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in the World Teacher: Erika Gagnon Student Name: 4 Category Participation Student fully and participated with Collaboration group members, remained on task, treated others with respect, shared the classwork, and listened to others' ideas. 3 2 1 Most of students Some of students Very little of time was spent time was spent students time was participating with participating with spent participating group members, group members, with group remaining on task, remaining on task, members, treating others with treating others with remaining on task, respect, sharing respect, sharing treating others with classwork and classwork and respect, sharing listening to others' listening to others' classwork and ideas. ideas. listening to others' ideas. Facts are accurate, Most facts are Facts are basic and Little evidence of detailed and accurate, detailed some have minor research research show and research shows inaccuracies. completed. Lacking evidence of in- some evidence of Limited resources many details. depth research. research. Most listed. Missing or Sources are sources are incomplete sources. appropriate and appropriate and credible. credible. Occasionally speaks Tries to use pacing No attempt to too fast or too (rhythm and voice match the pace of slowly for the punctuation), but it the researched research material. is often noticeable information or the The pacing (rhythm that the pacing audience. and voice does not fit the punctuation) is information. relatively engaging Audience is not for the audience. consistently engaged. Images create a Images create an An attempt was Little or no attempt distinct atmosphere atmosphere or tone made to use images to use images to or tone that that matches some to create an create an matches different parts of the story. atmosphere/tone appropriate parts of the but it needed more atmosphere/tone. researched work. Image choice information. is logical. Grammar and usage Grammar and usage Grammar and usage Repeated errors in were correct (for were typically were typically grammar and usage the dialect chosen) correct (for the correct but errors distracted greatly and contributed to dialect chosen) and detracted from from the clarity, style. errors did not information. information. detract from the information.

Factual Content and Sources

Voice - Pacing The pace (rhythm and voice punctuation) fits the researched information and helps the audience really \"get into\" the information.