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Supreme Pupil Government

The Supreme Pupil Government is a student body.It serves as a venue for elementary pupils to develop their leadership and social skills. Officers of this organization function as leaders in the school. Through concerted efforts, they can achieve their objectives and be able to help the school attain more of its goals.


The officers actively engaged themselves in the clean-up drive in the school last January 11, 2012 as part of their activities. They helped one another in sweeping the dusty areas near the gate and picked up dried fallen leaves at the Math park.

Fund Raising Activity

To raise funds for the organization, the officers with the guidance of their adviser sold tickets for Php 1.00 to all the pupils on the first week of September. They utilized their vacant time to sell these tickets in every classroom. With the support of the teachers and students, it generated an income of Php 1270.Three hundred fifty of

which was used for the prizes and the remaining money was used for the printing of their t-shirts that would identify them as officers of the organization. The tickets were drawn during the coronation of Mr. and Ms. United Nations last October.

Peer Tutoring
The SPG officers conducted tutorials to some of their classmates who have difficulty in reading and those in the grade one level. Engaging in this activity is not only helping the school in its aspirations to promote quality education and academic excellence but also honing their skills as student leaders. They have become more conscious of the needs of others and developed friendship among other students in the school. It also adds prestige to them and boosts their self confidence because they were able to reach out to those who need their assistance.

Brigada Eskwela 2011 The Campaign and Election

As an organization, the Supreme Pupil Government joined efforts with the teachers, parents and the community in this week-long activity. They swept some areas and helped teachers cleaned their classrooms. Everyone willingly cooperated in their given tasks.This activity developed camaraderie, cooperation and support among those involved.

For three consecutive days, from February 6-8, 2012, the two parties SKP which stands for Salubungin ang Kinabukasan Partylist and KKK-Kilos Kabataan Para sa Kinabukasan each composed of ten candidates campaigned room to room and presented themselves as worthy candidates

of the positions they were running for. They gave away colorful bookmarks and flyers with their names artistically written on them. Each party was accompanied by a teacher. Meanwhile, inside the gym were tarpaulins and construction papers hanging, sending a clear message to the voters of the candidates whom they should choose.

One would take notice among the pupils their eagerness to vote on the day

they have been waiting for. The simultaneous voting happened last February

10, 2012 8:30 in the morning and it was signaled by a bell from the office.

Then, rooms were filled with silence while pupils were solely contemplating,

writing the names of their chosen candidates. After which, counting

followed. The winning candidates were exuberant.The following emerged as

winners: Mayor: Angel Fate Padilla; Vice Mayor: Jyla Myka Zuvie Argomido;

Secretary: Jian Marie Espedido; Treasurer: Alessandra Nicole Rioja;Auditor:

Golda Faustino;P.I.O.: Janela Mae Follante; Peace Officer: Jennie Luz Justol;

Councilors: Precious Kate Mahilum, Charrise Kate Tuma-ob, Sheila Mae

Election of the Officers for the District Federation of Supreme

Bucaling and Shee Mae Jane Jakosalem.

Pupil Government
After all the six schools in Tibungco District have elected their student leaders who would constitute the Supreme Pupil Government, the elected ones have to elect also set of officers to serve for the District Federation of Supreme Pupil Government. The election transpired last February 16, 2012 at Bustamante Central Elementary School specifically in the classroom of the district SPG adviser,Mrs. Rosemarie Realino. The HEKASI coordinator in the district,Mrs. Eldeliza Minor enthusiastically gave words of welcome to the young student leaders. After which, students were grouped and prepared their speeches as all of them were candidates to the positions which they think they could handle. As usual, they were given time to talk and convince others to vote for them. Followed shortly was the election which was perhaps the most thrilling and exciting on their part. Seriously, the children cast their votes and eagerly anticipated that their chosen candidate would win. Then followed the counting and the declaration of the winners. With the presence of Mrs. Germiniana S. Cortez, the district supervisor who administered the oath taking of the newly-elected officers, the activity became a lot meaningful to them.

Supreme Pupil

Government Leadership Training

After being proclaimed as winners in the recently concluded election in the school, the next thing that the new set of Supreme Pupil Government officers must do is to equip themselves with the necessary skills,attitudes and values expected of student leaders. On February 24, 2012 ,Friday, seven of the officers with their adviser headed to Osmena Elementary School for the leadership training.The activity had truly enriched their knowledge as well as experience as they listened intently to the talks and actively performed their tasks. A room-filled of competent student leaders from six schools of Tibungco District gave much enthusiasm to the principal of the host school, Mrs. Maria Doreen A. Daplin, as she welcomed everyone to the training.

The topic on Public Speaking given by Rosemarie Realino gave them a beautiful insight on how to talk effectively when in front of the people having a speech to deliver or introducing a speaker. The dos and dont's when making a speech were also stressed.

Furthermore, Edwin Alcoseba,an SPG adviser of the host school,elaborately discussed on coping with peer criticism which made the participants aware on how should they react to certain situations most specially this time that

they are considered models.They were highly dynamic to express their views and opnions when asked to have a group work.Other speakers of the training were Cecilia Maagad, an SPG adviser from AFPLC whose talk on principles and practices of effecive student leadership taught the participants how to become effective leaders and yours truly.My topic focused on team building. Followed shorrly after that was the making of the blog site which took hold of our time and effort. As a whole, the training did not just made them aware of their duties and responsibilities but they gained new friends and learned more opportunities to grow as student leaders.