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Name ________________________________________ “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed” p. 479

Date ____________________ HR # _____

A -3 Read this quote from the story and explain what is going on in the story at this time: “Alone, thought Bittering. Only a thousand of us here. No way back. No way. No way. Sweat poured from his face and his hands and his body; he was drenched in the hot-ness of his fear. He wanted to strike Laura, cry, "No, you're lying! The rockets will come back!"

Here are some vocabulary words from the story. Match them with the correct meaning and write the letter.



a) sad





b) put under





c)drawn back











e)not strong, weak





f)die out





h)air taken away

Now, take one of these words on the left above and use them (proper form, etc) to describe these things:

  • 1. Mr. Bittering’s drive to save his family became



  • 2. The chance of returning to Earth after the War was



  • 3. Mr. Bittering really “let go” and started to accept after being

in the canal water.


  • 4. Mr. Bittering’s realization about the peach blossoms made him feel _________________


  • 5. The hope of the Colonists seemed to slowly time passed.



Which character below represents or stands for each trait?



Mr. Bittering

The Wife

The Captain The Lieutenant

  • 1. Peer Pressure _____________________________

  • 2. Desperation _______________________________

  • 3. Arrogance (not thinking of others at all, sort of focused on self and own ideas) ______________________

  • 4. Human Weakness ________________________

  • 5. Intelligence or ability to see things/predict things ________________________

  • 6. Compliance (goes along with everything; does not have own mind) ________________________

D- 1 Choose ONE of those characters and traits above and explain why they go together with evidence from the text.

B-2 Whichstory do you prefer, “Dark They Were, and Golden Eyed,” “The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind,” “Rikki Tikki Tavvi,” or “Narcissus?” Explain WHY you chose your story and use evidence from the story or story themes

to support your answer. You may go back into the book to refresh your story memory.

D-1 Choosea metaphor from the story and write it. Then tell why the author chose this metaphor.

Draw your “mind’s eye” picture of the BitteringFamily here. You may use crayon or marker to

Draw your “mind’s eye” picture of the BitteringFamily here. You may use crayon or marker to create emphasis.