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Story Worksheet

Setting Establish characters Describe current state of affairs

Inciting incident Whats at stake Potential/real pain

How does the conflict resolve Make the learning point

Credibility Check: Have I been honest and accurate, not exaggerating details or my claims?

Hallmarks of Great Stories

Show a conflictboth the pain of the problem and our strength to overcome. Build suspense without prematurely revealing the punch-line or resolution. Use details to create a sympathetic character and paint a picture. Involve participants by asking questions. Increase your energy, use dramatic pauses, and vary the pacing, pitch, and volume of your voice.

Place the story appropriately in the training to make a point (e.g., as an intro) Have a moral that relates to the course content Make it clear how the use or non-use of a skill affects results. This explains why the story was told.

Truthful: Doesnt misrepresent participants or the situation Safe: avoid potentially inflammatory issues (e.g., politics, religion) A mix of: personal and organizational; success and failure; short and longer. 800.449.5989