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August 26, 2013 Re: Micro Woodlands Tail Esteemed.

If I set a gem in The Piney Woods in Texas I would crown it. It would reach all the way to Governor Perrys arms. It would crown him. Anadarko Tower need a maid! My mall looks like little Mexico on a hot non air conditioned fall apart and die kind of day! Not even my water taxi has smiles. There is nothing in the water. Oh yes there is. We dont have Austins bats but Ill tell you what we need a face lift but more so much more cordoned off than you know. Theres some kind of creep that has no fashion any somewhere around my mall with a grill. Hes gangster. I saw a video on YouTube of an officer shot and killed in Conroe and almost fell out my chair! Montgomery County has the finest not. Walker does! I need an Appraiser worse than I need the graffiti popping up near me at Child Services. When I posted 77090. I ran zip from toe to head. Riddle. My Champions Forest! Katrina. The Ninth and Third Wards from New Orleans. Ike! They are tired not. H.W. built Galveston back before they hung up new signs in 77090! If I zip down that Metroplex it will not be on a bus! Not ever! Thats one thing that has got to stay. You have Katrina in my mall. She swipes! She dumbs me down! She is nasty! Shes Willowbrook! If I see guns point it is at The Ross or not!? Do you remember Greenspoint Mall!? They call it gunspoint mall. Nobody I know is allowed to set foot near.