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MYName Xyz
Permanent Address: MyAddress Xyz Current Address: MyAddress Xyz Ph. 00000000000, Mobile. 000000000000000000 Email : kchjxkkzxjzs2,hkck@jkdc,

Carrier Obiective:To chalk out a career which quenches my thirst for learning and strive Always to create better , safer and faster practices in whatever I do and Contribute positively society. Professional Experiences WORK EXPERIENCE 2 years Company: Xyz Company Ltd Position: Store Supervisor

Period: The Year-till date Key result Area

My main function involves- Warehouse Management, Receipt of Goods, ensuring Storage requirement, Involve in Quality and stock audit. Maintaining Arranging in a systematic manner, Maintaining and updating BIN Cards for each items, Picking goods from shelfs, Ensuring Temperature requirement for Temperature Sensitive products, Maintaining Register for the same, Follow ups for delivery and tracking of consignment, Involve in Cycle Count of randomly chosen inventory, Return Management, Handling Client query, Involve in CRM, Collecting feed back from customers to improve services, Inventory Management, Destruction of finished goods, and ensuring Order Fulfillment process and deliveries on time etc. Responsibilities include: I am using latest ERP package for all transaction pertaining to stock. Handling independently for Life Scan, Hospital, Endo, Gynecare etc. on all India basis. Responsible for keeping day-to-day track of stocks of warehouse. Ensuring smooth processing and delivery of orders. Allocating stock, as per given allocation. Preparing Physical inventory record accurately at the end of each month. Assisting in stock audit. Handling & responsible for checking of breakage/expiry products. Ensuring Bin Card is on place.

Return stock of party Physical check breakage/expiry & good stock. Ensuring timely delivery of consignment. Physical Five Item inventory.

Educational Qualifications 10 th Pass from Xyz. 12th Pass from Xyz. Doing B.A.(Pass) from Xyz University. Ms- Office & D.T.P, Diploma in computers.

Personal Profile Fathers Name: Xyz Date of Birth: Xyz Marital Status: Xyz Date Place