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Philippine Normal University National Center for Teacher Education College of Teacher Development Faculty of Science, Technology, and

Mathematics Manila

July 13, 2013 To: Hon._________________ Brgy. Captain, Brgy. San Rafael, Municipality of Montalban Province of Rizal Greetings! We are 4th year students from Philippine Normal University. We are conducting a research entitled, Folk medical Practices in Montalban, Rizal. The said research aims to now the status of folk medical condition in the Municipality of Montalban and the status of folk treatments practiced by the residents of Montalban. In line with this, may we request from your good office to allow us to conduct a simple survey from your Barangay. This may involve randomly chosen residents and folk medical practitioners. Attach herewith is the copy of the survey questionnaire. May we also request assistance from your Barangay security officers that may accompany us as we conduct the survey in your area. We are looking forward for favorable response regarding this matter. Thank you! Respectfully yours, Genesis M. Garin Ana Margarita M. Jose Researchers Note by: Ms. Genelita S. Garcia (Professor III) Faculty FSTM-CTD-PNU