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CURRICULUM VITAE I am NameXyz born on 00 Month 0000.

I am available at +91-90000000000 / Skills Areas: E-Learning, English Language Training, Computer Based Training and Testing, Language for Specific Purposes, Customer Support Training. Fair knowledge of Technical Writing and Knowledge Management.

Professional Experience 1. Working as Project Associate at xyz Institute , Hyderabad since September 2003. For this Ministry Project I am involved in, Research and development in the area Teaching Skills for English Tutors. Converting print-based learning modules of the Certificate in Teaching English course to online. 2. Worked as Head Training for Xyz Limited, Xyz from 1999 to 2001. Here I, Designed and delivered training modules for developing Communication Skills for IT professionals. Designed an online learning and testing system for ACT, SAT, GRE and GMAT (only English Modules) Language Edited technical questions on www.Xyz, a Computer Based Testing System for IT professionals. 3. Taught Medical Transcription at XYZ, Xyz from 1999 to 2000. I also developed an e-course for training medical transcription students in writing and listening skills. Major Works 1. Designed materials and delivered IELTS training - Speaking, Reading and Writing modules at XYZ Consultants Xyz 2. Designed and delivered a course in telephonic skills for call center professional of Xyz Consultant Services/ Short term projects undertaken As an Education Consultant, I have designed programs on Reading Strategies for children of to Dr. Xyz Laboratories employees. Worked as Project Associate for the Xyz at the Department of Testing and Materials Production

Educational Qualifications Currently doing Ph.D. in English Language Teaching at Xyz. Area of work: Autonomy in Language Learning: Strategies used by Readers of Hypertexts, Implications for Instructional Design. M.Phil in English Language Teaching from Xyz, in 2000, January. PGDTE from Xyz in the year with 4.14 GPA. Areas of specialization include materials production, language acquisition. M.A. in English Literature from Xyz University with 68.7%.