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Facultatea de Limbi Literaturi

ENGLEZA Varianta 1
Proba la limba ENGLEZA
I.Translate into English: (9p +1=10 points)
M-am ridicat imediat, pe mine pe mele de femeie, contra mele de
trestie n vnturilor Omul acela, Mihai Dumitru, nu era drept singur,
neasistat de nimeni, pe de parte, prin el trebuie eu cum se moare, ca nu se
mi-a fost o moartea tot o Trebuia prind convoiul din
altfel riscam pe coridoarele nchisorii pierd ca ntr-un labirint. Poate nu
omul acela, Mihai Dumitru, mi se adresase tocmai mie, ca nu se de singur pe drumul lui de calvar,
n clipa mai ales aceea, n eternitate. M-am ridicat, mi-am repede mi-
am lacrimile de pe obraz am din Sigur fi avut cu mine ceva din roadele
ca omului acela i fi Dar nu aveam dect pe mine nu eram
fi putut moartea, atta vreme ct el nu avea asist trecerea pe lumea
aflam la mare cum procedez, pe ce drum s-o apuc, orict de mult
II.A. 1.Write out the sentences, using the most logical form of the verbs in brackets:(o.5 x6=3
The Orient-Express originally (conceive) by two mento standards of outrageous luxury n late 19th century
and early 2oth. Many carriages (lose) during the war. The reminder (fall) into disuse and finally, n 1977, the
service was discontinued. The present owners began (buy) one carriage here, one carriage there (restare) them
in a way that (recreate) a legend.
2. Rewrite the following sentences using the word written in capital letter; the new sentence
must begin with the word indicated). The meaning should staythe same: (1p x 3=3 points)
1. I was very surprised to hear that I had won the competition. IT
2. It was only because his wife helped him that he was able to finish the book. WITHOUT
3.You said something. It s true. WHAT
3. Find the mistake in each of the following sentences and correct it: (1p x 3=3 points)
1. Never I have seen such a terrible storm!
2.Night fell when the Morrisons suddenly spotted a strange glow in the sky.
3. He was stricken by lightning and he <lied on the spot.
11.B. Translate into Romanian: (9p +1=10 points)
Dinner parties were no longer given at James's in Park Lane - to every house the moment comes when the
master or mistress is no longer "up to it"; no more can nine courses be served to twenty mouths, nor does the
houshold cat any longer wonder why she is suddenly shut up. So with something like excitement, Emily - who
at seventy would still have liked a little feast and fashion now and then - ordered dinner for six instead of two,
herself wrote a number of foreign words on cards, and arranged the flowers. There would only be, of course,
James and herself, Soames, Winifred, Val and Imogen - but she liked to pretend a little and play in
imagination with the glory of the past. James went down to the wine cellar for the wine. In the wine there was
written the history of the forty-odd years since he had come to the Park Lane with his young bride and of the
many generations of friends and acquaintances who had passed into the unkown. The recollection of all those
long-gone moments made him think that the wine in the cellar preserved the record of family festivity - all
marriages, births, deaths! And when he was gone, there it would be, and he didn't know what would become of
it. It would be drunk or spolied, he shouldn't wonder!
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Facultatea de Limbi Literaturi
Lucrarea cuprinde doua subiecte mari, I si respectiv II, iar subiectul II are doua subpuncte I.A
si II.B.Subiectul I si cele doua subpuncte II A si II B se noteaza fiecare note de la 1 la 9, dec. se
acorda cate un punct din oficiu pentru fiecare punct, respectiv I, IIA, IIB.
Subiectul I - 9 puncte +1 = 10 puncte
Se noteaza traducerea corecta a structurilor gramaticale, fluenta textului in limba engleza, cunoasterea vocabularului
implicat de traducerea textului. Se depuncteaza cu 0,50 folosirea gresita sau formarea gresita a timpurilor verbale, a
verbelor modale si a diatezei pasive, nerespectarea regulilor de concordanta a timpurilor, folosirea gresita a infinitivului
ca si a gerundului sau a participiului. Se depuncteaza cu 0 , 25 puncte formele gresite de plural, folosirea
necorespunzatoare a principalelor prepozitii din limba engleza, greselile de topica. Se considera ca cinci greseli de
ortografie se vor depuncta cu 0,10 puncte. Se pot puncta cu un bonus intre 0,50 si 1 punct solutiile deosebit de originale
pentru unele structuri mai dificile.
Subiectul II - contine doua subpuncte (II A si II B) care se noteaza fiecare cu cite 10 puncte, dintre care
un punct din oficiu. Nota finala se constituie prin calcularea mediei dintre notele pentru II.A si 11.B.
II.A. Fiecare dintre cele trei subpuncte ale subiectului II.A este notat cu 3 puncte, <lupa cum urmeaza:
1: 0,50 puncte x 6=3 puncte , 2 : 1 punct x 3=3 puncte , 3: 1 punct x 3=3 puncte
La totalul de noua puncte se adauga un punct din oficiu.
II.B. Se noteaza cu 9+1 puncte, adica 10 puncte, dintre care 1 punct se acorda din oficiu. Se
noteaza corectitudinea si acuratetea exprimarii in limba romana, redarea adecvata a sensului textului in limba engleza. Se
depuncteaza cu un punct abaterile grave de la sensul textului, distorsionarea totala a intelesului ca si exprimarea confuza
n limba romana. Se apreciaza eleganta exprimarii in limba romana, gasirea de solutii cit mai aproape de sensul textului
englezesc. Se depuncteaza greselile de ortografie in limba romana - cinci greseli = 0,10 puncte. Se pot puncta cu un bonus
de 0.50 pina la 1 punct solutiile ingenioase de traducere.