Amb Mbaya, J.Oketch, F.Koech, H.Wafula; 10: 10 C.Kunal, C.Omega, M.Ojiambo,S. Delaray; 10:20 A.Mukuvi, J.Atito, J.Akhonya, B.Shikuku; 10:30, J. Orioro, J. Omollo, E.Owinyi, Pro D.Odhiambo; 10:40 R. Osangale, H. Isavwa, A.Alachu, F.Barasa; 10: 50 P.Owino, L. Luchivya, G.Onyango, P. Oketch; 11:00 C.Bitok, S.Otiende, S.Onyango, S.Mwangi; 11:10 L.Busolo, D. Achilla, J.Obiero, J.Mundia; 11: 20 R.Mulemi, L.Oketch, S.Owuor, G.Obuon; 11:30 D.Munyendo, P.Mucheywa, N.Winja, M.Oduor; 11: 40 J.Oduma, G.Adongo, M.Okello, J.Ashioya; 11:50, S.Lukhombo, E.Onyango, D.Sate, S.Juma; 12:00 D.Mutoka, K. Amalemba, M.Oleket, E. Ochuodho, D.Tanui; Post entries allowed. Observe tee o time. Nyahururu Tomorrow: Friends of the Captain Golf Day;7.30 S.Kirui, M.David, A.Nandwa; 7.45 S.Gachiu, C Angwenyi, Dr.Wahome; 8:00 F.Kabona, K.Sisenda, J. Gitahi; 8:30 I.NGithui, O.B.Kinandu, R.Kingori; 8:50 C. Bii, M Koskei,A Gathogo; 9:00 B.M.Waikwa, M. Kiragu, E Macharia 9:15 K.Mbugua, P.K.Kinyua, J.Thuku; 9:30 N.Njoka, Fr.Munyeki, C.B.Njoroge; 9:45 S Ngugi, C.W.Kieru, J.Gichuki;10: 00 J.Lorum(Pro), G.Wanguhu, Z.Njeru;10:15 T.G.Mundia, E.Wahome, J.K.Murage;10:30 P. Musango, M. Karuga, E.Ndungu; 10:45, Z. Njeru, S.Gitau, C Thinwa; 11:00 M.Kiragu, Dr Gatuma, Z.N.Muriuki; 11:15, E.Muya,Mr. Kiai, M Ngaru;11:30 S Muriuki, B Ngari, P Kiguta11:45,G Kiguta, F Wahome, J.Gitau; Pm Draw; 12:00 Mr.Kari. D Weru, E Karumwa; 12:15N. Wahome, X.Iraki, B.Kibathi;12:30 Dr.D Wambugu, S.Muchire, F. Nganga; 12:45 J.Chege, W. Karo, A.Kabugi;1: 00 J.Kabugi, Gitahi M, J.Mburu;1:15 D. Brian, C.Njoroge, N Gacheru; 1:25 C Gecheo, E Magas, K.Wangombe; 1.30 F.Taiti, F.Wanjau, A.Mwenja; 1.45 S.Minjire, M.M.Ndegwa, P.Minjire; Post Entries will be accepted; Ruiru Tomorrow: Brandys & Whiskies Golf and Sponsors Party; 7:00 S.Nduati ,G.Mucheru, J.Mwaura, S.Mokaya, R.Kithuka 7:08 J.Mukono, Rev.Karanja, L.Rugu, S.Nyingi;7.16 C.N.Nduati, Fr.Mwaura, H.Gicho, Joel Mburu; 7:24 A.Kamunde, J.Kanari, Eng.Mwaniki, J.Boro; 7:32; J.Mukono, C.Kiiyukia, P.Mutegi ,J.Ngaruiya; 7: 40 A.K.Ndungu, Jimm K, J.Jenkins, D.Milla; 7:48 B.Waititu, E.Riungu, Dr.Karienye, C.Kiai; 7:54; S.Njinu, N.Githae, S.Warui, J.Gachomba; 8: 02 S.Mwiti, B.Kanyi, B.Ndungu, Karanu; 8:10 D.Marshal, P.Smith ,Col.Matu, Col.Karani; 8:18 P.Muraguri, Brig.Muhamed, E.K.Mwaura, S.Gathathi; 8:26 J.Muratha, G.Kireri, J.N.Wanyoike, G.Muthwale; 8: 34 EABL, M.Kinuthia, M.Waweru, W.Ikinu; 8:42 E.Karanja, D.Mbugua, P.Nguyai, S.Mugwe; 8:50 Margaret Kamau, C.Kiai, L.Nduati , Dr.Kamau; 8:58 Machakos X 4 9:06 F.Njuguna, S.Kanyora, N.Mwaura, P.Mburu; 9: 14 P.Karanja, J.Njagu,L.Nganga, J.Nyaga ; 9:22 Kenya Airforce X 4; 9:30 P.Ngugi, P.Kiarie, E.Karanja, Z.Muigai; 9:38 S.Kinyanjui, J.Gateru, S.Ndungi, J Mburu; 9:46 M.Mwangi, J.Mwaura, P.Nduati, M.Gitonyi; 10: 04 EABL X 4; 10:12 Prof.Nganga, G.Gateru, J.Gakuya, R.Mwaura; 10: 20 S.K.Wahome, F.M.Kaharuka, M.Kamau,Kennedy Chege 10:28 P.Kamau, J.Muratha, P.Kanyina, M.Patel; 10:36 C.Njui, M.N.Kinuthia, Dr.Wangwe, Eng.Makau 10:44 F.Karu, P.Gaitara, K.Ndichu, T.Kinuthia; 10: 52 Prof G.Kenji, D.Njogu, E.Karanja, S.Gwandaru; 11:00 P.Kigwe, Railways, G.Karobia, Railways; 11:08 A.Mwangi, G.Kihiu, L.Kwendo , T.Muchirah; 11: 16 P.Ruku, M.Mbugua, W.Ndururi, S.Patel; 11:24 P.Njoroge, J.Gitau, P.Karare, P.Waweru; 11:32 Kiambu X 4;11:40 L.Njuguna, K.Muchiri, M.Kairu, J.Waithaka; 11:48 Jesus X 4; 11:56 P.Ruku, P.Ngige, Col.Githaiga, Dr. E.Ndungu; 12:04; F.N.Ndegwa, S.Waititu, Dr A.Nganga, J.Njoroge; 12: 08 A.Kioi, A.Mwenja, Nyeri, E.Tenga; 12:16 EABL X 4;12:24; J.Reel, A.Reel, J.Wanyaga, M.Patel; Nyeri Tomorrow: Jubilee celebration golf day; 9.30 M.Mburu, D.Shah, S.Kisevu, V.Shah; 9.38 C.Mwaniki, A.B.Kariuki, N.Njega, S.Muriuki; 9.46 A.Muriuki, J.Bosco, J.Wangondu, N.Ndebu; 9.54 A.Nderi, N.Desai, S.Mwangi, D.Mwangi; 10.02 M.Ngaru, R.Mumero, Fr.Richard, S.W.N.Githitu; 10.10 M.Gathu, A.Kamau, A.Muchiri, Fr.Martin; 10.18 M.Wangombe, M.Mungai, J.Githanda, Dr.Mate; 10.26 C.Thinwa, G.K.Kibira, D.Weru, P.Maina; 10.34 M.Ndegwa, E.Nyuguto, B.K.Inoti, N.Ngenda; 10.42 W.Macharia, E.N.Gatimu, G.Wanguhu, B,Waikwa, 10.50 F.Gathu, J.Kingundu, I.Githui, Dr.Gatuma, 10.58 S.Ngugi, E.Karumwa, S.Ndegwa, J.Kabuti; 11.06 Dr.E.Ritho, M.Koskey, J.Gitahi, H.S.Sappal; 11.14 J.Nderi, M.Karanja, J.Murage, I.Njoroge; 11.22 J.K.Nyanju, J.Gichuki, F.Kieru, F.Kabona; 11.30 K.Muchunu, D.Munyeki, F.Mwangi, J.Thuku; 11.38 B.Singh, Z.Wambugu, Dr.Mburu, G.Kiguta; 11.46 P.Demello, J.Mathai, S.Gichira, S.Muteithia; 11.54 P.Mwangi, R.Kabugi, D.Kagwe, P.Kiguta; 12.02 Dr.Thuo, S.Mwangi, G.Miungi, Mathai; 12.10 S.Gichuru, S.Muteithia, Dr. Muthiora, B.Singh; 12.18 J.Komo, J.Mbugua, S.Mbathia, S.Mugwe; 12.26 J.Karanja, P.Gakuo; Post entries accepted; Railway Tomorrow: Basco Products Golf Day: 7.00 M.Githu, J.Mugo, C.Thoya, M.Nderi; 7.10 A.Boru, A.Gola, Z.Azu(l), F.Okaro; 7.20 D.K.K.Theuri, G.Muraguri, S.Wanja(l), G.Gakima; 7.30 A.Nyagah(g), W.Mugambi(sg), M.Munga(sg), D.Nyale(sg); 7.40 D.G.Muchungu, B.M.Mbai, K.Abonyo, C.M.Ndonga; 7.50 Post Entr; 8.00 D.Kahure, T.Miano, S.Gatabaki, C.Ojiambo; 8.10 Post Entry; 8.20 Post Entry; 8.30 J.W.Ngure, R.Omanyo, F.Kamau, T.Osoro; 8.40 D.Maina(g), J.N.Kihanya(g), K.Muchiru(g), S.Karemu; 8.50 N.Wabwire, J.W.Kungu, B.Kotonya, E.G.Wachira; 9.00 N.Kaberere(sg), C.Waiganjo(sg), P.Ngahu(sg), W.Ngararia(sg) ; 9.10 T.Indimuli, S.Ogolla, P.Kombe, F.Makala ; 9.20 N.Ngarua, J.W.Ngamau,post entry; 9.30 P. E; V.Nduva(l), R.Maina, M.Muritu, A.Omooria; 11.38 S.Rokwaro(sg), K.Mwaura(sg), M.Mukiri(sg), M.Mbai(sg); 11.46 G.Njihia(sg), S.Karayiu(sg), L.N.Mwangi(sg), F.Kaharuka(sg); 11.54 G.Kiai, G.N.Wachira, E.S.Kona, E.M.Kithimba; 12.02 J.Muyimi(sg), T.Manda(sg), M.Nyoro(sg), M.Muhire(sg); 12.10 H.Oranja, N.Nathan, P.Mukuria, T.Ruhiu; 12.18 R.Wanzah, F.K.Njuki, J.Gacoka, L.K.Njagi; 12.26 P.Muthoni, A.Muhoro, P.Matemo, Post Entry; 12.34 C.Maragia, D.K.Kariuki, G.Gichuki, K.Rintaugu; 12.42 P.N.Majau, J.Kitulu, Dr.Onyango, S.G.Maitho; 12.50 Post Entry 12.58 J.Mandavia, R.S.Soin, J.Patel,J.Kaindi; 1.06 Tarmohammed, Jesus, A.Mwalimu, N.Njuguna; 1.14 D.Njuguna, K.N.Mburu, Dr.J.Karanja, J.K.Ngetich ;1.22 S.K.Mwaura, B.Macharia, M.Mbugua, S.Onyambu;1.30 Post Entry ;1.38 Post Entry. Kiambu Tomorrow: June Monthly Mug: (sonsored By Friends of Captain);7: 44 S.K. Ndegwa(g), F. Gichomo, N. Kamunge; 7:52 J. Mukono, J. Njenga, M. Njuguna, J. Muchigi; 8:00 A.I. Kariuki, J.N. Njenga, J.K. Waweru, Ano; 8: 08 A. Mwangi, B. Njoroge, S. Kimani; 8:16 P.E. x 4; 8:24 E.G. Kuria, C.N. Nduati, W. Wanyoike; 8:32 F. Nyaga, P.K. Kahuho, N. Njenga, Ano; 8:40 S.M. Kiarie, J.K. Muchai, J.R. Njenga, Ano; 8:48 C. Thube, C. Kinyanjui, M. Njuguna, Ano; 8:56 J. Ngure, D.G. Njororoge, Ano, Ano; 9:04 G. Githere(l) x 4. PM: 11:36 F.N. Njagi, S. Karanja, G. Kariuki, P. Mworia; 11: 44 J. Ndegwa, J. Njoroge, K. Kariuki, Ano; 11:52 B. Wainaina, J. Kariuki, G. Nganga, Ano; 12:00 P.E. x 4; 12:08 R. Ngatia, S. Rukwaro, K. Mwaura, F. Githaiga; 12:16 P.E. x 4; 2:24 M. Karanja x 4; 12:32 J. Njoroge(g) x 4; 12: 40 D. Kimani, J.K. Machua, G. Kamau, Ano; 12:48 P.K. Nganga, K. Kinuthia, M.G. Karuga, P. Kaumbutho; 12:56 W. Kiarie, C. Njoroge, M. Kanyeria, Ano; 1:04 P.E. x 4; 1:12 P. Waweru, F. Wanjau, M. Karanja, J. Githiri; 1:20 S.N. Mbugua, N. Gichuki, M.K. Wanjohi, Ano; 1:28 P.E. x4; 1:36 S. Mutuathuku, M.K. Wandegwa, A. Njoroge, M.N. Mbugua(l); 1:44 P.E. x 4; 1:52 P.E. x 4. Post Entries to the Starter; Nyanza Tomorrow: Nyanza Ladies Open: (sponsored by Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers);7.30 B.Bisonga, C.Chesire, L.Were; 7.40 H.Mugure, G.Kariira, A.Tororei; 7.50 I.Brooker, M.Natecho, S.Shah; 8.00 R.Kwasu, C.Gatua, J.Wafula; 8.10 P.Odima, A.Mululu, J. Kalavor; 8.20 R.Obara, K.Mclwaine, L.Luchivya; 8.30 A.Owano, R.Kae, L.Otieno; 8.40 E.Chumo, B.Shikuku, H.Rentaber; 8.50 A.Wahome, E.Ngeny, W.Muthumu; 9.00 F.Shiroya, E.Tum, J.Koech; 9.10 R.Kurgat, D.Aggarwal, H.Koech; 9.20 J.Bosse, B.Kemboi, E.Kemboi, M.Khaoya; Mixed Foursomes: 12.00 B.Bisonga, S.Somaia, C.Chesire, F.Pesche; 12.10 L.Were, B.S.Patel, H.Mugure, T.S.Gabri; 12.20 G.Kariira, S.Kotecha, A.Tororei, J.Lasker; 12.30 I.Brooker, B.Sokhi, M.Natecho, H.S.Sokhi; 12.40, S.Shah, T.See, R.Kwasu , E.Ochuodho; 12.50, C.Gatua, M.Oduor, J.Wafula, D.Balaka; 1.00 P.Odima, D.Sate, A.Mululu, S.Deya; 1.10 J. Kalavor , H.Ocholi, R.Obara, G.Onyango; 1.20 K.Mclwaine, T.Staussi, L.Luchivya, M.Humphrey; 1.30 A.Owano, D.Sohanlal, R.Kae, S.Owuor; 1.40 L.Otieno, L.Nyambogo, E.Chumo, W.McTough; 1.50 B.Shikuku, S.De La Rey, H.Rentaber, R.Bhayani ; 2.00 A.Wahome, B.M.Shah, E.Ngeny, A.Matheka. Thika Tomorrow: Kenya Forest Service Golf Day; 6:45 S G Kamau, Prof S P Nganga, M. Kirika, B. Mahui; 7:00 Njunu SGK, W.Njenga, Dr.J.Njoroge, B.K.Githui; 7:08 J. Shah, R. Shah, R. Barton, S K Ndegwa;7:16 M.Shah, B. Shah, B S Shah, J S Suri; 7:24 S K Ndungi, Ruku Njuguna, S P Gachanja, G Gachanja; 7:32Margaret Waweru, J N Waweru, A Murray, K. Nderitu; 7: 40 P Karani, Mumbi Njuguna, Rose Kigwe, F.Githiori; 7:48 J Gachomba, B. Mugambi, Peter Karare, ANO; Margaret Kariuki; 8:00 M Kubai, S.G.Njuguna, M. Ruo, J D H Meru;8: 08 Eng Wakimani, Eng Chege, D N Mukubwa, J. Kigwe; 8:16 KFS x4;8:24 N. Kariuki, S. M. Kariuki, M. Kariuki, J. M. Kariuki;8:32 M. Karanu, A. Kabuga, O. F. Kibuna 8:40 KFS4; 8:48 J. G. Njenga, M. Karano, J. Naikuni , J. Muriithi;9:00 K. Kiarie, N. Kithae, S. Ndungu, M. Ruo, J. Rwambo;9:08 S Mwangi, S Ngugi, Alex Ngunu, F N Thuo;9:16 M Gatonye , P Mukuria, Dr Githiori, S Kinuthia;9:32 N Maadili, S Chege, S Ndungu, L Kinyua ; 9: 40 Philip Wahome, L Nganga, E N Chege, C Mwenda; 9:48 D Matano, S K Njuguna, J Mwendia , J.M.Thairoh; 9:56 F.Wangombe, J.M.Ndungu, G.Hiuhu, J.C.Wachira; 10:08 W K Kariuki, A M Gakere, S N Kamunge, A F Gichomo; 10:16 Sam Ndungu, Ndegwa Thuku, D K Mwangi, Dr W Kimani; 10:32 A Muchoki, G N Kimani,S G Maitho, P M Ndungu; 10: 40 J.M.Karanja, A Karimi, W Muturi, Michael Kamau; 10:48 C Omondi, D Oyier, B Kotona, L Nderitu, M Nderitu; 11:08 S.Kinyanjui, Je Karue, William Ngugi, P Wanyeki; 11:16 B Omondi, A Waweru, Dr N Iraki, J Kamau; 11:24 Robert Kairo, M Githu, J Kibe, P Nganga ; 11:32 M Muthua, Oscar Ongeri, G Orora, H Manduku; 11:48 C Magatia, J Muraguri, J N Nduati, J Muratha; 11:56 B. Muriithi, A. Muasya, K. Kiarie, J K Maigua;11: 08 E Kiarie, N Kahoya,S Wisure, B Kimeu;11:16 E Kigochi, P Kinyanjui, C Maragia, A Wachira; 11:24 J Mburu, Dr E N Ndungu, S Kihanya, N. Nganga; 11:32 H Karanja, M Chege, Evans Kamau, Edwin Kamau; 11:40G M Matu, P Kingori, A Kairu, A Wachira; 11:48 A Kigochi, Brig Mohammed, S Mukiri, A Mukiri; 11:56 V Laibuni, P Mburugu, C Kiai, S Waititu; 12:08 P Gachoka, P K Waweru, A Kabucho, D Njogu;12:16 M Gitonyi, C Ngunjiri, R Mwaura, D K Mbugua; 12:32 Nganga Njau, Jesee Kariuki, J Gitonga, G I Githuku12:40 P.Gakuo, W.Mwangi, Eng K Njoroge, S Muthugia; 12:48 W Burugu, T Burugu, A Wachira, P N Gaitara;13:08 F Munyua, K Njuguna, C Andrea, D Ndungu13:16 P Kaburi, J Momanyi, D Wangwe, C Njui;13: 24 J Mugo, B Kutonya, C Thoya, H Oranja;13: 32 B Morjaria, P Wainaina, J K Mbugua, J M Ndungu;13:40 M Kinuthia, C Makau, M K Meru, C Kinuthia;13:48 Prof A Karugu, L Gachire, F Wangombe, G M Hiuhu;2: 08J Waweru, B Mutua, M Wainaina, R. Kiai;2:16 S. Shah, K. Shah, HS Rayat, Sudhir S; 2:24 H Kurji, I C Irungu, W Irungu, A Mutugi; Post entries allowed& the draw will strictly be followed; Nakuru Tomorrow: Kenya Pipeline Golf Tournament: rst tee; 8.00 H Fazal, C Angwenyi, F. Muiruri; 8.10 K Kiburi, D. Njuguna, K Sarna, R Kimani; 10.00 S Muna, M Kariuki, S Gichuki, J Waititu; 10.10 J Otieno, B Kinyua, P Macharia, K Kosgey; 10.20 S N Wachira, P Mbuthia, P Minjire, J Tuwei; 10.30 W Muthokia, E Muya, J Githui, O Robert; 10.40 T Chege, G Njiri, J K Ruttoh, M Mulandi; 10.50 Z Ireri, L Miano, N Gichuha, J Kamau; 11.00 S Macharia, S Njihia, N Nduati, S Minjire; 11.10 I Ngethe, J Murirmi, N Gacheru, R Kibuku; 11.20 A Kuturu, F Mbuthia, N Wahoma, P Muhia; 11.30 D Mathai, H J Kuria, A Nderitu, N Njoka; 12.30 L Kamau, N Gachiu, M Njogu, N Kiarie; 12.40 E Karuga, M Wangui, N Njuguna, J Lorum; 12.50 D Sharma, Dr. Malik, P S Shah; 1.00 J Raja, A Patel, K Morjaria, A Nandwa; tenth tee; 8.00 J Otiso, M Karanja, C Oosterwijk, C Karobia; 8.10 J Storry, K Wambugu, P Matindi, N Muhia; 10.00 S Kihumba, C O Gicheo, J Chege, S Njuguna; 10.10 J Manyara, A Mathenge, S Kirui(nkr), R Mbugua; 10.20 M tanui, K Nyangaka, C Ndungu, J Wairire; 10.30 S Mwangi, M Kandie, K Gachohi, C Mecha; 10.40 E K Soi, S K Njoroge, M Kalekye, A Koech; 10.50 D Maingi, R Gibendi, L Kimotho, P M Mugo; 11.00 Francis Nganga, C Muli, J Kibore, F Nganga; 11.10 K Kahuthu, W Kariuki, N Gitobu, P K Mwai; 11.20 F katiba, J G Mokaya, K Sisenda, L Kamau; 11.30 S Kirui, P Serem, Amb. J Kandie, Ken Kaunda; the draw will be followed strictly;post entries to report by 9.00am; Kitale Tomorrow: Mikwano of Kitale Club Golf Bonanza: First Tee: 9.00 Fr. D. Martell,K. Kariuki, S. Malakwen; 9.10 H. Ndegwa,N. Iyadi, F. Ocamgu; 9.20 M. Kimutai, D. Okoth, O. Morgan; 9.30 E. Sorobea, M. Bernard, K. Moses; 9.40 S. Kotecha, A. Saif, A. Kasigwa; 9.50 S. Kirwa, N.K. Tum, M. Seru; 10.00 G.B. Rutto, R. Shah, K. Kaheru; 10.10 P. Kae, H. Wachira, C. Talima; 10.20 V. Omwandho, J. Shah, H. Opolot; 10.30 P. Shah, Z. Nderito, E. Kasaija; 10.40 C. Yano, E. Weche, D. Odioma; 10.50 M. Haria, M. Kiplimo,V. Olargiu; 11.00 P.K. Koech, J. Nzomo, Golooba E. Sigona Tomorrow: June Monthly Mug: First Tee AM 8.30 Baiju S, Savani P, Lakhani H, Ashok S;8.38, Savani G, Sawan R, Raikundalia N, Channa M S; 8.46Dsouza D, Shari M, Sira R, Samji M; 8.54 Gakuo N, Ongubo J, Kangethe P, Bamrah J S;9.02Mondo N, Ndenderu J, Nyuguto G, Gacheru S N. Tenth Tee AM 8.30Saahil P, Sarmath P, Sagar Rai, Brij P;8.38 Aruna S, Dhruvit S, Rajesh S, Ogwayo B;8.46, Nagresha J, Sanger S, Khanna S, Ano;8.54Wroe M, Bhavnik S, Dev Sav,; 9.02Sheikh K, Kanjumba M, Gadhia K; First Tee P M; 12.08 Butt A, Butt T, Sorathia S, Hirji K;12.16, Kahara I, Kibuku P, Mwaura K;12.24, Thakrar B, Thakrar R, ;12.32Dhanjal M, Sushil S, Shah P C , Matharu K S;12.40, Minesh H, Saawan S, Tejal S, Sarju S;12.48Parit M, Neil S, Sangrajka P, Nishith R S;12.56, A D Shah, Verjee N, Tushar P, Galib R;1.04, Dhanani P, Pradip S, Hindocha C, Lalla A;01.12, Hitesh P, P Raval, Rajesh S;1.20Shah R K, Imraan N, Sakhi S, Sahen S;01.28Chairmans Time ;1.36,Savla R, Savla N, Waghela B V, Pareet S;1.44Dipak Bid, Hiran Bid , B P shah, Ano; Tenth Tee P M; 12.16 Malde R, Malde A, Malde S;12.24Choda A, Channa Ski, Bimal S, Nikunj S; 12.32Nitin S, Aldasani I, Bhatt S, Jaini S; 12.40Sanghani A, Umraj S, Choda K, Ano;12.48 Mugo D, Njoroge B M, Waweru P;12.56 Raval P, Bhakai R, Shah N, Navin S, 01.04Ravi S, Vinay S, Ashit S, Bhakai R; 1.12 Bhayani D, Karia R, Vimal S, Mukesh S;01.20Bhachu G, Virdii D S, Channa T S, Uday P; 1.28 Sodha A, Bachu P, Dodhia S, Maysam K; 1.36Mayur S, Ashit S, Ravi S, Vinay S; 1.44 Dinesh P,Shamik P, Pradip H S, Parmar J; Royal Today: Insurance Institute of Kenya Golf Day: First Tee P.M. 12.00 E. Kimemia, J. Waruhiu, T. Kinando, E. Rugo; 12.08 J. Muiruri, L. Mugambo, N. Kabau, P. Mugo; 12.16 Invesco x4; 12.24 G. Ndegwa, S. G. Mwaniki, M. Kiereini, K. Ndegwa; 12.32 Hon. D. Pkosing, J. Juma, Ano, Ano; 12.40 M. G. Mugungu, N. Njoroge, J. K. Kamau, N. Mbuchucha; 12.48 Africa Trade Insurance x4; 12.56 O.M. Okeyo, L. Awiti, D. Mogere, Ano; 13.04 S. Onyambu, K. Kyalo, K. Simon, P. N. Karanja; 13.12 M. Mugambi, J. Kogo, J. C. Thethy; 13.20 N. Kieme, J. Gathu, K. Muchiri, E. Wakoe; 13.28 E. Wachira, M. Nderitu, P. Nderitu, D. Wahome; 13.36 B. Lakhani, S. Samani, Chamoarau, C. Job; 13.44 P.Ex4; 13.52 P.Ex4; Tenth Tee P.M. 12.00 J. Muchai, R. Maina, A. Mutungi, M. Wandegwa; 12.08 P. Wahome, M. Karanu, A. Kinaynjui, K. Githae; 12.16 ILARS x4; 12.24 P.Ex4 ; 12.32 UAP x4; 12.40 AIBK x3, M. Ndungu; 12.48 APA x4; 12.56 L. Kowiti, H. Washwani, M. Kathitu, A. Mbutu; 13.04 S. Muchire, J. Gatiko, G. Ndungu, CIC Guest; 13.12 G. KIbicho, C. Nduati, D. Kairuthi, F. Maina; 13.20 P. Kuhara, A. Waniru, S. Njuguna, G. Kuria; 13.28 P.E, P.E, P.E, P.E; 13.36 Heritage Ins. x4; 13.44 P.E x4; 13.52 P.E x4; Kericho Sunday: June Monthly Mug: 9am. Munene, M. Marusoi, A.K Ngeny, G. Cheruiyot; 9:10 W. Kirui, C. Kipngok, S. Chepkwony, B. Dsouza; 9:20 H. Kirui, J.F Koech, W. Odera, G. Virdee; 9:30 J. Chadha, Dr. E. Tonui, A. Birir, A.K. Cheruiyot; 9:40 V. Chadha, E. Masiga, F. Koech, D. Biegon; 9:50 P. Hunjan; N. Pandya, R. Pattni, F. Wasike; 10:00 J. Virdee, M. Bhachu, Dr. R. Korir, L. Koech; 10:10 R. Keter, D.Hunjan, A.C Mitei, P. Patel, 10:20 R.C Awan, R.F. Rotich, E. Orina, P.E; 10:30 J. Sang, R.L. Vaja, H. Koech, P.E; 10:40 G. Rono, E. Koech, C. Kibet, P.E; Post entry accepted. Vet Lab Tomorrow: Crown Teon Greensomes Challenge: (sponsored by Crown Paints); First Tee; 7: 30 S.Cohen/ A.Unia, M.Muiruri / J.Mbindyo; 7:38 P.Nyabuto / D.Ongeri, E.Mudonge / I.Otuke; 8: 02 Y.Asami / K.Oba, J.Okumu / D.Muthoni; 8:10 Crown by 4; 8:18 Paresh Shah / Birju Shah, R.Ochieng / J.Mwangi; 8:26 E.Mogoa / K.Njenga, L.Orenge / Ano; 11:38 S.Mbugua / P.N.Muiruri, J.Maalu / X.N.Iraki; 11:46 K.Bosire / W.Nadida, C.Gachie / B.N.Kamau; 11:54 R.Owiti / June Waweru, T.Simba / C.Kihara; 12: 02 Nelson Simwa / Mercy Kebaara, Taj Thanawalla / Elly Fred; 12: 26 B.Mandaliya / N.Popat, Arun Devani / R.Rao; 12:58 B.Wamahiu / A.Ntimama, Kilu Shah / F.W.Gaitho; 1: 06 S.Dsouza / M.S.Riyat, Niral Shah / H.Dsouza; 1:14 M.Makundi / Douglas Ngumi, M.C.Yator / H.Obino. Tenth Tee; 7:30 Joe Kisolo / S.Mbugua, P.Rao / M.Azad; 8: 26 S.Biviji / R.A.Kitololo, Curtis Orenge / Bena Shah; 8:34 Rohit Shah / J.Orenge, O.L.E.Mbatia / B.Mandere; 11:30 Bee Jones / M.Wairimu, P.Karingu / M.Karua; 11: 38 C.G.Munyori / R.Githii, Elly Fred / Ano; 11:46 P.M.Kamara / C.Itangata, L.Munyua / P.M.Mbarathi; 12:02 T.Thanawalla / D.Wahome, Jane Wokabi / A.Mbuchucha; 12:18 Crown by 4; 12:26 S.Bharchu / Ketul Tanna, Nitin Shah / Raju Amber; 12:34 Ashvin Pandya by 4.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Sport 69

CHAMPIONS TROPHY | Winner of todays match joins already qualied India in Cup semi-nals

Windies hope SA choke on big day

West Indies skipper Bravo keen to capitalise on Proteas weakness when they two sides play
for rain-aected xtures on home soil four years later. Hence the tag of chokers, one Bravo had no hesitation in using despite the fact the West Indies have not beaten South Africa in a one-day international since 2006.

James tips Heat to rise from ashes

San Antonio
LeBron James is taking much of the heat for Miamis shocking game-three meltdown which resulted in the most one-sided loss in playo history for the defending NBA champions. And the reigning playo MVP says he wouldnt have it any other way. As dark as it was last night, it cant get no darker than that, especially for me, said James during Wednesdays practice. So I guarantee Ill be better tomorrow. Its that simple. Im putting all the pressure on my chest, on my shoulders to come through for our team. James never got into a ow and the San Antonio Spurs scorched the Heat 113-77 in game three as he scored just four points in the rst half and was missing shots deep into the third quarter that he normally makes. Miamis experiment to try to use James as a playmaker whenever he gets double teamed has been a colossal op. And San Antonio has done a brilliant job of guarding James in the rst three games of the NBA nals but he is also far from the unstoppable force that led Miami to last years NBA title against Oklahoma City. (AFP)

Pressure to win

est Indies captain Dwayne Bravo hopes that South Africas habit of choking at major cricket tournaments will work in his sides favour when they meet in a winner-takes-all Champions Trophy clash today. Whichever team comes out on top in Cardi will join already qualied India as one of the two semi-nalists out of Group B in a competition featuring the worlds top eight one-day nations. Despite having had several ne limited overs sides since re-admission, the Proteas havent lifted a major one-day trophy since winning the 1998 edition of this tournament. Especially at World Cups, theyve found some remarkable ways to bow out, be it a dramatic 1999 tie with Australia at Edgbaston when they had the match all but won or failing to read correctly the Duckworth/Lewis sheet

Year South Africa last won the Champions Trophy, their last major one-day title since to date

West Indies Dwayne Bravo bats during the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy cricket match against India at The Oval in London on Tuesday. West Indies play South Africa today.


I think in tournaments, it doesnt really matter whether you win previous games against opposition or not, Bravo told reporters in Cardi yestersday. I think the South Africans will feel the pressure also. They know if they lose, they are going back home. They have a tag of being chokers that do not do well in big tournaments, so that would be added pressure on them. For us, were going to enjoy the occasion and forget about what happens in previous games, added Bravo of a West Indies side who won last years World Twenty20 event. Its a tournament. Its a knockout game. Weve been in this situation before, do well and go beyond. So, no pressure is on us, the all-rounder added. Im really excited and looking forward to this game tomorrow (today). South Africa, however, are set to eld Dale Steyn for the rst time this tournament today. Widely regarded as the best fast bowler currently in world cricket, Steyn has yet to feature in this Champions Trophy after suering a side-strain in a warm-up defeat by Pakistan. (AFP)

Colossal op

Charles Ogallo David Farrar Chege Gitura Guangda Zheng Evans Khasinah David Ombisi Njenga K Julius Kiai Shaila Mauladad Cylde Castellino Shah Neel Larry Ngala (G) David Ireri W K Kinyanjui Waweru Gitau Dr. J G Kiboi Benny Orwako Anthony Gathigi Sam Gachie Alex Gitari Nolly Patel Raj Maina Mary Cox Wilfred Kiboro Allan Wairi Julius Mutethia Chandu Shah David Magiri George Njugu Don Maina

FIRST TEE Sam Mbori Andrew Okeyo Jonathan Ciano A K Mwangi Sergei Khromov Patrick Obath Karanja Njenga Kamau Ndirangu Saider Sibanda Ben Theuri D S Channa Joseph Kamau (G) Ndungu Gathinji James Gathage Stephen Gitau Jim Getty Richard Wanjalla Nick Kamere D G Njoroge Paul Richu Kiogora Mutai Mutahi Kibugu Lucy Muhinga James Kabuga Vipin Rajani A M Lubia Ajit Shah Lucy Karau Githinji O G Alfred Gachaga

TIME 7.20 7.28 7.36 7.44 7.52 8.00 8.08 8.16 8.24 8.32 8.40 11.30 11.38 11.46 11.54

TENTH TEE D N Gichuhi Stella Macharia Isaac Otieno John Gitonga John Odhiambo (G) Duncan Kabui (G) Kioko Musyimi (G) John Juma (G) Morris Oyugi Joff Otieno J W Kahari James Mutahi George Munywa (G) Githaiga Gachugi (G) Faith Githaiga (G) Macharia M Sam Kamatu Evans Kimemia S N Mwaura L N Thairu Victor Maina F Mungai Nina Edwin Ano Michael Wachira Edmund Kabera Edward Mugo Lawrence Njue (G) Silvester Kasuku (G) Stephen Githiaka (G) Martin Mbugua (G) Oki Amayo (G) Evelyn Noah (G) Dorcas Munge (G) Terry Kungu (G) Jedida Kubo (G) Francis Karuiru (G) Lloyd Onyango (G) Aldrin Ojiambo (G) Joe Adewa Kellie Gachaga Kibugu Njoroge Emir Hussein Vaiani B Vincent Mugeni Anthony Njuguna (G) Arungu Olende Cor Stouten Susan Kanyora Sami Nakanjako J A Gitonga Mahesh Mavji Lucy Awiti (G) Joyce Wafula (G) Hellen Gatiramu (G) Penina Waita (G) J K Kariuki Joe Kigwe David Mwindi Amit Chandaria

FIRST TEE Harrison Kimani Ronald Meru Kariuki Kavore T O Onyango Dan Owino J S Gathumbi Mwai Mbuthia Kumar Dhall Johnson Kiniti (S) John Thagana Joe Wanjui Evans Vitisia Edwin Kinyua Amos Kimunya Kaburu Mwirichia James Ondigo Victor Kidiwa (S) Zeph Mbugua (S) Macharia Irungu Martin Mwangi Mwaniki S G P M Karienye W K Irungu Steve Gakuo David Mogere (G) Barth Ragalo (G) David Ngugi J I Kirika Peter Kinyua James Ruitha James Muguiyi F S Irungu Selest Kilinda R S Bhabra James Gichuki John Njoroge (G) D N Irungu Maurice KAnjejo Sam Mwangi G N Njugu Henry Njoroge Mark Lehto Louis Otieno (G) Mugambi Muruithania (G) Peter Mwindi Kamau Thugge Antony Mburu George Ndegwa P P Nathwani John Muhinja John Simba (G) Owen Nandy

TIME 12.02 12.10 12.18 12.26 12.34 12.42 12.50 12.58 1.06 1.14 1.22 1.30 1.38

TENTH TEE Gabriel M Njiiri (G) Gilbert Maina G (G) F M Mwihia Charles Gikundi Sarah Otolo (G) Nkorigamba Mwebesa (G) Maurice Njue (G) Mark Okeyo (G) Gailey Singh Rita Njeru Tavir Sodi Phil Kinisu Kish Chandarana R Raikundalia J K Njeru Ajay Vohora Wycliffee Onyango (G) Peter Waita (G) Varghese Zachariah Adil Vaiani Patrick Gakuo Washington Okeyo Ashish Shah Habil Olaka Dick Muraya (G) Robert Nyanchoga (G) Maurice Monni (G) Sammy Itemere (G) Jonah Kamau A M Gitonga Rhoda Mwebesa (G) Charles Wanjohi (G) David Komen (G) Ben Omoudo (G) Rose Muhinja Steve Mbugua Uday Rajani Amos Ndehi Nadir Jessa J Murema Amrit Kalsi Jacob Gathecha Peter Kimurwa (S) John Nguri (G) Vasudev Pradeep Abid Ganatra Nelius Kariuki Nick Mbui(G) Sonaar Shah J P Nathwani Jonah Mutuku (G) Ben Handa (G)


70 | Sport
2014 WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS | Nyamweya now shifts focus to 2015 African nals

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Amrouche did very well - FKF

Federation says Stars head coach will stay despite elimination from World Cup race

Cecafa tourney to go on as planned

BY ODINDO AYIEKO The Kagame Cup championships will go on as planned despite the withdrawal of five top clubs, Cecafa Secretary-general Nicholas Musonye has said. The competition starts on Tuesday in Sudan states of North Darfur and South Gordofan without clubs from Kenya and Tanzania. Cecafa champions Yanga and Tanzania league champions Simba opted out of the competition citing security concerns and were followed by Kenyas representatives Tusker. Ethiopias St Georges did not enter the draw as they are involved in the Confederations Cup. But Musonye remained bullish as he left Kenya yesterday for Sudan. The competition will continue. We will soldier on. We have replacements already from Chad and (the Democratic Republic of) Congo, he said. We cant force clubs to participate. It is the region that is losing. We have a sponsor on board yet they have opted out. Sudan has also oered adequate security but the clubs dont

ootball Kenya Federation (FKF) has reassured Harambee Stars coach Adel Amrouche of full support despite the teams elimination from the ongoing 2014 World Cup qualiers. Kenya is expected back in the country this morning from Malawi, after playing out to a brave 2-2 draw in Blantrye on Wednesday. Winless Kenya has managed a paltry three points from ve games in group F. The Stars will wind up their failed qualication campaign against Namibia in Nairobi in September. FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya has

however lauded the team following their performance against the Flames. He said FKF will do everything possible to ensure the Stars qualify for the 2015 African Cup of Nations. This team has shown quality and talent. We believe in the ability of the technical bench led by coach Amrouche in nurturing the players and instilling maturity and expertise. We will support this team because getting to the Nations Cup in 2015 is a must, Nyamweya said. Amrouche was appointed mid-way through the current qualification campaign and has so far managed two draws (against Nigeria and Malawi) and a loss, against the Super Eagles. The Belgian reshuffled the squad against Malawi to give chances to rookie Andrew Murunga, Edwin Lavatsa and Kennedy Otieno in place of the missing senior players, the likes of banished Dennis Oliech an injured Victor Wanyama. The trio justied their selection in the match with impressive displays with Murunga scoring his maiden international goal.

want to hear any of this. I am deeply frustrated, said Musonye who read politics in the saga from forces against Cecafa. The tournament has a prize of $60,ooo (about Sh5.1 million) with the winner pocketing

Qualication campaign

The competition will continue... we already have replacements from Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Nicholas Musonye, Cecafa secretary
$30,000 (Sh2.6m), runner up $20,000 (Sh1.7m) and third placed nisher $10,000 (Sh850,000).

The result of the 2014 World Cup qualier between Kenya and Malawi in Blantrye on Wednesday


Harambee Stars head coach Adel Amrouche issues instructions during a training session at Nairobi City Stadium early this week.


DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Sport 71 BRIEFLY

Spain deserves all titles on oer, says Fabregas

Rio de Janeiro Cesc Fabregas is aiming to help Spain complete a clean sweep of major international silverware when the reigning world and European champions go for glory in the Fifa Confederations Cup. La Roja head into the eightteam tournament in Brazil having enjoyed unprecedented success over the last seven years, winning the UEFA EURO in both 2008 and 2012 as well as lifting the Fifa World Cup for the rst time in 2010. However, they fell short in their last bid to win the Fifa Confederations Cup four years ago, when they suered a shock semi-nal exit at the hands of

Fell short

USA. Vicente Del Bosques men are determined to go all the way this time. Fabregas (right) told Marca: Its seems a less signicant competition but for us its very important. Im very proud with what weve done, but we need to continue. This team never settles. We want the Confederations Cup. This generation

deserves to have all the titles. The Barcelona player also insisted the desire for further success still burns strongly in the Spain camp. He added:The more you win, the more you want. We have the advantage of knowing what it takes to win, what it means to win. The team is ready to continue along this line. (

Togo players to miss Libya qualier match

Togolese players Alayxis Romao and Jonathan Ayite have ruled themselves out of a World Cup qualier against Libya in Tripoli out of fears for their safety, the Togolese Football Federation said yesterday. The African Zone 2014 World Cup qualier set for today has been switched from Benina near Benghazi to the capital Tripoli, but some Togolese players wanted the match to take place in another country altogether.

FOOTBALL | Argentine denies allegations via Facebook account, says authorities didnt inform him

Messi faces the rst scandal in glittering career

World in shock following news of alleged tax fraud by four-time Fifa World Player of the Year
Madrid he sporting world was shocked on Wednesday by the news that four-time World Player of the Year Lionel Messi is being pursued by the Spanish tax authorities for an alleged fraud worth over four million euros ($5 million). Messi is rightfully the worlds most lauded and admired footballer as, on the pitch, he has achieved feats barely plausible in the modern game, such as his 91-goal haul in the calendar year of 2012 that overhauled German Gerd Muellers 40-year-old European record. However, in contrast to many of his contemporaries, it is his camera-shy, humble attitude away from the pitch that has allowed many to warm to him. And that image is precisely why Wednesdays news came as such a surprise. Messi, who is accused along


Iran coach res back at Korea counterpart

Irans Portuguese coach on Wednesday red back at comments made by his South Korean counterpart before next weeks crunch Asian zone 2014 World Cup qualier in Ulsan dubbing them shameful. Choi (Kang-Hee)comments has brought shame to (South) Korean football... he disrespected Iranian footballers and coaches, Carlos Queiroz was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

with his father Jorge Horacio, strongly denied the allegations via his Facebook page, saying that he had not even been informed by the tax authorities of the complaint. We have just known through the media about the claim filed by the Spanish tax authorities. We are surprised about those news, because we have never committed any infringement, he said. Ironically, given his squeaky clean image, it appears to be how he has handled money earned from image rights that the authorities are challenging. They claim that the player and his father used tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to avoid paying tax on image rights from a number of the players huge endorsement deals. The pair are accused of defrauding the state of taxes related to that income in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, the year the Argentine won the rst of his four Ballons dOr. Since that time Messis exceptional performances on the eld have seen his value as a marketable commodity soar. He scored in both the Champions League nals of 2009 and 2011 as Barca overcame Manchester United to claim their third and fourth European crowns respectively. His individual goalscoring feats have become legendary. His 91 goals in 2012 helped him smash Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldos previous record of 40 goals in a La Liga season, as Messi had 50 in the league and equalled the record goals in a single Champions League campaign with 14. (AFP)


Cup countdown clock is unveilled in Rio

Clean image

Messi factle
Full name: Lionel Andres Messi Nationality: Argentinian Birthdate: June 24, 1987 - age 25 Birthplace: Rosario, Argentina Height: 1.69m (5ft 7in) Club: Barcelona (ESP) Major honours: Three Champions Leagues, six league titles in Spain, two Spanish Cups, two Super Cups, two Club World Cups, Olympic gold (2008), World Under20 (2005)

We have just known through the media about the claim led by the Spanish tax authorities. We are surprised about those news. Weve never committed any infringement
Barcelona star Lionel Messi

A clock designed by the late architect Oscar Niemeyer to mark the one-year countdown to next years World Cup was unveiled on Rios Copacabana beach on Wednesday in the presence of football legend Pele (above). The device, made by Hublot, the ocial timekeeper for the 2014 nals, displayed the time remaining until Brazil gets to stage its rst World Cup since 1950 when it lost in the nal to Uruguay. Were going to stage an excellent World Cup, we are condent, said Pele.

Barcelonas Argentinian forward Lionel Messi plays during their Spanish league football match against Atletico Madrid in Madridon May 12.


Trouble in Super Eagles camp over win bonus

Lagos Confederations Cup-bound Nigeria have refused to take a $2,500-a-man bonus (around Sh212,000) for Wednesdays 1-1 draw with Namibia in Windhoek and have instead demanded double the amount, according to ocials. Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) president Aminu Maigari met the team on Wednesday night in Windhoek to explain to them that the organisation is broke and so the drastic cuts in their expenditure. Last week, local media reported there was a players revolt in Kenya over the bonus when the Super Eagles beat the home team 1-0 in another 2014 World Cup qualier. Coach Stephen Keshis charges wanted to be paid $10,000 each for the win in Nairobi but several ocials rejected the claims. The cash-strapped NFF have been forced to cut back on backroom sta of the various national teams, including the Super Eagles, after an expensive Af-

Cristiano dismisses Real contract reports

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has dismissed reports he is set to sign a new contract with the club. The 28-year-old has been linked with an 85m move to French side Monaco. The Portugueses current deal expires in 2015 but Real president Florentino Perez suggested he would renew it this summer and retire at Real Madrid . However, Ronaldo tweeted: All the news about my renewal with Real Madrid is false.

Claims rejected

rica Cup of Nations campaign in South Africa. They had even considered pulling out of the 2014 Championship of African Nations (CHAN) for players in the local league because of poor nances before a change of heart. The African champions were due to y out of Windhoek to Johannesburg yesterday bound for Sao Paulo. They will then y to Belo Horizonte, venue of their opening match of the Confederations Cup against Tahiti on Monday. (AFP)

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS AK says it locked sprinters out of Julys world athletics event in Ukraine to give priority to medal prospects. P.67

FALLOUT | Ethuro accuses Muturi of dishonouring pledge to avert the conict

County cash row moves to court




Chairman Nyamweya says Belgian to remain Stars boss despite elimination. P.70

Download free QR Readers from the web and scan this QR (Quick Response) code with your smart phone for pictures, videos and more stories.

he dispute over allocation of funds to counties has moved to court, with a petition challenging President Kenyattas assent to the Division of Revenue Bill. The Senate wants the Supreme Court to issue an advisory opinion on 10 constitutional points, among them the meaning of a money Bill in relation to county governments. It has asked the court to determine whether Parliament followed the legally acceptable procedure in passing the Bill. Through lawyers Pheroze Nowrojee and Kioko Kilukumi, the senators want the Supreme Court judges to determine whether MPs rejection of their changes to the Bill and the Presidents assent to it were unconstitutional and a breach of Senate Standing Orders. We also want the courts opinion on whether the passage of the Bill complied with all constitutional procedures and processes governing passage of Bills concerning county governments, said Mr Kilukumi. The controversial Bill was assented to by the President on June 11, a move that saw senators and governors threatening to marshal countrywide support for constitutional amendments to address

ambiguities they claimed were a threat to the devolved units. The Bill determines nancial allocations between the national government and the 47 county governments, and whereas the National Assembly and Treasury initially agreed on Sh210 billion, the Senate added an extra Sh48 billion. The row erupted after MPs ignored the senators input and sent the Bill the President. The senators are seeking the courts opinion on when and how they should be involved in passing Bills concerning county governments, and what actions should be taken should the judges nd that the passage of the Bill was unconstitutional.

Senators ask judges to rule on legality of MPs move to ignore their input in Revenue Bill

The action taken by MPs ... amounted to breach of the Constitution

Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro.
The petition was supported by an adavit sworn by Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro, who accused National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi of going against his pledge to avert a conict between the two Houses over the law.

Senate Majority Leader Kindiki Kithure (in front) addresses journalists after ling the case at the Supreme Court in Nairobi, yesterday. He is anked by his fellow senators.


<< P. 4


Be Famous.


Prison Break, the musical way: Jailed men use hip hop to break free of their mental shackles




daily NATION June 14, 2013

hen a bag reaches a certain size ladies, it no longer qualifies to be called a handbag. It has graduated to a obby suitcase if when you place it on your lap it touches the lap of the unfortunate man or woman next to you. Women and their bags. I have been a casualty of many such pairs. On the street, on the bus and even now, in matatus and supermarkets. Dont know what they have in there but it always feels as if I am having mini-concussions every time I come into contact with one on account of some scatter-brained fashionista wannabe rushing past me in her hurry to meet the unfortunate person who misguided her to buy those hideous monstrosities they call bags. That is quite a sentence. I realise that, but there is no other way to tell this story without getting out of breath in speech or writing. Every woman needs to be told that she really does not need a garbage bag unless she is carrying garbage in it, or is simply homeless and has to drag her worldly possessions around in it. Only then would I forgive you for giving me a right uppercut with your little weapon/storage compartment and a left StoneCold Steve Austin smackdown with the back of it as you hop merrily away. It is really quite unfair. And the worst part is that a woman need not have a large bag to assault you. There is a particular breed of females, especially in matatus and waiting rooms who expect that whoever is seated next to them should carry half their handbags for them. Why? None of my stu

PHILO tells all about what goes on behind the open window of a barber shop P.12


is in there, so why is half your handbag in my lap? And for the strangest reason, there is always something sharp and piercing in or on them, something wet that could ruin your clothes, or something really irritating like a disease-causing roach perhaps. If I had half the passion or tenacity that Occupy Parliament protesters have, there would be a worldwide demonstration against large handbags and women would be left in the middle of the highway with their suitcase wannabes for involuntarily causing bodily harm to innocents in a public place. So, beware... I know you carry valuables in there, I have peeked into a few. Now that the pickpockets and muggers know that too... I would strongly advise that you leave your house at home. Taking public means should never be this hard. Nowadays, before I get into a bus, I calculate a bunch of things: will I sit next to a man? If yes, is he carrying one of those sharp-

edged plastic folders that might graze my delicate skin? If yes, will he beat the hell out of me if I tell him to stop poking me with it? Or maybe I will sit next to my kind. How big is her handbag? How absent-minded does she look on the scale of 1-10? If she is at ve, then I would be better o sitting next to the driver and his deviant gear hand or the roof of the car because some of the stu in those bags could kill ya! Njeri Muchai

Siji by Fauz Noir Speaking of 90s R&B, none is more reminiscent of that era in music than Fauzs Kiswahili soul single, Siji. If you are familiar with Fauz, you will know that his is a very piercing, almost metallic voice so, while this song might have been intended to be soft and calming, it may end up shocking you awake. Siji is... something you will be quite pleased you listened to. Hear it at soundcloud/fauz-noir. And because you will no doubt listen to the rest of his music... be warned, he does not stick to one genre, which we here at ZuQka nd very refreshing. Give a listen to X-les as well. Dear Mama by Dizzo Manizo From Dallas, Texas, comes a very Kenyansounding Dizzo Manizo. Forget the name for a second and consider this... a singer/ songwriter we have never heard about is back with his latest track, Dear Mama. Everyone loves a mama song. No one can hate on a mama song, not even us. While Dizzo is not a particularly spectacular singer, he is not a particularly bad one either. With three reggae singles on fyahhouserecords, it is safe to say that he is making an eort. Now, we said he sounded very Kenyan. Here is the thing; he is Ugandan. I Wanna Love You by Dr3am Ville ft RonMixa Dr3am Ville gives o a very 90s R&B sound from the get-go and I Wanna Love You is where it starts... and if it was not for the Kenyan-sounding rapper, you would think that it was a Black American guy trying his luck here. Dream Chase by Dr3am Ville ft Ayenza Mse Do not let the funny names fool you. There is a girl in Dr3am Ville who sounds as if she was born in Texas, raised in London, and was made Queen of the world. She sings like an angel and no matter how often you listen to this song, you will not get over the fact that you are listening to the sound of her voice instead of the message in the song which is quite encouraging, by the way. One thing is a bit disturbing, though. Why does every other guy in this song sound out of place? Jus Try by Dr3am Ville ft RonMixa Once again, we could not stop at song number two. In spite of the mismatched rapping going on in the other two songs, you keep listening because they sound so good you want to meet them, their mothers, and great aunties. I promise

you we are not sucking up; they are just that good. Have a listen to these guys on Success (spoken word) by Haganzimana ft Isaac Mutebi It is not just the piano that gets you here; it is the depth of Hazes voice that convinces you that there is something important he is saying that you must absolutely decipher... and yet it is not that complicated. He is simply demystifying the successful man; he is a stressed out sinner, dreamer, and optimist balancing the blackness and the light within him. This, though a little too deep for me to even attempt to explain past the surface, is the rst spoken word number with a sang-out chorus. Simply Beautiful. Check it out at Hurricanes by William Kmo Kamore one of those goose bump-inducing songs. Even before you know what it is about, the very chords and beats of it pull at your heartstrings and silence your heart so that its beats do not get in the way of your absorbing whatever emotive energy you are experiencing as you listen. It might be a few years old but like Les Wanyikas music... it kinda lives on... forever. Check out Kmos music at williamkamorekmo


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Frankfoot, Cikus Beefs

COVER: breaking the mould

10 11

Rave: Demarco and sweet Poetry The Rocker Andromedas unusual ways

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Philos blog,

Dalliance Diary

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Take 14, Cindy

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best of old school jams tonight at The Oce Mombasa Road, next to Foton, Nairobi. The party never stops and the show starts at 7pm. MASQUAREDE PARTY AT SKYLUX The Skylux Lounge in Nairobi will this evening host the Masquerade Party featuring the best of disco music with various DJS. Entrance Sh2,000 (VIP) and Sh1,000 (Regular). Doors open at 9pm. THURSDAY NIGHT LIVE AT CHOICES Roots International Presents Thursday Night Live on June 20 at the Choices, Baricho Road, Nairobi featuring Kabon. The show will start at 8pm and end at 11pm. Entry is free. Meanwhile the same spot will host Juma Tutu and Band on June 27. FIESTA BAND AT PIVOT CLUB Pivot Club in Nakuru town hosts live band by the Fiesta group while at the Eclipse International Club on Kanu Street is music extravaganza throughout the weekend. Meanwhile at Show park opposite the Nakuru Showground is African Nite with special Rhumba shows. Entry is free. OLD SKOOL FRIDAYS AT AMBOSELI GARDENS Join veteran DJ Adrian for the best of Old Skool every Friday evening at the Amboseli Gardens in Lavington, Nairobi. Dance to the best of 90s pop, soul and R&B as you sample your favourite african cusines. Sunday is Amboseli Family Funday with barbeque, bouncing castles and lots of entertainment from 2pm. PHOTO -TEXT EXHIBITION A photo-Text Exhibition Pictures-From a Swamp to a Capital City is on at the Alliance Francaise, Nairobi. The exhibition which runs until July 7 has been put together by Dr Lydia Muthuma an art historian and Evelyne Wanjiku, historian and book author. SPLASH DISCO AT CLUB LAMBADAMTWAPA Club Lambada International at Mtwapa, Kili County tonight hosts a Divas Nite Special. There will also be the Splash Disco which would feature the cabaret show and the bikini ladies. Shows start from 8pm till dawn. On Sunday there will be a family fun day at the Lambada Holiday Resort. RUMBA EXTRAVAGANZA AT DREAM VILLAGE Rumba fans in Nairobi can team up tonight through to Sunday at the Dream Village Restaurant in Nairobis South B, for music by Bilenge Musica featuring Darzee Kalend. Special late night stage shows featuring latest Congelese dance styles. BLACK AND WHITE COCKTAIL PARTY AT SKYLUX Skylux Sports Pub in Mtwapa tomorrow presents Black and White Cocktail Party by EABL Smirno brand in conjunction with Coastal Films Production. The party starts at 7pm till dawn and dress code is Black and White. On the decks will be host DJs Sashy, Andree and Easy Mike. Cocktails will go for Sh300 and entry is free. WEEKEND REGGAE WITH KING LIONS is set for tonight featuring King Lion Sounds With Papa Chally and Kings Tubbs at the Ravers Lounge along Duruma Road in Nairobi. Rub-a-Dub reggae every Monday and Friday. Club Monte Carlo, Nairobi will have similar

shows on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. TWITTAS SATURDAY MIX IN NAKURU Disco fans in Nakuru can team tomorrow night for the best of disco music dubbed Twittas Saturday Mix at the Twittas Spot in Nakuru featuring resident DJs. Special late night shows for revellers. Friday is happy hour. Sunday is jam session. Meanwhile the Dimples Club also in Nakuru tomorrow night hosts Dimples Soul Party. Happy hours on Friday with the best of classical sounds. ISRAEL FILM FESTIVAL The Israel Film Festival which started on Tuesday, June 11 at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi is set to end tomorrow.Films are screened daiy from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Today it will be Five Hours from Paris, while tomorrow will be Turn left at the end of the world. Organised by Embassy of Israel in Nairobi. Entry is free. STRING QUARTET CHARITY CONCERT will be held on June 19 at the Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom House, Nairobi. The concert will feature the award winning Quartetto Arqua. It features Giuseppe Verdi, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota and Franz Joseph Haydn. Concert starts at 7pm. Entry is free. All proceeds go towards school children in Nairobi slums. RUMBA AT THE LEGEND Maximum Rumba tonight at the now reloaded, The Legend Lounge on Baricho Road with DJ Roba. While on Saturday the best rumba band in town as Sound Afrique Band takes the centre stage with best of rumba. Entry is free.

KANDA JUNOR SHOWS Sensational dancer and MCKanda Junior (pictured) will perform every Wednesday at Club City Space on Moi Avenue. He will be in Ruaka along the Ruaka Bypass and on Sundays will perform during the Sunday Special shows at Roast House near Khoja stage in Nairobi all performances backed by queen dancers.

TARRUS RILEY AND ALPHA BLONDY FOR KICC TOMORROW The annual Big Tunes Festival of Music, will tomorrow be celebrating Kenyas 50 years of independence where reggae legends Tarrus Riley from Jamaica and Alpha Blondy from Ivory Coast, will be performing live at the KICC grounds. Blondy is popular for hits like Jah Glory, Jerusalem, Masada, Sweet Fanta Diallo, among others. Although he was born in Ivory Coast, he did most of his growing up in the US. His music is mostly identied with the older and mature crowd, who share the same taste with the likes of Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Lucky Dube, among others. Tarrus is popular for hits like Shes Royal, Protect The People, Superman, among others. He will be performing alongside the Black Soil Band and internationally recognised reggae saxophonist Dean Fraser. Kenyan artistes who will grce the stage in the event include Shamir, Mutta, Freeman, Levysil, among others. The show will start from 6pm and the venue will have tight security. Entrance is Sh2,500 for the regular tickets and Sh5,000 for the VIP. Also performing , for the second time in one month will be Jamaican singer Demarco John Muchiri
AFRICA NIGHT AT MOJOS Join rapper Nonini and DJ Wesley of OneFM every Wednesday during the weekly Africa night at Mojos Lounge, Banda Street, Nairobi. There will be various surprise local artistes making appearances. PARTY AT DIAMOND CLUB Enjoy the best party at Diamond Club, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi. There are dierent weekly theme nights, plenty of rooms and conference facilities, with the best mix of music at the club. PARAGASHA AND MIXX MASTERS ENTERTAINMENT present Dance A Bubble Party every Sunday at Club Bubblez at Greenspan Mall in Donholm, Nairobi. Featuring The Baddest Dj Kalonje, Dj Katta and electric Mc Moha, we present the best of roots, reggae and dancehall from 7pm till dawn and special Jam Session every fortnight from 2pm. Lots of impromptu prizes to be won through out the night. Entrance is free. DJ NEMESIZ will entertain you with the

THE HEINEKEN MINGLE PARTY The Heineken Mingle Party is set to be held tomorrow at the Ngong Racecourse Grounds in Nairobi. To entertain will be DJ Caise, DJ Protege, DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Creme De La Creme (pictured), Electrique DJs among others. MC Martin Kariuki Show starts from 11am to end at 3am. The Mingle is a fun, bimonthly daytime networking event that enables you to open up and meet new people through games and fun activities. Sponsored by Heineken, Easy FM, G4S among others.

Have any cool Theatre, Music, Video, Art, Professional event that youd like us to know about? Email PHOTOS and DETAILS to our resident party girl at:

straight shootin
n 2008 US rappers pledged their support for Barack Obama, who appeared to wholeheartedly embrace the hip hop culture. He was shoulder-brushing and st-bumping during campaigns, basically playing it up. Interestingly enough, one of his major supporters, Oprah Winfrey, had a policy against interviewing rappers on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She had a problem with the genres constant use of the N word and misogynistic lyrics. Now after getting in for a second term, it is obvious that Obamas hip hop-induced campaign was a marketing hustle. He beat a hasty retreat at some point and Michelle Obama (whom we all believe can do no wrong) has followed suit. She has been making remarks about ballers and rappers that are less than attering. I am not surprised. Politicians will say anything to get elected, every vote counts. In the Kenyan presidential campaigns we saw Sheng, the language of the urban youth (a combination of English and Kiswahili), feature predominantly in rallies with politicians trying to capitalise on the youth vote. Corporates have also embraced Sheng, with everyone falling over him or herself to get the youth in their corner. The leading newspaper in this country distributes comic books in Sheng and broadcasters seem to have happily embraced this sub-language as well. Here is my beef with this. We spoke slang as teenagers but we knew when to check it at the door of the classroom. We were taught language in school. We could communicate properly. Today, teachers are speaking Sheng to students. Parents are speaking Sheng to their children. Throw in the comic books, radio and


daily NATION June 14, 2013



so bad that they end up teaching these children in the only language they understand Sheng. An evolving language that changes so rapidly that one cannot use it as a benchmark of any sort of permanent communication tool. We have to get a handle on this and we have to do it quickly. The educator suggested that workshops should be created in schools to bring back love and interest in our languages in their purest forms. Less educational There was a time sciences and mathematics were vilied among students who had a bad attitude towards these subjects. She says that programmes were set up specically to change the mindset of students and it seems to have worked. Why can we not do the same for languages? The Jubilee government has set aside a few billions for the youth. Perhaps they should think about using it where it is really needed in schools. If you speak Sheng but can still communicate eectively in English and Kiswahili power to you! If you cannot read and understand this column but the Shujazz comic book is easy reading, then you have a problem. The creators of the comic book wanted it to feel less educational and something readers would relate to, so they chose to use Sheng. But make no mistake, they made the pitch for the idea in uent English. And all the fist-bumping and shoulder-brushing that made you elect our leaders will not change the fact that when it comes right down to it, in the real world, you will not make it without an education. Get one. And then learn Sheng.



ciku muiruri
TV shows and what do you have? One hot mess. Language is dead. So what jobs await these young people? Editor of the Sheng comic book? Copywriter for the Sheng adverts? The very same institutions that embrace the Sheng culture would not hire these youngsters. Why are we misleading them? Every vote and sale counts, I guess. I spoke to an educator who told me that a typical conversation with any of her high school students shows their inability to construct a single sentence in English or Kiswahili. It has become

Pigs are very intelligent and learn very quickly and are the fourth smartest animals after humans, primates, and dolphins/whales. Pigs bones and skin are used to make glue, gloves, shoes, and footballs. Pig hair is used for artists brushes. And their dried bones are used for buttons and bone china. Fatty acids and glycerin are used for insecticides, oor waxes, weed killers, water-proong agents, cement, rubber, crayons, cosmetics, chalk, antifreeze, plastics, putty, and cellophane. You are probably using something with pig in it right now...



adies and gentlemen, it is footballs apocalypse. It is the second coming of the special one. The apocalypticists will love this while the catastrophists will, with that smug look of know-it-all-ness, just brush it aside. Despite not having departed while levitating, the saviour nally descends into the revolving doors that have in the past decade alone seen 10 managers hang and remove their Armani-tted coats respectively from the oce hanger at the corner of the bridge. If there is anyone who has beneted from Roman Abramovichs willy-nilly approach to human capital management of Chelsea managers, it must be the chief tailor at Armani couture, aside from the procurement ocer in charge of importing ne Egyptian cotton from the winding

valleys of the Nile. You see, Ethiopias hydroelectric dam is not just going to irk the pharaohs downstream and parched mummies in the sarcophaguses, but the football gods in London more suits for Mour. As calm as Sonko at a NACADA meeting, Mourinho enthused as much as he delighted with his new brand of humility, earlier unmentionable alongside his name in the same sentence. Earlier, in a stunning case of one know-itmore feeling stingingly irritated by another rich and handsome know-it-all, Jose Mourinho told o the best gift ever given to the city of Madrid by claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo was a bit of an octogenarian Luo university professor, you know, a know-itall. Only less learned, far less. Feeling a bit short-changed, another know-it-rathermuch sashayed into this utterly juvenile case of handbags. Iniesta, like a short-tempered, short-sighted, and short-heightened man who, as a matter of veriable fact, he may be, scathingly tore into Jose Mourinhos tactics and negative inuence on Spanish football. As if it does not mean anything to the mettle of Spanish football that just one man is able to achieve such rabble-rousing success with just a team of 11 men. And so, in the battle for knowledge, which you would normally expect in your classic Ivy League universities, Mourinho walks away with the winners sombrero and vice chancellors award. In other news, Edinson Cavani is not keeping his options closed and were he a website, he would have set all his eorts on search engine optimisation. The Uruguayan is falling short of making a mannequin of himself, complete with a Hurry while stock lasts sale sign over its head. Like Thomas, Edinson probably had a light bulb moment,

nally realising that with his skills and consistency, he could hawk himself to the highest bidder in England. And that usually converts to a cheque with a lot of zeros. The Napoli point man said he would as much love to work with Mourinho at Chelsea as he would with Pellegrini at City. Fidelity is for anything but football. In his defence, though, he scored 29 goals for Napoli in the 2012-2013 season and bears all the right to mercenary tendencies. Meanwhile, France gave a shadowy performance in their international friendly against Brazil even though the team was a heavily stripped down edition of the talented players the French can front. Benzema gave a showing so fringe, it knocked the lights o the Stars-Eagles aair at Kasarani. Elsewhere, while Neymar is busy not passing the ball, the only other thing he is probably doing is asking for it back. He only exists in a binary state. Has the world really ever experienced any footballer more selsh? Do not answer that. Daniel Sturridge. In news that may in fact surprise Kenyans, Arsene Wenger has decided to buy a whole 30 million more supporters if it is indeed true that Arsenal have made proper eorts to sign Wanyama. This trick he probably learnt from Alan Pardew, who bought Newcastle the whole of Frances support in English football. You would be as happy to note that Alan Pardew in turn learnt it from Arsene of yore. A totally dierent man, if I heard you ask. To anyone suering from clinical depression, you should Google Arsenal, Transfer, and News together and have the time of your life with stories suggesting Arsene Wenger has more than 70 million in his lap to spend on.

Barcelona midelder Iniesta


daily NATION

June 14, 2013

Back then Nick was an actor... and a really young one at that. Now, hes all grown up and plans to come back in a big way... And as we learn, things are not ever BLACK & WHITE with him >>




Last time we talked was two years ago. I would like to believe that a lot has happened within that period and to start us o, Nick, have you graduated yet from USIU? A LOT has happened! Many plane trips, extreme highs and suicidal lows you have to love how life sharpens us. I did not graduate because... I discontinued my studies for personal reasons. How old are you? Twenty-seven-and-a-half.

ter (free), tell me who would not wanna go for that.

You moved from Hot 96 to XFM. Why? My time at Hot 96 was all about discovery. I got to relate with people from entirely dierent backgrounds and dierent structures of management. I was curious about media houses when I was in campus. I am glad I went there because it prepared me for XFM, I think. Hot 96 is well known for its old/lost school music and local hits while XFM is widely known for playing rock music. Which genre of music are you more inclined to? Guess what? I grew up ONLY listening to rock on BBC radio as a child. My older brothers introduced me to hip hop, reggae, and such. My folks like Lingala and Ohangala and I love all of them. Music in general speaks real good to me.

2. 3.

the table.

4. 5.

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Your celebrity crush? If you consider Diana Nduba a celebrity Have you ever dated someone older than you? Yep.

Skinny or curvy, which one would you choose? I have dated both and loved both. So it is all about that extra thing you bring to


You had some sort of crush on Size 8 back in 2011. Now that she has gone gospel, is the crush still there? Hell yeah! (no pun intended) But I still think she is sexy and, in fact, really happy for her that she is happy because that means the music will only get better. What are your thoughts on sugar mummies? I let them stay in their lane because at the end of the day, everyone needs companionship how we seek it is an individual choice.

What about your acting career. We have seen less of you on TV. Should we expect a comeback or that part is over? Believe, I am coming back to KILL IT! For now, though, I am spending a lot of time writing. I discovered writing is a talent I have. Currently working on Maisha, which airs on K24 Mondays 10pm. Are you dating? People like me do not stay single.

As a media practitioner, what do you think of the MPs pay demands? Clearly these guys do not understand the meaning of the phrase service to the society becoming an MP is not a big payo anymore. This is not 1992.

Between Huddah and Annabelle, who do you think has the best representation in the house for Kenya? (NB: This interview was done before Huddah left the House) Both have great assets, dont you think? Huddah has a big ass, Annabelle has big boobs. That is all people really want to see, that and a pinch of drama. Actually, if they do not win this one, shame on them and us for not voting hard enough.

6. 7. 8.


Your biggest paycheque for any single project? How much was it and what was it for? Jacobs Cross, half a mil for a two-and-a-half months work, but then again I almost died during that shoot, so hey they owe me money! (laughs).

What next after radio and TV? I want to see how far my art is going to take me. I am getting more and more interested in fashion, music, and painting, and also foreign languages. Got Spanish and French down, more this year. I want to work on Italian and perhaps an African language. It is all really exciting but requires a lot of eort so I am daily mentally working out to be able to so all this before I die.

Where do you like to hang out? Last we checked your preferred joint raised questions about your sexuality. What has changed? I hang out anywhere these days. Only that I hardly have free time these days. People still think I am gay. Which is ne. Others perception of me does not really bother me.


Do you think rock in Kenya has come of age? Frankly, I am surprised it has taken this long. It is really cool that I get to play local rock by bands like M2O, Bedslum, ParkingLotGrass, Murfys fLaw, Cause of Death, Carter Harrell who is a young dude with a beautiful song called Headlights. You should check it out ON MY SHOW, The Homerun, 1500-2000hrs.

10. 11. 12.

Who is/are your favourite Kenyan rock band? I do not have a favourite yet since most of these acts have only one album out. Rock is steadily growing in Nairobi.

Have you ever been a victim of social media? Just gay jokes, harmless really. But you know keyboard ninjas are the most scared people in real life, right? Pay them no mind. Besides, they are just words, what you choose to attach to those words is what determines your response. To me, they are just words. Last time you cried? I assist in directing Maisha and yesterday we lmed a scene at a very beautiful hotel. One of the actors, Abu Sense, who plays Tony, was doing a scene where he receives distressing news about his kidnapped ance. We had the whole restaurant go silent for two minutes as he played it out. He did a marvellous job and I dashed out as soon as the director yelled cut and shed a tear. Real performances always evoke emotion in me.



What would you do to make Kenyans attend a local rock band concert? Get all the bands together for a lollapalooza sort of thing, for lack of a better description. It could be an all-day-intothe-night aair. All the above I mentioned on one stage, with all their fans, rock paraphernalia on sale, lots of wa-


daily NATION June 14, 2013

The Next Generation Family, formed in Kibos Prison, Kisumu by inmates who are serving various sentences including death and life. From left in sunglasses is Dickens Odari a.k.a Wick Dick followed by (also in dark glasses) Isaack Owiti a.k.a Lizard de Starboy, then Abila Chacha a.k.a Ras Albiegebe and nally Dan Omondi a.k.a Daniela de Messenger.

<< Shawn Jay Z Carter had to fight to survive because of the poverty of his family and escaped a life of drug peddling and incarceration when he turned to music.



NMATES of Kibos Prison in Kisumu have a reason to smile every time they are called out to the parade. This is because they know that there will be some good rap music from The Next Generation Family, a group made up of their colleagues who have decided to use their talent while in prison. They sing their hearts out, though without the accompaniment of any musical instruments, and every time their voices meld and ow, their fellow inmates are left mesmerised. The Next Generation Family is made up of Dan Omondi, 25, a.k.a Daniela de Messenger, Dickens Odari, 30, a.k.a Wick Dick, Isaack Owiti, 25, a.k.a Lizard de Starboy, and Abila Chacha, 30, a.k.a Ras

Albiegebe. The four artistes have produced three CDs and are happy that their music is nding its way to some radio stations, to the delight of their fans. They formed the group in 2009. None of them completed their primary school education and are, coincidentally, all behind bars for either committing or attempting robbery with violence. Dickens Odari says he was sentenced to death in 2009 for robbery with violence and is serving a life sentence. Dan Omondi was also involved in a robbery with violence in 2008 and was sentenced to death by hanging. His sentence was later reduced to life after appeal. He is

the leader of The Next Generation Family. The third member, Isaack Owiti, attempted robbery in 2009 and was convicted and jailed for life. The last member, Abila Chacha, who was born and raised in Kakamega, also attempted robbery and was jailed for life. The four confess that they were driven by peer pressure and bad company, never listened to the advice of their parents or teachers, and did not know that what they were doing would lead them down such a perilous road. Now we are very remorseful and ask the President and his deputy to have mercy on us. We are now transformed and become useful members of the society, says Omondi, their leader. And as if that piteous appeal was not enough to mellow the big mans heart, Omondis honest and quick acceptance of reality is endearing. He says: Coming together in prison to form this group has taught us a lot. Prison is not a place for torturing innocent people. We are here to pay for crimes we committed. We have realised that this is a place that, if properly managed, can make even hardcore criminals to realise their talents and utilise them to benet themselves and other members of society just like we are doing. They say they are grateful to Nicholas Emasi, the ocer in charge of the prison, who has allowed their producer cum manager, Jamal


Malique, to frequent the facility to listen to them sing and record their music. Omondi urges the other prisons to borrow a leaf from Kibos to improve the welfare of inmates. We are proud of Kibos Prison. It is not that we are urging people to join us in here, but our message is simple; if you are in any prison serving a sentence, accept the reality and move on. Use all the talents God has given you to improve your life and avoid trying to use shortcuts to achieve success. The ocers in charge of the prison here always encourage us to join groups that can help us discover and nurture our talents. They hate seeing any of us being idle after work. This has changed many of us as we do not have a lot of time to think about our problems or pity ourselves. We have formed football teams, basketball teams, there is also a gym where we do physical exercises, athletics teams. And when it comes to spiritual nourishment, we study the Bible. There are those like artisans, musicians, and those who are good in drawing who teach themselves special skills. These things are coming about because of reforms in our correctional facilities and turn prisons into the rehabilitation centres that they are supposed to be rather than the torture chambers we had become accustomed to hearing about, says Omondi.


daily NATION

June 14, 2013

Khalid TID Mohammed (Top in Dar) of the Zeze and Siamini fame started music with Black Stars in 1994 and ve years later turned solo. He produced his rst single, Mrembo, in 2002. He made money and his new wealth and fame seem to have gone to his head because in 2008, he was jailed for one year for assault. He was released three months later. He continues to record and perform with his band, Top Band.

When ZuQka asked Jamal Malique how he found himself working with inmates he said: Mine is to assist these young men achieve their goals. When they approached me through a friend and asked me to record their music, I was touched and vowed to join them so that we can grow together. I had heard about them and their music, so it was not dicult for me to accept their request. Although at times it is not possible for them to pay me as I would wish, I am ready to work with them to enable them to exploit their talent in music. Omondi says that it is easy

working with Malique, who always carries his keyboard and at times asks for help from Nakuru-based Hero FM producer, Crizo Mzeiya. They came together in January this year to produce Kemikali for us, he says

OCALLY and internationally, several artistes careers in music have been inuenced by prison. A case in point is Aliaume Daye Thiam a.k.a Akon, now 42, born and raised in Senegal until he was seven when he moved to Union City, New Jersey. Early in his youth, he had too much freedom when his parents were away and there was no authority figure in his life. He learnt many bad things from his peers and soon found himself involved in criminal activities. He was eventually arrested and jailed for three years for theft. While in prison, he developed an interest in singing and upon his release, he began working on music seriously. Apart from learning it in prison, he initially loved music as he would admire his father, who could play several musical instruments, though for fun. Akon came up with a single, Locked Up, and his record label, Konvict Muzik. His album, Konvicted, was released in 2006. Nearer home, in Tanzania is Khalid Mohammed a.k.a TID (Top in Dar) of the Zeze and Siamini fame. He started music with Black Stars in 1994 and five years later turned solo. He produced his first single, Mrembo, in 2002. He made money and his new wealth and fame seem to have gone to his head because in 2008, he was jailed for one year for assault. He was lucky to be released three months later. But while in prison, he sharpened his talent for music. Later in 2008 he won the Kisima Awards through his single, Nyota Yako, from one of his albums. Elizabeth Ndunge, 42, is one gospel musician who admits that she learnt music in prison. She was born and raised in Tala, Kangundo. She was jailed at Langata Womens Prison for one year for robbery but was released after four months and went straight into gospel music. In 2009 she recorded her debut album, Sura Yangu, which had 10 songs. She recorded another one, Umevunjavunja Minyororo, with nine songs. Her music is inspirational and offers hope to those in trouble as it shows them that they have a second chance. Another artiste is Shawn Corey Carter a.k.a Jay Z. The rapper is the husband of hip hop star Beyonc Knowles and is a legend in rap for his distinct voice and delivery. According to records available, Jay Z had to fight to survive because of the poverty of his family and as a member of an oppressed minority. He was raised by a single parent his mother, Gloria, as his father abandoned the family when he was 12. He missed the father figure and in his youth was involved in petty crime. He was frequently behind bars and on probation. To avoid the long arm of the law, he made an about turn and started working hard to earn a living. By 2012, he was worth $500 million. He has 50 albums and 17 Grammy Awards.

The Next Generation Family is popular at the prison for their rap music.

Jamal Malique (in red T-shirt), with Kibos inmates. He visits the prison to record the music of The Next Generation Family group. He is the groups producer and manager.

Malique adds: So far we have not started making money yet. This does not worry us much because we are sure that as soon as we are out of this place, we will start making money and also recruit more young men and women to join us. The Next Generation Familys rst single was Kemikali, released in 2011, followed by Ooh Jah last year and Wakenya, which came out this year and was launched last Friday at Kibos Prison. In the track Wakenya, they were backed by artiste Elizabeth Nahna Adhiambo. Nahna, a business management student at Kisumu Polytechnic, has been singing since 2011 during the rst edition of Safaricom Live. She has since been featured in K. Town, a song by Leedah. She has also sang Wanatok tok (2012) and Heramudho (2013), a Dhuluo song meaning love is blind . And to her, the sky is the limit. Nahna has worked with Malique

before and he is the one who introduced her to The Next Generation Family. She says she has many projects to complete with the group in the near future. Those guys are talented and hardworking and I am ready to do a lot of things with them. It is only that their freedom is curtailed. If they were free, we would do a lot, says Nahna I am ready to guide them practise with my equipment and I believe we can achieve a lot. If they were to do live shows, their music would get more publicity. I sincerely hope that they maintain the tempo, says Malique. Isaack Owiti concludes: We are sure there are many Kenyans, particularly the youth, who would wish to join us and help uplift themselves economically. Unfortunately, this is not possible as we do not have the freedom to interact with them. HOTO I HUGHOLIN KIMARO Story and Photos by Hugholin Kimaro


daily NATION June 14, 2013


daily NATION

June 14, 2013


daily NATION June 14, 2013


SNAPP: Janet Mutheu reacts after advancing to the next level at the Nairobi SNAPP Miss World Kenya auditions on June 8, 2013 at Galleria Mall, Langata Road. PHOTO I LEE MWANDIKI


Poetry is open to so many varied interpretations that determining what a good or bad poem is, is nearly impossible. Like literature or fasihi, there is no right answer. For example, while everyone hated the complicated prose of Shakespeare, I adored the Prince of Morocco in The Merchant of Venice. And when everyone was busy lauding Song of Lawino, I was literally burying my head in anguish. Because of this complication, compiling a book of poetry that will engage and hopefully, sell is no easy feat. Kenyan Poets Lounge, under the directorship of Chris Mukasa (CEO) has managed to do this. It was a three-year-long journey, he said in his speech, and believe me, I was not the one doing everything! This event started o on time, which was impressive in itself to begin with. A band called H_art played as well. This is the group I watched play at Cocktail and Bowtie II (and they have improved remarkably. Or is it that they had mics this time?) The guitarist was genuinely excited to be playing to a crowd, and they left immediately after their performance to attend a TV interview. Big things popping. The MC was a delight (Faith Muturi) and punctuated the aair with jokes, games, and prizes. Because which Kenyan does not love prizes? An MC is such an important part of an event. I am glad they picked a good one. Other performances included Jaymo, a gospel artist with a haunting tale and a great voice, and the audience itself, which was made to write poetry and present it! (for a prize of course). Binyavanga Wainaina (Caine Prize Winner and founder, Kwani Trust) graced the event. Kinyanjui Kombani and Bonnie Kim, also authors, were in attendance, as was Churchill Winstones, a motivational speaker. Yes, Kenyan poetry is still plagued by the DramaFests Syndrome in which we think everything has to rhyme and be communicated with loud, unnecessary gestures. Then there is the other crop, who have decided to ee from DS and get AS aping syndrome, where we just copy the spoken word we see on TV. Both types of poetry sadden me, but to each his own, right? And MY own, for the day, was a guy whose poem was ve simple lines on the theme: The power of words, which leads to falling in love, then falling in sin, then falling in pregnancy. HA! Trs Kenyan! Abi Arunga



Faith Muturi, the more-than-adequate MC whose relatable repertoire did well to carry the event PHOTO I ARNOLD OREMO


Shortlisted Nairobi SNAPP Miss World Kenya contestants (from right) Sophia Umwiza , Catherine Chege, Tabitha Maina, Araka Nyaminde, Bernice Mugambi, Hellen Mwanzia, and Ubah Musa Hersi. PHOTO I LEE MWANDIKI

The search for Snapp Miss Kenya 2013 has been going on round the country for three weeks now. The scouts, led by Okello Odada, have been going to major towns looking for the queen who will represent Kenya at the Miss World beauty pageant. The auditions started in Kisumu, where 44 girls turned up, followed

by Mombasa with 50 girls showing up, and nally Nairobi, with 226 girls at the Galleria shopping mall. This years beauty queen will be bigger and better than the previous ones. We are looking for a girl who will go farther than the previous beauty queens in representing and marketing Kenya to the world, said Terry Mungai of Ashleys, the

organisers and Miss World Kenya franchise holder. Leading the scouting team is Odada, a former Mr Kenya, with the help of experienced hands like former Miss Coast and events organiser Beyounce, Dorothy Oliech of Mochez Models, and Leakey Odera of Pambazuka Entertainment. Tony Chira is leading the choreography team.

The lucky girls who made it at the Nairobis nal selection will be going to the academy in Nairobi from June 18 and the national nals are slated for mid July. The winner will take over the crown from the current queen, Shamim Ali. Elvis Ogina

FROM TOP: Redsan gets a chance to shine while Demarco takes the stage, Demarco takes time to pose with ecstatic fans, and nally, the man of the hour takes to the stage with his not-unlike-kuku dance PHOTOS I CHARLES KAMAU


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June 14, 2013




P SQUARES LATEST MOVES Nigerian Afrobeat duo P Square have been grabbing headlines for the right and wrong reasons lately. Peter Okoye (the one with the dreads for you clueless Kenyans) has gone ahead and embraced a new look by shaveing his dreads. He unveiled the new suit and tie look in a recent shoot that he posted on Instagram. Judging by the pictures, it will be now close to impossible to tell the identical twins apart. Meanwhile, his brother Paul has been accused of abandoning Elshama Igbanoni, the mother of his alleged new born child at a London hospital. He strongly denied the allegations despite Elshama going ahead and naming the child after him. Paul was welcoming the birth of another child in Atlanta US when his alleged baby mother gave birth and went public. She apparently also admitted to dancing the Alingo with him since the age of 17. BROTHERS NICK WATHI (L) AND STANLEY KYALO IN THEIR STUDIO PHOTOS I RUTO KIPKULEI TWO CHAINZ CAUGHT SIPPING ON THAT SIZZURP Two Chainz (Tauheed Epps) the rapper most famed for his ratchet anthem, Im Different was arrested drug possession at the LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday. This followed an earlier mishap of him being robbed o his phone and wallet at gun point. The rapper was charged with felon narcotics possession after being found with Promethazine a prescription antihistamine drug and Codeine. When both drugs are mixed with soda the concoction is commonly known by its street slang term, Sizzurp. Rapper Lil Waynes recent seizures were allegedly linked to his addiction to Prometh-


here was once a time when I thought that Kenyas rst alternative music label would come from foreign producers. But that was then. Two innovative Kenyan musicians have now created a music studio that promises to deliver the most unheard of sound concepts from local artistes. Its truly out of this world somewhere outside the galaxy, perhaps closer to Andromeda as the studios name suggests. The brainchild of brothers Stanley Kyalo and Nick Wathi, Andromeda Studio was intended to cater to rock musicians, given the general absence of locally recorded material within the genre. With the success of that expedition, they realised that there were many more ground-breaking avante-garde artistes out there seeking to experiment with their novel ideas. We do hip hop, dance, electronic, alternative, movie scoring says Nick. And what does alternative mean precisely? Stan breaks it down as the alternative to what you listen to on the radio. But no genre is easier to produce than the other. When you get inspiration for rock, it will come easily. When you get inspiration for hip hop its just as easy. Rock music in particular has had a tough time gaining wide acceptance in the country. For that, one would wonder how the studio plans to make their rock records stand out. Stans point of view is that their music is cut out for those who are ready to listen. Music is art. You dont have to do what everyone will accept. Everyone sees it (music) dierently Humble beginnings Music production has been a passion for Nick and Stan for a long time now. The two started producing even before they made contact with actual production equipment and software. I was doing it even before I was thinking about production says Nick. Both Nick and Stan are skilled drummers and have played for a number of well known rock bands in Kenya. To devote his full attention to the studio, Nick had to make the tough choice of leaving the various bands he was in. His brother Stan also made bold decisions by travelling to the UK for further studies in music production. Now that he is back in the country, he believes he has the skill it takes to produce the caliber of music, experimental artistes are after. Before getting into drumming, Nick was a student at Homeboyz Music Production school. They had this drum set in this place that looked like a club so I went and started playing them. He did not ocially start making state of the art productions by this time but had several personal projects he had put together using Fruit Loops. Today, Nick has expanded his expertise to include industry-standard production suites such as Logic Pro, Ableton and Pro Tools. From home to studio Most producers today are known to begin the craft from the connes of their homes. It was a similar story for the Andromeda duo. After working in a partitioned store room which simply comprised of a booth and a work station, the brothers had to shift their studios location from their home to a more professional venue, an oce building in this case. Asked about the challenges of having a home studio, Nick explains, Strangers kuja in the house. You dont know who is going to come. You leta an artiste anakuja with some random guy. Next time the random guy anakuja na some other random guy Given that many of the artistes that are based at Andromeda are upcoming artistes with a normal income but no established repertoire, the issue of affording full studio services had to be confronted. The label has therefore offered a number of musicians recording deals that allow them to enter a post settlement agreement with the studio. Industry obstacles How will the artistes make money from their unique music? The Kenyan music industry has been and still is grappling with the problems of distributing recorded material by local musicians. In Stans view, the problem is really rooted in the artistes perspective of his music rather than in the market he is appealing to. Unless you really, really love the music itself and youre not just coming in it for the cash, you cant hack. You will get tired. You will be frustrated even before you start. With a fresh set of album and singles just completed by the studio, Andromeda plans to get in touch with all radio stations in order to have their artistes on the airwaves immediately. So far, they have been quite successful at getting their rock acts accepted by local radio stations. Their expectations can only get higher for other signed artistes who are redening well known genres of music by adopting completely new approaches. Artistes at Andromeda Studios include: Parking Lot Grass This ve man rock band started playing in 2009. They released their debut album, Shimo Mfukoni at Andromeda. Songs: Speech Chaser, Shimo Mfukoni, Etched on my Heart. Fox the Phenom Former Jack the Hammer vocalist and lead guitarist, Nana Nkansah reinvents himself as the hip-hop artiste Fox the Phenom. Most popular song: Release. A Truth Once Known Stan Kyalo (Andromeda, LYT), David Chizi Mburu (LYT) and Nana Nkansah (Fox) are members of a new collaborative rock project dubbed A Truth Once Known. Song: Inuka (Ascension). Why-El Elia Chebet better known in studio as WhyEl is a female fusion artist who incorporates rap, hip hop, rock and house music. Song: Ecstatic. Last Years Tragedy LYT will be releasing its rst full length album this year. Most popular songs: Generation Light, How to kill a Daredevil Videos: Generation Light. @spyderhand

azine and Codeine which has been described as a synthetic narcotic analgesic. He has since denied the allegations stating that the seizures were a result of stress. While it may seem harmless, the drug has also been linked to the sudden deaths of Amercian producers DJ Screw and Big Moe as well as UGK rapper Pimp C. MISS KARUNS FIRST SOLO EFFORT Miss Karun (Karungari Mungai) has released her rst solo eort via soundcloud. The song Mwana We features Dora and has a throwback Wahu sound to its mellow chorus and bridge. It seems the singer is intent on leaving her Camp Mulla days behind and forging a career as solo artiste. Karungari is set to join CalArts College in the US in August. Reviews for the song are mostly positive though only time will tell if it will receive major airplay. WYRE AND ALAINE IN A CHART BANGER And as we await the next album from Necessary Noize after the release of their single Bringing The Noize, Wyre the Love Child is not

resting on his laurels. The Khadija singer has teamed up with the Jamaican songstress Alaine to bring you Nakupenda, a tune that will warm you up as the cold weather checks in. While most recent releases on Kenyan airwaves have been lacklustre to say the least (cough-cough Nick Mutuma) Wyre and Alaines dance moves and sweet Swahili will be a sure winner for 2013. Twitter: @mediachiqk


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whats up?

You get a much improved 1080p IPS touchscreen which works better than before. It is as bright as Sony can make and uses the same technology we have seen in Bravia TVs



he barbershop was the one place that men could go and be men. The barbershop was and to some extent, still is the one place where every man runs for some rest and relaxation; it does not matter if you are married, single, young, or old. Here, you shed your hair and any attitude you possess. It is like an all-boys school and, if you notice, men usually come out of the barbershop looking sharp, extremely rested, and happy. The conversations that go on there are not inappropriate, just scandalous if you are female. No, we do not talk about who has a new catch or who just got dumped; this is not a salon. Conversations range from politics to soccer to basketball, but they do not have any order. They are peppered with adult humour and silly facts that would cause many to question the peoples sanity. Here, soccer fans trade barbs at will and no feelings are caught . Everyone gets a chance to share their useless info


Sonys revamped VAIO Duo may be well worth the money

which comes in handy later at the family meeting. Ask any woman who has been to a barbershop; she could not understand what was being said. Her man, on the other hand, was like a child in a candy shop. There is no smell of burning hair here, or smoke... Strangers become friends and most of the tightest bonds today were cemented at the barbershop. It is not chaotic; just disorderly in an orderly manner. Forget these fancy barbershops where everyone gets their own cubicle. The best are those open plan shops where people can talk freely. I am also not talking of those under the tree hair cutters. They do not deserve the title just yet. It is just the way it is. There are women who never understand why their men are always at the barbershop and why it takes hours for one head to get shaved. No, they are not cheating on you, so relax. That is his Me time , which you keep demanding. Once you enter a barbershop, you are transported back to your school days where you would chill with your boys for hours, talking and laughing. Here, a joke is rarely complete without slapping of hands or knees. But this happens before one kicks back and rests his eyes for the duration of the shave This is where women who accompany their men to the barbershop go wrong. Do not talk

to him at this point; he is getting into a zone that only he knows. He is not necessarily thinking about how to save the world or about you. No. He is just in the moment. I always see women standing next to their man the entire shave. They do not know how irritating this is especially when they decide to ask him what he wants to have for dinner. Breaking news! He does not care at this point. Do not talk. Go back to the waiting section and read an outdated magazine or play Angry Birds. Comprende? After the shave, the next best thing happens the wash and massage. I have heard horror stories where a woman stormed out of the barbershop because the man was allowing another woman to do something that might arouse things. More breaking news. Relax. Even you do not give him that good a head massage. It is nothing personal. I am sure he appreciates your massages but for those three minutes, let the girl do her thing. He will thank you for it. The wash girls are usually scared whenever a man shows up with a woman because they know it might spell trouble when they notice that his eyes are closed as she carefully rubs either temple. It is the most harmless thing, but for an insecure woman, this could be what pushes her over the edge. Yes, the two get along very well but they are not BFFs. For most, the most they talk is whenever he visits the shop. As for the girls who work in a barbershop, the smart ones suspend all judgement and whatever they hear remains there. If you study, they rarely get involved in conversations unless prompted and this is good as they do not prove to be a threat or act like the girlfriends. Barbershops are not what they used to be. There are manicure and pedicure kits, facial machines, name it. You kept saying men should try and up their grooming game and we did, but even when you nd us with our feet raised, as some girl works on our cuticles, we are still as medieval as our ancestors who would knock you senseless and drag you home as their prize. Do not let the pretty nails fool you (OK, a mans nails should never be termed as pretty. Maybe nice), the stu that your man spews at the barbershop will have your eyes popping. But to be honest, the barbershop is more female-friendly than a salon where women sit in driers close to an hour without talking to each other and when they do, it is all about the latest Chanel bag. And from what I hear, the men at the salons are more lethal than the women at the barbershops. No? That is for another day. @Mwanikih

ony is one of the few hardware manufacturers that actually puts a tonne of eort in correcting their mistakes. They learn and adapt quickly and this seems to be the story when it comes to the VAIO Duo. Late last year, Sony brought out the VAIO Duo 11 and it just did not make the cut. For one, it did not have anything to really talk about. It had a major design aw with the hinge, the battery life was rubbish, and some people felt that the superbly designed HD display really was not worth the price quoted. They were right. And Sony learnt from this, upped the price by $200, and have perfected a beast. So, aside from the obvious improvements, including a touchpad that actually feels like a touchpad and a keyboard you can use, what else is there? Weight is up For one, the weight has slightly gone up, and this machine now weighs a mere 1.3 kilogrammes due to its use of modern carbon bre construction and with that, it looks that much more sleeker. Which is even more impressive when you consider that it sports a 13.3 inch display, which is quite a bit to have on the tiny machine that it is. Then Sony gured that it was not impressing people by having the corners of the machine pinch your sweater, so in came the rounded corners. But it is the hinge, or rather the surf slider mechanism that

has made this machine worth the chatter. Eager to please, the surf slider mechanism is easier to use to a point that you can convert it from a laptop to a tablet with one hand. The improved design also means that the machine does not collapse backwards into tablet mode while in use, as was the case with its predecessor. More improvements mean that the cabling on the tablet is hidden behind the hinge and is invisible, which makes it ever more tidy and impressive to look at. Front side, you nd the expected Windows 8 Start button, which works as the traditional Start Button on Windows works. Hardware-wise, the front side has a 2-megapixel camera. On the rear, you nd all the ports you need to attach to other devices and power. This means that there are no ports on either side of the device, which makes the machine easier to hold and use when it is in tablet mode. It gets a standard SD card slot, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack which supports stereo, a power connector and most important, a HDMI port. Below the machine, you nd the speakers and Volume buttons and an oddly placed 8MP camera which is more aligned to the left. Sony struggled with how the machine was operated. It previously had a nearly non-usable keyboard. This has been replaced by a newer model which sees each key on its own sort of island. It is back-lit and does feel less cramped than its predecessor. The new touchpad makes pinch-to-zoom, tracking, and scrolling a lot more uid. The Synaptics clicker has got to be one of the easiest to use on any device in the world. Then there is the stylus, actually the pen that pretty much speaks for itself. However, what is new about it is that, unlike its

predecessor, which had the stylus stored separately from the device, this one comes with a slot to store it. And that is only the half of it. Sony got smarter about the stylus story and put a magnetoresistive (MR) sensor, which detects when the stylus is removed from its slot and wakes the machine from sleep. It even gets smarter as the ability to start a programme when the stylus is removed exists. Handy trick. Mini Bravia You get a much improved 1080p IPS touchscreen which works better than before. It is as bright as Sony can make it and uses the same technology we have seen in Bravia TVs. There is a much higher 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution and this is astounding in what you get to see. The processor inside pushes it to 1.6GHz with a turbo boost to take it up to 2.6GHz but at the price of battery life, which is actually not bad at an average of 10 hours. Storage options mean you get to choose from dierent congurations, but the top combination is 8GB of RAM with a 512 GB solid state drive. Pricing starts at Sh119,070 and, this little monster is currently available overseas as of June 9. Is it worth buying? Since Sony has made a lot of effort for a sleek machine, yes, it is currently worthwhile to buy if you are looking for something extremely portable and can put up with Windows R/T. It comes at a premium, but for once, you will not be disappointed by what you get. By Kiumbuku Muchuku




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June 14, 2013

say what?
order that dictates that your regular girl will not date you unless you have mullah, one that does not respect the sanctity of sex, an order that has women giving men a run for their money in regard to multiple partners (what a man can do, a woman can do better, ha! ha!) an order that has women who want fty-fty in relationships (the fty-fty includes coming home in the wee hours of the morning, separately). But hold on right there before you judge the womenfolk too harshly. Rules have changed since the times our grandfathers were teenagers, when African men were expected to marry many women with no protest from the preceding mama. Those olden days when African women were expected to do all the donkey work of tending the shamba and constructing the mud huts, not forgetting taking care of the children while the men would sit on their portable stools in a central place and pretend to discuss important stu. The only thing that has not changed is the attitude of our menfolk. Thanks to colonialism (yes, I blame the colonialists), women took the responsibility of providing for the family, mainly because the men were damaged and confused. The children had to be fed and all. How did men refuse to change with the times? Well, when the women became equal providers (in some cases the sole providers), they demanded equal rights in decision-making. The men were taking none of that. They still wanted to be roaring in the house, but the women were not ready to be short-changed. And so the battle of the sexes began, and the result is the wise man with the quotable quote on the radio. What has happened too is that men want to have their cake and eat it (quite honestly, I never did quite understand that statement; have your cake and eat it?) They want to have loose sex with women, but they still want to marry a virgin. How in the world they expect to nd a virgin when the last national census proved to us that men and women are more or less equal in number in Kenya remains a mystery. A man wants to sleep with 100 women before he gets married (I knew this guy who kept a list and the last time I looked he was at number 89), but he wants the woman he marries to be untouched. Come on, who do you think will marry the women you have been messing around with? So here are a few tips for the men, just so they are reading from the same pad with



ll wife material ladies please stand up! Please stand up! There are very many women but very few wife material women, declared a bitter man on a morning radio show. One of those extremely profound statements that stop you in your tracks, just so you can absorb the meaning. I could not help wondering what the man had experienced that would make him declare, on national radio, that he would never get married. But who could blame him? New sexual world order, that is what. The materialistic


ciku kimani
the women: One, you will have to be an extremely lucky guy to land yourself a virgin, fact. Two, karma is fair; you cheat on your girlfriend, another girlfriend will cheat on you. I could go on, but I trust you get the gist. Basically, remember, you get as good as you give.



take 14


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y chemical romance. Not the American alternative rock band, but the way we sometimes approach the most talked about word, topic, feeling, verb; you name it. Love. Picture a date a la KTNs Tujuane. Supposedly romantic ambience. Conversation so slow you could get gray hairs waiting on it to end. Lines so cheesy that they they can knock any slum dwelling rat out cold. Batting of eyelashes. Licking of lips. Everything slowly transforming into that terrible Fresha advert that uses sexual innuendo to sell chewing gum. In short, a roughly cut out scenario of two people in todays world falling in love . It baes me in my position as a spectator of both fake and real life relationship drama how hard it is for people to simply say I love you. Three words. Three syllables. A whole load of complications. Take the scientic terminology used. If someone in confessing their love for you ends up saying I am feeling a chemical reaction towards you, how would you react? Most probably, you would ask them whether there is something wrong with their stomach. Of course what they said made sense to them in their analytical brains due to the famous chemistry of love theory they have already memorised by heart. That is, love is caused by the combination of the neurochemicals phenylethylamine, norepinephrine, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. If you thought that was a mouthful, think how I felt typing it. In their minds though, they are thinking that any learned human being should surely be aware of those basic concepts. No. That is why I advocate the simple and straight forward I love you , any time, any language. Speaking of, what about when actual language barriers arise? What then? I understand that in such cases, it may be very hard for you to be able to confess your love for, say, your Italian mate who may have more than a little trouble conversing in the Queens language. A confession in this case would sound something like, Me for you, how you say? We taking one and making two? No? No. I love you is enough. If you do not know how to say it, get a dictionary and learn it. Do not get me started on the lines that are meant to act as suitable alternatives for the Those are sweet. But still. Just say I love you. How about in you favorite Mexican telenovela? The square jawed hero serenading his mujer de his vida (woman of life), who stands at the balcony, blinking back tears that come from a seemingly bountiful source. Such romantic gestures I am sure should succeed in making any woman squeal, yours truly included. Only after the serenade, a good old I love you should nish it up perfectly. As for you practical homo sapiens who are two steps away from becoming emotionally crippled, who preach the importance of action as compared to words; two halves make up a whole. Actions are important, but humans cannot subsist on actions alone. There is a void within us that only words can ll. In this case, three words. So combining the action and the words to make the perfect whole, that is the perfect scenario. On a serious note, I reckon telling each other I love you would solve a whole lot of

three word, eight-letter phrase. The lines that make you laugh so hard you cry. The lines that succeed in turning you into a sickening puddle of mush, that make you hyperventilate in excitement. The if I had to to choose between which of us should go rst when the time to die comes, I would choose you so that I will never have to endure a day without you. world problems. In theory, it is the key to achieving world peace. If we could live on words, I love you could solve world hunger, but because of our stinginess, people would still be dying. As the Plain White Ts say, There is only one way to say those three words...I love you. So take the plunge and say them. I challenge you. By Nadia Darwesh, @NadzDarwesh


Dear Cindy, I am dating a divorced man. He had three children with his ex-wife and says he doesnt want to have any more children, but I do not have a child and I sure want one. I love him very much, I do not want to leave him, I am considering trapping him, do you think it will work? Jossie No, I do not think it will work. You should respect the man enough, that he was truthful with you about not wanting more children. Now, you could go ahead and get pregnant because you have the power to decide, but that does not mean that he will stay with you just because you got pregnant. He will certainly be disappointed in you that you did not respect his wishes even when he put them in the open. He will also stop trusting you, and no relationship is good without trust from both ends. You need to decide whether you love him enough to give up your desire to have your own children, and if you do not, and if you want a child badly enough, the thing to do is leave him and get yourself a man who wants the same thing as you do. All the best. Dear Cindy, I love my boyfriend very much, but I think he is lazy. I have a good job, but he does not have a job. I do not think he looks for a job hard enough, and now he has moved in with me. He gets free accommodation, free food, clothes and entertainment money. I am getting tired of this, please help. Julia You sound like you have a couch potato for a boyfriend, but you also sound like you have enabled him. If you have not told him about your misgivings, you need to sit him down and lay the ground rules, that he needs to nd a job, that you are not ready to pay for his upkeep, especially if you feel he is not working hard enough to get himself a job. The thing with people of his sort, man or women, they only do what you allow them to do. You also sound like you are at a breaking point, it cannot be a good place to be in a relationship. You need to have a candid talk with him before this problem becomes a monster you cannot control. All the best.


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June 14, 2013

Its not IMAX or 3D, but it is still thorougly entertaining. The stunts lie to you completely, but you dont mind because they are so cool! The script is still pathetic, but who watches F&F for the script


Title: After Earth Rating: 4/10 Category: Science Fiction Release Date: June 7, 2013 Length: 1 hrs 40 minutes Director: M. Night Shyamalan Main Actors: Jaden Smith as Kitai Raige Will Smith as Cypher Raige Sophie Okonedo as Faia Raige Zo Isabella Kravitz as Senshi Raige

idea to make this movie did not come up during a family dinner conversation Id be totally surprised. In fact to put things further into perspective, the movie is simply a remake of the Pursuit of Happiness with I am Legend genes injected into it. After the enormous success that the former brought to the Smiths, it seems that Will Smith thought he should just take things up a notch and bring his son into the sci- genre as well. Frankly, Im only puzzled that Jaden Pinkett didnt get to play Smiths wife in the movie. Given the enormous hunger for science ction icks in Hollywood this year, After Earth might have just been the right move for the Smiths. But was it? No! And the reason for its failure to stir up numbers at the US box oce (it has only brought in 30 percent of its budget so far) is not in the fact that it was a family production. The problem was rooted in the story. No one wants to watch a Will Smith movie just to see him seated on a chair in some crashed spaceship till the very last minute. Jaden was ok. But in an industry that is spawning (literally spawning) hundreds of new teenage and young adult stars every year, OK just doesnt cut it. Action and thriller movies are always poised upon one prominent hero who is so good at kicking ass and surmounting obstacles that you have no option but to admire him. The childish character of Kitai Raige does close to nothing to embody this heroic quality. All we are left with is the impression that Will Smith (who wrote the story) is simply trying to raise his kids at work. Sam Kiranga @spyderhand

Allow me to begin by giving this movie a new title. Lets call it The Smiths Go Hunting. Why? Because this movie was essentially a family aair stued inside a 100 minute dialogue. Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith are cast together in this post apocalyptic sci- thriller. The movie was produced by Will Smith and his wife Jaden Pinkett Smith. Now, the


Music Video Review Song: 254 Anthem

Artist: Nick Mutuma ft. Lyra Aoko Producer: Razorwire Prouctions Director: A. Macharia Rating: 6.5/10 LOOOOL. End of review Okay maybe that was uncalled for. Lets start this over. Right about two weeks ago, people couldnt keep this guys name o their lips when the 254 Anthem dropped. I like the beat, audio did a great job on his voice, doesnt sound like one annoying whine. Lyras singing helped this song out tenfold. After replaying ve times I nally understood this was a party anthem ish, but, I dont think Id dance to this or feel pumped if it came through in a club. I think the song is better placed in a more chilled-out environment like 2 am perhaps... at your neighbours house party. That line, Pockets full of money call me Mike Sonko No. Never again, Nick. On the brighter side of things, I think he did a marvellous job at nding a video producer who appreciated clarity. HD is the in-thing obviously. Both he and Lyra look great as does the choice of locations; the rooftop to the club. the video vixens, especially the one in purple. Oh, and the geek glasses one too. I think we should give him time. Hugh Laurie went from the acting to the blues and did it. Maybe Nick needs a little time to nd his footing. By Issa Khalid



Crysis 3 Developer: Crytek Publisher: EA Sports Engine: Cry Engine 3 Platforms: Xbox 360, ps3, pc Released: February 19, 2013 I game on the X BOX 360. Playing the rst few minutes of this game nearly gave me the ring of death. The recommended operating system requirements here are a must if you want to enjoy its full splendour. Theres actually a video on YouTube showing this game being played on all three platforms and the comparisons, albeit not too stark, show why you have to have this on optimum capacity. This is the third instalment in the epic success of the Crysis series, a rst person shooter video game, directed by Cevat Yerli upon the writings of Steven Hall. The story picks up post Crysis 2, Prophet Returns; to a futuristic 2047 New York City, a rain forest with overgrown canopies and forsaken environments now known as the Seven Wonders. Prophets mission is one of vengeance, seeking to unravel the motives behind the Cell Corporations construction of the Nanodomes. The graphics here Out of this world. The Cry Engine has long since been the benchmark which developers, in my opinion, have had to match. The Articial Intelligence is just as good. Players get to choose between a stealthy conservative approach and the maniacal aggression of a warrior wielding a crossbow. One thing is for sure though. Whatever approach you want to use, this is an experience you wont want to miss out on. Issa Khalid @issa_khalid Fast and Furious premiered in Kenya a few weeks ago, and we are all still catching fact,I want to watch it again. Before this installment, I thorougly hated all these movies with a passion, but this one changed my mind. Fast 6 picks up when Toretto is enjoying himself on a private island with his newly acquired love. They are relaxing happily when The Rock (he of the bulging biceps) knocks on the front door and asks - surprise, surprise - for Torettos help. This leads to the whole team having to reunite against a force that is just as good as they are at what they do best: cars. There are a lot of twists in the tale that I did not see coming which are the best kind. The theme is amusingly mushy for such a guy ick, but still relatable. Its not IMAX or 3D, but it is still thorougly entertaining. The stunts lie to you completely, but you dont mind because they are so cool! The script is still pathetic,but who watches F&F for the script By Abi Arunga





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Getting ahead in todays job market

The potential employer will not be impressed if all you talk about in your job request are your needs and expectations. Learn to communicate in a way that avoids too much of I and includes more of you and we. This will demonstrate that you are not only focused in fullling your needs but also the desires of the organisation.

JOBLESSNESS | Employers asked to devise more friendly ways of recruiting young people

When the fresh blood mentors the seasoned sta

BY ORELIA RIZIKI Lorraine, 25, has been in employment for two years. She works as a communications assistant for an international non-prot organisation based in Nairobi. Its been an amazing two years. I have shared and learnt a lot from the team, especially the chief communications manager, who has 24 years of work experience. He is my mentor, she says. But thats only partly true. Despite learning a lot from her seniors, Lorraine also oers valued skills to her boss. He has scheduled a daily onehour session with her so that she may give him lessons on search engine optimisation and the use of social media. This is a classic example of reverse mentorship, which can be dened as the process of transferring knowledge and ideas from fresh employees to seasoned sta members. According to the Wall Street Journal, the concept was championed by Jack Welch, the former head of General Electric, writer and author. In his time, Mr Welch once instructed 500 top executives to seek mentoring from employees in lower ranks on the benecial use of the Internet. He wanted the older senior management teams to learn a thing or two from the companys newest and youngest employees. It is reported that Welch himself was matched with an employee in her 20s, who taught him how to surf the web. Reverse mentoring operates on the basis that new employees, particularly younger ones, come in with fresh and unique perspectives that senior managers may not have thought of, or may have taken for granted. The arguments in support of reverse mentorship generally suggest that fresh employees see things in ways that have not been clouded by internal mechanisms of the organisation. This category of workers is also quite conversant with social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In an eort to match up, some senior managers, such as Lorraines boss, have turned to reverse mentoring to learn from the expertise of their much younger colleagues. The programme undertaken at General Electric was a success and has since been emulated by many other companies over the years. Lorraines boss has nothing but positive things to say about the lessons he has been getting. I can now run the companys Facebook and Twitter account. My work entails a lot of travel and Im now able to tweet from international conferences and functions when I am out of the country. I can also post photos and embed videos on our Facebook page without asking for help, he says excitedly. An extra outcome of reverse mentorship is that it builds morale among the young mentors. It also helps younger people to get comfortable in a company. It promotes loyalty. It generates trust, explains Lois Zachary, president of Leadership Development Services, an American consulting rm on mentoring programmes. Joel Garfinkle, the author of Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level , argues that reverse mentorship increases multigenerational cooperation and reduces conicts between age groups in the workplace.

Study tells why many youths fail to nd jobs

Gap between the expectations of employers and those of fresh graduates continues to widen, and both are to blame

niel Odanga, 26, is a college graduate of communication. It is two years since she graduated. She is yet to nd a job, so she has resorted to concentrating on her clothesline business and part-time research work. Odanga is one of the many youths who despite attending interviews, dont seem able to secure a job. Youth unemployment is a trending topic worldwide. A study conducted in February and March blames a widening lack of understanding between employers and the youth as a key contributor to failure by young people to nd jobs. The research by London-based Chartered

Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reveals that there is a glaring gap in the expectations of young people and those of employers. That gap is what largely contributes to youth unemployment, the study suggests. CIPD is Chartered HR and development professional body with an outreach in 120 countries across the world. The CEO, Peter Cheese, expresses concern in the study report titled Employers are From Mars, Young People are From Venus, that far too many young people are struggling to nd their rst job. According to the finding, the growing mismatch between employers expectations of young people during recruitment and youths understanding of what is expected of them will have to be dealt with even as othes measures are put in place to resolve the

There is a pressing need for employers to adopt youth friendly recruitment practices
Ryan Kanyandonng, HR consultant

prolonged and persistent joblessness among fresh school leavers. The CIPD study focused on 30 employer case studies across all sectors and sizes. Two focus groups with HR professionals and young job seekers were also involved. The report blames employers for being too rigid with demands for experienced workers. This, declare the researchers, locks out a great variety of young talents from the job market. Ultimately, employers end up paying more for skills they could have owned internally had they sought out skilled youth. The research also blames learning institutions for poor career advice and guidance. It further points to a general lack of support to young people during the transition from education to work. Many youths have little understanding of the world of work and dont know how to build their chances of nding a job. It is the reason the study recommends that employers be open enough to provide feedback to job candidates with reasons as to why they were not recruited. It will help young job candidates to work on their weak points and build confidence for the next interviews. Employers in Kenya are particularly notorious for not providing such useful feedback to job seekers. But the study also

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Jobs 2
CHANGE TALKS | Every experience in life is a lesson worth celebrating

Study suggests friendlier ways of recruiting youths

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 found that employers were often overwhelmed by large volumes of applications from young people who had done no research about the organisation or industry whatsoever, and did not therefore know how to tailor their CVs to the specications of the job. HR consultant Ryan Kanyandong agrees with the report and says that there is a pressing need for employers to adopt youth friendly recruitment practices. Mr Kanyandong works with Victoria Meld Consultancies in Kisumu. He argues that recruitment should be tailored to t all job candidates. If this is not considered, the youth will keep being jobless, he says. Mr Kanyandong adds that the youth have skills that should not be ignored, and given that their weakness in recruitment has to do with the inability to express themselves favourably, employers should consider alternative ways of establishing their abilities. Luckily, the CIPD study oers an idea of how to get the best out of fresh job seekers during recruitment. The rst stage, CIPD suggests, involves inviting young people for a talk about what the company requires. It is to give the youth information to help them determine if they would t in the company. The youths are then advised to call back the organisation to conrm their interest once they have made up their mind. Those who do so are contacted by the recruitment manager telling them: Congratulations. You have passed the rst stage of the recruitment process. This makes the young job seekers to feel more condent as they are moved to the second stage. The second stage entails an interview with the same panel as before, to provide continuity. The panel gets them to talk about themselves, their hobbies, and other details concerning their personal life so as to see what information they volunteer. They are then taken to the recruitment oor to walk around the company to get a feel of what to expect in case they make it through. The third stage then becomes the main interview. At this stage, the candidates will have acquired sucient condence to answer the questions they would not have been able to deal with eectively had they been asked straight away. The CIPD study asserts that this approach works well for this cadre of potential employees. Employers who have followed it before have reportedly indicated that they have end up with some very talented young employees.

How negative stu make you better

BY WALE AKINYEMI went to a privileged school full of extremely wealthy children. Now that was a problem. My parents were not wealthy, and so from the beginning, I felt like an outsider. My schoolmates seemed to have everything. They travelled abroad for holidays. As for me, my journey would be to the village to visit my grandparents. My schoolmates wore designer clothes bought from designer shops during their travels abroad. I wore clothes made by a certain Uncle Tunde the tailor, who made clothes from the cheapest fabrics possible. For some reason, the clothes were always ill-tting. My friends at school used the nicest smelling colognes. The closest I could get would be the near empty bottles from my uncles. I may have felt odd then, but looking back, being an outsider was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I had to think creatively to gain the respect of those whom I considered to be the insiders. To do this I had to look inside me. There was something inside me that could command the respect of the world outside me. That was the beginning of creativity fuelled by a great drive the very drive that has helped me to defy a lot of odds in my life. It birthed the entrepreneur in me at a very young age. I have sold re wood, mangoes, bottles, old newspapers, and leather bags among other things on the street. Today, I am grateful for these experiences. They

I am grateful for my earlier failures in life. They formed the foundation for my success today

shaped me and made me what I am today. You have a choice if you identify with the outsider feeling. You can decide to close up and deprive the world of the best of you. You can decide to silently feel sorry for yourself and wrap it up in pride. This pride will express itself in you pretending to be in control, not opening up to anyone, always wanting to prove a point and living in suspicion. It is a deceptive state of living because you feel you are strong when the reality is that you are weak. On the other hand, you can choose a totally dierent path by looking to a future you can change and being grateful for the past that you cannot change. Look for an ember. Once you nd it

and you fan it enough, the light will shine in the darkness. This was the beginning of what has become my pattern. Living grateful. I am grateful for the teacher who constantly failed me in English because I was not expressive enough. She forced me to write from my heart and not from my head. I am grateful for not having the money like my friends had when I was small. It forced me to work out a grand design for my life. I am grateful for my relationship that ended after three years. Through it, I met the queen who has been my wife for the last 21 years. I am grateful for all those who rejected my proposals when I started out. It sent me to the drawing board and I had to learn how to write winning plans. I am grateful for the people I considered my friends who betrayed and hurt me many years ago. It has taught me that there is life after betrayal. I am grateful for my earlier failures in life. They formed the foundation for my success today. I am grateful for my losses. I became so poor that even the poor called me poor. It built the hunger for knowledge that I have and it also created in me a passion to help people. Come to think of it: Without the haters, the sceptics, the critics, and the rejecters, we probably wouldnt be at our best, would we? Have a very thankful weekend! You can also follow Dr Wale on twitter@waleakinyemi

MANAGEMENT 101 | Many people are in jobs they never dreamt of

Are your sta in the right jobs?


Beacon of Hope (BOH) is a faith based Non Governmental Organization that brings hope to women who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS from poor communities by empowering and equipping them to meet their spiritual, social, physical, emotional, economic and family needs in a sustainable way. We are seeking to recruit an exceptional professionals who are mature Christians; supportive of the calling and vision of BOH, highly motivated to ll the positions below.

as your problem been sorted out yet? It was the kind lady from the plumbing company making a follow up on Zawadis issue. Mtambo, the plumber who had been sent over to make the necessary repairs, seemed to be quite well-versed with the job because it took him a short time to stop the leakage. Curious, Zawadi asked the man if he had a lot of experience in the job. Mtambo nodded and said, as he tightened the last pipe into place: Actually, I learnt everything from my father. He was a plumber and because we were too poor to aord school fees, I dropped out of school and started accompanying him on errands. Thats how I became an expert. Later, Zawadi wondered whether any of the employees she had hired in the last one year had been forced into their careers by circumstances. She had herself wanted to become an air hostess but her father would hear none of it. He was afraid that an air crash would rob him of his only daughter. Furthermore, her family could not aord the exorbitant amount required to

enrol for the course. It was her mother who decided for her. Her mother having been a teacher had hoped that Zawadi would follow suit. Indeed Zawadi actually trained as a teacher and even worked for a few years before pursuing human resources management. Zawadi discovered similar stories among other colleagues. For example, John wanted to become an electrical engineer but his father advised him to pursue computer science, which they could aord. It hit Zawadi that many people had abandoned their career dreams because of one reason or another. Career dream killers included discouragement from peers and teachers as well as lack of role models. Another contributory factor is the environment in which people live. Some areas dont facilities for training in certain careers, for instance. Sometimes the reasons are economic, such as lack of fees, but there are also pressures to conform to what is within ones environment. Yet many people who end up at the top were at one time thought to be out of their minds when they decided to leave their comfort zones.

1. Medical Ofcer
The medical ofcer will work as a member of a multi-disciplinary health team, to provide and promote a comprehensive primary health care service, HIV/AIDS care and management. The multi-disciplinary team will be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of community health programs by implementing the strategic objectives of the health service. The position requires adaptive and innovative work practices. Successful candidate will have a minimum of Bachelors degree in Medicine with at least 3-4 years experience.

2. Clinical Ofcer
The Clinical ofcer will provide and promote a comprehensive primary health care service, HIV/AIDS care and management in line with Beacon of Hopes strategic plan. Successful candidate will have a minimum of Diploma in Clinical Medicine and surgery with at least 3 years work experience in a busy health facility. Interested candidates should apply stating their overall suitability for the position together with detailed CV that clearly addresses the ability to perform the key responsibilities, references and salary history to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR BEACON OF HOPE P.O. BOX 4326 00200, NAIROBI Before 24th June 2013. Kindly note only short listed candidates will be contacted

The environment plays a role in motivating people to grow in their careers. Moving out of an environment that does not encourage growth may be uncomfortable at rst, but the dividends are worth it. Although women were often restricted by their families from following their dream careers, more and more people are accepting that women too need to advance. Additionally, several colleges and universities have sprouted up in many centres, making it possible for one to progress in

their careers without having to relocate. The advent of modular and distance learning and other flexible arrangements have eased the burden on employees. Finally, nancial institutions such as the Higher Education Loans Board have made it possible for employees to nd study loans. Reach out for your dream career. Dr Kithinji is a management consultant and trainer at the Kenya School of Government Nairobi

ZUQKA Jailed for crime, meet the Sauti Sol of Kenyas prisons


Daily Kenya Living

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Kenyas prowess in athletics owes a lot to an unsung man called Nyandika Maiyoro, the barefoot athlete racists branded lap monkey

yandika Maiyoro made history in the 1956 Olympic Games by finishing the 5,000 metres in seventh position, ahead of White runners who at the time believed a black person has neither the skills nor the stamina to nish ahead of a Caucasian. Now 82, Maiyoro was the first Kenyan distance runner and among the rst Black Africans to ever compete and nish in the Olympic Games. He was the captain of the pioneer Kenyan team that participated in international athletics events. He was called many names, including the racist lap monkey, but that did not deter him from creating a name for himself and the country internationally. He ran barefoot at the 1956 Olympics, which amused many of the radio commentators who wrote him o as a joke. But Maiyoro is credited for forcing the White man to sit back and start evaluating the athletic talents of his then subjects. The eorts of Maiyoro and other African runners led the International Olympics

Committee to abolish racial segregation in sports in October 1963. One of his major feats is that he had earlier won the 3,000 metres race at the 1953 Indian Ocean Games in Madagascar, despite starting the race late after other runners had done 100 metres. A multi-discipline athlete, Maiyoros talents were discovered in 1948 by colonial sports ocer Evans Archer and Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi, who recruited him to participate in the East African Championships at the tender age of 16. He won in every race he participated in and went on to compete at the 1954 Commonwealth Games, the first ever major international championships that Kenya took part in. Besides the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, he competed at the 1958 British Empire Games and Commonwealth Games in Cardi, nishing 12th, and again 1960 in Rome, Italy. Born in 1931 in Kiogoro, Kisii, he attended Nyakegogi Primary School but abandoned school after only ve years to concentrate on his athletics career. He was coached by the paramount chief Nyandusi and retired from athletics in 1964, aged 33. By then, he had left a mark in the Kenyan athletic scene.

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From segregation lessons have been



Scholar killed in freak accident

t independence, Kenyas new government committed itself to tackling three challenges, namely poverty, disease and ignorance. This was based on the understanding that the nations social progress and economic prosperity were predicated on wealth creation, good health and knowledge acquired through relevant education. The Kanu Manifesto of 1963 on which the party scored electoral victory at the rst General Election made ambitious proposals on education, including providing free universal basic education. Education was a critical plank in the transformation of a new Kenya. But the kind of education inherited from the colonial administration was not going to help in realising that goal. First, the system was discriminatory and created a segregated society based on race. The best education


Stella Awinja in 1982 as a university student (left) and how we think she would have looked today (right).

Number of university students at independence in 1963, when there was only the University of East Africa with campuses at Makarere, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Today, there are 22 public universities, 12 constituent colleges, three campuses, and 17 fully-edged private universities with a student population of 250,000. was reserved for the children of the Whites and Asians. At the end of the spectrum were Africans, who were left to contend with inferior education ostensibly to ensure that they did not gain the knowledge and skills to challenge British supremacy. Thus the first step undertaken by the Kenyatta administration to set up a commission under Prof Simeon Ominde in 1964, with the brief to assess the existing education system and provide policy to move in a new direction on education. The teams ndings were published in the Report of the Kenya Education Commission, popularly known as the Ominde Report. Notable among its key highlights were: creating a unitary education system to eliminate the disparities inherited at independence; providing free primary education; having a common system for recruiting and paying teachers; and promoting secondary and higher education to provide human resource to drive the economy. The Sessional Paper No 10 of 1965 on African Socialism and its Application to Planning in Kenya, which provided the countrys development blueprint, reinforced these. Significantly, the Ominde commission established a new education system comprising seven years of primary education, four in secondary, two in high school and three at the university (7-4-2-3). It also abolished the then Kenya Preliminary Examinations (KPE) done at Standard Four and Higher School Certicate that was done at the end of secondary education. Instead, it introduced a new examination at Standard Seven (Certicate of Primary Education), another at Form Two, known as Kenya Junior Secondary Education, and General School Certicate at Form Four and at Form Six. After the first decade of independence, it became apparent that the education model, though it expanded enrolment gures, was inadequate to push the country to the economic and technological levels it desired. The oil shocks of the early 1970s and the subsequent economic stagnation, which depressed the job market, compelled the government to re-examine whether the educational objectives matched the economic goals. So in 1976 the government set up another committee to review the education system. However, the recommendations of the Report of The National Committee on Educational Objectives and Policies, also known as Gachathi Report, were never implemented. With the benet of hindsight, this was the period of intense political rivalry in the sunset years of President Jomo Kenyatta and the political focus was on succession rather than on pursuing a broader developmental agenda. A major turning point, however, came in 1981 following the publication of the Report of the Presidential Party on Second University in Kenya under the chairmanship of a Canadian, Prof Collins Mackay, which recommended a complete change of the education system. Paradoxically, its mandate was to make proposals on setting up a second university to complement the University of Nairobi and its constituent, Kenyatta University College. But the Mackay team went ahead to make recommendations that radically changed the education system by introducing 8-4-4 to replace Omindes 7-4-2-3. Specically, Forms Five and Six (A Level) were scrapped; primary education extended to eight years and university education to four

ILLUSTRATIONS BY JOHN NYAGA Stella Awinja was an engineering student at the University of Nairobi when she was killed in 1982. Described as a brilliant scholar, actor and poet, Stella was crushed to death by a building block that fell o a crane at Lilian Towers on University Way which was then under construction. Stella Awinja Hostel at the university, which was then known as St Marys Hall, was renamed in her honour in 1990.

Watch out for another historical gure in next weeks Fast Forward, Friday in DN2
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to free primary, the dicult for Kenya


Mzee the movie star, and Kenyas rst Hollywood celebrities

BY MORRIS KIRUGA IN THE trivia section of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) prole of the lm Sanders of the River (1935) lies this curious nugget of information: Jomo Kenyatta, who was President of Kenya from 1963 to 1978, had a bit part in this movie as a tribal chief. Based on Edgar Wallaces story from 1911, Sanders of the River follows the story of Lord Sandi, a colonial era British District Commissioner in Nigeria, and his African ally, Bosambo. When Sanders goes on leave, his relief, Lord Ferguson, fails to maintain the peace. King Mofolaba kidnaps Bosambos wife. Sanders comes back and commands a relief force to save Bosambo, who has also been kidnapped together with his wife, and to restore the peace. During the handover ceremony when Sanders is going on leave, which occurs between the 34-and-40-minute mark of the 90-minute lm, a tall African man stands next to Bosambo. He has no talk time in the lm because he is an extra, acting as a tribal chief loyal to Bosambo. That man is a middle-aged Kenyatta, the future rst president of Kenya and father of the current president, Uhuru Kenyatta. It is unclear why or how Kenyatta ended up taking the role, but it was his only ever on a lm. Interestingly, Ronald Reagans career across the Atlantic was just about to start and the two would later become presidents, one with a famous acting career and the other with a single role as an extra that he was seemingly embarrassed about. Sanders of the River is politically incorrect by 21st century standards but would have appealed to its white audience at the time. The book on which it is based was published at the height of Edwardian power and belonged to a genre that validated the purported civilisation of Africa. The movie, however, went a step farther in its propaganda eorts by downplaying the true African culture and elevating its white characters into the only thing keeping the tribes from killing each other. For example, the name of Robesons character, Bosambo, is just an amalgamation of Boy Sambo. Although Kenyatta never made any more lms or even achieved any fame for his single acting gig, two other Kenyans had already made an attempt and a journey to Hollywood in 1930. Mutia Omoolu and Riano Tindama acted in Trader Horn (1931). The two names were most likely Americanised to make it easier for the rest of the set and the American press. Trader Horn depicts the search for a kidnapped white girl. She is found having become the queen of an African tribe and the main characters try to bring her back to civilisation. Like Sanders of the River, Trader Horn highlights the imperialist and racist attitudes of the predominantly white audience towards Africa. A somewhat skewed Western view of Africa dominates the thematic elements of both lms and their contemporaries from the era. Men like Mutia, the unocial Casting Director for the African set, were merely a means to an end. Mutia is the only one of the duo credited for his role as Rencharo-Horns Gun Bearer. His IMDb prole indicates that he was born in 1890 in Machakos. Almost all press articles about him from the time indicate that he was a Kamba chief and that Riano was one of his men. Riano Tindama, born in 1899, remains uncredited for his role. His character in the lm is a witchdoctor. The pair went to Hollywood in 1930 for reshoots of the lm because the sound quality of the original recordings was poor. In Hollywood, Mutia and Riano were placed under the care of Harold Garrison, an African American factotum of Hollywood studios who also appears in a few lms as an extra. The two Kenyans had to survive in an environment where their race determined how they were treated by their hosts and the press. They could not access most prestigious locations in Culver City and Hollywood, including the famous Hollywood Hotel. Nowhere else are these racial attitudes clearer than in almost all written communication about their stay. Most anecdotes on their exploits, including press mentions of their wild experience, reek of exaggeration. For example, Harold later wrote that his foremost problem was keeping them decently dressed and that Mutia wept like a child when his shoes became tight and he could not take them o. That does not mean the two did not have fun or join in the celebrity madness. In fact, they probably had too much


YEAR 1963 1973 1983 1993 2003 2013 SCHOOLS 6,058 6,932 11,856 15,804 19,496 29,161 ENROLMENT 891,533 1,816,017 4,323,921 5,426,396 7,117,300 9,970,900 TEACHERS 22,772 56,543 119,776 173,177 178,622 176,243

YEAR 1963 1973 1983 1993 2003 2013 SCHOOLS 151 964 2,230 2,639 3,999 8,197 ENROLMENT 30,121 174,767 493,710 530,577 879,956 1,914,823 TEACHERS 1,530 7,388 18,960 31,657 47,035 59,273

YEAR 1963 1973 1983 1993 2003 2013 A class in session. Cumulatively, education has undergone massive expansion in the past 50 years. While at independence, there were only 891,553 children enrolled in primary schools, the number has grown nearly 10 times to the current 9.9 million.

years. The 8-4-4 education system was implemented in 1985 and has continued to date. Arising out of the Mackay Report, Moi University was set up in 1984 as the second university and with the mandate of oering technologyrelated courses. Soon after in 1985, Kenyatta University College, which had been a constituent college of the University of Nairobi, was upgraded to raise the number of universities to three. Between 1980 and 2000, the education sector recorded mixed results. In one respect, the number of universities grew to seven, while that of middle level colleges declined. The Mwai Kibaki era from 2003 saw the rejuvenation of education. Ascending to power on a popular wave under Narc, the administration introduced free primary education in 2003 and followed it with subsidised secondary education in 2008, which collectively raised enrolments at all levels. In its twilight years, the Kibaki administration expanded university

UNIVERSITIES 1 1 1 5 6 22 (public) 17 (private)

ENROLMENTS 290 3,540 1,626 40,845 82,090 240,551


Canadian expert Collins Mackay (left) recommended the 8-4-4 system to President Moi in 1981 and his ndings were implemented in 1985. Prof Simeon Ominde (right) in 1964 advised the creation of a unitary education system to eliminate the disparities inherited at independence.
education, with the number of public universities rising from seven to 22, with nine constituent colleges and three campuses in 2013. Fully chartered private universities also increased from six in 2002 to 17 in 2013, plus 19 others are in various stages of accreditation to oer their own degrees. Cumulatively, education has undergone massive expansion in the past 50 years. While at independence, there were only 891,553 children enrolled in primary schools, the number has grown nearly 10 times to the current 9.9 million. Similarly, enrolments rose remarkably in secondary schools, from 30,120 in 1963 to 1.9 million in 2013. Whereas Kenya had no single university at independence, today, there are 22 public universities, as well as 12 constituent colleges and three campuses. In addition, there are 17 fully-edged private universities plus 19 others at different stages of accreditation. Collectively, the universities have an enrolment of 250,000 students, compared to 290 in 1963 when there was only the University of East Africa with campuses at Makarere, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. During the period, the main challenges in education have been quality of learning, relevance of curriculum, inadequate funding, perennial teacher shortage, and unemployment of the youth leaving schools and colleges. Thus, it is incumbent on the leadership to give special attention to these issues to revamp education and prepare the youth for the challenges of the next half century. Mr Aduda, an editor at Nation, is a specialist in education

The main challenges in education have been quality of learning, relevance of curriculum, inadequate funding, perennial teacher shortage, and unemployment of graduates.

ACROSS 2. A hermit or one who lives alone 8. A raised platform as a throne, seats of honour 9. A region on the earths surface 10. An attachment to a shhook that twirls to attract sh 11. To conform to laid out rules 13. Title of respect used in addressing a gentleman 14. The bottom of the sea etc. 17. Greater in number, quantity, measure, etc. 18. A sour liquid dilute acetic acid used for seasoning or preserving food 20. Forthwith 21. To lease or let 22. Nominal DOWN 1. Goodbye 2. An upright part of a step 3. To catch sight of 4. Lean or thin

DAILY NATION Monday, January 11, 2010


DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

5. A large container with a tap for serving beverages 6. One who searches 7. The fruiting part of a cereal plant 12. An extremely brief two-piece bathing suit 14. A device for drilling holes 15. 4th letter of the Greek alphabet

YESTERDAYS SOLUTION ACROSS: 1. Confetti 7. Orb 8. One 10. Shrub 12. The 13. Simi 14. Heal 15. Tie 16. Odds 18. Awes 21. Wee 22. Avast 23. Ere 24. Wet 25. Spinster DOWN: 1. Cess 2. Norm 3. Fruits 4. Ebb 16. A bill of fare 5. Tote 17. Game reserve across Kenya 6. Inhales Tanzania border 9. Eel 18. A large cask for holding 11. Hinders liquids 14. Heaves 19. Word used to deny etc. 16. Owe 17. Deep 19. Watt 20. Star 22. Awn

SUDOKU with Steers

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Each number in our Codeword grid represents a dierent letter of the alphabet. For example, today 1 represents P so ll in P every time the gure 1 appears. You have one letter in the control grid to start you o. Enter it in the appropriate squares in the main grid, then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you get the letters, ll in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. Check o the list of alphabetical letters as you identify them.

ACROSS 1 Not working, like a monk who has defected? (3,2,5) 6 Look conveying love and joy, no end (4) 9 Having little internal energy pop group is less happy (5) 10 Search is getting on inside things to be discussed (9) 12 & 13 Dish is an item left in B & B by the French female (7,5) 15 A horse getting hit theres bound to be one near here! (7) 17 Go into leg to nd part of the body (7) 19 Evil female in charge going after bloke (7) 21 Plant, one pruned primarily within particular month, right? (7) 22 Poem going in opposite directions making signicant points (5) 24 Artist is idiot in very good company (7) 27 & 28 A lit-up emeralds phony its an articial stone (9,5) 29 European steps putting Conservative o (4) 30 Breed fowls, running around patches in the garden (6-4) DOWN 1 Golden sun eclipsed by black round shapes (4) 2 Small image of wretched lamb in hut (9) 3 & 16 Initial opportunity for buyer ashing rare stfuls (5,7)


1 Preferences 10 Odder 11 Debauched 12 Hermitage 13 Throe 14 Salver 16 Hairiest 18 Intruder 20 Copses 23 Altos 24 Stratagem 26 Endorsing 27 Roman 28 Operational

4 Need, having forfeited right to get married, some solemn music (7) 5 Decorative piece of nasty green outside gym (7) 7 What leaves will do on line? Grumble (5) 8 Perhaps Chinese organs will drown author (10) 11 Asian and Greek character coming into money (7) 14 Brought together amicably in rough hansom ride (10) 16 See 3 Down 18 Dissolute type mixes a beer with port (9)

20 Government building needs pass a very dirty place inside (7) 21 Sailor with lots of notes turned over as a thief? (7) 23 Doctor in secret place becoming a Mr Hyde type? (5) 25 Wonderful agent, American in the ascendant (5) 26 Maiden captured by gangsters oering nancial help (4)

2 Rider 3 Forgive 4 Redraw 5 Nobleman 6 Equator 7 Sophisticated 8 Sharpens 9 Advertisement 15 Latitude 17 Measlier 19 Unstrap 21 Ontario 22 Fright 25 Gamma


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6:00 The Easy Breakfast with Munene 10:00 Easy connection with Sheila Mwanyigha 2:00 Easy DJ Mix 3:00 Join Angela Angwenyi & Edward Kwach as they discuss real life issues. 8:00 The Homerun.

5:00am: Password Repeat 6:00am:AM Live 9:00am:La Tormenta 10:00am:Beautiful But Unlucky 11:15am:The Young & The Restless 12:00pm: Rhythm City 12:30pm: Scandal 1:00pm: NTV at 1 1:30pm: Backstage 2:00pm: Secret Aairs 3:00p.m: Password 4:00p.m: NTV at 4 4:15pm: Password Reloaded 5:00pm: The Beat 6:00pm: Cats Cradle 7:00pm:NTV Jioni 7:30pm: Maid in Manhattan 8:30pm:The Prankstars 9:00pm: NTV Weekend Edition 10:00pm #The Trend 11:00pm Movie: Superbad 01:15am: CNN

Cats Cradle 6:00pm

Gustavo meanwhile meets a sherman, to whom he asks to drive him to the nearest town. Roberto men pursue Gustavo who is led to the village market by the sherman, Alcino and Mari attend the scene and try to help Gustavo but they fail to do so and Gustavo falls from the top of a cli. TODAYS HIGHLIGHT MAID IN MANHATTAN 7:30PM #THE TREND 10:00PM MOVIE : SUPERBAD 11:00PM
Mchana 12:45 WWE:Raw 1:30 Tumsifu 2:00 Vipasho 2:05 Tumsifu 2:30 Longa Longa Time 4:00 Vipasho 4:05 Mahewa

4:00 Tambira by Selly Amutabi 6:00 Changamka by Rashid Abdalla and Aggy Owande 10.00 Kazi Burudani by Eric Kilingo 1.00 Maafte by Kajairo and Rom Rom 4:00 Q Drive by Awinja and Lynda Oriaso 8:00 Tuliza with Ronclie Odit and Elvina Omalla 12:00 Vuka na Style by Rhyno
10:00 Dyesebel 11:00 Dira ya Dunia 11:30 Never Ever 12:30 Prodigal Boxer 03:00 AL-Jazeera

6:00 Sifa 6:30 Toleo la Asubuhi 6:45 Uongofu 7:00 Tumsifu 8:00 Golden Heart 9:00 Peter & Paul 12:00 Toleo La


5:00 Vipasho 5:05 Gozomo Gospel Focus 6:00 Wingu La Moto 7:00 Together Again 8:00 Toleo La Jioni 9:00 WWE: Smackdown

6:00 Power Breakfast 9:00 Afrosinema 11.50 Triumpho of Love 1:00 Live at 1 1 30 Afrosinema 4:00 Citizen Alasiri 4:10 Pambazuka 5:05 Mseto East Africa 5:30 Generations 6:00 Sacricio De Mujer 7:00 Citizen Nipashe 7:50 Kaa Rada 8:20 Abismo De Pasion 9:00 Citizen News 10:00 Amor Bravio 11.00 Action Time 6:30 Sunrise Live 9:00 Mid Morning Show 10:00


Mariana and Scarlett 11:20 National Geographic 12:00 Tomorrow Today 12:30 Ajabu 1:00 News Desk 1:30 Football Preview 2:00 Afri-Screen 4:00 Mbiu ya KTN 4:10 KTN Kidz 4:30 Vipi Mashariki 6:00 Prem 6:30 KTN Leo 7:30 Hapa Kule 8:00 El Clon 9:00 KTN Prime 9:50 Case Files 10:30 Worlds Strongest Man 11:15 Football Preview /News 5.00 Praize 6.00 Alfairi 9.00 Bongo Movie 11.05 Rhumbafrique

12.30 The Couple 1.00 K24 Newscut 1.30 Business Watch 2.00 Naijasinema 4.00 Chimbuko La Alasiri 4.10 Mdundo 5.30 The Loop 6.00 Lady Of The Rose 7.00 K24 Wikendi 8.05 Watch Over Me 9.00 K24 Evening Edition 9.50 Movie 11.20 Mishoni 12.00 Riddim Up Mashup 6.00 Damka 8.00 Good Morning Kenya 10.00 National Graphics 11.00 House of Payne 12.00 Club 1 1.00 Lunchtime News 1.30 Business Dened 2.00

Platform 3.30 Ukumbi wa Kiislamu 4.00 Mukhtasari wa Habari 4.10 Club One 6.00 Santec 6.30 Plot 10 7.00 Taarifa 7.30 The Tussle 8.00 Emerald Necklace 9.00 KBC Channel 1 News 9.45 Global Football 11.00 CCTV 12.00 Club 1/BBC 07:00 DIY SOS 07:25 Dont Tell The Bride 08:20 The Restaurant UK: The Winners Story 09:20 Cash In The Attic 10:05 Great British Menu 11:00 Dont Tell The Bride 12:00 MasterChef

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AQUARIUS | JAN 21 - FEB 19 You may be feeling more lighthearted and jovial than you have for some time, and ready to go out and party. The planetary energies encourage you to dress up in some of your more unusual outts and to get ready to sparkle. PISCES | FEB 20 - MAR 20 Youll wake up ready to take on the world, Pisces. Excitement, enthusiasm, and purpose will ll your soul, yet you might wonder where it comes from, as nothing has changed since yesterday.

To receive NATIONmobile horoscopes on your mobile, SMS the Star you want, eg LEO to 6667 at 10/- above normal rates.
GEMINI | MAY 21 - JUNE 21 You should feel especially emotional today, Gemini, reacting strongly to nearly everything you see, whether a photo of a natural disaster, a group of children, or a kitten sitting on a doorstep. CANCER | JUN 22 - JULY 22 Dreams and visions might come and go today, Cancer, as unconscious drives and images surface. Some of these impressions could represent old traumas or phobias that need to be released. LEO | JULY 23 - AUG 22 Social events or group activities could put you in touch with a lot of people, Leo, both close friends and casual acquaintances. A new person may come into your life who makes a dierence for you. VIRGO | AUG 23 - SEP 23 This is good, as you may be presented with some powerful challenges that bring new purpose to your life. Excitement and enthusiasm permeate your entire being right now.Youre undeterred by the enormity of the task. LIBRA | SEP 24 - OCT 23 Industriousness is the key to your success on Tuesday. Putting in the extra eort will get your employers attention! Catch up on your personal accounting on WednesdayAvoid late fees by paying bills on time.. SCORPIO | OCT 24 - NOV 22 Youll be on top of your game on Monday. No one will outsmart you. A health issue might need your attention on Tuesday. Shore up your immune system by getting plenty of rest. SAGITTARIUS | NOV 23 - DEC 21 Look busy when the boss is watching! Your powers of perception will kick up a notch on Wednesday. Pay heed to your inner guide in all scenarios. A misunderstanding could arise with a family member on Friday. CAPRICORN | DEC 22 - JAN 20 Its possible a roommate might decide to move out. Dont rush to judgment regarding a certain matter today. You dont have all the facts yet. A wonderful new work opportunity could appear tomorrow.

ARIES | MAR 21 - APR 20 Information gleaned from friends could have you focusing on a new goal, Aries. You may have a lot of ideas about projects you want to take care of, and today you might realize which one has top priority. TAURUS | APR 21 - MAY 20 The Universe is inviting you magnify your vision, Taurus. Its time to see the bigger, better, more advanced side of things. Remember that life is a mirror. Youre highly unlikely to receive more than you hope for.



DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Title: The Money Trees and Other Stories Author: Valerie Cuthbert Publisher: Kenya Literature Bureau


into stone from his feet up. As he did so, he clasped Asavas bowl close to him and his tears fell into the little bowl. Soon, all that was left of Kisambo was a man-like stone, with what appeared to be a cloak draped around him and clasping a small bowl tightly.Today, when you go to this place, you can see the big stone that looks like a man wearing a cloak, with a small stone balancing on top as its head. This is Kisambo. A little farther away is a smaller stone which is said to be his son, Asava. When it rains, the local people say that Kisambo still weeps for his son and that his tears collect in the little bowl that he holds. That is why they call this stone, the Weeping Stone. * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * * Kasandi looked around the circle of little faces around her.That is what happens when children are too curious and wont listen to the advice of their elders, she said. Well, that is the end of the story and, as you are all sleepy, o you all go to bed now. One day your parents will take you to see the Weeping Stone which is Kisambo and the smaller stone which is Asava, for they are both doomed to remain there for a long time yet before they are released from the witches spell. Goodnight children!The re had died down to a glow of embers, so with a chorus of, Goodnight, grandmother! they all trooped o to bed.



Fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row, column and each of the four 2x2 squares contain the symbols , , ,

) The symbols , , , should appear only once in each row and in each column.
) Each symbol , , , should appear only once within each 2x2 square

Poor Kisambo ran to the small stone, and giving a loud cry of mingled sorrow and rage, he ung his arms around the stone, crying out. My son! oh, my son Asava! What have they done to you? Tears ran down his cheeks. All at once his rage overcame his caution and, waving his stick wildly above his head, he ran towards the three old women, shouting out at them.Ill kill you all, for you have taken my beloved son from me. But Kisambo had hardly nished the statement and taken a few steps when he came to a halt. His anger at wanting to revenge by beating the three old ladies was rendered futile. He just stood there and couldnt move. Then the eldest woman pointed the magic stick at him and a strong beam of light fell on his body.Because you intend to harm us, you, too, will become a stone and will join your son for five hundred years, she said. Kisambo gave a horrid cry as he felt himself changing


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Professional associations play an important role in business as they promote best practices, competence, ethics and integrity at the work place Nation Media Group through the Business Daily will on Wednesday June 26th 2013 publish a special pullout on reputable Professional Associations in Kenya. The main topics to be covered will include: Overview of the professional bodies in Kenya. Professional Trainings, Executive programs and examining bodies Benets of being a member of a professional body.

To advertise in this pullout, Contact Ibrahim Ulalo on 0721991173; 020-3288148 or

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The Nation Media Group is the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa with operations in print, broadcast and digital media. It attracts and serves unparalleled audiences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Below are the current vacancies:

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

JOB REF: HR-MM-06-2013
We are looking for a Marketing Manager to propel our television brands to new heights. If you are passionate about marketing and have a strong track record in building brands, then youre the person were looking for to work on two of Kenyas favourite television brands. Job Summary The role of Marketing Manager requires someone with a breadth of skills across brand marketing, brand management, and product development, with great insight and intuition. This particular role requires someone with an interest in media, a strategic outlook and exemplary execution skills. The Marketing Manager - Television works in close liaison with the Programming, News and Advertising team leaders to achieve ratings and revenue growth plans for QTV and NTV. Main Responsibilities Formulate and drive the marketing strategy for QTV and NTV to achieve commercial and brand objectives. Flawlessly execute the annual brand plans. Direct and analyse regular market research to develop insights for product development and enhancement. Prepare brand plans and marketing budgets and deliver all marketing activity within the agreed budgets. Work closely with key stakeholders Programming, News and Advertising to achieve overall company goals. Motivate and manage the brand team to achieve marketing objectives. Skills and experience Strong strategic thinker with experience in marketing strategy formulation and execution. At least 5 years proven experience at a senior level in marketing, preferably in an FMCG. Strong leadership skills and the ability to inuence. Strong execution skills with proven experience in multiple project management and execution. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with diverse, cross functional teams. Demonstrate a high level of independent judgment. Tenacity and resolve to work in a fast paced job. Excellent oral and written communication skills. University degree in Business, Marketing or other related eld.


JOB REF: HR-BM-O6-2013
We are looking for a Brand Manager to propel our radio brands to new heights. If you are passionate about marketing and have a strong track record in building brands, then youre the person were looking for to work on two of Kenyas favourite radio brands easy Fm and QFM. Job Summary The role of Brand Manager requires someone with strong brand management, product development and exemplary execution skills. The Brand Manager - Radio works in close liaison with the Programming, News and Advertising team leaders to achieve ratings and revenue growth plans for easy Fm and QFM. Main Responsibilities: Lead the delivery of the annual brand plans to meet annual commercial and brand targets. Utilise consumer insight to develop brand strategy and priority activities which deliver against the desired brand proposition. Flawlessly execute the annual brand plans and ensure judicious utilization of marketing budgets. Develop and maintain monthly market and competitor intelligence reports to inform strategic planning. Work closely with key stakeholders Programming, News and Advertising to achieve overall company goals. Skills and experience Proven brand management skills with least 3 years experience at a similar level, preferably in an FMCG. Exemplary execution skills with proven experience in multiple project management and execution. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with diverse, cross functional teams. Demonstrate a high level of independent judgment. Tenacity and resolve to work in a fast paced job. Excellent oral and written communication skills. University degree in Business, Marketing or other related eld. Interested candidates who meet the above criteria may email their applications accompanied by detailed CVs and daytime telephone contact online to: on or before 14th June, 2013. Note: We shall only contact the shortlisted applicants.

The Nation Media Group Advertising

located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street

located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Stree The Nation Media Advertising The Group Nation Media GroupCentre Advertising Centre

Business Hours: Business Saturday Hours: Sunday

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. Saturday 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Sunday Public Holidays 10 a.m.

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We are open to receive all your Advertising Requirements. For all enquiries please call: 3288661/2/3/4/5 For all enquiries please call: 3288661/2/3/4/5

We are open to receive all your Advertising Requirements.

For all enquiries please call: 3288661/2/3/4/5

The Nation Media Group Advertising Centre The Nation Media Group Advertising Centre
located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street located at the Ground Floor, Nation Centre, Kimathi Street

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Advertising Feature III



h Agn a Stat Crratn undr th Mntr f Indutralzatn and Entrr Dvlmnt and t am nt ratn n Jun 21. Th Ant-Cuntrft At, 28 tablhd th Ant-Cuntrft Agn (ACA) t mbat untrftng and rdnat ntr-agn llabratn tward ralzatn f th am. Th ratnal fr tablhmnt f ACA wa th nd fr a alzd and ddatd frntln agn fr th nfrmnt f Intlltual Prrt Rght. VISION
T b th glbal ladr n mbatng untrftng

Launh f th Ant-Cuntrft Agn nw Lg and aggng f awarn wk

Th r mandat f th Agn ummarl t nfr th AntCuntrft At, 213 thrugh nfrmnt atvt uh a rvng mlant, ndutng nvtgatn, zur and rutn amng thr. Th mlmntd b rarh, and awarn atvt that fu n nlghtnng and nfrmng th ubl n mattr rlatng t untrftng; whl kng llabratn wth lk mndd natnal, rgnal r ntrnatnal rganzatn.


T mbat untrftng and rhbt trad n untrft gd thrugh tranng, rarh, numr awarn and -rdnatn wth natnal, rgnal and ntrnatnal rganzatn n th tv nfrmnt f ntlltual rrt rght.

Cabnt Srtar Mntr f Indutralzatn and Entrr Dvlmnt Mr. Adan Mhammd (2nd rght) wth ACA ED Sthn O. Mallwah (2nd lft) at th P hbtn tand durng th mmmratn f Th Wrld Ant-Cuntrft Da 213.

What untrftng?
Cuntrftng ml takng an atn that lad t th nfrngmnt f thr l ntlltual rrt rght whr th rght ar rttd b law; uh atn ma nlud th manufatur, rdutn, akagng, r-akagng r lablng and ar mant t fraudulntl dv th ur r

numr that th mtatn th gnun wll knwn rdut.

Th Cmmmratn f Th Wrld Ant-Cuntrft Da (WACD)

Th Wrld Ant-Cuntrft Da (WACD) a wrldwd vnt that arhadd

Cuntrftng ml takng an atn that lad t th nfrngmnt f thr l ntlltual rrt rght whr th rght ar rttd b law

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013



Launh f th Ant-Cuntrft Agn nw Lg and aggng f awarn wk


b th Glbal Ant-Cuntrft Gru (GACG). Th GACG an nfrmal ntwrk f natnal and rgnal ntlltual rrt rttn and nfrmnt rganzatn whh hav a trng ntrnatnal dmnn t thr atvt. Thr ar urrntl 22 Mmbr vrng narl 4 Cuntr lu drt nfrmal ntat wth man mr natnal and ndutr aatn. Cuntr all vr th wrld tak tk f thr ahvmnt n th war agant untrft and ra and du tratg f nldatng th gan and frgng ahad. Th WACD a wrld-wd vnt hld vr ar n Jun t ra awarn f th ntrnatnal t f untrftng and ra, whl mhazng n th rk t halth and aft f numr. Kna nw a mmbr f th GACG havng nd t thrugh th Ant-Cuntrft Agn n 212. Earlr th wk, ACA mmmratd th WACD n Tuda 11th Jun 213 fr th thrd tm, whl al launhng a nw lg and an awarn amagn. Th WACD nfrn wa hld n KICC rdd n b th Cabnt Srtar f Mntr f Indutralzatn and Entrr Dvlmnt, Mr. Adan Abdulla Mhamd. In h addr, th CS mhazd n th nd fr ubl duatn n u f untrftng and ldgd t urt th Agn ndavr thrugh t awarn ratn amagn and aat buldng. Th vnt wa grad b th rn f dgntar frm varu dlmat mn wh nludd: Elln US Ambaadr Rbrt Gd, Elln ad f th Euran Unn, Ambaadr Ldwk Brt and th Dut gh Cmmnr t th Untd Kngdm Dr Jhn Murtn. Th rvat tr wa rrntd b amng thr th CEO Kna Aatn

Cabnt Srtar Mntr f Indutralzatn and Entrr Dvlmnt Mr. Adan Mhammd launh th Nw ACA Lg a ACA EDSthn O. Mallwah lk n.

f Manufatur (KAM) M Btt Mana, th CEO f Agrhmal Aatn f Kna (AAK) Mr. Skuku; and Mr. Charl Kura th MD f P Kna - th PLATINUM SPONSORS f th vnt and rdng rad hw. Th ar ndvdual wh attah muh mrtan t th rttn and nfrmnt f ntlltual rrt rght, and rrnt natn and rganzatn all

mmttd tward mbatng untrft. Whl KAM hallngd ACA t tak n mr mlant, ACA urg th IPR wnr t m frth and launh mlant, n f th bggt hallng bng th unwllngn f m IPR wnr t rat n handlng f a and mng ut n th n rgardng thr rdut a rvdd fr n th AntCuntrft At.

Cntr f t all. Th nw ACA utlk m wth Smlt and Vratlt, wth a unqu, unluttrd lk, barng larl dnd vbrant lr that al rt th Agn mandat and mmtmnt t t ur, whl al ndatng th trrtral mandat. Th utlk bnhmark wll wth thr rganzatn f t albr glball.

Nw dntt fr ACA
Th Ant-Cuntrft Agn h t launh t nw dntt durng th mmmratn f th wrld Ant-Cuntrft da arlr n th wk. Th nw Lg n ln wth t nfrmnt mandat f nfrng th AntCuntrft At rtd n th h f thr lr; whl th mrtan f llabratn wth all lkmndd l ndatd b th nvrgn f th ar wth ACA at th

Th Ant-Cuntrft Awarn wk
Amd at rahng ut t thuand f l th aggng fr Ant-Cuntrft Awarn Wk markd th lma f th lbratn f th wrld Ant-Cuntrft da f 11th Jun, all hld at KICC grund. Th m at an rtun tm whn th nd t duat th numr n untrft mratv and hghl rrtzd b th Agn. Th awarn wk ntald a rad hw whh travrd tat n Narb n th rt da, fllwd b Ath Rvr-KtnglaMahak, Ngng-Kran-Ongata Rnga and Kambu -Thka, va th bu Thka rad. Th Ant-Cuntrft Awarn Wk wa nrd b th rvat tr undr th umbrlla f Jnt Camagn agant Cuntrft (JCAC). Th man nr wr wltt Packard (P), and othrs includd NOKIA, SAMSUNG, British Amrican Tobacco

Charman ACA Bard f Drtr Mr. A.G.N. Kamau (rght) and Mr. Sthn O. Mallwah n an vnt ut bfr launh f th nw Lg.

Wth 18 bautful ht, Mdrn Cat th ultmat ladr n angr tranrt r thr lnt a vart f luuru bu t h frm rangng frm Ogn t th Standard whh ar all kt-frndl.

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Advertising Feature V



Launh f th Ant-Cuntrft Agn nw Lg and aggng f awarn wk


(BAT) and Birsdorf (BDF); whil also involvd wr AAK, Unilvr and BrazAfric dalin with instant showrs. Th divrsity of sctors rprsntd is an indication of th divrsity of products actd by countrfits; thus th nd for all to b mor viilant. Th man ur f th AntCuntrft Awarn wk t duat th ubl abut th dangr f untrft gd t thr halth and aft, wll rtd n th thm: COMBATING COUNTERFEITING FOR TE EALT AND SAFETY OF KENYANS. Lt f dutanmnt and gv awa b ur k nr ar nvlvd. Th rad hw al am t hamn th nd fr llabratn and trngthnng f nt rt amng th ubl and rvat tr a wll a numr

n mbatng th mna. Cath th lat da f th rad hw tda at Ngara, Muranga Rad, Thka Rad, Kambu and th hght f t all Thka Twn at Makngn!!!

Enfrmnt, Publ Outrah and Partnrh

Sn untrftng hghl dnam and vlv b th da buldng Caat f th ACA and thr nfrmnt agn aramunt t nabl wth th trnd. In ln wth th Untd Kngdm Gvrnmnt thrugh th Brth gh Cmmn n Narb dburd a grant tward th tranng f ACA r n Crmnlg, frn and ntllgn gathrng. Wthn th am grant ACA rganzd an ntratv n n nfrmnt f ntlltual rrt rght and thr rtnnt u wth

mmbr f th udar. ACA hld takhldr and ubl ntzatn frum lk agrultural hw, mnar and nfrn ar th untr. A ntabl ahvmnt n th frnt th Faga Banda (lar th fak) amagn whh targt larnng nttutn, numr, nfrmnt agn and mmunt ladr at th grart. Th amagn ar n artnrh wth th Emba f th Untd Stat f Amra n Narb, Kna Aatn f Pharmautal Indutr (KAPI) and thr takhldr. It thrugh llabratn, that th Agn ha adtd a nhrnzd arah that avd rlatn f rt b

Cabnt Srtar Mntr f Indutralzatn and Entrr Dvlmnt Mr. Adan Mhammd ag Th Ant-Cuntrft awarn wk a th US Ambaadr .E. Amb. Rbrt Gd lk n.

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Rgru ant-untrft rt ntnu t a fr Nka

Cuntrftng: What ar th trnd and al f th rblm?
Cuntrftng a glbal rmnal atvt that at man uful numr rdut man n a wd rang f ndutr. Whrvr t t, untrftng damag lal nm and ngatvl at l wth lgtmat b n th ul han. Th Intrnatnal Chambr f Cmmr (ICC), rt that th valu f untrft gd glball uld d t $1.7 trlln vr th nt tw ar. Th alrad aunt fr th wrld ttal urrnt nm utut. In Eat Afra, th avalablt and u f untrft mbl hn wdrad and ha rahd th tnt whr a tntal mbl hn bur annt mmdatl tll whthr thr urhang a gnun r mtatn handt. A furthr rblm that, whl m numr ar fld b mtatn, thr knwngl urha th untrft hn, bng drawn n b th mngl rh fatur t at a har r. In Kna, th gvrnmnt ha alrad takn gnant t t rdu th numbr f untrft handt ratng n th untr mbl ntwrk thrugh th CCK blkng f dv wthut lgtmat IMEI numbr.

Impact to local businss Addtnall, th u f untrft thratn th lvlhd f lgtmat bun wnr. Vr ftn, t th mall lal rtalr wh ar unabl t mt agant th rlfratn f untrft hn, undruttng th lgtmat trad. wvr, rnt ntatv hav tartd t ld frut. Lal rtalr, all th wh ll ltrn gd uh a mbl dv, ar rdng nrad al a mr Knan dmand gnun rdut.

lat ar fllwng a drtv frm th rgulatr, Cmmunatn Cmmn f Kna (CCK).

What ha Nka dn t rtt numr frm untrft?

Nka tak untrftng vr rul and ha ntant glbal nfrmnt atvt t rtt Nka artnr and numr. Antuntrft rt amd at nttng fak rdut frm th Knan markt ar barng frut, ndatng a gnant mltn fr takhldr wrkng t rd th untr f th ub-tandard gd. Tas Th Gvrnmnt f Kna ha bn vr urtv and ratv rgardng th thrat f untrft t th ndutr and th untr. Indutr tmat ndat that Kna l abut Kh 3 blln annuall du t untrft n th frm f mrt dut and VAT nm. Prvul, mbl dv and ar wr hargd a 16% ta dut whh had a hgh mat n th nd t f gnun dv, and th lw-rd untrft rvdd an mmdat altrnatv fr th markt. In 29, th Gvrnmnt ud a ta wavr n th rdut and ubquntl t u an Ant-Cuntrft Rgulatn At ublhd n Otbr f 21. T dat, an tmatd 67% f Knan nw hav a t a mbl hn and t tmatd th untrft markt har drd b almt 6% a a rult f th bld mv. wvr, th rt f th Eat Afra markt tll lagud b th fak dv and t al tmatd that th rgn uld b lng u t US$ 2 mlln t untrft rdut, tntall ntradtng th rt f Eat Afran Cmmunt nm grwth a a tradng bl. Thrugh tratg artnrh and wrkng n nuntn wth k takhldr, Kna an b ud a an aml f hw fak rdut an b ndrabl rdud. Th rt nd t b rlatd ar Eat Afra, and Nka ntnu t artnr wth Gvrnmnt, NGO and thr brand t lbb agant th llgal trad n untrft dv and t duat numr n th mat and tntal harm f urtng th trad. Stratgic Partnrships Nka wrk wth rgulatr and nfrmnt agn n Kna t nat thuand f mbl hn and ar frm varu utlt n Narb. Thrugh th rt f th Ant-Cuntrft Agn (ACA), Kna Burau f Standard (KEBS) and th Kna Pl, rad hav bn ndutd at varu utlt and hav hld nat thuand f fak Nka tm, bth hn and ar. Th ACA, wrkng wth brand, mmttd t ntnfng th ght n llgal trad and brngng th nvlvd t bk. Lat ar, hav n and al tm wr awardd t th fund n ntradtn f th At, ndng a trng mag t thr nvlvd n llgal trad.

Accrditation of Nokia Prmium Partnrs In Augut 211, Nka launhd th Prmum Partnr Prgram, an ntatv that k t rgnz bun wnr f th t 1 Nka rtal artnr n Kna wh hav bn urtng th man antuntrft rgram, b tkng nl gnun Nka rdut. Cnumr ar rgularl drtd t ur Prmum Partnr and an b aurd f gttng nt nl grat rv, but al gnun Nka hn at th utlt. Th rt ha land u th hannl gnantl.

Fak Nka 33

Fak C3-

What t atuall t t u a fak hn

Consumr Safty & Srvic Man numr ar unawar f th tntal hazard that fak hn . Th hn ar mr ftn than nt, lw n qualt and d nt narl fllw aft tandard durng th manufatur r. Th matral ud n thr manufatur ar al ftn ub-tandard and d nt adhr t an aft r nvrnmntal tandard. wvr, n f th gratt hallng fr numr that th hn lak a t aftr al urt, and ar ftn nt aabl f urtng amanng numr rv. Gnun Nka handt m wth a tandard Eat Afra wd warrant, rng numr a f mnd and a ntwrk f rfnal aftr al rv ntr. Th numr valu rtn g bnd th handt t fatur and rv uh a -mal, magng, mu, a t thuand f alatn and lall rlvant ntnt.

Loss of rvnu Th gvrnmnt, t, l whn untrft rdut rr. In man Afran untr, th tmatd gvrnmnt rvnu lt a a rult f untrft hn tradng amunt t mlln and mlln f dllar n ta and utm dut ah ar. Th Gvrnmnt nuragng ntt lk Kna Burau f Standard (KEBS) and Kna Ant Cuntrft Agn (ACA) t tramln mrt and havl nalz th mrtng r manufaturng untrft rdut. Ntwork intgrity Anthr vtm f untrft hn ntwrk rvdr. A untrft and ubtandard hn ar mrtd llgall, th ar nt arvd b th tlm rgulatr and a lgtmat qutn ar rgardng th dgr t whh th hn ma ngatvl mat ntwrk ratn and nd ur rn. A rrt ndutd b Inttut Nka d Tnlga (INdT) n Latn Amra fund nluv vdn that th dv d hav a ngatv mat n th qualt f ntwrk rv. Tw k ara that ar matd ar A Falur, whh rfr t all attmt that fal, and Drd Call whh rfr t all that ar ntrrutd r dnntd frm th ntwrk. Durng th rarh, untrft hn rfrmd gnantl wr than arvd handt, wth arund 25% hghr falur rat. It wa al dtrmnd that th mart f untrft dv d nt urt GPRS and EDGE thnlg, makng a t th ntrnt lw and untabl. Th rrt nludd that untrft and ubtandard dv n a ntwrk rdu utmr atfatn and al la a burdn n ratr wh tr t rlv ntwrk u that ar ftn rlatd t handt dn. In Kna, mbl rv rvd wthd abut tw mlln untrft dv that wr ratng llgall n thr ntwrk

Fak X1-1

East Africa warranty program Cutmr ar and qualt f utmt mrtan t Nka. It n f th largt numr bnt fr urhang gnun Nka rdut frm authrd dtrbutr and rtalr. Rntl, Nka amndd th trm f th 12-mnth warrant rgram t nur that th vald ar th ntr Eat Afran rgn. Th mv urt numr wh urha a hn n Kna, a an aml, but lv n anthr Eat Afran untr. Nw, vrn wth a gnun dv lgbl and th warrant rgram nur that numr wh urha hn n Eat Afra hav th am lvl f a t aftr-al urt ar th rgn. What mr, Nka ar ntr ar qud wth th ablt t hl numr dtrmn f thr hn ar gnun. Cnumr rv a walth f duatnal matral that th an rfr t uh a hrt d, tlhn numbr and ltng f all authrd Nka dtrbutr and rtalr n th rgn. Th an al ugrad ftwar and nd ut mr abut Nka rv at th Car Cntr. In an rt t furthr at numr n utlng ara, Nka launhd Car n Whl lat ar, a mbl ar ntr that travl arund Kna t urt utmr wh ar nt l t th tng Car Cntr. Giving consumrs a wid rang of gnuin options to choos from Th Nka brand rman trng wthn th Knan markt, rgnd fr qualt. B uttng numr nd rt, Nka ha ntrdud a wd rang f mart and fatur hn n Eat Afra that ak t th unqu nd f th numr. Th nlud a halth rtfl f Nka Luma marthn bad n th Wndw Phn ratng tm, wth grat fatur uh a Nka ERE mang and navgatn rv, Mrft

O and a t th Wndw Str fr alatn. Th rang, whh ut ar drnt markt gmnt and r nt, nlud th Luma 52, 62, 72, 82 and 92, all f whh rat n th Wndw Phn 8 latfrm. In addtn t th Nka Luma rang, th man al ha a brad rtfl f fatur hn, man rng marthn lk aablt. Th rntl ntrdud Nka 15, ur mt ardabl lur rn hn, bat vr a mnth battr lf. Nka ntnu t nnvat fr th uth markt wth a wd rang f Nka Aha marthn that hav mrv fatur uh a Mal fr Ehang whh ha tranfrmd Aha Dual Sm hn nt bun hn. Th dv al bat a rang f th mt ular hat alatn uh a LINE ntant magng, WChat and WhatA that allw ur t hang hat mag, ht and favurt vd. Othr fatur nlud mu, amra and a t thuand f glbal and lal a n th Nka Str. Nka rvd qualt and rlabl handt at vr r nt and t mt vr numr nd. Frm th ardabl Nka 15 t th agh Nka Luma 92, thr a gnun Nka hn t ut vr nd and kt.

Wnnng n man frnt

Thrugh ur rang f trul mllng mbl hn, a dlbrat fu n lall rlvant ntnt and rv, rlntl attntn t aftr al urt, and ngng rt t rdu th ttal t f wnrh f gnun Nka hn - w blv w ar wnnng th ght agant fak n Kna and wll tak that wnnng frmula t th rt f Eat Afra. T lat ur nart Nka Car Cntr, la g t: htt:// www.nka.m/ma-n/tr-ndr/

Fak Nka 11

Fak Aha 25

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Launh f th Ant-Cuntrft Agn nw Lg and aggng f awarn wk


drnt agn thrfr ladng t tmal utlzatn f lmtd rur. ACA wrk wth law nfrmnt agn at lal, rgnal and ntrnatnal lvl a wll a th rvat tr. A ntabl hgh n th nd th Jnt Camagn agant Cuntrftng (JCAC). It rmd n th rt f ubl-rvat artnrh. Th an n, all nluv llabratv frnt frmd n nuntn wth drnt gvrnmnt agn and ndutr lar n th rvat tr t nra th lvl f awarn n th ght agant untrft. At th rgnal and ntrnatnal lvl, th Agn ha arhadd a wrkng amaradr wth

dvlmnt artnr lk th Brth Emba and th US Emba. Clr hm ACA wrkng ll wth th Eat Afran untr n dvlng th Eat Afran Cmmunt Ant-Cuntrft Bll. ACA n nuntn wth t artnr ha bn rganzng Natnal & rgnal wrkh n Intlltual Prrt bth n Kna and Tanzana targtng th IPR wnr, Gvrnmnt r nludng th udar and IP rattnr. In th rntl hld wrkh n Dar n Marh 213, mmbr f th udar frm th v mmbr untr n Eat Afra hld a anl dun n IP nfrmnt and adudatn. Bth u f untrftng and ra

wr al dud all n th mu Indutr rrntd b rmnnt artt frm th rgn hard thr rn. Th nfrn ulmnatd n th tablhmnt f th Afran Intlltual rrt gru (AIPG) t gv a v n IP mattr n th ntnnt. ACA urrntl rvdng th ntrm rtarat f th AIPG. Th war agant untrftng wll b wn nt b n agn but thrugh llabratn. Whl th Agn wll ut t mandat a r th At, t urg fr th ratn f all takhldr, all th ntlltual rrt rght hldr / wnr, thrughut th tag f th nfrmnt r. In th am vn,

Ant-Cuntrft Awarn wk g n: Th Rad Shw tam rfrm a kt fr th audn.

ACA arat th urt f th tat IP nfrmnt

agn, rvat tr and th dvlmnt artnr n

nhanng th fulllmnt f thr mandat.

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Cuntrftng ngatvl at numr, th rvat tr, and gvrnmnt. Cnumr and thr nd ur l ut n valu fr gd, halth and aft and b rtunt; manufaturr hav a drt l n al rvnu and ar nt abl t and thr bun; whl gvrnmnt l n ta rvnu t fund duatn and halth rv fr hr l.

Th Ant-Cuntrft Agn th l and ladng gvrnmnt agn n th ght agant untrftng. In th rfrman f t funtn, th Agn ha antd ntr dul authrzd t r th wr nfrrd n an ntr undr th At. Th Agn ha larnt that thr ar rn maquradng a Ant-Cuntrft Intr and n th r allgdl ntng rm and trtng mn frm th bun mmunt.



Evr Agn ntr dntabl b a Crtat f Authrt r Jb Idntt Card ud b th Agn undr th hand f th Eutv Drtr. Ethr f th tw dumnt bar th fllwng dtal:) Phtgrah f th ntr. ) Nam f th ntr. ) Numbr f th Natnal Idntt Card f th ntr. v) Dgnatn f th ntr. v) Sgnatur f th ntr. v) Sgnatur f th Eutv Drtr. v) Crtat Numbr n a f th Crtat f Authrt. Th Agn wh t nfrm th ubl that nl Agn Intr ar authrzd b law t nt an rm fr untrft gd and huld nt allw an rn that nt an ntr wth rr dntatn t ntr thr rm fr whatvr ran. Th Agn al urg mmbr f th ubl nt t a an mn t an rn lamng r urrtng t b atng undr th rvn f th Ant-Cuntrft At. In th rgard, th Agn ha t u a htln Numbr, 2-28111, that an b alld b an rn wh wh t nrm th dntt f an rn drng t nt thr rm fr untrft gd. Infrmatn ma al b gvn thrugh th hrt mag (SMS) d 2121. Mmbr f th ubl ar urgd t rmmbr that t thr rght t dmand rr dntatn frm an ntr and f n dubt, all th htln numbr r th thr al Agn ln r th Eutv Drtr fr nrmatn r laratn f th dntt f an rn vtng thr rm.


"&%'#$'! 2RA?ONEPA 1ELA?NJL .INE#0JOINALBAEN .CAI?S" 5AIS=NN= .PAIOA" TAlKJMN= TJQALM" )ND 3lJJL" 9$ 8$ /JR" )***1#&&1&&" 7=ELJ>E" 5AIS=$ 4JNlEIA, &(&#((+&111" 6=I@lEIA, &(&#((+&&&&" :HM, (1(1&" 2H=El, EIBJ-=?=$CJ$FA <A>MENA, DNNK,%%QQQ$=?=$CJ$FA


Prtt ur brand b rgtrng ur ntlltual rrt (IP) rght wth th Kna Indutral Prrt Inttut (KIPI) and rrt an a f nfrngmnt f ur IP rght t ACA.


Cnumr ar advd t b mr vglant t th rdut avalabl n th markt, and b war f thr utlt, bu frm knwn ur, r manufaturr dgnatd utlt. W furthr urg u t rrt a f utd untrftng t th Agn, manufatur r th Pl. W urg u t bu ral r gnun rdut.


Cntat u
Eutv Drtr, Ant-Cuntrft Agn, Knatta Avnu, Tlta Twr, 4th Flr, P. O. B, 47771-1, Narb, Kna. tln: 2 228111 +254 2-228 SMS: 2121 Emal: nf@aa.g.k Wbt: htt://www.aa.g.k

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Advertising Feature XI


Genuine, Complete And Accurate

The iconic Helix Oxford Maths Set was created in 1935 by Helix Universal Co Ltd, who in 1912 first developed the maths set as we know it today. The success of this product has led to many copies and counterfeits being sold into the stationery market. To protect your children it is important to ensure you purchase a genuine product. To help establish the authenticity of a Helix Oxford Maths Set check the following features Outer hanging sleeve only covers 2/3rds of the tin so the tin is clearly visible. The panel of the sleeve includes a miniature picture of the, cloud / buildings, design. The gold border and the Helix on the front of the sleeve are embossed. The colour of the sleeve is dark blue, NOT Black. The face of the tin lid has raised letters and border so it is not smooth. There is no printing on the inside of the lid. The compass point must be short and non needle like. A genuine Helix Oxford Maths Set must contain every feature listed above.
Helix Trading Limited, Building 92, The Pensnett Estate, Kingswinford, West Midlands DY6 7FP Telephone: +44 (0) 1384 286860 Fax: +44 (0) 1384 286861 Email: Company Registration No. 7892742 VAT Registration No. GB 125 48 12 28

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Advertising Feature XIII

#,).%,- +f "($ng%

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he Privatization Commission (PC) is a corporate body established under Section 3 of the Privatization Act, 2005. The Commission commenced its operations in January 2008 following the gazettement of Legal Notice No.397 of 4th December, 2007.
Privatization Act, 2005

ii. The reduction of the demand for government resources; iii. The generation of additional government revenues by receiving compensation for privatizations; iv. The improvement of the regulation of the economy by reducing conicts between the public sectors regulatory and commercial functions; v. The improvement of the efciency of the Kenyan economy by making it more responsive to market forces; vi. The broadening of the base of ownership in the Kenyan economy; and vii. The enhancement and development of the capital markets.

Privatization Programme
Privatization is dened in the Privatization Act as a transaction or transactions that result in a transfer, other than to a public entity, of the assets of a public entity including the shares in a state corporation. The Privatization Programme is a list of public sector assets and operations approved by the Cabinet to be considered for privatization and subsequently privatized once the approval process is completed. The current Privatization Programme was approved by Cabinet on 11th December 2008 and was gazette on 14th August 2009.

The Commissions mandate is the implementation of Kenyas Privatization Programme; in this connection, the Commission is mandated to: i. Formulate, manage and implement the Privatization Programme; ii. Make and implement specic proposals in accordance with the Privatization Programme; and iii. Mobilize resources necessary to advance the Privatization Programme.

Privatization Programme Approvals

The Privatization Act requires that privatization transactions to be implemented by the Privatization Commission be approved by the Cabinet at two main stages: i. Approval of the Privatization Programme and its gazettement; ii. Approval of detailed privatization proposals prepared by the Privatization Commission for each of the public sector asset or operation included in the Privatization Programme. The Act also requires that the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Finance presents a report on the Privatization proposals approved by the Cabinet to the relevant committees of Parliament. The investments in the approved Privatization Programme, their preparatory and implementation status and key objectives to be achieved through each privatization can be downloaded from the Privatization Commission website at Many countries have managed to mobilize large amounts of resources to rehabilitate and modernize their production capacities through privatization. Several leading companies in Kenya are living examples of the fruits of a well-managed Privatization Programme.
Privatization Commission 11th Floor, Extelcoms House, Haile Selassie Avenue P. O. Box 34542-00100 NAIROBI. Tel: (+254 20) 2212346 /7/8 Fax: (+254 20) 2212237 Email: Website:

Our vision is to be an agent of change, implementing a Privatization Programme that contributes signicantly in transforming Kenya into a vibrant economy.

Our mission is to create attractive privatization transactions and effectively manage a Privatization Programme that meets desired national objectives.

Desired Benets of Privatization

Section 18(2) of the Privatization Act outlines the desired benets of the Privatization Programme. The benets include: i. The improvement of infrastructure and delivery of public services by the involvement of private capital and expertise;

CONTINUED NEXT PAGE ISO 9001: 2008 Certied

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The Role of Privatization in Achieving Vision 2030

The Privatization Programme approved by the Cabinet in 2008 comprises of 26 public sector investments whose implementation completion would contribute signicantly to the achievement of Vision 2030 goals. Some of the specic objectives to be achieved through the Programme include: Increasing the competitiveness of the countrys sugar production and farmers incomes through mobilization of resources to support rehabilitation, modernization and expansion of sugar mills and addressing of excess debt through restructuring; Expansion and modernization of infrastructure facilities in key sectors currently dominated by state corporations through mobilization of additional investment resources. Some of the investments urgently require to mobilize billions of equity funds in order to support further borrowing and other resources to meet their Vision 2030 objectives; Support of the growth and competitiveness of the tourism sector through mobilization of resources to rehabilitate and modernize facilities currently under public sector ownership and nancing of private sector backed projects through loans and other resources; Releasing of funds invested by development nance institutions in mature projects to nance new development projects; Mobilization of resources to support the future growth of a number of banks under public sector control. Other benets to accrue from the banks privatization include the enhanced growth and stability of the banking sector and capital markets, enhanced corporate governance; and recouping of Government investment to nance new development projects; Ensuring continued viability of some of the investments in the Privatization Programme; Addressing nancial and management resources needs and excess debt; Promoting use of idle national assets that can play a critical role in future development of the country; Facilitating a comprehensive review of the most appropriate and effective way of operating some of the investments in future.


Presentation of the approved detailed privatization proposal to the Finance, Planning and Trade Committee of Parliament by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Finance


Consideration and approval of the detailed privatization proposal by Cabinet


For every investment and operation in the approved Privatization Programme, the Commission is required to prepare a detailed privatization proposal for approval by the Cabinet. Each detailed proposal should set out the purpose of the establishment and existence of the asset or operation; the extent to which the purpose has been met including inadequacies in meeting that purpose; the rights or other entitlements and resources that have been provided to meet the purpose; recommendations for continuing to meet the purpose; if the asset is a state corporation - its nancial position; the recommended method of privatization; the cost of implementing the proposed privatization; recommendations for dealing with the employees directly affected by the proposed privatization, including any benets they might be owed; the benets to be gained from the proposed privatization; a work plan for the proposed privatization; information regarding any written law, the repeal, amendment or enactment of which will be necessary for the proposed privatization to be carried out; and proposals on how Kenyans are to be encouraged to participate in the transaction. As the Commission has adopted a lean institutional structure, to enable it to address the above issues adequately, it procures the services of transaction advisors who assist it to carry out detailed nancial, legal and technical due diligence and comprehensive assessment of the needs both of the investment and the sector.

Other Objectives to be also realized through the Programme include:

Approval of the Programme which is a list of the public sector investments and operations approved by the Cabinet to be considered for privatization and subsequently privatized once all required approvals are granted. To prepare the Programme, the Commission reviews the assets and operations of public sector investments and operations and proposes a programme which it submits to the Government for approval by the Cabinet. A sector ministry may also propose that an institution under the sector be included in the programme. Once approved, the programme is gazetted by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Finance.

Improved efciency in the management of national investments; Enhancing transparency and corporate governance; Broadening shareholding; Developing capital markets ; and Raising resources to support the Government budget.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certied

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Friends College Kaimosi

Attainment of ISO 9001:2008 certication
Message from the Director, Technical Education
wish to sincerely congratulate Friends College Kaimosi through its management, the teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the students and their Sponsor for the attainment of ISO 9001:2008 certication. In the present competitive world where result-based management is the norm, institutions are busy seeking the best ways and means to stand out among others. Adoption of Quality Management Systems (QMS) that ensure efciency and effectiveness in operations is not by choice, but a must.

Message from the Principal

he recent attainment of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) certication marks the successful culmination of a long and challenging work by Friends College Kaimosi. It therefore gives me great pleasure and honor to celebrate the achievement of this dream. Friends College Kaimosi is the rst TVET Institution to attain ISO 9001:2008 certication in Western Kenya Region. and Technology (MOHEST) for the nancial support that has enabled us build structures and other facilities. We recognize the efforts of The Parents Teachers Association as our important Partners. I also take this golden opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate team work and synergies demonstrated by Board of Governors, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff and students, the former Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology through We embraced the quest for Mr. David Sasala ISO certicationThree (3) years the Directorate of Technical ago. The College has seen a Education and all other remarkable improvement in stakeholders in this milestone. My special tribute goes to my Management staff and students morale towards provision of services through determination, commitment Representative and the entire ISO team. and dedication of the entire community. Friends College Kaimosi has joined a league Through this certication, the college, guarantees of institutions that have embraced QMS in the various customers of our commitment to their operations. Today we also pay tribute to continually improve service delivery. In addition, the Founders of the college East Africa Yearly we will adhere to the requirements of the ISO Meeting of Friends (Quarkers) who donated 9001:2008 as we pursue our Vision of being a leading Institute of skills training in Science and land and initial Funding. We also appreciated the former Ministry of Higher Education Science Technology.

Kaimosi has gained a label of global recognition and has also put itself in a comfortable position to achieve its mandate and continue along its path of improving service delivery. With regards to reforms in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), the recently enacted new law, TVET Act cap 252, comes along with many provisions expected to transform the subsector in line with Kenya Vision 2030. As we celebrate the achievement of Friends College Kaimosi, in ISO 9001:2008 certication, I wish to urge the College to remain steadfast and focused in the implementation of the standards.

Mr. Owate Wambayi, OGW Quality Management System as envisaged in ISO 9001:2008 standard is one of the tools that when implemented appropriately can tremendously change the performance of an institution. I also wish to take this opportunity to encourage other institutions which have not attained ISO By achieving ISO certication, Friends College certication to speed up the process.

Message from the Chaiman

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I wish to sincerely congratulate the Administration, Staff and Students of Friends College Kaimosi for the attainment of ISO 9001:2008 certication. This is just but the beginning of a long journey towards quality service provision. My Board of Governors urges the administration and staff to consolidate these gains in order to attain the institutes vision which is to be a leading Institute of skills training in Science and Technology. I note with satisfaction that this achievement has been as a result of the hard work and commitment of the management, staff and students of Friends College Kaimosi. I wish to thank Alpex Consulting Africa Ltd (ACAL) for very competently navigating us through the arduous stages of preparation towards certication. My earnest gratitude also goes to the Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS) for guiding us through to the completion of the process. I also thank the formerMinistry

of Higher Education, Science and Technology for the continued support in the nance and policy guidelines that enabled us to realize this milestone. I am satised that the Adoption of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 standard is a strategic decision by the college to integrate quality and standards in our operations and service delivery. Finally, I reafrm that the Board is committed to provide all the necessary support required to maintain the Quality Management Systems based on ISO 9001:2008. Sasala in Ofce with trophies

Mr. Johnston Kavulundi, HSC, EBS

P. O. Box 1316 50100, KAKAMEGA, Tel: 0739 922223 Email: Website:


The Board of Governors, Management and Staff of Shamberere TTI congratulates our sister institution On the attainment of ISO 9001:2008 certification We are extremely proud to be associated with you!! DIPLOMA, CERTIFICATE & ARTISAN COURSES OFFERED Intake is in progress for the following courses: Mechanical Engineering (production) Electrical & Electronics Engineering Building & Construction Automotive Engineering Food & Beverage production services & sales Information Communication Technology Clothing Technology Secretarial Studies Supplies Management Business Administration ATC/CPA Diploma in Accountancy General Agriculture Social Work and Community Development Admission requirements: KCPE, KCSE, CERTIFICATES, ARTISAN whichever is applicable Contact us on the above addresses for inquiries. Centre for Excellence in Technological Engineering, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Research FB class setting dinning ISO Team

Friends College Kaimosi

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Friends College Kaimosi

Attainment of ISO 9001:2008 certication
Friends College Kaimosi: Roadmap to certication
a) Vision To be a leading Institute of skills training in Science and Technology. b) Mission To provide quality technical training and research in science and technology to meet changing society needs. Core Values Professionalism Consistently offer quality training and related services that are market driven. Team work Encourage positive teamwork and positive contribution from its motivated and innovative workforce. Honesty Conduct its business with employees, parents/sponsors, customers and other stakeholders in an honest, fair and caring manner. Evidence based decision making Observe good corporate governance at all times. Competitiveness Practicing fair competition. Excellence Uphold excellence in performance in national examinations and co-curricular activities. Health and safety Embrace internationally accepted health and safety practices in its operations. Respect for religious afliation Respect the principles and philosophies of the Quacker faith and other religions. Innovation and creativity promote innovation and creativity in its training programs, service delivery and governance.
he idea of quality in Friends College Kaimosi was conceived at inception when the early managers coined a motto that stated NOTHING BUT THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR US. This obviously referred to the best quality in all aspects. The journey towards certication then started in earnest in 2009 when we incorporated ISO certication in our performance contract as a directive from the government. Since then we have made steady fast progress towards certication that has brought us to where we are today, launching our QMS. In March 2010, we contracted a consultant ACAL who trained the middle level management. During the training, the middle level team which has since formed the ISO team developed the Quality policy and Quality objectives. This was closely followed by the top management training and awareness creation of all Friends College Kaimosi Staff. The top management appreciated the need to implement the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard and appointed the management representative to spearhead the process of certi-

cation. The ISO team retreated in Mombasa and for four days under the guidance of the contracted consultant embarked on documenting the system. The new QMS was given to process owners who carefully scrutinized it and made the necessary amendments and correction. During the scrutiny, a number of issues arose which led to a bench marking trip to RVTTI Eldoret, our sister institution that had become certied to ISO 9001:2008 standard. The Friends College Quality documents were validated in February this year and became ready for launching. The Quality Management System was launched on 13th May 2011. A series of internal audits and management reviews followed that led to stage I and stage II audits by KEBS certifying body. KEBS found Friends College Kaimosi to be meeting the requirements for certication to ISO 9001:2008 and on 23rd March 2013, Friends College Kaimosi was registered as a certied institution. Today we mark the ofcial handing over of the certicate by KEBS.

Message from the Registrar

Our journey to ISO 9001:2008 certication has been long, sometimes lled with anxious moments, intriguing but nally satisfying and certainly very fullling. We are privileged to be associated with this milestone in the history of the institution when we celebrate this great achievement. Today, we publicly declare our commitment to provide quality services through the implementation of our procedures as documented in our Quality Management Mrs Janet Otuya System based on the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard. To our clientele and other stakeholders, we promise, improved service delivery. Where we smiled we will double the smile, and where we kept records, we will keep them with utmost care. This important milestone would not have been possible without the steadfast commitment of all staff. We commend each one of you unreservedly.


P.O. Box 150 50309 Kaimosi Email: Website: Cellphone: 0735818311/ 0720470599/0722969913/0722890891


Applications are invited from qualified candidates for the following courses.

Message From Management Representive

Today we witness the fruits of a long journey that started in March 2010 when we contracted ACAL to carry out Top management and middle level management training (ISO TEAM) on the process, Importance and benets of implementing a quality management system that was followed with awareness among all cadres of staff at Friends College Kaimosi. towards quality service provision and customer satisfaction. A team of internal quality auditors was trained and immediately embarked on the system audit. A series of internal audits followed that ensured the College was ready for stage I and II audits. KEBS conducted stage I audit on 22nd October 2012 and followed up with stage II audit on 22nd and 23rd January 2013. The auditors found The top management appreciated that The Quality management the need to implement the Mr Pantallion Kwena system at Friends College had Quality Management System based met the requirements and was duly on ISO 9001:2008 and showed registered on 23rd March 2013 as their commitment by appointing a Management being an ISO 9001:2008 certied institution. We Representative and committed resources for the are here today to witness the handing over of the process. certicate. The ISO team retreated to Mombasa and for four days under the guidance of ACAL, embarked on documenting all processes in and procedures at Friends College. The draft QMS was given to all process owners who carefully scrutinized and made the necessary amendments and corrections. During this time the institution benchmarked with a sister institution that had been certied to ISO 9001:2008. In May 2011 the QMS was launched during a colorful ceremony in the College hall. This marked the turning point for FCK as everybody worked hard It is through the concerted efforts of the Board of Governors, administration, staff students and all stakeholders that we celebrate this day. Attainment of certication is not about the certicate but changing the way we do things, focusing on customer satisfaction and quality. It should not be seen as the end but the beginning of maintenance and continual improvement towards exceeding customer expectations. Finally I would like to express my gratitude to the ISO team, process owners the Board and the Principal

N0 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 2.0 2.1

COURSE TITLE 18 WEEKS DIPLOMA KNEC COURSES (KCSE C- MINUS/OR DIV. II) Diploma in Accountancy Diploma Food Technology Diploma in Information Studies (library ) Diploma in Food and Beverage Management Diploma in Applied Biology Diploma in Business Administration Diploma in Supplies Management Diploma in Applied Statistics Diploma in Analytical Chemistry Diploma in Computer Studies 12 WEEKS DIPLOMA KNEC MODULAR COURSES(KCSE C- Minus)) Diploma in human resource management module 1-3 (KCSE C- Minus)or DIV.II) 2.2 Diploma in Business Management (KCSE C- Minus)) - Modular 2.3 Diploma in Supply Chain Management (KCSE C- Minus)) Modular 2.4 Diploma in Information Technology module 3 (pass in module 2) 2.5 Diploma in Social Work and Community Development (KCSE C- minus) 2.6 Diploma in Information Communication Technology Modular I (KCSE Cminus) (module 2) pass in module 1 2.7 Diploma in Dietetics Management Modular (KCSE C- minus) 2.8 Diploma in Clothing and Textile s (KCSE C-minus with D+ in Maths) 3.0 18 WEEKS CERTIFICATE KNEC COURSES (KCSE D PLAIN OR DIV III) 3.1 Certificate in Information Studies(library) KCSE D+ plus (Modular) 3.2 Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology 3.3 Certificate in Food and Beverage Production & Service 3.4 Craft cert. in Secretarial Studies D+ in Eng.) - Modular 3.5 Certificate in Secretarial Studies (single & group) (KCSE D Plain) 3.6 Certificate in Food Technology (KCSE D plain) 3.7 Certificate in Business Management (KCSE D plain) - Modular 3.8 Cert. in human Resource Management (KCSE D+ plain) Modular 3.9 Certificate in Supply Chain Management (KCSE D plain) with D plain in Math and English - Modular 3.10 Certificate in Social Work and Comm. Development (KCSE D plain) 3.11 Certificate in Clothing & Textiles Technology (KCSE D plain with D+ in Maths) 4.0 9 WEEKS (3 SESSIONS) KASNEB COURSES 4.1 ATC level I (KCSE D plain ) 4.2 ATC level II (pass in ATC level I) 4.3 CPA/CPS part 1 (sec 1 &2) (KCSE C+ with c+ in Math & English or pass in ATC II) CPA/CPS PART II-CPA/CPS PART I 4.4 Certified Information Communication Technology level I (CICT) (KCSE Cminus) 6 months 4.5 Information communication technology technician (ICTT) level I (KCSE D plain) 6 months 5.0 ARTSAN CERTIFICATE IN FOOD AND BEVERAGE (18 WEEKS) 6.0 6 WEEKS CERTIFICATE FCK COURSES 6.1 Bakery/pastry 7.0 6 MONTHS CERTIFICATE KNEC COURSES 7.1 Computer system application packages (CSAP) KCPE and above 7.2 CISCO (fundamentals of net working) KCSE D PLAIN REQUIREMENTS 1.0 SCHOOL BASED PROGRAMMES 1.1 Fees per session (3 weeks) for Boarders Kshs.12,600/= and Day scholars kshs.8,400 1.2 Single subjects Kshs.2,800/= and Kshs.1,400/= for practicals (where applicable). 2.0 WEEKEND PROGRAMMES (TWO SEMESTERS PER YEAR) 2.1 The programme runs throughout the year during the Weekends. 2.2 Fees per semester Kshs.14,000 (Total Ksh.28,000 per year). 3.0 GENERAL 3.1 One can register for the whole course or particular subjects in a course 3.2 Applicants can either collect admission letters from the office of the Principal or apply before 12TH AUGUST 2012. 3.3 Secretarial Trainees to bring ribbon & spool, 1 ream of typing papers, 1 shorthand note book and 2 shorthand pencils. 3.4 All students to come with 1 ream of foolscaps and other stationery.


1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5

TWO YEARS DIPLOMA COURSES Diploma in Supplies Chain Management (KCSE C- minus) Modular Diploma in human resources management (KCSE C- minus) Modular Diploma in sales and marketing (KCSE C- minus) Modular Diploma in social work and community development (KCSE C-minus) - Modular Diploma in Business Management (KCSE C- minus) Modular ONE YEAR CERTIFICATE COURSES Certificate In Information Communication Technology(KCSE D plain) Certificate in human resource management (KCSE D plain) Certificate In Sales And Marketing (KCSE D plain) Certificate in Supplies Chain Management (KCSE D plain) Certificate in Information Studies (Library) (KCSE D plain)


COURSES OFFERED AT MBALE TOWN CAMPUS ASAKE PLAZA Registration is on going For enquires call Tel No.0714539708/0733899701
APPLIED SCIENCE Diploma In Food Science And Technology (KCSE C- Minus) Diploma In Applied Biology (KCSE C- Minus) Certificate In Food Science And Technology (KCSE D Plain) Certificate In Science Laboratory Technology (KCSE D Plain) SECRETARIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Certificate In Secretarial Studies (Single & Group) (KCSE D Plain) Diploma In Secretarial Studies (Modular) (KCSE D plain)Modular Craft Certificate In Secretarial Studies (KCSE D plain) (Modular) ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT STUDIES Diploma In Accountancy (KCSE C- Minus) Diploma In Business Administration (KCSE C- Minus) Diploma In Supplies Chain Management (KCSE C- minus) Modular) Diploma In Human Resource Management (Modular) (KCSE C- minus) Modular 5.5 Diploma In Information Studies (Library) (KCSE C-minus) Modular 5.6 Diploma In Sales And Marketing (KCSE C-minus) Modular 5.7 Diploma In Social Work &Community Development(KCSE C- Minus) (Modular) 5.8 Certificate In Sales And Marketing (KCSE D plain) (Modular) 5.9 Certificate In Human Resource Management (KCSE D plain)Modular 5.10 Certificate In Information Studies Library (KCSE D plain)Modular 5.11 Certificate In Supplies Chain Management) (KCSE D plain)Modular 5.12 Certificate In Social Work & Community Development (KCSE D plain) 5.16 Atc Level I (KCSE D Plus) 5.17 Atc Level II (ATC level I 5.18 CPA/CPS Part I (ATC Level 2 or KCSE C+ and C+ in Eng. And Maths) 5.19 CPA/CPS Part II (CPA/CPS Part I) 6.0 COMPUTER DEPARTMENT 6.1 Diploma In Computer Studies (KCSE C- Minus) 6.2 Diploma In Information Communication Technology /(KCSE C-minus) ) 6.3 Information Communication Technology Technicians (ICTT) (KCSE D+ Plus) 6.4 Computer Packages 6.5 Cisco (Fundamentals Of Networking (KCSE D Plain) 6.6 Certificate In Information Communication Technology(KCSE D plain) 7.0 DEPARTMENT OF FOOD AND BEVERAGE 7.1 Diploma In Food & Beverage Management(KCSE C- Minus) 7.2 Certificate In Food & Beverage Production, Service & Sales(KCSE D Plain) NOTE: KASNEB STUDENTS WHO WISH TO SIT FOR MAY/JUNE EXAMS MUST HAVE REGISTERED WITH BOARD ON OR BEFORE 30TH NOVEMBER EVERY YEAR. WHILE THOSE INTENDING TO SIT FOR NOVEMBER/DECEMBER SERIES MUST HAVE REGISTERED WITH THE BOARD ON OR BEFORE 31ST MAY EVERY YEAR. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 4.0 4.1. 4.2 4.3 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4

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National AIDS Control Council Honoured for Combating HIV and AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases-MDG 6

DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Millennium Development Goals Awards 2013

Sources and Gaps in funding for HIV and AIDS Programming in Kenya for 20102013 (Amounts are in USD Million)
Source and Resource Gap Sources US Govt. (PEPFAR,USAID, CDC) United Nations System GFATM DFID (through UN-JP) Clinton Foundation 510 510 510 510 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13

Following declaration of HIV and AIDS as a national disaster and adoption of the NACC coordinated multi-sectoral approach in the national response in 1999,major achievements have been realized over the years. Adult HIV prevalence has decline from almost 14% in the 90s to 6.2% currently. More importantly new HIV infections have steadily declined and currently are estimated at around 104,000 annually.
These milestones could be attributed to an enhanced coordination framework for multisectoral actors in the national response to the HIV scourge including the public sector, private sector,CSOs and Development partners. Interventions on prevention, treatment, care and support including HIV Testing and Counseling are available across the country. There has been rapid scale-up of the care and treatment program over the last 10 years with over 600,000 persons with HIV and AIDS currently being on the live prolonging ART. In addition, HIV and AIDS Interventions have been mainstreamed in all sectors of the economy including public and private sectors with very good results. However, despite the progress realized so far, the number of new infections in the country still remain unacceptably high at about 104,000 per annum (91,000 adults and 13,000 children); with HIV and AIDS being the number top cause of mortality (death) and morbidity (sickness) in Kenya today. Furthermore, it is estimated that about 1.6 million Kenyans are HIV positive, making Kenya one of the countries with the heaviest burden of HIV and AIDS. Unless a cure for HIV and AIDS is found soon, the burden of treatment, care and support will continue to be very heavy. Of the estimated 2.5 million orphans in Kenya, about a half of them due to

9 32.5 5 11.7 4.5 2.6 34 20 629.3 261

9 32.5 5 11.7 4.5 2.6 34 20 629.3 350

9 59 5 0 4.5 0 34 20 641.5 487

9 59 0 0 4.5 0 34 20 636.5 569

Prof. Mary Getui, Chairperson, NACC

HIV and AIDS. Furthermore, HIV and AIDS continues to limit the capacity of all sectors of the economy to achieve their goals and objectives and ultimately adversely affects achievement of Vision 2030 and Millennium Development Goals. In order to effectively address HIV and AIDS, a wide range of interventions involving prevention, treatment, care and supporting need to be scaled-up and sustained over the long-term across all sectors of the economy. Challenge of Financing the HIV and AIDS Programme in Kenya A major challenge facing HIV programming in Kenya is Funding. Over the years, the country has heavily depended on external nancing for HIV and AIDS Programmes with over 80 percent of funding for the national response to HIV and AIDS coming from international sources. Due to the recent International Economic Crisises facing many countries, international assistance ows for HIV and AIDS programmes from donor governments and multilateral agencies to sub-Sahara Africa where the burden of HIV and AIDS is heaviest have stopped increasing and in some cases could may have started decreasing. Yet in the case of Kenya the gap between available resources

Prof. Alloys S.S Orago, Director, NACC

and what is needed to meet Universal Access Targets for 2015 continues to grow. There is thus a general call from international community and stakeholders for shared responsibility towards the HIV response. Developing countries are therefore being called upon to step up their domestic investment towards HIV and AIDS programs. Stakeholders are getting increasingly concerned that government and domestic nancial contributions have remained low and that the HIV program stands at risk of major disruption and reversal of gains should external/donor support cease or continue to decrease. The table below summarizes the main sources of HIV and AIDS funding for Kenya for the period 20102013. It is thus clear that apart from the HIV and AIDS Programme in Kenya facing a rapidly increasing resource gap, it is over dependent on external sources of nance. A major decrease in external nancing for the programme would have far reaching negative effects. The country therefore need to critically look for ways of increasing more domestic resources to nance the HIV program. These funds will be required to sustain the high number for Kenya needing Prevention and care and treatment services and also to


Source: NACC and KNASP III, scale up the programs in all sectors in a bid to getting towards zero new infection, zero deaths related to HIV and AIDS and zero discrimination related to HIV and AIDS.. Current Efforts to Address the Challenge of Sustainable Financing In December 2012, the Cabinet approved Cabinet Memo making proposals on Sustainable Financing of HIV and AIDS. These proposals included setting up of a Trust Fund for HIV and AIDS and priority NonCommunicable Diseases. As a result of the approval, a Sessional Paper on Sustainable nancing is currently being developed for approval by Parliament to provide the policy framework for this process. Some of the issues being explored include the modalities of managing the Trust Fund so as to facilitate ow of resources from multiple sources including Public and Private Sectors.

Sustainable Financing of the HIV Response

The Division of Strategy DevelopACC has done a lot of analytical ment at the NACC has explored work regarding the future of AIDS nancing in the future of the Kenya. Using economic models, AIDS pandemic in Kenya projections of the future funding and agrees that the future requirements to achieve optimal of the HIV response in Kenya outcomes and assessments on the will not be determined solelong term consequences of decisions in the coming years have ly by money but substantial been made. One key recommendanancial resources will be tion from this work is the need to needed if rates of new inimprove the efciency of our AIDS fections and AIDS deaths spending with the aim of ensuring are to be sharply lower by that the country receives optimal 2030. 87% of the nancvalue for the amount she spends ing for HIV in Kenya is from on the HIV response. What came Development Partners. The out clearly is the fact that AIDS bad news is that some signs funding in Kenya means the differof donor fatigue are already ence between life and death for the evident. Some donors seem Regina Ombam, Head of 1.6 million Kenyans infected hence to want to turn the page on Strategy-NACC. the sums required to nance AIDS AIDS assuming that this is a programmes over the next generaproblem that has been solved or that maintaining spending at or near current tion are certainly consequential. Mobilizing them demands both creativity and long-term political levels will be sufcient. Indeed, failing to follow through on our commitments on HIV and AIDS commitment. will eventually result in the pandemic becoming more severe, more intractable and far more The MDG award took place on 26th April 2013 at Crowne Hotel. The NACCs entry was in the costly in the future.

award for MDG 6 -Combating HIV and AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases. In her presentation, NACC asserts that the needed funding for AIDS in Kenya can be obtained. What is required is cost minimization through wise investments in AIDS and the development of new game changing technologies. Given this relationship, it is apparent that pro-growth policies that are consistent with poverty reduction and greater equality will play a potentially important role in expanding the resource base for AIDS and other health programs over the next generation. Currently, the NACC through the Division of Strategy Development is also working on incentives to promote efciency and effectiveness in HIV programming by focusing on the creation of nancial incentives to encourage sound AIDS programming. Conditioning future support to HIV on the effective targeting of programs for those who need them most will go a long way towards improving the efciency of AIDS programmes. NACC is also working on additional steps to ensure good value for each AIDS shilling spent by establishing benchmarks for unit costs for well characterized HIV services delivered in the country. Principally, NACC is looking at HIV as an Investment by focusing on the HIV service delivery modes, identifying efciency gains so that unit costs can be reduced and more

people reached through streamlined service delivery models without compromising on quality and outcomes. NACC intends to use this information to come up with the countrys fourth National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS that is a state of the art investment plan for HIV that gives the efciency gains by HIV programme areas, optimize allocation of HIV resources as well as looking at the scal space implications on HIV investments that we make in the country. The future of Kenyas HIV and AIDS picture is pegged on the availability of resources with which to scale up essential services. A sustained push to Universal Access would result in 57% lower new infections in 2030 than in 2005 with AIDS deaths and HIV prevalence falling respectively. This is why the Cabinet approved, in December 2012, the establishment of a Fund on HIV and AIDS and Priority Non-Communicable Diseases and a Sessional Paper on Sustainable Financing for the same. These two policy documents have now been nalized and ready for the next level of engagement. It is important to note that while stagnation in resource ows would reverse the gains made to date, a decline in resource ows would lead to a 2030 HIV scenario that is worse than the current status.

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National AIDS Control Council Honoured for Combating HIV and AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases-MDG 6

Millennium Development Goals Awards 2013

Sustainable Financing of HIV and AIDS Care in Kenya

otal expenditure on HIV and AIDS alone has been rising from about Ksh 7.7 billion in 2000/01 to Ksh 53 billion in 2008/09. The AIDS spending rose seven-fold between 2000-2001 and 20082009, including 18% in 2008-2009 alone. The bulk of this funding estimated at 87% however, comes from development partners with the government contribution estimated at about 13%. This rapid and unprecedented expansion has led to many important gains. The PMTCT programme which started as a pilot in 2000 has expanded rapidly to cover over 4000 health facilities with interventions in both public and private health institutions. HIV testing and counselling is routinely offered to pregnant mothers attending antenatal clinics resulting in high uptake of testing. The NACC projections indicate that 81,000 mothers were likely to be HIV infected annually in 2009 and 2010 out of a total of 1.5 million annual pregnancies (NACC Projections 2010). Antiretroviral therapy forms a core component of HIV care and treatment for those infected with HIV among other supportive interventions. Since the introduction of ARVs in the public sector in the late 2003, the numbers of those beneting from active antiretroviral therapy has risen from less than 10,000 in 2003 to more than 400,000 in 2010.This provision of free ARVs in public, NGO and faith based sectors has seen the cost of treatment to persons living with HIV reduce dramatically as access to ART has increased tremendously. Despite these gains, additional large increases in spending for HIV prevention and treatment will be needed to control the epidemic in the future. Without a revolutionary prevention technology such as an effective vaccine or a curative drug, effective prevention methods such as male circumcision, condom use, needle exchange, prevention of mother to child transmission would need to be expanded further leading to increased nancial outlays. At the same time, demand for ART for adults and children with HIV infections will continue to grow rapidly. With the 2009 WHO Treatment guidelines recommending an earlier initiation of ART having been adopted by the Kenyan Government in 2010, the number of people in need of treatment has signicantly increased. Over 800,000 persons are estimated to be in need of ART as of 2010 (117,000 children aged less than 15 years and 694,000 adults); with over 440,000 persons on ART as of November 2010 (54% coverage). But, the country is still not providing ART to over approximately

46% of those in need of treatment. The intensifying situation raises a series of difcult questions for domestic and international nancing of HIV and AIDS interventions. HIV and AIDS has now become a longterm problem and not a short-term crisis hence some key long-term nancing issues to be addressed by the Kenyan Government include: How large will the resource requirements be to combat HIV and AIDS effectively over the next 20 years? What benets will the country get from increased spending, as measured by infections averted and lives saved? COUNTRY RESULTS In the Kenya National AIDS Strategic Plan (KNASP III) for the period 2009 -2013, the country modelled the long-term nancial requirements for strengthening of prevention, treatment, care and support and related health systems. The total four year programme cost (2009-2013) was estimated at US$3.5567 billion, with annual requirements rising from US $671 million in 2009/10, US$ 833million in 2010/11, US $998million in 2011/12 and US $1,054 million in 2012/13. The annual increases are mostly due to proposed scale up in interventions targeting communities, MARPs, HCT, PMTCT, ART, Nutritional Support, Treatment of Opportunistic Infections, OVC, HIV Programme Management and M&E. The results of the costing model showed that policy choices made in the next few years would have a large effect on the course of the epidemic. The rapid scale up scenario, including widespread efforts to achieve universal access to prevention and treatment services demonstrated that our countrys already heavy nancial requirements must increase emphasizing the severe pressure that HIV and AIDS places on available resource. The KNASP III showed that Kenyas estimated funding gap for the HIV and AIDS programme was roughly USD 1.67 billion. Of the available funding, most (87%) comes from external sources, which undermines country ownership and sustainability and constrains national efforts to update intervention priorities and decentralize service delivery. The country has to devise innovative ways of raising revenue domestically to enhance sustainability for HIV nancing both in the immediate and long run. COUNTRY PROJECTIONS

cline gradually if necessary interventions are implemented (see Figure 1). The HIV epidemic in Kenya peaked in the late 1990s with an overall prevalence rate of over 14% in adults which has however, declined to 6.3 % among those aged 15-49 years. This notwithstanding, incidence remains high at 100,000 adults and 22,000 paediatric new infections every year (NACC Spectrum Modelling, 2009).

ACTION BY GOVERNMENT OF KENYA Over the last decade, the government in collaboration with key stakeholders has mounted a robust and multi-faceted response to AIDS starting with The Sessional Paper No. 4 of 1997 on AIDS in Kenya. The paper marked an important change on the political front and outlined a new institutional framework. In 1999, the Government declared AIDS a national disaster and consequently established the National AIDS Control Council (NACC) within the Ofce of the President to coordinate the multisectoral National response to the epidemic. To reinforce its commitment, the Government in 2003 established a rightsbased framework for effective action on AIDS by approving legislation that made it illegal to engage in discrimination in employment on the basis of a persons HIV status. The law also prohibited insurers from withholding services to people living with HIV or from imposing discriminatory premiums on HIVinfected individuals. In 2006, the Government enacted the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act (although the legislation is yet to be fully implemented) to formally protect the rights of people living with HIV, prohibits mandatory HIV testing, and authorizes various measures to mitigate the epidemics impact. A declaration of Total War on AIDS was one of the rst acts of H. E. former President Kibaki and bringing together an ecumenical group of religious leaders has been an important step in this ght. Since the declaration, formal policies and guidelines have been developed to support programme planning and implementation with respect to specic aspects of the AIDS response. Various areas are covered by different guidelines including antiretroviral therapy, voluntary counseling and testing, sexual and reproductive health services for young people, sectoral and gender mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS education in primary school settings. IMPACT OF THE EPIDEMIC The epidemic has however, caused farreaching social, economic, health and population effects. It is the main cause of a sharp deterioration of basic health indicators. For instance, in 2009, an estimated 1.2 million children in Kenya had lost one or both parents to AIDS. Kenyan children with one or more HIV-infected parents were signicantly less likely than other children to be in school, more likely to be underweight, and less likely to receive basic medical care. The National AIDS Control Council has estimated that there are 1.5 million people currently living with HIV and AIDS while approximately 68,000 people die of AIDSrelated complications annually, leaving behind over 2.4 million orphans.

NACC team led by Deputy Director Finance and Administration, Dennis Kamuren(left),Head of Strategy Regina Ombam(Centre) Deputy Director, Coordination and support Dr Sobbie Mulindi (2nd left) after receiving the award for the NACCs effort in attaining MDG-6

Head of Strategy Regina Ombam(left) and Deputy Director Finance and Administration Dennis Kamuren(Centre)presents the award to the NACC Director Prof Alloys S.S Orago(left) In a UNAIDS report of 2010, it was envisaged that there would be many more Kenyans living with HIV, with the large majority in need of the more costly second-line treatment. A portion of the household contribution in terms of out-of-pocket expenditure went to nancing HIV and AIDS services. In 2001/02, the National Health Accounts (NHA, 2002) study demonstrated that out-of-pocket expenditure by households (OOP) on HIV and AIDS services was Ksh 2.61 billion ( approximately 26.30% of total HIV spending in the country), but in 2005/06 it was Ksh 4.24 billion (approximately 22.5%). Out-of-pocket outlays account for more than one-fth of all AIDS expenditures in Kenya. HIV infections nevertheless results in considerable expenses for affected households (Source NHA, 2005/06). TRANSMISSION OF HIV INFECTION The epidemiological analysis and modeling from the Kenya Modes of Transmission study (KMOT, 2008) revealed that 80% of new infections in Kenya occurred through heterosexual partnerships (Figure 2).

Modelling projections can help us understand the persisting nature of the HIV and AIDS epidemic and the need for action, including targeted interventions. Since the rst incidence of HIV infection was diagnozed in 1984, the number of HIV positive Kenyans has steadily increased. The trend is projected to continue to a peak in 2015 and thereafter deFigure 1: Projected HIV positve population by year

Figure 2: Sources of new infections as captured in the KMOT (2008) The KMOT (2008) also revealed the epidemic was geographically diverse, inuenced by prevalent cultural and behavioural practices, most notably male circumcision and multiple concurrent relationships (Figure 3).

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DAILY NATION Friday June 14, 2013

Message from the Cabinet Secretary for Health

Today, we join the rest of the world to commemorate the World Blood Donor Day. This year is a special one because it marks 10 years since the rst ever World Blood Donor Day was celebrated.
he World Blood Donor Day is designated by the World Health Organisation and marking this day presents a chance for us to raise awareness on the need for blood and blood products and to recognize blood donors for their efforts to save lives. These are the unsung heroes who give their blood voluntarily and with no pay whatsoever, saving the lives of people they may never get to meet. The theme for this years campaign the 10th anniversary of World Blood Donor Day is Give the gift of life, donate blood. This is a call to remind all Kenyans that by donating blood, you save a life. It is a reminder that in order for us to give and continue giving safe blood, we must all endeavor to maintain healthy lifestyles in support of the blood donation program efforts. The Ministry of Health endeavors to ensure that adequate and safe blood is made available to the public through the National Blood Transfusion Service. All the donated blood collected and processed by the National Blood Transfusion Service undergoes a painstaking process of screening for various transmissible infections to ensure that only safe blood gets to the patient. I am pleased to assure Kenyans that blood sourced, processed and distributed by the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service is safe and available to both public and privately managed hospitals and medical facilities across the country.

The Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service has blood centres in 6 regions in Kenya, namely, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Embu, Nakuru and Eldoret. These centres support 9 satellites located in Voi, Machakos, Naivasha, Kericho, Kakamega, Kisii, Garissa, Nyeri and Meru. These are strategically located along major highways, high population areas as well geographically challenged regions to ensure fast access to blood for transfusion.

for transfusion purposes. However, as a ministry we are condent that through the efforts of regular voluntary unpaid blood donors, we will meet this standard.

I would like to reiterate that blood donation is a critical voluntary service and urge all Kenyans to embrace a countrywide culture of volunteerism in blood donation and become regular blood donors. There may be no individual Mr James Macharia recognition to each donor who gives blood, but allow As a country, we are yet me to take this opportunity to achieve the WHO global standards of to thank all Kenyans who give this life-saving collecting blood equivalent to 1% of the gift of blood and those who have committed nations population annually; yet as our to giving their blood on a regular basis. population grows, so does the need for blood

Message from the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Medical Services:

he World Blood Donor day commemorated annually throughout the world provides an opportunity for us to reect on the performance of the years past and the aspirations of the future in regards to blood donation. The Millennium Development Goals outline the global health goals. The health-related MDGs endeavor to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and combat HIV/Aids and other diseases. These are articulated in the vision 2030 under the social pillar. The health related MDGs serve as

markers of the basic challenges we face; to stop mothers from dying during child birth, to prevent children from unnecessary death and to tackle major transmissible diseases, in particular HIV/Aids. The availability of safe blood is critical to achieving these health related MDGs. The Ministry of Health has taken specic strategies that have involved provision of robust health infrastructure and improvement of delivery of health services. One such strategy is through making safe blood available to all

Kenyans through a centrally coordinated blood transfusion service. Delivery of this critical service is anchored on adoption of technology and innovation that allows the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services to collect, process, store and distributes blood in line with World Health Organisation standards. This ensures that Kenyans get safe blood for transfusion. Evidence so far suggests that progress has been made in increasing the number of blood units collected over the years and also in processed blood components. In order to maintain this sustained

development, a strong partnership is critical in the provision of both resources and expertise. Thus whereas the government of Kenya retains overall stewardship in the strategy and policy formulation, we recognize and appreciate the contribution of partners and stakeholders such as the Centres for Disease Control Kenya (CDC), World Health Organisation (WHO) and JICA towards the successful implementation of the blood safety program. We reiterate our commitment to ensure delivery of adequate and safe blood to Kenyans.

Ms Mary Ngari

Message from the Director of Medical Services

e in Kenya are proud to celebrate the World Blood Donor day that is in its 10th year at a time when the country is making remarkable progress in the ght against HIV and Aids and with the MDGs timelines in less than 1000 days. The Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNBTS) occupies a critical position not only in service delivery but also in the ght against HIV and Aids. Through rigorous testing and Dr Francis Kimani processing of donated blood, KNBTS ensures that only blood that is found to be safe reaches the vein of the patient. KNBTS in its activities provides donor education that also encourages the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. The Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service is mandated to provide services to the public and is open to all to seek information and clarication on matters related the to blood transfusion.

The Ministry of Health has over time developed internationally recognized guidelines and policies on blood transfusion. The Ministry of Health continues to build the capacity of staff specialized in blood transfusion and has also embraced latest technology in testing and processing of blood to ensure safety of blood. It is therefore imperative that all blood transfusing hospitals and health facilities adopt these guidelines for the safety of both donors and patients.

Message from the Director Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service

tarted in 2000, the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service is mandated to ensure the provision of adequate supply of safe blood for the whole country.

Even though KNBTS has made commendable progress and recorded a steady progress in the collection of blood, the demand for safe blood continues to rise as a result of road trafc accidents, maternal hemorrhage, malaria and anemia in children, HIV/Aids and various forms of cancer.

demand for safe blood continues to rise as a result of road trafc accidents, maternal hemorrhage, malaria and anemia in children, HIV/Aids and various forms of cancer.

With 19 locations spread across Kenya; (6 of these being blood transfusion centres and 9 satellite centres that feed into the centres), KNBTS collects blood from voluntary unpaid donors throughout the country on a daily basis. Donors may visit the centres named or visit our mobile Dr Margaret Oduor sites that are held in strategic open public areas. Prior to donation qualied staff conduct individual counseling and health checks to ascertain donor suitability. Blood is KNBTS encourages all collected using individual sterile needles and bags. regular donors to share The collected blood is tested, processed and stored and transported at appropriate temperatures to their stories as a way of ensure quality and eventually released to hospitals motivating other blood for transfusion.

As we commemorate the 10th World Blood Donor day, KNBTS stands with the rest of the world to honour and give special recognition to all donors for their life-saving donations. This priceless gift has saved many lives of Kenyans. We encourage Kenyans to continue to offer this priceless gift and more so to undertake to become regular blood donors.

The theme for this years campaign being Give the gift of life, donate blood, KNBTS encourages all regular donors to share their stories as a way of motivating other blood donors to continue giving blood and people in good health who have never given blood, particularly young people, to begin doing so.

donors to continue giving blood and people in good health who have never given blood, particularly young people

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Message from the WHO Country Representative

Every year, on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.
ransfusion of blood and blood products helps save millions of lives every year. It can help patients suffering from life-threatening conditions live longer and with higher quality of life, and supports complex medical and surgical procedures. It also has an essential, life-saving role in maternal and perinatal care. However, in many countries, there is not an adequate supply of safe blood, and blood services face the challenge of making sufcient blood available, while also ensuring its quality and safety. Every blood donation is a gift of life The focus for this years campaign the 10th anniversary of World Blood Donor Day is blood donation as a gift that saves lives. WHO encourages all countries to highlight stories from people whose lives have been saved through blood donation, as a way of motivating regular blood donors to continue giving blood and people in good health who have never given blood, particularly young people, to begin doing so.The objectives of this years global campaign are to thank blood donors for their life-saving donations;promote voluntary unpaid blood donation; andconvince ministries of health to commit to achieving selfsufciency in safe blood and blood products based on 100% voluntary unpaid blood donation. WHO Strategy for Blood Safety The goal for WHO is that all countries obtain all their blood supplies from 100% voluntary unpaid donors

National Blood Transfusion Service

AM I ELIGIBLE TO DATE BLOOD? If you are healthy, you can donate blood! The blood service rst makes sure you will come to no harm from donating blood. The questions asked are only to safeguard your own health and that of the person receiving your donation. All personal information will be kept condential and will not be used for any other purpose. After answering the questions, you will also be given a brief medical examination that may include checking your pulse, blood pressure and weight. A drop of blood will be taken from your nger tip to check that giving blood will not make you anaemic. Your health is very important to the blood transfusion service and blood will not be taken unless you can safely donate that day. HOW OFTEN CAN I DONATE BLOOD? Healthy adults can give blood regularly i.e. men can donate every 3 months and women can donate every 4 months. Blood can be donated by most people who are healthy and do not have an infection that can be transmitted through blood. HOW MUCH BLOOD WILL BE TAKEN FROM ME? In most countries, the volume of blood taken is 450 milliliters; less than 10% of your total blood volume (the average adult has 4.5 to 5 litres). Your body will replace the lost uid within 36 hours. DID YOU KNOW? Every 10 minutes, someone needs a transfusion in Kenya A single unit of donated blood can save up to three lives A new born baby has only about I cup of blood in her/his body Just 3 teaspoons of blood can save a babys life. Your blood makes up to about 7% of your body weight If you are between ages 16-65 years, you can donate blood You need to be over 50 kgs to donate blood You do not need a special diet before donating blood

Dr Custodia Mandlhate by 2020.Currently, 60 countries collect 100% of their blood supply from voluntary unpaid blood donors. 35 are highincome countries, 18 middle-income countries and 7 lowincome countries. WHO recommends that countries coordinate all activities related to blood collection, testing, processing, storage and distribution through a well-coordinated system under a national blood policy. In 2011, 68% of countries had a national blood policy, compared with 60% of countries in 2004. Kenya is among the countries that had developed a National Blood Transfusion Policy by then. Here in Kenya, WHO in collaboration with partners, is supportingthe Ministry of Health to develop and maintain a sustainable national blood transfusion system, based on voluntary non-remunerated blood donation. Thissupport focusses on policies and strategies related to blood safety; capacity strengthening of the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS), and advocacy for voluntary blood donation. We are committed to continue supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Health towards achieving self-sufciency in blood and blood products from 100% voluntary unpaid donors by 2020. We are particularly pleased to note that Kenya is among the 7 low-income countries that haveattained 100% voluntary blood donation,through NBTS . However, we are also aware that hospitals still collect blood directly from replacement donors; and this data is not yet captured in the current national statistics. More voluntary blood donors needed Regular voluntary blood donors are the safest source of blood, as there are fewer blood-borne infections among these donors than among people who donate for family members in emergencies or who might donate blood for payment. We call on all Kenyans to come forward and ascertain whether they are eligible to donate blood; and if so, to join this noble cause, and give the gift of life by donating blood.

WHERE DO I GO TO DONATE BLOOD? The following are the locations for Blood Transfusion Centres: Nairobi: Hospital Road, Along the Kenyatta National Hospital road next to the National Public Health Laboratories (NPHLS), Mobile: 0716773904 Mombasa: Mzizima Road, Coast Provincial General Hospital, Telephone-0716773934 Kisumu: Along Kakamega Road next to Kisumu General Provincial Hospital, Telephone-0716773933 Embu: Along Meru-Embu Road next to Embu Provincial General Hospital, Telephone-0716775232 Nakuru: Along Kabarak Road next to Nakuru Provincial General Hospital, Telephone-0716773916 Eldoret: Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital along Nandi Road, Telephone 0716775229 Satellite Centres: Machakos: 0716 775 244 Kisii: 0716 773 966 Kakamega: 0716 773949 Kericho: 0716 773874 Voi: 0716 773 872 Nyeri: 0716 773 883 Meru: 0716 773 893 KNBTS WEBSITE: EMAIL:

Some Key Numbers on Blood Donation

107 millionblood donations every year.

Use of blood
65%of blood transfusions in low-income countries are given to children under ve years of age.

WHOs goal
2020is the target year for all countries to obtain 100% of blood supplies from voluntary unpaid donors. Blood donation rates Blood donation rates vary in different parts of the world: High-income countries: 39.2 donations per 1000 population Middle-incomecountries: 12.6 donations per 1000 population Low-income countries: 4.0 donations per 1000 population


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