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Siena Tay cae Paper Reterenee ke 6}1/0}3|/\o|2 6103/02 (W1) sonnei Edexcel GCE Biology Biology (Human) 2 Advanced Subsidiary | Unit 3 Paper 02 (W1) : Wednesday 14 January 2009 — Afternoon Time: | hour 20 minutes Materials req Items included with question papers Ruler Ni Instructions to Candidates in the boxes above, write your centre number, candidate number, your Surname, initials) and siiature The paper reference iy shown above, Check that you have the correct question paper: Anywer BOTH questions. Wi Show all th Include dia your answers in the spaces provided in this question paper: eps in any calculations and state the units, Calculators may be used mis in your answers where these are helpt Information for C: The marks for individual questions and paris of questions are shown in round brackets: © (2) There are 2 questions in this question paper. ‘The total mark lor this paper is 32. Advice to Candidates You will be assessed on your ability (0 organise and present information, ideas, descriptions and arguments clearly and logically, taking account of your use of grammar, punctaation and spelting. Total Turn over NUIMINNN edexcer advancing learning, changing lives Winn BLANK PAGE, N33 8 89 B02 1 2 Answer BOTH questions. Write your answers in the spaces provided. A student investigated the loss of water through the cuticle of holly leaves after spraying them with solutions of inereasing acidity. Four young holly plants were sprayed with solutions of different pH values for th weeks. Two leaves were then selected at random from each plant and the cuticle was separated from each one using a mixture of enzymes. These isolated cuticles were then mounted in “transpiration chambers’ like the one shown in the diagram below, All the chambers were weighed and then kept in identical environmental conditions for 3 weeks. The loss of water vapour through the cuticles was monitored by weighing the chambers at the end of each week. Lid Leaf cuticle ble a viter | Ge Leaf cuticle Serew Cross section Chamber seen from above N33 889 8031 2 Leave blank Turn over