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COMITE DHONNEUR Comtesse Andre DE JONGH fondatrice du rseau COMTE Dde () Jean-Franois NOTHOMB Franco () Micheline UGEUX Michou

ichou - Andre ANTOINE DUMONT Nadine - Janine DE GREEF Robert et Yvonne LAPEYRE () Josphine CASTET Fifine - Lucienne SABOULARD / DASSIE Lulu

Organisation Association "les Amis du Rseau Comte"


14th edition 13th - 15th September 2013 Commemorative march from Ciboure to Renteria on the tracks used by the passeurs of the Comet Network and the Allied aircrews during World War II IMPORTANT This programme concerns everyone. However, the walkers will have an additional programme as indicated and they must provide their own food for the walk on Saturday. NOTE: For the lunch on Sunday, 15th September, seating at the restaurant Socidad de BERAUN is restricted to 85 people. Accordingly, places will be allocated in order of subscription.

Further details:

Jeannot DASSI, 117 rue des 4 Cantons, 64600 ANGLET. Tel: 05 59 03 51 48. E-mail : Juan-Carlos JIMENEZ de ABERASTURI. E-mail :
Mikel IRASUEGI. E-mail:

Subscriptions: (To the Treasurer only)

Hubert KIRSCHHOFFER, 1 bis Av. de Montbrun, 64600 ANGLET. Tel: 05 59 42 08 16. Email: