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Date: 17th Oct.

2011 To, Pankaj Jha

Subject: Offer for the post of HR Manager Dear Mr. Pankaj, In response to your application for the above mentioned post and our subsequent discussion for the same, we are pleased to offer you the post of HR Manager The offer is subjected to following terms: Your Date of joining shall be 15th Nov. 2011 You will be joining in the capacity of HR Manager and shall be reporting to Director. Your total salary on CTC (Cost to Company) basis shall be as mutually agreed upon. You shall bring following certificates at the time of your joining: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Date of Birth Certificate Address Proof Two Photographs Appointment Letter from the previous Employer Latest salary slip from the previous Employer Resignation and Relieving Letter from the previous employer.

You have to join not later then 15th Nov. 2011, after which the offer stands cancelled. We welcome you to Paragon Family and hope for a long lasting relationship Please Note: The offer is subject to satisfactory reference check.


Sumit Kumar Compliance Manager