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+91 00000000000 Career objective:

I am seeking a position in a company to use my skills and abilities which offers professional growth while being resourceful innovative and flexible. With my constant urge to learn new things and develop myself, I want to utilize my knowledge and skill for the growth of my organization and self as well as to achieve expertise in the allied field through continuous learning with right attitude Academic qualification: Passed B.A in the year from Xyz College, Xyz University. Passed PUC [Arts] in the year from Xyz College, Xyz secondary education Passed HSLC in the year from Xyz . Other Qualification: Diploma in Computer Application From Xyz. Working Experience: Worked as News Anchor in Xyz a premier weekly news magazine from The month To till The month. Worked as Proof Reader in Xyz a premier daily newspaper of Xyz from Date & Month To Till date And Month. Worked as Sub Editor cum News Reader in Xyz News, a Regional News Channel From date month & year to till date month and year Apart from these I have been also working a part time announcer cum drama artist in Xyz Radio From date to till date Also worked as event annoucer in the Xyz Personal profile: Date of birth: 00-00-0000 Marital status : Xyz Nationality Gender : Xyz : Xyz Fathers name : Xyz

Hobbies: Reading, Travelling and watching T.V. Languages known: English, Hindi Declaration: I do hereby declare that the above-mentioned details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. If anything found wrong, my candidature is liable to be cancelled.

________________ (Xyz) Date: