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DATE : 21/05/2013 TO Maersk Line India Pvt. Ltd., Safmarine Divn.

11th Floor, Tower A, Urmi Estate, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013, India Dear Sir/Madam, Subject: Surrender of Original Bill Of Lading release of cargo BL. Ctr no.

Final port of Discharge/Delivery We hereby surrender the full set of 3/3 Original Bill of Lading duly endorsed, for release of cargo to the Without presentation of the original bill of lading We hereby indemnity Maersk Line Pvt Ltd., Safmarine divn., and or its agents from any fines,loss,penalty,claim arising due to release of cargo/units against the surrender of Original Bill of lading vide above request. We are aware that this only a request from our side to release cargo without original Bill of Lading to the above mentioned party and confirm that any pending payment due for this shipment at origin or at destination will be borne by us, the shipper if not paid by the consignee. All destination charges & demurrage charges if any will be borne by us; the shipper is the consignee refuses to pay. Yours faithfully,

Authorized signatory