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AMEM 405

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Manufacturing Processes with the Aid of CAD/CAM Systems AMEM 405

Dr. Sotiris Omirou

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CAD stands for Computer Aided and CAM stands for Designing Computer Aided Manufacturing. The combined CAD/CAM is the technology concerned with the use of computers to perform product designing and manufacturing operations.

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Structure of a CAD/CAM system

CAD Program Computer Aided Design
Geometry of part is created (3D or 2D; surface or solid)
DXF File

CAM Program Computer Aided Manufacturing

Program the part with G/Mcodes

NC File

CNC Machine

Computer Numerical Control

Produce the part Milling Lathe Electric Discharge

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The functions of CAM programs

NC codes CAM program CAM programs define: method of machining feature/shape to machine tool used for machining path of the tool Programs in NC/CNC code for the machining process

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Review of Machining Operations

- Milling - Turning

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Mill Bits

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graphics from McMaster Carr online catalog:

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Milling Tools and Tool Inserts

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Drills and Reamers

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Milling Operations
Facing: removes material across the top surface Contouring: removes material to a specified depth along a CAD geometry Drilling: uses points identified on a CAD layer to drill holes to a specified depth Pocketing: removes all material within the outline of a CAD geometry Surface of Revolution: removes all material within a surface generated by revolving geometry about the X or Y axis

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AMEM 405 3-Dimensinal surface milling:

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CNC Machining Centers

AMEM 405 Vertical Milling Machining center

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Tool Post

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A Milling Machining center in operation

AMEM 405 Automatic Tool Change on a Milling Machining center

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AMEM 405 Turning Operations in figures

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AMEM 405

CNC Lathe

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Application Example (CNC Turning)


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