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The Fisher Valley College No. 5, M. L. Quezon St., Hagonoy, Taguig City Phase 2, Bgy. Pinagsama, Taguig City Phone: 839-1903/394-6695 Website: _____________________________________________________________________________

1st Semester, A.Y. 2013-2014

COURSE TITLE : PROFESSIONAL SALESMANSHIP COURSE CREDITS : 3 units PRE-REQUISITES : Marketing Principles and Applications; Sales Management CLASS SCHEDULE : Thursday, 4:00-7:00 CLASS WEBSITE : COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Marlon B. Raquel CONTACT NUMBER : 839-1903 (Main Campus) EMAIL ADDRESS :

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course will put selling on a professional basis-that takes into account the demands of changing times, advanced technologies, new products, and sophisticated buyers.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the end of the semester, the student should be able to: 1. Understand the role and the nature of selling as a tool, as well as an important function, in the marketing of products and services; 2. Learn and develop personal selling skills as well as the new strategies that will insure the successful marketing of the product in a given environment, either as an entrepreneur or sales personnel; 3. Understand the nature and the scope of work of a Sales Executive responsible for a group of sales persons tasked to promote and sell a particular product; and 4. Understand and discover new selling techniques in a highly competitive and technologically advanced marketing environment.

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COURSE OUTLINE: 1ST WEEK 2ND WEEK INTRODUCTION Course Orientation and Discussion of Syllabus REVIEW Fundamental concepts of marketing and sales management

Submit a two-page paper describing a recent purchase experience. What did the salesperson do to qualify you, identify your needs, present features & benefits, meet your objections and attempt to close the sale? 3RD WEEK PERSONAL SELLING AND MARKETING STRATEGY Dovetailing of SELLING into the 4Ps Personal Selling, Salesmanship, and Sales Management Personal Selling Objectives and Strategies Exercises: 4TH WEEK Discussion questions Case on 4Ps and the role of personal selling

UNDERSTANDING SELLING AND SALESMANSHIP Definitions, Roles, Myths, Careers in Selling Importance of Personality and Product Knowledge Secrets of Sales Champions, their attitudes, philosophies, and work habits Theories of Motivation and Principles of Persuasion Legal/Ethical Aspects and Social Responsibilities


THE SELLING PROCESS I Prospecting and Qualifying Insights on direct mail Pre-Approach Approach Presentations and Demonstrations

Submit a two-page paper describing 10 things you would you do to bolster your ego and overcome a series of negative sales calls. 7TH WEEK THE SELLING PROCESS II Handling Objections Closing/Negotiation Follow-up and Account Servicing

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An Insight to Customer Intimacy 8TH WEEK CATEGORIES OF SELLING Retail Selling Direct Consumer Selling Telemarketing

Submit a one-page paper describing information you collected on a target prospect (i.e., contact information, activities, memberships, etc.) 9TH WEEK CATEGORIES OF SELLING II Industrial Selling Non-personal Selling On Relationship Marketing Suggested Activities and Cases: Exposure to a retail organization, interviews and reports from the following sales oriented organization: Real Estate Insurance Books Hotels and Recreational Facilities Department Store Others Workshop and preparation of a telemarketing script Role Playing on Telemarketing



Submit a telemarketing script. SALESFORCE MANAGEMENT Salesforce Objectives Salesforce Strategy Salesforce Structure Salesforce Size Salesforce Compensation Managing the Salesforce Recruiting and Selecting Sales Representatives Training the Sales Representatives


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Directing, Supervising, and Motivating Sales Representatives Sales Meetings and Contests Sales Quotas Sales Budgets Sales Territories Performance Evaluation 13TH WEEK Cost Analysis and Sales Audit Preparation of a recruitment ad Workshop on recruitment Conceptualization of a comprehensive sales program for the company



CURRENT ISSUES ON SELLING AND SALESMANSHIP Implications of high technology in selling and salesmanship Networking Analysis and discussion on the implications of high technology on selling and salesmanship Talk by a corporate sales executive on current issues about selling.


Sales Team Presentations Sales Team Presentations



COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING SYSTEM: The College issues two grades for the semester midterm grade and final grade as per Article X, Section B of the College Student Handbook. I will be using the following grading system in the computation of your grades. Midterm Grade: Written Exercises Midterm Exam Class Standing Online Assignments 30% 30% 20% 20% 100% Final Grade: Midterm Grade Sales Team Presentation Final Exam Class Standing Online Assignments 40% 20% 20% 10% 10% 100%

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Major Examinations: Four major examinations will be given throughout the semester. These are prelim, midterm, pre-final, and final exams. A combination of multiple-choice questions (MCQ), essay questions, and other types of tests will be given. The examinations will be conducted during examination weeks. Each exam is equivalent to 100 points. The passing score is 50 points. I will be using the following formula in determining the equivalent percentage for your scores: Grade = (Score /No. of Items) x 50 + 50 for example, (50/100) x 50 + 50 = 75%

Sales Team Presentation: 1. The class will be divided into groups of 4 members each. They are required to experience selling by undergoing an actual selling activity inside and outside the college. The selling activity will start two weeks after the start of the class. An individual sales performance report will be submitted every four weeks. 2. Sales Team Presentations will be conducted for two sessions. Sales Reports should be submitted to me prior to the actual presentations. Written Exercises: You are required to submit five written exercises about professional selling whether from your own experiences or based from your observations. Refer the Course Outline for details. Online Assignments: An assignment will be given every two weeks. You need to visit our class website at for instructions and details. Please be reminded of the deadlines of submission. To avoid the rush, submit your answers BEFORE the deadline, NOT on the due date of submission. I will inform you in class once the questions are posted online. Answers submitted through email or handed down to me in class (printed copy) will not be credited. All answers need to be submitted on the website itself. Familiarize yourself with computers, websites, and other technology-based stuff. You are provided with internet card by the school which is included in your school fees. Visit the Computer Laboratory for available time so that you can do your assignments if you dont have your own computer and internet. Also, you need to have an email account and a Facebook account because you will use them during the submission of your online assignments. Class Standing/Attendance: Your attendance will be checked regularly. You need to affix your signature on the attendance sheet that will be provided to you before the class discussion starts. Please take note that the maximum allowable absences are four (4) sessions only. On your fifth absence, you will be dropped from this course regardless of the reason for absence EXCEPT if you or your family member is sick. In this case, you need to present a medical certificate. Class standing also includes recitation.

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Use the following guidelines every time you submit a written work to me. 1. Use 8.5 x 11 bond paper. 2. There should be one inch in all margins. 3. It must be double-spaced all throughout the essay EXCEPT for quotations or excerpts which must be single-spaced. 4. Use Times New Roman (12-point font size) only. 5. The critique paper must be printed in black ink ONLY.

REFERENCES: No textbook is required in this course. Please feel free to utilize any book about professional salesmanship. However, I suggest the following books for reference. Buskirk, Richard and Buskirk, Bruce 1992. Selling: Principles and Practices. JMC Press: Quezon City Weitz, Barton; Castleberry, Stephen and Tanner, John Jr. 2001. Selling: Building Partnerships, 4th edition