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abjure a nega;a retracta ablaze abecedar;alfabet able capabil able bodied apt ablutions spalari abnegate a-si refuza;a renunta la abnegation abnegatie abnormal neobisnuit abnormality anomalie;anormalitate aboard la bord/in avion abode domiciliu;resedinta abolish a anula;a desfiinta abolition anulare;desfiintare abominable respingator;dezgustator abomination josnicie;oroare aborted fetus avorton abortion avort abortionist persoana care produce avort abortive nereusit abound a fi din belsug about de jur imprejur;despre about face schimbare radicala about to pe punctul de a about turn stanga-imprejur about;bring about a realiza about;come about a se intampla about;get about a calatori above deasupra;sus(de) above mentioned susmentionat abrasion polizare;rosatura abreaction descarcare psihica abreast in pas cu abridge a rezuma;a prescurta abridgement prescurtare abroad in strainatate abrogate a revoca abrogation revocare abrupt brusc;nepoliticos abscess buboi abscond a se eschiva(de la);a se ascunde absence lipsa absent absent absent minded distrat;neatent absent mindedness neatentie absent oneself a absenta;a lipsi absentee absenteist absenteeism absenteism absinthe pelin absolute absolut;real absolutely categoric absolution iertare absolutism absolutism absolve a ierta absorb a absorbi;a integra absorbent absorbant absorbing atragator;captivant absorption absorbtie;preocupare abstain a se retine abstainer abstentionist;abstinent abstention abtinere;retinere

abstinence abstinenta abstinent cumpatat;abstinent abstract abstract;a separa;rezumat abstruse neinteles absurd absurd;ridicol absurdity absurditate abundance abundenta abundant abundent;bogat abuse a abuza de;abuz;insulte/a insulta abusive abuziv;injurios abut a se sprijini de abysmal fara fund abyss abis;prapastie acacia salcam academic academic;universitar academy academie accede a adera;a consimti accede to the throne a se urca pe tron accelerate a accelera;a iuti accelerated accelerat;grabit acceleration accelerare;grabire accelerator accelerator accent accent;subliniere;a accentua accentuate a accentua accept a accepta;a primi acceptability acceptabilitate acceptable acceptabil;admisibil acceptably acceptabil acceptance acceptare;aprobare acceptance credit credit de acceptare accepted acceptat acceptor acceptant access acces accessible accesibil accession avansare;acces accession to office promovare accessories accesorii accessory accesoriu;suplimentar accident accident;intamplare accidental intamplator accidentally din intamplare acclaim a aclama;a proclama acclamation aclamatie;ovatie acclimate a se aclimatiza;a se adapta acclimatization aclimatizare;adaptare acclimatize a se deprinde;a se aclimatiza acclimatized(become accl'd to) a se adapta la accolade acolada;aprobare accommodate a adapta(la);a adaposti;a gazdui accommodation cazare;adaptare accompaniment acompaniament;insotire accompanist acompaniator accompanying insotitor;a insoti accomplice complice;partas accomplish a indeplini;a termina accomplished desavarsit;implinit accomplishment indemanare;talent accord acord(a corespunde);consimtamant accord;of one's own accord de buna voie accordance conformitate

according conform according to conform cu;in conformitate cu accordingly prin urmare;in consecinta accordion acordeon accost a intra in vorba cu;a acosta account cont;rafuiala;socoteala account for a justifica account;frozen account cont blocat;credit inghetat account;on account of datorita accountability raspundere;responsabilitate accountable explicabil;raspunzator accountancy contabilitate;evidenta contabila accountant contabil accounting contabilitate accounting department contabilitate accredit a acredita accretion acumulare accrue a spori accumulate a se acumula accumulated acumulat accumulation acumulare accumulation of capital acumulare de capital accuracy acurateta;precizie accurate corect;exact accursed blestemat accusation acuzatie accuse a acuza;a invinovati accuse of a acuza de accuse;accuse falsely a acuza pe nedrept accused acuzat;parat accustom a (se) obisnui accustomed deprins;uzual ace as;campion ache durere/a durea;a tanji achievable care poate fi facut;realizabil achieve a obtine;a realiza achievement indeplinire;realizare aching dureros acid acid;sarcastic acidify a acidula acknowledge a recunoaste;a marturisi;a confirma acme apogeu;culme acorn ghinda acoustic acustic acquaint a informa;a cunoaste;a sti acquaintance cunoscut;cunostinta acquainted(become acquainted) cunoscut(a face cunostinta) acquire a capata;a castiga acquired obtinut acquisition achizitie acquit a achita acquit oneself well a se comporta bine acquittal achitare acre acru;pogon acrid intepator;sarcastic acrimonious muscator acrimony asprime;sarcasm acrobat acrobat acrobatic acrobatic acronym acronim

acrophobia acrofobie across dincolo;peste across the board general;valabil pentru toti across;come across a gasi intamplator;a intalni acrostic acrostih acrylic acrilic act act;a actiona;document/a juca;fapta act in bad faith a fi de rea-credinta act in good faith a fi de buna-credinta act up a fi la inaltime;a se comporta bine acting joc (in teatru);temporar action actiune;proces action;out of action defect;stricat actionable pasibil de action. in justitie activate a activa;a grabi active activ;harnic;vioi activity activitate;actiune actor actor actress actrita actual existent;real actuality actualitate;realitate actualize a actualiza;a implini actually chiar;de fapt;realmente actuary actuar;grefier acupuncture acupunctura acupuncturist acupunctor acute acut;ascutit;patrunzator acute angle unghi ascutit acuteness ascutime;agerime acvarium acvariu ad anunt publicitar;reclama ad hoc ad hoc;doar in acest scop ad lib ad libitum;dupa voie;la discretie ad nauseam pana la a provoca scarba;sila ad valorem ad valorem;dupa valoare adage adagio;maxima adam's apple marul lui Adam adam(first man) Adam(primul barbat) adamant implacabil;tare adapt a potrivi;a se adapta adaptability acomodare;adaptabilitate adaptable acomodabil;adaptabil adaptation acomodare;adaptare add a adauga;a aduna;a spori add up to a rezulta;a adauga addendum adaugire;adenda adder vipera addict drogat;vicios addicted prada a;stapanit de addiction drogare;viciu addition adaos;adunare additional aditional;suplimentar addled smintit;stricat address adresa;discurs;indemanare/a adresa(se) address;make an address a tine un discurs addressee destinatar adenoids polipi;vegetatii adept adept;expert;specialist adequacy competenta;potrivire adequate potrivit;suficient

adhere a fi de acord;a se lipi;a adera adherence aderenta adherent aderent adhesion aderare;adeziune adhesive adeziv;rezistent adhesive bandage leucoplast;banda adeziva adhesive tape banda adeziva adjacent adiacent;invecinat adjective adjectiv adjoin a se invecina cu adjourn a amana;a suspenda adjourne a amana adjudicate a adjudeca;a judeca adjudication adjudecare;decizie adjunct adjunct;auxiliar;suplimentar adjure a conjura;a implora adjust a aranja;a regla adjustable reglabil;adaptabil adjustancy adjutantura;asistenta adjuster ajustor;montor adjustment reglare adjutant adjutant;ajutator administer a administra;a guverna;a conduce administration administratie;conducere;guvern administrative administrativ;executiv administrative prices preturi de stat administrator gestionar admirable admirabil;minunat admiral amiral admiration admiratie admire a admira admirer admirator admissible admisibil admission admitere;intrare;recunoastere admit a ingadui;a permite;a recunoaste admit to a permite accesul la admittance permisiune;admitere admonish a avertiza;a mustra admonition avertizare;mustrare ado zarva;zgomot adobe chirpici adolescence adolescenta adolescent adolescent adopt a adopta;a infia adopted adoptat adoption adoptare;adoptiune adorable adorabil;delicios adoration adoratie adore a adora;a preamari adorn a impodobi adornment ornament;podoaba adrenalin adrenalina adrift in deriva;la intamplare;la voia intamplarii adroit indemanatec adsorb a adsoarbe adsorption adsorbtie adulation adulatie;lingusire adult adult adulterate a contraface;a falsifica adulteration contrafacere;falsificare

adulterer sot adulter adulterous adulter adultery adulter adulthood maturitate advance a inainta;inaintare;progres;a se dezvolta advance money acont;arvuna advance payment plata anticipata advance;in advance anticipat advanced avansat;inaintat advancement progres;inaintare advantage avantaj;folos;profit advantage;take advantage of a profita de;a insela advantageous avantajos;profitabil advent aparitie;venire adventure aventura;risc;intamplare adventurer aventurier;cutezator adventuresomeness indrazneala adventurous aventuros;indraznet;riscant adventurousness periculozitate adverb adverb adversary adversar;oponent adverse contrar;nefavorabil;opus adversity adversitate;nenorocire advertise a face reclama;a publica advertisement anunt publicitar;reclama advertising publicitate advertising agent agent publicitar advice sfat;sfaturi advisable recomandabil advise a informa;a sfatui adviser sfatuitor advisory consultativ advocacy pledoarie;propaganda;sprijinire advocate aparator;avocat;a sprijini adze cioplitor;a fasona;teslas aeon eon;vesnicie aerate a aerisi;a ventila aeration aerisire;ventilatie aerial aerian;antena aerialist echilibrist;trapezist;acrobat aerobia bacterii aerobe aerobic aerob aerodrome aerodrom aeronautics aeronautica aeroplane aeroplan;avion aerosol aerosol aesthetic estetic aesthetics estetica afar departe;in departare affable amabil;politicos affair afacere;treaba affect a afecta;a impresiona;a pretinde affectation afectare;artificialitate affected afectat;atins;miscat affectionate iubitor;tandru afferent aferent affiliate a se afilia;a se asocia;a infia affiliation afiliere;infiere affinity afinitate;potrivire affirm a afirma;a sustine

affirmation afirmatie;confirmare affirmative afirmativ affix adaugire;afix(gram.) afflict a indurera;a intrista afflicted indurerat;intristat affliction durere;intristare affluenc afluenta affluence belsug;bogatie affluent afluent;imbelsugat afford a-si permite afforestation impadurire affray incaierare;scandal affreight a afreta;a navlosi affront insulta;jignire;a ofensa;a sfida aficionado adorator afire arzand;in flacari aflame aprins;in flacari afloat pe apa;pe mare;plutind aflutter nelinistit afoot in picioare;activ aforementioned de mai sus;susmentionat aforesaid mentionat mai inainte aforethought intentionat;premeditat afraid infricosat;speriat afresh din nou;inca o data africa Africa african african;africana aft la pupa after mai tarziu/dupa after effect efect intarziat after shave lotiune dupa barbierit after the event ulterior afterbirth placenta aftergrowth a doua recolta afterimage imagine consecutiva aftermath consecinta;otava(iarba) afternoon dupa-amiaza;dupa-masa aftertaste gust ramas(in gura) afterthought gand tardiv;razgandire afterwards dupa aceea afterword postfata again iar;din nou agape cascat agate agat age varsta aged foarte batran;in varsta de agency agentie;intermediu agenda ordine de zi agent agent;factor agglomeration aglomeratie;ingramadeala agglutinate a se lipi aggrandizement extindere;marire aggravate a agrava;a inrautati aggravating agravant;care inrautateste aggravating circumstances circumstante agravante aggravation agravare;inrautatire aggregate a agrega;totalitate;agregat;a uni aggregate demand solicitare maxima aggregate expenditure cheltuieli totale aggregate output capacitate maxima;productie maxima

stabilizator(de avion) ailing bolnav.aprins agnostic agnostic agnosticism agnosticism ago in urma agog infrigurat.a fi de acord agree to a fi de acord cu agreeable placut.run aground a esua ague malarie ahead in fata.impotmolit aground.agresivitate aghast ingrozit.palpaind aglow inrosit.intelegere agricultural agricol agriculture agricultura agronomist agronom aground esuat.forge ahead a prospera aid ajutor aide consilier aide de camp aghiotant aids SIDA ail a fi suferind.incuviintat agreement acord.suferind ailment suferinta.on the air/by air emisiune(prin radio).provocator aggressiveness agresivitate aggressor agresor.durere aim scop.a agoniza agony agonie agoraphobia agorafobie agrarian agrar.tinta aiming urmarind aimless fara scop air aer air field aerodrom air pollution poluare a aerului air raid raid aerian air.a deranja aileron eleron.pe cale aeriana air-borne aeropurtat.a indurera.a atata agitation agitatie.aggression agresiune aggressive agresiv.tulburare agitator agitator agleam lucitor.inspaimantat agile sprinten agility agilitate.asentiment.inainte ahead.agricol agree a se invoi.vioiciune aging care imbatraneste.violenta.a intrista aggro nervi.in aer air-conditioned cu aer conditionat air-conditioner aparat pt aer conditionat air-conditioning aer conditionat air-force aviatie militara air-hostess stewardesa air-lift pod aerian .scanteietor aglimmer licarind.agreabil agreed aprobat.bataus aggrieve a mahni.imbatranire agitate a agita.pasionat agonize a trage sa moara.

nisa alderman consilier orasenesc aleatory aleatoriu.a alerta.air-line linie aeriana air-mail par avion.avion aircraft carrier portavion airiness nepasare.instrainare alienist psihiatru alight a cobora.strana akimbo cu mainile in solduri akin inrudit alabaster alabastru alacrity zel.panica/alarma alarm clock ceas desteptator alarmism alarmism alarmist alarmist albatross albatros albeit cu toate ca.zis alibi alibi alien strain alienate a instraina alienation alienatie.nepasator.indreptare alike asemanator alimentary alimentar alimentation alimentatie.vioiciune alfalfa lucerna alfresco in aer liber algae alga algebra algebra algebraic algebric algorism algorism algorithm algoritm alias numit.ventilatie airing aerisire airman aviator airplane avion airport aeroport airship aeronava airstrip pista de decolare/ aterizare airtight etans(la aer) airworthy apt pentru zbor airy aerat.vioiciune alarm alarma.luminat/a descinde.aerian airy fairy nepasator aisle coridor.albus alchemist alchimist alchemy alchimie alcohol alcool alcoholic alcolic alcoholism alcolism alcove firida.aprins align a se alinia.desi albino albinos album album albumen albumen.grijuliu alertness alerta.a indrepta alignment aliniere.posta aeriana air-sickness rau de avion aircraft avioane.hranire .intamplator aleck(smart aleck) prostanac alert a alarma.ager.

a permite allowance pensie.activ alkali alcalin alkaline alcalin all tot/orice all right bine.insinuant alluvial aluvial ally a alia.vioi.a usura alleviation alinare.repartizare allow a tine seama de.apropiat alligator aligator alliteration aliteratie allocate a aloca.aliat.a pretinde alleged asa-zis.si alright bine.totusi all-clear gata!.a aloca.vorba vine allegiance loialitate.supunere allegorical alegoric allegory alegorie allergic alergic allergy alergie alleviate a alina.mirodenii allude a face aluzie la.vezi Doamne.a distribui allotment alocare.tentant allusion aluzie allusive aluziv.a inrudi almanac almanah almighty atotputernic almond migdala almoner cel care imparte pomana almost aproape alms pomana aloft in sus.calmare alley alee alliance alianta allied aliat.a admite.intreg/onorabil also de asemenea .a distribui allocation alocatie.liber! all-in atotcuprinzator all-up distrus.alimony pensie alimentara alive in viata.in regula/teafar.alocatie alloy aliaj allspice cuisoare.repartizare allot a atribui.in regula all the same indiferent.singur along in fata/de-a lungul alongside alaturi(de) aloud cu voce tare alphabet alfabet alphabetical alfabetic alphabetize a alfabetiza alpinist alpinist already deja.a ispiti alluring ispititor.a se referi la allure a ademeni.pretins allegedly chipurile.sus alone numai.ruinat allay a potoli allegation afirmatie(nefondata) allege a afirma.repartitie.

alternativ alternatively intermitent.supus amend a se imbunatati.a ameliora amelioration ameliorare.alternativ.alternativ alternator alternator although cu toate ca.alto.cearta alternate a alterna.ambitie ambivalence ambivalenta ambivalent ambivalent amble a merge cu pasi marunti ambrosia ambrozie ambulance ambulanta.altar altar alter a se schimba.alternare alternative alternativa.ravna ambitious ambitios ambitious project proiect ambitios ambitiousness dorinta vie.a fuziona amalgamation extindere amanuensis secretar particular amass a strange.a ului amazement uimire amazing uimitor amazon amazoana ambassador ambasador amber chihlimbar ambidextrous ambidextru.Master of Arts amalgam amalgam amalgamate a combina.lipsit de profesionism amateurism diletantism amaze a uimi.a castra alteration schimbare altercation altercatie.salvare ambulatory ambulant.a sovai alternately alternativ(in mod) alternation alternanta.contratenor altogether complet.a indrepta amendment amendament.fatarnic ambience ambianta ambiguity ambiguitate ambiguous ambiguu ambition ambitie.total altruism altruism altruistic altruist aluminium aluminiu aluminum aluminiu alumnus fost student always intotdeauna/mereu am inainte de amiaza am(ma) licentiat in litere.atacant ameliorate a se imbunatati.ratacitor ambuscade ambuscada ambush ambuscada ambusher ambuscat.desi altimeter altimetru altitude altitudine alto altista.imbunatatire .imbunatatire amen amin amenable intelegator.diletant amateurish de amator.a aduna amateur amator.

bunavointa amiable binevoitor.indragostit amorphous amorf amortisation amortizare amortization amortizare amortize a se amortiza amount cantitate.a se ridica amour propre amor propriu ampere amper amphibian amfibiu amphibious amfibiu amphitheatre amfiteatru ample amplu.distractie amusing amuzant an o.unii (inainte de vocale) anachronism anacronism anaemia anemie anaemic anemic anaesthesia anestezie anaesthesic anestezic anaesthesiologist anestezist anaesthetic anestezic anaesthetise a anestezia anaesthetist anestezist anagram anagrama analgesia analgezie.a mari amplitude amplitudine.gresit amity amicitie.).prietenie ammeter ampermetru ammo munitie ammonia amoniac ammonium amoniu ammunition munitii amnesia amnezie amnesty amnistie amniocentesis amniocenteza amoeba amiba(zool.amends(make amends) a despagubi.amploare amputate a amputa amputated amputat amputation amputare amuse a amuza.politete america America american american.amabil amid in mijlocul amidst in mijlocul amiss incorect.innebunit among dintre.suficient amplifier amplificator amplify a amplifica.amoeba amok amoc.suma.lipsa de durere analgesic analgezic .a distra amused amuzat.printre amoral amoral amorality amoralitate amorous amoros.un.a repara amenity farmec.americanca amethyst ametist amiability amabilitate.printre amongst dintre.desfatat amusement amuzament.a insemna.

unghi angler pescar cu undita angry furios.angina angle undita/a pescui cu undita.ingeresc angina anghina.soseta scurta annalist cronicar annals anale .get angry a se infuria.strabuni anchor ancora/a ancora anchorage ancorare.foarte vechi ancillary ajutator.anison ankle glezna anklet bratara in jurul gleznei.analogous analog analogue analog analogy analogie.strabun ancestry stramosi.suferinta angularity stangacie.asemanare analyse a analiza analysis analiza analyst analist analytic analitic analyze a analiza anaphrodisiac anafrodisiac anarchic anarhic anarchist anarhist anarchy anarhie anathema anatema anatomical anatomic anatomy anatomie ancestor stramos.suparat angry with suparat pe angry.animalic animalcule microorganism animalism animalism.si and so on si asa mai departe androgynous androgin.mustrare animal animal.povestire anemia anemie aneurism anevrism anew din nou angel inger angelic angelica.refugiu anchorite pustnic.insufletit animated cartoon desene animate animation insufletire animosity animozitate.strabun ancestors strabuni ancestral ancestral.dusmanie animus ostilitate.a se supara anguish chin.auxiliar and iar.schimnic anchovy ansoa ancient antic.predispozitie aniseed anason.animalitate animate a anima.animat.unghiularitate anhydrous deshidratat anifold divers animadversion critica.insufletit animated animat.hermafrodit android android anecdote anecdota.

anexa.inelar annulled anulat annulment anulare annunciation Buna Vestire.responsabil answering machine robot(la telefon) ant furnica antagonism antagonism antagonist vrajmas.carbuncul anthropoid antropoid anthropologist antropolog anthropology antropologie anthropomorphic antropomorfic anti anti.neregulat anomaly anomalie anon anonim.anexa annihilate a anihila annihilation anihilare anniversary aniversare annotate a adnota announce a anunta.anneal a cali.Antartica anteater furnicar antecedent antecedent antecedents antecedente antechamber antecamera antedate a antedata antediluvian antediluvian antelope antilopa antenatal prenatal(consult)(med) antenna antena anterior anterior.a recoace annex a alatura.plictisitor annual anual annuity renta annular circular.contra.suparat annoying enervant.un altul answer a raspunde.suparare annoyed enervat.vestire anode anod anodyne calmant anoint a unge anomalous anormal.adversar antarctic antartic.replica answer back raspuns obraznic.replica answer.raspuns.answer back a raspunde obraznic.impotriva .un alt.a riposta answerable corespunzator.in curand.indata anonymity anonimat anonymous anonim anorak hanorac another o alta.a instiinta announcement anunt announcer crainic annoy a enerva annoyance necaz.precedent anteroom antecamera anthem imn anther antera anthology antologie anthrax antrax.anexa annexation anexare annexe adaugire.

undeva anywise oricum aorta aorta apart de.oriunde.nesuferit antipathy aversiune antipodes antipozi antiquarian anticar antiquated invechit antique antic antiquities antichitati antiquity antichitate antirrhinum gura leului antiseptic antiseptic antisocial antisocial antitank antitanc antithesis antiteza antitoxin antitoxina antitrust legislation legislatie anti-trust antler corn de cerb antonym antonim anul a anula anus anus anvil nicovala anxiety grija.oricare anybody cineva/oricine/nimeni anyhow oricum anyone cineva/oricine/nimeni anything ceva/orice/nimic anyway oricum anywhere nicaieri.pozna/caraghios anticipate a anticipa anticipation anticipare anticipatory anticipativ anticlerical anticleric anticlimax cadere.maimuta mare aperient laxativ.nerabdator any ceva.culme .niste.neliniste anxious ingrijorat.take apart a demonta apartheid apartheid apartment apartament apartment house bloc(de locuinte) apathetic apatic apathy apatie ape a imita.anti-semitic antisemit anti-semitism antisemitism antiaircraft antiaeriana antibiotic antibiotic antibody anticorp antic grotesc.slabire a efectului anticlockwise de la dreapta la stanga anticyclone anticiclon antidote antidot antigen antigen antimony antimoniu antipathetic antipatic.deoparte apart from in afara de apart.purgativ aperture deschizatura apex varf.nerabdator anxiously nelinistit.nici un.

denumire append a atasa.domolire appellant apelant.a se scuza apology scuza.aparitie appeal apel/a apela la.fals apologetic conciliant.potolit appeasement impaciuire.pocait apologia opera literara justificatoare apologize a-si cere iertare.aphasia afazie aphid afide(insecte) aphis paduche de plante aphrodisiac afrodisiac apiary prisaca apiece fiecare aplomb aplomb.aparat applicable aplicabil applicant solicitant application fee taxa de inscriere applicator instrument apply a aplica.a satisface appeased linistit.dambla apostasy apostazie apostate apostat.aparent apparition fantoma.rugator appellation apelativ.idolatrizare appal a ingrozi.indrazneala apocalypse Apocalips.a aparea appearance aparenta.a adauga appendage anexa appendectomy operatie de apendicita appendicitis apendicita appendix anexa appertain a apartine appetite pofta de mancare appetizer aperitiv appetizing apetisant.oribil apparatus aparat apparel haine.vesminte apparent aparent.infatisare appease a calma.evident apparently in mod evident.revelatie(divina) apocryphal apocrif.rugaminte appear a face impresie.a cere appoint a numi(intr-o functie) appointment intalnire/functie apportion a distribui .renegat apostle apostol apostrophe apostrof apostrophize a apostrofa apothecary farmacist apotheosis apoteoza.gustos applaud a aplauda applause aplauze apple mar apple of the eye lumina ochilor apple pie placinta cu mere appliance instrument.a inspaimanta appalling inspaimantator.iertare apoplectic apoplectic apoplexy apoplexie.

a multumi.temere apprehensive destept.a accepta approved recunoscut.umbrar arbutus arbutus arc arc arcane ascuns.istet.a pricepe apprehension pricepere.predispozitie aptness competenta.suma aproximativa apricot cais.aprobator apprehend a apuca.a pretui appreciation recunostinta.butelie oxigen subacvatica.pricepere aqualung acvalung.a propos apse absida apt competent.corespunzator appropriateness oportunitate appropriation insusire.potrivit aptitude aptitudine.a pretui appraiser pretuitor appreciate a aprecia.apposite alaturat.apreciere appreciation(of a currency) curs valutar appreciation.aprobat approximate a semana cu.respirator submarin aquamarine acvamarin.accesibil approaching apropiat approbation consimtamant.alocatie approval acord.tainic arch bolta.bleu-verzui aquarium acvarium aquarius Varsator(zodiac) aquatic acvatic aqueduct apeduct aquiline acvilin.temator apprentice ucenic apprenticeship ucenicie apprise a instiinta.evaluare appraise a evalua.aproximativ approximation aproximatie.arc archaeologist arheolog archaeology arheologie .aprobare appropiate a aloca appropriate potrivit.arbitraj arboreal arboricol arbour chiosc.la timp.caisa april aprilie apron sort apropos fiindca veni vorba.a se apropia.a informa approach cale/a se apropia(de).apt.in appreciation in semn de pretuire appreciative apreciator.acces approachable realizabil.aprobare approve a aproba.coroiat arabic arab arable arabil arachnid arahnida arbiter arbitru arbitrage arbitraj arbitrary arbitrar arbitrate a arbitra.nimerit apposition aplicare appraisal apreciere.a decide arbitration arbitrare.

controversat aria arie arid arid.armura armchair fotoliu armed inarmat arming inarmare armistice armistitiu armor armura armour armura armour plate blindaj armoured blindat armourer armurier .sunt.sunteti area arie.maneca arm in arm brat la brat armada mare flota militara armageddon lupta decisiva armament armament.Satana archer arcas archery tragere cu arcul archetype prototip archipelago arhipelag architect arhitect architecture arhitectura archives arhive archivist arhivist archness viclenie archsupporter suporter principal arctic arctic ardent fierbinte ardour ardoare arduous abrupt.indoielnic argue a se certa.inarmare armature armatura.a aparea arisen aparut.cearta argumentation argumentare.jargon arguable discutabil.uscat aridity ariditate aried divers aright corect arious divers arise a se ridica.domeniu.ridicat aristocracy aristocratie aristocrat aristocrat arithmetic aritmetica arithmetical progression progresie aritmetica ark arca arm brat.suprafata area code cod al zonei telefonice arena arena argent argintiu argosy nave comerciale.nava comerciala argot argou.suntem.archaic arhaic archangel arhanghel archbishop arhiepiscop archdeacon arhidiacon archduke arhiduce archenemy mare inamic.dificil are esti.neinteresant.a discuta argument argument.discutie argumentative argumentator.

pus around peste tot.invoiala arranging aranjament.) artifice artificiu.arta arty diletant cu pretentii as la fel de.jurul(in) around.a sosi arriving sosire arrogance aroganta.captivant arrival sosire/ nou sosit arrive a ajunge.pictor artistic artistic artistry perfectiune.get around a ajunge la arousal desteptare.arestare.a aranja arrangement aranjare.siretenie artefact artefact(med.) arterial arterial arteriosclerosis arterioscleroza artery artera artful priceput.viclean artfulness iscusinta.inventie artificial artificial artificiality artificialitate artillery artilerie artilleryman artilerist artisan artizan.a trezi.siretenie arthritis artrita artichoke anghinare article articol articulate articulat.armoury arsenal.a starni aroused starnit.intelegere arrant curat.trezire arouse a atata.under arrest arestat arrested arestat arresting atractiv.notoriu array a gati.mestesugar artist artist.depozit de armament armpit subsuoara arms arme arms race cursa inarmarilor army armata army reserve rezervist aroma aroma arose ridicat.obraznicie arrogant arogant arrow sageata arse fund.clar/a articula articulation articulatie artifact artefact(med.treaz arraign a da in judecata.vesminte/a invesmanta arrest a aresta.prin apropiere.deoarece as a rule de obicei as far as pana la.in timp ce.a acuza arrange a randui.a opri arrest.sezut arsenal arsenal arsenic arsenic arson incendiere(intentionata) art arta.in masura in care as follows dupa cum urmeaza .

sezut assail a asalta assailant atacant .ca si cum.evrei din Europa ashlar piatra cioplita ashore la mal.lacramioara aspirant aspirant.prostesc ask a invita.a o askance banuitor.ascensiune ascertain a constata.a cere ask.stropire.la o parte aside from exceptand.a atribui ascription atribuire asepsis asepsie ash cenusa.a nazui aspirin aspirina ass magar.).sarpe veninos asparagus sparanghel aspect aspect aspen plop tremurator asperity asperitate aspersion calomnie.de parca as long as atata timp cat as many as nu mai putini de as soon as de indata ce as well de asemenea as well as precum si asbestos azbest ascend a se urca ascendancy ascendent ascendant stramos.defaimare asphalt asfalt asphyxia asfixiere asphyxiate a se asfixia aspidistra aspidistra(bot.a ruga.a intreba.scrum ashame a rusina ashamed rusinat ashen cenusiu.fall asleep a adormi asp aspida.as if ca si cand.ask for it cauta cu lumanarea.pe uscat ashtray scrumiera asia Asia asian asiatic aside aparte.stramb asleep adormit asleep.a cere ask about a se interesa de ask after a intreba de ask for a solicita.auster asceticism ascetic ascetism ascetic ascribe a imputa.palid ashkenazim Askenazi(neam).frasin.inaltare ascent urcus.pretendent aspiration aspiratie aspire a aspira la.in afara de asinine magaresc.ascendent ascension ascensiune.chioras asked price pret cerut askew piezis aslant inclinat.a stabili ascetic ascetic.

uimit astonishing extraordinar.garantat aster ochiul boului asterisk asterisc astern la pupa asteroid asteroid asthma astma asthmatic astmatic astir in miscare astonish a surprinde.evaluare assessor asesor.a potrivi assorted asortat assortment asortiment.convingere assure a asigura.a garanta assured asigurat.prezumtie assurance asigurare.asociere assonance asonanta assort a se asorta.atribuire assimilate a se asimila.alocare assignment numire.a prelua assumption arogare.a egala assimilation asimilare assist a ajuta assistance ajutor.ajutor assize sedinta a tribunalului.asistenta assistant vanzator.a potoli assume a-si insusi.sarguincios assign a aloca.adunare assent invoire/a aproba assert a se afirma.afirmativ assess a aprecia.a ataca assay a incerca.afirmatie assertive pozitiv.surprinzator astonishment mirare.a evalua assessment impunere.a aduna assembling montare assembly intrunire.verdict associate asociat/a asocia(se).incercare/a testa.sortare assuage a linisti.testare assemblage asamblare assemble a strange.a atribui assignation distribuire.atac.insulta assiduity asiduitate.assassin asasin assassination asasinat assault asalt.perceptor asset bun asseverate a afirma categoric.a uimi astonished mirat.a declara assertion declaratie.a uni association asociatie.uimire astound a ului astounding uluitor astraddle calare astral astral astray ratacit astride calare astringent astringent astrologer astrolog .a sustine asshole anus.staruinta assiduous asiduu.

cruzime atrophy atrofie attach a atasa.a ingriji.preocupare attention.a usura attenuation atenuare.micsorare .legat attachment atasament.sus de tot atrocious atroce.a adauga attache atasat(la o ambasada) attache case servieta diplomat attached atasat.pe at all cat de cat.prezenta attention atentie.a intreprinde.tentativa attempt to kill atentat la viata attend a frecventa.pay attention a acorda atentie attentive atent attenuate a atenua.pe data at rest in repaus atavistic atavic atheism ateism atheist ateu athlete atlet athletic atletic athletics atletism athwart de-a curmezisul atlas atlas atmosphere atmosfera atoll atol atom atom.incercare.realizare attar ulei eteric attempt a atenta.viclean asunder despartit.astrology astrologie astronaut astronaut astronomer astronom astute perspicace.ispasire atop in varf.deloc at ease in largul sau at first la inceput at first hand la prima mana at his place la locul sau at last in cele din urma at least cel putin at most cel mult.a ataca.ingrijire.criza/a ataca.cumplit atrocities atrocitati.la.sechestru.accesibil attainment dobandire.farama atomic atomic atomize a pulveriza atomizer atomizor.separat asylum ospiciu asymetric asimetric asymmetry asimetrie at de la.maximum at once imediat.a insoti attendance frecventa.in.atacant attain a ajunge(la).a realiza attainable realizabil.cruzimi atrocity atrocitate.a incerca.injector atone a ispasi atonement compensare.agresiune attacker agresor.afectiune attack atac.

profet.revizie contabila audition auditie auditor revizor contabil auditorium de concerte.a imputernici authorized autorizat.a prezice augury prevestire.power of attorney procura attract a atrage attracted atras attraction atractie attractive atragator attractiveness putere de atractie.sala de spectacole auditory auditiv auger sfredel augment a spori.depozitie attic mansarda attire vesminte attitude atitudine.calitate.procuror general attorney.obraznicie audible care poate fi auzit.imputernicit autism autism .attest a adeveri.uzura atypical atipic au pair la valoare nominala aubergine vanata auburn rosu inchis auction licitatie auctioneer adjudecator audacious indraznet audacity indrazneala.farmec attribute atribut.prezicere august august aunt tanti auntie matusica.a creste augmentation crestere.a certifica attest notarially a legaliza attestation autentificare.marire augur augur.boare aural acustic aureole aureola aurora aurora auscultation consultatie auspices auspiciu austere auster austerity austeritate.tanti aura adiere.rigurozitate australia Australia authentic autentic authenticate a autentifica authenticity autenticitate author autor authoritative autoritar.imperios authorities autoritati authority autoritate authorization autorizare authorize a autoriza.avocat attorney general ministru de justitie(in SUA).comportare attorney imputernicit.perceptibil audience public.a atribui attribution atributie attrition frecare.asistenta audit bilant.

a recunoaste.a inlatura aviary colivie mare aviation aviatie aviator aviator avid avid.premiu.alee aver a confirma.a arbitra aware constient.recunoscut await a se astepta awake constient.a trezi awakening desteptare.treaz awaken a destepta.a se trezi.informat awareness constiinta.setos avidity aviditate.a adeveri average medie average agent agent mediu average cost cost mediu average revenue venit mediu averse defavorabil.autistic autistic autobiography autobiografie autoclave autoclava autocracy autocratie autocrat autocrat autodidact autodidact autograph autograf automate a automatiza automatic automatic automatic licensing brevet automat automation automatizare automaton automat automobile automobil automobile industry industria de automobile autonomous autonom autopsy autopsie autosuggestion autosugestie autumn toamna auxiliary ajutator.auxiliar avail avantaj.a recunoaste avowal marturisire.folos available disponibil aval avalansa avalanche avalansa avaricious avar.aversiune avert a indeparta.a sustine avow a marturisi.recunoastere avowed marturisit.folos avail oneself of a profita de avail.a premia.zgarcit avatar avatar avenge a se razbuna avenue bulevard.lacomie avocado avocado avocation indeletnicire avoid a evita avoidable evitabil avoidance evitare avouch a garanta.potrivnic aversion antipatie.cunostinta away departe .without avail zadarnic availability disponibilitate.trezire award hotarare.

tepi awning tenda awoke trezea.intoarcere.back out of a se retrage back.spinare/a sprijini back a bill a andosa o polita back and forth inainte si inapoi back away a se da inapoi back biter barfitor back cargo marfa returnata back down a da inapoi back drop cortina(in spatele scenei) back street strada dosnica back track drum dosnic.on the back burner pe planul doi back-pedal a da inapoi backache durere in spate backbite a vorbi de rau backbone coloana vertebrala backer suporter.a inlatura awe teama.away.topor axial axial axiom axioma axiomatic axiomatic axis axa axle osie ay da aye da azalea azalee azure azur.stimula(trec.retragere back up a sustine back.celibatar bacillus bacil back spate.infiorator awhile pentru un timp scurt awkward neindemanatic.a licentiat in litere b.penibil awkwardness neindemanare awl sula awn mustata de spic.topor axe secure.ingrozitor awfully formidabil.pruncie babyish pueril babysit a supraveghea copilasi bacchanalian bahic.veneratie awe inspiring inspirand teama. de la awake) awry stramb ax secure.veneratie awful grozav.do away with a ucide.sustinator backfire rateu backgammon joc de table .c inainte de Hristos babble a se balbai babe copilas babies copilasi baboon babun baby copilas baby carriage carucior baby grand pian mic baby sitter supraveghetoare de copii babyhood prima copilarie.dionisiac bachelor burlac.azuriu b.

sprijin.background fond.brat mort bacon costita.tentatie.copt baker brutar bakery brutarie baking coacer.fundal backhand rever backing retragere.cursa moarta(tehn) backlog ramasita.enervat badge insigna.garantie bailer cel ce depune o garantie bailiff vataf.rau badminton badminton badmouth gura murdara baffle a zadarnici.rezerva backlog demand cerere de materiale din stoc backside partea din spate.a momi bake a arde(se)(caramida).cantar.gol.slanina bacteria bacterie bacteriologist bacteriolog bacteriology bacteriologie bad rau.indarat backwater apa indiguita.semn badger bursuc badinage glume.ajutor de serif bailiwick jurisdictia unui serif bailor deponent al unei marfi bairn copil bait momeala.a tachina badly foarte mult.a aprecia balance of payments balanta a platilor balance of trade balanta comerciala balance on current account sold balance sheet bilant balanced echilibrat.a echilibra.inselator bag poseta.a se coace baked ars.suporteri backlash ecartament.fund backslash semnul / backslide a recadea in pacat backstage spatele scenei backward inapoiat backwardness inapoiere backwards inapoi.a zapaci baffling derutant.go bad a se strica bad-tempered irascibil.neimpodobit balderdash absurditati baldness chelie .stricat bad faith rea-credinta bad form lipsa de maniere bad.sacosa bag of bones slabatura bagel chifla baggage bagaj(e) bagpipe cimpoi bags of gramada de bail cautiune bailee depozitar.proportionat balcony balcon bald chel.torid balance a balanta.

mal bank money bani in banca bank on a se baza pe bank reserves rezerve bancare banker bancher banking bancar.glob.a se ingramadi.teren de sport ball-pointpen pix cu pasta ballad balada ballast balast ballerina balerina ballet balet ballistic balistic ballistics balistica balloon balon ballot buletin de vot.cutie de viteze bank a depune la banca.venin bang a izbi.inviorator baloon a se umfla.lovitura.leucoplast bandit bandit bandstand estrada bandwagon caruta ducand muzicanti bandy a pasa.a bandaja bandage.formatie muzicala band together a se coaliza bandage bandaj.obstacol balky naravas.naravas ball bila.banca.vot(secret) ballpoint pix cu pasta ballroom sala de bal ballyhoo reclama zgomotoasa.izgonire banisters balustrada banjo banjo.interdictie.pocnitura.minge ball bearing rulment cu bile ball cock robinet de reglare a debitului ball park stadion.a interzice ban on imports interzicere a importurilor banal obisnuit banality banalitate banana banana band banda.bale balot balk bara.a se certa bane napasta.a se tranti bangle bratara.a izgoni banishment expulzare.balon balsam balsam balustrade balustrada bamboo bambus bamboozle a escroca ban exilare.veriga banish a exila.tranzactii bancare banking law lege bancara bankroll bani in cont bankrupt(go bankrupt) a da faliment bankruptcy faliment bankruptcy proceedings formalitati in caz de faliment banner drapel banns publicatii de casatorie banquet banchet .adhesive bandage bandaj adeziv.zarva balm balsam balmy inmiresmat.

tejghea.bara.ariditate barrette agrafa de par barricade baricada barrier bariera.a latra.gol barefaced nerusinat.tacanit barn hambar barnacle crustacee marina barnstormer actor ambulant.cruzime barbarous salbatic barbecue friptura la gratar.baza.josnic base coin moneda fara valoare baseball baseball .piedica barrister pledant.grosolanie.pustiu.butoi barren neroditor.indraznet barefoot descult barehanded cu mana goala barelegged cu pantaloni scurti barely numai bargain a negocia.ingradit barrel baril.a tachina baptism botez baptize a boteza baptizing botezare bar a bara.petrecere in aer liber barbell haltera barber barbier.banter a lua in ras.observatie taioasa barbarian barbar barbaric grosolan.scoarta barking latrat barley orz barmaid barmanita barman barman barmy spumos.a interzice bar none fara exceptie barb carlig.barbar barbarity barbarism.steril.frizer barber's shop frizerie bard bard.barge into a da buzna in baritone bariton bark coaja.into the bargain in plus.barou.a se tocmi.pe deasupra bargaining tocmeala barge slep barge.targ.sterp barrenness sterilitate.politician propagandist barometer barometru barometric barometric baron baron baronet baronet baronial de baron baroque baroc barrage baraj barred inchis.afacere bargain.poet bare a dezvalui.latrat.taraboanta bartender barman barter a face troc cu.troc barter agreement acord adoptand trocul basalt bazalt base a pune bazele.avocat barrow roaba.bara acuzatilor.

a tipa.sarpe basin chiuveta.a uda.stabilit basement demi-sol.sfios bashfulness timiditate.teanc bath baie bath chair scaun cu rotile bathe a se scalda.baseball bat bata de baseball baseboard scandura de podea based bazat.jucarie baulk a scapa din vedere.meterez bat bata batch gramada.lighean basis baza bask a se incalzi(la soare) basket cos basket ball baschet basrelief basorelief bass bas bassinet cos pentru copil bassoon fagot bastard bastard.sfiala bashing zdrobitor basic de baza basically in esenta basil busuioc basilisk balaur.latrat bayonet baioneta bazaar bazar be a exista.a latra.matroc batter a bate battery acumulator.grinda.secure battle cry strigat de lupta battledress uniforma de campanie battlefield camp de bataie battleship vas de linie batty excentric bauble bijuterie fara valoare.a se opune.basilisc.temelie baseness josnicie bash a pocni.baterie battle batalie.firida.tipat.zbieret bay golf.baie bathing de baie bathing costume costum de baie bathos bathos.prapastie bathroom baie(camera de) bathtub cada de baie batman ordonanta baton bagheta.ticalos bastardy nastere nelegitima baste a ciomagi bastion bastion.a zdrobi bashful rusinos.lupta battle axe barda.scaldat.piedica bawd codoasa bawdiness pornografie bawdry obscenitate bawdy obscen bawl a racni.a fi be absent a lipsi be angry a fi furios .

a purta.animal beastly bestial.aspect.lovitura beat about the bush a vorbi pe ocolite beat it sterge-o beat off a forta sa plece.pocal beam raza.picatura beadle agent judecatoresc.off beat in afara domeniului beaten batut beatification beatificare.a fi parasit be on holiday a fi in vacanta be punished a fi pedepsit be separated a fi despartit be thirsty a-i fi sete be to be done a trebui sa se faca be well off a fi cu dare de mana.val care matura plaja beachhead cap de pod beacon far.for the time being deocamdata beach litoral.plaja beachcomber golan.vita.urs bear a load a cara o povara bear down a face sfortari bear in mind a tine minte bear out a intari.a fi instarit be worth a merita be.haricot bean fasole beanie tichie(viu colorata) bear a duce.a fi grijuliu be caught a fi prins be correct a fi corect be curved a fi curbat be due to a se datora be formed a fi format be found a se gasi be impoverished a fi saracit be in for a avea in perspectiva be infested a fi infectat.a fi napadit be left a fi lasat.a confirma bear up a indura bear witness a depune marturie bearable suportabil beard barba bearer purtator.comportare bearish greoi.a invinge beat the customs a insela la vama beat time a bate tactul beat up a bate rau beat.zambet fericit.a straluci.be blocked a fi blocat be careful a fi atent.canonizare .paracliser beadwork margele beagle copoi beak cioc beaker cupa.a bate.a infrange.semnal luminos bead margea.a zambi.a suporta.agent bearer of good tidings aducator de vesti bune bearer of ominous tidings aducator de vesti rele bearing rulment.grinda bean fasole bean.nesuferit beat bataie.stangaci beast bestie.

a strange patul bed-sitter camera de zi si dormitor bedazzle a lua ochii bedbug plosnita bedchamber dormitor bedclothes rufarie de pat bedding asternut bedevil a chinui.a zapaci bedfellow tovaras de pat bedlam casa de nebuni bedouin beduin bedpan plosca bedraggle a murdari.vremea de culcare bee albina bee eater albinarel bee line in linie dreapta.non-conformist beau cavaler.pentru ca because of din cauza.datorita beck parau beckon a face semn become a deveni become naturalized a capata o cetatenie become weak a slabi becoming care vine bine.a canoniza beating bataie beating up victorie beatitude beatitudine beatnik extravagant.pe drumul cel mai scurt beech plaja beef carne de vita beefsteak muschi de vaca beefy carnos. de la be(a fi) beep a chema cu beeper-ul beeper aparat de apel(telefonic) beer bere beery ca berea .roca.temelie bedroom dormitor bedside marginea patului bedsore escare bedspread cuvertura bedtime timpul de culcare.double beds paturi duble bed.filfizon beauteous frumos(despre abstractiuni) beautician cosmetician beautified infrumusetat beautiful frumos beautify a infrumuseta beauty frumusete beaver castor becalm a calma.a uda bedridden tintuit la pat bedrock marna.potrivit bed pat bed.beatify a beatifica.a linisti became a devenit because deoarece. trec.vanjos beehive stup beekeeper apicultor beekeeping apicultura been part.make the bed a face patul.

goanga beetroot sfecla befall a se intampla befit a se potrivi before in fata.sursa beginning.on behalf of in numele behave a se comporta behavior comportament.saracie mare begging cersit begin a incepe beginner incepator.fiind.a ocroti beg a cersi.in folosul behalf.a dezminti belief credinta believe a crede belittle a deprecia.in urma.human being fiinta umana belabour a bate tare.intarziat behold iata!.inapoi behind.a cere beg the question a cere intrebarea began a inceput beget a genera.carabus.a micsora bell clopot.fall behind a ramane in urma behindhand inpoiat.from the beginning de la inceput begone pleaca! begonia begonia begrudge a invidia.beestings corala beeswax ceara de albine beetle sterge repede.novice beginning inceput.a naste beggar cersetor beggary mizerie.inaintea erei noastre before long curand beforehand dinainte befoul a manji.a zari beholden indatorat.a zvanta in bataie belated intarziat belch a ragai belfry clopotnita belie a defaima.inainte before christ inainte de Hristos.sonerie bell clapper limba de clopot bell hop baiat de serviciu bell wether berbec cu talanga.obligat beige bej being existenta.fiinta being.literatura.calauza de nadejde bellboy baiat de serviciu belles-lettres eseuri.poezie bellicose bataios .a vedea.purtare behaviourism comportamentul fiintelor behead a decapita behest porunca behind in spatele.a insela begun inceput behalf in favoarea.a o.a pizmui beguile a ademeni.purtare behaviorism comportamentul fiintelor behaviour comportament.a murdari befriend a favoriza.

milostiv benignant binevoitor benumb a ameti.a atata .pe langa besiege a asedia besieged asediat besotted abrutizat.binefacator beneficial folositor beneficiary beneficiar benefit beneficiu.in afara de.curea.a priva de bereaved lipsit de bereavement pierdere ireparabila bereft lipsit de beret bereta berk nerod berry baca.rugator beset a bloca.a mugi.get the best of a profita la maximum bestial bestial bestir a provoca.a zbiera.pe langa beside the point a nu avea legatura cu besides de altfel.a pune.cel mai bun.natang bespatter a stropi cu noroi.cel mai mult best man cavaler de onoare best.castig.ramificatie.a se supune.a intina bespectacled care poarta ochelari best cel mai bine.zbieret bellows foale belly burta.a indoi bending(over) incovoindu-se peste beneath dedesubt benediction binecuvantare benefactor binefacator benefice venit bisericesc beneficent salutar.efecte beloved mult iubit below dedesubt.magistratura.belligerent beligerant bellow muget.fundul unui vapor.a se umfla bellyful saturatie belong a apartine belonging apartinand belongings catrafuse.at best in cazul cel mai bun best.zona bemoan a deplange bemused naucit bench loc in parlament.boaba berserk(go berserk) nebun de furie beryl beril beseech a implora beseeching staruitor.jos belt centura.folos benevolent binevoitor benificial owner uzufructuar benign bland.a amorti benzene benzen bequeath a lasa prin testament bequeathing lasare prin testament bequest legat bereave a lipsi de.a potrivi beside langa.banca bench mark cota de nivel bend cotitura.

a intrece.bun big toe degetul mare(de la picioare) big top(circus tent) cupola circului bigamist bigam bigamous bigam bigamy bigamie biggish maricel .barbita bible biblie biblical biblic bibliographer bibliograf bibliophile bibliofil bicameral bicameral bicentenary bicentenar bicentennial bicentenar biceps biceps bicker a ropoti(ploaia).mai bun better off instarit.dupa.a porunci.mare.a zapaci bewilderment zapaceala.bestir oneself a se pune pe treaba bestow a acorda.peste bi bi biannual bianual.a trece peste ceva bet a paria.ofertant bidding oferta de pret.dincolo de.a murmura.oblic beverage bautura bewail a deplange beware a se feri.cearta bicycle bicicleta bicyclist biciclist bid a licita.porunca bide a astepta bide one's time a astepta momentul potrivit biennial bienal.de doua ori pe an bias prejudecata.ordin.planta bienala bier catafalc bifocal bifocal bifurcation bifurcatie big important.a ura.a se pazi bewilder a nauci.logodnic better a imbunatati.inclinare bib a bea vartos.vrajit beyond de partea cealalta.a face o oferta bid over a supralicita bid price pret de licitatie bidder licitator.printre bevel a sta oblic.bogat better.a sta calare.tulburare bewitch a incanta.get better a se imbunatati.mai bine.masiv big deal afacere buna big hearted generos.a se insanatosi betterment imbunatatire between intre.mobil.a dedica bestowal dar.a vraji bewitched incantat.rasplata bestride a fi stapan pe situatie.a suge(bautura).pariu betake a recurge la.a incredinta bete noire persoana sau lucru detestat betray a trada betrayal tradare betrothal logodna betrothed logodit.echer.

sistem de guvernare bipartit biped biped biplane biplan birch mesteacan bird pasare bird cage colivie bird of prey pasare de prada bird watcher ornitolog bird watching ornitologie bird witted usuratic bird's-eye view vedere panoramica birdie pasarica birdlike ca de pasare biro pix cu pasta birth nastere.draft bill polita billet nota.hermafrodit bishop episcop.femeie stricata bitchy carcotas .farama bit.binocular biochemistry biochimie biographical biografic biography biografie biological biologic biology biologie bionic bionic biophysics biofizica biopsy biopsie bipartisan bipartizan(polit.a imparti bisexual bisexuat.liant.lista.polita.legatura.obligatoriu binocular binoclu.talaz bimonthly bilunar bin lada de gunoi.laguna bigot bigot bigwig grangur.bucata.ingamfat bight golf.lada de nuiele binary binar binding coperta.bighead increzut.nebun(la sah) bismuth bismut bison bizon bisque supa concentrata bisyllabic bisilabic bit bit.bit by bit putin cate putin bitch catea.ordin de incartiruire billing plata billion bilion billow hula.origine birth rate natalitate birthday zi de nastere birthmark semn din nastere birthstone talisman biscuit biscuit bisect a taia.nota de plata.backed bill polita andosata bill.persoana importanta bike bicicleta bilateral bilateral bilingual bilingv bill afis.muscat.bancnota bill of exchange polita bill of freight conosament bill.).

zapacit blank cartridge cartus orb blank cheque cec in alb blanket a acoperi cu o patura.a trambita blarney vorbe mieroase.a roade bite(nails) a-si roade unghiile bite(snake) muscatura de sarpe biting caustic.spatiu gol.portcovar bladder om increzut.sumbru black and blue stalcit in bataie black list a pune pe lista neagra.a albi.a ponegri blackfly musca neagra blackhead neg blacking crema de ghete.flecar.vezica urinara blade fir de iarba.a lingusi blase blazat .a musca.patura blare sunet de trompeta.bite imbucatura.negru.vot contra blackberry mura blackbird mierla blackboard tabla de scris blackcap toca neagra de judecator blackcurrant coacaza neagra blacken a innegri.a musamaliza.a varui bland bland.spargator de greva.muscator bits biti bitten muscat bittern buhai de balta.lista neagra black magic magie neagra black market bursa neagra black marketer bisnitar black sheep rusinea familiei.a flecari black intunecat.put the blame on a da vina pe blameless nevinovat blameworthy condamnabil blanch a se ingalbeni de frica.mustrare blame.lama.a lingusi blandishment lingusire blank necompletat.camuflaj.amnezie.negreala blackjack ciomag blacklead grafit blackleg a sparge greva.a innegri blacksmith fierar.asfalt bivalve bivalva.aspru.saratura bitterness amaraciune.scoica bivouac bivuac bizarre bizar blab a divulga.paleta blade(knife) lama blah blah flecareala blame vina.muscatura.a defaima bite into a patrunde bite off a-si da singur in cap.ticalos black-hearted rautacios blackball bila neagra.inversunare bitumen bitum.a santaja blackmailer santajist blackness negreala blackout a camufla.escroc blackmail santaj.taios.amabil blandish a dezmierda.

a bloca blockade blocada.grup de cladiri.behait bleed a insangera.at full blast cu toata puterea blasted sfaramat/sfarmat.fericit blessing fericire.amestec blender malaxor bless a binecuvanta.a da inapoi blend a amesteca.a huli blasphemous cartitor blasphemy blasfemie.fericit blister a basica.hula blast a distruge.mana.a straluci blaze a trail a deschide un drum blazer jacheta tip sport bleach a oxigena parul.a slavi bless you fii binecuvantat blessed binecuvantat.fericire blissful binecuvantat.razboi-fulger blizzard viscol bloat a sara(peste).legat la ochi blindfolded legat la ochi blinding orbitor.pacoste.pata.a impiedica.a bloca blockage blocare blocked blocat blockhead natang blockout scobitura.a musamaliza.rafala. blaze flacara.bloc politic.pustiu.blaspheme a blestema.izbucnire.a afuma bloater scrumbie afumata bloc grup.distrus blatancy strigate.basica blithe fericit blitz a bombarda.a licari blinker ochelari pentru cai blip impuls scurt(telefonic) bliss beatitudine.a izbucni.firida bloke individ.ceata.a decolora.a defaima blench a sovai.suflu blast off a decola blast.a vatama blimp balon captiv blind jaluzele.grupare politica block bloc.a albi bleak decolorat.valvataie.a orbi.sumbru bleakness pustietate bleary impaienjeniti(ochi) bleat a behai.clipire.butuc.a sangera bleeding sangerare bleeding heart inima sangeranda blemish cusur.orb.tip blonde blonda.bombardament aerian.a sfarama.femeie blonda .binecuvantare blether a flecari blew lovit blight filoxera.stor blind alley fundatura blind love dragoste oarba blind spot punct mort(aviatie) blindfold a lega la ochi.a discredita.orbire blindness orbire blink a clipi.zgomot blatant coperi cu o patura.

nenorocire.a sangera blood bank rezerva de sange blood letting flebotomie blood poisoning septicemie blood relation legatura de rudenie blood vessel vas sanguin blood.feel blue a fi trist blue.sinceritate blur a pata.sange.a divulga blush a-i fi rusine.pustula blotter sugativa blotting-paper sugativa.pata de cerneala.rapa.a umbri blurring neclaritate blurt out a lasa sa-i scape un secret.trompetist blowing suflare.pata.blue blood sange albastru bloodcurdling infricosator bloodhound copoi bloodless fara vlaga bloodshed macel bloodshot congestionat bloodstock cal pur sange bloodthirsty setos de sange bloody a manji cu sange.rosu la fata blubber a plange in hohote.schita bluestocking femeie savanta bluff bluf.a bate.trasaturi confuze.zambila salbatica bluebottle albastrita blueprint plan.setos de sange bloom floare.a exploda blow torch lampa de sudat blow up a exploda blow-off evacuare blower suflator.greseala bloomers costum sportiv femeiesc blooper gafa blossom floare a unui pom.a inflori.black and blue batut mar.roseala in obraji.tocit bluntness caracter obtuz.a insela bluffer cacialmist.buze umflate.untura(de la animale de mare) bludgeon a lovi cu maciuca.a inflori blot a pata.insangerat bloody-minded sangeros.out of the blue neasteptat bluebell clopotei.matraca blue blood de origine aristocrata blue pencil a prescurta blue.sugatoare blouse bluza blow a sufla.blood neam.laudaros bluish albastrui blunder a face o gafa.afurisit.cacialma.bont.roseata bloomer boacana.plans.a bolt from the blue lovitura de traznet/din senin blue.a rosi .vanat blue.lovitura blow off steam a da drumul la abur blow one's top a innebuni blow out a stinge o lumanare.gafa blunt a se toci.a murdari blotch buba.maciuca.suflu blown cu sufletul la gura blows(come to blows) a incepe bataia blowzy ciufulit.

a intari bond.locuitor din Boemia.salam bolster perna lunga.zgomotos boisterousness violenta bold obraznic.a urla blustery fanfaron.pensiune.a se lauda.laudaros boa sarpe boa boar mistret board consiliu de conducere.a sprijini.suport.a baga.scandura board of directors consiliu director board.titluri de renta.indraznet boldness impertinenta.on board(ship) in avion.a bombarda bombard a bombarda bombardment bombardament bombast stil umflat bombastic bombastic bomber bombardier bombing bombardare bombshell bomba bon appetit pofta buna bona fide buna credinta bonanza prosperitate bond legatura.a vara bobbin bobina bobby pin agrafa bobcat linx.a se reduce la fiert boil over a da in foc boiled fiert boiler boiler boiling fierbere boisterous vijelios.nava boatman barcagiu boatswain sef de echipaj bob a taia scurt.muget al furtunii.inchipuit bohemian boem.go by the board a cadea balta.indrazneala bolero bolero boloney prostii.zavor.a sustine bolt traznet.planseta.sageata bomb bomba.barca.sperietoare bogged down intepenit.be in bond marfuri in pastrare .a esua board.obligatie.pe vapor boarding house pensiune boarding school internat boast laudarosenie.a fixa.coada taiata scurt.tigan boil a fierbe.bluster fanfaronada.fierbere boil down a scadea la fiert.a sovai boggy mlastinos bogus fictiv.pisica salbatica bode a prevesti bodice corsaj bodkin sula body builder constructie de fuzelaj bodyguard garda personala bog mlastina bogey mlastinos.pe bordul unui vapor.a se lauda boaster laudaros boastful fanfaron boastfulness laudarosenie boat a se plimba cu barca.a zavora.greutate a pendulei.blocat boggle a ezita.violent.

a urca booster agent de publicitate.bondage sclavie.a bea vartos boozing betie borax borax .capota de masina bonny frumos.obligatie bondholder detinator de obligatiuni.ghereta bootlegger contrabandist de bauturi bootless zadarnic bootlicker lingau bootstrap (inf.agitatie.lick his boots a fi foarte servil bootblack lustragiu bootee botosel crosetat(de copil) booth cabina.sprijinitor booster shot o noua doza de vaccin boot a da afara.necioplit boost a ridica.premiu bony osos boo a huidui boob gafa booby hatch casa de nebuni booby prize premiu de consolare booby trap capcana exploziva book binder legator de carti book entry articol de dictionar book mark semn de carte book plate eticheta pe o carte book.) incarcarea unui sistem de operare booty captura.a inflori boom age inflorire economica boom times perioada de avant economic boomerang bumerang boondocks baragan necultivat boor badaran boorish mitocan.titluri de renta bone os bone head netot bone-dry perfect uscat bonfire foc mare in aer liber bonhomie bonom bonnet boneta.gheata.prada booze bautura alcoolica.vasalitate.bun bonus gratificatie.studios bookjacket supracoperta bookkeeper contabil bookkeeping contabilitate booklet brosura.bubuit.profit boot.carte mica bookmaker persoana care tine pariuri bookseller librar bookshelf raft de carti bookshop librarie bookstall stand de carti bookstore librarie boom a bubui.betie.song book culegere de cantece bookbinding a lega carti bookcase biblioteca bookie persoana care tine pariuri booking office case de bilete(la gara) bookish pedant.a concedia.keep books a tine contabilitatea book.

fund bottomless insondabil. de la buy(a cumpara) boulder bolovan boulevard bulevard bounce a ricosa.plicticos.arc bow down a infrange vointa cuiva.saritura bouncer minciuna sfruntata.buchet(de flori) bourgeois burghez bourgeoisie burghezie bout data.a sari.out of bounds zona de frontiera boundary granita bounded marginit bounder toparlan boundless nemarginit bounteous darnic bountiful darnic.generos bounty marinimie.salt.granita.a sonda.rand.a dirija bossy autoritar bosun sef de echipaj botanical botanic botany botanica botch a lucra de mantuiala. si part.san boss patron. trec.a sonda.a sari.necaz bothering sacaiala bothersome suparator.sticla bottle green verde inchis bottleneck gat de sticla.sef.premiu de incurajare.sonda.laudaros bound hotar.margine.nascut born.a salta.a sfredeli.sfredelire born innascut.a sacai.stramtoare bottom partea de jos.a se supune bow legged cu picioarele strambe bow window bovindou bow wow ham ham bowels intestine .new-born nou-nascut boron bor(chim) borough orasel.bordello bordel border a se margini cu.dar bouquet buchet al vinului.targ borrow a lua cu imprumut borrower persoana care ia cu imprumut bosh fleacuri.granita.prostii bosom piept.legat bound.fara fund botulism botulism boudoir budoar bough creanga.ramura bought trec.a margini borderline linie de demarcatie bore a plictisi.reverenta.carpeala botchery lucru de mantuiala both amandoi.ambii bother a necaji.incaierare bovine bovin bow arcus de vioara.plicticos bottle a pune in sticle.a se pleca.plictisitor bored plictisit borer burghiu boric boric boring foraj.a lucra prost.

rug de mure bran tarate branch a se ramifica.laudarosenie braggart laudaros bragging laudarosenie braid galon.creanga.a boicota boyhood copilarie boyish baietesc bra sutien brace scoaba.a lega.paranteza brackish salciu brag a se lauda.bower pavilion.a uimi bowler(hat) gambeta bowling joc de bile bowls joc de bile box box.a fixa.a se ramifica brand fier inrosit.a intari brace and bit burghiu brace up a se incuraja brace.infasurat braille scrierea Braille brain creier.maracinis brake shoe saboti de frana braking franare bramble maracine.cutie.minte brain child o idee originala brain drain exod de inteligenta brain storm acces de nebunie brain washing spalarea creierului brain wave idee stralucita brainless nechibzuit brains inteligenta.frana.pair of braces bretele bracelet bratara brack defect bracken feriga bracket a pune in paranteze.taciune aprins brandish a ameninta cu sabia brandy coniac brash sfaramacios brass alama.violonist bowl castron.ramura branch out a-si extinde afacerile.baiat de serviciu boy friend prieten boy scout cercetas boycott boicot.cupa bowl along a merge repede bowl over a scoate din joc.a impleti.legatura.marca fabricii.creier brainy inteligent braise a fierbe inabusit carnea brake a framanta.a infasura braided impletit.sector.a se intipari /(a).instrumente de suflat din alama brasserie braserie brassiere sutien brassy de alama .a frana.a inchide.loja box office casa de bilete(la teatru) boxer boxer boxing box boxing glove manusa de box boxwood merisor boy baiat.a boxa.stigmat.

amploare breadwinner cap al familiei break recreatie.a creste breeding cresterea animalelor domestice.pauza.a suna.pusti bravado fanfaronada brave a intampina cu curaj.murmur.pana de motor.vantos brethren confrati breviary breviar.a se certa brawny musculos bray raget de magar.reproducere breeze zvon.a se darama break in a da buzna.a patrunde break up a rupe in bucati.a izbucni break the news a duce vestile.pauza scurta de odihna breathing briza.a patrunde cu forta break into a patrunde prin spargere break off a desprinde de.prabusire breaker spargator de piatra.de bronz brazier alamar.viu.educat breech sezut.obiecte sparte breakdown cadere nervoasa.rupere a relatiilor bread paine bread fruit fructul arborelui de paine breadth largime.adiere breezy racoros.a se indeparta break down a ruina sanatatea.a educa.viteaz.a sparge break away a desprinde.a comunica break through a face o spartura in.a demola breakable fragil breakag rupere breakage despagubire pt marfa avariata.educatie.piept.incalcare.under one's breath a vorbi in soapta breath-analyser basica de testare alcoolism breathe a rasufla.respiratie breathtaking care iti ia respiratia bred crescut.brat pici.prescurtare brevity concizie .san breastfeed a da sa suga unui copil breastplate platosa breath respiratie.a se detasa.ruptura.vas pentru jaratic breach infractiune.a sfida bravely cu curaj bravery vitejie bravo bravo brawl incaierare.ruptura breaking in patrundere cu forta breakneck primejdios breakthrough patrundere.rasa.sunet de trompeta braying zbieret brazen a sustine cu nerusinare.a intrerupe relatiile break out a se declansa.inchizator pusca/tun breeches pantaloni bufanti breed a da nastere.a rupe.a respira breathe heavily a respira greu breather exercitiu scurt de respiratie.spartura breakwater dig de care se sparg valurile breast a da piept cu.adiere breath.talaz breakeven price pret fara realizare de castig breakfast micul dejun breaking spargere.

dosar.a umple pana sus.a aduce inapoi bring closer a apropia bring down a reduce preturile.a se zburli brittle fragil broach a aborda o problema.brew a face ceai.salva laterala brocade brocart broccoli conopida italiana .frigare.bridge.lat broad daylight ziua in amiaza mare broadcast emisiune de radio.a rezuma briefcase servieta briefs portjartier cu chilot brigade brigada brigadier general general de brigada brigand borfas.scurt.a dobori.viu colorat.pod.a fierbe brewer berar.radacina nasului bridgehead cap de pod bridle a pune frau.apa sarata.haiduc bright stralucit.de caramida.a rani bring into fashion a aduce la moda bring out a arata clar.brosa.fabricant de bere brewery fabrica de bere bribe mita.toleranta broadside campanie de calomnii.prosper.a face sa straluceasca brighten up a se inviora brightness stralucire brilliancy splendoare.burghiu broad intins.tolerant broadmindedness gandire liberala.inteligent.bor de palarie.marginea paharului brim over a se revarsa brine apa de mare.stralucitor brighten a se lumina.vioi bristle par de porc.inviorator.stralucitor brim a fi plin.a largi broadly in linii mari broadminded liberal in gandire.a publica bring over a converti bring round fac sa-si revina din lesin.a mitui bribed mituit bribery mituire brick caramida.pasarela.stralucire brilliant scanteietor.larg.a scoate in lume.a zidi brickbat bucata de caramida bridal de mireasa.saramura bring a aduce.a pune la cale.fac sa-si revina in fire bring to mind a-si aminti.a trece peste.a aminti bring together a se imprieteni bring up a creste.a produce bring about a cauza bring back a aduce aminte.a radiodifuza.tepi din barba.a educa brink margine brinkmanship politica pe marginea prapastie brio putere.de nunta bride mireasa bridegroom mire bridesmaid domnisoara de onoare bridge a construi un pod.risipit broadcaster crainic broaden a se extinde.capastru brief a pune in tema.vigoare brisk a inviora.a se inviora.

a strivi.tap bucket galeata buckle a incheia cu catarama.carne fripta la gratar.a paste browsing frunzarire bruise a invineti.vanataie bruiser boxer brunch masa(mic dejun si pranz) brunette bruneta brunt atac principal brush a peria.catarama buckle down a incepe sa munceasca serios buckle under a se indoi buckler pavaza buckshee gratis . trec.rupt broken sfaramat/ sfarmat. de la bring(a aduce) brow spranceana browbeat a teroriza.din bronz bronzed bronzat brooch brosa brood a cloci.frate brother-in-law cumnat brotherhood breasla.fratie brotherly fratesc.mladita.marriage broker misit.pantof de golf broil a frige la gratar.meditativ brook parau broom matura broth supa de carne brothel bordel brother confrate.brun.cearta broke lefter.a inspaimanta brown a colora in cafeniu.animal brutish grosolan brutishness grosolanie bubble balon(de sapun) bubble gum guma de mestecat cu balonase bubbly spumos buccaneer corsar buck cerb.brochure brosura brogue gheata. si part.a medita.rumenit browse a frunzari.confrerie.spart broken english engleza proasta broken-number fractie broker agent de bursa broker.petitor brokerage misitie bromide bromura bronchitis bronsita bronco cal salbatic bronze bronz.pui clocit broody closca.frateste brought trec.perie brush off refuz categoric brush up a curati brushing periat brusque brusc brusqueness bruscare brutal brutal brutality brutalitate brutalize a brutaliza brute bruta.

a construi builder constructor building cladire building industry industria constructoare built up construit bulb bec.bulb bulge crestere a preturilor.volum.a lenevi.nerod bugger off termina! buggy cabrioleta bugle a suna din goarna.taur bull market crestere a preturilor bull's eye centrul tintei.a construi build up a inalta.lovitura cu palma buffoon bufon bugbear gogorita bugger pederast.goarna build a cladi.bastion bum lenes.tampon buffer state tara mica intre puteri opuse buffet bufet.cucui.a teroriza bulrush pipirig bulwark parapet.a intimida bulldozer buldozer.sala arhiplina .mugur budding inmugurire buddy prieten bun budge blana de miel.huligan bullet glont bullet-proof vesta antiglont bulletin buletin.a vagabonda bumblebee bondar bump a ciocni.a se clinti budgerigar papagal pitic budget buget budget constraint restrictie bugetara budget deficit deficit bugetar budgetary bugetar budgetary funds fonduri de la stat budgetary receipts chitante de la buget budgetary year an bugetar buff a lustrui cu o piele de bou.incarcatura.buckshot alice mari bucktooth dinte proeminent bucolic taranesc bud a inmuguri.gramada bulk goods marfuri in vrac bulky voluminos bull mascul(la animale).piele de bivol sau bou buffalo bivol buffer nataflet.hublou bulldog buldog bulldoze a curata cu un buldozer.huligan.a izbi bump around a lovi pe toata lumea in jur bumper pahar plin.a ameninta.majoritate.comunicat bullfighter toreador bullfighting corida bullion lingou de metal pretios bullock bou bullring arena pentru lupta cu tauri bullshit porcarie(injuratura) bully terorist.ciocnire.specula la bursa.a se umfla.umflatura bulk a creste in volum.

a cauteriza burn down a se potoli burn out a arde complet burner arzator burning ardere.prajire burning coal carbune pentru incalzit burnish a luci.a ridiculiza burly corpolent burn a arde.a izbucni bury a cufunda.lucru de mantuiala bunion batatura.minciuna bungalow vila bungle a lucra de mantuiala.ocupatie.a exploda.chifla bunch a lega impreuna.a expedia.neprofesional bushy stufos business afaceri.a lustrui.refren.inflamatie bunk sterge.lait motiv.tonaj bureau birou bureaucracy birocratie burgeon a inmuguri.rapos bun coc.pat metalic bunker buncher cu carbuni bunny iepure bunting material pentru drapele buoy a marca cu geamanduri.a curati burp ragaiala burr a graseia.roca silicioasa burro asin.geamandura buoyant energie.povara.boccea.dop.a o.plutitor burble murmur burden greutate.indeletnicire business card carte de vizita(de afaceri) business circles cercuri de afaceri business cycle fluctuatiile in afaceri business form organizarea unei afaceri .bumper crop recolta abundenta bumper harvest recolta abundenta bumpkin badaran bumptious increzut bumpy accidentat.nimb.spargator burglary spargere burgle a face o spargere burial inmormantare burlap panza de sac burlesque burlesc.tranzactie.magar burrow a sapa(o vizuina).cep.arsura.cabina de odihna.adapost.a inmormanta bus autobuz bus driver sofer bus station statie de autobuz bus stop statie de autobuz bush teren necultivat.vizuina burrowing vizuina bursar casier bursitis inflamatie burst explozie.tufis bushel busel.legatura bung a pune cep.obroc bushing bucsa izolata bushleague echipa de mana a doua.mugur burglar hot.gresie.banda bundle a strange laolalta.a incarca.manunchi.

stricat bust up a ruina.all but cat pe-aci sa.oricum but.butoniera buttress contrafort.macel butler majordom butt muc de tigara.unt butter up a lingusi buttercup pintenul cocosului butterfat grasimea laptelui butterfingered neindemanatic butterfly fluture buttermilk lapte batut.dar.ocupat busybody persoana suparatoare but doar.zer butterscotch bomboane de zahar ars si unt butting limita.piept.in afara de.langa by and by in curand by and large in general by means of prin by the way apropo by way cu ajutorul.practic.a zori bustling forfoteala busy aglomerat.a corupe buy up a cumpara(totul) buy-back a rascumpara buyer cumparator buying rate rata de cumparare buzz a bazai.margine buttocks buci.prin by-elections alegeri partiale by-pass drum lateral bye bye la revedere!.trecator byte bait (opt biti) (inf.cu.sezut button a coase nasturi.aproape butcher macelar.business language limba comerciala business news stiri din lumea afacerilor business organization organizatie comerciala businesslike negustoresc.) cab taxi .a sustine buxom durdulie buy a cumpara.a forfoti.a se certa bustle forfota.in chip de.insa.scop.tinta butt in a interveni butter a unge cu unt.de.pa bygone apus.sistematic businessman om de afaceri businesswoman femeie de afaceri bust bust.patul pustii.zumzet buzz off sterge-o! buzzard sorecar buzzer sonerie automata by alaturi.bazait.buton.a ucide butcher's shop macelarie butchery abator.trecut bypass a trece pe langa bypassing trecere pe langa byroad drum putin umblat bystander martor ocular.prin.lucruri din trecut.nasture button up a incheia cu nasturi buttonhole a coase butoniere.aproape de.a macelari.

prudent cagy atent la ceea ce face.telegrama cable car cabina teleferica cable railway funicular cablegram cablograma caboose cambuza cache ascunzatoare.cabal intriga cabalism intrigarie cabalist intrigant cabaret cabaret cabbage varza cabby birjar.tumul celtic cajole a amagi.provizii ascunse cachet pecete cachou bomboane de gura(odorante) cackle cotcodacit.estimat calculating calcul calculation calcul calculus calcul calendar calendar calender year an calendaristic calf gamba.tact cadenza cadenta(muzicala) cadet cadet.gagait cacophony cacofonie cactus cactus cad mojic cadaver cadavru cadaverous cadaveric caddie comisionar.rama cafe cafenea cafeteria restaurant cu autoservire caffeine cofeina caftan caftan cage cusca.a ademeni cajolery magulire.a inchide cagey evaziv.precaut cahoot companie.comoda cabinetmaker tamplar de mobila de arta cable cablu.turta calabash pipa din tigva.lingusire cake cozonac.vitel caliber calibru calibrate a calibra calibration calibrare .tigva calamitous dezastruos calamity calamitate.colivie.sofer de taxi cabin cabina cabinet cabinet.societate cairn movila.pui(de elefant/balena).prajitura.dezastru calcic calcic calcification calcificare calcify a se calcifia calcium calciu calculate a calcula.a cersi cadre cadru.mezin cadge a face negot ambulant.a cumpani calculated calculat.siret de lana caddish grosolan cadence cadenta.

a scoate din circulatie call it a day sa-i spunem o zi mare call off a contramanda.chemare callipers compas forestier.intarit callow fara pene.conserva.curbura cambist agent de bursa came venit.a telefona call.in camera privat cameraman reporter cinematografic camisole neglijeu camomile musetel camouflage camuflaj camp bed pat de campanie camp follower bufetier civil(armata) campaign campanie camphor camfor camping camping.).macara cameo camee.a putea can opener deschizator de conserve can't forma contrasa de la cannot(nu putea) canaan Canaan canal canal canalize a lega prin canale canary canar cancel a contramanda.calibre calibru caliph calif calk caia(cui).a curba.subler callous ingrosat.on call la cerere callable loan imprumut platibil la cerere called(so called) chemat.bombare.chemare.medalion camera aparat foto sau de filmat camera.calm.convorbire telefonica.crampon.tinta call a chema.bidon.a calchia.a anula cancel a debt a anula o datorie .vocatie.liniste.a striga call back a rechema call for a necesita call girl prostituata call in a cere o datorie.a se linisti.novice callus batatura calm a se calma.numit caller vizitator calligraphy caligrafie calling profesiune.linistit calm down a se potoli calming calmare calmness liniste calorie calorie calumniate a calomnia calumny calomnie calve a fata calving nastere la animale cam cama(tehn.a anula call on a vizita call up a inrola.tabara campus cetate universitara camshaft arbore cu came can a fi in stare.venita camel camila.cui camaraderie camaraderie camber a bomba.

zahar candel candy floss spuma de zahar cane a bate cu batul.baston.anulat cancer cancer cancerous canceros candelabrum candelabru candid candid candidacy candidatura candidate candidat candidature candidatura candidness candoare candied glasat.boneta capability capacitate capable capabil capacious incapator.trecatoare cap a pune un capac.sapca.zbenguiala.zaharisit candle lumanare candlestick sfesnic candor candoare.trestie canine canin.manta.piroga canon canon.a se infecta.artilerie cannon fodder carne de tun cannon into a trage cu tunul in cannot negativ de la can (a putea).precaut canoe a face canotaj.dezbatere.a se zaharisi.istet.principal.strasnic capital allocation alocare de capital .canoe.inclinare cantaloupe cantalup cantata cantata canteen cantina.cainesc canister canistra canker a se cangrena.gamela canter a merge in galop mic.competenta cape cap.majuscula.a acoperi.ulceratie cannabis hasis canned conservat cannery fabrica de conserve cannibal canibalic cannibalism canibalism cannon tun.plan inclinat.calitate.anulare cancelled contramandat.capacitate.cancellation contramandare.nu se poate canny siret.capa.vast capacitance capacitiva capacitor condensator capacity aptitudine.promontoriu caper a se zbengui.criteriu canon law canoanele bisericii crestine canonize a canoniza canoodle a lua cu binisorul canopy baldachin cant a inclina.propaganda electorala canyon chei.salt capillary capilaritate capital capitala.galop mic cantilever grinda in consola canto cant cantonment cantonament cantor cantor canvas canava.sinceritate candy bomboane.panza de vele.velatura canvass cer votul alegatorilor.a zburda.

a capitaliza capitation calculare pe cap de locuitor.capitatie capitulate a capitula capon clapon caprice capriciu capricious capricios capricorn capricorn capstan cabestan capsule capsula captain capitan captaincy capitanie caption titlu.scriere cu majuscule capitalization transformare in capital capitalize a scrie cu majuscule.perfid captivate a captiva captivating captivare captive captiv.caramel carapace carapace carat carat caravan caravana caraway chimen carbine carabina carbohydrate hidrocarbonat carbon carbune.prizonier captivity captivitate capture a captura.invitatie .vagon.arestare captious ipocrit.fisa. fonduri fixe capital gains tax impozit pe profit din vanzare capital goods mijloace de productie capital increase majorare de capital capital inflow influx de capital capital loss pierdere de capital capital market piata capitalului capital outflow scurgere de capital capital output ratio rata productiei capitalului capital punishment pedeapsa capitala capital resources resurse de capital capitalism capitalism capitalist capitalist capitalizatio rentabilitate.a daraci.automobil car fleet parc de automobile car industry industria de autoturisme car mechanic mecanic carafe carafa caramel caramea.electrod carbon copy copie la indigo carbonate carbonat carborundum carborund carboy container/damigeana.captura car lift.recipient carbuncle rubin rosu inchis.capital assets fonduri fixe capital consumption consum esential capital consumption allowance alocatie pentru consum esential capital export export de capital capital gain profit din vanz.antrax carburant carburant carburetor carburator carcinogen substanta carcinogena carcinoma carcinom card carte(de joc).

betie carouse a chefui carp crap.play cards a juca carti cardamom nucsoara cardboard carton cardiac cardiac cardigan jacheta de lana cardinal cardinal.rosu-aprins.principal cardinal number numeral cardinal carding daracire cardiogram cardiograma cardiography cardiografie cardsharper trisor care a avea grija.putred carrot morcov carrousel carusel carry a transporta.pretul unui bilet(autobuz) cargo incarcatura caricature caricatura.atent.tinuta carriage return transportare inapoi(la inceput de rind)(inf.) carriage way partea carosabila carrier caraus.a duce carry away a duce cu sine.neatent.card index fisier card punch perforator card.sacosa carrion hoit.a caricaturiza caries carie carillon dangat de clopote carmine carmin carnage masacru.garoafa rosie carnival carnaval carnivorous carnivor carob roscov carol a colinda.grijuliu careless neglijent.covor carpeting acoperire cu covoare carrel loc de studiu intr-o biblioteca carriage transport.expeditor carrier bag sac de hartie.grija care about a tine(la) care of a avea grija de careerist carierist carefree scapat de griji(lipsit) careful constiincios.ingrijitor caretaker government guvern provizoriu carfare maxi-taxi.trasura.a-i pasa(de).a entuziasma carry cot pat portabil de copil carry forward a reporta carry into effect a pune in practica .mangaiere caret semn pentru inserare in text caretaker intendent.colinda carousal chef.a critica carpark parcare carpenter dulgher carpentery dulgherie carpentry dulgherie carpet a acoperi cu covoare.macel carnal carnal carnation carnatie.atentie.nepasator caress a mangaia.

mulaj cast aside a abandona.cioplitor carving sculptare.a concedia casino cazinou cask butoi casket lacrita casserole caserola.calculator castigate a pedepsi.sculptat carver sculptor.a intoarce.intamplare case worker infirmiera case.incarcatura cartridge.gen.carry off a duce cu sine carry on a continua carry out a duce la bun sfarsit carry the day a iesi invingator carry through a termina carry-over effect efectul unei transferari cart caruta.blank cartridge cartus orb cartwheel roata carului carve a taia(carne).aruncare.a arunca cast away naufragiat cast down a deprima cast iron fier forjat cast lots a trage la sorti cast offs vechituri castanet castanieta caster turnator.majuscule casement toc de fereastra caseworker asistenta sociala cash bani.a transporta cartel cartel carter caraus cartilage cartilaj cartography cartografie carton cutie de carton.bani gheata.desene animate cartoonist caricaturist.lower case litere mici case.aruncare casting vote vot decisiv .cratita cassette caseta cassette deck suport pentru casete cassock sutana cast a arunca.a bate casting turnare.in case in caz ca case.cash a check a incasa cashbox caseta pentru numerar cashew anacard(bot.a incasa cash desk casa(intr-un magazin) cash discount reducere la platile in numerar cash down numerar cash flow transfer de bani(afaceri) cash income venit in bani lichizi cash on delivery plata la livrare cash register registru de casa cash.a sculpta carved cioplit.rasuci.upper case litere mari.desenator cartridge cartus.) cashier casier.carton cartoon caricatura.distributie.taiere cascade cascada case proces.

captivant catchword lozinca.struna catharsis catharsis cathedral catedrala catheterize a cateteriza cathode catod catholic catolic catholicism catolicism cats paw gura de stiuca catsup sos de rosii cattle vite cattleman vacar catty masura de greutate caucus politica de masluire caught trec.a zari catch up on a pune la curent(te) catching atractiv.prada.atragator categorical categoric categorize a categorisi category categorie cater a furniza hrana.a cataloga catalysis cataliza catalyst catalizator catapult catapulta cataract cataracta. trec.senila catgut coarda. si part. de la catch(a prinde) cauliflower conopida causal intamplator causality cauzalitate .a se molipsi.cataracta(la ochi) catarrh guturai catastrophe catastrofa catastrophic catastrofal catcall a fluiera(un spectacol).fluierat catch capcana.a prinde.a furniza caterer furnizor alimente pentru petreceri catering aprovizionare catering industry activitatea de aprovizionare caterpillar omida.ranire casualty ward serviciu de urgenta casuistry cazuistica cat pisica cataclysm cataclism catacomb catacomba catalepsy catalepsie catalogue catalog.turn castor palarie sau caciula de biber castor oil ulei de ricina castor sugar zahar tos castrate a castra castration castrare casual ocazional.castle castel.captura catch cold a raci catch fire a lua foc catch his eye a atrage atentia cuiva catch on a pricepe catch out a surprinde pe cineva gresind catch sight a vedea.intamplator casualties pierderi casualty pierdere(in razboi).slogan catchy interesant.

crapatura cavort a sari sprinten.dezaprobare.criticare.centenar center centru center on a se concentra pe centigrade centigrad centigramme centigram centilitre centilitru centimeter centimetru centimetre centimetru centipede miriapod .liant cementing cimentare cemetery cimitir cenotaph cenotaf censor cenzor.incetarea ostilitatilor cedar cedru cede a ceda ceil prices pret maxim ceiling nivel maxim.causative cauzal cause cauza causeless nemotivat causeway drum pietruit caustic caustic.a comemora.incetare cease-fire incetarea focului.wine cellar pivnita de vinuri cellist violoncelist cellophane celofan cellular celular cellulose celuloza celsius celsius cement a se cimenta.vestit celebration celebrare.a glorifica.chilie cellar pivnita cellar.calaret cavalry cavalerie cave pestera cavedweller om al cavernelor cavern caverna.celibat.a sarbatori celebrated celebru.a salta cayenne ardei(rosu) cease a inceta.ceremonie.ciment.muscator cauterize a cauteriza caution precautiune cautionary prevenitor cautious prudent cautiously prevazator cavalier cavalerist.tavan celebrate a celebra.a cenzura censorship cenzura censure a condamna.grota caviar caviar cavity cavitate.a critica census recensamant cent cent centenary centenar centennial secular.sarbatorire celebrity celebritate celery telina celestial ceresc celibacy celibat celibate burlac.celibatar cell celula.plafon.

make certain a se asigura de.manie chaff a taia marunt.sala chamber of commerce camera de comert chameleon cameleon chamois capra neagra.centrala centralization centralizare centralize a centraliza centre a aseza in centru.a irita.hazna chafe a freca.campion championship campionat chance sansa.creta.a se intampla.ceremonie ceremonious ceremonios ceremony ceremonie certain anumit.neck chain lant la gat chair a instala(intr-o functie).a incatusa.intamplare chance bargain afacere nesperata chance.catedra universitara.pleava.oarecare.sef chalcedony calcedonie chalet cabana chalice potir chalk a insemna(cu creta).a mahni.comitet.luptator.iritatie.central central.lant chain reaction reactie in lant chain.sigur certain distance o oarecare distanta certain.grumaz cessation incetare cession cedare cession of rights cedare de drepturi cessionary cesionar cesspit groapa de gunoi.no chance nici o ocazie favorabila chancellor cancelar chancellor of the exchequer ministru de finante chandelier candelabru .a verifica ceva certainly bineanteles.a apara.a provoca chamber camera.a intrista chain catuse.veac ceramic ceramica ceramics ceramica cereal cereale.nutret taiat marunt.a mania.by chance din intamplare chance.a concentra(asupra).certificat certificate of balance certificare a soldului certificate of deposit(cd) certificat de suma in cont certificate of incorporation certificat de inregistrare certify a certifica certitude certitudine cervix gat.be in the chair a prezida chairman presedinte.a scrie challenge provocare.a soma.fleac.cerealier cerebral cerebral ceremonial ceremonial.scaun chair.capra salbatica champagne sampanie champion a sustine(o cauza).centru centrifugal centrifugal century secol.consiliu.desigur certainty certitudine certifiable certificabil certificate adeverinta.tachinare chaffinch pitigoi chagrin intristare.

a incarca.take charge of a avea grija de chargeable impozabil.a trancani chatterbox moara stricata.matca.psalmodiere chaos haos.a schimba.sporovaiala.casta chasten a tempera.schimb.capela chaperon doamna de companie.a psalmodia.ieftin cheap money bani imprumutati cu dobanda mica cheapjacking comert ambulant cheapness ieftinatate .taifas chateau castel.change rest.povara charge d'affaires insarcinat cu afaceri charge with a acuza de charge.caracteristica characterize a caracteriza charcoal a desena in carbune.raspunzator charged incarcat chariot careta charisma farmec personal charitable caritabil.schimbare change for the better schimbare in bine change hands a schimba proprietarul change sides a trece dintr-o tabara in alta change-over transformare.canal chant cantec.prapastie chaotic haotic chap baiat.darnic.vanatoare chase away a alunga chasm fisura.prudent chase a fugari.mangal charge a pune pe socoteala cuiva.trancaneala.a vraji.free of charge fara plata.personaj characteristic caracteristic.incantator chart diagrama.generozitate charlady femeie angajata cu ziua charlatan sarlatan.vraja.harti charwoman femeie angajata cu ziua chary grijuliu.document chartered inscris in carta chartered accountant revizor contabil charts diagrame.tip chapel atelier tipografic.acuzatie.harta maritima.escroc charm a fermeca.farmec charming fermecator.generos charity caritate.a lucra cu ziua.gratis charge.persoana vorbareata chauffeur sofer chauvinism sovinism cheap fara valoare.nota caracteristica.schimbare changeable nestatornic.a supraveghea.a linisti chastise a pedepsi aspru chastity castitate.tabel charter a acorda un privilegiu.schimbator channel albie.a pedepsi.carbune.falca(la animale).a palavragi.munca menajera character caracter.cheltuiala.a vana.simplitate chat palavrageala.carta.urmarire.prapastie chassis sasiu chaste cast.a insoti chapter capitol char a se preface in carbune.vila chattels avere mobila chatter a sporovai.

a trage(clopotele).a se insenina cheerful agreabil.salut.a verifica check up on a verifica checked verificat checker a imprima un model cadrilat.a inveseli.armonie.a incuraja.fleacuri cheetah ghepard chef bucatar sef chef d'oeuvre capodopera chemical chimic.a nutri cherry cires.poiata de pasari chicory cicoare chide a certa.controlor checking accounts cont in banca cheek nerusinare.obraznicie cheekbone pomet cheeky obraznic cheer aclamatii.sunet de clopote .la revedere! cheerless posomorat cheers noroc!.rece chime a bate(gong).placut.visine cherub heruvim chess sah chest lada.a mustra chief sef chieftain capetenie.cirese.sef de trib child copil childhood copilarie childish copilaresc childishness puerilitate.visin.inselat cheating escrocare.piept chestnut castan.a cali.sa traiesti! cheese branza.farmacist chemistry chimie cheque check cheque card legitimatie pt plati prin cec cheque.cheated escrocat.chimicale chemist chimist.raceala.voiosie cheer up a prinde curaj.castana.copilarie childless fara copii childminder supraveghetor de copil children plural de la child(copil) chill friguros.inselare check control.rece.open cheque cec negociabil cherish a pastra in suflet.a raci chills(give the chills) a da fiori chilly friguros.verificare check in a se inregistra check in counter receptie check out a lichida contul la un hotel check up a controla.castaniu chew a mesteca chewing mestecare chewing gum guma de mestecat chick puisor chicken pui chicken pox varicela chicken-hearted fricos.voios cheerfulness voiosie cheerio noroc.las chickencoop cotet.obraz.

cos chimpanzee cimpanzeu chin barbie china portelan chink clinchet.refren chose ales chosen ales christ Cristos christen a boteza christian crestin christianity crestinatate.aschie.dalta.a inabusi.cronica.parti ale Vechiului Testament chrysalis crisalida chrysanthemum crizantema chubby bucalat.a reteza.panta.topor.durduliu chuckle chicoteala.a locui in aceeasi camera.ales.taiere chopsticks betisoare(chinezesti) choral coral chord coarda chore a munci.a vrea choosey mofturos.inabusire.a bate(untul).a daltui.elicopter.pufait chum a fi prieten intim.coleg de camera chunk halca church biserica churn a agita(lichid).cloncanit.chimney horn.variatie.putinei chute alunecare pe jgheab.secure chopping retezare.de ciocolata choice alegere.ciobitura.treburi menajere choreography coregrafie chorus cor.sugrumare cholera holera choose a alege.a cotcodaci chuffed mandru si satisfacut.a zangani.cavalerism chocolate ciocolata.ciripit chirping ciripit chisel a cizela.a taia chopper cutit de macelarie.alternativa choir cor choke a se sufoca.crapatura chip a aschia.a faramita chips cartofi pai chiropodist pedichiurist chirp a ciripi.a chicoti.a pufai.dificil chop cotlet.letopiset chronicles Paralipomena.zgura cinema cinema .a sculpta chit pusti chit-chat palavrageala chivalrous cavaleresc chivalry cavalerime.crestinism christmas Craciun chromium crom chromosome cromozom chronic cronic chronicle a trece intr-o cronica.select.cascada cicada greier cider cidru cigar tigara de foi cigarette tigara cinder cenusa.plin de sine chug duduiala.

trib clandestine clandestin clap a bate din palme.a imbratisa.pocnitura clapper paraitoare.goarna clarity claritate clasp clama.strigat puternic clan clan.circular circulate a pune in circulatie.a fixa .a circula.cifru.imbratisare.a inconjura circuit circuit circular circulara.agrafa.cinnamon scortisoara cipher a cifra.a cere claim adjustment modificarea unei revendicari claim back a cere inapoi claim damages a pretinde despagubiri claim office oficiu de reclamatii claimant reclamant.a se potoli city oras important city council consiliu orasenesc civic civic civics instructie civica civil civil.tiraj circumcise a circumcide circumcised circumcis circumcizer cel care circumcide circumference circumferinta circumflex circumflex circumnavigate a naviga in jurul lumii circumvention upa cite inisti.revendicare.a raspandi circulating capital capital circulant circulating funds fonduri circulante circulating medium moneda de schimb circulation circulatie.politicos civil action actiune civila civil defence aparare civila civil law cod civil civil rights drepturi civile civil servant functionar public civil war razboi civil civil.umed si rece clamour larma.zero circle cerc.persoana care aplauda clapping aplaudare clarification clarificare clarify a se clarifica clarinet clarinet clarion trambita.aplauze.pretendent claiming reclamatie.the civil service administratie civila civilian civil civilian clothes haine civile civility politete civilization civilizatie civilize a civiliza civilized civilizat claim pretentie.miscare circulara.ciclu.revendicare claims book caiet de reclamatii clairvoyance clarviziune clam scoica de rau clamber a se catara clammy moale si lipicios.a pocni din.a protesta.a revendica.

lut clean a curata.clasped fixat class clasa.a clarifica clearance curatire.a zornai.a trancani.a pocni.fisura clemency clementa.cleric clerk functionar clever ingenios.limpede clearness lichidare.a strange clergy cler.cleste(de rac).tacanit client client clientele clientela cliff stanca.a despica clef cheie(muzica) cleft despicatura.preot clerical clerical.indurare clement indulgent.a curata clear up a pune in ordine.categorie class mate coleg de clasa classic clasic classical clasic classification clasificare classified clasificat.secret classify a clasifica classless fara clase sociale clatter trancaneala.destept cleverness inteligenta.limpede clear a cheque a lichida un cec clear amount suma precisa clear away a indeparta clear headed lucid clear off a libera.plata unui cec.tarm stancos cliff-hanger serial cu episoade palpitante climate climat.curatenie cleavage despicare.gheara clay argila.vamuire clearing zona defrisata clearing house casa de compensatii.separare cleave a se lipi de.strangere.urcare.oficiu de lichidare cecuri clearing operations operatiuni lichidare conturi clearly evident.bland clench a nitui.a evacua.zanganit clause clauza claustrophobia claustrofobie clavicle clavicula claw a prinde in cleste.banalitate click clichet.urcare.punct culminant climb catarare.preotime clergyman cleric.citet clean oneself a se spala clean out a goli.clasa sociala.a urca climber planta agatatoare.inocent.urcus .spatiu.a se catara.clima climax a culmina(cu).pricepere cliche cliseu.curat.a tacani.a se indeparta clear out a goli.a curata cleaner curatitor cleaning curatare cleanliness curatenie cleansing curatare clear clar.a clarifica.alpinist climbing agatator.

intimitate.cleste pentru taierea sirmei clippers foarfece clipping taietor.orologiu clock in a ponta(la venire) clock out a ponta(la plecare) clockwise in sensul acelor de ceasornic clod bulgare clod(of earth) bulgare de tarana clog a pune piedica.garderoba.a impovara.piedica close incuiat.cuisor.a ciomagi.a bara close-fitting dress rochie mulata pe corp closed inchis closed account cont inchis closely indeaproape closeness coerenta.a zvanta in bataie clock ceas.a tunde.a se ingramadi.stofa clothe a se imbraca clothes straie.persoana rezervata.zgarcenie closet camaruta.a apuca clutter a se agita.buturuga.buffer pentru zona ecran clipper cal iute.haine clothes peg carlig de rufe clothing imbracaminte cloud a se innora.ambreiaj.gramada clumsy stangaci.manta cloakroom casa de bagaje.tundere.cheag.vestiar clobber a lovi violent.butuc.clistir .a nitui cling a adera la.solutie clump a aseza in grupe.inchis.a se tine de clink clinchet.neindemanatic clung legat de cluster a se aduna.under a cloud a fi in dizgratie cloudy innourat.stransoare.dulap.trefla.a tintui.cocolos cloth fata de masa.cloncanit clue cheie.neclar.clinch nituire.tintuire.mitocan.imbacseala.badaran clowning purtare de clovn club club.a zangani clip scurtare.ultim closing account cont de lichidare closing(time) ora de inchidere closure incheiere.gramada clutch a tine strans.inchidere clot a se coagula.harababura clyster clisma.ghem.nor cloud.ciorchine.a tropai.tundere.dezordine.pelerina.material.cuisoare cloven despartit clover trifoi clown clovn.apucare.a inchide close of exchange pret la sfarsitul licitatiei close to aproape de close up a inchide complet.a ravasi.maciuca club foot picior diform cluck a cloncani.intunecat clove catel de usturoi.a reteza clipboard planseta cu clama pentru hirtii.taios clique clica clitoris clitoris cloak a acoperi cu o manta.apropiat close down a inabusi.a ascunde.toaleta closing inchidere.a face cocolosi.

a pava.a imbraca.diligenta coagulate a se coagula coagulation coagulare coal carbune coal mine mina de carbuni coalesce a se uni.a fuziona coalition coalitie coarse de proasta calitate.sigla.imbracaminte coax lingusitor.co abrev companie.a indruma.a medita(pe).cocos cock-eyed crucis.coasta.cifru code word cuvant cheie codeine codeina codify a codifica coding codificare coeducation sistem de invatamant mixt coefficient coeficient coerce a constrange.vagon de persoane.a coopera co-operation cooperatie.cooperare co-opt a coopta co-owner coproprietar co-partner asociat.partas co-partnership asociere co-tenant co-arendas coach antrenor.bulgare cobble carbuni bucati.inferior.asprime coast a naviga de-a lungul coastei.stema coated acoperit.a obliga coercion constrangere.sasiu cockle molusca.carpaci cobra cobra cobweb panza de paianjen cocaine cocaina cochlear melcul urechii cock cocosul armei.a pietrui cobbler cavaf(cizmar).a se inaspri coarseness calitate inferioara.tarm coastal pe langa coasta coastguard paza de coasta coat haina.gogoasa cod batog coddle a cocoli.nemanierat coarsen a se face vulgar.veston.a codifica.robinet.a lingusi coaxing lingusire cob valatuci.a acoperi coat of arms blazon.imbracat coating strat.silire coercive machinery masinarie coercitiva coexist a coexista coexistence coexistenta coffee cafea coffee.abrev pentru ofiter de comanda(comandant) co-op a colabora.a razgaia code cod.neghina cockpit carlinga cockroach gandac de bucatarie cocktail cocteil cocoa cacao coconut nuca de cocos cocoon cocon.piatra de pavaj.cooperare.colaborare.a cifra.black coffee cafea(neagra) coffee-spoon lingurita de cafea .

a incasa collecting colectare collection colecta.intelegere secreta colon doua puncte.putere de convingere cogent convingator cogitate a concepe.familiar collusion complotare.reversibil collar a prinde de guler.a se infasura.universitate collide a se ciocni collier vapor carbonifer collision ciocnire collocate a se asocia cu.asociere colloquial cotidian.a se uni coherence inteles.moneda coinage batere de moneda.colectie collective colectiv collectivity colectivitate collector colector.a se imbina collocation sintagma.colaps.a inventa(cuvinte).guler.inventare(de cuvinte).colectionar college colegiu.rece cold war razboi rece cold.coerenta coherent coerent cohesion coeziune coiffure coafura coil a se incovriga.a confrunta collateral loan imprumut garantat cu bunuri collateral security bun material(garantie) colleague coleg collect a colecta.a conlocui cohabitation convietuire cohere a se lega.coffin sicriu cog dinte.raceala.zgarda collarbone clavicula collate a colationa.incolacire.bobina coin a bate(moneda).a ii cold-blooded cu sange rece coldness indiferenta.sistem monetar coincide a coincide coincidence coincidenta coins monezi coke cocs cold frig.a cugeta cognac coniac cognate inrudit cognition cunoastere cohabit a coabita.prabusire collapse of the market crah la bursa collapsible pliant.intestinul gros colonel colonel colonial colonial colonialism colonialism colonist colonist colonization colonizare .rezervat.fotomontaj collapse a-si pierde curajul.spirala.zimt cogency forta unui argument.a colectiona.raceala collaborate a colabora collaboration colaborare collaborator colaborator collage colaj.liceu.be cold fi frig.a se prabusi.a darama.

a cobora.comediant comedy comedie comely convenabil.a se termina bine comma virgula .a-si schimba parerile come through a ajunge la destinatie.reconfortant comic comic.a uni combine-harvester combina pentru treierat combined combinat combing pieptanare.a atinge come clean a marturisi come down a scadea.a rasari.a intalni din intamplare come apart a se desface in bucati.pieptene comb out a cerceta amanuntit comb.lupta combat jacket haina de lupta combatant combatant combed pieptanat combination combinatie.culoare.hazliu comic(al) amuzant coming sosire.motocicleta cu atas combine a se combina.a consola.culoare.a se intampla comedian actor de comedie.a se indeplini come up a se ivi.intra! come off a se detasa.novice column coloana coma coma.venit come about a schimba directia.a vopsi.fire.drapel colour bar diferenta de rasa(intre oameni) colour blind daltonist colourful plin de culoare.imens colossus colos.oil color culoare in ulei colossal colosal.urias colour a colora.a se desface come on! hai! come round a-si recapata cunostinta.variat colourless incolor colt manz.tesalare combustion ardere come sosit.fagure.a se intampla come across a da peste.a fi realist come in a veni la putere.a scapata come down to earth a fi cu picioarele pe pamant.combina.drapel color.placut comet cometa comfort confort.mot comb creasta de cocos.a se indeparta come off(something) a cadea de pe.a alina.a se darama come down in the world a saraci.colonize a se stabili(in).a se sparge come back a se inapoia.comb oneself a se pieptana combat a lupta impotriva.mangaiere comfortable confortabil.a coloniza colonnade colonada colony colonie color a colora.a reusi come to an agreement a stabili o intelegere come to hate a ajunge sa se urasca come true a deveni realitate.a se intoarce come between a interveni in come by a trece pe la.a intra.venire coming out well a se sfarsi bine.a vopsi.

comun commune comuna.om de rand commonness generalitate.instructiune.obisnuinta commonplace a face insemnari.comanda.incredintat committee comitet committing consemnare.insarcinat commissioner membru al unei comisii.a lauda commensurate comensurabil.incarcerare.banalitat e commons poporul commonwealth comunitate.banal.corespunzator comment a comenta.tulburare sufleteasca.the common market Piata Comuna commoner membru al Camerei Comunelor.command a comanda.a recruta commander capitan de vas.comunitate communicate a comunica .a incredinta commit oneself a se angaja.ordin command economy economie planificata commandant comandant commandeer a rechizitiona.tulburari(ale maselor) communal comunal.judecata common stock actiuni obisnuite(comer.a se obliga commit to memory a memora commitment incredintare.obligare.platitudine.arestare committed comis.produs commodity wages plata produselor commodore comandant de escadra common comun.a comemora commemoration comemorare commence a incepe commend a incredinta spre pastrare.a delega.comision.the ten cele zece porunci commando comandou commemorate a aniversa.comandant commander-in-chief comandant suprem commandment ordin.a incarcera.federatie commotion miscare.obisnuit common room camera de zi(in scoli sau camine) common sense bun simt.imputernicit commit a comite.a se consfatui.comentariu commentary comentariu commentate a comenta commentator comentator commerce comert commercial comercial commercial bank banca comerciala commercial credit credit comercial commercial deal contract comercial commercial invoice factura comerciala commercial language limbaj comercial commercial law legi comerciale commercial manager director comercial commercial radio post de radio comercial commercial television post tv comercial commiserate a compatimi commiseration compatimire commission comisie.a insarcina commissionaire comisionar commissioned delegat.a ordona.) common.incredintare commodity marfa.porunca commandment.a repeta banalitati.

companie company register registrul societ.arie.a despagubi compensation despagubire.indeplinire complex complex.societate.consimtamant compliant docil.asociere company companie(armata).a cuprinde.pricepere competent ingaduit.limite.a intovarasi.desavarsit.compensare compensatory compensator compensatory financing despagubire compere prezentator compete a concura competence competenta.a atinge compassion compasiune.complet.echipaj de vas.insotitoare.comparatie compartment compartiment.circulatie communique comunicat communism comunism communist comunist community comunitate community home camin cultural al comunitatii commute a comuta(o pedeapsa).reclamatie complaisance complezenta.sot.impresii comparison comparare.a echilibra.compus complexity complexitate compliance ingaduinta.conventie companies act legea societatilor comerciale companion companion.despartitura compass busola.in intregime completeness intregire.compatimire compassionate compatimitor.comparabil compare a compara compare notes a avea un schimb de vederi.vanitate complain a face o plangere.completare complementary complementar complements complimente complete a completa.politete complement complement.milos compatibility compatibilitate.potrivire compatible compatibil compatriot compatriot compel a constrange compensate a compensa.terminare completion completare.concurenta competitive competitiv competitor concurent compilation compilare compile a compila compiler compilator complacence automultumire.ingaduitor complicate a se complica.dificil complication complicatie .a inlocui commuter navetist compact compact.tovaras companionship companie.asociatie.competent competition competitie. comerciale comparable comparabil comparative relativ.mijloc de comunicatie.communication comunicare.a incurca complicated complicat.a termina completely cu totul.a se plange de complainant reclamant complaint plangere.a condensa.complezenta.pereche.

a comprima compressing compresiune compression comprimare.a exprima.complicity complicitate compliment compliment.pricepere comprehensive cuprinzator.clar comprehension atitudine ingaduitoare.a compune.politicos comply a consimti.a evalua computer computer.compromis.stapan pe sine compose a alcatui.calculator computerize a calcula cu un calculator computerized calculat comrade camarad con(prefix) cu totii.impreuna concave concav.intelegere concerted stabilit de comun acord concerto concert concession concesie .ingamfare.a admite.concentratie concentration camp lagar de concentrare concept concept.neliniste.tranzactie compulsion fortare.a recunoaste conceit idee fantastica.notiune generala conception concepere.a-si imagina.a complimenta complimentary magulitor.patrunzator.compus compound interest dobanda compusa comprehend a intelege.a aranja.reducere comprise a contine.a pricepe comprehensible inteligibil.a ascunde concealment ascunzis.interesat concerning privitor la.conceptie concern ingrijorare.imaginabil conceive a ramane insarcinata.compus composition compozitie.concert.a se invoi.scrupul compute a calcula.ascunzatoare concede a face concesii.constrangere compulsive fortat.tainuire.increzut conceivable de conceput.orgoliu conceited ingamfat.element component comport a se comporta compos mentis sanatos la minte.a calma composed linistit composer compozitor composite mixt.referitor la concert a cadea de acord.a concepe concentrated concentrat concentration concentrare.a cuprinde.ingrasamant composure sange rece compote compot compound a combina.preocupare concerned implicat.a aranja.combinat.inteligent comprehensive school scoala generala compress compresa.includere.intelegere.a incuviinta.compunere compositor zetar compost balegar.concavitate concavity concavitate conceal a tainui.a compromite.a cuprinde compromise a cadea la o invoiala.a se supune component component.obligatoriu compulsory compulsive compulsory loan imprumut fortat compunction remuscare.

federativ.dulciuri confederacy confederatie.asemanator concussion izbitura.a conchide conclusion concluzie.a ierta conducive favorabil conduct conducere.conch scoica conciliate a atrage(stima).afluenta concrete a betona.a conduce conduct oneself a se comporta conductive conductibil conductor conductor.conclav conclude a se termina.decernare confess a se spovedi.a conditiona.concret.simultan.concizie conclave adunare secreta.concluzie condense a comprima.duhovnic confetti confeti confidant confident .a intari concubine concubina concur a contribui(la).a coincide concure a fi de acord.a condamna condemnation condamnare condensation condensare.potrivire concurrent concomitent.a se produce simultan.a condensa.corp conducator.a marturisi confession confesiune.confederat.a binevoi condiment condiment.a nascoci.a prescurta condenser condensator condescend a se cobora(la).sfarsit.intelegere concordance acord concordant corespunzator concourse multime.decisiv concoct a inventa.spovedanie.a conferi.liga confer a discuta(cu).cofetarie.canal cone con.a concilia conciliation conciliere.soc concussion of the brain comotie cerebrala condemn a dezaproba.dirijor conductress femeie conductor conduit conducta.laconic conciseness caracter succint.incheiere conclusive concluziv.ingredient condition conditie.pozitie sociala.a dirija.a acorda confer rights a acorda drepturi conference conferinta conferment conferire.pivot confec`ioner cofetar confection confectionare.impacare conciliatory impaciuitor.liga confederate a face o confederatie.comprimare.a pregati concoction nascocire.conciliant concise concis.aliat confederation confederatie.marturisire confessor confesor.a incheia(afacerea).dulciuri confectionery cofeturi.beton(din).stare conditional conditional conditionality conditionare condolence condoleanta condom prezervativ condone a scuza.a coincide concurrence coincidenta.comportare.preparat concord armonie.

ruda .hotar confirm a confirma.confirmat.confirmare confirmed atestat.a se increde in confidence incredere.conjunctura conjure a invoca.legat connection conexiune.a se aduna congregation parohieni.a confrunta confrontation confruntare confuse a confunda.confidante confidenta confide a avea incredere in.fuziune.incurcatura confute a combate congeal a congela.conglomerat conglomeration amestecatura.legatura conjunctive conjunctiv.ingramadire conglomerate a se aglomera.retinere confines limite.confidenta.unire.de legatura conjunctivitis conjunctivita conjuncture concurs de imprejurari.sigur confidential confidential.congestie.a modela confine a retine(undeva).a conjuga.unit conjugation conjugare.certitudine confident increzator.potrivit(cu) congruous conform(cu).presupunere conjugal conjugal conjugate a se uni.a incurca confused confuz confusion confuzie.relatii.hotar.limita confined limitat confinement detentiune.unire conjunction conjunctie.contur.incurabil confiscate a confisca confiscation confiscare conflict conflict conflicting contradictoriu conform a se conforma(cu) conformist conformist conformity conformitate confound a narui.a lega connected unit.forma.a limita.a destainui confide in a se bizui pe.a implora conjurer scamator.corespunzator conic conic conifer conifer conjecture ipoteza.a ului confront a infrunta.imperecheat.apropiat congested congestionat congestion aglomerare.a se coagula congealment congelare.infatisare.conglomerare congratulate a felicita congratulations felicitari congregate a se intruni.limitare.aranjare configure a configura.conjugat.a conjura.a intari confirmation intarire.secret confidential report raport confidential configuration configuratie.legaturi.coagulare congenial inrudit(cu).inrudit.vrajitor conjuror conjurer connect a uni(cu).intrunire congress congres congruent in concordanta(cu).

rezultat(din).motiv.sfintire consecutive consecutiv consent consimtamant consequence consecinta.consistenta.de durata.neexagerat conservatory sera.a considera.a sugera conquer a cuceri.respect considered apreciat.gandit considering avand in vedere.care uneste connivance incuviintare.cu privire la consign a da in grija.insemnat considerate atent.a pastra consider a avea in vedere.a invinge conquering cucerire conqueror cuceritor.a crede considerable considerabil.conservator.a depozita consignee destinatar consignment consignatie.serviciu militar consecrate a consacra.a sfinti.logic consequential pompos.conform(cu) consort consort.frapant conspiracy conspiratie conspirator conspirator conspire a conspira .a incredinta(cuiva).consacrat.a recruta conscription recrutare.importanta consequent consecvent.consideratie.vas de escorta.fermitate consistent compatibil(cu).a consolida consolidated consolidat consolidated balance sheet bilant solid.sfintit consecration consacrare.unificare consonant armonios.connective care leaga.a insoti consortium consortiu conspicuous evident conspicuousness caracter vizibil.invingator conquest cucerire conscience constiinta conscience.be consoled a fi consolat consolidate a unifica.confirmat consolidation consolidare.complicitate connive a fi de convenienta cu.consemnare consist a consta consist of a consta din consistency consecventa.recrutat.a incuviinta connoisseur cunoscator(in) connotation implicatie connote a implica.consecvent consolation consolare consolatory consolator console consola.conservator conserve a conserva.consecvent conservation conservare conservatism conservatorism conservative conservant.pangs of conscience mustrari de constiinta conscientious constiicios.urmator.lucid consciously constient(in mod) consciousness cunostinta conscript recrut.a consola.scrupulos conscientiousness constiinciozitate conscious constient.a mangaia consoled.politicos consideration considerare.de acord.

implinire consumption consumare.molipsit contamination contaminare.a infecta contaminated contaminat.molipsitor contain a se stapani.consumator consummate a desavarsi.sfidare contemptible vrednic de dispret contemptuous dispretuitor .a atinge contact lenses lentile de contact contact.tuberculoza consumptive epuizant.infectie contagious contagios.a strange constriction constrictie.compresor.constable conetabil.muschi constrictor construct a construi construct state stare conceptuala construction construire.a numi.constitutie.fidelitate.a stabili constitution constituire.desavarsit consummation desavarsire.a interpreta consul consul consulate consulat consult a lua in consideratie.recipient contaminate a contamina.component constitute a constitui.a lua legatura cu.a planui contemplation contemplare.excelent.make contact a contacta pe cineva contagion contagiune.a contine.studiere contemplative contemplativ contemporary contemporan contempt dispret.a manca consumer consumator consumer durables bunuri de consum neperisabile consumer goods bunuri de larg consum consumer price index(cpi) indexul de preturi consuming care consuma.cladire construction loan imprumut pentru construire constructive constructiv.a cuprinde container canistra.a constrange constraint constrangere constrict a contracta.circumscriptie electorala constituent alegator.a irosi.structura constitutive component constrain a forta.a consulta consultant consultant consultation consultatie consulting room cabinet medical consumable consumabil consume a consuma.constitutiv.politienesc constancy constanta.contact.creator constructor constructor construe a explica.strangere constrictor boa.fidel constellation constelatie consternation consternare constipate a constipa constipation constipatie constituency alegatori.statornicie constant constant.politist constabulary politie.fidel.tuberculos contact a fi in contact cu.murdarire contemplate a contempla.constanta constantly constant.

colaborator contrite pocait.a nascoci.marfuri de contrabanda contraception masuri contraceptuale contract contract.opus contrast a contrasta(cu).alaturat continent continent.colaborare contribution in kind contributie in natura contributor contribuabil.neintrerupt continuance continuare.a se incalca contravention contraventie.rasucire contour contur.posibil continual continuu.european contingency eveniment neprevazut.scenariu continuous continuu.contra contraband contrabanda.satisfactie contest a se lua la intrecere.verificare control oneself a se stapani control tower turn de control controller controlor controversial controversat.a multumi.plin de cainta contrivance dispozitiv.a reusi control control.a urma.multumit.neesential.inventie contrariness incapatanare contrary contrar.mecanism.discutabil controversy controversa convalescent convalescent convection convectie.micsorare.invecinat.infractiune contribute a colabora la.a contracta contractible contractibil contracting care contracteaza.a rasuci contortion deformare.nascocire contrive a inventa.disputa contentious certaret.furnizor contractual contractual contradict a contrazice contradiction contradictie contradictory contradictoriu contraption masinarie.durata continuation prelungire.potrivnic context context contiguous contiguu.competitie.colaborator contributory care contribuie.a satisface content(s) continut(dintr-un vas) contention controversa.confort.neintrerupt contort a deforma.a contribui cu contribution contributie.nefavorabil.adversar content continut.a convoca convenience comoditate.transmitere convene a se aduna.a contura contra dimpotriva.a disputa.strangere contractor antreprenor.controversa contestant concurent.contrast contravene a contraveni.contend a se lupta contender rival.avantaj .donatie.discutabil contentment multumire.intamplare contingent accidental.a reduce contraction contractare.a dezbate.continuare continue a starui.a continua continuity continuitate.cumpatat continental continental.

racoros.pictura de gen.haina.sutana copier aparat de multiplicat.conventie.traditional converge a converge convergence convergenta conversant cunoscator.gatit cool a se raci.racire.raceala coop a inchide intr-un cotet.transport conveyor belt banda rulanta convict condamnat.zguduire convulsive convulsiv cook a gati(mancare).convenient comod.cu acelasi rang.convenabil convent manastire(de calugarite) convention obicei.copie.convingere convince a incredinta(de).vesmant.transmitere.a se racori.xerox coping creasta de zid copious copios.invers.rasucit convoy convoi.a convinge convinced convins.adunare convoke a convoca convoluted incolacit.schimbare conversion(to judaism) convertire(la iudaism) convert convertit.a transporta conveyance comunicare.politist cope a face fata.politist copse crang copulate a avea relatii sexuale.indiferenta.abundent copper cupru.ocnas conviction condamnare.transformabil convertible bonds obligatiuni convertibile convex convex convey a transmite.calmare coolness racoare.cotet de pasari cooperate a coopera cooperative cooperativa coordinate a se coordona.egal coordination coordonare coordinator coordonator coot lisita cop a prinde asupra faptului.calm cool down a se calma.a converti convert(to christianity) a se converti(la crestinism) convertibility convertibilitate convertible convertibil.moneda de arama.incredintat ca convinced.a-i pieri entuziasmul cooling care se calmeaza.imperechere copy a copia.be convinced a fi convins.ocnas.adunare conventional conventional.indiferent.contrar conversion conversiune.a escorta convulse a zdruncina.discutie converse a conversa.coordonata.a fi sigur convincing convingator convocation convocare.a imita.gatit cookie fursec.a exprima.a zgudui convulsion spasm.bucatareasa cook up a inventa o scuza.racoritor.biscuit cooking mancaruri.familiarizat conversation conversatie.copiator.bucatar.a se imperechea copulation act sexual.a ticlui cookery arta culinara.transformare.a condamna convicted condamnat.exemplar.reproducere .a transforma.

descompunere .conform cu corridor culoar corroborate a corobora.dop corked astupat.corespondenta correspondent corespondent corresponding similar.coarda cordial cordial.centura core miez.striere corrupt corupt.a intari corroboration coroborare.snur.corect correction corectare.a zbarci corrugation cute.material corps corp de armata.cut corners a merge pe scurtatura cornet cornet cornice cornisa corny batjocoritor.to the core pana in maduva oaselor coriander coriandru cork pluta.a roade corrosion coroziune.plin de bataturi corollary corolar corona candelabru circular coronary coronar coronation incoronare coroner procuror coronet coronita corporal corporal corporal punishment pedeapsa corporala corporate constituit corporate funds capital social corporation societate comerciala corporeal fizic.cereale cornea cornee corner colt corner stone piatra unghiulara corner.sinceritate cordon cordon.tonic cordiality cordialitate.confirmare corroborative coroborativ corrode a rugini.a corupe corruptible coruptibil corruption coruptie.copiere copyright drepturi de autor coral de culoarea coralului.corporal.plisare.stimulent.copy-book caiet copying care copiaza.culegere corpuscle corpuscul correct a corecta.infundat corn grane.coral cord funie.ruginire corrosive coroziv corrugate a increti.corp de balet corpse cadavru corpulent corpolent corpus corp de legi.a corela correlated corelat correlation corelatie correspond a coresponda correspondence concordanta.indreptare correctness corectitudine correlate a face sa corespunda.nucleu core.

district coup lovitura coup d'etat lovitura de stat .vila cotton bumbac cotton wool vata couch a aseza.at all costs cu orice pret cost-push inflation inflatie dat.a recomanda.consiliu counsel for the defence avocat al apararii counsellee avizat.a numara.tara countryside la tara.over-the-counter la ghiseu counteract a contracara.deoarece cosh bata.indrumat counsellor avocat(amer).infatisare counter ghiseu.puma cough tuse.deliberare.cosemnatar cosiness confort cosmetic cosmetic cosmetics produse cosmetice cosmic cosmic cosmopolitan cosmopolit cosmos cosmos cost cost.consiliu councillor consilier counsel aviz.bancheta.a asterne.cheltuiala cost accounting calcularea pretului cost price pret de cost cost.regiune rurala county comitat.consilier count conte.corset corset cortege cortegiu cortex cortex cos pentru ca.).duplicat countersign a contrasemna countess contesa counting a socoti countless nenumarati.maciuca cosignatory contrasemnatar.a costa.tejghea counter attack contraatac counter to opus counter.a socoti count on a conta pe count oneself a se numara countable numarabil countenance fata. pretului de cost costermonger vanzator ambulant costly costisitor.puzderie countrified rusticizat country regiune.scump costume costum cosy comod.canapea cougar cuguar(zool.a neutraliza counterfeit contrafacere counterfeiter falsificator countermand a contramanda counteroffer contraoferta counterpart contrapartida.confortabil cot pat de copil.sopron cote porumbar cottage bordei.a tusi council sfetnic.

imperechere coupon cupon.a sparge.mufa(tehn).reportaj(tv) covered aparat.a se imperechea.verisoara covenant intelegere cover capac.timonier coy timid coyote coiot coypu nutrie sud-americana crab cancer(semn zodiacal).invelire coverlet cuvertura covert refugiu pt animale salbatice.vacar cower a se face mic.artizan craftsmanship maiestrie.artagos crack a crapa.curte regala.siret crag pisc.a ascunde cover up a disimula.politete courtier curtean courting a curta courtyard curtea unei case cousin var.crab crabbed ursuz.ruta course.siretenie craftsman meserias.ravnitor cow vaca coward las cowardice lasitate cowardly miseleste.coperta.stanca ascutita cram a indesa.husa.a invidia covetous invidios.a se ghemui cowpox variola taurinelor cowshed staul cox carmaci.teren de tenis court martial curtea martiala courteous curtenitor courtesy curtoazie.desigur coursing vanatoare de iepuri court curte(tribunal).prabusire cracked crapat.a acoperi.las cowboy cowboy(amer).a lega coupled cuplat couplet distih(in literatura) coupling cuplare.fisura crack up colaps.curaj courageous curajos courageously cu curaj courier curier course curs al evenimentelor.meserie craftiness viclenie.talon courage bravura.timonier coxcomb sef de banca.couple cuplu.traznit cradle leagan craft dexteritate.a musamaliza coverage acoperirea unui risc.tacanit cracker biscuit sarat cracking cracare a petrolului crackle a trosni.pista.a inghesui .adapost covet a ravni.a pocni crackpot putin nebun.of course bineanteles.acoperit covering acoperamant de protectie.pricepere crafty abil.crapatura.

pliu creased plisat create a crea creation creatie.macara cranium craniu crank manivela crankshaft arbore cotit(mec).lada crater crater cravat cravata lata crave sete de bogatie.a fixa crampon crampon cranberry merisor crane a-si intinde gatul.prostii! crash a se sfarama.opera creative inventiv.a plisa.incredere credit bank banca de credit credit line linie de credit credit risk risc de a acorda un credit credit side partea creditoare credit solvency solvabilitate la creditare creditability demn de incredere creditable demn de lauda.cramfull ticsit cramp crampa.a credita.cocor.creator creator autor.fisura crap ciuvee.laudabil crediting a credita creditor creditor credulity credulitate credulous credul.lesne increzator creed crez creek cric.sete de putere.plauzibil credit credit.fiinta credence credinta credentials scrisoare de acreditare credibility credibilitate.clama.scartait creaky scartaitor cream frisca.veridicitate credible credibil.creion colorat craziness dementa.a solicita crawl craul(inot).parau creep a se furisa.a se tara creeper planta cataratoare creeping tarator(plante si animale) creeping things paduchi(pop) creepy infiorator cremate a incinera cremation incinerare .vilbrochen cranny crapatura.nebunie crazy nebun creak a scartai.smantana creamery untarie crease cuta.a se tara crawl on all fours a merge de-a busilea crayfish crevete(zool) crayon a desena cu creion colorat.pocnitura crash course curs intensiv crash landing aterizare fortata crass cras crate cos mare.trosnitura.agrafa.creator creature faptura.

inviorator.oracait(la broaste) crochet a croseta.talpa crescent corn(panificatie).creson(bot) crestfallen abatut.invalid.a traversa cross claim drept de trecere cross one's mind a-i veni o idee cross oneself a-si face cruce cross out a taia(de pe o lista).greier crime crima.necinstit croon a fredona crop recolta.harb crockery olarie.interogatoriu crosseyed cu ochii incrucisati crossfertilize a incrucisa doua plante .penal criminology criminologie crimson rosu aprins cringe a se ghemui crinkle fald.a critica croak croncanit.a paraliza crisis criza crisp crocant.crematorium crematoriu crepe hartie creponata.delict crime story reconstituire criminal criminal.incrucisat criterion criteriu critic critic de arta critical crucial.croseta crock ciob.hotarator criticise a critica criticism critica.incrucisare(intre specii).dezaprobare criticize a dezaproba.pliu cripple infirm.vesela crocodile crocodil(zool) crocus sofran croft ferma mica.racoros crispness fragilitate criss cross in zig-zag.semiluna cress coltunas(bot).be cross eyed a fi incrucisat cross-section sectiune transversala crossbar bara transversala(fotbal) crossbeam traversa.a sterge cross.escroc crooked incovoiat.descurajat cretin cretin crevice spartura in stanca crew echipaj crib pat de copil cricket cricket(sport).seceris crop loan imprumut agricol crop result acumulare crop up a se ivi(pe neasteptate) crop yield marimea recoltei croquet crochet(joc) cross cruce.lot mic crook carja ciobanului.grinda crossbred metis crossbreeding metisaj(la animale) crosscheck verificare crosscurrent curent in directie contrara crossexamine examinare.

iaht crumb faramitura.strigat.frumoasa(femeie) crumpet gogoasa crumple a mototoli.picior peste picior crosspurposes scopuri opuse crossreference referinte crossroad rascruce crossword puzzle cuvinte incrucisate crotch bifurcatie crouch a se ghemui croupier crupier crow cioara crowd a se inghesui.a faramita crummy atragatoare.a striga crying care plange.a incorona crowned incoronat crowning incoronare crucial crucial crucible creuzet crucifix crucifix crucifixion crucificare.masa.rastignire crucify a rastigni crude brut.scortos crutch carja.traversare crosslegged cu picioarele incrucisate.a sifona crunch a rontai.plans.greutate cry a plange.crossing intersectie(de strazi).replica .neprelucrat crude oil titei crudity asprime cruel crud.a zbura cruiser crucisator.nemilos cruelty cruzime cruise croaziera.stransoare cue tac de biliard.sprijin crux punct crucial.a roade crunchy crocant crusade cruciada crusader cruciat cruse oala de lut crush a stoarce.a naviga.multime crowded aglomerat crowding a se strange crown coroana.strigator crypt cripta cryptic secret crystal cristal crystalline cristalin crystallize a cristaliza cub pui de animal cubbyhole ungher linistit cube cub cubic cubic cubicle odaita cucumber castravete cud a rumega cuddle imbratisare.farama crumble a se destrama.a strivi crushed strivit crust coaja de paine crusty acoperit de coaja.

moneda current curent.a inchega cure a remedia.) curly carliontat curly.vinovat cult cult cultivate a cultiva cultivated cultivat(despre persoana) cultivation cultura(despre pamant) cultivator cultivator cultural cultural culture cultura cultured cultivat culvert canal subteran.zabala curd lapte batut curdle a coagula.become curly a se ondula currant stafida currency valuta.a blestema cursed blestemat cursive cursiv(scriere).a taia .scurt curtail a scurta.antichitate curiosity dorinta de a sti.a incolaci curl up a agita.strigat.parat.curiozitate curious curios curl bucla.a increti curlew ploier mare(zool.cursor cursory pripit.plans.badaran curable curabil curate vicar curative curativ curator curator.greoi cumulative cumulativ cumulus cumulus cuneiform cuneiform cunning istet.teava cumbersome stanjenitor.cuff catusa.italic cursor ac indicator.remediu.cupa cupboard dulap cupid cupidon cupola cupola cur javra.custode de muzeu curb bordura.a palmui cuisine lange.a se vindeca cured vindecat curfew stare exceptionala curio curiozitate.a vindeca cure oneself a se lecui.viclean cup ceasca.manseta.).superficial curt concis.a striga cull a alege cullender strecuratoare culminate a culmina culmination apogeu culpable vinovat culprit acuzat(jur.comun current account cont curent current year an curent curriculum programa scolara curry curry(condiment) curse blestem.

bucata.grija custom obicei customary uzual.indoit cushion a amortiza.customs official agent vamal cut felie.a taia cut across a desconsidera cut away a reteza.taios cutting down reducere cuttlefish sepie(zool) cyanide cianura cybernetics cibernetica cyclamen ciclamen cycle a face ciclism.a separa cut open a spinteca cut out a cala(motorul).linistit cusp pisc.reverenta curvature scolioza.obisnuit customary law cutuma.perna cushy comod.perdea curtness scurtime curtsey a face o reverenta.tambal cynic cinic .asasin cutting decupaj.a ucide cut glass sticla slefuita.a curba curved curbat.a scurta cut down a dobori.varf cuspid canin(dinte) cuss blestem custard crema de oua custodian custode de muzeu.a taia cut back a diminua.a decupla cut price pret redus cut up a taia bucati.a reduce.a se supara cute dragut.curbura curve curba.paznic custody epitropie.taietura.a termina cut off a taia scurt.ciclu cyclic ciclic cyclist ciclist cyclone ciclon cygnet pui de lebada cylinder cilindru cylindrical cilindric cymbal talger.curtailment scurtare curtain cortina.a distruge cut up rough a se enerva.istet cutler fabricant de cutite cutlery tacamuri cutlet cotlet cutthroat ucigas.obiceiul pamantului customer client customer service serviciu pentru clienti customs vama customs frontier frontiera vamala customs house vama customs union uniune vamala customs.cristal cut in a intra in discutie cut it a taia(ceva) cut it out ajunge asa.

expert.grow dark a se intuneca darken a innegura.zagaz damage dauna. Dame damnation afurisenie damned afurisit damp umed dampen a umezi dampness umezeala dance dans dancer dansator dancing dans dandelion papadie dandruff matreata dandy filfizon danger pericol danger of fire pericol de incendiu dangerous periculos dangle a se legana danish danez dank igrasios dapper spilcuit dare a indrazni daredevil cutezator daring indraznet dark intunecat dark.sageata dash miscare repede.paguba damage survey situatie a daunelor damages pagube dame femeie decorata cu ord.a intuneca darkness intunecime.preferat darn a carpi.a se repezi dashboard tablou de bord dashing chipes.intuneric darkroom camera obscura darling iubit.indraznet .cynical cu cinism cynicism cinism cypress chiparos cystitis cistita czar tar dab mester.distractie dally a irosi dam stavilar.a se repezi.a improsca dad tata daddy tatic daddy long legs paianjen daffodil zarnacadea.a repara dart a tasni din.a tampona.narcis galben daft neghiob dagger pumnal dago latin american dahlia dalie daily zilnic daintiness delicatese dainty delicat dairy laptarie dais platforma daisy margareta dalliance petrecere.a atinge dabble a se balaci.

plictiseala deadlock punct mort.uscatura deaf surd deaf.see daylight a intrezari daystar luceafarul de dimineata daytime in timpul zilei.be dazzled epatat.modern dated datat datum data(a unei probleme).noutati(amer) daub a mazgali.nu demult.orbit.these days zilele acestea.a inabusi deadhead om stupid.zi daylight.legal deactivate a deactiva.la moda.tonaj dead-beat epuizat.de fapt de jure de drept.orbire dazzled.a ului dazzle stralucire orbitoare.zilele noastre daylight lumina zilei.zilele trecute day.mort.fatal.dezangajare dead molesit.a tencui.mortal deadpan fata inexpresiva deadwood material fara valoare.fundatura dead heat final egal(sport) dead letter in desuetudine.a dezangaja deactivation deactivare.a day o zi day.data date.vestejit dead end impas.lege neabrogata(jur) dead weight greutate proprie.zori.pictura proasta.ziua day book jurnal zilnic day care center camin de zi day dream fantezie.curmala.tencuiala.viteaz dawdle trandav.termen.pom uscat.scrisoare returnata.pasager fara bilet deadline termen final.a asurzi .the next day a doua zi.uluitor de facto intr-adevar.tara.a trandavi.stagnare.a manji daughter fiica daughter.data date.the other day deunazi.limita.a micsora(viteza).nesimtitor.hotar deadliness moarte.up to date actual.fapte.ziua daze uluire.informatii data bank banca de informatii data base baza de date(informatii) data card cartela de date(informatii) data collection culegere de date data processing prelucrare de date data service serviciu de informatii database baza de date date a data(o scrisoare).zori de zi dawn on him a se lamuri day in cursul zilei.ziua urmatoare day.reverie day of atonement ziua impacarii day off zi libera day.a uimi.uimit dazzling orbitor.become deaf a surzi deafen a inabusi(un sunet).daughter-in-law nora daunt a descuraja.frant de oboseala deaden a amortiza(lovitura/sunet).impas deadly extrem de.linie moarta(ferov).lenes dawn a se lumina de ziua.out of date demodat.invechit date.a intimida dauntless neinfricat.

controversa.discutabil debate dezbatere.desfrau debenture bond certificat de obligatiune debility debilitate.a refuza un drept debase a altera.decadenta.slabiciune debit debit.loc periculos death warrant ordin de executie death.sterge(a o )(fig).grohot(geol) debt datorie debt policy politica imprumuturilor debtor datornic.lipsa death moarte.a debita debonair voios debrief a chestiona.deafness surzenie deal impartitul cartilor(de joc).iubit dear madam stimata doamna dear sir stimate domn dearness pret ridicat.decadere decadent artist decadent.a interoga debriefing chestionare.a omora death.a distribui deal with a avea de-a face cu cineva deal.lovitura mortala deathless nemuritor deathly fatal.scumpete.a pritoci decanter garafa decapitation decapitare.afaceri dear drag.afectiune dearth foamete.put to death a executa.orgie debauchee desfranat.sfaramaturi.taierea capului decarbonize decarbura(a)(chim).a muri.decarbonata(a)(geol) decease deces.mortal debar(from) a interzice sa.a falsifica.discutie debauch desfrau.a discuta.a raw deal grosolana.afacere.purtare aspra dealer comerciant.a injosi debatable contestabil.costisitor.dragoste.a priva pe cineva de.interogare debris depozit de pietris si nisip.moarte .sfarsit death duty taxa de mostenire death march mars funebru death sentence sentinta/ condamnare la moarte death trap capcana mortala.libertin debauchery destrabalare.ridica tabara(a)(mil) decant a decanta.sentence to death sentinta/condamnare la moarte deathbed patul de moarte deathblow lovitura de gratie.debitor debtor balance soldul debitor debug a depana debunk a leza/afecta prestigiul debut debut debutante debutant decade decada decadence decadentism(in arta).decadent decagon decagon(mat) decaliter decalitru decalitre decalitru decameter decametru decametre decametru decamp a ridica lagarul.mortal.negustor dealership negustorie dealings tranzactii.

pavoazat decoration decoratie.a dijmui.decima(a)(mil) decipher a descifra.a declama declaim against a protesta impotriva declamation declamatie declaration anuntare.desface(a)(tehn).inclinare decline a se apleca.impodobit.a insela decelerate a micsora viteza(unei masini) deceleration acceleratie negativa.scadere(de preturi).declasat declassify a face publice docum.deceased decedatul.descompunere decompress a micsora presiunea.a decide decided decis.inselator.degazificare decontrol a elibera(de sub control) decor decor(de scena) decorate(with) a impodobi(cu).impodobire(a unei fatade).hotarator decisively hotarat.a afirma declared declarat.inselator decibel decibel decide a hotara.decisiv.minciuna deceptive amagitor.declin.decenta decent cuviincios.a decupla decoction decoct.decompresa(a)(tehn) decompression decompresare. secrete declension declin.decadere.decent.hotarat.siretenie deceive a induce in eroare.a declara.a decoda decoding decodificare(mesaj) decolour a decolora decompose a descompune(in parti).declaratie declarative declarativ declare a arata.a decora decorated decorat.truc deceitful mincinios(privire).a rezolva.viclean deceitfulness falsitate.incetinirea mersului.fiertura medicinala decode a descifra(cod/telegrama).decompresiune(tehn) decontaminate decontamina decontamination decontaminare.a analiza decomposition analiza(chim).fractie zecimala decimalize a transforma in sistem zecimal decimate a lua a zecea parte.a se inclina.declarare.modest decentralization descentralizare decentralize a descentraliza deception inselaciune.hotarare decision-making autoritate care ia hotarari decisive concludent.frauda.decadere decline(an offer) a refuza o oferta declutch a debreia.marturisit declarer persoana care face o declaratie declasse decazut.pavoazare decorative decorativ decorator decorator .net deciliter decilitru decilitre decilitru decimal decimal.franare(tehn) december decembrie decency bunacuviinta.defunctul deceit inselatorie.decoctie.a pavoaza(o casa).decisiv deck chair sezlong(pe nava) declaim a recita versuri.a deslusi decipherment descifrare decision fermitate.perfidie.

a curata defecation defecare.micsorare decreasing descrestere.lipsa default interest dobanda de intarziere default.deteriorare.omagiu dedicatory dedicator deduce a deduce.cursa.aparator defensive.perspicacitate deer caprioara.a amagi.a conchide deduct a retine.dezonorant defame a ponegri.defecatie defect cusur.a diminua.lipsa deficient incomplet.decent decorum buna-cuviinta.decrepit(persoane) decry a condamna.micsorare decree decret.a ocroti defendable de aparat.aparare.eticheta.defaimare defamatory defaimator.a amana deference deferenta.maniere decoy a atrage intr-o cursa.ruinat(lucruri).situat la mare adancime.a socoti deemphasize a micsora interesul deep adancime.act.a critica dedicate a inchina.in default of in lipsa de defaulter delapidator.fallow deer cerb-lopatar deface a desfigura.descrestere.deficit.intunecat(culori) deep-freeze a congela deep-seated ferm.deturnare de fonduri defamation calomniere.defensiva.dezertare(de la o datorie) defective defectuos.ordonanta.scazamant deductive bazat pe deductie.adancime.provocator deficiency deficienta.a defeca.falit.a rafina.defect.suspendare defiance sfidare defiant sfidator.cerb deer.document(jur).stima.counsel for the defense avocat al apararii defensive defensiv.adancuri.mutilare defalcation delapidare.defensibil defendant inculpat.respectuos deferment amanare.a stima.profund(convingere) deepen a adanci.diminuare.a strica defacement desfigurare.a dedica dedication dedicatie.scadere.a aprofunda deepness profunzime.a defaima default absenta.deductiv deed a transfera prin act un drept.ordin decree nisi hotarare judecatoreasca divort decrepit ramolit.decorous cuviincios.condamnat in contumacie(jur) defeat infrangere.on the defensive in aparare defer a suspenda(o judecata).parat(jur).a respecta.imperfect.acuzat defense aparare(amer) defense.a justifica.momeala.neprezentare.actiune deem a considera.a zadarnici.a ademeni decrease a descreste.a ceda.defectiv(gram) defector dezertor defence aparare defend a se apara.defectuos .diminuare.fapta.a infrange.anulare(jur) defeated invins defecate a se curata.lipsa defection defectiune.insuficient.capcana.a scadea deduction rabat.respect deferential deferent.

piedica delayed temporizat.delicios delegacy delegatie.meteahna.hotarat deflate a dezumfla(un balon).rang.a dezgheta deft dibaci.a impiedica.degenerare(biol).a condescinde.a se abate.a stramba deformation deformatie.zeificare deify a indumnezei.a zeifica deign a catadicsi.dec adere degrade a degrada(un ofiter).categoric definitely definitiv definition claritate(a imaginii).a opri.abil deftness dibacie.a delimita.uratenie defraud a defrauda defray a achita cheltuielile(cuiva).delicatese delicious incantator.degenerat degeneration degenerare.dezintegrare(geol).dezintegra(a)(geol).intarziat delayed action actiune intarziata delaying payment(of wages) amanarea platii delectable desfatator.slutire.treptat dehydrate deshidrata(a)(chim) dehydrated dehidratat deicide ucigas al zeilor deification divinizare.zeitate dejected deprimat.fin(spirit).definitie.precizare(a intelesului) definitive definitiv(judecata/rezultat).dezumflare(a unui balon) deflation(of economic data) micsorare deflect a face sa devieze.indemanare defy a desfide.premeditat deliberation discutare.procura delegate a delega.acoperire(a cheltuielilor) defrost a decongela.dezbatere delicacy delicatete.deliberare.a murdari define a defini.a degrada.a devia.descurajare del credere delcredere(econ) del credere(econ.trecatoare.a sfida degenerate a degenera.stramba re deform a sluti.degenerescenta degradation degradare(a unui ofiter).descurajat dejection deprimare.precis.intentionat.denunt(jur) delator delator.a stramba.delicat delicatessen magazin de delicatese-alim.by degrees cu incetul.) demn de incredere delation delatiune.a abate.denuntator(jur) delay intarziere.stergere(a unui pasaj) deliberate deliberat.a acoperi defrayal achitare.abilitate.refracta(a)(opt deflection deflectie(a luminii).deviatie(a acului magnetic).fanete.treapta degree.a injosi degree grad.a deforma.delicios .opri inflatia(a)(econ) deflation deflatie.deformare deformity diformitate(fizica).a binevoi deity divinitate.prep.delegat delegation delegatie delete a sterge(litera/cuvant) deleterious vatamator(pentru sanatate) deletion suprimare.sensibilitate delicate usor/ usoara(atingere).deficit deficit defile defileu.a lamuri definite definit.a manji.imputernicire.indoire.

revendicare demand bill polita platibila la vedere demand management indrumarea cererii demand.a incanta delighted fermecat.explicare.manifestant demoralize a demoraliza.a schita.incantat delightful fermecator.tinuta.a remite.a insela deluge potop delusion amagire.comportare demented dement dementia dementa.ezitare.a se comporta demeanour atitudine.a descuraja demote a retrograda demotion degradare demur a face dificultati.a delimita demarcation demarcare.a sovai demure retinut.in demand marfa solicitata demand-pull inflation inflatie datorita cererii demanding care cere. a ceda deliver(from) a elibera(de/din).inselator delusory delusive delve adancitura.lipsa demilitarize a demilitariza demise navlosire.doveditor demonstrator demonstrant.a contura delinquency delict.declaratie deliverer mantuitor.interventie diplomatica demean a se injosi.cavitate demagogue demagog demagogy demagogie demand cerere.rezervat demureness modestie afectata.iluzie delusive iluzoriu.reclamatie.nebunie demerit neajuns.modest.deces demobilize a demobiliza democracy democratie democrat democrat democratic democratic.a livra.mofturi den barlog.defect.a sapa.transfer al unui titlu.incantat delirium delir deliver a izbavi.indracit demonstrable demonstrabil demonstrate a demonstra.a da.exprimare(de opinii).solicitant demarcate a demarca.vizuina denationalize a deznationaliza .infractiune delinquent delicvent.distrugere demon demon demonic diabolic.incantator delimit a delimita(un teren) delineate a descrie(un peisaj).a salva deliverance eliberare.predare delude a induce in eroare.desfatare.amagitor.infractor delirious with beat de fericire.salvator delivery livrare.delight a delecta.obiectie.demarcatie demarche demers.a ezita.a explica demonstration demonstratie.incantare.manifestatie demonstrative demonstrativ(gram).transmitere prin testament.a preda(un pachet).democrat demography demografie demolish a darama demolition daramare.

a detrona deposit depozit(in banca).denial dezmintire.viciu deprecate a combate.a dezodoriza depart a se duce.sigur(despre informatii) dependence dependenta.destituire.epuizare.magazie(mil) deprave a perverti.refuz denigrate a ponegri.notare denote a indica.cavitate dental consoana dentala(fon).golire deplorable deplorabil.a se bizui depend(on/upon) a depinde(de).common denominator numitor comun denotation insemnare.a denunta.subordonat(gram) depict a zugravi in cuvinte.a goli depletion descongestionare(med).stomatologie denture proteza dentara denude a despuia.departamental.strain naturalizat denominator numitor(mat) denominator.denuntare deny onself a se priva de.).zugravire depilatory depilator deplete a descongestiona(med.sediment.a infiera denouncement acuzatie publica.a defaima denim panza de doc denizen a adopta un neologism.purtare depose a destitui.a pleca department departament.deviere depend a depinde.a expulza deport oneself a se comporta deportment comportament.desime.a dezgoli denunciation acuzatie publica.minister departure plecare.sedimentare(geol) depositor's book livret de depuneri depot antrepozit.minister.a deprecia depreciation depreciere.a descrie depiction descriere.dentar dentifrice pasta de dinti dentist dentist dentist's surgery chirurgie dentara dentistry dentistica.serviciu department store magazin universal(amer) departmental care se refera la departament.a epuiza.a strica depravity depravare.condamnare(a unui abuz).jalnic.a incetateni.a dezaproba deprecatory dezaprobator depreciate a micsora valoarea(marfuri).zacamant(geol) depositary depozitar deposition depozitie(jur).a marca denotement indicare.masa compacta.dental.incredere dependent persoana intretinuta(de).a deplange deploy a se desfasura deployment desfasurare depopulation despopulare deport a deporta.gara(amer).simbol denounce a demasca(un impostor).a dispretui.dezinfectant deodorize a dezinfecta.a-si refuza deodorant deodorant.a denigra.consistenta dent adancitura.condamnare(a unui abuz).denuntare dense dens.a fi intretinut(de) dependable de cuvant.lamentabil deplore a regreta profund.amortizare .depou.demn de incredere(persoane).solid density densitate.

a desemna.a scadea derogatory derogatoriu.delegat derail a face sa deraieze.a deshidrata desiderate a resimti lipsa.a delega deputize a reprezenta pe cineva deputy deputat.a obtine derived derivat deriving derivand(din) dermaldermic dermatodermic dermatitis dermatita dermatologist dermatolog dermatology dermatologie dermic dermic dermis dermic derogate a stirbi din.a-si rade de derision batjocura.a indica designation numire intr-un post.a deroga.macara invartitoare dervish dervis desalinate a desara desalination desarare descant melodie.panta describe a reprezenta.infatisare descriptive descriptiv descry a zari din departare.a destitui depth profunzime.a destina.lipsire.descindere(a politei).urmas descent coborare.studiu design.indicare.a slabi fortele depressed abatut.origine derivative ceva derivat.a zugravi.provenienta.a abandona.ridicol derivation derivare.pustiu deserted parasit.parasit dereliction abandonare.adancime deputation deputatie.derivat(cuvant) derive a proveni(din).by design intentionat designate a denumi.delegatie depute a imputernici.depreciation(of a currency) devalorizare(a unei monede) depress a lasa in jos.lipsa derestrict a ridica restrictiile deride a lua in bataie de joc.batjocoritor derisory derizoriu.a desarcina.proiect.denumire .parasire.delasare.deradere derisive ironic.a descrie description descriere.intristare depressurize a scadea presiunea(in avion) deprivation deposedare.a reduce(activitatea).reprezentant.nedemn derrick deric.pierdere(de drepturi) deprive a lipsi(pe cineva de ceva).deprimat depressing deprimant depression depresiune.pustiu deserter dezertor desertion abandon.a deraia derange a incurca derelict abandonat.a deriva.dezertare(mil).stagnare.a parasi.a dori design desen decorativ.criza.cantec descendant descendent.imputernicire.a profana desegregation abolirea legilor discriminatorii rasiale desensitize a insensibiliza desert desert.categorie.a distinge desecrate a pangari.parasire deserve a merita(ceva) desiccate a usca(pt conservare).

nevoias.dorit.a hotari determined hotarat(despre persoane).a retine.cerere desist a inceta(sa faca ceva).pustiu(loc).disperat.sarac destitution saracie.a dispretui despite cu tot.masa de scris.stabilit deterrence descurajare.lipsa destroy a distruge destroyer distrugator(mar).pay at the desk platiti la casa! desolate paraginit.in ciuda despondent deznadajduit.nimicitor.lucru detestabil.designer proiectant.arestare deter a descuraja.a impiedica detergent detergent.precizare determine a delimita(o frontiera).indiferenta detail a povesti cu amanuntul.lasare in parasire despair a dispera.a destina destiny destin.retinere.curatitor deteriorate a se deteriora.amanunt.ura detonate a detona.retinere deterrent care impiedica.petarda .retinut detainee detinut(in lagar) detect a descoperi.senzor detente destindere(politica) detention detentiune.detonator.soarta destitute lipsit.nesocotinta despicable abject.ingrozitor desperation deznadejde.disperare desperado aventurier.distrugere destructive destructiv.a detesta detestable detestabil.oportun desire dorinta.a se strica deterioration diminuare a valorii.fixat.a dori.intrigant desirable dezirabil.birou desk.josnic despise a desconsidera.tiranic despotism despotism dessert desert(la masa) destination destinatie destine(for/to) a meni.preventiv detest a ura.degenerare.detalii detain a detine.descurajat despot despot.explozie detonator amorsa.tiran despotic despotic.a surprinde detection descoperire.parasit desolation devastare.deteriorare determination delimitare.criminal desperate deznadajduit.revelator detective.detaliu detailed amanuntit.a desprinde detachment(from) detasare.detective story roman politist detector detector.a impiedica detained impiedicat.detectare detective detectiv.determinare.odios detestation detestare.a identifica.separare(de).distrugator detach a detasa.a renunta(la ceva) desk catedra.a exploda detonation detonatie.dezolare.distrugator destruction nimicire.detaliat details amanunte.singuratic.desenator designing uneltitor.

ocolit deviousness caracter ocolit.a devaloriza devastate a devasta.a inghiti devout pios.micsorare a meritelor cuiva detriment dauna.diabolic devilry magia neagra devious intortocheat.depreciere devalue a deprecia(moneda).a distruge devastated pustiit.sincer devoutness ardoare.umezit dexterity dexteritate. obicei).detour digresiune.manifestat developing countries tari in curs de dezvoltare development amplificare.a se dedica devoted devotat.a se darui.abil diabetes diabet diabolic infernal.distrugere develop a contracta(boala.diabolic diacritic semn diacritic(lingv) diadem diadema diagnose a diagnostica diagnosis diagnoza diagnostic diagnostic.fanatic.go to the devil du-te la dracu'! devil-may-care nepasator devilish dracesc.roca detritica deuteronomy Deuteronom(in Vechiul Testament) devaluation devalorizare.adept devotion devotament.laturalnic devise a inventa.a devia deviation abatere(de la).mecanism devil diavol.diagnoza diagonal diagonala diagonally diagonal.a roura dewlap barbie dubla dewy rourat.drac devil's dozen treisprezece devil.lipsit de devolve a transmite(o sarcina) devote a inchina.grai dialectal dialectal .credincios.dezvoltare development fund fond de dezvoltare developmental evolutiv deviate a se abate(din drum).schema.punere in valoare.deviere device procedeu.devotiune.diagrama dial cadran.a dedica devote oneself a se consacra.paguba detrimental daunator detritus grohotis.pietate devotions rugaciuni devour a devora.pietate dew roua.ocol detoxify a dezintoxica detract a micsora detraction detractare.in diagonala diagram grafic.a amplifica developed dezvoltat.a dezvolta.disc cu numere dialect dialect.a nascoci devoid fara(griji).credincios devotee discipol entuziast.distrus devastation devastare.indemanare dexterous indemanatic.

regim dietary alocatie pentru hrana.dieta.ordin dictator dictator dictatorial dictatorial.deosebire.in financial . dicta) maxima.dialectics dialectica dialectology dialectologie dialing formarea unui numar la telefon dialogue convorbire.greutate difficulty.incomod(despre persoane).jurnal zilnic diary keeper cel care tine jurnalul diaspora diaspora diastole diastola(med) diathermy diatermie diatonic diatonic(muz) diatribe critica violenta.prosop.bifurcatie dick biciusca.U dicta) dicton did facut(tr.diatriba dice zaruri dichotomy despartire.sfiala diffident neincrezator in sine.a muri die down a se ofili.a se deosebi(de) difference a deosebi.a se prapadi.dieta.felurit differential deosebitor.subred dictaphone dictafon dictate a dicta.dicotomie.autoritar diction dictiune.porunca..deosebire difficult greu.diferit.magar dicky prapadit.zicala dictum(pl.regim dietetics dietetica dietician medic dietetician.a diferentia different deosebit.instructiv didactics didactica diddle a pacali(fam).a nu se intelege.de la 'to do') didactic didactic.sfios.a prosti didn't (did not)nu a facut die a deceda.strapontina.timid .distinctiv differentiate a se deosebi differentiation diferentiere.dialog dialysis dializa(chim) diameter diametru diamond diamant diapason diapazon.stil dictionary dictionar dictum(pl.conservator diesel diesel diet a tine regim.registrul principal al orgii diaper panza cu desene.timiditate.a se tocmi dickey plastron.transparent diarist persoana care tine un jurnal diarrhoea diaree(med) diary agenda.a impune dictation dictare.dificil difficulty dificultate.ies a avea greutati financiare diffidence neincredere in sine.sora dieteticiana differ a fi in dezacord.a se stinge die off a se stinge die out a se stinge diehard retrograd.imperios..vorbire aleasa dicker a face negot.scutec diaphanous diafan.

micsorare diminutive diminutiv.zdrentaros dining room sufragerie dinner masa(pranz sau cina) dinner jacket smoching dinosaur dinozaur dinosaurus dinozaur dint iesitura.beneath his dignity sub demnitatea cuiva digress a face o digresiune.amploare diminish a diminua.extindere dilatory incet.a scormoni digest a asimila.a devia digression abatere.a sapa.a vara dig up a lucra cu sapa.ondulatie din galagie.proportii.imprastiat.diffuse a imprastia.a distinge dignitary demnitar dignity demnitate.zgomot din into a zapaci pe cineva cu ceva dine a lua masa diner persoana care cineaza.a difuza.impunator dignify a evidentia.sticla mata(fiz) dimness intunecime dimple gropita.intunecat dim-witted natang dime centi.ruina dilate a dilata.vagon-restaurant(amer) dinette gustare de dimineata.a asurzi.moneda(amer) dime store magazin cu articole f.zarva.asimilare digestive digestiv.a micsora.a mari dilation dilatare.raspandire dig ghiont dig in a infige.nisa servind drept sufragerie dinghy salupa mica(mar) dingy inegrit de fum.zabavnic dildo penis artificial dilemma dilema dilettante amator.neclar diffusion difuziune.neclar.digresiune digs camera inchiriata dike dig.a tempera diluted amestecat cu apa dilution diluare.a digera digestion digestie.foarte mic dimmer reostat(electr).zimt .miner digging sapare.diminuare.numeric.ieftine dimension dimensiune.slabire.incretitura.prestigiu dignity.remediu care ajuta digestia digger sapator.digital dignified demn.scadere dim nedeslusit.a se abate.compendiu.silinta diligent harnic dill marar dilute a dilua.diletant diligence sarguinta.a reduce diminution scadere.unitate digital cifric.obstacol dilapidated darapanat dilapidation darapanare.zacaminte digging in ingropare la teren(mil) digit cifra.

inmuiere diphtheria difterie diphthong diftong diploma diploma diplomacy diplomatie diplomat diplomat diplomatic diplomatic dipping cufundare.situatie nefavorabila disadvantaged dezavantajat disadvantageous dezavantajos.stilet.directie directive directiva.dezamagire disapproval reprobare.drept directness spontaneitate.pe nimic dirt track pista cu zgura(pt motocicl.in that direction domeniu(de cercetare).) dirtiness josnicie.carte de telefon.betiv dire crunt.neplacut disagreement neintelegere.a fi in dezacord disadvantage dezavantaj.josnic disability incapacitate.cumplit direct a adresa.murdarie dirt cheap foarte ieftin.dezordine disassemble a dezasambla.marsavie.catastrofal.a demonta disaster dezastru.) dirge bocet.cataloage directory catalog.diocese dioceza.direct.direct.dezacord disallow a refuza disappear a disparea.a trezi la realitate disaccord dezacord.nefavorabil disaffected nemultumit.nemijlocit.membru fondator.nenorocire disastrous ruinator.dipsomanie dipsomaniac alcoolic.dezastruos .infirm.a trimite direct mail advertisement reclama trimisa prin posta directing(force) forta directoare direction carmuire.director (inf.cantec funebru dirigible dirijabil(balon) dirk a injunghia.sinceritate director director.murdarie dirty murdar.a smulge din iluzii.instructiune directly fara ocol.a dezamagi disappointed deceptionat.conducere direction.pumnal dirt gunoi.directie.a pieri disappearance disparitie disappoint a deceptiona.eparhie dip afundare(intr-un lichid).inmuiere dipsomania alcoolism.invaliditate disable a incapacita.a schilodi disabled avariat(despre aparate).a nu fi de acord disagreeable dezagreabil.stricat disabuse a deschide ochii.crud.a dezaproba disarm a dezarma disarmament dezarmare disarrange a ravasi disarray neoranduiala.regizor directorate directie directories directoare.obscen.invalid(despre persoane).dezamagit disappointing deceptionat disappointment deceptie.sens.dezaprobare disapprove a nu fi de acord.nesociabil disagree a nu corespunde.

usurare disciple discipol.rezervat.nemultumire.disavow a tagadui.a radia din baroul avocatilor disbelief(in/of) neincredere.a diferentia discrimination discriminare.reducere.a instrui.a expune.dezacord discotheque discoteca discount scont.ateu disburse a cheltui.a inlatura discern a deslusi.a abate.a compromite.ramura a unei stiinte disciplined disciplinat disclaim a nu recunoaste.educator sever disciplinary disciplinar discipline disciplina.nepoliticos discourtesy mojicie.a imprastia disbar a exclude(jur.spalacire discolour a decolora discomfort a incomoda.patrundere discharge descarcare.a nega disclosure dezvaluire.).a disciplina.discurs discourteous mojic.stramtoare.necredinta(fata de) disbelieve a nu avea incredere(in).perspicace.patrunzator discernment discernamant.tagaduire disband a da drumul.sporadic discord a nu se armoniza(muz).retinut.nemangaiat discontent a nemultumi.a separa disconnection intrerupere.discreditare.distinctiv discursive discursiv.a trata.a deconcerta disconnect a deconecta.cheltuiala disc disc discard a arunca(cartile la joc).a indeparta.divergenta.lipsa de confort.a se opune discounting scontare.prudenta discretionary discretionar.relevare.a diminua.suparat discontinuous intermitent.a distinge.contradictie discrete abstract.descurajare discourse dizertatie(asupra).descoperire disco disco discoloration decolorare.a renunta.a deranja disconcert a strica(planurile).a renunta.a detasa.grosolanie discover a scoate la iveala.a trimite la vatra.a nu crede disbeliever om necredincios.relevare.adept disciplinarian adept al disciplinei.a vedea discerning ager la minte.a jena.discernamant discrepancy nepotrivire.divagator discus disc .scont discourage a convinge(sa nu).ucenic.nemultumit discontented nemultumit.judecata limpede.liberare.deplin discriminate a deosebi.a plati disbursement plata.detasare disconsolate neconsolat.prudent discreetness chibzuinta.distinct discretion intelepciune.descoperire discredit a discredita(pe cineva).a reduce discount price pret redus discount rate taxa de scont discountenance a deconcerta.neincredere discreet discret.prudenta.a descoperi discoverer descoperitor discovery aflare.a nega disavowal negare.diferentiere discriminatory discriminatoriu.a descuraja discouragement deprimare.om sceptic.rabat.

desconsiderare disfavour a nu incuviinta.discutie disdain desconsiderare.dispret.disonanta dishcloth carpa de vase.a desprinde disengagement degajare.nepasare disinterested dezinteresat.a dezonora dishwasher codobatura.a dezmetici disenchantment deziluzionare.dezinfectie disinformation dezinformare disingenuous cu ganduri ascunse.dizolvare disenchant a elibera de vraja.suparat disguise costumare.a descarca disembarrass a degaja.a descuraja dishevelled zbarlit.rupere a logodnei.a degrada disgraceful degradant.a scarbi.detasare disentangle a descurca(o situatie).dizlocat.vas dish out a imparti(in farfurii) dish up a servi la masa dish.disjunctiv .a descurca.a se revarsa disgrace a dezonora.dezamagire disillusionment deziluzie disinclination repulsie.imaterial disembodiment descorporare(mil).a infunda.dezgustator dish farfurie.nesincer disinherit a dezmosteni disintegrate a se dezagrega.fel de mancare.a dizgratia.travestire disguised unemployment somaj deghizat disgust dezgust.a discuta discussion examinare.a degaja.a desfigura disgorge a varsa.boala diseconomy economie gresita disembark a debarca.wash the dishes a spala vasele disharmony discordanta.aversiune disgusted scarbit disgusting scarbos.deghizare.ciufulit dishonest incorect.impartial disinvestment lichidarea unei investitii disjointed dezmembrat.a dezgusta.a usura disembodied fara trup.a inlatura disengage a desface.a dispretui disdainful dispretuitor disease maladie.necinstit dishonesty incorectitudine.dezbatere.dezmeticire disencumber a descurca.spalator dishearten a deprima.a dezaproba disfigure a urati.spalator de vase disillusion deziluzie.a desface(o ata) disentanglement descurcare.a descompune disintegration dezintegrare disinter a dezgropa disinterest dezinteres.liberare disequilibrium dezechilibru disesteem lipsa de stima.despartire de trup.dezonorant disgruntled nemultumit.aversiune disinfect a dezinfecta.separat disjunctive despartitor.discuss a dezbate.a desconsidera.desfacere.a curata disinfectant dezinfectant disinfected dezinfectat disinfection deparazitare.necinste dishonour dezonoare.

a nu recunoaste disparage a umili.a destitui.a desfasura spread.inlocuire display expunere.nesupus disobey a nu asculta.distribuire.a mutila dismiss a concedia.ecran(inf.disparat disparity inegalitate.trimitere.a lipsi de dispossession expropriere.repartizare dispense a prepara(medicamente).a vorbi de rau.fire.desfranat disorganize a dezorganiza disorientate a dezorienta disown a renega.destituire dismount a descaleca.caracter dispossess a deposeda.umilire.nesupunere disobedient neascultator.dispozitie.a imprastia dispersion raspandire.deosebire dispassion lipsa de patima.a displacea.defaimare disparate fara legatura.a indeparta dismissal concediere.intunecat dismantle a despuia.policlinica dispensation dispensa.a aseza.a transfera displacement deplasare.unitate de disc diskette disc de capacitate mica(inf.a nu se supune disobliging mojic.deposedare dispraise a dispretui.nepoliticos disorder a crea dezordine disorderly dezordonat.a da afara disloyalty nelealitate.dizlocare.imprastiere.disk disc disk drive adaptor pentru disc.farmacie.prezentare.a demonta disobedience neascultare.a aranja disposition dispunere.descurajare displace a deplasa.nepotrivit.a discredita disparagement injosire.a expedia.liniste dispassionate linistit dispatch expediere.) dislike a-i displacea dislocate a disloca dislocation dislocare.a se lipsi(de) dispenser farmacist dispersal dispersare.) display unit ecran de afisare displease a contraria.despuiere dismay a se inspaimanta.a trimite dispatch department serviciul de expeditii dispel a risipi(norii) dispensary dispensar.in dezordine.iuteala.a imparti.deosebit.a nemultumi displeasure neplacere.cedare(de bunuri).scrantitura dislodge a goni(vanatul).a demonta dismantling demontare.risipire dispiritedness deprimare.risipire disperse a dispersa.a dezaproba .disponibil disposable income venit disponibil disposal actiunea de a dispune.fara asemanare.nemultumire disposable liber.dispozitie.a expune.a distribui dispense with a se dispensa(de).de a aseza.a muta.necinste dismal deprimat.or anduir disposal.a descuraja dismember a dezmembra.for disposal de vanzare dispose a dispune.at his disposal la dispozitia(cuiva) disposal.demitere.

disonant dissuade a convinge sa nu faca ceva.pierdere de drepturi( jur) disqualified descalificat.risipa.sfaramator(despre explozibile) dissatisfaction(with) nemultumire dissatisfy a nemultumi dissaving cheltuitor dissect a diseca dissection disectie dissemble a se preface.distanta.dezonorant disrepute dezonoare.boala distend a se dilata.fractionist.separare dissolute libertin.neintelegere dissent opozitie.risipire.diferit dissimulate a se ascunde.a se indeparta distant distant.distractie.disensiune dissident disident.a despuia disrupt a scinda.a ascunde dissipate a duce o viata dezordonata.fara drepturi disqualify a descalifica disquiet a nelinisti.neconformist dissimilar neasemanator.dilatare distil a extrage esenta.studiu disregard neglijenta.respingere(a unei dovezi) disproportion disproportie.a disimula.a discuta.a disimula.controversa.dislocatie.a despovatui dissuasion convingere de a nu face ceva.incapacitate(pentru).dezacord dissenter sectant dissertation dizertatie.a scarbi distasteful dezagreabil.indepartat.discreditare disrespect lipsa de respect.a umfla.a se preface.serviciu nefavorabil(rau).a dilata.a risipi(o avere).a dispretui disrepair darapanare(a unei case).a rupe.imprastiere.neplacut distemper indispozitie.arogant distaste dezgust.lucru de femeie distance departare.a imprastia dissemination semanare.a ascunde disseminate a semana.disproof combatere.cheltuiala dissociation disociere.tulburare disquisition disertatie.a se umfla distention extensiune.a descompune.a im prasti dissipation destramare.a se deosebi(de).despovatuire distaff furca de tors.indiferenta.a tulbura.a se imprastia.mojicie disrespectful nerespectuos disrobing a dezbraca.dauna dissidence dizidenta.a se imprastia dissonant discordant.a picura distillery distilerie.ruptura disruptive brizant.discutie disqualification descalificare.a combate.a raspandi.a sfarama disruption dezbinare.fabrica de spirt distinct deosebit.nepotrivire disproportionate disproportionat disprove a combate disputation disputa.a dezgusta.discutie dispute disputa.precis .expunere disservice deserviciu.topire.dizolvare dissolve a dizolva.desfranat dissolution descompunere(de societate).neliniste.ruinare disreputable neonorabil.raspandire dissension disensiune.a distila.

zapaceala.a se dezbara.repartizare distribution channels canale de distributie distributor distribuitor district raion.distractie.zapacit distraction confuzie.in distress intr-o situatie nenorocita distressing intristator.a devia divest(of) a dezbraca(de).a zapaci distracted tulburat.nebunie distrain(on upon) a pune sechestru(jur) distrait distrat.primadona divagation divagatie.denaturat distorting effect efectul de distorsiune distortion contorsiune(a corpului).a presimti.profit dividend.a prezice.nebun distress tristete.a distribui distribution impartire.scafandru diverge a se abate.ingrijorare.preot divine presence prezenta divina diviner ghicitor.dezbinare disunite a se dezbina.zbor in picaj divinity dumnezeire.dezastru.deosebire distinctive caracteristic.a tulbura.grad.district.distinctiv distinguish a deosebi.plonjon.nenorocire distress.a devia divergence divergenta.canal dither a tremura.neatent distraught zapacit.a desparti.ceresc.diferit diversify a modifica.caracteristic distort a denatura.parasire ditch sant.deosebit diverse variat.deviere divan divan(consiliu de stat).a framanta ditto idem.a abate.a deforma.nefolosire.distinction distinctie.deformare distract a distrage.a renunta la divide cumpana apelor(amer).tulburat disunion sciziune.innebunit.canapea dive bomber bombardier in picaj(av) diver cufundar(ornit).dezbinare disuse a nu mai folosi.a stramba distorted deformat.a distinge distinguished remarcabil.dureros distributable care poate fi distribuit distribute a imparti.la fel ditty cantecel diva diva.a imparti disunity discordanta.tulburare disturbed ingrijorat.neincredere disturb a ingrijora.a imparti divided(be divided) divizat(a fi).a abate.sector distrust indoiala.a deranja disturbance emotie.prezicator diving scufundare.deosebire divert a distrage.titlu.dezacord divergent divergent.diferit diversification diversificare diversified variat.impartit(a fi) dividend dividend.divinitate .final dividend cota in caz de faliment divine divin.deviere diversity varietate.a varia diversion abatere.

necinstit doe caprioara doer autor(al unei actiuni).fezabil docility docilitate.a infaptui.despartitor divisor divizor(mat) divorce divort.canin.nemiscat(fam) .film documentar documentation documentare dodder a tremura(de slabiciune).a repara do well a trai bine do without a se lipsi de do.va salut! doable care se poate face.teoretician doctrine doctrina.siretlic.boxa acuzatilor.registru de procese(jur).smecherie dodge responsibility a evita raspunderea dodgy ager.bazin(al unui port).executant does face(pers III sg.dogma document a documenta.a divulga dixy gamela(mil) dizziness ameteala dizzy ametit.cu urechi de magar dog tag eticheta la zgarda cainelui dog tired frant de oboseala dog.piedica(tech).document documentary documentar.a se clatina dodderer ramolit dodge saritura laterala brusca.how do you do ce mai faci?(forma de salut).impartire.divisible divizibil(mat) division divergenta(de pareri).supunere dock a scurta coada.a savarsi do away with a desfiinta do evil a face rau do good to a face bine(cuiva) do gooder persoana care face binele do harm to a face rau(cuiva) do in a face de petrecanie.a divorta divorcee divortat.burlesc doggie catelus.eticheta dockyard santier naval doctor a trata(un bolnav).divizie. de la do) doesn't (does not)nu face doff a scoate(palaria /paltonul) dog caine.a urmari dog eared cu colturile paginilor indoite.staruitor doggerel versuri proaste.a ingriji doctoral doctoricesc doctorate doctorat doctrinaire doctrinar.doctor.despartire division of labour diviziunea muncii divisive separator.a omora do odd jobs a face munci necalificate do over a zugravi din nou do shopping a face cumparaturile do up a renova.medic.cainesc doggo ca mortul.doc(mar) docker docher docket opis.naucit do a face.ideolog.divortata divulge a da la iveala.dibaci.a andoca.go to the dogs a se distruge doge doge dogfight incaierare generala(fam).lupta de caini dogged incapatanat.

a se invesmanta don juan crai.autoritar dogmatism dogmatism dogmatize a dogmatiza.a mazgali.a stabili domiciliate a domicilia domiciliation domiciliere dominance ascendenta.a dona donated stock capital donat donation donatie done alcatuit.magar donkey work munca grea si plictisitoare donnish imgamfat.servetel doing fapta.plecat doorkeeper portar.domesticire.part.a imblanzi.a afirma dogsbody zvelt doily milieu.actiune doing.tiranic.tristete dolphin delfin dolt prostanac domain proprietate.frant de oboseala done.domn(spaniol).suveranitate.papusica dolorous dureros(poetic) dolour durere(poetic).nothing doing inactiv dole ajutor de somaj.aclimatizare domesticity atasament fata de familie.jalnic doll papusa doll up a se gati dollar dolar dollar basis exprimat in dolari dollar gap lipsa de dolari dolly aparat pt zdrobit minereu.casa grandioasa.usier .soarta.a civiliza domesticated imblanzit.dogma dogmatic dogmatic.sfera.out-door afara din casa.poruncitor domineering despotic.domeniu dome a acoperi cu o cupola.usier doorman portar.distribuire dole out a imparti cu zgarcenie doleful lugubru.domestic.well done bine facut donkey asin.sentinta.stapanire domineer a fi autoritar.incetatenit domestication civilizare.a domestici.don-juan don't (do not) nu face donate a darui(amer). trecut de la do.a se stabili.facut.cupola domestic casnic.autoritar dominion dominion.nerod doom destin tragic.indigen domestic value valoare pe piata interna domesticate a aclimatiza(o planta).predominant.a domina domination dominatie.domiciliu.stapanire dominant dominant.dom.a stapani.profesoral donor donator doodle gagauta.soarta doomsday ziua Judecatii de Apoi door usa door.hotarator dominate a se inalta(despre un munte).dominatie don cadru didactic universitar.doghouse cotet de caine doghouse(amer fam) dizgratie dogma doctrina.treburi casnice domicile locuinta.

duplicat doubly de doua ori.vas cu doua punti(amer).porumbita dovecote porumbar dovetail a imbina in coada de randunica.cotitura double back a replia double bass contrabas(muz) double bed pat dublu double dealing prefacatorie.indoielnic(despre bunuri).portie.indoiala doubtful echivoc.lovitura dubla(la biliard).inselatorie double decker autobuz cu etaj.a se indoi.a stropi.in mod cert douche spalatura(med) dough aluat.ametit dorm dormitor comun dormant care hiberneaza.dublet.nesiguranta.dublu doubt a avea indoieli.a uda dove iubita.a potriv dowager vaduva nobila si bogata .harciog(zool) dorsal al spatelui.cu doua fete.netot double cu doua fete.stergator de picioare doorpost tocul usii doorstep prag doorway cadrul usii.care vegeteaza.a doza.vorba cu inteles dublu double taxation dubla impunere double up a se incovoia.coca doughnut gogoasa doughty viteaz doughy galben ca ceara.doormat rogojina.doza doss pat(intr-un azil de noapte) doss house azil de noapte dossier dosar dot punct dotage ramolisment dotard ramolit(batran) dote a cadea in mintea copiilor.biplan double edged cu doua taisuri double entendre expresie echivoca double sharp dublu diez(muz) double stopping doua corzi atinse simultan double take a arunca o a doua privire double talk inselator.fatarnic.adormit dormitory dormitor comun dormouse alunar.portal dope a administra un narcotic.nesigur(despre persoane) doubtless fara nici o indoiala.narcotic.tristete douse a scufunda.in pas alergator doubles gemeni doublet antena dubla.a iubi la nebunie dotted cu punct(muz).foarte probabil.dorsal dose a adauga(un ingredient).moale ca aluatul.bani(amer).copie.cu doua fete double-quick foarte repede.a se indoi double.porumbel.neproductiv.adormit.in forma de coada de randunica.punctat dotting care exagereaza cu tandretea dotty tampit.unsoare dopey narcotizat.on the double in pas alergator double-click tacanit dublu double-cross a trage pe sfoara(amer) double-faced cu doua fete(despre stofa).informatie falsa(amer).dublu.palid(despre obraz) dour incapatanat dourness severitate.

deprimat downhill la vale.motaiala.a trage dragnet navod mic.canalizare.amarat down on one's luck a avea ghinion down to earth la pamant down tools a face greva down wind in directia vantului downcast abatut.a tara.talent doyen decan doze a dormita.secat drake ancora de marime mijlocie.inghititura.a atrage.a dramatiza drape a drapa.teava de scurgere drainage ape murdare.deprimat downdraught tiraj in jos(pe un cos) downfall ruinare.indemanare drafty expus la curent drag draga(tehn).a redacta.a dobori down and out a culca la pamant down in the mouth plouat.a strange draw back restituire a unui cec .zestre.inclinat downy deluros.potop downright vadit.aspru draughts dame(joc de) draughtsman piesa(la jocul de dame) draughtsmanship maiestrie la jocul de dame draughty expus la curent draw a trage(o perdea /un zavor).rochie demodata down deal.a cobora.descurajat.cavalerist drain canal de scurgere.in josul apei downtown in cartierul comercial.impresionant dramatist dramaturg dramatization dramatizare dramatize a face sa apara teatral.ratoi dram drahma.canalizare.jos.grapa grea.direct downstairs pe scari in jos.pufos.a motai doze off a dormita.prabusire downgrade a degrada downhearted abatut.plasa dragon balaur dragonfly libelula dragoon dragon(mil).mestesug.descendent.posomorat.drenaj drain off a se scurge drain pipe tub de drenaj.dusca drama drama dramatic dramatic.proiect.siret dowry dota.drenaj drained golit.plicticos draft cambie.povarnis downpour ploaie torentiala.a recruta draft bill a trata draft the budget intocmire a bugetului draftsman proiectant.a motai dozen duzina dozy somnoros drab cafeniu deschis.motaiala.in centrul orasului downward in jos.puf.situat la parter downstream in aval.a inveli draper negustor de postavuri drastic drastic(despre remediu).desenator draftsmanship desen tehnic.dowdy femeie prost imbracata.

halat dressing room cabina(pentru actori) dressing table masa de toaleta dressing.neajuns drawee tras drawer tragator al unui cec drawers indispensabili.trist dredge a draga.feeric.vas de linie dream vis.voce taraganata drawn(drawn out) contractat.iluzoriu drear indurerat.perdaf dressing gown capot(de casa).desenare.aranjare dressing down chelfaneala.frac dress.posomorat dreariness jale.a adanci.melancolie.excavator dregs resturi.inspaimantator dreadnought cuirasat.stofa groasa.perdaf.nehotarat drawn.imbracaminte dress down a trage un perdaf.ramasita drench a uda pana la piele.a nu se mai sfarsi drawback inconvenient.dezolare dreary indurerat.ireal dreamt visat dreamy de vis.a visa dream up a-si inchipui ceva realizabil dreamer visator dreaming visare dreamland lumea viselor.long drawn out prelungit dray camion(de bere).schita drawing board planseta de desen drawing out extragere.a certa dress rehearsal repetitie generala dress suit costum de seara.getting dressed pregatire pt a iesi pe scena dressmaker croitor de dame dressmaking croitorie dressy sic dribble a dribla.a stropi dress a pieptana.sora de chirurgie dressing imbracare.draw out a iesi afara.excavator.a imbraca.restituire de taxe.sertar drawing desen.draga(tehn) dredger draga.fancy dress costum de bal mascat dressage dresaj dressed in imbracat de gala dressed up imbracat dresser masa de bucatarie + policioare.a se teme.a se inspaimanta dreadful teribil.posomorat.caruta dread spaima.doza mare de doctorie.sedimente.draw blood a lua sange draw conclusions a trage concluzii(din ceva) draw near a se apropia de cineva draw out a extrage.tara de basme dreamlike de vis.a se urca draw.nedecis.teroare.a picura dribbling dribling .scoatere drawing pin pioneza drawing right drept de a emite cecuri drawing room salon drawing(bow) incordare(a unui arc) drawl a vorbi taraganat.rochie.a scoate draw the line at a limita draw up a se strange.

bomboana.a sfredeli.camila drone trantor.lenes droop a lasa capul in jos.sofer driveway sosea driving deriva.strop marunt dropper instilator.hazliu drollery gluma drome aerodrom dromedary dromader. de la drive(conduce masina) drown a se ineca.curent.a scoate drive up the wall a impinge pana la capat(fig) drivel a face bale.coborare drooping willow salcie plangatoare droopy descurajat drop a lasa sa cada.a picura dripping picurare drive away a alunga.dus.sfredel.bautura drink in a absorbi drink up a da pe gat drinkable care se poate bea.plimbare cu un vehicul drizzle a burnita.bataie drudge a munci din greu.soneta drop it las-o.a se ingramadi drifter navodar(vas).tendinta.uscaciune a aerului drove trec.a respinge drive out a extrage.pipeta dropsy hidropizie dross reziduu.toba.zgura de metal drought seceta.conductor.salahor drudgery corvoada.supraveghetor.picatura.uit-o! drop off a se micsora.dried uscat drier mai uscat drift a fi purtat.zumzait.cilindru drum major tambur major drum up a atrage.inecare drowse somnolenta.a ademeni .burnita droll nostim.vizitiu.burghiu drill.a cadea.a goni drive back a face sa dea inapoi.a dormita drubbing ciomageala.sfredelire drink a bea.urme lasate de bataie.a se intrista.spume la gura driven condus driver persoana care mana o turma.om de corvoada.munca grea drug doctorie.a droga.narcotic drugged drogat druggist farmacist(amer) drugstore farmacie(amer) drum a bate toba.medicament.vagabond drill exercitiu.a inunda drowning inundare.potabil drinker bautor drinking(heavy drinking) baut(mult) drip picurare.intentie.vatman.strop drop a brick a face o gafa drop behind a ramane in urma drop hammer ciocan de matritat.a se prapadi drop out a se retrage din drop(by parachute) salt cu parasuta droplet picatura mica.arms drill instructie militara drilling foraj.vestejire.

a zapaci dumbness mutism.cuvenit.in due course la timpul cuvenit duel a se duela.a toci.sicativ drying up secare dryness uscaciune.a investi dubious nesigur.tacere dumdum glonte dumdum dummy manechin.maleabil ductility ductilitate dud nulitate.gunoaie dump in a descarca intr-o gramada dumping basculaj.piroga duke duce dulcet dulce(sunet) dulcimer timpanon(muz) dull a se prosti.posac.in timp util.impozite(pl).duel duelist duelist duettist duelist duffer negustor de obiecte false.puisor.plonjon duckling boboc de rata ducks pietre plate ducky dragul meu.canal ductile ductil.puisor duct conducta.searbad.descompunere dual dual dualism dualism duality dualitate dub a acorda un titlu.marioneta.dead drunk aparare civila drunkenness ivil dry up ivile dry.becoming dry secand.sovaielnic.taxe due to datorita due.tacut dumb dumb glonte dumdum dumb waiter ascensor de la bucatarie.zdrente(haine) dude filfizon(amer) dude oneself up a se dichisi dudgeon resentiment.datorat.uscandu-se dryer uscator drying care usuca.indoielnic ducal ducal duchess ducesa duck rata.cufundare.stagnare duly bine meritat.dumping .plictisitor dullness caracter mohorat.zgomot surd.om incapabil.drunk.obiect fara valoare duffle bag sacosa din molton duffle coat scurta din molton dug trecut/part.depozit provizoriu de munitii.porumbita.la timp dumb mut. trecut de la dig dugout adapost(in transee).gramada(de gunoi)(amer dump goods deseuri.netot dulling plictisind.tocit(cutit).servanta dumbbell haltere dumbfound a uimi.just.prostanac dullard neghiob.manie duds bulendre due cotizatii(amer).natang dummy bullet glont orb dump a descarca(gunoi).sterilitate dryrot putregai.

be dying a fi pe moarte dyke dig.obstacol dynamic dinamic.gagauta duplex din doua parti.copie.planta sau animal pipernicit dwarfish chircit.a pacali.impozabil dutiables produse supuse taxelor vamale dutiful ascultator.a se micsora dyad element bivalent.doi dye a se colora.obez duo duo dupe naiv.functional .fatarnicie durability rezistenta.duplicat duplication duplicare.inserare dusky umbrit.copie.respectuos.supus duty dare.trainic durables marfuri neperisabile duration durata duress intemnitare.duplicat duplicity duplicitate.dumpling galusca.vopsire dying muribund.respectuos.pitic dwell a locui.sarma dumpy bondoc.limba neanteleasa duteous ascultator.obligatie duty free scutit de taxe vamale duty free zone zona libera de taxe vamale duty line produsele supuse taxelor vamale duty.ingrasamant dungarees tesatura de bumbac grosolana dungeon temnita dungy murdar de balega dunky diform.colorant.murg dunce natang.scurt si indesat dun culoare cenusiu-castaniu.a se insera.nedezvoltat.double dutch galimatie.energic.sumbru.moarte dying.neinteresant dutch limba olandeza.constrangere during in decursul.plin de praf.person on duty persoana de serviciu duvet plapuma de puf dwarf pitic.intunecat dust praf.balegar.impozit.olandez dutch courage curajul betivului dutch.netot dung balega.a se imputina.tarana.trainicie durable durabil.culoare.vopsea.in timpul dusk amurg.a salaslui.a vopsi dyeing colorare.a trai dwell on a starui asupra dweller locuitor dwelling salas dwelling house locuinta dwindle a decadea.supus dutiable supus taxelor vamale.gunoi dust cover husa dust jacket invelitoare de carte dust storm furtuna de nisip dustbin lada de gunoi duster carpa de praf dustman gunoier dustpan faras dusty plat.datorie.dublu duplicate a face o copie.

dinamita dynamo dinam(electr).down to earth realist earthbound lumesc.nerabdator eagerness nerabdare.timpuriu earn a castiga. trec.with ease cu usurinta easel sevalet easily usor.eat one's words a retracta eatable comestibil eaten part.spre rasarit eastern oriental.sol earth.confort.calm eat a inghiti.lumesc earthquake cutremur de pamant earthworm rama earthy trupesc.dynamics dinamica(fiz).rasaritean easting a intoarce catre est eastward spre rasarit easy usor.dinamo dynastic care respecta regula veche dynasty dinastie dyne dina(fiz) dysentery dizenterie dysfunction proasta functionare dyspepsia indigestie dyspeptic pers.a manca eat.care sufera de indigestie e.pamantesc earwig urechelnita ease tihna.ardoare eagle vultur ear spic.lesne easiness usurinta easter Paste easterly de rasarit.g de exemplu each fiecare each other reciproc eager doritor.forta motrice dynamism dinamism dynamite a dinamita.a usura ease up a se departa.a slabi.sincer earnings castig earphone casca(telefonica) earring cercel de pus in ureche earshot distanta la care se poate auzi earth pamant.ureche ear muffs acoperitoare pentru urechi ear piece scoica receptorului telefonic earful stire senzationala earl conte earldom rangul/proprietatea unui conte early matinal. de la eat(a manca) .to stand easy de voie(mil) easygoing fara griji.linistit easy chair fotoliu easy.stand at ease pe loc repaus ease.pamantean earthenware ceramica earthly pamantesc.a merita earn a living a-si castiga existenta earnest serios.a usura ease.

extern ecumenical universal.a rasuna.in eclipse eclipsat ecological ecologic ecologist ecologist ecology ecologie econometrics econometrie economic economic economic aid ajutor economic economic assistance asistenta economica economic climate climat economic economic development dezvoltare economica economic geography geografie economica economic goods bunuri ieftine economic growth crestere economica economic links legaturi economice economic management conducere economica economic regulators regulatori economici economic rent venit unic economical chibzuit.eclipsa eclipse.a esalona echo ecou.a repeta eclat glorie.rasunet.ascutit edible comestibil edict edict edification edificare.a margini.econom economics stiinte economice economist economist economize a economisi economy economie economy.tiraj .succes eclectic eclectic eclipse a eclipsa.eau de cologne apa de colonie eaves streasina eavesdrop a trage cu urechea ebb reflux ebb and flow flux si reflux ebb tide maree. din Biblie) ecclesiastic cleric echelon esalon.lamurire edifice cladire edify a povatui edit a edita.incantator ecto din afara.redactare edition editie.margine edge.ca abanosul eccentric excentric eccentricity excentricitate ecclesiastes Ecleziastul(cap.general eczema eczema eddy a face un vartej.on edge a fi la stamtoare edgeways lateral.reflux ebony abanos.a publica editing pregatirea materialului.open economy economie deschisa ecstasy extaz ecstatic extaziat.market economy economia de piata economy.vartej edema edem edge muchie.oblic edgewise lateral.oblic edgy pe muchie de cutit.

educatie educational educativ educator educator.scurgere effort efort.eficace efficacy eficacitate.efluent efflux eflux.exuberant egalitarian egalitarist egg ou egg beater mixer egg on a instiga egghead intelectual eggplant vanata ego ego egocentric egocentric egoism egoism egoist egoist egomania egomanie egotism vanitate egotist vanitos egregious nemaipomenit.eficienta efficiency randament.educat education invatamant.for effect pentru a impresiona.eficienta efficient capabil.a deduce eel tipar eerie sinistru.simplu efforts eforturi effrontery obraznicie effusion efuziune.sfortare effortless fara efort.in effect de fapt effect.rezultat effect payment plata rezultata effect.revarsare effusive expansiv.straniu eeriness ciudatenie efface a sterge efface oneself a se da la o parte effacement stergere effect efect.a efectua.extraordinar egress a iesi egypt Egipt egyptology egiptologie eiderdown plapuma(de puf) eight opt eighteen optsprezece .pentru efect effect.eficace effectuate a efectua effeminate efeminat effervesce a fierbe de manie effervescence efervescenta effervescent efervescent.in fierbere effete istovit.a realiza effectiveness eficienta effects(personal effects) bunuri personale effectual in vigoare.editor redactor editorial articol de fond educate a invata.epuizat efficacious folositor.a educa educated instruit.activ effluent apa reziduala.put into effect a indeplini.izvor.invatator educe a dovedi.

side elevation profil .a se scurge elastic elastic elasticity elasticitate elasticity of demand flexibilitate a cererii elate a incuraja elation inflacarare.precizare elan avant.optimism elbow cot elbow grease lustru.energie elder mai mare.optime eighty optzeci eire Irlanda either oricare(din doi).front elevation sectiune verticala elevation.entuziasm elapse a trece.fiecare either. fie ejaculate a exclama ejaculation exclamatie eject a izgoni. or fie.alegator electorate corpul electoral electric electric electric sign semnal electric electrician electrician electricity electricitate electrification electrificare electrify a electrifica electro electro electrocardiogram electrocardiograma electrocute a electrocuta electrode electrod electroencephalogram electroencefalograma electron electron electronic electronic electronic game joc electronic electronics electronica electroplate a galvaniza electrotype galvanotipie elegance eleganta elegant elegant elegiac elegiac elegy elegie element element..eighth al optulea.a scoate ejector ejector eke out a adauga la elaborate a detalia.partea componenta elementary elementar elementary school scoala elementara elements(the elements) elemente ale unui studiu.a ridica elevation inaltime....deal elevation.ridicare.fortele naturii elevate a inalta.mai varstnic elderly batraior eldest cel mai varstnic elect a alege(prin vot) elected ales electioneering campanie electorala elections alegeri elective electoral elector elector.a elabora elaboration elaborare.

elevator lift.prelungire elope a fugi pe ascuns elopement fuga pe ascuns eloquence elocventa eloquent elocvent else alt.altfel else.zagazuire embargo embargo.taciune aprins embezzle a delapida embezzlement delapidare embitter a amara embittered amarat emblem emblema emblematic simbolic .altfel elsewhere aiurea.a incrusta embellish a infrumuseta ember jar.vlaguire embalm a imbalsama embankment taluz.a proveni emancipate a elibera.a deslusi elucidation clarificare elusive lunecos.extragere elide a omite.a prelungi elongation alungire.interzicere embarkation imbarcare embarrass a stanjeni.unsprezecime elf spiridus elicit a scoate elicitation obtinere.or else caci.omisiune elite elita elixir elixir elk elan(zool) ellipse elipsa ellipsis elipsa elliptic eliptic elliptical eliptic elm ulm elocution oratorie elongate a alungi.a impiedica embarrassed incurcat embarrassing jenant embarrassment jena.slabire emanate a emana.care-ti scapa printre degete elysium Elizeu emaciation epuizare.a emancipa emancipation emancipare.in alta parte elucidate a lamuri.a evita eligible eligibil eliminate a elimina elimination eliminare eliminatory eliminatoriu elision eliziune.a vlagui emasculation emasculare.macara eleven unsprezece elevenses gustarea de la ora unsprezece eleventh al unsprezecelea.eliberare emasculate a emascula.incurcatura embassy ambasada embattled crenelat embed a incastra.

a cuprinde embracing imbratisare embroider a broda embroidery broderie embroilment confuzie.a intrupa embolden a incuraja embolism embolie emboss a gofra.embodiment intruchipare embody a intruchipa.remarcabil emissary emisar emission difuzare.a imbunatati emendation imbunatatire emerald smarald emerge a reiesi.a aparea emergence aparitie.autoritar empire imperiu empiric empiric empiricism empirism empiricist empirist emplacement amplasament employ a angaja.care emuleaza emulsion intrecere en bloc tranzitii in bloc .pericol emergency room camera de urgenta emery smirghel emery paper hartie de smirghel emetic vomitiv emigrant emigrant emigrate a emigra emigration emigrare eminence eminenta.a intrebuinta employee salariat employee investment totalul salariatilor employer patron employment utilizare.inaltime eminent eminent.imbratisare.a raspandi emotion emotie emotional emotional emotive emotiv empathy empatie emperor imparat emphasize a accentua emphatic energic.).emisiune emit a emite.incurcatura embryo embrion embryology embriologie embryonic embrionar emend a corecta.a emula emulator emulator(inf.iesire emergency urgenta.ocupatie emporium antrepozit empower a imputernici empties vagoane goale emptiness spatiu gol empty gol empty-handed cu mana goala empty-headed nepriceput emu emu(ornit) emulate a rivaliza cu.a stanta embrace a imbratisa.

a se stradui.en route pe parcurs enable a ingadui.inzestrare ends(odds and ends) ramasite.afectiune endeavor stradanie.sfarsit endive andiva.drept enema spalatura interna enemy dusman.efort endeavour stradanie.inamic .rezistenta endure a suferi.resturi endurable suportabil endurance rabdare.no end of o multime de end.a permite enact a legifera enactment legiferare enamel smalt enamoured indragostit encampment lagar.to the bitter end pana la capatul puterilor endanger a pune in pericol.a primejdui endangering primejduire endear a face sa indrageasca endearment indragire.sfarsit end.a indura endways(endwise) in picioare.incalcare encumber a stanjeni.cicoare(bot) endless interminabil.a gira endorsement gir endorser girant endow a dota.a impovara encumbrance povara encyclopaedia enciclopedie end capat.tabara encase a impacheta(intr-o cutie) encephalitis encefalita enchant a incanta enchanted incantat enchanting incantator enchantment incantare encipher a cifra encircle a incercui encirclement incercuire enclave enclava enclose a ingradi enclosed ingradit enclosure.a se stradui endemic boala endemica ending terminatie.ingraditura encode a coda encompass a inconjura encore bis!(interj) encounter a intalni encourage a incuraja encouraging incurajator encroach a incalca encroachment violare.inclosure ograda.nesfarsit endocarditis endocardita endocrinology endocrinologie endogamy endogamie endorse a andosa.in the end pana la urma end.a inzestra endowment dotare.

ostilitate ennoblement innobilare ennobling innobilator enormity enormitate enormous urias enough destul.marire enlighten a lumina.a starni engine locomotiva.a slabi enfant terrible copil teribil enfeeble a slabi enfold a imbratisa enforce a decreta.a planui engineering constructii(mecanice).get engaged a se logodi.ocupat engaged.imprimat engraver gravor engraving gravura engross a absorbi engulf a scufunda.without engagement fara nici o obligatie engaging atragator engender a produce.motor engine driver mecanic de locomotiva engineer inginer.a mari enlargement amplificare.a se angaja engagement angajament.inginerie engineers corps Asociatia inginerilor engirdle a incinge english engleza.a lamuri enlightened lamurit.luminat enlightenment iluminism.a incanta enrich a se imbogati .energetic energic.a inveseli enmity dusmanie.a imprima engraved gravat.a infuria enrapture a extazia.multumire enlarge a extinde.suficient enquire a intreba.a savura enjoyable placut enjoyment placere.luminare enlist a inrola.a obliga engage in a se angaja engaged logodit.sporire enhancement of value marire a valorii enigma enigma enigmatic enigmatic.a inghiti enhance a mari.misterios enjoin a impune.englezesc engorge a devora engrave a grava.a se angaja enlistment inrolare enliven a insufleti.a porunci enjoy a se bucura de.a sili.activ energic energic energy energie energy crisis criza energetica enervate a molesi.logodna engagement.a aplica enfranchise a emancipa enfranchisement emancipare engage a angaja.a spori enhancement intensificare.a cerceta enrage a exaspera.

intrare entrancing fermecare.totalitate entitle a intitula.prezentator entertainment reprezentatie.transee entrepreneur antreprenor.momeala entire intreg.a distra entertainer cabotin.fiinta entombment ingropare entomology entomologie entourage anturaj entrails maruntaie.a inveli ensign portdrapel.a inscrie enteritis enterita enterpreneurship impresariat enterprise intreprindere.a lasa mostenire entailment mostenire inalienabila entangle a momi.rugaminte entree acces intr-un loc nepermis.a indreptati sa entity existenta.curaj enterprise resources resursele intreprinderii enterprising intreprinzator.a incurca entanglement incurcatura entente intelegere enter a intra in.inavutire enroll a se inrola.a justifica entitled to a avea dreptul sa(da).antreuri entrench a fortifica entrenchment fortificatie.enrichment imbogatire.entuziast entice a momi enticement momire.intestine entrain a imbarca in tren entrance a hipnotiza.intreprinzator entrust a incredinta entrusting incredintare entry articol de dictionar.steag enslave a inrobi enslaved inrobit enslavement inrobire ensue a rezulta.total entirely in intregime entirety intregime.a entuziasma enthusiasm avant.intrare entry visa viza de intrare entwine a se impleti enumerate a enumera .a se inscrie enrollment inrolare ensemble ansamblu artistic enshrine a pastra cu evlavie enshroud a infasura in giulgiu.indraznet entertain a amuza.a urma ensure a asigura.aventura.entuziasm enthusiast entuziast enthusiastic inflacarat.distractie enthralling captivant enthrone a inscauna enthronement inscaunare enthuse a inflacara.a garanta entail a atrage dupa sine.hipnotizare entreat a implora entreaty implorare.admitere.

voluptos epicurean gurmand epidemic epidemic.epopee epicentre epicentru epicure gurmand.sol envy invidie.pizma enzyme enzima eon era.linistit equality egalitate equalization egalare.a rosti enunciation enuntare.rostire enuresis urinare involuntara envelop a invalui.uniformitate equable regulat.ecvestru .vecinatate envisage a lua in considerare.eon epaulet epolet ephemeral efemer epic epic.enumeration enumerare enunciate a enunta.epidemie epidemiology epidemiologie epidermis epiderma epiglottis epiglota epigram epigrama epigrammatic epigramatic epigraph epigraf epigraphy epigrafie epilepsy epilepsie epileptic epileptic epilogue epilog epiphany Boboteaza episcopal episcopal episcopate episcopat episode episod epistemology epistemologie epistle epistola epistolary epistolar epitaph epitaf epithet epitet epitome rezumat epitomize a rezuma epoch epoca epoch making epocal equability simetrie. environs imprejurimi.a infrunta envoy trimis.a egala.linistit equal egal.egalizare equalize a egaliza equanimity resemnare equate a egala equation ecuatie equator ecuator equatorial ecuatorial equerry comisel equestrian bun calaret.a cuprinde envelope plic.invelis enviable care starneste invidie envious invidios environment mediu inconjurator environmental inconjurator environmental protection protectia mediului inconj.

instalatii equipped echipat equitable echitabil.echivoc equivocate a vorbi echivoc equivocation vorbire echivoca eradicate a eradica.echitate equity capital capital cinstit equity stake participare cinstita equivalence echivalenta equivalent echivalent equivocal ambiguu.a escorta escrow(in escrow) lasat in custodie esophagus esofag esoteric esoteric especial special.a starpi eradication eradicare.just equity dreptate.a inzestra equipment echipament.a evita escort escorta.logodna espouse a se casatori .deosebit especially in special.ridicare ermine hermina erode a eroda.scapare escapism tendinta de evadare eschatology escatologie eschew a ocoli.a sterge eraser guma erasure stergere erect teapan.a fugi.a ridica.gresit error eroare eructation ragaiala erudite erudit eruditely cu eruditie erudition eruditie erupt a erupe eruption eruptie escalate a escala escalator scara rulanta escapade escapada escape a scapa(de).evadare.zapacit erratum erata erroneous eronat.desfiintare erase a desfiinta.a uza erosion eroziune erotic erotic erotica arta sau literatura erotica eroticism erotism err a gresi errand comision errant ratacitor erratic extravagant.aderare.equiangular echiangular equidistant echidistant equilateral echilateral equilibrium echilibru equine cabalin equinox echinoctiu equip a echipa.drept erection inaltare.a inalta.mai ales espionage spionaj espousal casatorie.

.become ..incercare essence esenta essential esential establish a infiinta.moral ethical moral ethics etica ethiopia Etiopia ethnic etnic ethnocentrism etnocentrism ethnographer etnograf ethnography etnografie ethnology etnologie ethos ethos ethyl etil etiolation ofilire etiology etiologie etiquette eticheta etude studiu etymology etimologie eucalyptus eucalipt eucharist impartasanie eugenics eugenie eulogist elogios eulogistic elogios eulogize a lauda eulogy lauda eunuch eunuc euphemism eufemism euphemistic eufemistic euphonious armonios euphony eufonie euphoria euforie .ed(soundly) a fi recunoscut de lege established stabilit establishing infiintare establishment gospodarie.espy a zari esquire domn.a aprecia.a incerca. etch a grava etching gravura eternal etern eternally etern eternity eternitate eterogeneous divers ether eter ethereal eteric etherize a narcotiza cu eter ethic etic.a intemeia establish an arrangement a stabili un aranjament establish.evaluare estop a exclude.stare estate duty impozit pe proprietate esteem a stima.a indeparta estoppel impiedicare legala estrangement instrainare estuary estuar etc etc etc(et ceteras) etc.a evalua estimation apreciere.gentilom essay eseu.stima estimate evaluare.infiintare estate mosie.

vreodata everywhere peste tot evict a evacua.posibilitate ever intotdeauna.a izgoni eviction evacuare evidence dovada evidence.etern evermore mereu every toate.a evalua evaluating evaluare evaluation pretuire.toti.nenorocire evil spirit duh rau .evaziv eve ajun even neted.banal everyone toata lumea.in any event in orice caz eventful plin de peripetii eventual final.seara evenness echilibru.vreodata ever after de atunci incoace ever.evaluare evaluative evaluator evanescent efemer.rau.fiecare every once in a while din timp in timp every other din doi in doi.eurhythmics euritmie eurobond legatura europeana europe Europa europe.at all events in orice caz event.egal.orizontal.oricand.toti.uniformitate evensong vecernie event eveniment event.nici castig nici pierdere even.for ever pentru totdeauna evergreen planta perena everlasting nemuritor.get even with a fi chit cu.a se razbuna even-tempered calm evening de seara.din doua in doua everybody toate.fiecare everyday zilnic.toti.break-even a iesi fara pierderi/castig.clar evil raul.toate.trecator evangelical evanghelic evangelism evanghelism evangelist evanghelist evangelize a evangheliza evaporate a se evapora evaporation evaporare evasion evaziune evasive vag.united europe Europa Unita european community(ec) Comunitatea Europeana euthanasia eutanasie evacuate a evacua evacuation evacuare evacuee persoana evacuata evade a scapa de.fiecare everything eauna.oricand.a evita evaluate a estima.ultim eventuality eventualitate.par even if chiar daca even though chiar daca even.in evidence vizibil evident evident.

discutabil exceptional exceptional exceptive exceptional excerpt extras.ulcior ex cathedra cu autoritate ex officio in virtutea pozitiei ocupate exacerbate a exacerba.obiectie exception.corect exacting pretentios.the evil eye deochi evildoing ticalosie evince a dovedi.exces excess fee supliment de plata excessive excesiv excessively excesiv exchange bursa.take exception to a obiecta la exceptionable contestabil.a pretinde.precizie exaggerate a exagera.a desfasura spread ewe oaie ewer ibric.a inalta exaltation exaltare.comert.desavarsire excellency excelenta excellency.slavit exam examen examination examen.his excellency execelenta sa excellent excelent except a excepta.a schimba .a arata eviscerate eviscera evisceration eviscerare evocation evocare evoke a evoca evolution evolutie evolutionary evolutiv evolutionist evolutionist evolve a evolua.examinare examine a examina.evil.a omite except for in afara de excepting cu exceptia exception exceptie.exact exactness exactitate.a agrava exact exact.schimb.fragment excess excedent.a cerceta examined examinat examiner examinator example exemplu exasperate a exaspera exasperation exasperare excavate a excava excavation excavare excavator excavator exceed a depasi exceedingly extrem de mult excel a intrece.exagerat exaggerated exagerat exaggeration exagerare exalt a lauda.slavire exalted exaltat.pretentie excesiva exactitude exactitate exactly chiar.a depasi excellence excelenta.sever exaction impunere abuziva.

a secreta excretion excretie excruciating chinuitor.inlocuibil exchequer ministerul de finante.pardon execrable execrabil execrate a avea oroare.director executive director director executiv executor executor exegesis exegeza exegetics exegeza exemplar exemplar exemplary exemplar exemplification exemplificare exemplify a exemplifica exempt from scutit de .scuza excuse me iarta-ma.cumplit exculpate a dezvinovati exculpation dezvinovatire.a agita excited emotionat.exchange business afaceri la bursa exchange contract contract de schimb exchange council Consiliu Director al Bursei exchange member membru al bursei exchange order ordin pentru bursa exchange rate curs de schimb exchange rate policy politica schimbului valutar exchange.disculpare excursion excursie excursion.rate of exchange curs de schimb exchange.excitare excite a emotiona.in exchange for in schimbul exchange.executare execution of instructions executarea instructiunilor executioner calau executive administrator.rezervat exclusiveness exclusivitate excogitate a inventa.tulburator exclaim a exclama exclamation exclamatie exclamation mark semn de exclamare exclude a exclude exclusion excludere exclusive exclusiv.tulburare exciting emotionant.a indeplini execute a contract a executa un contract execution executie.go on an excursion a merge in excursie excuse a-si cere scuze.a detesta executable executabil execute a executa.visterie excise impozit pe cifra de afaceri excise tax impozit excitable excitabil excitation agitare.tulburat excitement emotie.telephone exchange centrala telefonica exchangeable intersanjabil.a nascoci excommunicate a excomunica excommunication excomunicare excrement excrement excrescence excrescenta excrescent excrescent excrete a excreta.

a se extinde.cheltuiala expense.a inveseli exhilaration inviorare exhort a indemna.spatiu vast expansion expansiune.at the expense of cu pretul expenses cheltuieli expensive scump.a exila exist a exista existence viata.a dezgropa exigency exigenta.a exclude expend a cheltui expenditure cheltuiala expenditures cheltuieli expense cost.complet exhibit exponat.epuizare exhaustive exhaustiv.epuizant exhausting obositor exhaustion golire.a presa exert oneself a se sili exertion exercitare.marit expanse intindere.exemption scutire exercise a exersa.neinsemnat exile exil.exercitiu exert a exercita.a sfatui exhortation indemnare.avantajos.convenabil expedition expeditie expel a expulza.a raspandi exhaust a istovi.necesitate exiguous mic.costisitor .a elibera exoneration achitare.asteptare expectations asteptari.a evacua.scutire exorbitant exorbitant exorcise a descanta exorcism descantare exorcist exorcist exotic exotic expand a se dezvolta.a expune exhibition expozitie exhibitionist exhibitionist exhibitor expozant exhilarate a inviora.evacuare exhausted istovit.povatuire exhume a exhuma.existenta existentialism existentialism existing existent exit a iesi(de pe scara).intindere expansive expansiv expatriate a expatria expect a se astepta la.epuizat exhaustible istovitor.sperante expedience utilitate.a mari expanded extins.a presupune expectancy asteptare expectant in asteptare expectation perspectiva.a largi.oportunitate expedient expedient.straduinta exhale a exhala.exilat.iesire exodus exod exogamy exgamie exonerate a scuti.

expunere expostulate a protesta exposure demascare.a extinde extending extindere extension cladire anexa.extindere extensive extins.nepregatit.a explica explanation explicatie.a explica express expres.a exporta export counter value contravaloarea exportului export declaration declaratie de export export licence licenta de export export promotion promovarea exportului exporter exportator expose a demasca.prelungire.posta expres.experienta(stiintifica).interior(telefon).exprimare expressionism expresionism expressive expresiv expressway autostrada rapida expropriate a expropria expropriation expropriere expurgation epurare exquisite miununat.justificare explanatory explicativ expletive cuvant aditional.a exprima express oneself a se exprima expression expresie.experiment experimental experimental expert specialist.experience experienta experienced incercat.explorator explosion explozie explosive exploziv exponent exponent export export.injuratura explicable explicabil explication explicare explicit explicit explode a exploda exploit a exploata.expunere expound a clarifica.a cerceta explorer cercetator.terminare explain a motiva.expert expertise expertiza expiate a ispasi expiation ispasire expire a expira expiry expirare.experimental experiment a face experiente.excelent exservice in afara serviciului extant existent extemporary improvizat.vast .ad hoc extemporize a improviza extend a se intinde /(a).fapta glorioasa exploitable exploatabil exploitation exploatare exploited exploatat exploiter exploatator exploration explorare exploratory fapt explorator explore a explora.a expune exposed expus exposition expozitie.

ext external economies economii dat.de acord cu .a starpi extirpation extirpare extol a ridica in slavi.a lauda extort a smulge.extent masura. unor elem.extern external diseconomies pierderi dat.dusca eye shadow fard de ochi. universitare extradite a extrada extradition extradare extraneous din afara.a se elibera extrinsic extrinsec extroversion extroversiune extrovert extravertit exuberance exuberanta.extrema extremely peste masura de.margine extricate a se descurca.a jubila exultant triumfator exultation bucurie eye ochi. externalities elemente externe externalize a exterioriza.extrem de extremism extremism extremist extremist extremity extremitate. unor cond.black eye ochi vanat eye.capat.a stoarce extortion obtinere cu forta extortionate jecmanitor.medic external exterior.a materializa extinct mort(sentiment).a elimina exult a exulta.a stinge extirpate a extirpa.pradalnic extortioner jefuitor.stins extinction disparitie(a unei rase).strain extraordinary extraordinar.speculant extortionist jefuitor.stingere(a unui foc) extinguish a potoli(o pasiune).remarcabil extraordinary budget buget extraordinar extrapolate extrapolare extraterritorial extrateritorial extravagance extravaganta extravagant risipitor.a scuza extenuation atenuare exterior exterior exterminate a extermina extermination exterminare exterminator exterminator extern student extern. ext.intindere extenuate a atenua.in plus extra charge suprataxa extra-large portion portie foarte mare extra-special special extract extras.a extrage.mascara eye.abundenta exuberant exuberant.a privi.see eye to eye with a avea acelasi punct de vedere.extravagant extreme extrem.ureche de ac eye opener eveniment /stire senzationala.origine extracurricular in afara oblig.speculant extra supliment.abundent exude a transpira.a obtine extraction extractie.

a falsifica.a intampina greutati/probleme face.caracter glumet facia fascia facial al fetei.masaj sau tratament facial facile usor.make a face a se stramba(la) face.facsimil fact fapt.a infrunta face amount suma fetelor(geom) face facts a tine seama de fapte face it out a infrunta cu curaj.expresie face a face fata.facial.proprietar de fabrica factory siding linie ferata de incinta .intre patru ochi face value valoare nominala face.agent factorization descompunere in factori primi factors of production factori de productie factory uzina.promovare facility usurinta.fatuire.a se simti umilit face.razvratit factitious imitat.lose face a se rusina.intamplare fact.fatada(arhit).legendar facade aparenta.vedere eyesore ceva urat(fig).eveniment.nascocitor(fam) fabulous fabulos.in fact de fapt fact-finding investigatie.a inlesni facilitation usurare.lesne.set eyes on a pune ochii pe eye-liner creion de ochi eyeball globul ocular eyebrow arcada(arhit).in prezenta cuiva facet suprafata.hazliu facetiously glumind.muchie(tehn) facetious glumet.a intampina.martor ocular fabian adept al fabianismului fable fabula.save face a salva aparentele face.eye.a se simti incurcat.spranceana eyelash geana.stofa.imbracare facsimile a reproduce in facsimil/exact.lesnicios facilely usor.copie exacta.fractiune.a inventa fabricated contrafacut fabrication fabricare.fabrica factory owner industrias.partid factious dizident(pol).exterior.to his face sub nasul cuiva.inlesnire.colir(farm).to be faced with a fi confruntat(cu).aptitudine facing captusire.left face(about) stanga-imprejur face.factor.cheotoare.material fabricate a fabrica.salarzion(med).urcior(med) eyewash apa de ploaie.fateta.masca.facil.glumet facetiousness spiritual.mestesugit.fata.cercetare faction clica.artificial factor element.nascocire fabric tesatura.amagire eyewitness a fi martor(la).falsificare fabricator calomniator.a face fata face the music a infrunta critica/greutatile face to face fata in fata.geana eyelet capsa.face the music a raspunde face.facil facilitate a usura.orificiu eyelid pleoapa eyeshot camp vizual eyesight vaz.povestire.

corect.sexul frumos fair site amplasament bun.fecale fag a se trudi.moleseala.esuat failing slabiciune.blond.aptitudine fad toana.fricos fainting lesin.prabusire fall asleep a adormi fall back on(upon) a reveni(la o idee).decolorare.factory worker muncitor in fabrica factotum mester la toate factual faptic.neputinta fair targ.lipsa faint sleit.the faithful credinciosii fake contrafacere.ofilire fading away a se trece.pozitie avantajoasa fair-copy original(al unui document) fair-haired blond fair-weather vreme frumoasa/insorita fairly destul de.falsificare.spiridus fairyland tara basmelor fait accompli fapt implinit faith credinta faithful credincios faithful.munca istovitoare fail a cadea(la un examen).a incepe fall out a iesi din formatie.drojdie.a se poticni fall sick a se imbolnavi fall to a se apuca de fall to pieces a se face tandari fall under a cadea sub.frumos.fad.a pali(fig).optional faculty corp profesoral(amer).a intra in categoria .facultate.cadere.a se repezi la fall for a se indragosti de fall from grace a cadea in dizgratie fall guy tap ispasitor.lesinat faint-hearted slab de inger.mixaj.a lesina.lipsa failure absenta.a se ofili fading fading(tel).capriciu fade searbad.drept fair sex sexul feminin.drept fairness corectitudine fairy zana.a ramane de caruta fall down a se prabusi fall down on the job a se apuca de.a se desprinde fall over a cadea peste.a se varsa in fall on a se repezi la.a se darama.a recurge la fall behind a ramane in urma fall between two stools a nu fi in stare sa aleaga.efectiv facultative facultativ.a falsifica fakir fachir falange falanga fascista(Spania) falangist membru al falangei falcon soim falconry vanatoare cu soimi fall a cadea.a da gres failed cazut la examen.prada usoara fall ill a se imbolnavi fall in a se alinia fall in love a se indragosti de fall in with a se intalni pe neasteptate fall into a cadea in.cinstit.neajuns.a se ofili faeces sediment.

entuziast fancy a-si inchipui.a se familiariza family familie family allowance alocatie de familie family tree arbore genealogic famine foamete famished infometat famous vestit.obisnuit familiarity familiaritate.indepartat.fanatic fanatical fanatic fanaticism fanatism fancied imaginat fancier cunoscator.the fallen cei cazuti pe campul de lupta fallibility cadere in pacat fallible supus greselilor falling prabusire.far be it from me nici pomeneala de far.expert fanciful exaltat.falsitate fallen cazut fallen.dos(amer).cadere.fantezie far demult.broderie fanfare fanfara fang carlig(tehn).renumit fan the flame a atata focul prin suflare fanatic patimas.imaginatie.lucrare fantastica(lit) fantastic straniu.larg far-gone dator vandut(fam).la distanta.fantezie fancy oneself a se infumura fancywork lucru de mana.colt fanlight ferestra cu ventilator fanny sezut.deocamdata far.uimitor.a-si imagina.falsitate falsification denaturare.a se clatina fame renume.a-si imagina.far from it nici pomeneala de far.pupa fantasia fantezie(muz).gresit false pretences in mod fraudulos.galben-cafeniu fallow lands ogoare necultivate falls cascada false fals.intins.departe far be it from me departe de mine(gandul) far from it departe de asa ceva far.a falsifica falsity perfidie.in ultimul stadiu(de boala) .dinte de animal.renumit familiar familiar.fantastic fantasy halucinatie.pretentii nejustificate false prophet profet mincinos false step fapt necugetat falsehood neadevar.familiarizare familiarize a se obisnui cu.imaginatie.departe(in timp).legatura intima familiarization deprindere(cu).faima famed vestit.in departare.a-si inchipui.falsificare falsify a denatura.falsitate falter a se balbai.so far pana acum.fall-back continuare fallacious eronat fallacy eroare.micsorare falling in love indragostire fallopian tube tubul fallopian fallow rosiatic.so far so good pana acum toate bune far-flung cuprinzator.

inevitabil.fermecat fascinating fascinant.full fare bilet intreg fare.distrat.legare fastidious pretentios.prostanac(fam) father tata.capsa.repede fast asleep adormit bustean fast.miraj fatal inevitabil.cu bine.moda.mortal fate soata.a fascina.inevitabilitate fatally funest.a lega.destin fated sortit.elegant fast solid.burlesc fare bilet.modern.single fare bilet simplu farewell adio.far-reaching vast.orfan fatherly(fatherlike) patern.fatal fatalism fatalism fatalist fatalist fatality soarta.farsa(teatru).nefast.fatal.obositor fatness caracter unsuros.obisnuinta.trainicie fat rotofei.creator father-in-law socru(tata) fatherhood autoritate paterna/parinteasca.return fare bilet dus-intors fare.fermier fart gaze(vulg) farther mai departat(in)(spatial).ramas bun farewell.predestinat fateful fatidic.parinte.postire.a calatori fare.grasime.clama fastening capsare.obezitate fatten a ingrasa(solul).a posti.fel fashionable la moda.ferma.farsa.fermecator fascination fascinatie.a se abtine(de la).fatalitate.oboseala fatiguing istovitor.ingrasat fattening ingrasare fattish dolofan.inchizator.a indopa.paternitate fatherless fara tata.cuprinzator faraway absent.grasut .excess fare supliment fare.lubrifiant fata morgana Fata Morgana.gras.indopat.decisiv fathead idiot.parinteste fathom stanjen(unit.parintesc.a lua in arenda.renghi farcical caraghios.incantare fascism fascism fascist fascist fashion maniera.adancime fatigue extenuare.mas.de farsa(teatru).dificil fastness tarie.).cel mai indepartat(spatial) fascinate a seduce.a ingrasa fattened imbuibat.bid farewell to a ura drum bun farm a cultiva pamantul.mai departe(spatial) farthermost cel mai departat(in)(spatial) farthest cel mai departe(spatial).a fixa fastener zavor.a captiva fascinated fascinat.costul unei curse.indepartat farce a insera(fig).a introduce.unsuros.condamnat(la).fixare.drum bun.plin de consecinte.make fast a incuia(usa) fasten a prinde laolalta.experimental farm ferma experimentala farmer arendas.gospodarie farm hand muncitor agricol farm out a angaja muncitori farm.

trec.greseala. de la feed(a hrani) fed up satul pana la gat(fam.fecunditate fed hranit.mancau feeding alimentare.nefolositor fecund roditor.a strange bani albi pentru.om usuratic feathery trivial.a se preface .hatar.a proteja.preferat favouritism favoritism fawn cafeniu.sensibilitate feign a simula.plapand feeble-minded debil mintal.mancacios.simtire.lipsa faultless fara cusur.impecabil faulty defectuos.prostanac feed a alimenta.a arata bunavointa favourable prielnic.out of favour din obligatie.festivitate.dop fault a blama.din pura bunavointa favour.trasatura caracteristica.a ajuta.robinet(amer).inspaimantator fearless curajos.in favour of in avantajul.infricosator.a se teme.a se gudura.show favour a acorda favoarea(cuiva).confederatie fee onorariu.infrigurat february februarie feckless ineficient.prostie faucet ventil.a se lingusi fear teama.realizabil feast a se desfata.propice.federal federal reserve bank banca federala de rezerve federal reserve system organizatie din banci federale federation federatie.mustata feeling simt.nutret.fatty gras.favorabil favourite favorit.a hrani.cerb(sub un an).a pipai feel bad a se simti prost(indispus).impodobit cu pene feature rubrica fixa(jurn).antena(zool).alimentatie feedback reactie inversa feeder traseu electric.trec.gresit faun faun(mitol) fauna fauna faux pas gafa favor favoare favour a favoriza(pe).isprava.articol de ziar featureless fara caracteristici.a fi ingrijorat.obez fatty acid acid gras(chim) fatuity imbecilitate.inexpresiv febrile febril.retributie feeble slab.a se simti rau feel like a avea pofta de.a praznui.usor.prostie fatuous imbecil fatuousness imbecilitate. si part.favoare favour.) federal unional.in favoarea favour.a invinovati.cu pana.a percepe.frica fearful groaznic.fapta feather pana(de pasare) feather one's nest a face avere.neinfricat feasibility posibilitate de a realiza.banchet.hrana.defect.a-si asterne in viata featherbrain descreierat.a chefui.a fi dispus sa feel up to it a fi in stare sa feeler tentacul(bot).petrecere feat fapta vitejeasca.practicabilitate feasible posibil.fecund fecundity rodnicie.hranire feel a simti.

fertil fertility rodnicie.a fermenta.fericire feline siret.fertlitate fertilization fertilizare.feminin.festivitate festoon feston.veselie.femela.piele de animal felled taiat(copac).delict felt fetru.feribot.prefacut felicitation urare.mlastina fence gard.supuratie.rautacios fell blana.inel ferryboat bac.doborat fellow semen.barbar.rana purulenta festival festival.panglica de bumbac/ matase ferret out secrets a scotoci dupa secrete ferrite ferita(chim) ferro de fier ferrule veriga.pod plutitor fertile roditor.rau felony crima.dihor.ferocitate.feint simulat.cal care sare peste obstacole fencing arta scrimei.crud ferocity barbarie.felicitare felicitous reusit.camaraderie.gratar de soba.inflacarare fester a supura.ingrasare(a solului) fertilize a fertiliza.criminal felonious tradator.inflacarat fervour fervoare.perfid.festivitate festive sarbatoresc.a proteja fenced imprejmuit.fericit felicity beatitudine.pasla female femeie.patima.gratar de siguranta(la tren) ferment a dospi.a indeparta fender aparatoare(masina).camarad.fieros ferret camatar.feminin feminine femeiesc.muncitor fellowship tovarasie.confrate fellow countryman compatriot fellow worker tovaras de munca.ghirlanda fetal fetal(anat) .festiv festivity sarbatoare.a ingrasa(solul) fertilizer ingrasamant chimic fertilizer manure ingrasamant natural fervency inflacarare.a puroia.drojdie fermentable fermentabil fermentation fermentatie fermenting care fermenteaza fern feriga ferny acoperit cu ferigi.felin.ingraditura.ingradit fencer scrimer.a imprejmui.a apara fend for oneself a se ingriji de sine insusi fend off a para(o lovitura).delicat femininity feminitate feminism feminism feminist feminist femur femur fen mocirla.femeiesc.ferment.imprejmuire fend a pazi.ca o feriga ferocious feroce.ardoare fervent fervent.asociatie felon delicvent.cruzime ferreous care contine fier.

fibros fibula fibula.embrion feud vrajba.fiddle away a toca(bani).fictiv fiddle scripca.forma fizica.) fever temperatura.nestatornicie fiction fictiune.putini few.nelinistit few putine.a bate fetus fat.news a colporta vorbe sau barfe fetch down a dobori fetch out a scoate in relief fetch up a voma fetch.scarlet fever scarlatina(med) feverish febril.vreo cativa fez fes fiacre birja.literatura imaginativa.cupeu fiance logodnic fiancee logodnica fiasco esec.puturos fetidness duhoare.amuleta fetter catuse(pl) fettle conditie fizica.away a se debarasa fetch.neseriozitate.febra.fetch through a ajunge la capat(greutati) fetch.ireal.hay fever febra de fan.minciuna.fictiv fictive inventat.fit as a fiddle sanatos tun .autorizatie.peronier(anat) fickle schimbator.a aduce(inapoi).peroneu(anat).a umbla teleleu fiddle.fiasco fiat sanctiona(a)(lege/dispoz.nascocire fictional inventat.festivitate fetid fetid.putoare fetish fetis.capricios fickleness instabilitate.moneda fictiva fib a burdusi.decret.brosa fibular fibular.guturai fever.fictiv.vioara(fam) fiddle.dihonie feudal feudal(ist) feudalism feudalism feuilleton foileton( nu in ziare engl.instabil.ireal fictitious nascocit.ordin fiat money moneda de hartie.a autoriza.a provoca fetch about a ocoli fetch and carry a face munci inferioare fetch and carry.friguri fever.fibros fibrillar fibrilar.in forma de fibra fibrillin fibrina fibrillose fibrilar fibrosis fibroza(med) fibrositis fibrosis(med) fibrous filamentos.fiddle about a taia frunza la caini.gogoasa fibber mincinos(fam) fiber inistit fiberglass fibre de sticla fibre fibra fibreglass fibra de sticla fibriform cu fibre.atragator fete sarbatoare.lovitura(box).).fetch a starni.a risipi fiddle.through a ajunge in port fetching seducator.a few vreo cateva.

diavol.figurat.lucrat in filigran.a calcula.furie fiery aprig.criminal fiendish dracesc.a invinge fight for a lupta pentru fight off a respinge fight shy of a nu se amesteca fight through a razbi fighter soldat.prospectiune(geol).metaforic figuratively simbolic.fioros.spioni fiftieth a cincizecea parte.camp de actiune field work munca de teren.forma.anii cincizeci fiftyfold de cinzeci de ani fig smochina.camp.avion de vanatoare.conditie fizica fig tree smochin fight against a se lupta impotriva fight down a birui.mistuitor.a fura file fisier(inf.metaforic figure figura.lautar fiddling usuratic(fam).rank and file soldatii fara grade filed slefuit.figurat.filial.cincisprezecime fifth al cincilea.fiduciary money moneda de hartie(ec) fief feuda.a pricepe figure to oneself a se visa.fifties al saselea deceniu.pilire filing.fiddler scripcar.cartare.in flacari fife trisca.tinuta.frivol fidelity fidelitate.lan field of action camp de activitate.slefuire.cincime fifth column sabotori.pilit filial sucursala.explorare fieldcraft unelte de camp fieldglasses binoclu fieldmouse soarece de camp fiend demon.on file in sir file.ingrijorat fiduciary fiduciar.lucru fin filing slefuire.iron filings pilitura de fier filing-cabinet cartoteca .luptator fighter bomber avion de vanatoare bombardier fighting batalie.metaforic figurative language limbaj figurat.fir filch a sterpeli.diabolic fierce violent.jumatate-jumatate.demn de incredere fiduciary.indian file sir indian file.ferocitate.bataie.agitatie.filiala filigree filigran.pila(tehn).crunt fierceness violenta.al cincizecilea fifty cincizeci fifty fifty frateste.raspa file a claim a prezenta o reclamatie file.crud.a-si inchipui filament filament(bot).individ figure out a socoti.minciuna figurative simbolic.fluier fifteen cincisprezece.echipa de rugby fifteenth al cincisprezecelea.neliniste fidgety neastamparat.loialitate fidget a nu sta locului.fief field teren.lupta figment scorneala.pilire.).a se agita.pe din doua fifty.

sfarsit.amenda.plomba(med) filling station benzinarie filly manza film strat subtire.a amenda.rafinat.fill in(out) a insera.ring finger degetul inelar fingering digitatie.a afla.murdarie filthiness stare de murdarie filthy mocirlos.implinire finished goods produse finite finite finit.murdar filtrate filtrat.limitat finiteness limitare fink spargator de greva.pelicula filmy cetos.a critica find guilty a gasi vinovat find out a prinde cu minciuna.deget finger bowl vas pt clatit degetele la masa finger stall invelis de cauciuc pt degete finger.iscusinta.alimentare cu combustibil.inlocuitor fill.a intregi fill up surogat(ec).pipaire fingernail unghie fingerprint amprenta digitala finish a termina.a se limpezi fineness seninatate.inotatoare la pesti.clanta.middle finger degetul mijlociu finger.a finanta.a introduce fill-in inlocuitor fillet cordeluta.filtrare fin bavura.deriva final.little finger degetul mic finger.a se umple.distins.tradator finn finlandez finnish limba finlandeza .a finaliza finally in incheiere.a descoperi.muschi.a completa.gateala finesse subtilitate.definitiv finance venituri.finalitate finalize a definitiva.frumusete finery inzorzonare.excelent.descoperire find consolation a gasi consolare find enclosed atasat(la o scrisoare cerere) find fault a gasi defecte.finante finance capital capital financiar financial financiar financial collapse crah financial incentives stimulente pecuniare financial institutions institutii financiare financial market piata financiara financial penalty amenda fiscala financier financiar finch cintez find a gasi.panglica filling umplere.filtru filtration strecurare.descoperire fine fin.a descoperi finding constatari.nebulos filter filtru filtering filtrare filth gunoi.loctiitor.finals finale finale final finality sfarsit.fill a umple.finete finger a atinge cu degetul.finete.

camin firepower puterea de foc a unei arme fireproof neinflamabil.set fire to a da foc fire.important first aid prim ajutor first born primul nascut first class clasa intai.antetul firmei firmament firmament firmly cu fermitate firmness neclintire.fermitate first in primul rand.cladirea pompierilor firewood lemne de foc fireworks focuri de artificii firing squad pluton de executie firm stabil.la prima mana firstling trufanda.excelent first sergeant plutonier major first-hand fara intermediar.primul.refractar fireside gura sobei.a aprinde.estuar fiscal fiscal fiscal policy politica fiscala fiscal year an financiar fish carne de peste.camin firestation statie de pompieri.exceptional first come first served primul venit primul servit first fruits prima recolta.cease fire armistitiu.grozav.pin fire a da foc.primele rezultate.primul nascut firstly in primul rand firth liman.foc fire brigade corp de pompieri fire escape scara de incendiu fire extinguisher extinctor fire extinguishing actiunea de a stinge focul.on fire in flacari fire.primele rezultate first mate secund(pe vapor) first name prenume first night premiera first of all inainte de toate first rate de minune.incetarea focului fire.a descarca(o arma).primele fructe.pescar fisherman pescar fishery pescarie.pompier fireplace vatra.fiord fiord fir brad.a pescui.pescuit fishhook carligul unditei fishing pescuit .set on fire a pune foc fire-proof ignifug firearm arma de foc firehose furtun de incendiu fireman fochist.solid.produs chimic ce stinge focul fire fighter pompier fire fighting lupta cu focul fire insurance asigurare contra incendiilor fire resistant refractar fire.peste fishball perisoare de peste fishbone os de peste fisher barca de pescari.firma firm signiture semnatura autorizata firm stamp stampila firmei.

atent fixing stabilire.imblaciu.cu fulgi flamboyance bogatie de culori.meci de box fistula fistula fit a se potrivi(la ceva).fasait.molesit flag stanjenel.foarte luminos flamingo flamingo flammable inflamabil flan tarta cu fructe flange flanta.incurcatura.plesnitura.a fixa fixation fixare fixative fixativ.pavaj flagon vas de sticla.perspicacitate flake fulg.fisura fist pumn fisticuffs lovituri de pumn la box.viu colorat.viu colorat flame vapaie.luminozitate flamboyancy stralucire flamboyant sclipitor.cu gust de peste fission fisiune fissure falie.a esua fizzy acidulat flabbergast a ului.lespede flageolet flageolet flagging sfarseala.flamengo flaming sclipitor.a echipa fit.a zapaci flabbily fara vlaga.latura.valvataie.fixator fixed cost cost fix fixedly fix.a fulgui flakiness cojeala.proprietate de a avea fulgi flaky care se cojeste.potrivire.instalatie.moliciune flabby fara vlaga.corespunzator fit out(up) a utila.fishing line undita fishing smack miros de peste fishing tackle unelte de pescuit fishmonger negustor de peste fishwife vanzatoare de peste fishy bogat in peste.bordura flank flanc.mecanic fitting ajustare.fixare fixture dispozitiv de fixat.a face spuma fizzle out a rata.steag.capricios fitness sanatate.flacara flame up a arde cu flacari mari flamenco dans tiganesc spaniol.in mod neregulat fitful neregulat.a imblati flair presimtire.convenabil.a lovi .molesit flabbiness lipsa de vlaga.incincit fiver bancnota fix a consolida.potrivit five cinci fivefold de cinci ori mai mare.armatura fizz bautura gazoasa.acces.aptitudine fitter montator.by fits and starts cu intreruperi.cana flagrant flagrant flail a biciui(fig).coasta flannel fara sens.molesit flaccid flescait.molesire.proprietate fixa.flanela flap falfait.atac.

a indoi flexibility suplete.in.novice flee a se refugia.a descuraja flatten out a nivela.ostentatie flashlight strafulgerare.esec flash point punct de aprindere flashily sclipitor.a arde cu flacara.fugar fleming flamand(locuitor) flemish flamand.a netezi.blit flashy sclipitor.aromat flavourless fara aroma.neted.netezire.mirodenii flavour savoare.gaze la stomac flautist flautist flavor savoare.crapatura.plan flat cost pret invariabil flat rate curs invariabil.reluare flash bulb blit flash flood viitura flash in the pan efort de scurta durata.strafulgerare.insipid flaw pata.in plina viteza flatlet apartament mic flatten a turti.lana de oi(netunsa) fleecy flocos.buchetul vinului.aroma flavoured aromat flavouring mirodenii.nereusita.plosca flat apartament.go flat out cu toata puterea si energia.flota.descurajare flatter a lingusi flattering lingusitor flattery lingusire flatulence aerofagie.a invata cainii.infumurare flatulent care baloneaza.limba flamanda flesh trup omenesc.flare valvataie.a trece ca fulgerul flash a glance a arunca o privire rapida flash back reintoarcere.flexiune fledgeling pui de pasare.a da aroma.palpaire flare gun aruncator de flacari flare up a izbucni in flacari.lanos fleet a se scurge repede.panza de in flay a critica sever.in the flesh in persoana fleshpots buna stare si multumire fleshy carnos.fara gust.garla fleeting vremelnic.a parasi fleece a tunde o oaie.a face sa prinda gustul.a jecmani.a fugi.flexibilitate flexible flexibil.batator la ochi flashiness stridenta.defect flax fuior.carne vie flesh.lanterna.avand stralucire trecatoare.bombastic flatus suflare.a pieri.emfatic.trecator.rata invariabila.pistrui flection curbare.pret invariabil flat tire cauciuc spart flat.batator la ochi flask sticla.aroma flavored aromat flavoring aromat.a se infuria flaring tipator.a netezi flattening tesire.a da aroma.lipsit de gust flash sclipire.durduliu flex a se incovoia.a jupui flea purice fleck pata de lumina.mladios .a disparea.

cocheta.a palpai.platica flour a macina grau.zmucitura flounder balaceala.vorbire goala.usurinta flimsy subred.incinta a parlamentului floor show spectacol de cabaret floor walker sef de raion intr-un magazin floor-cloth linoleum flooring doborare la pamant.nesocotinta flighty ticnit.palpaire flickering tremurat.nestatornic flimsiness subrezenie.moale floppy disk disc flexibil.punctul maxim al fluxului floodgate stavilar.put to flight a pune pe fuga flightiness frivolitate.potop floodlight lumina de reflectoare.flusturatic.a inunda.impertinenta flippant superficial.palpaitor flier volant.falfaire.a tremura.a indeparta flicker tremur.a biciui flogging biciuire.lovitura usoara.a misca iute.a plana.multime flock together a se strange.turma.obiecte plutit.infloritura. strident floppy flescait.a se eschiva.a se zmuci.mana flirt zvacnitura.neintemeiat.inflorit.flexiune flick a scutura.laba.frivol flinch a tresari.potop flood lighting luminat de reflectoare flood plain suprafata inundabila langa rau flood tide flux in crestere.discheta flora flora floral referitor la flora florid rosu.rumen.inundatie.obraznic flippantly guraliv flipper aripioara de peste.banchiza flog a arunca undita in apa.podea.slabiciune.avant flight lieutenant capitan de aviatie(Anglia).inaintare greoaie prin noroi.poarta de ecluza flooding inundatie.miscare brusca flirtation flirt float flotor.aviator flight trecere rapida a timpului.a pluti.revarsare.plutitor floating convertible barca motor decapotabila floating debt datorie publica flotanta floating rate note rata variabila a bonurilor de tezaur floating rib coasta libera flock stol.reflector floor dusumea.a flight of stairs sir de trepte intre paliere flight. peste bord.flexion curbare.pluta floating variabil.zagaz.prosperitate .guraliv.plutire.fund(de mare pestera).etaj.faina flourish inflorire.pasare zburatoare.a se aduna floe sloi de gheata.miscare brusca.zbor.impodobit florist florar floss matase bruta floss silk borangic floss.a se infiora flint cremene flippancy superficialitate.dusumea floozy femeie usoara imbrac.bataie flood torent.candy floss zahar pufos flotilla flotila flotsam incarcatura arunc. dupa naufragiu flounce volan(pt rochie).locotenent de aviatie flight.bac.

floare.a se agita flute scobitura.val de sange in obraji.teava.burlan fluency usurinta.a trage cu arma fly-away usuratic fly-past parada aeriana flyer volant.prosper flout a batjocori.curgator fluidity fluiditate.curgator.falfaire.let fly a se repezi la cineva.sant. trecut de la fly fluctuate a fluctua fluctuation fluctuatie flue scama.fluent fluently cu usurinta.glastra flowery inflorit.a se scurge.fluenta fluent fluid.framantare.noroc flummox a incurca flunk a pierde(un examen).bafta.galbeaza.a zbura.flaut fluted scobit fluting cantat la flaut flutist flautist flutter a bate din aripi.flux flow in a se revarsa flow of capital flux de capital flower a impodobi cu flori.dispret flow scurgere.emotie.scama.instabilitate fluke varf de harpon.a rata flunkey lacheu.infrunzire fluster tulburare.musca fly at a tinti la.a fly in the ointment un lucru care strica placerea fly.lingusitor flunky lacheu.inflorire.flux flown part.roata motrice fly.pasare zburatoare.a porni rapid.a se scurge.elita.a se agita fluvial fluvial flux a topi.a inflori flowerbed strat de flori flowering inflorire flowerpot ghiveci de flori.fluent fluff a scamosa.hemoragie.lingusitor fluor fluorina fluorescence fluorescenta fluorescent fluorescent fluoride compus continand fluorina fluorine fluor fluorite fluorina fluride compus continand fluorina flurried tulburat flurry rafala flush suvoi.aviator .fluent.ciufulit fluid fluid.a fugi fly off the handle a-si iesi din fire fly out a zbura.a izbucni fly wheel volant.curgere fly slit.as the crow flies in linie dreapta fly.impodobit flowing curgator.curs.bataie de joc.flourishing infloritor.puf fluffy pufos.curgere.balbaiala.a se repezi la fly high a avea ambitii mari fly in a veni cu avionul fly in the face of a se opune fly off a scapa de.a canta la flaut.

a indragi fondle a se dezmierda.neclar foghorn sirena pentru ceata fogy persoana demodata foible cusur foil foita de metal.familie folk dancing dans popular folk song cantec popular folklore folclor follicle folicula follow a urma.tarc(de oi).zbor.dragoste fondue fel de mancare cu branza font cristelnita.a face spume foam rubber burete de cauciuc foamy spumos.a concentra focussing concentrare.iubitor fondness duiosie.manz foam spuma.a inchide in tarc fold one's arms a-si incrucisa bratele fold out pliant mai mare decat revista fold(ing) pliant folder prospect.inspumat fob buzunar mic.cataplasma.a concentra.a converge focus ring campul focarului focusing concentrare.flying zburator.hrana food processor malaxor foodstuff produs alimentar fool a prosti(pe cineva).otava fogbound retinut/prins de ceata fogey persoana demodata fogginess timp cetos.a insoti follow suit a lua exemplu follow up a urmari indeaproape follower discipol.izvor food alimente.dusman foetal de fetus foetus fetus fog a invalui in ceata.a fraudula fold stana.rezervor de lampa cu petrol.a concentra fodder a da nutret la vite.be fond of a fi indragostit.falfaitor.lantisor de ceas.prost .a pacali focal focal focus focar.poleiala foist a introduce pe furis.adepti folly prostie.dosar folding pliant folding chair scaun pliant foliage frunzis folio format de hartie(folio).iarba necosita.furaj foe vrajmas.adept following urmator.nebunie foment a obloji.iubitor fond.cetos.a mangaia fondly naiv.instigare fond tandru.format in-folio folk rude.grabnic flying model model zburator flying start pornire cu avant foal a fata.ceata.a instiga fomentation atatare.popor.incetosare foggy obscur.nerod.a pricepe.

infumurare foppish sclifosit.lungime(masurata in picioare) football fotbal.dichisit for spre.part.fool around with(about) a pierde vremea foolery prostie.a se abtine.rampa footman valet.prosteste foolishness prostie.respingator force forta.platforma footing sprijin pentru picioare.on foot in curs de pregatire.infanterist footnote nota de subsol footpad hot de drumul mare footpath trotuar.nutret foraging strangere.incursiune forbear stramos.lipsit de baza footlights luminile rampei.pas.deoarece foray a face o incursiune.nebunie foolhardiness cutezanta.pentru.be forbidden a fi interzis forbidding prohibitie.consecinta foot. trecut de la forbid forbidden.a-si face loc force the pace a grabi pasul forced labour munca silnica .constrangere force feed lubrefiere sub presiune force majeure forta majora force one's way a forta trecerea.cautare forasmuch intrucat.la mintea cocosului foolscap tichia prostului.filfizon foppery eleganta exagerata.cutezator.poteca footprint urma de picior footrest suport pentru picioare footstep urma de pas.i was only fooling a prosti pe cineva foolish ridicol.farsa fooling.taburet footwear incaltaminte footwork joc de picioare fop caraghios.in favoarea for all that pentru toate astea forage a devasta.nebunie foolproof simplu de manevrat(aparat).picior.a se feri forbearance toleranta.abtinere.furaj.oprit.o marime de hartie foot unitate de masura(picior).pe jos footage secventa de film.obraznicie foolhardy temerar.foot the bill a suporta cheltuielile.pozitie sigura footless fara picioare.a impiedica forbidden interzis.putere.rabdare forbid a interzice.interzicere.obraznic fooling festa.prost foolishly nebuneste.pas footstool scaunel pentru picioare.minge de fotbal footballer fotbalist footbrake frana de picior footbridge punte footfall zgomot de pasi footfault greseala de picior(la tenis) footgear incaltaminte foothill colina la poalele muntilor foothold loc de sprijin pentru picior.laba piciorului foot and mouth disease febra aftoasa foot rule rigla lunga de un picior foot.

articol de import foreignness caracter strain forelock carliont pe frunte foreman sef de echipa.dinainte.puternic forcefulness vigoare.padure mare forestall a zadarnici planurile cuiva.a trece printr-un vad fordable care poate fi trecut prin vad fore partea anterioara.cu sila ford vad.a impaduri.a anunta foreshore plaja foresight precautie.a impiedica foreclosure impiedicare.pronostic forever pe veci.juridic forerunner precursor.predecesor foresee a intrezari.grija foreskin preput(anat) forest codru.precedent foreground prim plan forehand lovitura luata prin fata-tenis.a anticipa forester agent silvic.prevestire forecast a prevedea.a refuza.forced landing aterizare fortata forceful viguros.putere forceps forceps forcible silit.supraveghetor. de la foresee (a prevazut) foreshadow a prefigura.partea din fata a calului forehead frunte foreign strain foreign affairs afaceri externe foreign currency moneda straina foreign exchange schimb valutar(birou de) foreign land tara straina foreign language limba straina foreign office Ministerul Afacerilor Externe foreign trade comert exterior foreign trade monopoly monopol pe comertul exterior foreigner strain.pentru totdeauna forewarn a preveni.a prezice forethought chibzuire.tinut impadurit foretell a prevesti.fortat forcibly cu forta.cel mai de frunte forename prenume forenoon dimineata.previziune.a acapara.a prezice foreboding presimtire rea.pronostic forecaster prezicator forecastle partea din fata a prorei foreclose a hotara dinainte.inainte de pranz forensic judiciar. trec.a prevedea foreseeable previzibil foreseen part.in fata forearm loc forebode a presimti(nenorociri).prevedere foretoken semn prevestitor.padurar forestry silvicultura.luarea unui drept special forecourt curte exterioara foredoomed predestinat forefather stramos forefinger deget aratator forego a preceda foregoing anterior.sef foremost cel dintai.prevedere.a avertiza .

hold forth a sustine cu tarie.confiscare forgather a se reuni.forma.ceremonie formalization formalizare formalize a da o forma legala precisa.furculita.inspaimantator forming formare formula formula formularization formalizare formulate a formula formulation formulare.ramificat forlorn singuratic.infatisare formal formal.anterior.forja.inainte(spatial) forth.conventional formality formalitate. trecut de la forgive forgiveness iertare forint forint fork a se bifurca.forewoman supraveghetoare de atelier.prefata forfeit a pierde un drept.a falsifica forge ahead a merge inainte forged.oficial format format.a se aduna forgave iertat forge fierarie.a nascoci.penalizare.a renega fort fortareata forte forte(muz) forth in viitor.pierdere a unui drept.parasit forlorn hope actiune disperata form clasa(in scoala).) fornication relatii sexuale nepermise fornicator pers.oficial.neglijent.formular.become forged falsificat forger forjor.inainte vreme. sexuale nepermise forsake a renunta.) formidable formidabil.a parasi forsaken parasit forswear a jura stramb.prima jurata foreword cuvant inainte.formatie formative care serveste la formare former cel dintai.cu rel.a perora forthcoming viitor.furca.exprimare formulism manie a formulelor fornicate a avea relatii sexuale(ext.deznadajduit.falsificator forgery fals forget a uita forgetful uituc.forma formation structura a solului.a abjura.inainte formfeed salt la o pagina noua in procesul imprimarii cu calculatorul(inf .distrat forgetfulness uitare forgettable de uitat forgivable care poate fi iertat forgive a ierta forgiven part.a plati forked bifurcat.apropiat forthright deschis forthwith indata .a stabili formele formally formal.confiscare forfeit-money bani confiscati forfeiture penalitate.dinainte formerly altadata.bifurcatie fork lift motostivuitor fork out a se executa.

a se scufunda(o nava).necinstit foulmouthed obscen foulness vulgaritate.on all fours in patru labe.neinsemnat fractious ursuz.noroc fortune teller ghicitor fortune.fondat founder topitor.intemeiere foundation member membru fondator founded turnat.fantana.accidental fortuitously inopinat.artagos fracture a fractura.viclean foyer foaier fracas taraboi.paisprezece zile fortnightly bilunar fortress fortareata fortuitous fortuit.obscen.murdarie found guilty gasit vinovat foundation fundament.inselaciune foxy vulpesc.avere.siret.indraznet forward.morocanos.turnatorie fountain sursa.om siret.a insela fox terrier fox terrier foxed inselat foxiness siretenie.fractura .eveniment neprevazut fortunately din fericire fortune soarta.neprevazut.a nutri foul scarbos.fundatie.fortuit fortuitousness fortuire.perfidie.fortieth al patruzecelea fortification intaritura.goods to be forwarded bunuri de expediat forwarding expediere fossil fosila fossilization fosilizare fossilize a se fosiliza foster a hrani.a murdari foul play joc incorect.scandal fraction fractie fractional fractionar.necinstit foul up a strica o relatie.precoce.dinainte.inopinare fortuity caracter intamplator.patrime fourty patruzeci fowl pasare de curte fox vulpe.fondator foundry topitorie.curaj fortnight doua saptamani.fortificatie fortified fortififcat fortify a sprijini moraliceste.pe branci four-part format din patru bucati fourfold de patru ori mai mult fourteen paisprezece fourteenth al paisprezecelea fourth sfert.a fortifica fortissimo fortissimo(muz) fortitude tarie morala.necinste.incorectitudine.tell fortunes a ghici viitorul forty patruzeci forum for.al patrulea.forum forward din fata.a transforma in ceva neplacut foully perfid.izvor fountain pen stilou four patru four.murdar.

to a frazzle a aduce la distrugere freak bizarerie.franc.incarcat cu fray a inspaimanta fraying uzare.firav.format framework rama.cadru frame of mind dispozitie sufleteasca frame(up) a inscena frame-up inscenare framed incadrat.om liber .destramare frazzle uzura.deteriorare frazzle.inmiresmat frail subred.imbucatatire fragmentation bomb bomba care se sparge fragrance mireasma fragrant frumos mirositor.fratesc fraternity fraternitate.fratie fraternization fraternizare fraternize a fraterniza fratricide fratricid fraud impostor.escroc fraudulence caracter necinstit.aventura.bogat in.neconstrans.set free a pune in libertate free-rider interventie personala libera freedom libertate.privilegiu frank sincer.iesit din minti(de durere) fraternal fratern. independenta freelancer ziarist colaborator ext.groaza.cadru framing incadrare franc franc france Franta franchise scutire.escrocherie fraudulency inselaciune.inselatorie.pistrui free independent.inselatorie fraudulent sarlatanesc.familiaritate freehold proprietate funciara absoluta freelance colaborare ext.fragilitate frame structura.liber free copy copie gratuita free entry intrare libera free for all discutie neorganizata free gift cadou gratuit free market piata libera free oneself a se elibera free port zona libera de taxe vamale free trade comert liber.deschis frankfurter carnat afumat frankness sinceritate frantic frenetic.partial fragmentation fragmentare.infricosare. freeman om care are cetatenie.targ.liber-schimb free trade zone zona de comert liber.a forma.indep.a se elibera free.fragile fragil fragility fragilitate fragment fragment fragmentary fragmentar.piata free.get free a scapa.necinstit fraudulent conversion conversiune frauduloasa fraught teama.fragilitate frailty subrezenie.osatura.capriciu freckle a se acoperi de pistrui.debilitate.plapand frailness subrezenie.slabiciune.

limba franceza french fries cartofi prajiti frenetic frenetic.quick freeze inghetare rapida freezer congelator freezing degerare.ingrozitor de frightfulness grozavie frigid frigid.prietenos friendship prietenie frieze friza(arhit) frigate fregata.iesit din minti(de durere) frenzied foarte excitat frenzy frenezie.incarcatura(a unui vas).groaza fright.furie frequency frecventa frequent frecvent.deep freeze congelare freeze. marfurilor freight terminal port de destinatie freight ton tonajul navlului freightage transport de marfuri.agent de transport.a desara freshen(up) a se improspata freshly cu voiciune.frantuzesc.prietenie friendly prietenesc.inviorare fret a uza.frecare.congelare freezing point punct de inghet freight transport(de marfuri).agitat friar calugar fricassee tocana fricative fricativa(consoana) friction frictiune.a frecventa frequently des.proaspat.a freca.conflict friday vineri fridge frigider friend prieten friend.armator french francez.divergenta.prospetime.frecvent fresco fresca fresh nou.blestemat fright spaima.a ingheta freeze wages a ingheta salariile freeze.agitatie fretful framantat.numeros.a tulbura.costul transportului freighter vas comercial.recent fresh paint vopsit proaspat fresh water apa dulce freshen a improspata.pasare-fregata frigging afurisit.a ingrozi frightening inspaimantator frightful grozav.de curand freshman boboc(student in anul intai) freshness noutate.stage fright trac frighten a speria.inspaimantator frightfully teribil de.rece frigidity frigiditate .freemason francmason freeze a degera.inchiriere a unui vas freight advance transport platit anticipat freight clause clauza de transport freight list lista bunurilor transportate freight space spatiu de transport freight steamer vas pentru transp.make friends with a se imprieteni cu friendliness bunavointa.

a ingheta frostbite degeratura frostbitten degerat frosted glass sticla mata.granita frontier station loc de control la frontiera frontier traffic trafic de frontiera frontispiece frontispiciu frontlet fruntar.inzorzonat fringe ciucure.a zadarnici frustrating care frustreaza.geam frostiness raceala frosting glazura frosty glacial.fronton frontier frontiera.femeie demodata frustrate a frustra.rodnicie fruitless neproductiv.frunte front door usa din fata front page prima pagina frontage vedere spre strada.rochie frock coat redingota frog broasca frogman scufundator frolic veselie.din from the beginning to the end de la inceput pana la sfarsit from this din asta from where de unde front fatada.frills zorzoane.superficialitate frothiness spumegare frothy spumos.incruntare frowst statut(aer).a face roditor.fatada frontal frontal.frugal fruit fruct.rece froth a spumega.a fertiliza frugal frugal frugally sobru.inflorituri frilly cu volane.inghet.inghetat.de from it de la(ceva).obstacol .inchis(aer) frozen part.ornament ieftin frisk zbenguiala.interesant frump femeie certareata.clatita.greu frowzy statut.a zburda.a salta friskiness zbenguiala frisky zburdalnic fritter a toca.petrecere frolicsome zglobiu from din.diadema frost ger. trecut de la freeze fructify a rodi.de la.lipsit de sens frown a se incrunta.franj frippery stil incarcat.spuma.a irosi frivolity frivolitate frivolous frivol frock sutana.rod fruit cake prajitura cu fructe fruiterer fructar fruitful roditor fruitfulness rodnicie fruitiness rodire fruition realizare.steril fruity gustos.

realizare full plin.a se zapaci.poros fungus ciuperca parazitara funicular funicular funicular railway funicular .ocazional fugue fuga(muz) fulfill a executa(o porunca).poke fun at a-si bate joc de fun.fugar.indeplinire.la scara: full-service bank banca cu toate serviciile fullness corpolenta.a indeplini fulfilment implinire.a exploda fulsome nesincer.abundenta fullscreen intregul ecran(inf.betie fudge a face de mantuiala.a implini(o dorinta).care prajeste frying pan tigaie fuchsia fucsia.distractie fun.fond fund raiser persoana ce colecteaza fonduri fund raising strangere de fonduri fundamental fundamental.functie functional functional functionary functionar.in total fulminate a fulgera.zadarnicie fry a praji.miros greu.a scotoci fume a fumega.incurcat fuddle a se imbata.functiune.become full a se umple full-blown in plina floare.manie fumigate a afuma.matur full-grown matur full-scale folosind toate datele.a ticlui.frustration frustrare.) fully cu desavarsire.fucsie fuck a fute fuck off sterge-o! fuck up complicat.a se praji frying care frige.plasmuire.a dezinfecta fumigation afumare.what fun ce distractie! function a functiona.principiu fundamentalism fundamentalism fundamentalist fundamentalist fundamentally fundamental funding care furnizeaza funds fonduri funeral funerar funereal funebru fungicidal care tine de fungicid fungicide fungicid fungous buretos.functional fund capital.dezinfectare fun haz.complet full back fundas full convertibility convertibilitate totala full of plin de full partner partener egal full swing intreaga capacitate full to the brim plin ochi full.ameteala.dezgustator fumble a balbai.inventie fuel combustibil fuel-supply aprovizionare cu combustibil fugitive fugitiv.

funk a-i fi frica.topire fuss a se agita fara rost.permisie furnace cuptor furnish a aproviziona.ticnit gage amanet.viitorologie fuzz fir de praf.procedeu.fricos.vantura-lume gadfly taun gadget orice obiect mic.burlan funnies pagina comicsurilor funnily nostim.pufos gabble a vorbi repede si incoerent gaberdine gabardina.agitat fusty imbacsit.furios furl a infasura furlough concediu.in plus further training pregatire in continuare furthermore afara de aceasta.haina groasa si larga gadabout pierde-vara.a topi fuselage fuselaj fusillade salva fusion fuziune.cautiune .mecanism gaelic galic gag a astupa(o valva.forfota fussy aferat. utilaj. mobilier.in the future de acum inainte.scame fuzzy scamos.a oferi furnishings mobilier.hazliu funny caraghios.zgomotos fussiness zbucium.firicel fuzziness calitatea de a fi plin de praf.a face taraboi fussily intr-o maniera agitata.agitatie.hazliu fur blana furbish a lustrui.zalog.in plus furthermost cel mai indepartat furthest cel mai tarziu furtive ascuns furtively pe furis furtiveness furisare fury furie fuse a fuziona.ornamente furniture mobila.urmator future.mucezit futile nefolositor.spaima funnel palnie.a curata furious furibund.a pune calus gaga senil.panica.incurcatura fuss.zadarnic futility inutilitate.zadarnicie future viitor. inventar furor nebunie furred imblanit furrier blanar furriness imblanire furring imblanind furrow brazda furry imblanit further mai departe.fara viitor futurelife viata de apoi futures cele cumparate pentru revinzare futurology futurologie. gura).in viitor futureless fara speranta.make a fuss a face mare caz de.

a castiga.zburdalnicie.iritatie.membru al unei bande de raufacatori.profitabil gaining castigator.imbracaminte .muzeu sau colectie de arta.care tine de joc.miscare de deschidere la sah gamble a juca pe bani(jocuri).de pripas gaming care joaca.de joc gammy pocit.bandit gangway coridor(pe vas).a freca gall bladder basica fierii gallant galant.stimulare galvanize a stimula.gangrena gangrenous cangrenat gangster gangster.rau gander a se plimba fara scop.curtoazie.castig gainings culmi(realizari).a obtine gain ground a castiga teren(si fig).a sari.cascat.galicism galling iritant.partida gamekeeper padurar gamin copil vagabond.un card de gaste gaiety chef.ocazie festiva galaxy galaxie gale furtuna.viteaz gallantry bravura.a se grabi galloping inflation inflatie galopanta gallows spanzuratoare gallup poll sondaj de opinie Gallup galore din belsug.coridor galley galera.a galopa.meci.pasarela gaoler temnicer gap ravena.a lua amploare gainful lucrativ.a casca.galic gallicism expresie franceza.salt.gaggle a gagai.a progresa gain on(upon) a progresa fata de concurenta.progrese gait port.a pierde vremea gallon galon(masura de volum) gallop a progresa rapid.maniera gala gala.impliniri.belsug galosh galos galvanization galvanizare.banda gang up on a ataca impreuna gangling neindemanatic.deschizatura garage a gara.a fi in avans gain weight a creste in greutate.stangaci gangplank pasarele pentru imbarcare gangrene a se gangrena.enervant gallivant a-si face de cap.vitejie gallery galerie.joc.umblet.a se apropia de gain time a castiga timp.stralucitor.a galvaniza galvanized iron fier galvanizat galvanometer galvanometru gambit gambit.garaj garb costum.a irita.jucator de jocuri de noroc gambling jocuri de noroc gambol gambada.gascan gang gasca.a risca gambler cartofor.a zburda game a juca jocuri de noroc.spalt galley proof spalt gallic francez.vant puternic gall zgarietura.gura casca.veselie gain castig.spatiu gol gape a deschide larg.

garbage gunoi(si figurat).vorbaret garter a lega cu o jartiera.a recolta.a imbraca.a dezinforma.imbracaminte garner depozit.voios.gura de apa ornamentala(arh) garish batator la ochi.a gaza.ceata usoara gavel ciocan de lemn(la tribunal) gawk nataflet gawky neindemanatic.stangaci gay viu(despre culori).gaz(de razboi.pod garrison a ocupa o garnizoana.unelte.homosexual.a vorbi repede si indistinct.ziar gazetteer dictionar geografic gear aparatura.tipator gauge gabarit.voal.trancanitor.logoree.a se holba gazelle gazela gazette gazeta.slabanog.stangaci gaudy ostentativ si fara gust.masura standard.acces.stransi la un loc gathering recolta.vorbarie garrulous limbut.petrol.resturi menajere garble a trunchia.intrare gather a culege.a-si pironi privirea.substanta gazoasa gas grill gratar cu gaze gas mask masca de gaze gas pedal accelerator(la automobil) gas range aragaz.gafaitura gastric gastric gastritis gastrita gastroenteritis gastroenterita gastronomic gastronomic gastronomy gastronomie gasworks uzina de gaz gate poarta.echipament .a impodobi.a gafai.ecartament gaunt emanciat.ghirlanda garlic usturoi garment haine.intrare gatecrash a intra fara bilet gatecrasher musafir nepoftit gateway poarta.granar.a deforma garden gradina.a gargarisi gargoyle gargui.stralucitor garland a impodobi cu ghirlande.masina de gatit cu gaz gas station benzinarie gas stove soba cu gaze gash rana adanca gasket garnitura de etansare gasoline benzina gasp a casca gura.horticultura gargle a face gargara.a aduna gather strength a aduna puteri.teren fertil gardener gradinar.tezaur garnish garnitura.a gati.gradina de zarzavat.neindemanatic.garota(med) garrulity limbutie.a-si concentra fortele gathered(be gathered) a fi adunati.horticultor gardening gradinarit.). de iluminat).multime.garnizoana garrote strangulare cu coarda de otel.a infrumuseta garret mansarda.adunare gauche de stanga(polit.subtire si osos gauntlet manusa de armura gauntness infatisare uscativa gauze val.vesel gaze a se uita lung.cuptor cu gaz.jartiera gas benzina.

producator generic generic generosity generozitate generous liberal.a gemina.obisnuit general department departament general.amabilitate .a produce generation generare.larg.genitiv(gram) genius geniu.pere che gemination dublare.gentilom genteel rafinat.procreator.gentilete.gear to a se adapta pentru.manierat.gen gramatical sau natural.sectie pentru/cu de toate general equilibrium echilibru general.cordialitate genital genital genitalia organele genitale genitals organele genitale genitive constructie genitivala.genetic geneticist genetician genial generator.cuplu.nestemata.a imbina.generatie.talent genocide genocid genre gen(literar artistic).bland geniality buna dispozitie.castrare gem giuvaer.inceput.nobil gentleness blandete.a se angrena.spirit.politist gendarmerie jandarmeria franceza.politicos gentle blajin.origine genetic(al) care se refera la gene.fel gent gentleman.a se aranja in perechi.societatea inalta gentleman gentilom.piatra pretioasa geminate a se dedubla.sex(colocvial) gene gena genealogical genealogic genealogical tree arbore genealogic genealogist genealogist genealogy genealogie general general.comun.a castra gelding animal castrat.echilibru mondial general headquarters cartier general general partnership proprietate comuna general practitioner medic nespecializat general.jandarmerie gender categoria genului.repetitie(de sunete/ foneme) gemini constelatia Gemenilor.a se adapta la gearbox cutie de viteze gearcase cutie de viteze gearshift schimbator de viteze gearwheel roata zimtata geezer persoana in varsta sau ciudata geisha gheisa gelatine gelatina geld a scopi.generativ generator generator.zodia Gemenilor gemmology stiinta pietrelor pretioase gendarme jandarm.soi.nobil gentlefolks lumea buna.creatie generative facultate generatoare.generos genesis geneza.in general in general generality generalitate generalization generalizare generalize a generaliza generally in general generate a genera.

a se strica get divorced a divorta get down a se da jos.neamt.de sange(ruda) germany Germania germicidal care se refera la germicide germicide germicid germinal embrionic. munca) get ill a se imbolnavi get in a intra.reverenta genuine original.autenticitate genus clasa.soi geographic geografic geography geografie geological geologic geologist geolog geology geologie geometric geometric geometrical progression progresie geometrica geometry geometrie geophysics geofizica geriatrician medic geriatru geriatrics geriatrie germ germene.femeie distinsa.a castiga.a se intoarce get by a reusi o actiune pe furis get damaged a i se produce stricaciuni.natural genuinely in mod real.limba germana.a influenta.a cobora get drunk a se imbata get exhausted a fi sfarsit.usurel gentry mica nobilime genuflection genuflexiune.unit.germinal germinate a germina germination germinatie.microb.nemtesc german measles rubeola germane de aproape(ruda).a castiga favoruri lingusind.a obtine get a move on a se grabi get about a merge de colo-colo.virus german german.functionala a experientei.intr-un mod nobil.gentlewoman doamna.a fi la ananghie .sarcina gesticulate a se exprima prin gesturi.a circula get accustomed to a se obisnui cu get along with a se intelege bine(cu cineva) get an insight into a avea o vedere in adancime get angry a se infuria get around a ajunge din urma.a patrunde get into a intra.gest get a dobandi.a gesticula gesticulation gesticulatie gesture a insoti cu gesturi.a obosi get going a continua(drumul.puritate.incoltire gerontology gerontologie gestalt unit.a primi.graviditate.a patrunde get into trouble a da de bucluc.nobila gently cu blandete.in mod sincer.gen.a inc onjura get away a scapa get away with it a scapa cu fata curata get back a reveni.natural genuineness naturalete.indivizibila de perceptie gestalt psychology scoala psihologica germana gestapo Gestapo gestation gestatie.autentic.a se ajuta de gesturi.frant de oboseala.

se descurca get.a se strica get outraged a se indigna.nesocotit.a se descurca get on to a discuta get out a cobora din ceva.he is getting on avanseaza.titan.zapacit gift dar.a iesi get out of order a se deranja.stafie ghost town.a chicoti gild a auri.ameteala giddy buimac.potroace giddiness nechibzuinta.a se pregati get rid of a se scapa de get round a se sustrage legii.scamatorie gin mill .bataie de joc giblets maruntaie de pasare.pacaleala.carciuma .capabil gigantesque gigantic.ghetou ghost naluca.a daraci.urias gigantic colosal.a termina get tired a obosi get to a ajunge la.ghost city(amer) oras parasit(vestul salbatic) ghostly fantomatic.oribil gherkin castraveciori ghetto cartier evreiesc.a se trezi.spectral ghoul vampir.get isolated a se izola get it in the neck a primi o lovitura in plin get off a se da jos get on a face progrese.a urca get used to it a se obisnui cu get wet a se uda get wind of a deveni constient de get.ras prostesc.urias gibber a vorbi balbait si repede gibe zeflemea.how are you getting on cum iti merge(interog).a se aduna get up a se scula.aurit gilt edged cu marginile aurite gimmick obiect care atrage atentia.a reusi get together a ajunge la o intelegere.gin shop(amer) birt ieftin.a se intrema dupa o boala get promotion a promova get ready a fi gata.darac.urias giggle chicot.talent gifted inzestrat.a se revolta get over a depasi(dificultate/ceva).a intelege get.masura de capacitate(amer) gilt aurire.varcolac ghoulish vampiric ghoulish humour umor macabru giant gigant.zorzoane geyser gheizer ghastly groaznic.evadare getn off a cobora gewgaw fleac.do you get me intelegi ce vreau sa spun?.a inconjura get soaked a se uda pana la piele get stuck a se intepeni get the better of a profita de get the sack a fi concediat get the wind up a se speria get through a trece un examen.infiorator.cum o mai duci(interog) getaway fuga.impodobi gild the pill a indulci hapul gill branhie.

pipota(zool) glace lucios.cingatoare girl fata.poiana gladiator gladiator gladiolus(pl gladioluses) gladiola gladly bucuros.give back a restitui give.de fetiscana.cerc.ginger ghimbir.inghetat glacier ghetar glad bucuros glad rags haine de sarbatoare glad.compromis give away a da.pregatit girder barna.a provoca give the right of way a da prioritate give the sack a concedia give the willies a baga in sperieti give up a renunta(la fumat).a se scuza give and take a face un compromis.prudent gingivitis gingivita ginseng ginseng(planta medicinala) gipsy limba tiganeasca.give ground a se retrage given dat.a crea give chase(to) a haitui.a incinge gird up one's loins a-si incinge salele girded batjocorit.a dona give back a inapoia give birth a da nastere.slujnica girl guide cercetasa(in Anglia) girlhood adolescenta(a unei fete).fond give a da.tigan giraffe girafa gird cingatoare.incins.be glad a fi bucuros glade luminis.insufletire.a emite give place to a da prilej.a abandona give.a face loc give rise to a cauza.vesel.a plati.incantat gladness bucurie .a produce gizzard ranza.grinda girdle brau.predispus given that dat fiind faptul ca.a ceda give in marriage a da de sotie give it a try a face o incercare give off a emite give one the creeps a-i face pielea de gaina give one's word a-si da cuvantul give oneself airs a-si da aere give oneself up a se preda.pornind de la premiza(ca) giving birth care da nastere.a urmari give him a leg up ajuta sa urce.a se lasa pagubas give out a anunta.a incredinta give a hand a da o mana de ajutor give an excuse a justifica.lustruit glacial glacial.feciorelnic(baiat) girth chinga.a acorda.a transmite.sa incalece give in a se da batut.voiciune ginger ale ginger beer ginger beer bautura gazoasa cu ghimbir gingerly grijuliu.a-l.cingatoare gist esenta.tinerete a unei femei girlish de fata.lovitura cu nuiaua.

peior.nimb .a intrezari glint licarire glisten luciu.glanda.privire lacoma global global.presgarnitura.a glorifica.geamgiu gleam licarire.a straluci.stralucitor glaze a pune geam la.scanteiere.sferic.strangere de spice.vale ingusta de munte glib fluent(fam.enorm(a)(greseala).sferic globule globula.a smaltui glazier smaltuitor.catch a glimpse of a zari in treacat.stralucire gloaming asfintit.a licari glimpse licarire trecatoare.sub geam glasses ochelari glassful pahar plin(mas de capacitate) glassily sticlos.planor glimmer a sclipi.a scanteia.glob globetrotter turist in jurul lumii(pe jos) globetrotting cutreierarea globului globular facut din globule.lipsit de viata(ochi).a licari.volubilitate glide a aluneca usor.a privi cu nesat.glass silk vata de sticla glass.palpai.a alu neca pe o panta gresita glider glisor.fermecator glamour vraja.a scanteia.sera glass wool.a straluci glitter fast.a licari glance at a arunca o privire la glance off a atinge pe cineva gland ganglioni cervicali(la gat).incantare glamorous fascinant.trist.a se scurge glide.magnifying glass lupa glass.lucios glassware sticlarie(articole de) glassy sticlos lucios.tristete gloomy melancolic.looking glass oglinda glass.sticlarie(fam).crepuscul gloat a privi cu lacomie.in high glee in culmea bucuriei gleeful voios glen strunga.farmec.sferula globulin globulina gloominess obscuritate.splendid glory a se mandri.vase de sticla.sticla glass cutter geamgiu.privire fugara.intunecat glorification coma glorify a onora.mare..farmec.lumina slaba(reflectata).glorie.alunecare.to glide into bad habits a aluneca pe o panta rea.under glass cu geam.deprimare.orbitor(oare)(lumina).evident glass pahar.atotcuprinzator globe Pamantul.garnitura de etansare glands(salivary glands) glande salivare glandular adenoid.scaparare glimpse.) glibness usurinta in exprimare.glandular glans gland(al penisului)(anat) glare(at/upon) a se uita sever glaring izbitor.a luci.a slavi glorious glorios.ilustru.a spicui(fapte/stiri) gleanings spicuiri.fastuos.triumf.diamant glass house fabrica de sticla.a emaila.glamor vraja.palpaire glean a aduna spicele.stralucire.analecte(lit) glee bucurie glee.incantare glance a arunca o privire.glisare.

rost.flecareala.moda goal gol.grane.gloss glosa.titrat.lustru.a flecari gown lnic grace njon graceful gratios gracious amabil gradation gradatie grade grad.a altoi.folositor.de aur golden auriu goldsmith bijutier gondola gondola gone part.a barfi.grandios.bob.competent.strasnic gorilla gorila gosling boboc de gisca gossip barfa.scop goalkeeper portar god zeu.placut.strasnic grand daughter nepoata grandchild nepot.bun.clasa.a lipi cu clei gnaw a roade go a merge. trec.rang.important.defileu.entuziasm.a se duce.a grefa grain cereale.minunat.minunat.amuzant.a absolvi.infumurat.a da o diploma.nepoata grandfather bunic .a deveni.energie.trecatoare.virtuos good action binefacere good-bye ramas-bun good-for-nothing puslama.miscare.faramita gram gram grammar gramatica grammatical gramatical gramme gram gramophone patefon granary granar grand mare.incercare.stralucire glossy lustruit.licentiat.a grada gradient panta gradual treptat graduate absolvent.mers.lucios glove a inmanusa.mandru.panta.manusa glue clei.grefa.a grada graduation absolvire graft altoi.a (se) ghiftui gorgeous frumos.carne de gasca gooseberry agris(a) gorge pas.a lustrui.dumnezeu goddaughter fina goddess zeita godfather nas godmather nasa godson fin going dus.graunte.stare a drumului gold aur. de la go(merge) gong gong good bine.secatura good-looking aratos goods marfa goods train marfar goose gasca.rampa.glosar.calificativ.a explica gloss over a face comentarii glossary glosar glossiness lustru.sigur.

incepator greenish verzui greet binete.carunt.a acorda.mult.intelegere.serios.a ciopli grave digger gropar gravel pietris.expresiv.priceput.sur.a multumi.gratii.a razui.maret.infloritor green frog brotacel green house sera green lizard guster greengrocer zarzavagiu greenhorn ageamiu.bun cunoscator great-granddaugther stranepoata great-grandfather strabunic great-grandmother strabunica great-grandson stranepot greatness grandoare.necopt.a paste grease unsoare.novice.a zgaria.a calca pe nervi grateful recunoscator grater razatoare gratify a satisface.a unge greasy unsuros.grasime.grandfather's clock pendula grandiloquent grandilocvent grandma bunicuta grandmother bunica grandpa bunicut grandparent bunic.).a prinde.cenusiu.a incarunti greyhound ogar .bunica grandson nepot grange casa la tara granite granit grannie bunicuta granny bunicuta grant bursa.a racai.donatie.legume verzi.greutate gray grey-gri.permisiune.bursuc graze julitura.a accepta cu bucurie grasping hraparet grass iarba.alocatie.plumburiu.important.grec.gravitatie.alunecos great mare.a pietrui graveyard cimitir gravitate a gravita gravity gravitate.autorizatie granule granula grape strugure.grecesc green verde.a sapa.a saluta.a intelege.colorat graphic arts grafica graphology grafologie grasp apucare.a recompensa gratitude recunostinta gratuitous gratuit grave grav.grafic graphic grafic.mormant.bob de strugure grape fruit grepfrut graph graf(mat.importanta greed lacomie greek greaca.a intampina greeting salut grenade grenada grew trecut de la grow(creste) grey gri.pasune grasshopper lacusta grate gratar.prundis.a admite.minunat.novice.pasune.enorm.a patrunde.maretie.

crestere grub om neglijent.a ranji.a (se) rasni.padurice grow a se mari.sant grope a bajbai gross vulgar.a mahni.dumbrava.garnizoana.neindurator.necaz.prost.a indurera grievance plangere.aspru grumble a bodogani.animozitate.a creste grow fat a se ingrasa grow thinner a slabi grow up a se maturiza.a pedepsi gruelling istovitor gruesome groaznic.nemultumire grumpy tafnos.a bombani grumpiness tafna.spatiu inchis.evident.a se praji la soare grim aspru.a proteja guard against a apara de.zat.indarjit grimace grimasa grin ranjet.a apara.a fi paznic de.dezvoltare.garantie guarantor chezas. trec.a apuca.strangere.crestere growl a bombani.gresie grip apucare.a marai.a geme.crescut.sever.piatra de moara grindstone tocila.doleanta grieve a necaji.sedimente.curaj grizzled incaruntit groan geamat.jale.a tine strans grit pietris. de la grind ground nut arahida ground squirrel popandau groundless nefondat group grup.planton .a (se) grupa grouse cocos sau gainusa de munte grove crang. trecut de la grow.morocanos grunt a guita(si fig).garant guaranty chezasie.brut grotesque grotesc grotto grota ground pamant.a se pazi de guard duty planton guard house camera de garda.nerafinat.intelegere.maturizare.mahnire.a (se) toci grinder polizor.fund.grosolan.ranchiuna.zambet.a se impotrivi.grohaiala guarantee a garanta(si fig).a zambi grind a (se) macina.a invidia grudgingly in sila gruel a snopi in bataie.a mahni.inspaimantator gruff ragusit.a grohai.a se dezvolta.a scurma.gridiron gratar grief amaraciune.part.a (se) aseza.a proteja de.piatra de ascutit.friptura la gratar.a ofta grocer bacan grocery bacanie groom grajdar groove canelura.a mormai grown part.grila.garantie guard a pazi.matur grown up adult growth progres.a mormai.masea.vierme.a scotoci grubby neglijent grudge a-i fi ciuda.a se mari grow weak a slabi growing cultivare.intristare.a fi mahnit grievous dureros grill gratar.oftat.pica.luxuriant.tocilar.chezasie.a (se) oprima.motiv.rasnita.a frige la gratar.fiertura de ovaz.grupa.

ghilotina guilt vinovatie.plead guilty a fi gasit sau a gasi vinovat guinea fowl bibilica guinea hen bibilica guinea pig cobai guise aspect exterior.prapastie gull golf(ape).directie.parinte spiritual(India) .impuscatura.ghicire.condus.din guma.inselator.siret guileless fara viclenie guillotine a ghilotina.adeziv gun for a vana gun shots focuri de arma gunlock piedica(de pusca).murmur guru guru.moneda olandeza guildhall casa a breslelor.canonada gunny iuta.corporatie.membru al unei gherile guerrilla gherila guess a banui.tragaci gunner pistolar.sfaturi.a inghiti dintr-o data.defileu gulp a ineca(un suspin).pregatit.protector guava guava(fruct tropical) guerilla de gherila.pazitor.credul.educat.conducere guided ghidat.a imbraca.balustrada guarded pazit.prapastie gullet defileu.ipoteza.vina guiltiness vinovatie guiltless nevinovat guilty vinovat guilty conscience constiinta incarcata guilty.susur.a masca.inghititura gum tree arbore de cauciuc.stramtoare.format guided missile racheta militara dirijata guideline linie calauzitoare.a lipi gumboots cizme de cauciuc gummy cauciucat.aparenta.hohot de ras zgomotos.naiv gully a croi defileu.gat.guard of honour garda de onoare guard rail balustrada pe autostrada.inselaciune.credul.linie directoare.primarie guile viclenie.principiu calauzitor guild breasla.gherila.tutore guardianship tutela guarding care este paznic.artilerist gunnery arta cavaleriei.precaut guardedly in mod ocrotit.pescarus.valtoare.trafic de arme gunshot bataia unui proiectil.critic.arbore de guma gum up a cauciuca.in mod precaut guardian gardian.han.dusca.umflat.pensiune guffaw a rade zgomotos.presupunere.lovitura de tun gunsmith armurier gurgle a susura(si fig).foc de arma.a galgai. ragusit guidance auspicii.imbracaminte guitar chitara gulch rapa.a-si imagina guest room camera de oaspeti guesthouse casa de oaspeti.a ghici.prostut.lipicios.care pazeste.asociatie guilder gulden.canal gullibility credulitate absoluta gullible usor de pacalit.esofag.siretenie guileful duplicitar.abis.conduita.sac de iuta gunpowder praf de pusca gunrunner traficant de arme gunrunning contrabanda cu arme.a inghiti.protector.

hack at rana hackle guler(la cocos).a se obisnui.velar guv guvernator(argou) guzzle a manca cu lacomie.riding habit costum de calarie(pt femei) habitable locuibil habitat arie de raspandire.to haggle about galceava.a bea guzzler lacom.miner haggard salbatic(cinegetic).a hack.uzat hacksaw bomfaier.a stalci.om expansiv.a obisnui.gusher arteziana.circular gyration rotatie.zbarlit hackneyed banalizat.locuinta habitual obisnuit.rafala.uzual habitually a obisnui.tocmeala.betiv gym gimnastica.bautor.gimnaziu(colocvial) gym hall sala de sport(colocvial) gymkhana intalnire sportiva.a toca haggle.a frecventa habitue vizitator frecvent hack a cioparti.tocmeala hagiology hagiologie .rigola.naiba hadn't forma contrasa de la had not(nu a avut) haemoglobin hemoglobina haemophilia hemofilie haemophiliac hemofil haemophilic hemofilic haemorrhage hemoragie haemorrhoids hemoroizi haft a pune maner(coada).colonie.placere.stil.copil vagabond guttural consoana velara.rotire gyroscope giroscop h.cearta haggling cioparteala. trec.musca artificiala(pt undita) hackle.a stirbi.de obicei habituate a deprinde(cu).sala de sport gymnast gimnast gymnastics gimnastica gynecologist ginecolog gynecology ginecologie gypsum ipsos gypsy tigan gyrate a merge in cerc. bomb(hydrogen bomb) bomba cu hidrogen habeas corpus act justific.galceava. al unei arestari haberdasher negustor de maruntisuri haberdashery pravalie de maruntisuri habit.locuire.prapadit haggle a cioparti.deprins.sant gutter press presa de scandal guttersnipe bilete de reclama.locuinta habitation asezare omeneasca.manios.a cresta. si part.infern.with his hackles up infuriat.nesatul.fierastrau cu coada hackwork munca la comanda had trec.rasuflat.loc.entuziasm.care se roteste.distractie gusto gust.a se invarti.gutural.tocit.bucurie guts curaj(argou) gutter a face santuri.a cotonogi.izbucnire.maniera.resedinta.loc de intalnire sportiva gymnasium gimnaziu.a se tocmi.sonda din care tasneste petrol gushing care tasneste.a ciopli.haimana(colocvial).viata mizera.nesatul.plin de efuziune gust hohot.circumvolut. de la have(a avea) haddock egrefin hades iad.prasele.rafinament.a sfarama.

iluzie halo a inconjura cu o aureola.cat de cat hair.hail a cadea ca grindina.franghie din par hairpin delicata.within a hair of death la un pas de moarte hairbreadth cantitate neinsemnata.hibrid.frizer hairdressing frizare.prost halibut peste de mare(hippoglassus) halitosis halitoza(med) hall.fir de par hairbrush perie de cap.tunsoare hairdo coafare.viraj ac de par hairraising care iti face parul maciuca hake peste marin merluccius hale sanatos.pauza la mijlocul unui joc.nimb halt.pecete hall.lock of hair suvita de par hair.capastru halve a reduce la jumatate.marca.a venera.his hair stands on end a i se face parul maciuca hair.a veni de la.aureola.by a hair cat pe-aci hair.metis half-hearted fara tragere de inima.salut(interj).come to a halt a face o halta halter moarte prin spanzuratoare.blana.agrafa de par hairpin curve(bend) cotitura periculoasa pe drum.metis half cocked pripit half cocked(gun) jumatate armat half hose soseta barbateasca half measure jumatate de masura.sovaitor halfback mijlocas halfbaked necopt.hei hallow a te inchina la.grindina.coafura hairdresser coafor.par(fir de).repriza half wit sarac cu duhul.hallo(vechi).hall mark a-si pune amprenta pe(ceva).not half ba bine ca nu half-breed corcitura.town hall primarie hallo a striga alo sau hei.din hail(a taxi) chema un taxi(a)(amer) hair par.a priponi.by a hair breath foarte putin.tunsoare cu masina(de tuns) haircut tundere obisnuita.sfant.dance hall salon de dans cu parteneri profesionisti hall.strigare.a bate hail a cab a chema un taxi hail from a fi originar din.coafare hairdressing salon salon de coafura hairgrip agrafa.a taia in doua bucati ham.gagauta half.to split hairs a despica firul in patru hair.a spanzura.repriza.text pe doua coloane(tipogr) half moon pata alba la unghii.ham and eggs oua cu sunca .neispravit.neterminat halfwitted nerod.asculta(interj).a injumatati.hale and hearty sanatos si voios half jumatate.halo.persoana fina.pripon.pensula din par(poligr) hairclip a tunde cu masina.pilozitate hairline fir foarte subtire.a sfinti hallucination halucinatie.alo.streang.clama hairiness abundenta de par.semiluna half time jumatate de norma.puf hair dye vopsea de par hair spray fixativ hair.hallmark a marca.marca(la aur) hall.voinic hale.urare.semestru half brother frate vitreg half caste corcitura.aureola mamelonara(anat).semn distinctiv.

sah handlebar ghidon handler dresor.coc hammer and tongs din rasputeri hammock hamac hamper cos cu capac.a stingheri.la a doua mana hand.hamburger carnat.draperii .sacosa de dama handball balonas de cauciuc.a schilodi hand grenade grenada de mana hand made de mana(lucru facut) hand out a ajuta sa coboare.handicapat handicraft munca manuala.at hand la indemana hand.handbal.chiftea.a da handrail balustrada hands off jos mainile(labele)(pop) hands.roaba handcuffed incatusat handcuffs catuse.tendon.incheiat.ciocanas.intermediar.a transmite hand picked ales pe spranceana.a pune in cui hangar hangar.off jos mainile(interj) hand.ciocan.percutor.sac de mana.fular.disponibil.chipes handwork lucru de mana handwriting scris de mana handy usor de manuit.geamantan de nuiele.mana handicap handicap.sura hanging committee comitet de selectare tablouri hangings tablouri.prompt hand.instiintare.up mainile sus handbag geamantan mic.a amana.mestesug handiwork lucru de mana.a se tine strans de hang out a atarna afara hang up a pune receptorul in furca.into the hands of pe mainile handse microreceptor de telefon handshake strangere de mana handsome aratos.a impiedica hamster harciog(zool) hamstring a lovi pe la spate.a prelucra.agent handling manipulare handout a remite.force his hand a-i forta mana hand.second hand de ocazie.a zabovi hang glider deltaplan hang in the balance a se balansa.a da.a ciocani.tocatura hamlet catun.prezentabil.a ezita hang on a se agata de.var stins hammer a face praf.la alt posesor hand.sortat cu mana.dezavantaj handicapped arierat.old hand expert in materie hand.a ologi.batista.change hands a trece in mana altcuiva.comod hang about(around) a se invarti fara rost.manifest handbook manual.ghid handbrake frana de mana handcart carucior cu doua roti.on the other hand pe de cealalta parte hand.on the one hand pe de o parte hand.lasa in suspensie.a elibera hand over a preda.out of hand dereglat.catuse(pl) handful pumn de.minge handbill anunt.one handed stangaci hand.a dojeni.munca manuala handkerchief basma.meserie.elita hand.

noroc.temerar.intamplare happily cu noroc.a tanji dupa.nimerit.scul.fericit happy dispatch harakiri(jap) happy go lucky harakiri(jap) happy.vitregie a soartei.tertipuri.tarie.a se lovi nas in nas cu happening happening(curent in teatru).rau.aproape de loc.clovn harlot desfranata.cu succes.solid hard and fast esat(vas).imprudent harelip buza de iepure harem harem haricot iahnie cu carne haricot bean iahnie cu carne.discurs.militar resp.a dauna .tare.realizare happy care are o inclinatie spre.dificil hardheaded tare de cap hardliner adept al unei politici dure.imprumut in conditii grele hard luck ghinion hard of hearing tare in urechi hard porn pornografie extrema hard up cos de gunoi stradal.cuvantare.a pustii.devastare harbinger mesager.rigid(reguli.a avaria.pustiire.bufon.fanatic hardly abia.a chinui.vorbarie harass a hartui.istovire.iepure de camp harebrained flusturatic.intamplare.prostitutie harm paguba.nefericit happen a surveni.gade hangover mahmureala.sol hard teapan.chin.prostituata harlotry prostituate.tenacitate hardship nedreptate.a tine un discurs.fericire.nenorocire hardware articole metalice.as hard cu putere.scamatorie haphazard hazard.a dori hanky batista(limbaj copii) hanky panky hocus-pocus.feronerie.fericire.ramasita hank colac de parama.vatamare harm.la anaghie.echipament fizic al calculatorului hardy indraznet.to mean no harm a nu avea intentii rele.ghem hank.norocos.eveniment.intamplator hapless ghinionist.cu greutate hardly ever aproape niciodata.tenace.forta.intransigent(pol).incantat.pripit hardy annual planta rezistenta la ger hare constelatia Iepurelui.foarte rar hardness rabdare.a prevesti.a asculta harlequin arlechin.).cu incartiruirea.be happy(at something) a se pricepe la ceva hara kiri harakiri harangue a bate apa in piua.a-l hanker dorinta de.constrangere.a reveni pe aceeasi pista hark forward mars(inainte) hark off stati pe loc! hark(to) a auzi(vanat.tare in gura(despre cal) hard labour munca silnica hard loan dezavantajoase.lefter hard.fasole hark away mars de aici! hark back a pisa aceeasi problema. legi) hard back carte cartonata hard bitten incapatanat.have a hank over avea la mina.hangman calau.a se intampla happen on a se intalni intamplator.in imprejurari fericite.a dog happy child caruia ii place joaca cu caini happy.din fericire happiness eleganta(stil).a deranja harassment deranjare.

a se potrivi harmony intelegere.a se grabi hasten a imboldi.incubator hatchet baltag.mad as a hatter nebun de legat haughtiness semetie.armonie harp a canta la harpa.castig.vrajba hatter palarier hatter.a se certa hassock pernita pt ingenunchiat.make haste grabeste-te. a III-a sing.prada.trufas.a hartui.harmful daunator.obsedat haunting care te bantuie.a se grabi.hoasca harrow.imprudenta.a trage.a secera.aroganta haughty semet.precipitare haste.to sit on one's haunches a sta pe vine haunt a bantui.a frecventa haunted bantuit(de stafii).a incurca hasheesh hasis hasn't forma contrasa de la has not (nu are) hasp incuiere.harfa.periculos harmless inofensiv.arogant haul captura.nevatamator harmonic armonic.a recolta harvester combina(agr.smerit hat rack cuier pt palarii hat.a se ciondani.tambuchiu(nav) hate a dusmani. de la have (a avea) hash repetitie.ura.a culege.cerb harvest cules.zavor.a devasta harsh strident.detestabil.stricator.suparator.asprime.trapa.a concorda.a cloci hatchery crescatorie de pui/pesti.palarie hat in hand cu palaria in mana.urat hateful uracios.seceris.to bury the hatchet a se impaca hatching omor.a ura hated antipatizat.recolta.a toca.masacru hatchway bocaport.harpa harp on a insista.tarare.a tara.obsedeaza(gand) .trufie.a zori hastiness pripa.jew's harp dramba(muz) harpoon a prinde cu harponul.hat in hand respectuos hatch ferestruica in perete. pers.harpon harpy harpie.cheotoare hassle ciondaneala.cruzime hart caprior.armonios harmonica armonica.a transporta haulage tractiune.smoc de iarba haste graba.transport haunch coapsa haunch.carne tocata.act in haste a actiona pripit haste.secerator has indicativ prez.a urzi.graba hasty grabit.pasare de prada harridan babornita.ciorovaiala.under the harrow la anaghie harry a jefui.aspru.odios hatred pica.nesabuit.repezit hat a pune palaria pe cap.a starui harp.secure hatchet.sever harshness severitate.).muzicuta(de gura) harmonics stiinta armoniei harmonious armonios harmonization armonizare harmonize a armoniza.

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a oferi hold in a tine in frau.discordanta hoary albicios.hotchpotch amestecatura.arta dramatica hit lovitura.piedica.succes.a stapani hold off a se retine de la.a continua hold on a minute stai o clipa! hold on to a se agata de.a retine.ii.promoroaca hoariness incaruntire hoarse ragusit.scarbos hoi polloi masele(de oameni).stup hive.targa hodgepodge.a strange.inchiriere hirsute paros.epocal historical diacronic.hough spatiu popliteu(anat).old hock bere rasuflata hockey hochei hocus pocus pacaleala.ale lui/sale.farsa.a sapa.a pacali hobble a schiopata.tezaur hoarfrost bruma.a suiera.al lui/sau.cal de lemn hobnailed tintuit(talpa) hobo muncitor ambulant hock.oamenii obisnuiti hoist a ridica folosind franghii.scamatorie hod samar.subiect favorit hobbyhorse bat cu cap de cal.ghiveci hoe sapa.hire purchase cumparare cu plata in rate hired angajat.discordant hoarseness raguseala.a pocni hit and run accident cu fuga faptasului hit back a riposta hit man ucigas platit hit parade parada slagarelor hit the hay a se duce la culcare hit.a tine hold back impediment.istorie histrionics actorie.porc.pacaleala.a se tine de .a nimeri.smucitura.cronicar historic de importanta istorica.stoc.neastamparat.sasait.roi.sapaliga hog a incovoia.istoric history cronica.inchiriat hiring angajare.arogant hold a pastra.a se poticni hobby ocupatie favorita.a lovi.incovoiere(tehn) hoggish dezgustator.macara.a smuci.sau hiss a fluiera.vin de Rin hock.a muta hitchhike a calatori cu autostopul hitchhiker autostopist hither incoace hither and thither incoace si incolo hive furnicar de oameni.a tine departe hold office a detine o functie hold on a persevera.lui.ridicare hoity toity ia te uita!.a hive of industry centru industrial hoard a acumula.necioplit his ai lui/sai.a impiedica hold court a tine sedinta(la tribunal) hold dear a indragi.suierat historian istoric.scripeti.a plesni.brumat hoax a juca o farsa.make a hit a avea succes hitch impuls.a stima hold forth a propune.a lui/sa.

intre holster toc de revolver.divin holy scripture Biblia.patrie.indigen homeopathy homeopatie homesick suferind de nostalgie.excursionist holiness.tiz homophone omofon(lingv si muz) homosexual homosexual hone a rectifica(prin honuire).groapa.get hold of a pune stapanire/mana pe hold.at home acasa home.uniform homogenized europe Europa unita homonym omonim.camin.ucidere in masa holocaust.tocila.gresie honest cinstit.concediu holidaymaker vilegiaturist.hold one's breath a-si tine rasuflarea hold one's own a nu se da batut hold one's tongue a-si tine gura hold out a se tine tare.locuinta home currency moneda nationala home office ministerul de interne(brit.cavitate holly ilice(bot) holocaust holocaust.to beat hollow a invinge cu usurinta.justifiable homicide omor scuzabil homiletics omiletica homily omilie.intoarcere la baza(radioloc.proprietate holding company societate comerciala holding holdover vestigiu holdup atac banditesc.a face praf.local homeland patrie.the homeless cei fara adapost homely casnic homemade de casa.a zbiera.zbierat hollow gaunos.his holiness Sanctitatea Sa(Papa) holler a tipa.ucigas homicide.Sfanta Scriptura homage inchinare.to do/pay homage to a recunoaste meritele.hold one's own a ramane pe pozitie hold.the holocaust ucidere in masa a evreilor.a gauri.home for elderly azil pt batrani home.tara de bastina homeless fara adapost.piedica homing care se intoarce acasa.omagiu homage.vacanta.dor de casa(cuprins de) homework tema(pt acasa) homicide omucidere.it came home to him a inteles homegrown crescut pe langa casa.incurcatura.hold over a ramane in functie hold-up jefuire a unei banci holdall sac de voiaj holder arendas.familie homeless.sfant.blocare(a circulatiei) hole gaura.tipat.) home.gol hollow.a scobi hole.ascuti(a)(brice).catch hold of a se prinde de hold.a omagia home casa.detinator holding parcela.batiu(tehn) holy sacru.improvizat.a rezista hold.corect.de casa(facut).) homing pigeon porumbel calator homogeneity omogenitate homogeneous omogen.scofalcit.sincer .make a hole in a face o gaura in provizii holiday sarbatoare.

a se infiltra horned cornet hornet barzaun.your honours onorata curte hood capota.orizontal horizontal bars paralele(gimnastica) hormone hormon horn corn(de vita).cerc de butoi.a-si inchipui hopeful plin de speranta.honesty cinste.gluga.strigat.purice hopscotch sotron horde a trai in comun. SUA).saritor.pe viu(vite) hoof.crai nou.huligan hoop a bate cercuri(la butoi).tainuit hoodlum scandalagiu.a plati honour.ghinion hoodwink a trage pe sfoara.grohait honor onoare.ingrozitor horrific infricosator.dragalasenie.iubitule.vechi instrument de suflat hornrimmed cu rama de baga horny carnos.probitate honey ca mierea.claxon.oribil horrified(be horrified) a fi ingrozit.a lega la ochi hoof a lovi cu copita.cu aspect de fagure.miere de albine.a grohai.a indulci.iubito.carlig hook up a inhama hook up(to) a se agata de hook.ceata.a striga hooter claxon.promitator hopeless disperat.cutremurat horrify a ingrozi.golf mic hope.fara speranta hopper culegator de hamei.prostituata hooligan haimana.scufie hooded acoperit cu gluga.cinste honour a cheque a onora un cec.by hook or by crook prin orice mijloace hooker agent ce recruteaza muncitori.a inspaimanta.in honour of a acorda o distinctie.on the hoof ca greutate vie.cu bataturi horoscope horoscop horrible hidos.vas de pescuit.spongios honeydew miere extraflorala honeymoon luna de miere honeysuckle caprifoi honk a claxona.gloata.onorific honour onoare.cinste honorarium onorariu honorary de onoare.janta hoopoe pupaza hoot caraghioslac.a incercui.sirena hoover a curata cu aspiratorul hope nadejde.cutie pt sugestii(Congr.claxonat.larma.viespe mare hornpipe un fel de dans marinaresc.a soca .valcea infundata.a tusi convulsiv.a imbrobodi.cornet horn in furisa.your honour domnule judecator honour.a spera.hoarda horizon orizont horizontal orizontal.fagure de miere.huligan(amer) hoodoo piaza-rea.to hoof it a merge pe jos hook carlig de undita.on my honour pe cinstea mea! honour.a tipa(bufnita).speranta.to hope in a se increde in.in cinstea honour.on/upon my honour pe cinstea mea! honour.copita hoof.razant(foc)(mil).mieros honey cake cozonac cu miere honeycomb a face alveole in.

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narghilea hubbub tumult.filantropic.scandal.a insela.zarva hubby barbatel huckster negustor ambulant.banal.centru de activitate.coaja.umanitate humanism caracter laic.gramada.sandrama.butuc hub.a burdusi.a face de mantuiala.a umili.stapana a casei housework treburi casnice housing construire de locuinte.a coji.impostor humdrum monoton.supus humble.pastaie hullo hallo hum a bazai(albine).gloata.a umfla hug a strange in brate.a plana.ce.a fredona.umiditate .a mistifica.umed humidity umezeala.intendent housemaid fata in casa housemaster director de internat.gospodina.va salut how many cate.gospodina.a sovai human omenesc.matroana housewarming petrecere de inaugurare casa housewife trusa de cusut.camin housemother directoare de camin.lumesc human capital capital uman human rights drepturile omului humane omenos.precupet.householder cap de familie housekeeper menajera.oricum howitzer obuzier howl a urla.a ameninta.tafna.zarva huff acces de furie.uman humaneness omenie.a zbiera howl down a inabusi prin urlete howler bocitoare.peste hover.freamat.a se g hue nuanta.monotonie.umanism humanitarian filantrop.cum how are you cum te simti? ce mai faci? how do you do buna ziua.carcasa.the hub of the universe buricul pamantului hubble bubble hubub.cati how many of them cati/cate dintre ei/ele how much cat de mult/cat costa how old are you cati ani ai?.culoare hue and cry alarma generala.your humble servant prea plecat servitor humbug impostura.dezghioca.banalitate humid jilav.urias hugging imbratisare hulking matahalos.greoi hull a lovi cu torpila/bomba un vas.sarlatanie.ce varsta ai? however oricat de.locuinta hovel coliba.stentor.umil.omenire.totusi.zumzet hum and haw a se balbai.umanitate humble a injosi.a felicita.negustor de maruntisuri huddle a arunca claie peste gramada.sopron hover on the verge of death a fi pe patul de moarte hover(over/about) a se roti in jurul.cultura.a jigni.imbratisare huge imens.gazduire.gafa hub bucsa.to hover about somebody a da tarcoale cuiva hovercraft aeroglisor hoverport port pt aeroglisoare how cat de.umanitar humanities stiinte umaniste humanity caracter omenesc.

uragan hurricane lamp felinar de vant hurry a se grabi.de haz.umor.ghebos.teren de vanatoare.uscat hussy obraznicatura.puternic.ura! bravo!.gospodarire.fredonand.ragusit.a supara humpback balena cu cocoasa.umilinta humility smerenie.persoana expeditiva hut cabana.magura.sot.suparator hunch banuiala.mormaiala humming bird colibri humming top sfarleaza.grabeste-te hurt a lovi.imbulzeala.ungur.lovitura.barbat husbandry agricultura.a face concesii humour.a flamanzi.two hundred doua sute hundredfold insutit hundredth suta.tafna hump cocoasa.comic.a linisti(un copil).repezeala.a arunca hurl curses a prolifera injuraturi hurly burly harababura. trecut de la hang hungarian limba maghiara.lada hyacinth zambila hyaena hiena .a se rani.coliba hutch vagonet.a umbla dupa hunter cal/caine de vanatoare.a rasfata.ungar.dureros hurtle a se ciocni(unul de celalalt).agitatie hustler ademenitor.amuzant humour a face pe plac.dispozitie.a umili humiliation injosire.mamelon humor humour humorist umorist humorous cu haz.ill humour proasta dispozitie.a imboldi.vanator hunting vanatoresc.graba hurry up mai repede!.titirez hummock delusor.spert husk coaja.presimtire hundred suta hundred.al o sutelea.cocoasa.gheb.ssst!.a izbi husband a economisi.a o.suparator.a se calma.rana.subnutritie hungry flamand.deprimant.sutime hung part.a administra.vanatoare hurdle gard mobil hurl azvarlire.fredonare.a vana.aruncare.stricata hustings campanie electorala.economie hush a face sa taca.good humour buna dispozitie humour.a rani.a jigni hurt deeply a rani/jicni adanc hurtful daunator.urale hurricane furtuna.a prinde hunt for a fi in cautarea.a deprima.a deprima.infometat hunk felie mare.toana.timiditate humming bazait.liniste hush hush secret.liniste!.humiliate a jigni.gheb humping care cocoseaza.unguresc hunger a-i fi foame.tainic hush money mita.a se pripi.a cutreiera.zarva hurray a izbucni in urale.a repezi.haitui.vanatoa hunt down a urmari pana-n panzele albe.foame.tribuna hustle a da branci.pastaie huskily ragusit husky scortos.halca hunt ceata de vanatori.cusca.cocosat.mucalit.a cocosa.

hydrate of line var stins hydrate.imn hymnal culegere de imnuri hyper excitat.persoana hipnotizata hypnotist hipnotizator hypnotization hipnotizare.to fall into a face o criza de isterie I eu.e(id est) adica ice glazura de zahar.ipocrit hypodermic hipodermic. hypotenuse ipotenuza hypothesis ipoteza hypothetical ipotetic hysterectomy histerectomie hysteria isterie hysterical cu toane.hidroplan hyena hiena hygiene igiena hygienic igienic hygrometer higrometru hymen himen hymn cantec religios.hidrant hydrate hidrat.gheata ice axe piolet ice lolly inghetata pe bat ice pack punga de gheata(med).incordat la maxim hyperbola hiperbola(mat) hyperbole hiperbola.exagerare(retorica) hyperinflation suprainflatie hypertension hipertensiune arteriala hyphen cratima.banchiza ice pick piolet ice skate a patina pe gheata ice-cream inghetata iceberg aisberg icebound inconjurat de gheturi icecream inghetata iced frapat.hidrogenare hydraulics hidraulica.inghetat .nava cu aripi portante.racit.isteric hysterics istericale.ego i.hipnoza hypnotize a hipnotiza hypochondria ipohondrie hypochondriac ipohondru hypocrisy ipocrizie.hydrate of sodium soda caustica hydration hidratare.hidroxid hydrate.turbare(fam) hydroplane hidroglisor.injectie subcutanata.hibrid hydrant gura de apa.subcutanat hypodermic syringe seringa pt injectii subcutan.eul.inghetata(amer).isterie hysterics.aripa subacvatica hydrogen hidrogen hydrogenous hidrogenic hydrolysis hidroliza hydrophobia hidrofobie.hybrid corcitura.liniuta hyphenated hyphenate.mediu.strain naturalizat hypnosis hipnoza hypnotic hipnotic.prefacatorie hypocrite fatarnic.seringa.hidromecanica hydrochloric acid acid clorhidric hydrofoil aripa portanta.

contact(auto) ignominy infamie.nefavorabil ill at ease stanjenit.ignorant ignore a ignora.inactiv.rau ill-bred prost-crescut.mitocan ill-starred nenorocos.a se uni identity asemanare.ticalosie ignoramus ignorant.icehouse ghetarie.prevedere if only macar de-ar fi asa ignite a aprinde.combustie.lenes idol idol.a identifica identify oneself(with) contopi cu.natang ignorance ignoranta ignorant neinstruit.conditie.a inflama ignition aprindere.ghinionist ill-tempered prost-dispus.identitate.a venera idyll idila.natang idle indolent.a se identifica.idiom.poezie pastorala if daca.glazura icing sugar glazura de zahar icon icoana icy frigid.limbaj specific.palavrageala idle time timp irosit.roata dintata intermediara.nefericit ill-founded fara temei.desavarsit idealize a idealiza identical acelasi.rece id card(identification card) legitimatie ideal ideal.inchipuit.pasionat idolatry idolatrie idolize a idolatriza.ilicit illegal trade comert ilicit illegality ilegalitate .a respinge ikon icon ill bolnav.stingherit ill judged imprudent ill natured antipatic.tampit idiotic idiot.glacial icing inghetare.trandav idle away a nu folosi din plin.grai idiot imbecil.obtinut prin mijl.unicitate identity card buletin de identitate.in cazul cand.identic identification identificare identify a se identifica cu.legitimatie ideological ideologic ideology ideologie idiom expresie idiomatica.nejustificat ill-gotten ilicite.timp mort idleness inactivitate.irascibil illegal ilegal.mitocan ill-disposed rauvoitor ill-fated ghinionist.zeu fals.trandavie idler pierde-vara.siloz de gheata iceland Islanda icicle turture icily cu raceala.rautacios.a irosi idle talk flecareala. necinstite ill-gotten gains castiguri ilicite ill-mannered prost-crescut.idolatru idolatrous idolatru.ideal idolater admirator infocat.glacial.

nemarginit immediacy caracter imediat.interzis.imam.nemarginire immerse a afunda.ilustrat.ignoranta illiterate analfabet.exagerat .imediat immemorial imemorial.pur immanence imanenta.colosal immenseness immensity immensity imensitate.nelegitim illicit ilicit.imersiune.inventiv imagine a concepe.graba.permanenta immanency imanenta.imaginabil imaginary imaginar.illegible ilizibil.fantezie imaginative bazat pe inchipuire.iluzie illusion.idol imaginable de conceput.ilegal illiteracy analfabetism.a fixa immoderate necumpatat.a satura imbue a impregna.fantezist.a cufunda immersed afundat.cufundat immersible care poate fi cufundat.imginativ.afundat immersion afundare.ilegalitate illegitimate nedrept.a lamuri illumination iluminatie.imitatie.teapan immobility imobilitate.ireal imagination inchipuire.nerezonabil illuminate a elucida.stralucit image imagine.optical illusion iluzie optica illusory iluzoriu.necopt immeasurable nelimitat.necitet illegitimacy nelegitimitate.ilegal illegitimate child copil din flori.permanenta immaterial imaterial.lumina illusion amagire.imbecil imbibe a se imbiba cu.idiot.urgenta immediate urgent.stravechi immensely enorm.a copia.satura cu imitate a reproduce.incult illness maladie.nemasurat.nalucire.ilustratie.explicare illustrious ilustru.bastard.imediat immediately pe loc.fix. conducator religios imbalance dezechilibru.copiere imitation jewellery bijuterii false imitator imitator immaculate imaculat.boala illogical nelogic.infatisare.spiritual immature nematur.a lumina.cufundare immigrant imigrant immigrate a imigra immigration imigrare.nelegitim.a lamuri illustrated exemplificat.a presupune imam imam.ireal illustrate a exemplifica.a imbiba.graven image chip cioplit.a semana image.imaginar.a ilustra.a imita imitation imitare.instabilitate imbecile cretin.neclintire immobilize a imobiliza.a deduce.amenintare imminent iminent.imigratie imminence iminenta.lamurit illustration ilustrare.inevitabil immobile imobil.

impracticabil impasse fundatura.immodest indecent.a indemna impending amenintator.a impiedica impediment balbaiala.impermeabil impersonal impasibil.nerabdare impatient nerabdator.to grow impatient a-si pierde rabdarea impeachment acuzare.maiestuos imperial gallon galon britanic imperialism imperialism imperialist imperialist imperil a periclita.a forta.incomplet imperfection imperfectiune. impediments(pl) bagaje.neschimbator.neobrazat immolate a jertfi.impas impassioned inflacarat.imperios(necesar).a comunica impartial impartial impartiality impartialitate.ciocnire impair a deteriora.efecte(mil) impel a urni.calm impassivity indiferenta impatience nervozitate.a micsora impart a imparti cu.desfrau immortal nemuritor.a primejdui imperious imperios(necesar).punere sub acuzare impeccable perfect.impenetrabil imperative imperativ.trecere in nemurire immortalize a face nemuritor.fix immovables bunuri imobiliare immune deficiency deficienta imunitara immune(from/to) ferit de.nemiscat.obstacol impediment.sarac impedance impedanta impede a intarzia.divin immortality nemurire.a imortaliza immovable neclintit.obraznic impetigo impetigo(med) .durabil impermanent schimbator.pasionat impassive linistit.defect imperial imparatesc.urgent imperceptible imperceptibil.dezinteresat impersonate a juca rolul.a sacrifica immoral desfranat.urgent imperishable nepieritor.impersonal.impertinenta impertinent impertinent.imun immunity rezistenta la immunity(from) imunitate immunization(against) imunizare impotriva immunize(against) a imuniza impotriva immunology imunologie immutable imuabil.constant imp aghiuta.delicat imperfect imperfect.nepartinire impassable de netrecut.trecator impermeable de nepatruns.nelinistit impatient.a interpreta impertinence insolenta.iminent impenetrable de nestrabatut.impecabil impecunious nevoias.deficienta.a acorda.stricat immorality imoralitate.dracusor impact izbire.vesnicie immortalization imortalizare.

a se ciocni impious necuviincios.realizare implementer realizator.impunere impossibility imposibilitate.indeplinire implicate a implica.neplauzibil implement unealta.of no great import fara prea mare importanta importance insemnatate.profan impish poznas.a infige implanting implantare.a pedepsi impose oneself a face impresie buna.a imprima .a fi saracit impracticability caracter impracticabil.a implora imply a insemna(ca).factori imprevizibili(pl) import importanta.a presupune impolite mojic.executant implementing utilare.a sechestra impoverish a saraci.amestec implicit implicit.importanta importance.impetuos impetus dinamism.inradacinare implausible de necrezut.instrument.urma.a aplica implementation indeplinire.impunator imposition stabilire(a unei taxe).impetuosity impetuozitate.a se impune impose(upon) a impune imposing impresionant.a implanta.be impoverished secatuit.a incurca implication implicare.tacit implicit(in) latent(in) implicit-cost elements elemente ale costului total implore a solicita.nepoliticos impoliteness necuviinta.of great importance de mare importanta important influent important(to) important(pt) importation import.impregnare impresario impresar impress amprenta.grosolanie imponderable imponderabil.avant impetuous navalnic.inaplicabilitate impracticable irealizabil.with imbibat cu impregnation fecundare.caracter nepractic impracticality ineficacitate.marfa importata imported importat importer importator impose a porunci.fecundatie.imprimare.impracticabil impractical ineficace.de necrezut impotence impotenta.importare.diabolic implant implant.a insemna import cargo marfuri de import import controls controlul importului import duties taxe vamale de import import duty taxa de import import licence licenta de import import(into) a importa import.caracter nepractic impregnability neinduplecare impregnate impregnata(medic).neputinta impotency impotenta impound a inchide(intr-un spatiu).insarcinata impregnate.implicatie.impuls impinge(on/upon) a avea influenta asupra.a secatui impoverish.a implica.neputinta impossible imposibil.a tipari.

nepedepsit impure impur.lenes .impression amintire vaga.recluziune improbability improbabilitate improbable improbabil.risipitor improvisation improvizare.violenta impunity impunitate.impuritati(pl).neverosimil impromptu pe neasteptate.nepotrivit impropriety caracter impropriu.in trecere in vain in van.a ataca impulse imbold.imprimare impressive impresionant imprint a tipari.neadevarat inaction inertie.pangarit.be imprisoned a fi inchis.la nevoie in one piece facut dintr-o bucata in one word intr-un cuvant in return for in schimbul in the bag treaba e ca si facuta in the wind degeaba in this in aceasta privinta in transit in tranzit.improvizatie improvise a face la repezeala.din in absentia in absenta persoanei in addition to in plus in camera in obiectiv in case in cazul cand in detail in detaliu in existence existent in extremis in cel mai rau caz in front of inaintea.folosire incorecta.indecenta improve a imbunatati.impresie.in zadar in-law ruda prin alianta inability incapacitate.with impunity fara teama de urmari.in in light of in lumina in need la necaz.destrabalare in in.perfectionat improvidence imprudenta.a imprima imprisoned intemnitat imprisoned.obraznicie impudent nerusinat.a indrepta improved imbunatatit.spontan impulsiveness impulsivitate.eroare inaccurate inexact.la.in fata in front of it in fata a ceva in full in intregime in it inauntrul.repezit impulsively in mod impulsiv.spurcat impurity necuratenie.impuls impulsive impulsiv.risipa improvident neprevazator.obraznic impugn a contesta.pasivitate inactive inert.imprudenta imprudent nesabuit.intemnitat imprisonment inchisoare.improvizat improper impropriu.imprudent impudence nerusinare.neputinta inaccessible inaccesibil inaccuracy inexactitate.intiparire.a improviza improvised improvizat imprudence nechibzuinta.nepedepsire impunity.

nefavorabil inborn firesc.inculcat.a incarcera incarceration detentie.enorm incantation descantec.a atata.within an inch of la un pas de incidence cuprindere.tamaiere.incidenta incidence.deoarece inattention nepasare.imprudent incendiary incendiar.neclar inasmuch in masura in care.statura(pl) inch.intrupare incautious nechibzuit.innascut.neputinta incapable neputincios.incendiator.incurajator.congenital.agitator incendiary bomb bomba incendiara incense flatare.a incepe inauguration inaugurare.impropriu inapt neindemanatic inaptitude neiscusinta.neatentie inadvertency neglijenta.incidenta.nepotrivire inadequate necorespunzator inadmissibility inadmisibilitate inadvertence neglijenta.neatentie inattentive distrat.de neconceput inappropriate neadecvat.neindemanare inarticulate nedeslusit.innascut inbred rezultat din incrucisari.firesc.intruchipat.vraja incapability incapacitate.absurd inanimate neinsufletit.inauguration-day ziua inaugurarii presedentiei inauspicious de rau augur.pasivitate inadequacy insuficienta.vid inapplicable inaplicabil inappreciable imperceptibil.angle of incidence unghi de incidenta incident incident.a devil incarnate un drac impielitat incarnation incarnare.intamplator incinerate a arde.tol.neglijent.tamaie.intrare in functie inauguration.inactivity lenevie.neatent inadvisable nerecomandabil inalienable inalienabil inane stupid.every inch in intregime inch.neatent inattentiveness neglijenta.continuu incest incest inch distanta mica.neatentie inadvertent necugetat.nepotrivit incapacitate(for/from) a face incapabil(de/sa).incapacitate.ocazional.stimulent incentives stimulente materiale inception debut.inci.a incinera incinerator crematoriu de gunoi .a tamaia.intemnitare incarnate a intruchipa.neatentie inaudible imperceptibil inaugurate a inaugura.a initia.inceput incessant neincetat.raza de actiune incidence(of a disease) frecventa a unei boli.neinsemnat inapprehensible de neinteles.motiv.a impiedica sa incarcerate a intemnita.mort inanity stupiditate.intamplator incidentally in paranteza fie spus.intrupat incarnate.intamplare incidental accidental.a irita incentive stimulator.innascut incalculable incalculabil.

incompetenta.cinstit increase mari.certificat de inm atriculare incorporation of a company constituire in soc.imprudent inconsistent inconsecvent.crestere.incapacitate incompetency nepricepere.indiscutabil inconvenience inconvenienta.discordant inconspicuous neremarcabil. comerciala.stimulare incivility nepolitete.integru.a taia incision incizie.taios incisor incisiv incite a atata.incapacitate incompetent nepriceput.inclusiv incognito incognito incoherence incoerenta incoherent incoerent incombustible neinflamabil income castig(uri). de constit.gresit incorruptible incoruptibil.incorporare.necuviinta inclement nemilos.discordant inconsolable de nemingaiat.venit(uri) income control controlul veniturilor income statement declaratie a veniturilor income tax impozit pe venituri incomes policy politica veniturilor incoming sosire.a starni incitement incitare.incompatibil incompetence nepricepere.defectuos incomprehensible neinteligibil.panta inclination.neasemuit incompatibility incompatibilitate incompatible distonant.spor.sporire.a cuprinde included cuprins.schimbator incontestable de netagaduit.inclus including inclusiv inclusion cuprindere.dispus include a include.inconsolabil inconsonant nearmonios.a spori.neajuns inconvenient incomod(a)(actiune).de neinteles inconclusive neconcludent.de neinteles inconceivable de neconceput.adaugire.nepotrivit incomplete neterminat.neconvingator incongruous incompatibil inconsequential neimportant inconsiderable neinsemnat inconsiderate nechibzuit.aspru inclination aplecare.atatare.anonima.inoportun inconvertible neconvertibil incorporate a integra.includere inclusive care cuprinde.a incomoda.soc.incise a face o incizie.a se inclina inclined aplecat.taietura incisive sarcastic.venire incommensurate nemarginit.unificare incorporation certificate certif.a incorpora.discret inconstant nestatornic.a creste .a uni incorporation constituire a unei societati.incompetenta.incomparabil incomparable incomparabil.inscrierea unei s ocietati incorrect incorect.evil inclination inclinatie spre a face rau incline a se apleca.

on the increase in crestere incredible incredibil.nehotarare indecisive sovaielnic.elocvent indicative(of) graitor indicator contor.indiferent.lipsa de tact.nehotarat indelible de nesters.neatarnare independent neatarnat.nepasator incursion navalire.incursiune indebted indatorat indebted(to) dator indecency nerusinare.indicator indict a acuza.despagubire indemnify(for) a despagubi pentru indemnify(from/against) a garanta impotriva.sceptic increment spor(de salariu).a asigura indemnity garantie.interminabil index index.rechizitoriu indifference lipsa de importanta.neobrazat indemnification compensatie.punere sub acuzare incriminatory acuzator.indice index.a creste independence independenta.a indica indication indicatie.crestere incriminate a pune sub acuzare.dezvoltare.indian indian corn porumb indicate a arata.incriminator incubate a cloci incubation clocire.nehotarat indeed intr-adevar.incubator inculcate a inspira.saracie indigenous bastinas.increase.rezemat incur a se expune la.neostenit indefensible imposibil de aparat indefinite nedefinit.a inculpa incrimination incriminare.a inculpa indictment inculpare.nepasare indifference(to) indiferenta indifferent neinsemnat.sarman indigestible greu de mistuit.indecenta indecent nerusinat.indigen indigent nevoias.sigur indeed.indiciu indicative indicativ.a imprima inculpate a pune sub acuzare.castig.indestructibil indeterminable de nedeterminat.indigest .a-si atrage asupra sa incurable nevindecabil.piele rosie.de neuitat indelicacy de delicatete.neincrezator.de necrezut incredulous incredul.indecent indecision sovaiala.independent indescribable indescriptibil.very much indeed chiar foarte mult.a inculpa incumbent culcat.detinator al unei functii.cost of living index indicele minimului de trai india India indian indian din India.mijicie indelicate nedelicat.incubatie incubator clocitoare artificiala.a insufla.nepasator indigence lipsuri materiale.inefabil indestructible de nezdruncinat.despagubire indent a dantela.incurabil incurious indiferent.intr-adevar indefatigable neobosit.a zimtui.

revolta indignity a insulta.industrias industrial action activitati ale unor societati industrial design design industrial industrial dispute conflict de munca industrial engineering inginerie industriala industrialist fabricant.razlet.industrias industrialization industrializare industrialize a industrializa industrious muncitor.a rasfata indulgence indulgenta.imperceptibil individual individual.usor bolnav indisposition indispozitie.indiscutabil indissoluble insolubil(chim).ineficace ineffectual fara efect.inscaunare inductive inductiv.industrie.nespus.ocolit indirectly pe ocolite.imprudenta indiscriminate facut la intamplare.indolent.harnic industry harnicie.mila.nechibzuit indiscretion indiscretie.reactanta induction instalare.a provoca induce(to) a convinge sa inducement indemn.a face pe plac.in interior indorse a andosa indorsement andosare.indestructibil.indigestion dispepsie.insensibilitate(medic).a tolera.aversiune indisputable de necontestat.planta indigo indirect indirect.nereusit.de interior indoors in casa.incapabil inefficacy ineficienta.fara deosebire indisposed indispus.nedeslusit.limbutie.inductor indulge a se consola cu.a ofensa.inefabil ineffective fara efect.vag indistinctive necaracteristic indistinguishable insesizabil.lene indolent molatec.persoana.indigestie indignant(at/with) indignat.intreprindere inedible necomestibil ineducable needucabil ineffable inexprimabil.imperceptibil indiscreet necumpatat.credit personal individual proprietorship proprietate individuala indivisible indivizibil indo-china Indo-China indo-european indo-european indoctrinate a indoctrina indolence indolenta.convingere induct a pune in posesie induct(into) a inscauna inductance inductanta.toleranta indulgent ingaduitor.indiscutabil induce a indemna sa.gir indubitable incontestabil.revoltat indignation indignare.fara alegere.sarguinta.indirect indiscernible de nedeslusit.trainic indistinct nedeslusit.confuz.ineficacitate .nepasator indonesia Indonezia indoor de camera.tolerant industrial industrial.jignire indigo culoarea indigo.individ individual credit credit individual.

contagios infer a conchide.inferior inferior(to) mai jos /mai prejos decat inferiority capacitate redusa.necizelat ineligibility lipsa de calificare.ineficacitate inefficient incapabil.inertie inescapable ineluctabil.scandalos infamy miselie.sugaci infant industry industrie rudimentara infant mortality mortalitate infantila infant prodigy copil minune infant school gradinita infantile copilaros.nepriceput inexplicable inexplicabil inextricable fara solutie.prunc.neobosit inexorable inexorabil.pruncie infancy.neinduplecat.neeligibilitate.iminent infamous marsav.inevitabil inessential neesential.incorect inexactitude inexactitate inexactness inexactitate inexcusable de neiertat.concluzie inferior subaltern.inevitabil inexact inexact.inefficiency nepricepere.infantil.molipsire.a deduce inference deductie.incapacitate ineligible inapt inept stupid ineptitude stupiditate.neglijabil inestimable de nepretuit.orbire infect a molipsi.ineficace inelegant lipsit de eleganta.infamie infancy minoritate.poliomielita infantry infanterie infarct infarct infatuated innebunit infatuated(with) indragostit nebuneste infatuation pasiune nebuna.ticalosie.inferioritate inferno infern.inactiv inertness nemiscare.infectie infectious infectat.incapacitate ineptness stupiditate.sterp infertility sterilitate infidel necredincios.incapacitate inequality diferenta.incalcit infallible infailibil.indolenta.inegalitate.rusinos.nejustificabil inexhaustible inepuizabil.in its infancy in fasa.a infecta infected contaminat infection infectare.nedrept ineradicable imposibil de starpit/eradicat inert nemiscat.infectios.nestatornicie inequitable inechitabil.ieftin inexperience(of) lipsa de experienta(in) inexperienced neexperimentat inexpert ignorant.inert.pueril infantile paralysis paralizie infantila.pagan .in faza embrionara infant minor.inestimabil inevitable fatal.iad infertile nefertil.implacabil inexpedient dezavantajos inexpensive necostisitor.

nemarginit infinitesimal infim.patrunzator ingot bara.turnare ingathering cules.maniat.influenta.inraurire influential influent influenza gripa influx varsare(geol).a aprinde inflammation inflacarare.inradacinat/ impregnat ingrate ingrat.a se baga inflict(on/upon) a izbi.necredinta infiltrate a se infiltra.a varsa infusion infuzie.a lovi infliction pricinuire.infiltrare infiltration infiltratie/infiltrare infiltrator care se strecoara infinite infinit.violare infuriate a infuria.ocazional infringement incalcare.infidelity infidelitate.umflat inflation inflatie.temelie infrequent rar.documentate informer informator.afluenta influx of gold aflux de aur inform a anunta.varsare.incendiar inflate a umfla inflated marit.a imbiba.spirit inventiv.obscur.nerecunoscator ingratiate oneself(with) a intra in gratiile cuiva.a refracta.nemarginire infirm firav.ingredient ingrowing inradacinat.vesti informative cu caracter informativ informed(inform against) a denunta pe cineva informed(well inf'd circles) cercuri bine informate.ingamfat.a turna.suferinta influence a influenta.neputincios infirmary infirmerie infirmity debilitate.inventiv ingeniousness ingeniozitate.a se da bine pe langa ingratitude ingratitudine ingredient element component.enerveaza/ enervant la culme infuse a insufla.curbare inflexible inflexibil.a mistui.furios infuriating care scoate din fire.lingou ingrain vopsit/ impregnat in fibra.a curba inflection incovoiere.seceris ingenious(person) iscusit.aprindere inflammatory inflamator.a impregna ingrained impregnant.a mania.inocent inglorious umil.rigid inflict a da (o lovitura).familiar information informatii.a informa informal neoficial.incarnata(unghie) .umflare inflation rate rata inflatiei inflationary inflationist inflect a indoi.infinitezimal infinitive modul infinitiv infinity infinitate.inveterat.neputinta inflame a inflacara.informativ infrastructure infrastructura.a produce.candoare ingenuity ingeniozitate.dezonorant ingoing care intra/patrunde.spirit inventiv.candoare ingenuous ingenuu.ingenios.turnator informing informare.

in interior innate innascut.inhibitie.a scrie cu cerneala.nedreptate initial initial.funest.a incepe initiation initiere.ordin injure a leza.leziune.pensionar al unui azil.nedreptate ink a pata cu cerneala.inaugurare.a rani injurious vatamator.carciuma de tara.launtric.a marcheta.hangiu innards inauntru.injectie injudicious nesabuit.nemilos inhumane inuman.inhalator inhere a fi inerent.nesocotit injunction dispozitie.inhalator inhalation aspirare.a locui inhabitant locatar.a injecta.nevinovat innocuous inofensiv.locatar inmost cel mai adanc.orificiu inmate bolnav internat.aluzie inkwell calimara.a exista inherent inerent.nevatamator innocuous.intrinsec inherit a mosteni inheritance succesiune.a parcheta inlet golfulet.nedrept injury dauna.to render innocuous a goli de continut innovate a inova .inhalatie inhale absorbi.tainic innings asanare.a paraliza inhibition inhibare.a pagubi.inveterat inhabit domicilia in.nedrept iniquity faradelege.maruntaie.mostenire inheritance tax taxe de mostenire inhibit a inhiba.mozaicare.incrustare.cruzime inimical dusmanos.primordial initialize a indica prin initiale initially la origine/inceput.machetat inland autohton.a intercala injection injectare.intim inmoving care intra.feroce.pamant aluvionar innkeeper hangiu innocence inocenta.daunator inimitable inimitabil.cerneala ink.a dauna.locuitor inhalant inhalant.patrundere inn birt.nedreptate injustice inechitate.inceput initiative initiativa inject a face o injectie.inhalare.nevinovatie innocent inocent.interiorul tarii inlay a incrusta.initial initials initiale initiate a initia.han inn-keeper carciumar.crud inhumanity neomenie.nemilos.ingrown inradacinat.marking ink cerneala de marcaj inkling idee vaga.cutie de culori(poligr) inlaid incrustat.impiedicare inhospitable neospitalier.banuiala.tainic.congenital inner interior.neasemuit iniquitous arbitrar.rana.intrand.neprimitor inhuman inuman.a inhala.lucrat in mozaic.a inspira inhaler filtru de aer.

banal insist a pretinde.a intercala.a vaccina inoculation inoculare.nesatios.a insinua.gravura.scrutator.plicticos.ineficace inopportune inoportun.pasager in omnibuz insidious prefacut.prieteni nedespartiti(pl) insert figura.staruinta insistent insistent insolence obraznicie.interogare.curios inquisitiveness curiozitate indiscreta insane alienat.perfid insight intuitie.a cerceta inquiry ancheta.a investiga.admisie.innovation inovatie.consum inquest ancheta.juriu.exagerat inorganic anorganic.membru.impertinenta insolent impertinent.insolubil .nevatamator inoperable inoperabil inoperative inoperant.nebunesc.Judecata de Apoi inquest.a strecura insinuation lingusire.lacom inscribe a inscrie.insipid.minor.strecurare.nesabuit insensitive insensibil insensitivity lipsa de sensibilitate inseparable inseparabil.investigatie inquisition perchezitie.dos.multime inoculate a inocula.gravat inscription inregistrare a actiunilor.inquire into a ancheta.vaccinare inoffensive inofensiv.a grava inscribed(in/on) inscris.dementa insatiable nepotolit.innoire innuendo aluzie rautacioasa.gravura.interior insider initiat.a insera.medalion inside viscere.insinuare innumerable nenumarat.perspicacitate insignificance inconsistenta.a insista.inscriptie.artificial .the great/last inquest Judecata de Apoi inquire.cercetare.dedicatie inscrutable impenetrabil(plan).nesanatos insanity alienatie mintala.insinuant.a se interesa inquire.dement.nebun insane.nesincer insincerity nesinceritate.obraznic insoluble de nerezolvat.ipocrizie insinuate a se furisa.intelegere.neorganizat input absorbtie.mic defect tehnic auto(amer) insecticide insecticid insecure nesigur.a insera.neinsemnat insincere ipocrit.a insera.insinuare insipid nesarat.a intercala.periculos.to become insane a-si pierde mintile insanitary insalubru.pagina intercalata. fecundare artificiala insensate insensibil.enigmatic insect insecta.anunt inset figura.a starui insistence insistenta.pagina intercalata..inquire after him a intreba de el.primejdios inseminate a insamanta insemination insamantare insemination.suparator inordinate nemasurat.insignificanta insignificancy inconsistenta.investigatie inquisitive iscoditor.insignificanta insignificant infim.intercalare.neorganic.necumpatat..medali insertion inserare.

insolvency insolvabilitate.for instance dovada.a instala.instrument instrument.he is high in the instep cu nasul pe sus instigate a atata.instalatie installment rata installment.simultan instantly pe data.luna curenta.instabilitate install a inscauna.legiferat instruct a initia.a se intipari /(a) instillation inculcare.imediat instead in schimb..a legal instrument unealta.falit insomnia insomnie insomuch as dupa posibilitati.a infiltra.instinctiv instinctively din instinct.intolerabil insufficiency insuficienta insufficient insuficient.instalare.verificare inspector inspector.jignitor insuperable de neintrecut.indispensabil.a ofensa insulted insultat.ofiter de politie.batjocorit insulting insultator.instruire institutionalized institutionalizat.a instiinta.institut de invatamant superior.util instrumentalist instrumentist insufferable insuportabil.at the instance of la rugamintea instance.a instrui instruction indicatii.respirare inspire a insufleti.dispozitii.institutie.in masura in care inspect a inspecta.nescafea instantaneous instantaneu.a inspira instability inconstanta.inspectie.a insulta.a ofensa.(of) in loc de instead of it in loc de asta.incomplet insular insular.to pay on .intolerabil ..controlor inspectorate inspectorat inspiration inspirare.scobitura a gleznei instep.instrument instrumental instrumental..invatamant instructive instructiv instructor instructor.separare insulin insulina insult injurie.fascicula instance exemplificare.in the first instance in primul rand instant clipa.examinat inspection inspectare.asistent universitar(amer) instrument unealta.inspiratie.moment instant coffee nes.subrezenie.faliment insolvent insolvabil.marginit insularity caracter insular insulate a izola.a inculca.in mod instinctiv institute institut.become .court of first tribunal de prima instanta instance.izolat.legiferat institution asezamant(de binefacere).in schimb instep caputa.doctrina.exemplu instance.intuitie instinctive inconstient.de exemplu instance.talent natural pt.instructie.asociatie institute.instalatie/instalare instinct instinct. a deveni institutionalizat.a examina inspected trecut in revista.de neinvins insupportable insuportabil.a monta installation utilaj. a plati o rata.a instiga instill a turna cu picatura.a controla.a separa insulation izolare..

nestirbit intake admisie/aspiratie.stavilire.succesiune interchangeable care se pot inlocui intre ele.incordat.a introduce.alternativ intercom comunica(a)(presc) intercommunication intercomunicare/atie.revolta insurgency insurectie.intens.imperceptibil integer intreg.interludiu interacting forces forte de interactiune interaction conditionare reciproca.rebel insurmountable de neinvins insurmountable obstacles obstacole de netrecut insurrection rascoala.tarie.a intensifica intensity intensitate.inglobat.insurectie insurrectional insurectional.asigurare insurance policy polita de asigurare insurance premium prime de asigurare insurance.integritate.sexual intercourse relatii sexuale .a intercepta.interguvernamental interact a se conditiona reciproc.tensiune.tare intensive care reanimare.intregire integrity deplinatate.razvratit insusceptible inaccesibil(pentru).a intentiona intended(for) destinat.atent intention intentie.intangibil.demers interchange schimburi reciproce.ratie intangible impalpabil.fierbinte.a integra integrated integrat.a surprinde interception interceptare.intensificare intensified intarit.insuppressible de nestapanit insurance prima de asigurare.terapie intensiva intent gand.compus integration integrare.inteligibil intemperate nestapanit.nesusceptibil de intact intact.a garanta insured asigurat insurgence insurectie.interdependenta intercede face demersuri(pe langa).tare intensification intarire.integral.a interveni intercept a controla.inteligenta intelligence corps serviciu de informatii intelligence quotient coeficient de inteligenta(Iq) intelligent inteligent intelligible deslusit.a reuni.sintetizare.ardoare intensive concentrat.scop.reciproc.antract.necumpatat intend a avea de gand.scop intention.putere consumata.revolta insurgent insurgent.menit intense intens.ratiune.totalitate integrate a alcatui.a comunica.schimburi reciproce intercontinental intercontinental.interactiune.stiri.intrerupere intercession interventie.unitate integral esential.intentionat intepolate a interpola.transbordare.social insurance asigurari sociale insure a asigura.intensificat intensify intari.legaturi intercontinentale intercourse.integrala.a intercala inter alia printre altele inter-governmental agreement acord interstatal.cinste intellectual intelectual intelligence informatii secrete.intentionat.a mijloci.with intention dinadins intentionally anume.

ragaz.intrebat interrogation chestionare.interior interiorize a interioriza interject a strecura.a media.rascruce interstate interstatal interurban interurban.mijlocit.persoana internata internment internare(in lagar) internship calitatea de a fi intern.intrerupere intermittent intrerupt.intercalare interpose a se interpune.jucator in echipa nationala international monetary fund Fondul Monetar International internationalization internationalizare internationalize a internationaliza internee detinut(intr-un lagar).a-si insusi international international.exclamatie interlinear scris printre randuri interlocutor interlocutor interlude intermezzo.traducere interregnum interregn(um).amestec.interogatoriu.compound interest dobanda compusa interest.chestionat.pasionat de interest.obstacol interfering bagaret.a interzice.inmormantare intermezzo intermezzo interminable interminabil intermission pauza.interogare interrogation point semn de intrebare interrupt a se intrerupe.mijloc de transport pt suburbii .interdependenta.preferential rate of rata preferentiala a dobanzii interested interesat interested witness martor partinitor interesting important.a opune interpret a traduce.a intercala interjection interjectie.interdict a pune sub interdictie.intermediar intermediate mediat.a interpreta.interferent interim interimar.interesat interface interfata.interludiu intermarry a se casatori(in afara rasei).ragaz interrogate a chestiona.a se intretaia intersection intersectie.a interna internal intern.interese(pl).intrerupere intersect a intersecta.be interested a fi interesat in.intern(de spital).functia de a interna.a deranja interruption oprire.interior internalize a da un caracter subiectiv.interconexiune interface cable cablu de legatura interface connector conector pe interfata(tehn).a explica interpretation interpretare.intermitent intern a expedia in tara.a mijloci.launtric.interval.profit interest charged cu dobanda cu tot interest paid dobanda platita interest payment plata dobanzii interest rate rata dobanzii interest.internare interpellate a interpela interpolation interpolare/interpolatie.interimat interior afaceri interne(pol).a interoga interrogated(be interrogated) a fi interogat.casatorie intre nationalitati intermediary mijlocitor.a lucra ca intern.racordare interfere a se amesteca.intermediar.a interveni interference imixtiune.inserare.lamurire.a mijloci interment inhumare.a impiedica interest foloase.

impletit interwind a se rasuci.sesizare intimidate a intimida intimidation intimidare into in.inspre.intimitate intimate intim.intrevedere interview.a interveni intervention operatie.neintelegator.).spre into it in chestiunea respectiva.a intra in vigoare.to be intimate with a avea relatii sexuale intimation notificare.incurcat intrigue intriga.a deranja intruder intrus.preliminar introspection autoanaliza.a coplesi invader cotropitor.infirm .uneltire intrigue(against) a unelti intrinsic(al) intrinsec.sensibil la(med) intonation intonatie intone a intona.imbinat.narcotic intoxicate ameti.introvertit intrude a veni nepoftit.nechemat intrusion intruziune.antract.invadator invalid suferind.inauntru into the hands of ara testament intolerable nepermis.a obisnui invade cotropi.intestin intestines mate.a introduce.intestine intimacy legatura stransa.introspectie introvert a intoarce spre interior.uzurpator intruding care deranjeaza.a inunda inundation inundare.oaspete nechemat.complexitate intricate complex.intolerabil intolerance(towards) intoleranta intolerant intolerant.become intimate a deveni intim cu intimate.a psalmodia intoxicant bautura alcoolica.decedat fara testament intestine intern.a introverti.be interviewed a fi intervievat interviewed intervievat interviewer reporter care ia interviuri interweave a imbina.imixtiune intuition intuitie intuitive intuitiv inundate a coplesi.a intriga.familiar.potop inure a se deprinde.a stabili introduce oneself a se prezenta introduction introducere.interventie interview a intervieva.interval intervene a surveni.bolnav.refractar intransigent intransigent intransitive intranzitiv(gram) intravenous intravenos intrepid indraznet.stare de ebrietate intractable intratabil.deranjare.interval rastimp.a se impleti intestate ab intestat(jur.propriu introduce a initia.tainic intimate.nesupus.imbatator.relatie sexuala.a invada.a imbata intoxicated ametit.complicat.interviu.a se impleti.a intretese interweaving imbinare.prefata introductory introductiv.intreprinzator intricacy incalceala.beat intoxication intoxicatie.

nervos.ascuns invitation solicitare.rasturnat invest a plasa.ancheta investigator anchetator.incalculabil invariable invariabil.a inventa invented nascocit.get involved a se amesteca.molau.implicat involved.invadare.incurcat.inventiv inventor inventator.be inverted a fi inversat.interior inwards in/spre interior.a invita.nascocire.ademenitor invocation n investitii invoice factura invoice.numit investigation cercetari.launtric.a intari invincible imbatabil.invalidate a invalida.neschimbator invariably fara exceptie.a implica involvement implicare.sacru inviolate neatins.a inverti invertebrate las.a implica involved amestecat.lista de marfuri invoicing facturare invoke a invoca.invincibil inviolable inviolabil.a inversa.inauntru iodine iod ion ion ionize a ioniza ipso facto chiar prin aceasta iran Iran iraq Irak irascibility irascibilitate irascible suparacios.inventat invention inventie.a conferi.a factura.a complica.a investi invested investit.neintentionat involve a amesteca.a recurge la involuntary involuntar.as per invoice conform facturii.a ruga inviting imbietor.succes deosebit in investitii investment credit credit pt investitii invigilate a fi de paza.manie .virgin invisible invizibil.irascibil irate iritat.invazie inveigh a critica violent inveigh(against) a protesta violent impotriva invent nascoci.cercetator investiture inscaunare.invitatie invite a pofti.descoperire inventive ingenios.a anula invaluable nepretuit.mincinos inventory inventar inverse invers.a supraveghea la teza invigorate a prinde puteri.a mania(poetic).necalcat de om.sufleteste.rasturnare invert a schimba ordinea.opus inversely invers inversion inversiune.nevertebrat inverted commas ghilimele inverted.plasament investment boom investitie cu succes.invariabil invasion cotropire.enervant ire Ire(Irlanda).amestec invulnerable invulnerabil inward tacut.investitura investment investitie.

a rezulta.spalatura irritable inflamabil(med).irevocabil.om nestapanit irreproachable fara cusur.ironie.fier de calcat.iritare/tie is e respect ischemia ischemie islam islam.stralucire irrational inexplicabil.rezultat.stanjenel irish irlandez.cuirasat ironfoundry turnatorie de fonta.ireprosabil irresistible irezistibil irresolute sovaielnic.valoare initiala issue.apatic irreverence lipsa de respect irreverent lipsit de respect.iris diafragma.necredincios irremediable ireparabil.sarcastic ironing calcare.separat isolation izolare.implacabil irrevocable irevocabil irrigate a iriga.iesire issue price pret de emisiune.enervant irritation agasare.mahomedanism island insula.urmasi.a emite.publicare issue a decurge.rufe de calcat irony ca fierul.separare isolationism izolationism isosceles isoscel israel Israel issuance editare.uzina metalurgica ironic ironic.stralucitor irradiate a iradia.editie.iremediabil irreparable nerecuperabil.a izola isolated izolat.neinsemnat irreligious nereligios.suparator iron fier.emitere.join issue with a se contrazice cu .a straluci.regiune izolata isle insula isn't forma contrasa de la is not (nu este) isobar izobara isolate a tine in carantina.ireconciliabil irrecoverable irecuperabil.iremediabil irrefutable incontestabil irregular in dezordine.neregulat irrelevant irelevant.a uda irrigation irigatie.excitatie.limba irlandeza irk a obosi.obiect de fier ironclad blindat.nesabuit irresponsive flegmatic.nerespectuos irreversible ireversibil.sarcastic ironical ironic.iritabil irritate a supara.susceptibil.iris.agasat irritating iritant(med).a plictisi irksome obositor.absurd irreconcilable incompatibil cu.a difuza irradiation iradiere/iradiatie.a enerva.de fier.a irita irritated(be irritated) a fi iritat.zeflemea irradiant luminos.lumea musulmana.at issue in dezbatere/discutie issue.indiferent de irresponsible iresponsabil.nehotarat irrespective of facand abstractie de.ireparabil irreplaceable de neinlocuit irrepressible de nestapanit/neinfrant.

a specifica items articole iterant recurent.larma janitor administrator de bloc.a baga jabber a vorbi repede.gluma jar borcan.a indesa jam session concert improvizat de jazz jam.that is it asta e italian italian.limba japoneza jape a face glume pe socoteala cuiva.lui /sale/ ei(a/ ale).money for jam schimb profitabil jamb glaf.articol.magar jackboot cizma jackboot.se ivory colt de fildes.el it is believed that se crede ca it's forma contrasa de la it is (este) it.year of issue anul aparitiei publicatiei issuing bank banca emitatoare isthmus istm it ea(pentru obiecte/abstractiuni).a hurui.hraparet itchy care produce mancarime item paragraf.inchis jailor(jailer) temnicier jalopy rabla jam a bruia.veselie jamming blocare(a circulatiei) jangle a suna dogit.bibelouri de fildes(pl) ivory tower turn de fildes.issue.a distona.cric.dorinta de itch.puscarias jailed intemnitat.jargon jarring discordant jasmine iasomie jasper jasp .take issue with a avea o controversa cu issue.he is in for it ceea ce trebuie it.uzat jag colt ascutit.a zimta.iesitura jail a baga la inchisoare.animale).inchisoare jailbird(slang) detinut.vesta.notiuni.recipient jar.a scartai.the jackboot guvernare militara jacket jacheta.a vari.distractie(a cercetasilor).on the jar intredeschis jargon dialect hibrid.gem.dulceata.supracoperta jackpot potul sau lozul cel mare jaded istovit.pervaz jamboree concert de muzica folk.sale.italienesc.a ticsi.itinerar.an itching palm avid de bani.portar january ianuarie japan Japonia japanese japonez(a).limba italiana italics cursiv.a trancani jack marinar.repetat iterate a reitera.a repeta itinerary calatorie.natarau.drum its ei(obiecte.izolare ivy iedera jab impinge.sunet discordant.caractere cursive(pl) italy Italia itch mancarime.lui itself el insusi(pe).punct itemize a enumera(amer).raie.individ jackal sacal jackass dobitoc.

jerseu.a zornai.cama(tehn.flanela jerusalem Ierusalim jest gluma.a gelatiniza jelly jeleu.razboi sfant(musulman) jilt a parasi(o iubita).) jay gaita.be jealous a fi gelos jealousy gelozie.zgaltai jigsaw puzzle mozaic(joc) jihad jihad(razboi sfant arab). insula in Indonezia javanese javanez javelin sulita jaw falca.in a jiffy cat ai zice peste jig giga(muz).in jest in gluma jester om glumet.mucalit.guraliv jazz jazz.a pulveriza jet black negru ca smoala jet plane avion cu reactie jetsam incarcatura arunc.invidie jaundiced bolnav de icter.a smuci.gabarit jigger.glumet jesuit iezuit jesus Isus jet avion cu reactie.ghetou jib a se opri brusc.trinca jibe a schimba o vela.suspiciune jeans blugi.batjocura.peltea.deradere jehovah Iehova jell definitiva.evreiesc jewry evreime.a suna jitter a avea draci/neastampar .dig jew evreu jewel bijuterie. peste bord jetty debarcader.jgheab.vorbarie goala jealous gelos jealous.sablon.jetea(nav).iubita necredincioasa jingle zdranganit.partinitor jaunty ferches.fleacuri jiggle a legana.Java.convulsiv jerry oala de noapte jersey haina din tricot.falca.a primejdui jeopardy primejdie.vorba de duh jest.a cristaliza jellied cristalizat jellification gelatinizare jellify a face piftie.bufon jesting glume.zornait.gheara.ginsi jeep jeep jeer a face glume rautacioase.nestemata jeweller giuvaergiu jewellery giuvaeruri jewish ebraic.voios java cafea de Java.piftie jellyfish meduza jeopardize a periclita.gura.smucitura.well i'll be jiggered sa fiu al naibii jiggery pokery intrigi.a se intelege jiffy clipita jiffy.pericol.mutra.a zdruncina jerky smucit.a glumi.lipsa de bunavointa.jaundice icter.risc jerboa rozator mic african jerk salt brusc.

zgaltait.zdruncinator jordan Iordania jostle a se inghionti.judecator.a practical joke un renghi joker clauza secreta(amer pol).scrieri pt ziare. mas.a se asocia la.fiz.zguduitura jogger alergator jogging pas alergator john doe om de rand(nume generic).veselie joyful multumit.jitterbug persoana nervoasa jitters bataiala.a impinge.vesel jolt a se hurduca.) journal fus.cheek by jowl tete-a-tete joy placere.socant.a aprecia judge advocate consilier al curtii martiale.a intra in join up a intra ca voluntar in armata joiner tamplar joinery tamplarie joint incheietura.a zdruncina judge a hotara.la post jockey a calari.anonim join alatura.vesel joyous multumit.a escroca jocose umoristic.asociat joint author coautor joint company societate pe actiuni joint deposit depozit comun(bancar) joint owner coproprietar joint ownership coproprietate joint stock company societate pe actiuni joint venture afacere comuna jointly in comun.a vibra.arbitru.voios joystick masa de comanda.mucalit.triumfator jubilee jubileu judah Iuda judaic(al) iudaic.a face sa se hurduce.a judeca.comun.voios.gluma joke.mana in mana joke a glumi.a se uni join forces a-si uni fortele join in a lua parte.soc jolting hurducare.unic.evreiesc judaism iudaism judder a scutura violent.pic jot down a nota.procuror al curtii martiale .ziaristica journalist ziarist journey calatorie journeyman calfa joust turnir jovial sociabil jowl falca jowl.indeletnicire.farsa.bucurie.piedica neasteptata.voios.on the job la datorie.maner de comanda joc/avion jubilant jubiland.jocheu.inghiontire.ocupatie job.gat journalism gazetarie.revista.halca.tip jolly cherchelit.jocher.jurnal intim.nervi jittery apucat.a schita joule joule(unit.amuzant jocund voios jog a face jogging.ciocnire jot iota.articulatie.glumet jocular comic.nervos job functie.

subapreciat judged(be judged) a fi judecat.condamnat judgement judecata.high jump in inaltime.a sari jump.do justice to a fi drept cu.aparare justification.judge.miscarriage of justice eroare judiciara.bun simt.bluza jumpy fluctuant.obiecte uzate.a salta.legal justification scuza(circumstante atenuante).mlastina cu papuris junior clerk functionar subaltern juniper ienupar junk a arunca la gunoi.jonca(nav).zeama.numai just for spite din dusmanie.colos.court of justice judecatorie justice.juriu just just.zemos jujitsu ju-jitsu jukbox tonomat july iulie jumble a amesteca.parere judges Cartea Judecatorilor(bibl) judicial rada jug.jurisdictie jurisprudence jurisprudenta jurist jurist jury jurati.saritor.long jump in lungime jumper halat de lucru.parasutist.at this juncture intr-o asemenea conjunctura june iunie jungle jungla.harababura jumble sale vanzare cu pret redus jumbled a.exact asa just.Zeus juridical juridic jurisdiction competenta juridica.water jug ulcior de apa juggle a jongla cu.a-i face dreptate justice.pulover.justitie.elefant jumbo jet avion cu reactie urias jump saritura.stare de lucruri.a manipula.toxicoman.vechituri junket cheag de lapte.junta(pol) jupiter Jupiter.decizie.ulcior jumbo dihanie.salt jump ahead a sari cu capul inainte jump at a accepta pripit.judecator.incalcare a justitiei justifiable justificabil.chef.self proprie aparare .hotarare.de ciuda(numai) just like that asa.a aranja juggle the accounts a aranja conturile(a insela) juggler jongler.justificare.jonctiune.a ajunge pripit la o concluzie jump the queue a nu respecta randul(la coada) jump.misjudged judecat gresit.criza juncture.jonglare jugular vena jugulara juice suc.corect just as tocmai cand just because din cauza ca.miez juicy suculent.escroc juggling inselatorie.iritabil junction imbinare.confuzie.judecata justice of the peace judecator de pace justice.lapte gras.asociatie juncture clipa.a chefui junkie toxicoman junta consiliu(Spania).just like that pur si simplu justice impartialitate.

cheia exercitiilor.a evita keep under control a tine sub control keeper custode.alatura juxtaposition juxtapunere.stapanire keeping one's distance pastrand distanta.claviatura.be keen on a ravni la.a se tine de-o parte keep away a se tine la distanta.miez kerosene petrol lampant ketchup sos picant kettle ceainic(de metal) kettle.han(tatar) . trecut de la keep kerb bordura(de trotuar) kerbstone piatra de bordura kerchief batic.amintire kennel cotet de caine.supraveghetor keeping paza..a tine la distanta keep on a mentine.a continua keep in reserve a tine in rezerva keep off a nu se apropia.patrunzator.locuitor al Iutlandei(ist.la loc uscat keep going a nu se opri.tineresc.a tine.clapa.a justifica justify oneself a se dezvinovati justify.taios keen.paznic.alaturare kaleidoscope caleidoscop kangaroo cangur kaolin(kaoline) caolin karat carat karate Karate kashrut Kash-rut(reguli de sanatate).) keen ascutit.basma.proeminenta.a se tine la distanta keepsake suvenir.a sta de-o parte keep dry a pastra uscat.tonalitate (muzica) key money filodorma key ring inel pe care se tin cheile keyboard tastatura.cu motive arabesti kernel sambure.dreptate jut a se proiecta in afara. of fish frumoasa treaba key cheie.a continua keep one's head a nu-si pierde capul keep oneself to oneself a evita societatea keep out a nu se amesteca.tanar.arab head kerchief basma arabeasca.) juvenile juvenil.uniforma kaki khan han pentru caravane.reguli de sanatate la evrei kayak caiac keel chila navei(mar..solutie.batista kerchief.) khaki culoarea kaki.clape keyboarder operator keyboarding referitor la tastatura (tabloul de comanda) keyed acordat keyhole gaura cheii keynote speech discurs esential(pol.apasarea unei taste (inf.nucleu.pastrare.pentru tineret.) keypad grupul de taste numerice din dreapta tastaturii(inf.vizuina kept part.) keystroke tastare.justify a motiva.pretty/fine .a pastra keep aloof a fi distant.tablou de comanda.with justification justificat justness justete.iesitura jute iuta.cocioaba.dornic keep a respecta un angajament.scuza.tasta.necugetat juvenile court Tribunal pt minori juxtapose a juxtapune.

start.favorabil kindness bunatate.a paca kid with a glumi cu kidnap a fura.echipament .soi kidney bean fasole boabe kill a asasina.atingere usoara.a aprinde kindling surcele.falus kind neam.regalitate kink nod.next of kin rudele cele mai apropiate.manusi glase.rasa.maiestuos kingship domnie.to kick a row/a fun/a dust a face gura(taraboi) kick.bunavointa kindred spirits spirite inrudite kine vite kinetic cinetic king rege kingdom regat kingfisher pescarus kingly maret.respiratie artificiala kissing sarut(are) kit cada.to dragut cu.ciubar.a-si rade de.pisicuta.rasucitura kinship inrudire.a rapi kidnapper rapitor(de oameni).regesc.free kick lovitura libera(fotbal) kick.binevoitor.kilometru kilogram kilogram kilometer kilometru(amer) kilometre kilometru kilowatt kilowatt kilowatt hour kilowatora kilt fustanela scotiana kimono chimono.familie kind of fel de.bun kindergarten gradinita kindhearted bun la inima.sac.milos kindle a da foc la.mortal kiln cuptor de ardere(caramizi) kilo kilogram.cooperativa agricola kick a da din picioare.fel kind.vadra.pui de somn kip down a trage un pui de somn.istovitor.guvernare monarhica.chiosc.ranita.pusti.rudenie kiosk cabina telefonica.a fi naravas.same kind acelasi gen.a pupa.excitare.to kick the bucket a da ortul popii kickoff repunerea mingei in joc.to kick a goal a inscrie un gol kick.hot kidnapping rapire kidney rinichi.inceput kid ied.amabil.soi de kind.ce porn.a omora.pavilion kip piele netabacita.penalty kick lovitura de pedeapsa kick.rude kin.a se culca kipper scrumbie afumata kirk biserica(scot) kiss a se saruta.pers.chimonou kin neamuri.piele de capra sau ied.ucigas killing ucigator.kibbutz chibut(in Israel).aprindere kindly prietenos.a protesta kick starter demaror cu pedala.pici.a ucide killer asasin de profesie.motorul cu pedala kick up starni kick.sarut kiss of life gura-la-gura.

cu noduri know a cunoaste.pocket knife briceag knight a face cavaler.indemanare.colina knot a innoda.nod knotty cioturos.nod knock a ciocani.frantura.demolare.ciocanit.ranita knave pungas.indemanare .hraparet.a sonda terenul kith and kin cunostinte kitten pisicuta kitty mita.a ingenunchea kneeling ingenuncheare knell a suna de inmormantare.a masa.ticalos knead a framanta(aluat.bagatela knife cutit knife.servetel kleptomania cleptomanie kleptomaniac cleptomaniac klystron clistron knack iscusinta. trecut de la knell knesset Parlamentul Israelului knickers pantaloni scurti knicknack(knickknack) bibelou.a bate.a incerca sa ia o polita falsa.a plamadi kneading plamadire.to fly a kite a inalta un zmeu.framantare knee a lovi/atinge cu genunchiul.rotula kneel a sta in genunchi.a sti know one's onions a fi trecut prin ciur/darmon know the ropes a sti toate dedesubturile know.doborare knocking of the knees atingere a genunchilor knoll damb.a ingenunchea kneecap genunchiera.maner(sferic la usi).lovitura knock down a demola.tricotare knitting needle andrea knitwear tricotaje knob ciot.a dobori knock off a inceta lucrul.dangat.to be in the know a fi la curent know-how tehnica.pricepere knowhow tehnica.cavaler knighthood cavaleri.rang de cavaler knit a tricota.lut).take a knock a incasa o sapuneala zdravana knock-kneed cu picioare strambe knock-knees genunchi care se ating knocking ciocanire.pisicuta kiwi pasarea kiwi(zool) klaxon claxon kleenex batista de hartie.genunchi.talent knapsack rucsac.before you can say knife cat ai clipi knife.sunet tanguitor knelt part.cal(sah).kitbag sac de voiaj kitchen bucatarie kitchen garden gradina de zarzavat kitchen spoon lingura de bucatarie kitchenware ustensile de bucatarie kite erete.indemanare.a lasa tablou knock.a impleti knit one's brows a incrunta(sprancenele) knitting impletitura.uliu kite.bucla.valet(la carti).a lega.a micsora viteza knock out a face knock-out.

siret lace.onoare kurd curd kurdish limba curda.munca intensa labour management decisions decizii asupra fortei de munca labour of love dragoste de munca labour pains durerile facerii labour resources resurse de munca labour saving care face economie de munca labourer muncitor necalificat.lactatie lactic lactic lacy dantelat.a eticheta.snur.shoe lace siret de pantofi lacerate a sfasia.flacau ladder brida.versat known cunoscut.informat.instabil labor munca.boot lace siret de ghete lace.placa metalica knuckle under a ceda.varnis lactation alaptare.knowing cunoastere.efort labor force forta de munca labor pains durerile facerii labor supply asigurare cu brate de munca labor.cunostinte knowledge of wares cunoastere a marfurilor.lacramos.s.priceput knowingly constient.truda.scara mobila .plangaret lack(of) a-i lipsi.articulatie knuckle duster box(arma alba).muncitor labour munca.laborator(presc) label eticheta.impas.a tortura.salcam galben labyrinth labirint.a schilodi laceration sfasiere.de dantela lad tanar.manual labor munca manuala labor-saving care face economie de munca laboratory laborator laborer muncitor necalificat.ploconire kudos glorie.truda.incurcatura lace dantela.a se desira.cunoastere a produselor knowledgeable bine informat.muncitor laburnum bobitel.vestit knuckle incheietura(a degetului).ochi desirat.lipsa lackey lacheu laconic laconic lacquer lac.curd l.sunet labial labile labil.chin lachrymatory lacrimogen lachrymose inlacramat.intentionat knowledge informatie.cunoastere.efort labour intensive efort sustinut.nevoie de.Partidul Laburist(Anglia).d drog(artificial) lab laborator.a rupe.muncitor laborious harnic.inscriptie labelling etichetare labial labial.a se supune ko de la knock-out koala koala kohl fard de ochi kohlrabi gulie koran coran kosher cuser kowtow a se ploconi.

mosiereasa(care da in arenda).bocet lamentable deplorabil.scuza neintemeiata lameness ologeala.preot budist lamasery lamaserie.miel(carne de) lambing fatare(de miei) lame olog.lampa lampshade abajur lance lance.dat pe spate lair barlog.debarcader landing craft vas de desant landlady hangita.manastire de lama lamb miel.jalnic lamentation lamentare/atie laminate a se lamina lamp felinar.sulita lance corporal caporal(fruntas) lancer lancier lancet bisturiu land pamant land register cadastru.your ladyship doamnia voastra lag a intarzia.om bland.punct de reper landowner proprietar de pamant landscape peisaj lane banda de circulatie.schiopatat lament a se lamenta.cupa ladle.navlu ladle polonic.a zabovi laggard mocait.debarcare.tangui.lac lama lama.doamna lady in waiting doamna de onoare(a reginei) ladybird buburuza ladykiller seducator ladylike bine-crescuta.hangiu landmark borna de hotar.mirean laid back ciulit(de urechi).jalon.pesti de apa dulce landlord mosier.ghinionist lame excuse neconvingatoare.om lenes lagoon laguna laic laic.culoar(sport).de doamna / lady ladyship calitatea de lady ladyship.registru funciar land tenancy arendare land.mireni.cavaler lading incarcatura(nav.native land tara de bastina landed gentleman mosier landfall alunecare de teren.proprietareasa(de casa) landlocked inconjurat de uscat.a incarca laden plin de laden(with) ancarcat ladies' man curtezan.imperfectiune.ulita languid apatic .aterizare la coasta landing aterizare.vizuina laird mosier(scot) laissez faire neamestec(politica de) laity laici.schiop lame brain om prost lame duck falit.stapana.soup ladle polonic lady sotie/fiica de lord.laddie flacaias(scot) lade a umple.profani lake iaz.).nespecialisti.incurcatura.Don Juan.

of late in ultimul timp.farsa.at the latest cel mai tarziu late.mormoloc larval larvar laryngitis laringita laryngoscope laringoscop larynx laringe lascar marinar/soldat hindus lascivious lasciv lash bici.pozna.inalt si slab lanky lung si subtire.snur lap lipait.a sorbi lapel rever lapse lapsus.tarziu late charges adaosuri ulterioare(la pret) late(for) in intarziere late.zada(bot) lard a impana cu slanina.languish a se ofili.trecut(timp).a glumi larva larva.dulap pt tinut mancarea large mare.a dura.greseala.poala lap dog catel de salon lap up a accepta fara sa judece.nu de mult latency latenta.oboseala lasso arcan.tolerant large-scale pe scara mare largeness vederi largi.eroare laptop calculator portabil larboard babord larceny furt larch larice(Larix sp).be late a intarzia late.yale latchkey cheie de la yale late defunct.a biciui lash-up aparat improvizat lass fetiscana.noaptea trecuta last tuesday dainui.marinimie largo largo(muz) lark ciocarlie.larg large.a plezni.apatie languor moleseala.slabiciune languorous languros lank desirat.tindec last year anul trecut last.lanterna lanyard sfoara.zavor latch.safety latch zavor de siguranta.in large in mare large-minded cu vederi largi.lasso last cel din urma.slujnica(scot) lassie fetiscana(scot) lassitude moleseala.plescait.ultim(ul) last but not least ultimul dar nu neimportant last night aseara.pe genunchi.for a tanji dupa languishment lancezeala.a linchi.at large in libertate large.costeliv lantern felinar.at last in sfarsit last-ditch(last out) facut cu un ultim efort latch clanta.by and large in general vorbind large.a slabi languish.lovitura de bici.yale.martea trecuta.potentialitate .recent lately de curand.untura larder camara.a zavora.

lat lathe strung lather a face sa spumege.roman latin.ilegal lawn gazon.ora tarzie.zabava latent latent.pajiste.spuma latin latin.ridicol laughingstock cal de bataie.a scapa de ceva razand laugh.raset laughter.to repeal a law a abroga o lege law-abiding cetatean care respecta legile.mai tarziu later on mai pe urma lateral accesoriu.vrednic de lauda laudatory proslavire.obiectul batjocurei laughter ras.to pass a law a vota o lege law.the laws in force legislatie in vigoare law.spalatorie de rufe laureate(poet laureate) poet al curtii.levantica lavish a fi darnic.legal lawgiver legiuitor lawless nelegiuit.clabuc.a ride de laugh off a nu privi lucrurile serios.recent.raset laugh at a lua in ras.a risipi.a spala lavender de culoarea levanticii.ras.peals of laughter hohote de ras laughter.peluza .limba latina.darnic law lege.latitudine.modern lattice grilaj.lateral latex latex lath retea(metalica).to rest on one's a se culca pe lauri lava lava lavatory toaleta.lansare.low latin latina vulgara latish cam tarziu latitude intindere.criminal lawful legiuit.comparativ de la late.lansator de rachete launchers pl de la launcher launching lansare launching pad platforma de lansare(rachete) launderette spalatorie automata laundry rufe.lay down the law a ordona law.poet laureat laurel dafin laurels cununi de lauri.read law a studia dreptul law.WC public lave a scalda.lauda laurels.ultim latter-day de ultima ora.pasnic lawbreaker infractor.permis.to burst into laughter a izbucni in ris launch barca.a-l laughable comic.tainuit later comparativ de la late.salupa cu motor launch negotiations conditii de lansare launcher lansator de grenade.make laugh(someone) face sa rada.elogios laugh a rade.lateness intarziere.sipca.a lansa.a sapuni.regula law of nations drept international law of supply and demand legea cererii si a ofertei law.a da in judecata law.go to law a recurge la justitie.zabrele laudable laudabil.libertate de opinie latrine latrina latter cel de-al doilea.

slabiciune leap a sari.a studia.chirie.take the lead a prelua conducerea lead.lenevie lazy lenes.salt leap year an bisect leap-frog de-a capra(jocul) learn a invata.alianta.duce.concediere temporara.a rasfoi leaflet fituica.a conduce lead content continut de plumb lead off a deschide.frunzulita.judecata lawyer juristconsult.purgativ laxity delasare.incetare a product lay up aduna provizii.cenusiu.invatatura/invatare.foaie.a concesiona.sefie.camp lead glont.mirean layout plan general.scurgere lean sarac.frunza.a expune layabout pierde-vara.a intocmi lay eggs a oua lay hold of a pune mana pe.de plumb leader conducator.studiu lease arenda.cel dintai.scurgere.conducere leading care conduce.lenes lea pajiste.a strange lay.get laid a fi doborat.liga.articol de fond leadership comanda.sef.a dezbraca.a distruge lay off a concedia temporar.lider.a se apleca.principal leading question intrebare sugerand raspunsul leaf fila.strat layette trusoul noului nascut layman laic.indolent lazybones trantor.acaparat lay-by parcare(pe sosea) lay-out plan general.proiect.a salta.a prosti lead soldier soldat de plumb lead up to a pregati terenul pentru lead.a se scurge leakage dezvaluire(secret).parazit layer invelis.slabiciune lay aside a pune la o parte lay down a pune fundatia.slab lean against a se srijini/rezema de lean to suprafata inclinata leaning inclinat leaning(to) aplecare leaning(towards) simpatie pt leanness infatisare costeliva.uscativ.leghe.manifest leafy cu frunze.lead in racord lead.a inchiria .a afla learned invatat.a apuca lay low a culca la pamant.lawn mower masina de tuns gazonul lawsuit proces.to lead to a duce la leaden ca plumbul.avocat lax moale laxative laxativ.a infrunzi.a incepe lead on a duce de nas.a-si sacrifica.a se coaliza leak a pierde apa.infrunzit league alia.pierdere prin dispersie.savant learning eruditie.plumb.saritura.proiect laze a lenevi laziness lene.a arata.

pacaleala legacy mostenire.legal legal adviser consilier juridic legal person persoana juridica legal remedy masura legala legal status statut juridic legal tender mijloace legale de plata legalise a autentifica.a legaliza legality legalitate .privire chioras.suport leg work munca de teren leg.a o leaven a influenta.conferinta.stangacie lefthander lovitura cu stanga.sediment leeward sub vant leeway deriva leeway.on leaving la plecare leave.concediu.a tamadui.strat ledger registru contabil.a omite leave taking ramas bun leave.a-si dezmorti/intinde picioarele leg-pull farsa.stretch one's legs a face o plimbare.legat legal juridic.leased concesionat.inchiriere least cel mai mic.driving licence permis de conducere auto lecherous desfranat lecherousness desfrau.on leave in permisie leave.lespede leech a lua sange cu lipitori.docent(univ).vraci leek praz leer a se uita chioras.registru de stare civila(amer).to be left a ramane.stangaci leftist socialist.prelegere lecturer conferentiar.camatar.tare leave a lasa.macar least. si part.cel mai neinsemnat/mai putin least.stangist leftovers resturi leg picior.inchiriat leasing concesionare.lipitoare.destrabalare lecture a tine o prelegere.a parasi leave alone a lasa in pace leave here a pleca de aici leave off a nu mai purta o haina.a trage un perdaf cuiva.dojana. trec.a ispravi leave out a sari(peste).aluat.destrabalare lechery desfrau.a abandona leave.leave it to me las' pe mine leave.at least cel putin.take leave of one's sense a-si pierde ratiunea leave. de la lead (a conduce) ledge bordura.take leave of a-si lua ramas bun de la leave.a inceta.to take french leave sterge englezeste.a corupe leavening transformatoare(influenta) lecence.privire pofticioasa lees drojdie.stang.stangaci left-handed compliment compliment nesincer left-winger stangist lefthandedness neindemanare.not in the least catusi de putin leather piele tabacita leather industry industria de pielarie leathery ca pielea.a plamadi.to make leeway a fi in deriva left-handed contrar acelor ceasornicului.lector lectureship lectorat led trec.

a imprumuta cuiva lend.minor less developed country(ldc) tara slab dezvoltata lessee chirias.lesbian lese majesty crima impotriva statului.a deschide let it be asa sa fie .lentila lentil linte leopard leopard leper lepros leprosy lepra leprous lepros lesbian din Lesbos.minor lesson lectie.slabire lesser mai mic.a adopta leisure timp liber.a dezamagi.leziune.concesionar.a ingadui.in tihna.a mentiona in treacat let fly a da drumul la.ora de curs.ingaduitor.a lasa sa cada.a adopta.to lend oneself to a se preta la length lungime.mai mic.intindere lengthwise in lungime lengthwise and crosswise de-a lungul si de-a latul lengthy foarte lung.jambiere legible citet.imputernicit legation legatie.to draw a lesson from a trage invataminte din ceva lest ca nu cumva.a reduce lessening imputinare.a permite let down deceptie.ragaz leisure time timp liber leisurely incet.ca sa nu let auxiliar al imperativului.lizibil legion legiune legionary legionar legislate a legifera legislation legislatie legislative legislativ legislator legiuitor legislature adunare legislativa.a emite let in a lasa sa intre.to lend a hand a da o mana de ajutor lend.misiune diplomatica legator testator legend legenda.rana less comparativ de la little.a lasa.lamaie lemonade limonada lend a da cu imprumut.pe indelete lemon culoarea lamai.sedativ lens cristalin(la ochi).declin let fall a da drumul la.a legitima.blandete lenient bland.mit.legislat.a dezumfla.legalization legalizare legalize a legaliza legate guvernator.at length in cele din urma lengthiness lungime.nuntiu papal.arendas lessen diminua.mai putin important.legistratura legitimacy legitimitate.lezmajestate lesion prejudiciu.prelegere lesson.regres.durata length.durata mandatului ad.legalitate legitimate legitim.lesbiana.plictisitor lenience blandete leniency indulgenta.a lasa in jos.traditie legendary legendar leggings ghetre.a micsora..legal legitimize a infia.inferior.

letargie.a face sa pluteasca in aer levitation levitatie leviticus Leviticul(biblic) levity usurinta.monstru marin levirate in iudaism.raspundere.a elibera liberated degajat.leucocit(a) level inaltime.desfranat lewdness prostitutie.on the level cinstit(in mod) level.scrisoare letter box cutie de scrisori letter of credit acreditiv.titlu lettuce laptuci.casatorie cu vaduva fratelui levitate a face mai usor.impartialitate liberalize a liberaliza liberate a da drumul.salata verde leucocyte celula alba.leucocit(a) leukemia leucemie leukocyte celula alba.fiul lui Iacob si Lea.obligatie liable obligat.letargic.eliberat .to level at a tinti asupra level-headed cumpatat.a divulga let out a da drumul.echilibrat lever parghie.apatic lethargy amorteala.miner lever up a salta folosind parghii.sa plecam lethal fatal.orizontal level crossing pasaj de nivel(feroviar) level.matahala.obligatie liability garantie. un trib a lui Israel leviathan leviatan.frivolitate lewd dezmatat. femeilor libel a barfi.invatat letterhead antet.punct de sprijin.nivel.a da drumul la let on a destainui.proptea levi Levi.scrisoare/hartie cu antet lettering inscriptie.intrerupere let us go sa plecam let's go sa mergem.a nivela.let off a scuti de.larghete.incetare.levit.inert.desfrau lexical lexical lexicographer lexicograf lexicography lexicografie lexicology lexicologie lexicon lexicon liabilities pasiv.pamflet libellous calomniator liberal liberal liberalism liberalism liberality darnicie.invatat lettercard carte postala lettered erudit.inertie letter litera.man of letters om de litere.raspunzator liable to duty pasibil de fiscalizare/vama liaison legatura.one's level best tot posibilul level.defaimare.defaima(in scris).a ridica leverage mecanism cu parghii.a se opri.mortal lethargic amortit.scrisoare de credit letter of recommendation scrisoare de recomandare letter.raspundere.oprire.legatura de dragoste liar mincinos libber sustinator al emanc.a pune in libertate let up a incetini.levi.

a intinde lie in a fi in durerile facerii lie in state a fi expus pe catafalc onoare lie with a face dragoste cu.permis license a da brevet.cotonogeala.in lieu of in loc de lieutenant locotenent.natural lifeline ancora de salvare.aidoma lifebelt centura de siguranta.de salvare lifeboat barca de salvare lifeguard angajat pentru salvare la mare lifeless fara viata.lingere lid pleoapa.liberation eliberare.autorizatie.minciuna.permisiune licentious imoral.lingere lick into shape a instrui pe cineva.for the life of me in ruptul capului life.Italia).permisiune libidinous libidinos.imoralitate licit legal lick a ciomagi.licentios licentiousness caracter licentios.liberare.maciuca life.viata life expectancy speranta de viata life insurance asigurare pe viata life jacket vesta de salvare life preserver bata.to the life intocmai.balustrada lifelong pe viata lifetime timp de functionare.pl de la louse licence licenta.a zacea liege senior.take one's own life asal life.lasciv libido libido libra Balanta(zodie) librarian bibliotecar librarianship functia de bibliotecar library biblioteca library.to tell a lie a minti.to come to life a prinde viata life.a forma lick oneself linge(a se)(ex:pisica) licking snopeala.give the lie to a acuza de minciuna lie.toata viata .reference library sala de lectura libretto libret lice paduche.a autoriza licensee persoana cu autorizatie/permis licensing autorizare.plaja pt inot/ bronzat lie a fi culcat.a se culca cu lie.capac lido lido(lant de insule.to lead a dog's life a duce o viata de caine life.a linge.neisufletit lifelike veridic.how's lifeW ce mai faci? life.vasal lien drept de sechestru(datornic) lieu.salvator liberty libertate.degajare liberator eliberator.nascocire lie detector detector de minciuni lie down a se culca.circulating library biblioteca volanta library.loctiitor lieutenant colonel locotenent-colonel lieutenant general general locotenent life existenta.still life natura life.

ingaduitor limber up a face incalzirea limbo dans acrobatic(i-le antile).tei.preferinte.slep lighterman proprietar de slep lightheaded usuratic.depozit de vechituri lime lamai.to take a liking for a prinde gustul de lilac liliac.placut.simpatic likelihood probabilitate.a inalta lifting furt.simpatie.placut.a da peste light weight categoria usoara.clei limelight lumina rampei .cantec cu ritm vioi.similar.debara.a se usura.come to light a iesi la iveala light.verosimil liken a compara cu likeness infatisare.a dezmembra.a-i placea.liliachiu lilliputian liliputan lilt a canta in ritm vioi.felinar.a dori like enough a-i placea destul de mult like-minded cu aceleasi gusturi/idei likeable atragator.voiosie lighthouse far(navig) lighting iluminat.a se lamuri light-fingered cu mana usoara(de hot) light-hearted cu inima usoara.see the light a vedea lumina zilei.gust liking.bring to light a scoate la iveala light.stralucire.membru limb.lumina zilei.usor.a inveseli.a mic lighter bricheta.a se lasa.a lumina.ascensor.superficial lighten a lumina(i).de asemenea liking preferinta.ridicare light a se cobora.a se insenina.nesocotit lightheartedness lipsa de griji.aprindere lightness a lumina.asemanare likewise in acelasi fel.a usura.gusturi(pl).descins numai din albi limb madular.lampagiu.asemanator.light into a face lumina in light.flexibil.viitor(stralucit) likely probabil.a-l.a aprinde.simpatic like a-i fi drag.out on a limb intr-o situatie periculoasa.del light blue albastru deschis light industry industrie usoara light pen cu usurinta la scris light up a i se aprinde ochii light upon a se intalni cu.vulnerabil limber mladios.give somebody a lift duce cu masina.categorie usoara(box) light year an lumina light.usurinta.lift ridicare lift off a decola lift the ban a ridica embargoul lift.a lamuri.ritm saltaret lily crin lily-livered las lily-white alb ca un crin.voios light-minded usuratic.frivolitate lightning fulger lightning conductor paratrasnet lights bojoci lights out cu lumina stinsa.dupa ora stingerii lightship far plutitor ligneous lemnos lignify a se lignifia likable atragator.

olanda linen.puf lintel buiandrug.ce lupta pentru situatia lui limpid limpede.sir.zugravi(a)(poetic) limousine limuzina limp schiopatat.limelight.transatlantic linesman arbitru de tusa linger a lancezi.lacuire link crampon(ferov).linie.fuzeta linden tei line a captusi.legat links teren de golf linnet canepar.neputincios limp(ing) schiopatare limpet melc turtit.silver lining argintare.lenjerie lingo limba pasareasca.a schiopata.un englez limit limita.) linoleum linoleum linseed samanta de in lint scama.in my line in specialitatea mea.neam lineament trasatura linear liniar lineation liniere.to be in the a fi in centrul atentiei limerick limerick.toe the line a urma linia trasata de lineage descendenta.a se alinia.veriga.prag lion leu lion.pers.a linia.linie.moale.between the lines printre randuri line.the lion Leul(zodie) lioness leoaica lionize a face o vedeta din .a zabovi.inarita(bot.lingua franca lingual de limba.draw the line a trage linia(pt socoteli) line.trasare de linii linefeed salt la randul urmator linen lenjerie.facla.poezie umoristica absurda limestone carbonat de calciu.limitat.legatura linked inlantuit.a limita.pachebot.limita a puterii limited cu raspundere limitata.undita line up a se aseza la coada.a intarzia lingerie panzeturi.a inlantui.captuseala lining.pe gustul meu line.all along the line tot timpul line.dispozitiv line.a restrange.hotar limit of power ingradire a puterii.piatra de var limey marinar englez.a insirui.anonim limited liability responsabilitate limitata limited liability company societate cu rasp. limitata limited(ltd) cu raspundere limitata.limitat limiting rules reguli restrictive limn infatisa.jargon lingua franca limba mixta.clar limping care schioapata limpness moliciune linchpin cui de osie.lingval linguist lingvist linguistic lingvistic linguistics lingvistica liniment alifie lining dublura.to wash one's dirty linen a-si spala rufele murdare liner captuseala.

a locui .make little of a nu acorda mare importanta littleness lipsa de insemnatate.apatie litany litanie litchi lichi.mladios lithium litiu lithograph a litografia.exactitate literary literar literate literat. fruct din China literacy stiinta de carte literal cuvant cu cuvant.licoare liquor.reglat liquidation lichidare.catalog listen a fi atent la.intocmai.the worse for liquor cherchelit lira lira(in Italia/Siria/Turcia) lisp a vorbi peltic.go into liquidation a intra in lichidare liquidity lichiditate liquor bautura.balbaiala.a se balbai.om de litere little mic/ marunt(diminutiv).a little house o cascioara little.lip buza lip reading a intelege(miscarea buzelor) lip service promisiuni desarte.fluid liquidate a lichida.a asculta listen in a asculta radio(la).a trai.dezordine.auditor listening ascultare.terminare liquidation.meschinarie.up to the lips pana peste cap lipstick ruj liquefaction lichefiere liquefy a lichefia liqueur lichior liquid lichid.putin little.to do/pay lip service to a recunoaste/spune de forma lips gura lips.vorbe goale lip.auditie.a fi pe receptie.pedanterie.infim little finger degetul mic little people spiridusi little.invatat literature literatura lithe sprinten.literal literality literalitate.litografie lithography litografie litigant impricinat.inrolare listless apatic listlessness nepasare.interceptare listing inscriere.a intercepta o convorbire listener ascultator.litigiu litmus turnesol litre litru(Anglia) litter a murdari.a regla liquidated(be liquidated) a fi lichidat.mladios list a trece pe o lista.sasait lissome suplu.ceva.mic.micime liturgical liturgic liturgy liturghie live a duce(o viata).gunoi litter bug persoana care face gunoi litterateur literat.lista.viu.to purse one's lips a se bosumfla lips.a little un pic.litigios litigate a se judeca litigation contestatie.

melancolic liverwurst carnat cu ficat.amplaseaza.vesnic.a limita locality localitate.a hoinari.a trandavi.lebervurst livery livrea livestock inventar viu.a detesta loathing sila.incarcatura loads of o gramada de loaf franzela.a ajunge live wire cablu sub tensiune livelihood mijloace de trai.hepatic.a anima liver ficat liver.a merge anevoie lobby foaier.vioi.vanat living viu.tot lively sprinten.viociune livelong lung.sarcina loaded incarcat.plin loading incarcare.plumburiu.septel livid livid.to have a liver a fi bolnav de ficat.live in seclusion a trai izolat live through a supravietui dificultatilor live to be a trai pana.lenes loam huma.a trai intr-un an umit fel liverish de culoarea ficatului.viii lizard soparla llama lama lo! iata! uite! ce sa vezi! load a incarca.a amplasa located(be located) a fi localizat.a fi prost dispus.hol lobby(amer pol) a influenta factori de decizie lobbying(amer pol) incercare de influentare lobbyist persoana participanta la lobby lobe alveola.incarcatura.care localizeaza.localizare .lob lobotomy lobotomie lobster homar local organizatie locala.loc localize a localiza.aprins living being fiinta living space spatiu de locuit.imprumut dat loan shark camatar loan word cuvant imprumutat loaning imprumut/are loath care nu e dispus.standard of living nivel de trai living.teatru localise a localiza.zona.a limita locate a stabili locul..trai liveliness insufletire.spatiu vital living standards standard de viata living.a clean liver caruia ii place curatenia liver.paine loafer haimana.vesel liven a se insufleti.aversiune loathsome dezgustator lob a arunca mingea sus(tenis).hrana living.local local(bus) autobuz local(multe statii) locale scena.lut loan a da un imprumut.amplasat locating amplasare.potrivnic loathe a-i fi scarba de.the living cei vii.tren local.cost of living allowance alocatie cheltuieli imbracam.

a ramane pe loc.vagabond loitering fara treaba.pozitie.schimb de laude(in presa).singur lonely singuratic.sale loins sale.a se inchide.semet(munti).location situatie.exprimare lode filon.loc loch lac(scot) lock on a urmari automat tinta lock out a concedia muncitori lock up a tine sub cheie.zahar candel pe bat lone solitar.locuinta lodging house casa cu camere de inchiriat lodgings camera/e de luat cu chirie loft mansarda.at loggerheads la cutite logging exploatare forestiera logic logica.salcam.amplasare.inchidere a fabricii.a se tolani loll.to gird one's loins a-si incorda puterile loiter a hoinari.logic logician logician logistic logistic logistics logistica.parazit locust beam grinda din salcim locust tree salcam locution expresie.locomotor locomotor locomotor locum tenens suplinitor.pod lofty elevat.casuta.parasit .logic logical rational.logica simbolica(mat) logjam blocare a unui riu cu busteni logo logotip(in tipografie) logorrhea logoree logrolling rostogolire a bustenilor.arest disciplinar loco ticnit locomotion locomotie.incuiere lockjaw trismus(tetanos la maxilar) lockout blocare(a productiei).vana(geol) lodestone magnetit lodge a se incartirui.roscov.butuc log cabin cabana de barne logarithm logaritm loggerhead cap sec.natarau loggerhead.a zabovi loiterer pierde-vara.a imobiliza locked incuiat.miscare locomotive locomotiva.a investi lodger chirias.locaut.ghereta.intrerupere locksmith lacatus lockup carcera.spate loins.locatar lodging casa(temporara).mandru log bustean.loll about a hoinari lollipop acadea.loja(masonica).zavorat locker dulap inalt pentru bagaje locker room vestiar(cu dulapuri individuale) locking inchidere a unei ecluze.gazduire.trandav loll a-i atarna(limba).tamaiere reci proca( logy ghiftuit loin file(de oaie/vaca).loc locust lacusta calatoare.loctiitor locus loc geometric.a intemnita.

a trece pe la cineva look into a se uita inauntrul look on a avea vedere spre.plin de dorinta.cu raza mare de actiune long range patrol patrula pe teritoriu mare long run indepartat(obiectiv) long run.gherghef.cufundar loony tacanit loop bucla.lonely.a supraveghea(copil/bolnav) look ahead a privi inainte look alike a semaana cu look at a privi la(tv).a ridica privirile look up to a trata cu respect.before long in viitorul apropiat long.a strapunge cu privirea look up a cauta un cuvant(in dictionar).de mult long bow arc mare long bow.a cauta look over a trece in revista.taraganat longevity longevitate longhand scriere obisnuita longing alean.a ravni long in the tooth batrin long live! traiasca! long player disc microsion long range cu perspective largi.singuratic long indelungat.paznic looks(pl) infatisare loom a contura.dor.a se intrevedea.to have a look at a se uita la looking forward cu nerabdare looking glass oglinda lookout vigilenta.a tanji dupa.to pull the long bow a face din tantar armasar long distance indepartat.a admira look.as long as atat timp/vreme cat long.a se ivi loon bodirlau(Gavia species).rezistent la efort.no longer nu mai long.a privi look out a fi atent.in cele din urma long standing de lunga durata long.docher loo closet.a examina look savage a arata ca un salbatic.a parea fioros look through a se uita prin.solitar.doritor longish lunguiet longitude longitudine longitudinal longitudinal longshoreman hamal in port.atentie.uitatura look after a se ingriji de.ochi.istet.in the long run in ultima instanta.lat .to feel lonely a se simti stingher/parasit lonesome cuprins de dor.a cauta look forward to a astepta cu placere look in a privi drept in fata(fig).a dispretui look for a se uita dupa.a se uita look down on a privi cu dispret pe(cineva).prezbit long-suffering indelung rabdator long-term pe termen lung long-winded lung si plicticos.toaleta look privire.lung(spatial) long ago cu mult timp in urma.la mare distanta long drawn out de durata long for a nazui la.so long pe curand! cu bine! long-period investment investitie pe termen lung long-sighted clarvazator.

tarie loudspeaker difuzor.nedeslusit loose.a lot of o multime de lot.a da drumul loosen a afana.pierderi losses daune.slabire.at a loose end neavand ce face.pierdere de vreme.a se tolani.stiinta lorgnette lorneta lorry autocamion lose a pierde.pagubas losing weight pierderea greutatii.relaxare.a slabi stransoarea looseness largime.limbutie loquat originar din China si Japonia.foaier lounge suit costum de strada lounger trantor.intensitate.liber loose.nobil lord.gutuiul.incurcatura loss-making care cauzeaza paguba.slabind loss tiinta loss.destin.deschizatura loose dezlegat.a pierde mult(la o tranzactie) lose sight of a pierde pe cineva din vedere lose weight a slabi loser invins.limbut loquacity locvacitate.slabire loot a prada.a se pleosti lope a curata de ramuri.megafon lough laguna.instabilitate loosening afanare.a se incrunta.draw lots a trage la sorti lot.noroc lot.the lord Dumnezeu lordliness maretie.at a loss in impas.pierderi lot soarta.splendoare lordly boieresc.a rataci lose face a se posomora lose heart a se descuraja lose one's heart a pierde dragostea cuiva lose one's temper a-si iesi din fire lose out a fi infrint.a sorti.a se pleosti lopsided stramb.soarta lotion lotiune lots of o groaza de lottery loterie lotus lotus loud puternica.a se dezlega.lac(irlanda) lounge a se odihni.the lot norocul.desfacere.break loose a scapa din lant loose.stapanire lore invatatura.tragere la sorti.liber.falnic.inclinat loquacious vorbaret.prada looter jefuitor looting jefuire lop a curata de ramuri.infatisare ursuza .loop-the-loop a executa o bucla aeriana loophole crapatura.pierde-vara lour frunte incruntata.suveran.pomisor inrudit cu marul lord stapan.drunk as a lord beat crita lord.set loose a dezlega.tare(cu voce) loud applause aplauze furtunoase loudmouth gura mare loudness caracter zgomotos.pompos lordosis lordoza lordship calitatea de lord.

a apleca.ungere lubricious gresat.simpatic love iubire.tableta ltd prescurtare de la limited.a cobori lowering mohorat(cer) lowland ses.smucitura.ghinionist lucky norocos.Lucifer.destin.a adora love affair aventura de dragoste love child copil din flori love seat fotoliu pt doua persoane love(of/for/towards) a iubi.lucid lucidity luciditate.sinistru lukewarm caldut.dragoste.a indragi love.noroc luck.unsuros lucerne lucerna lucid straluminat(poetic).persoana iubita.a iubi.good luck bafta.head over ears indragostit pana peste urechi love.se face mic low tide reflux low-brow fara pretentii de intelectual.luminozitate lucifer Luceafarul de dimineata.make love a face dragoste.mocofan louver crestatura.parasit de iubita lovely dragut.farmec lovelorn deznadajduit.persoana redusa low-down meschin.in love indragostit love.muget.a se face mic lower aer posac/amenintator.a unge lubrication gresare.de dor(cantec) low scund.ghinion luck.josnic low fat cu putina grasime(alim.bani ludicrous grotesc.) low lying care se ascunde.lipsit de entuziasm lull acalmie.bad luck nesansa.credincios loyalty devotament.liniste lullaby cantec de leagan .fermecator.blind love dragoste oarba love.louse paduche lousy pacatos.fall in love with a se indragosti de love.favorabil lucrative lucrativ.zona depresionara lowliness caracter umil lowly de jos.zero (sport).necinstit low-keyed nepretentios low-lie a zacea la pamant.noroc luckless nenorocos.loialitate lozenge romb.minunat lover iubit(a) lovers indragostiti lovesick bolnav de dragoste.a trage lugubrious lugubru.iubire.paduchios.umil loyal loial.profitabil lucre castig(peior).deschizatura lovable atragator.cu raspundere limitata lubricate a gresa.amor.jos.a mugi.joc de copii lug toarta.ridicol ludo cu zaruri.Satana luck sansa.a curta love-making a face curte loveliness dragalasenie.iubit(a).prost lout badaran.comoara.

idiot lupin cafelute(bot.leave him in the lurch parasi la nevoie.a lump sum suma globala lump.a sta ascuns luscious suculent.vechituri lumber jack cherestegiu lumber room boxa.masa.mincinos lying down care se odihneste.viguros lute chit.la panda lurch.to sell by the lump a vinde angro.lustruit.fantezist lunar eclipse eclipsa de luna lunatic alienat.).gramada lump together a pune impreuna lump.limfatic.lunar.mastic luxe eleganta.a sta ascuns.a ravni lustful senzual.stralucitor lurk a trage cu urechea.lumbago lumbago lumbar lombar(anat) lumber mobila veche.bulgare lumpy plin de cocoloase.senzualitate lustre policandru.luxuriant.nebun lunatic asylum de psihiatrie.a ravni lust for a dori cu pasiune.somptuos luxury bogatie.inteligent lummox persoana neindemanatica lump angro.a-l lure momeala.limpede.lauta.a se furisa.a pranzi lung plaman lung.lupin )(planta de gradina) lupine de lupi lupus lupus(med) lurch a recurge la tertipuri.zgrunturos lunacy sminteala.copios lust pofta trupeasca.to have good lungs a avea plamani buni/voce lunge funie de manej lunkhead tampit.pranz.lucios lustrum cinci ani.nastere lymph limfa lymphatic debil.debara luminary astru.senzualitate lust after a dori cu pasiune.nebunie lunar al lunii.doarme lying in perioada postnatala.spital de boli mintale lunatic fringe grup de extremisti(amer) lunch lunch.stralucire luminous luminos.desfranat lustfulness lascivitate.lustru lustrous lucitor.zemos lush a se imbata.far luminescent luminescent luminosity luminozitate.lux luxury goods produse de lux lye lesie lying minciuna.luciu.a momi lurid in flacari.bautura.nada.ras .lustru lusty robust.lux luxuriate a huzuri.betiv.luminator(ceresc).creste luxuriant(a)(vegetatie) luxurious luxos.flegmatic lynch a linsa lynx linx.to lump it a inghiti galusca lump.

lyre lira lyric liric;poezie lirica;sentimental lyricism lirism lyricist poet liric;textier lyrics lirica;text al unui cantec m.a Magister Artium;Military Academy;Master of Arts ma mamica ma'am coana;conita;doamna(amer);doamna(unei doamne nobile) macadam drum cu macadam macaroni macaroane;spaghete mace ghioaga;nucsoara;sceptru macerate a emacia;a macera machete cutit sabie(amer.de sud) machiavellian machiavelic machination masinatie;intriga machine masina;aparat;dispozitiv machine gun a mitralia;mitraliera machine gun;sub machine gun pusca mitraliera machinery masinarie;mecanism mackintosh manta de cauciuc;impermeabil macrame dantela;macrame macro extindere in marime macrocosm macrocosmos;cosmos macroeconomics macroeconomie;stiinta macroeconomica mad alienat;nebun mad dog caine turbat mad;drive mad a innebuni pe cineva;a infuria mad;go mad a innebuni;a-si iesi din fire mad;like mad ca un disperat;ca un smintit madam(e) cucoana;doamna;termen de adresare unei femei madden a innebuni;a exaspera maddening exasperant;innebunitor;part. prezent de la madden made fabricat;facut;part. trecut de la make made to measure facut pe masura;potrivit made up facut din;mestesugit;component madhouse casa de nebuni;ospiciu madman dement;alienat;nebun madness dementa;furie;nebunie madonna icoana;madona maestro maestru(mai ales in muzica) mafia mafie;organizatie secreta magazine magazin periodic;revista(lit);magazie de arme(mil) magic magie;vraja magic circle cerc magic magical magic;minunat magician magician;vrajitor magisterial judiciar;autoritar magistrate judecator;magistrat magistrature magistratura magnanimity marinimie magnanimous marinimos magnate magnat magnesium magneziu magnet magnet(si fig) magnetic magnetic;magnetizat magnetism magnetism magnetize a magnetiza magneto magnetogenerator magnification marire;amplificare magnificence magnificenta;splendoare

magnificent somptuos;splendid magnify a mari;a amplifica magnifying glass lupa magnitude importanta;marime magnolia magnolie magpie cotofana mahogany culoarea mahonului;mahon mahout conducator de elefanti;in indeplinirea(angajament) maid camerista;fecioara;fata maid;old maid fata batrana maiden fara experienta;virgina maiden name nume de fata maiden speech discurs de debut(pol.) maidenhair parul fetei(bot) maidenhead feciorie;castitate mail a trimite prin posta;corespondenta;scrisori;zale mail;registered mail scrisoare recomandata mailbox cutie postala mailing list lista corespondentei -clienti mailman postas main esential;principal main road strada principala;sosea principala main street strada principala(in prov.) main support sprijinul de baza mainland continental /opusul insulelor;interiorul unui continent mainly in principal;mai cu seama mainspring cauza principala mainstay sprijin principal;straiul arborelui mare(nav) maintain a mentine;a pastra maintenance mentinere;pastrare;sustinere maitre d'hotel sef de sala;majordom maize galben-ocru;porumb majestic maret;august;maiestuos;nobil majesty Majestate(forma de adresare);demnitate;maretie major specializare;maior(mil);principal major general general maior majority majorat;majoritate make a fabrica;a face;a produce make a mistake a face o greseala;a gresi make a speech o alocutiune;a tine un discurs make away with oneself a se sinucide make do a se descurca cu ce este make efficient a rentabiliza make for a se duce la(cu vehicol);a se indrepta catre make noise a face galagie make out a discerne;a intelege make the bed a face patul make up for a compensa make up man machior;cosmetician make up one's mind a se hotara asupra;a decide make;make believe a simula;a se preface maker autor;creator makings calitati;profituri maladjusted neadaptat maladjustment inadaptibilitate maladministration proasta/slaba administrare malady boala;maladie malaise stare proasta;indispozitie malaria paludism;malarie malcontent nemultumit;rebel

male barbatesc;masculin malediction afurisenie;blestem maleficence rau;vatamare malevolence rea-vointa;invidie malformation diformitate;malformatie malice ranchiuna;rautate malicious rautacios;invidios malign rauvoitor;malign(med);vatamator malignant malign;ticalos malignity ura;dusmanie malinger a simula boala;a se preface malingerer bolnav prefacut mall alee de plimbare publica;promenada mallet ciocan de lemn;mai(par) mallow nalba(bot) mallow;common mallow nalba comuna malnutrition malnutritie;subalimentatie malodorous rau mirositor malpractice incompetenta;infractiune malt malt maltreat a maltrata;a brutaliza maltreatment brutalizare;maltratare mama mama mamma mama(familiar) mammal mamifer mammoth mamut;urias mammy bona;mamica man omenire(generic);om;barbat man about town baiat de bani gata;om-de-lume man hour ora de om-munca man's wear confectii pentru barbati;imbracaminte barbateasca man;best man cavaler de onoare man;to a man incluzand pe toata lumea;pana la ultimul om man-at-arms ostas;razboinic manacle catuse(si fig);piedica manage a manui;a reusi;a guverna;a administra manageable posibil;realizabil management administrare;conducere manager administrator;director manageress administratoare;directoare(brit) managerial de directie;diriguitor managing director administrator delegat;director mandarin chineza standard;mandarin;mandarina mandate mandat;imputernicire mandatory mandatar;imputernicit mandoline mandolina mandrake matraguna mane coama(de leu/de cal) maneuver a actiona;a manevra;manevra manganese mangan manger iesle manginess aspect raios;sordid mangy raios manhole gura de acces(intr-un canal) manhood barbatie;umanitate mania manie;nebunie maniac maniac;nebun manic care se aseamana cu mania;maniac manicure manichiura;manichiurist manifest manifest;limpede;clar

manifestation manifestare;demonstratie manifesto declaratie-program;manifest manifold variat manikin omulet;manechin manipulate a manipula;a manevra manipulation manevra;manipulare mankind rasa umana;sexul barbatesc;omenire manliness barbatie;curaj manly viril;barbatesc manna mana cereasca(si fig) mannequin manechin manner fel de a fi;maniera;mod manner;bad manners comportare urata;maniere neelegante manner;good manners bune maniere mannerism manierism;particularitate mannerless lipsit de maniere manners obiceiuri;maniere mannish masculin;barbatesc manoeuvrability manevrabilitate manoeuvre manevra;intriga manometer manometru manor conac manpower mana de lucru manpower utilization folosirea mainii de lucru manservant servitor mansion vila la oras manslaughter omucidere mantelpiece polita deasupra semineului mantle manta manual manual manual labour munca manuala manufacture manufactura manufacturer fabricant manufacturing industry industrie manufacturiera manuscript manuscris many multe;multi map harta maple artar marathon maraton maraud a prada;a jefui marble marmura marbles bile(de joaca) marbles;lose one's marbles a-si pierde mintile march mars;a marsalui march out a iesi cu pasi mari mare iapa margarine margarina marge margine margin hotar;margine marginal marginal;periferic marginal cost cost marginal marginal note nota marginala marginal revenue venit mic marginal tax rate impozit mic marginal utility utilitate redusa marijuana marihuana marinate a mura marine marin;maritim marionette marioneta marital matrimonial;conjugal

maritime maritim marjoram sovarv mark marca;semn;a marca;a semna;a nota;a caracteriza mark down a nota mark off a insemna;a delimita mark out a evidentia;a planifica mark time a bate pasul pe loc mark;quotation marks semnele citarii mark;up to the mark la nivelul corespunzator mark;wide off the mark departe de nivelul corespunz. marked marcat;insemnat marker pontator;semn de carte market piata comerciala market analysis analiza pietii market consultancy consilieri ai pietii market crash prabusirea pietii market place piata comerciala market research cercetarea fenomenelor pietii market share participare pe piata marketable product produs vandabil marketing marketing;vanzare si cumparare pe piata marking cotare;marcare marksman lunetist marmalade marmelada marmot marmota maroon petarda;castaniu marquee marchiza(la o cladire) marquis marchiz marrano evreu crestinat marriage casatorie marriage broker agent matrimonial marriage contract contract de casatorie marriageable putandu-se casatori married casatorit married;getting married casatorindu-se marrow maduva marry a se casatori marry off a da in casatorie marsh mlastina;mocirla marshal maresal;sef de politie marshy mlastinos marsupial marsupial martial martial;razboinic martin randunica de casa martinet zbir martini vermut cu gin martyr martir martyrdom martiraj marvel minune marvellous minunat marzipan martipan mascara colorant pentru gene mascot mascota masculine masculin;barbatesc masculinity masculinitate mash pasat;terci mask masca masochism masochism masochist masochist mason pietrar;francmason

masonic francmasonic;masonic masonry zidarie masque pantomima cu masti masquerade bal mascat;mascarada mass masa mass media masmedia mass-produce produs de masa massacre masacru massage frectie;masaj masseur masor massive masiv massiveness masivitate mast catarg master lin;barbatesc master of ceremonies maestru de ceremonii master stroke lovitura de maestru master;past master fost maestru;expert masterful despotic;tiranic masterly artistic;mestesugit mastermind conducere din umbra;creierul conducator masterpiece capodopera masterwork capodopera mastery maiestrie;perfectiune masthead varf de catarg masticate a mesteca mastication mestecare mastitis inflamatia pieptului masturbate a se masturba masturbation masturbare mat pres;rogojina match a se potrivi cu;chibrit;meci match;make a match a contracta o casatorie match;to be a match for a fi un adversar redutabil matching asortat;potrivire matchless fara pereche;neintrecut matchmaker petitor matchmaking petire mate coleg;camarad;pereche material material material;raw material materie prima materialism materialism materialist materialist materialistic materialist materialize a materializa maternal matern maternity maternitate maternity dress rochie pt perioada sarcinii mathematical matematic mathematician matematician mathematics matematica maths matematica matinee matineu mating rut matriarch matriarh matricide matricid matriculate a inmatricula;a inscrie matriculation bacalaureat;inmatriculare;admitere matrilineal pe linie materna matrimonial marital;matrimonial;conjugal matrimony casatorie

matrix matca;mitra matron matroana matronly de matroana;venerabila matter materie matter;a matter of course ceva firesc;cum era de asteptat matter;as a matter of fact de fapt matter;it does not matter nu are importanta matter;what's the matterW ce se intampla? mattock sapaliga mattress saltea maturation maturizare mature copt;matur maturing maturizare maturity maturitate maudlin plangaret;sentimental maul ciocan de lemn;mai(par) maunder a se misca alene;a mormai mausoleum mausoleu mauve mov maverick hoinar;ratacitor maw burdihan;burta mawkish searbad;insipid maxim maxima;aforism maximal maximal maximize a maximaliza maximum maximum may se poate sa maybe poate ca;probabil mayhem a mutila;mutilare mayonnaise maioneza mayor primar mayoralty functie de primar maze incurcatura;labirint me ma;mie;pe mine mead mied(bautura) meadow livada;pajiste meagre prapadit;slab meal mancare;masa meal ticket bon de masa mealy-mouthed cu vorba dulce;mieroasa mean jigarit;mediocru;meschin;umil mean business afacere meschina mean;by all means cu orice pret mean;by no means in nici un caz meander cotitura;meandru meaning sens meaningful plin de inteles;sens meaningless fara sens means mijloace means of payment mijloace de plata means of production mijloace de productie means;a means un mijloc pentru means;by all means cu orice pret means;man of means situat;un om instarit meantime intre timp meanwhile intre timp measles pojar measly de pojar;ieftin measure masura measure;take measures a lua masuri

measurement masurare;masura meat carne meaty carnos mechanic mecanic mechanical mecanic mechanics mecanica mechanism mecanism mechanization mecanizare mechanize a mecaniza medal medalie medallion medalion meddle a se amesteca in;a se baga meddlesome bagacios;intrigant media medii;mijloace medial medial median mediana mediate a face pe mediatorul;intermediar;a mijloci mediation mijlocire;intermediu mediator mediator;mijlocitor;intermediar medical medical medicament doctorie;medicament;remediu medicate a satura cu medicamente;a trata medical medication ingrijire medicala;medicatie medicinal care vindeca;medicinal medicine medicina;doctorie medicine man descantator;vraci medieval medieval medievalism medievalism mediocre mediocru mediocrity mediocritate meditate a planui;a cugeta;a medita meditation meditare;meditatie;contemplare meditative meditativ mediterranean mediteranean medium mediu medium term termen avand o durata medie medley amestecatura meekness bunatate;blandete meet indicat;a intalni meet half way a iesi in intampinarea cuiva meet the deadline a indeplini la termenul fixat meet the demands a satisface cererile meet the needs a satisface nevoile meeting intalnire;adunare meeting of the board sedinta a cons. de conducere megalomania megalomanie megaphone megafon megaton megaton meiosis litota melancholia melancolie melancholy melancolic melanoma tumoare negricioasa melee invalmaseala;incaierare melissa melisa;roinita mellifluous dulce;placut;armonios mellow copt;moale melodic melodic melodrama melodrama melody melodie melon pepene galben

melon;watermelon pepene verde melt a topi melt down a disparea;a se volatiliza melting point punct de topire member membru member state stat membru membership calitatea de membru;totalitate de membri membrane membrana memento aducere aminte;memento memo memorandum;insemnare memorable memorabil;de neuitat memorandum memorandum memorial comemorativ;memorial;amintire memorial day ziua Eroilor memorialize a prezenta un memoriu memorize a memoriza memorizing memorizare memory memorie;amintire men plural de la man (barbat) menace a ameninta;amenintare menage gospodarie;menaj menagerie menajerie mend a drege;a repara mend;on the mend merge spre insanatosire mendacity obicei de a minti;falsitate mended reparat mendicant calugar cersetor;cersetor menial servil;slugarnic meningitis meningita menopause menopauza menstrual menstrual menstruate a avea menstruatie menstruation menstruatie mensuration masuratoare;masurare mental intelectual;mintal mental asylum azil pentru bolnavi mintal mental hospital spital pt bolnavi mintal mentality mentalitate mention mentiune mentor mentor;instructor;consilier menu lista de bucate;meniu meow a mieuna;mieunat;miorlai mercantile mercantil;comercial;negustoresc mercenary mercenar merchandise marfuri;marfa merchant comerciant;negustor merchant navy marina comerciala merchant ship vas comercial merciful indurator;compatimitor;milostiv merciless neindurator;nemilos mercurial mercurial;negustoresc;ingenios mercury mercur;Mercur mercy mila;caritate mercy;have mercy a se indura de mere simplu merely numai;simplu meretricious ieftin merge a contopi;a cufunda merger contopire;fuziune meridian amiaza;meridian

merit merit;rasplata merit;in merit ca merit meritorious meritoriu;laudabil mermaid sirena merriment voiosie;veselie merry fericit;voios;vesel merry go round calusei;scranciob mesh gaura(intr-o retea);plasa mesmerism mesmerism mesmerize a hipnotiza mess nutret;dezordine;incurcatura mess around a se afla in treaba mess kit echipament metalic pt picnic mess tin gamela mess up a crea dezordine;a strica mess;make a mess a amesteca treburile;a ruina;a strica message mesaj;misiva messenger curier;mesager messiah Mesia messianic mesianic messy conditie murdara;dezordonata met;to meet a intalni metabolism metabolism metal metal metal-working industry industrie metalurgica metallic metalic metallurgical industry industrie metalurgica metallurgist metalurgist metallurgy metalurgie metalworker muncitor metalurgist metamorphose a transforma;a schimba metamorphosis metamorfoza metaphor metafora metaphorical figurat;metaforic metaphysical metafizic metaphysics metafizica metastasis metastaza mete masura;limita;margine meteor meteor meteorologist meteorolog meteorology meteorologie meter masurator;contor methinks cred;mi se pare method metoda methodical metodic methodology metodologie meticulous meticulos;minutios meticulousness meticulozitate metier profesie;meserie metonymy metonimie metre metru metric metric metrical metric metrics metrica metronome metronom metropolis metropola metropolitan metropolitan;metropola mettle natura;esenta;caracter mettle;on his mettle a pune pe cineva la ambitie mezzanine mezanin

miaow miorlait;a mieuna;mieunat miasma duhoare;miros greu mica mica(mineral) mice plural de la mouse(soarece) microbe microb microbiology microbiologie microcosm microcosm microeconomics microeconomic microfilm microfilm microgroove microsion micrometer micrometru microorganism microorganism microphone microfon microscope microscop microscopical microscopic microwave cuptor cu microunde micturition incontinenta urinara;micturitie mid mijloc midday amiaza middle mijloc middle ages evul mediu middle class clasa mijlocie middle- sized de marime mijlocie middle-aged de varsta mijlocie middling mijlociu;mediocru midfield la mijlocul terenului midge musculita midget obiect foarte mic;pitic midnight miezul noptii midriff diafragma midshipman aspirant de marina midst mijlociu;mediu;mijloc midst;in the midst in mijlocul;printre midst;in the midst of in mijlocul midsummer miez de vara;mijlocul verii midway la mijlocul distantei;intermediar midweek mijlocul saptamanii midwife moasa midwifery mosit midwinter mijlocul iernii mien mina;infatisare miff neintelegere;cearta might s-ar putea;tarie;putere mighty viguros;puternic mighty;become mighty a deveni puternic migraine migrena migrant calator;migrator migration migratiune;stramutare migratory nomad;calator mike a trage chiulul;a trandavi mil mililitru mild ingaduitor;blajin;bland mildew mana mildness blandete;bunatate mile mila mileage distanta in mile;numar de mile parcurse milestone piatra indicatoare de mile;jalon milieu mediu(social) militant combativ;militant militarism militarism

militarize a militariza military militar;militaresc militate a milita militia garda nationala;militie milk lapte milk run actiune nepericuloasa(mil.) milking muls milkmaid laptareasa/mulgatoare milkman laptar(distribuitor de lapte) milksop(col.) papa-lapte milky alburiu;laptos;bland mill moara mill about a se misca in cerc mill;be put through the mill a face o scoala severa millenium mileniu millennial milenar millepede miriapod miller morar milli mie(o) milligram miligram milligramme miligram millimeter milimetru millimetre milimetru millinery atelier de mode million milion millionnaire milionar millipede miliped(vierme) millstone piatra de moara milord stapane! lordul meu! milord! milt lapti mime interpret de pantomima;mim mimeograph mimeograf mimesis parodie;imitatie mimetic imitativ;mimetic mimic mimic;imitativ mimicry parodie;imitatie minaret minaret minatory amenintator mince a marunti;a toca mincing pretios;afectat;spilcuit mind cuget;minte mind reader cititor al gandurilor;telepat mind;bear in mind a tine minte mind;change one's mind a-si schimba gandul mind;do you mindW nu va deranjeaza? mind;have in mind a tine minte mind;i don't mind nu ma deranjeaza;nu ma supara mind;if you don't mind daca nu va deranjeaza;daca santeti de acord mind;in two minds a fi nehotarat mind;make up one's mind a se hotara mind;never mind n-are aface mind;out of one's mind a-si pierde mintile mind;put his mind on a hotara mind;to my mind dupa parerea mea mindful grijuliu;atent mine al meu;mina mine;of mine ale mele;dintre ai mei minefield district minier minelayer puitor de mine miner miner

mineral mineral mineralogy mineralogie mingle a amesteca;a contopi;a combina mingled imbinat;amestecat mingy carpanos;sgarcit miniature miniatura minimal minim;minimal minimize a minimaliza;a subestima;a deprecia minimum minimum;minim mining minare;minerit mining industry industria mineritului minion protejat;favorit minister ministru;pastor minister without portfolio ministru fara portofoliu minister;prime minister prim ministru ministerial ministerial ministry of the interior ministerul de interne mink nurca;vizon minor minor minority minoritate minstrel cantaret;menestrel mint menta;monetarie minus fara;minus minuscule litera mica;minuscul minute minut;fan;foarte mic minutes proces verbal minutiae mici amanunte minx frivola;strengarita;stricata miracle miracol;minune miraculous miraculos;supranatural mirage fata morgana;miraj mire mocirla;mlastina mirror a reflecta;oglinda mirth voiosie misadventure accident misalliance mezalianta misanthropist mizantrop misanthropy mezantropie misapply a folosi incorect;gresit misapprehension eronata;intelegere gresita misappropriate a-si insusi ilegal;a deturna misbegotten bastard;nelegitim misbehave a comite un adulter;a se purta rau misbehavior conduita rea misbehaviour conduita rea misbelief parere eronata;erezie misbeliever eretic;necredincios miscalculate a calcula gresit miscalculation socoteala gresita;eroare miscarry a avorta;a esua miscegenation coabitare/casatorie intre rase miscellaneous amestecat miscellany culegere de bucati literare mischance ghinion mischief bucluc;paguba;greseala mischief maker facator de rele;zurbagiu mischief;make mischief a crea discordie mischievous rau intentionat;rautacios misconceive a concepe gresit;a intelege gresit misconduct purtare rea;adulter

misconstrue a interpreta gresit miscreant mizerabil;ticalos misdeed nelegiuire;ticalosie misdemeanor crima;delict misdemeanour crima;delict miser avar;zgarcit miserable nenorocit;jalnic miserliness avartie;zgarcenie miserly cu zgarcenie;meschin miserly;be miserly a fi meschin misery mizerie;nenorocire misfire impuscatura ratata;rateu misfit a nu veni bine(o haina);necorespunzator;nepotrivit misfortune calamitate;nenorocire misgiving presimtire rea;teama;neliniste misguide a indruma gresit;a induce in eroare mishandle a manipula prost;a manui gresit mishap nesansa;ghinion mishit a lovi mingea gresit(sport);lovitura gresita mishmash mismas;amestecatura misinterpret a talmaci fals;a interpreta gresit misinterpretation falsa;interpretare gresita misjudge a aprecia gresit;a judeca gresit misjudgment judecata sau apreciere gresita mislay a pierde;a rataci mislead a conduce gresit;a indruma gresit mismanagement administrare/conducere proasta misname a chema gresit;a denumi misnomer folosirea unui nume sau termen incorect misogynist misogin misplace a pune intr-un loc nepotrivit misprint greseala de tipar mispronounce a pronunta gresit misquotation citare gresita;citat gresit misquote a cita gresit misreading a citi;a interpreta gresit misrepresent a prezenta gresit misrepresentation relatare gresita;prezentare misrule guvernare proasta;purtare rea miss lovitura ratata;domnisoara;a esua miss fire a nu reusi sa traga(o arma) miss out a nu nimeri miss the point a pierde ideea importanta miss the target a nu lovi tinta miss(an opportunity) a pierde(o ocazie) missal carte de rugaciuni(catolica);misal misshapen urat;diform missile proiectil missing absent;lipsa missionary misionar;propovaduitor missive mesaj;misiva;trimis misspell a ortografia gresit misstatement marturisire gresita/incorecta;afirmatie mist negura;pacla;ceata mistake greseala;eroare mistake;by mistake din greseala mistaken fals;gresit mister domnul;domnule mistime a nimeri prost;a calcula gresit mistletoe vasc

mistranslate a traduce prost mistranslation traducere proasta mistreat a maltrata;a brutaliza mistress amanta;cuconita;invatatoare;stapana(a casei) mistrial un proces prost condus mistrust a nu avea incredere;neincredere misty cetos;confuz misunderstand a intelege gresit;a interpreta gresit misunderstanding neintelegere;confuzie misuse intrebuintare gresita;abuz mite banut;suma mica mitigate a atenua;a usura mitigation diminuare;reducere mitre demnitate de episcop;mitra mittens manusi fara degete mix a amesteca;a confunda mix in bataie;cearta mix-up harababura;incurcatura mixed mixt;combinat;amestecat mixer malaxor mixing up amestecare;combinare mixture combinatie mixture concoction concoctie a unui amestec moan geamat;a geme;jeluire;a se tangui moat sant cu apa(la castel) mob gloata;multime mobile nestabil;variabil mobility mobilitate;vioiciune mobilization mobilizare mobilize a mobiliza moccasin mocasin mock a zeflemisi;a-si bate joc de;a ridiculiza mock-up macheta;model mockery batjocura;deradere modal modal modality modalitate mode mod model model modeling modelare moderate a potoli moderat;a modela;retinut moderation moderatie moderator presedinte de adunare;mediator;arbitru modern modern modernism modernism modernistic modernist modernity contemporaneitate;actualitate modernization modernizare modernize a moderniza modest modest;retinut modest;behave modestly a avea o atitudine modesta modesty modestie modicum cantitate mica;redusa modification modificare modify a modifica modulate a adapta;a modula modulation modulatie module modul mogul mogol;mongol moist jilav;umed moisten a umecta;a umezi

trecator momentum moment mecanic.umezire moisture umezeala.modelare moldiness patura de pamant ingrasat moldy acoperit cu pamant ingrasat mole cartita.strengaresc mono.grabit momentary momentan.bogat moneylender camatar moneymaker persoana ce castiga bani multi mongoose mangusta mongrel corcitura.a naparli molten topit.numerar.moistening umectare.monetar monetary affairs afaceri banesti.on the spur of the fara premeditare.magar molar masea.afaceri monetare monetary system sistem monetar monetary.inertie monarch monarh monarchy monarhie monastery manastire monastic manastiresc monday luni monetary banesc.pungasie monkey wrench cheie franceza monkish maimutaresc.a necaji molestation hartuire.turnat moment moment moment.of great moment de mare importanta moment.a reduce mollusk molusca mollycoddle barbat sau baiat efeminat molt a schimba penele.umiditate moisturising cream crema pentru umezirea pielei moke idiot.in monetary terms in termeni monetari money moneda.sobol molecular molecular molecule molecula molest a molesta.singur monochrome imagine monocroma.hibrid monitor mentor.make money a castiga bani multi.sfetnic monk calugar monkey maimuta monkey business matrapazlac.a face moneybox pusculita moneychanger agent de schimb.at the moment in acest moment moment.bani money order mandat postal money.in the money a se scalda in bani money.zaraf moneyed cu bani.monocrom monocle monoclu monoculture monocultura monogamy monogamie .molar molasses melasa mold pamant ingrasat moldboard cormana la plug molder a putrezi moldin ornamentare.necajire moll asociata unui gangster mollify a atenua.

once in a blue moon din an in Paste moonlight lumina lunii moonlighting(do a bit of ) a lucra noaptea tarziu moonshine clar de luna moonstruck lunatec.document monumental monumental.monoton monotony monotonie monsoon muson monster monstru.moralitate.monogram monograma monograph monograf monolithic monolitic monologue monolog monomania monomanie monopolism monopolism monopolize a monopoliza monopoly monopol monorail cale ferata monosina monosyllabic monosilabic monotheism monoteism monotone monoton monotonous uniform.mlastina moratorium moratoriu morbid bolnavicios.groaznic montage montaj.fotomontaj month luna calendaristica monthly lunar monument monument.stare bolnavicioasa mordant intepator.urias moo muget.hidos.contestabil moot.mod.monstruozitate monstrous monstruos.a moot point problema discutabila mop carpa de sters.full moon luna plina moon.a sterge mop up a curata la umed mope a fi deprimat.dispozitie moodiness proasta dispozitie.abatut morain morena moral moral moral(of a fable) morala morale stare morala moralist moralist morality morala.litigiu.etica moralize a moraliza morals principii morale.morbid.a matura.maret.a mugi mooch a umbla haimana.caustic.teren mlastinos moorage amaraj.morala morass situatie grea.toane moody schimbacios.sarcastic more mai mult more than mai mult decat .dana mooring geamandura de legare.zanatic moor necultivat.nesanatos morbidity morbiditate.post de ancoraj moose elan american moot lucru discutabil.a trandavi mood stare de spirit.capricios mooing muget moon luna moon.dihanie monstrosity grozavenie.

mistrie mortgage ipoteca mortgaged ipotecat mortgaging ipotecare mortician antreprenor de pompe funebre mortification mortificare.mortal mortality mortalitate mortar mortar.nemiscat motivate a motiva.dimineata morsel bucatica.a inabusi.motor motor show expozitie de automobile motorbike bicicleta cu motor motorboat barca cu motor motorbus autobuz .deschidere mortuary funebru.umilire mortify a mortifica.moschee mosquito tantar moss muschi mossy acoperit cu muschi most cel mai mult most.multicolor motor motorizat.make the most of a profita la maxim de mostly in special mote fir de praf motel motel moth molie mothball bulgare de naftalina mother mama mother-in-law soacra mother-of-pearl sidef motherhood maternitate motherland patrie motherly matern mothy cu molii motif idee dominanta.how much more so cu atat mai mult mores moravuri morgue morga moribund muribund morning dimineata morning glory zorele morning prayer rugaciune de dimineata moron imbecil.idiot moronic inapoiat mintal morose ursuz.posomorat morpheme morfem morphine morfina morphology morfologie morrow maine.a imbucatati mortal muritor.morga mosaic mozaic mosey a-si lua talpasita mosque mecet.a jigni mortise canelura.more.tencuiala mortarboard drisca.motiv central motile inzestrat cu mobilitate motility motilitate motion miscare motionless imobil.a cauza motivation motivare motley baltat.

mobil moved mutat moved.maxima mould pamant ingrasat mouldboard cormana la plug moulder framantator de aluat.cositoare mr dl mrs dna ms dra.mobil move a se misca.down in the mouth a fi descurajat.colina mount montura.mucezit moult a schimba penele sau pielea mound movila.dna much mult much of a muchness aproximativ.purtator de cuvant movable miscator.jelanie mouse soarece mousetrap cursa de soareci mousey soricel mousse mus(marina) moustache mustata mouth gura mouth organ armonica de gura.modelar mouldiness aspect mucegait.plamadire mouldy mucegait.mucegai moulding fasonare.be moved a fi mutat dintr-un loc movement miscare movement of capital miscare de capital movie film movie house cinematograf moving induiosator.make one's mouth water a-i lasa gura apa mouthful imbucatura mouthpiece mustiuc.a cosi mower cosas.miscator mow a tunde iarba.trist mourning doliu.baltat motto deviza.a jeli mourn lament bocet de inmormantare mourner bocitoare mournful jalnic.instalare mourn a boci.a se urca mount an offensive a porni o ofensiva mountain munte mountain ash scorus de munte mountaineer alpinist mountainous muntos mountebank saltimbanc mounting montare.motorcar automobil motorcycle motocicleta motorist automobilist motorize a motoriza motorway autostrada mottled patat.deprimat mouth.aproape .a porni move along a se pune in miscare move back a se da inapoi move in a se muta intr-o locuinta move out a pleca dintr-o locuinta moveable miscator.muzicuta mouth.

a mormai mumbling mormait.lumesc municipal municipal municipality municipalitate munificence darnicie.keep mum a tacea malc mumble a balmaji.multiplicare multiplicity multiplicitate.multimulticolor multicolor multicolored multicolorat multicoloured multicolorat multidimensional multidimensional multifarious variat multiform multiform multilateral multilateral multimillionaire multimilionar multiple multiplu.noroi mud bath baie de namol muddle a incurca.natang muffin briosa.paie mulct amenda mule catar mulish indaratnic.incapatanat mull a fierbe vin(cu s.mormaitor mummify a mumifica mummy mumie mumps oreion munch a rumega.inabusitor mulatto mulatru mulberry dud mulch frunze putrede.cana mugger crocodil(de India) muggy cald.murdarie muck about a umbla de colo pana colo.confuzie muddy noroios mudguard aripa la automobil mudslinging clevetire.a multiplica.mucilage mucilagiu.aromatice) mull over a medita la.turtita muffler fular gros mufti muftiu mug oala.substanta vascoasa muck gunoi.zapacit muddling tulburator.a reproduce multipurpose avand mai multe scopuri multitude multime mum tacere mum.varietate multiply a inmulti.a cugeta mullet chefal multi.a trandavi muckrake grebla pentru gunoi mucky plin de gunoi mucoid substanta mucoida mucous mucilaginos.mucus mud namol.repetat multiplication inmultire.mucus mucus mucilaginos.mufa.a zapaci muddle through a trece ca gasca prin apa muddleheaded confuz.calomnie muff manson.generozitate .a mesteca mundane terestru.

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nuditate name nume.slujitor myrtle mirt myself eu insumi.tainic mystery mister mystic mistic mysticism misticism mystification mistificare mystify a mistifica mystique mistic myth mit mythical mitic.reputatie.call names a insulta pe cineva name.legendar mythological mitologic mythology mitologie n.zapacit my mea.dezbracat.ma mysterious misterios.cearta naiad naiada nail cui.mutual reciproc mutual fund fond de ajutor reciproc mutual savings bank banca pentru ajutor reciproc mutuality mutualitate.a stabili.a alege name plate tablita cu marca fabricii name.numar mare myrmidon mirmidon.nail brush perie de unghii naive copilaros.bot muzzled cu botnita muzzy ametit.make a name for oneself a-si face un nume name.unghie nail file pila pentru unghii nail polish lac de unghii nail polish remover eter nail scissors foarfece de unghii nail.b nota bene nab a inhata.mele.naiv.picoteala nape ceafa napkin servetel de masa .meu mycology micologie myelitis mielitis mynah pasare asiatica myocarditis miocardita myopia miopie myriad miriada.a numi.what's his name cum se numeste namedropping a cita nume de persoane importante.reciprocitate mutually in mod reciproc muzzle a pune botnita.simplitate.nepriceput naivety naivitate.mei.a apuca nacelle nacela nacre sidef nadir nadir naevus nadusit nag a cicali.ca prieteni nameless fara nume namely anume namesake omonim nap atipire.gol naked eye cu ochiul liber nakedness goliciune.nepricepere naked despuiat.

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neglijat neglectful neglijent.neatent negligible neglijabil.inutil needlework lucru de mana needn't forma contrasa de la need not (a nu fi/avea nevoie) needy nevoias.negociabil negotiate a negocia.negociere negro om negru neigh a necheza .necinstit negate a tagadui.nautical nautic naval naval nave naos navel buric navigable navigabil navigate a naviga navigation navigare navigator navigator navy marina navy blue bleumarin nay ba mai mult.neglijenta negligent neglijent.curat neatness bun gust.a impune necessity trebuinta.aproape nearsighted miop neat ingrijit.vrajitorie necropolis necropola nectar nectar nectarine piersica need a avea nevoie.registru de decese necromancy necromatie.colier necktie cravata necrology necrolog.indiferenta neglect of duty neglijare a datoriei neglected neingrijit.indispensabil needle ac needle.neatent negligee halat de casa negligence nepasare.nebuloasa nebulous nebulos necessary necesar necessitate a necesita.a trata negotiation invingere.simplitate nebula albeata.be negligent a fi nepasator.neatent negligent.mai mult inca near aproape near.necesitate neck gat neck.save one's neck a-si salva pielea necklace colan.get the needle a-i sari tandara needless de prisos.nenecesar.nevoie needful necesar.bring near apropie(ceva) nearby alaturi nearly indeaproape.neinsemnat negotiability negociabilitate negotiable abordabil.a nega negation negatie negative negativ negatory negativ neglect neglijenta.sarac nefarious infam.

plasa nether de jos nethermost cel mai de jos nettle urzica nettlerash urticare.net.un ou lasat ca momeala nestle a se cuibari net fileu.razbunatoare neologism neologism neologize a folosi neologisme neophyte neofit nephew nepot nephritis nefrita nepotism nepotism nerve nerv nerve oneself a se enerva nerve racking extrem de enervant nerve.invecinat neighbourliness buna vecinatate(raporturi de) neighbourly de buna vecinatate neither nici neither.get on one's nerves a scoate pe cineva din sarite nerves nervi nervous nervos nervousness nervozitate nest cuib nest egg in cuibar.recent newlyweds proaspat casatoriti newness noutate news stiri news agency agentie de stiri news conference conferinta de presa .niciodata nevertheless cu toate acestea new nou new fangled de moda noua new moon luna noua new zealand Noua Zeelanda newborn nou nascut newcomer nou venit newly de curand.razbunare.neighbor vecin.neither nor nici nici nemesis Nemesis.nevrozat neuter neutru neutral neutru neutrality neutralitate neutralize a neutraliza neutron neutron never niciodata never mind n-are importanta nevermore nicicand.invecinat neighborhood vecinatate neighboring invecinat neighborliness buna vecinatate(raporturi de) neighborly de buna vecinatate neighbour vecin neighbourhood vecinatate neighbouring vecin.eruptie network retea neural nervos neurology neurologie neurosis nevroza neurotic nevrotic.

vioi nimbleness agilitate.local newspaper ziar local newsprint hartie de ziare newsreel jurnal sonor newt salamandra de apa.zarna nightshirt camasa de noapte nightstick baston de cauciuc(politie) nighty camasa de noapte pentru femei nigritude intunecime nihilism nihilism nil nimic.placut niceness atitudine placuta.corectitudine niche nisa nick crestatura.vioiciune nincompoop gagauta nincompoop(slang) zevzec .zero nile culoare deschisa nile.amabilitate nicety scrupulozitate.in the nick of time la tanc nick-nack bibelou nickel nichel nickname porecla nicotine nicotina niece nepoata(de frate/ sora/ veri) niggard avar.zgarcit nigger negru(om) niggle a se ocupa cu nimicuri niggling marunt nigh aproape night noapte night and day zi si noapte night clothes imbracaminte de noapte night school cursuri serale night time timpul noptii night watchman paznic de noapte night.every night in fiecare noapte nightcap boneta de noapte nightdress camasa de noapte nightfall caderea noptii nightingale privighetoare nightly in fiecare noapte nightmare cosmar nights noptile nightshade maselarita.the nile Nilul nimble agil.good news vesti bune newscast buletin de stiri newsletter scrisoare/publicatie cu stiri newspaper ziar newspaper.news.legatura nib penita nibble a musca usor.triton next urmator next door casa de alaturi next of kin rude de sange next to alaturi nexus relatie.a ciuguli nice dragut.taietura nick.zgarcit niggardly meschin.daily newspaper gazeta zilnica newspaper.

no one nimeni noah's ark arca lui Noe nob tartacuta.a ciupi nip in the bud a distruge in germen nipper cel care musca.substantival nominal wage income venit nominal din salariu nominate a desemna.punct nodal nodular nodular nodule nodul.nomad. make noise a face zgomot noiseless fara zgomot noisiness scandal.candidatura nominee candidat propus non sequitur concluzie nelogica nonne .nod noise zgomot.nobil.prostanac ninth al noualea nip a pisca.gogoasa nitrate nitrat nitre(niter) salpetru.central node nodozitate.generos nobleman aristocrat.nine noua nineteen nouasprezece ninety nouazeci ninny neghiob.zarva noise.zgomot noisome pernicios.imediat no.generozitate nobleness maretie.cap nobble a otravi.a mitui nobility nobilime noble impunator.silitra nitric nitric nitrogen nitrogen nitrous azotos nitwit dobitoc.neghiob nitwit(slang) zevzec no nu no chance nici o sansa no good bun de nimic no sweat fara transpiratie no way cu nici un chip no.nobil nobleminded cu suflet nobil noblemindedness noblete sufleteasca.taios nit aluna.a numi nomination propunere.migrator nomadism nomadism nominal nominal.ciupeste nippers cleste nipple sfarc nippy intepator.in no time pe loc.vagabond nomadic hoinar.marinimie nobly cu noblete.daunator noisy zgomotos nom de plume pseudonim nomad drumet.vitejeste nobody nimeni nocturnal nocturn nod inclinare a capului nodal nodal.

incurcatura nonresident flotant.obisnuit normality stare obisnuita normalization normalizare normative normativ north nord north.nesupunere nondescript eteroclit.remarcabil notarial notarial notarize a certifica.nostalgie nostalgic nostalgic nostril nara nosy nasos.absurditate nonsensical stupid.nimeni nonentity nefiinta.compare notes a schimba idei sau impresii .nepartinitor nonplus perplexitate.curios not nu not bad nu e rau notable notabil.greu de descris none nici unul.go north indreapta corabia spre nord northbound in directia nord northeast nordest northerly de nord northern nordic northwest nordvest nose nas nose ring inel de nas nose.notare notch cioplitura.fictiune nonobservant neobservant nonpareil fara egal.a legaliza notary notar notation notatie.fara seaman nonpartisan om impartial.evaziv nonconformity neconformism.nona boala somnului nonage minorat nonagenarian nonogenar nonbeliever necredincios nonce pentru moment nonchalance nepasare nonchalant impasibil.pasager nonsense nonsens.look down one's nose at a masura cu privirea nose.indiferent noncommissioned officer subofiter noncommittal eschivare.nod nor nici norm norma.prostanac noodles galuste nook ungher.corect nosedive picaj noshery gustari usoare nosiness spirit de curiozitate nostalgia dor de patrie.colt noon amiaza noose lat.on the nose precis.model normal normal.crestatura note nota note.iscoditor.absurd nonstop fara oprire noodle gagauta.

give notoriety a i se face reputatie notwithstanding in pofida.necaz null nevalabil.pepita nuisance persoana plictisitoare.sweet nothings nimicuri placute.degeaba.ratiune novel roman novelette istorioara.nul nullify a invalida.cu toate ca nought nula.fleacuri nothingness neant.gratis nothing.nuvela novelist romancier novelize a scrie un roman.take notes a lua notite notebook caiet de notite.nimic noun substantiv nourish a hrani.nubila nuclear nuclear nucleus nucleu nude nud.notificare notice board avizier notice.take notice a observa ceva noticeable vizibil.in the nude complet gol.dismissal notice aviz de concediere notice.remarcabil notification instiitare.just now chiar acum now.intepenit number numar .periculos noxious chemicals chimicale vatamatoare nozzle canula.at short notice dupa un scurt ragaz notice.a anula nullity nulitate numb amortit.reputatie notoriety.maculator noted cunoscut.dezbracat nudism nudism nudist nudist nudity goliciune.nothing to be done nimic de facut nothing.nuditate nugatory neeficace nugget metal nativ.gol nude.alimentatie nous intelect.cioc(de ceainic).notificare notify a notifica notion notiune notional national notoriety notorietate.a nutri nourishment aliment.vrednic de atentie nothing nimic nothing.vestit noteworthy care merita sa fie cunoscut.suparare.nimicnicie notice aviz.note.up to now pana acum nowadays in prezent nowhere nicaeri noxious vatamator.for nothing pentru nimic.a innoi.nuanta nub cucui nubile gata de maritat.a inova novelty noutate november Noiembrie novitiate noviciat now acum now.doza nuance diferenta fina.

in a nutshell in rezumat.a indeplini obfuscate a intuneca.badaran.vasla oat ovaz oath rana oath.make an obeisance a-si arata supunerea fata de obese obez obesity obezitate obey a asculta de.sonat.nutritiv nutriment aliment hranitor.respect obeisance.supus obeisance reverenta.pepiniera nursery school gradinita nurseryman muncitor la pepiniera nursing ingrijire medicala nursing home sanatoriu particular nurture alimentare.hrana nurtured nutrit.studiul numerelor magice numerous numeros numismatics numismatica nun calugarita nunnery manastire de calugarite nuptials nunta.hrana nutritious hranitor nutshell coaja de nuca nutshell.take an oath a presta juramant oath.necioplit oak stejar oar rama.number.necrolog object lesson exemplificare concreta .socotit numbness amorteala.take care of number one a avea grija de sufletelul sau numbered numarat.nutret.tacanit(pop) nuzzle a rama nylon nailon nymph nimfa nymphomania nimfomanie o'clock ore(la ceas) o'clock.off one's nut a fi sarit de pe linie/fix nutcracker spargator de nuci nutmeg nucsoara nutrient hranitor.nerod oafish tont.a umbri obituary anunt mortuar.casatorie nurse infirmiera nurse(male nurse) infirmier nursemaid infirmiera nursery odaia copiilor.toropeala numeral numeral numerator numarator.his number is up i-a iesit numarul(la tombola) number.numarator numerical numeric numerology numerologie.alimentare.three o'clock ora trei oaf copil urat.under oath sub juramant oatmeal faina de ovaz obdurate nesimtitor.hrana nutrition hranire.cultivat nut nuca.pe scurt(fig) nutty gust de aluna.aluna nut.incapatanat obedient ascultator.back number numar vechi(de revista) number.

defaimare obnoxious neplacut.impartial objectively cu obiectivitate objectivity realitate obiectiva.a obtine obtrude a-si impune(pareri).be obliged a fi obligat sa obliging indatoritor.inacceptabil objective obiectiv.impartialitate obligate a obliga.implorare obsequies funeralii.a sili.oblic obliterate a rade.respingator oboe oboi obscene fara rusine.examinare observation.demodat obstacle piedica.ceremonie observant bun observator.chinuitor obsolescence demodare.a protesta objection obiectie objectionable criticabil.indatorat obliged.obscur obscurity intuneric.invechire obsolete desuet.inmormantare obsequious servil.to be observant a respecta traditia observation observare.marginit.persistenta obstinate indaratnic.amabil oblique inclinat.a constata.a examina observer observator(persoana) obsess a obseda.stergere oblivion uitare oblivious care provoaca uitarea obliviousness capacitate de a uita.slugarnic obsequiousness servilism observance datina.a urmari obsession obsesie obsessive obsedant.a impiedica obstruction blocare.obstacol obstetrician mamos(med).obstetrician obstetrics obstetrica obstinacy incapatanare.obligatie obligatory obligatoriu oblige a indatora.a obliga obliged recunoscator.oblong.incapatanat obstreperous neascultator obstruct a bloca.a impune obligation indatorire.obtuz obtuse angle unghi obtuz(geom) .atent observant.obscen obscenity obscenitate obscurantism obscurantism obscurantist obscurantist obscure intunecos.uitare oblong alungit.obscuritate obsecration obsecratie.lunguiet obloquy calomniere.a sterge obliteration indepartare.under observation sub observatie observatory observator(astronomic/ meteo) observe a observa.ritual.impiedicare obstructive obstructiv obtain a dobandi.object to a obiecta.a se vari obtrusive indiscret obtuse redus.

jignitor offer a oferi.scrantit off.a ofensa offence.vechituri ode oda odious respingator.escroc oculist oculist oddity ciudatenie.vechituri odds sanse.a rani offense(take offense) a se simti jignit.miros placut of a(ei/lui).intamplare ocean ocean ochre(ocher) limonit(mineral).sporadic off.a ofensa.ocluzie(med).sorti odds and ends maruntisuri.apus occlude a absoarbe.detinator.obtuseness obtuzitate.lui off incolo.rest.al.a ocupa occur a avea loc.prilej occasional din cand in cand.stupiditate obverse revers(de medalie/ moneda).ofensat offensive ofensator.ura odometer contor de kilometraj odoriferous parfumat odorous inmiresmat.a se intampla occurrence caz.ocupare.ocru octagon e apa october urile(a insela) octopus ela) octuple r.de.odios odiousness caracter odios.claritate occasion moment potrivit.) occupied ocupat(tara) occupier ocupant.parfumat odour mireasma.locatar occupation profesie.potroace offchance sansa minima offence a insulta.liber(timp).intamplator occasionally uneori occident vest.arendas.bizar oddments ramasita.a bit off sarit(excentric).minor offence contraventie offend a insulta.miros.scarbos odium dispret.a da .slujba occupant ocupant.ocupatie occupational profesional occupational therapy ergoterapie(med.clar obviously evident(in mod) obviousness evidenta.locatar occupy a lua in posesiune.a inchide occlusion astupare.the off season in afara sezonului off-beat iesit din comun off-the-record neoficial offal ramasite de carne.a jigni offender contravenient offense(give offense) a aduce o jignire.meserie.blocare occult ocult.a acorda.ascuns occultism ocultism occupancy luare in posesiune.a se petrece.rasturnat obvious evident.ocazie.departe off and on cand si cand.singularitate oddly ciudat.a astupa.

a compensa offshoot mladita.grow old a imbatrani old.rata officially oficial officiate a-si indeplini functiile.ofiter officer corps corp de ofiteri official titular.de acord old batran.servil officiousness caracter oficios offprint extras(articol) offset a imprima offset.propunere offhand nepregatit.petrol oil burner masina veche(cu consum mare) oil gauge indicator de ulei oil press presa de ulei oil rig platforma petroliera oil tanker petrolier oil tycoon regele petrolului oil well sonda de petrol oilcan bidon de ulei oilcloth musama.zacamant de petrol oiliness onctuozitate.invechit old-timer bastinas.legenda old woman baba(mea).batranel(pop.improvizat office birou office boy baiat de serviciu office.vechi locuitor oldish cam batran.linoleum oilfield teren petrolier.a echilibra.untdelemn.oficial official channel pe cale oficiala official rate cursul oficial.uleios ointment unguent.on offer de vanzare offering oferta.batraior oldster batran olfactory olfactiv oligarchy oligarhie olive maslin.vlastar offside in ofsaid offspring urmas.a privi cu inteles oil ulei.formal.foarte bine.offer.vechi old country tara de bastina old hand muncitor experimentat.de acord okay in regula.of old de altadata old.years old in varsta de old-fashioned demodat.batrana old.hold office a ocupa o slujba officer functionar.frecvent ogle a face ochi dulci.a oficia officious insinuant.perfect.mosul old testament vechiul testament old times altadata old wive's tale bazaconii.).vascozitate oilskin haina de ploaie oily onctuos.mester old man babacul.descendent often adesea.alifie ok foarte bine.maslina olive oil ulei de masline olympic olimpic omelette omleta .in varsta.

a se scurge opacity bezna.atotputernic omnipresence omniprezenta omniscience atotstiinta omniscient atotstiutor omnivorous omnivor on in.de rau augur omission omitere omit a omite omnibus omnibuz.mai departe oodles gramada de.atac onset abordare.laptos opaque opac .la suprafata on-coming apropiere.) ooze mal.sens unic one.omen augur.se onetime de pe vremuri ongoing actiune.apropiat once o data(singura) once upon a time a fost odata once.unitate onerous impovarator.la on account din cauza on and off la intervale neregulate on and on fara intrerupere on death bed olimpic on it pe on occasion of cu ocazia on pins and needles ca pe ace on probation eliberare conditionata on target in plin on the occasion of cu ocazia on the surface in exterior.in fata.semn ominous amenintator.asalt onus raspundere.know one's onions a fi vulpe batrina onlooker privitor.prevestire.pe.unu(numai).un.a se prelinge.noroi.at one de acord cu one-horse neputincios one-sided unilateral.in fata onwards inainte.oneros oneself pe sine.spectator only singur(numai).autobuz omnipotence atotputernicie omnipotent omnipotent.sarcina onward inainte(miscare).una.limitat oneness identitate.ochire one o.opacitate opal opal(mineral) opalescent opalescent.unic onrush navala.purtare(ciudata) onion ceapa onion.unul one by one unul cate unul one fourth o patrime one third o treime one track cu o cale one up avantaj asupra cuiva one way bilet simpla calatorie.asalt onside in interior onslaught atac salbatic.inceput.all at once deodata once-over examinare sumara.multime(pop.

sincer opening deschidere.receptiv.a manui operatic de opera(muz) operating pentru operatii(med).opozitie oppress a apasa.generos openhearted darnic.a se opune opposite contrar.a asupri.) ophthalmic de ochi(med.a incepe open air in aer liber open minded descuiat.operator operetta opereta ophthalmia oftalmie(med.a se desface open wide deschidere larga open-armed cu bratele deschise open-eyed clarvazator.a obiecta opt a opta optic optic(anat) optical de optica.oportun opportunism oportunism opportunist oportunist opportunity ocazie(favorabila) opportunity cost costul obtinerii ocaziei oppose a opune.inaugurare openness franchete.opinie opinion.in my opinion dupa parerea mea opinionated incapatanat.libret opera glasses binoclu de teatru operable practicabil.sinceritate opera opera(lucrare).curent operating room sala de operatii operating theatre amfiteatru de operatii(med.posibil operate a opera(med).adversar.atent open-market operations operatii in piata libera open-market policy politica de piata libera open-mindedness vederi largi open-mouthed cascat.opacitate open a deschide.opus opposition impotrivire.asuprire oppressive apasator.opaqueness neclaritate.) operation actiune.greu oppressor asupritor opprobrious de ocara.operatie operation expenses cheltuieli legate de operatii operative operativ.) .rusinos opprobrium ocara.dogmatic opium opiu opponent rival.regim de exploatare(tehn).oftalmolog opiate narcotic(farm).optic(fiz.deschis.opiu opine a fi de parere.opus opportune oportun opportunely la momentul potrivit.larg open up a se deschide.a actiona.oftalmic ophthalmologist oculist.insultator.a oprima oppression apasare.a inabusi.).rusine oppugn a contesta.a socoti opinion parere.eficace operator telefonist.lacom openable care se poate deschide opener deschizator.tirbuson openhanded mana larga.

serie.a optimiza optimum optim.ordonat.prezicere oracular oracular.sau oracle oracol.in order that ca sa order.a predestina ordeal incercare.in good order in stare buna order.sanitar ordinal ordinal(numeral) ordinance decret ordinary obisnuit.traiectorie orchard livada orchestra orchestra orchestral de orchestra orchestrate a orchestra orchid orhidee orchidist cultivator de orhidee ordain a hirotonisi.succesiune order book registru de comenzi order form formular de comanda order.neobisnuit ordination hirotonisire ordnance obuze.in order to cu scopul sa order.curat orderly.profetic.bogat.orga(muz).organic organism organism organist organist organization organizatie organizational organizatoric .avere.retoric oratorio oratoriu(muz) oratory oratoriu(loc de rugaciune).call to order a chema la ordine order.optician optician optics optica(fiz.medical orderly ofiter de serviciu.bogatie opulent imbelsugat.a asculta orderly ingrijit.artilerie ore minereu organ organ(anat).oral.a tall order a cere prea mult.o afacere grasa order.in order in ordine order.normal ordinary.oratorie orb sfera.) optimism optimism optimist optimist optimistic optimist optimize a face optim.defect order.abundent opus opera(muz.optometrie opulence abundenta.facultativ optometry fotometrie.glob orbit orbita.portocala.portocaliu orangeade oranjada orangoutang urangutan(zool) oration alocutiune.take orders a primi ordine.ambiguu oral bucal(med).out of the ordinary exceptional.chin order ordine.vorbitor oratorical oratoric.institutie organic constitutiv.discurs orator orator.out of order stricat.) or ori.cel mai bun optional neobligatoriu.verbal orange portocal.

autenticitate originate a initia.orto(prefix) orthodontist dentist orthodox oficial acceptat.a alcatui organized organizat organizer organizator orgasm orgasm(fiziol) orgiastic orgiac orgy orgie orient a orienta spre est.orificiu origin izvor.pompos osteoid osteoid ostler randas ostracism ostracism.ortodox orthodoxy ortodoxie orthography ortografie orthopaedist ortoped orthopedist ortoped oscillate a oscila.sens.ostracizare ostracize a ostraciza.a se orienta orient oneself a se orienta oriental estic.a sovai oscillation oscilatie.oriental orientalism orientalism.a crea originator initiator.directie orifice gaura.initial originality originalitate.a exila .in aparenta ostentation ostentatie ostentatious pretentios.decorativ ornamentation ornamentatie.bombastic orphan orfan orphanage orfelinat orphaned lasat orfan orphanhood conditia de orfan ortho.stil pretios ornateness ornamentare exagerata ornery comun ornithologist ornitolog ornithology ornitologie orotund sonor.origine original original.decoratie ornate bogat impodobit.orientalistica orientalist orienatalist orientate a se orienta orientation orientare.autor orison ruga.pendulare oscillogram oscilograma oscilloscope osciloscop osculate a saruta osier rachita osmosis osmoza osmotic osmotic osprey egreta ossification osificare ossify a osifica ossuary osuar ostensibly dupa cat se pare.organize a organiza.rugaciune ormolu bronz aurit ornament ornament.podoaba ornamental ornamental.orient.

mai siret outhouse atenansa.a fi probabil oughtn't forma contrasa de la ought not(a nu se cuveni) ounce uncie our nostru ours al nostru ourselves noi insine.have it out with him a se certa cu cineva out.ne oust a inlatura.echipament outflank a lua prin flanc.ostrich strut other alt(ul).rezultat outcry tipat.celalalt other.down and out fara prieteni si bani out.plimbare outlandish ciudat.a depasi outdoors afara din casa outer exterior outer space cosmos outfit a echipa.a se cuveni.bizar outlast a dura mai mult.plan outlive a supravietui outlook priveliste.iesire outcrop urmare.vidra otto eteric ought ar trebui.dependinta outing excursie.jut out a inainta in afara outbalance a dezechilibra outbid a supralicita outbreak rabufnire outbuilding atenansa.scurgere.a se cadea.contur.a da afara out afara out and out desavarsit.dependinta outcast proscris outclass a declasa outcome rezultat.on the other hand pe de alta parte other.alta.periferic outmaneuver a manevra cu multa iscusinta .alte.the other day deunazi others altele.absolut out of afara din.altii otherwise altfel otiose fara rost otter lutra.a intrece outdo a se intrece pe sine.strigat outdated invechit.proscris outlay cheltuiala outlet orificiu.a o.depasit out of date invechit out of doors afara din casa out of the way afara din drum out of this world in afara acestei lumi out.iesire outline schita.a supravietui outlaw a proscrie.all out in intregime out.demisionar outgoings cheltuieli outgrow a intrece(in crestere) outguess mai destept.a invalui outgoing care pleaca.perspectiva outlying indepartat.demodat outdistance lua inainte.

ofensator outrange a bate mai departe(arma) outrank a depasi ca rang outre excentric.pe deasupra over and over de mai multe ori over anxiety mare agitatie.badaran.a pacali outspan a deshama outspread a se intinde.mai siret outworn inutilizabil.a intrece outmost cel mai indepartat.exterior outwardly pe din afara.lungit outstrip a intrece outvote a depasi voturile celuilalt outward de afara.inceput outshine a intrece in stralucire.revarsare output productie.suburbie.a depasi outset punct de plecare.a medita overact a sarja un rol overactive prea activ overall salopeta.general.neliniste over there acolo over.nelegiuire.go over a traversa over.global.a sta prea mult undeva outstretched intins.extravagant outrider care intrece.a eclipsa outside aparenta.extrem outnumber a depasi ca numar outpatient bolnav ambulatoriu outpost avanpost outpouring efuziune.its all over s-a sfarsit over.uzat oval oval ovary ovar ovation ovatie oven soba ovenware ceramica rezistenta la foc over peste over all pretutindeni.exterior outsider persoana din afara.total overall budget buget total overalls pantaloni largi pentru munca overawe a inspaimanta.produs outrage ofensa.revolta outrageous revoltator.a intimida overbalance a rasturna.margine outsmart a fi mai istet.remarcabil outstay a rezista mult mai mult.strain outsize a depasi in marime outskirts liziera.a se raspindi outstanding distins.talk over a discuta over.comis-voiajor outright desavarsit.outmatch a devansa.curat outrun a intrece.a dezechilibra overbearing autoritar overbid a supralicita overblown o floare prea deschisa .a uza outweigh a cantari mai greu outwit a fi mai destept.peste tot over and above afara de aceasta.in aparenta outwear a istovi.think over a reflecta.

a ameninta overhaul a revizui.a exagera overpower a coplesi.a ticsi overdemand suprasolicitare overdevelop supradezvoltare overdo a intrece masura.a pune overleaf pe contrapagina.a supraincarca overcloud a acoperi cu nori.prea mult overnight peste noapte overpass a trece de.coplesitor.a intuneca overcharge a cere un pret prea mare.a napadi(despre plante) overgrowth crestere abundenta de plante overhang a atarna peste.a exagera overdone depasit.a invinge overpowering coplesire.a supraincarca overlong exagerat de lung overlook a cuprinde cu privirea.a depasi overseas peste mari si oceane .a supraevalua overreach a intinde prea mult.exagerat overdose a da o doza prea mare.a se suprapune overlay a intinde peste.sus overhead projector proiector(peste capete) overheads cheltuieli de regie.strivire.a intuneca overcoat palton.a invada overriding neluare in seama.a se revarsa overgrow a creste prea mult.intretinere overhear a auzi din intamplare overheat a supraincalzi overindulgence a se bucura excesiv de ceva overland pe uscat(nu pe apa) overlap a incalca.overboard peste bord overburden a supraimpovara.neobservand overmuch peste masura.pardesiu overcome a dobori.supradoza overdraft depasire a contului bancar overdraw a dispune o plata neacoperita overdress a se imbraca impopotonat overdue intirziat.scadent overeat a se supraalimenta overestimate a se supraaprecia overexcite a surexcita overexposure a expune prea mult overflow a inunda.a invinge overconfidence incredere absoluta in sine overcrowd a aglomera.a supraincarca overcame trecut de la overcome(a infrange) overcapitalize a fixa un capital prea mare overcast a acoperi cu nori.a repara overhead deasupra capului.inorat.a trece cu vederea overlooking desconsiderand.a forta override a calca in picioare.invadare overrule a respinge o cerere.a stapini absolut overrun a se revarsa peste.pe verso overlie a se intinde peste ceva overload a supraimpovara.infrangere overpraise a lauda excesiv overprint a supra-tipari(tipari peste) overproduction superproductie overrate a supraaprecia.a razbate overplay a supraevalua importanta.

sederi overstock a face depozite prea mari overstrain a surmena.intrecere overthrow a dobori.ore suplimentare overtime.a rasturna overvaluation supraapreciere.soson oversight nebagare in seama.supraevaluare overvalue a supraaprecia.vedere overweening trufas overweight excedentar.hold one's own a nu se calma.a supraevalua overview priveliste.rasturnare. trec.of one's own din propria sa initiativa own.a istovi overstrung incordat peste masura oversupply a aproviziona excesiv overt fatis overtake a depasi(ajungand din urma).coplesitor overwork munca suplimentara overwrite a scrie prea mult despre overwrought surmenat.screech owl bufnita care tipa strident own a poseda.supraveghetor overshadow a adumbri.scapare din vedere oversleep a dormi prea mult overspend a cheltui prea mult overstate a exagera overstatement exagerare overstay a depasi durata unei vizite.a controla overseer inspector general.a umbri overshoe galos.a rasturna overtime munca suplimentara.oversee a supraveghea.propuneri overturn a capota.eagle owl bufnita mare owl.do overtime a face ore suplimentare overtook trecut de la overtake(a depasi) overture incepere de tratative.on one's own a castiga de partea sa owner proprietar ownership proprietate ox bou oxidation oxidare oxide oxid oxidize a oxida oxtail coada de bou(pentru supa) oxygen oxigen .a intrece overtaken part.propriu own up a marturisi own.epuizat oviform ovoid oviparous ovipar ovipositor ovipozitor ovoid ovoid ovulate a ovula ovulation ovulare ovum ovum owe a datora owing datorat owing to datorita owl bufnita owl.a-si mentine punctul de vedere own.supragreutate overwhelm a coplesi overwhelming covarsitor. de la overtake (a depasi) overtaking depasire.

stradanie pain in the neck durere in gat pain killer calmant.impaciuitor pacifist pacifist.t(pro tempore) pentru moment pa Pensylvania pace mers.umplutura padded captusit cu vata padding captuseala de vata paddle padela paddock pasune mica paddy field camp cu orez padlock parleaz.durere.paj pageant parada pagination paginare pagoda pagoda paid platit paid holidays concediu platit pail caldare.pas pace.galeata pain suferinta.pasnic pacific ocean Oceanul Pacific pacification pacificare.b(post office box) casuta postala p.lacat pagan pagan paganism paganism page pagina.a pasi.f.pachet package deal acord global packed impachetat.pachet packet goods mesagerii packing case lada de ambalat packman impachetator pact pact pad tampon.impaciuire pacified pacificat pacifier pacifist.e(printer's error) eroarea tipografului p.s(postscript) postscriptum p.a pacifica pacifying impaciuitor pacing pasind pack haita.keep pace with a tine pasul cu pacemaker cel ce imprima ritmul pacesetter cel ce imprima ritmul pacific pacific.pachet pack saddle samar pack up a-si face bagajul.o.impaciuitor pacify a impaciui.send packing a trimite la plimbare package colet.intristat painful dureros pains dureri painstaking scrupulos .oyster stridie oyster catcher vanator de stridii ozone ozon p.c(private first class) soldat de categoria intaia p.m(postmeridiem) dupa amiaza p.sedativ pain.be at pains a suferi pained mahnit.a muri pack.umplut packer ambalator packet colet marunt.

tratative pale galben la fata.iad pander a starni.zaplaz pall giulgiu.paliativ pallid fara culoare.lintoliu pallet saltea de paie palliate a usura palliation usurare.Pan(mitol).paint vopsea paint.paralizat palsy paralizie(med).wet paint proaspat vopsit paintbrush pensula painted vopsit painter vopsitor.go pale a se ingalbeni paleface fata alba(palida) paleness paliditate.spatula paling ingraditura.pamfletar pan cratita.gustos palate cerul gurii.grease the palm a mitui pe cineva palmist chiromant palmistry chiromantie palmy bogat in palmieri palpable palpabil.pulsatie palsied paralitic.palid pale.remediu universal pancake clatita pancreas pancreas(anat) panda panda(urs) pandemonium harmalaie.a rasfata pamphlet brosura.maret palaver negocieri.palid pallor paloare pally prietenos palm branch ramura de palmier palm oil ulei de palmier palm tree palmier palm.gust palated gustos palatial ca un palat.beyond the pale scos din randul oamenilor pale.tigaie panacea leac.pamflet pamphleteer autor de brosuri.a pulsa palpitation palpitatie(med).concret palpation palpare(med) palpitate a palpita.pandemoniu.polemica.pictor painting pictura pair pereche pair off a desparti in perechi pairing imperechere pajamas pijama pal amic.a stimula .paloare palestinian palestinian palette paleta palette knife spaclu.tremur paralitic paltry nenorocit pamper a ghiftui.atenuare palliative jumatate de masura.prieten pal up with a se imprieteni cu palace palat palaeontology paleontologie palatable apetisant.

egalitate.on a par with a fi egalul.clama paper mill fabrica de hartie paper money bancnota paper work lucrare scrisa paperback editie de buzunar papery subtire ca hartia papier mache mucava papillary papilar(anat/bot) papist papistas(peior) pappy tatic paprika ardei rosu.model paradise paradis.pantalonasi panting profitor pantomime pantomima.spaima panic-stricken cuprins de panica.ziar paper boy vanzator de ziare paper clip agrafa pentru hartie.toarta panic a intra in panica.at par la paritate(valoare) par.boia papyrus papirus par paritate.panica.parafina.panou paneling lambrisare.ulei de parafina paraffin stove soba cu gaz .junghi panhandle a cersi.paragraf par of exchange paritate de schimb par value valoare paritara par.pilda parabola parabola(mat) parachute a parasuta.spectacol pentru copii pantry oficiu.leopard panties chiloti de dama.nadragi pantyhose colant(de dama) pap pasat.lambriu pang durere adanca.geam(ochi de) panegyric panegiric panel tablie.la paritate cu parable parabola.camera pants chiloti.exemplu.defilare.rai paradisiac paradisiac paradox paradox paradoxical paradoxal paraffin gaz lampant.pane panou.isterizat panicky inspirat de panica.a palpita pantheism panteism panther pantera.parada paradigm paradigma.parasuta parachuting parasutism parachutist parasutist parade a defila.terci papa tatic papacy papalitate papal papal papaw papaya(fruct) papaya papaya(fruct) paper hartie.alarmist pannier cos.below par sub paritate par.cos de paine panorama panorama pansy pansea(bot).efeminat pant a gafai.puma.

without parallel fara asemanare parallelogram paralelogram(geom) paralyse a impietri.indulgent pare a curata(un fruct).a usca parched scorojit.resturi parish comuna(civila).in parallel in paralel parallel.a paraliza paramedic auxiliar(medical) parameter constanta.nota.analog parallel.paralizie(med) paralytic paralitic paralyze a impietri.camarad pardon gratiere.a taia(unghiile) parent parinte(tata sau mama) parent bank banca centrala(nu sucursala) parentage descendenta.pachet parcel.parohie parishioner enorias parity paritate.uscat parchment pergament pard coleg.interpretare paraplegia paraplegie(med) parapsychology parapsihologie parasite parazit parasitical parazitar.tratative .paragraf parakeet papagal mic parallel paralel.genealogie parental parintesc parenthesis paranteza parenthetical intre paranteze parenthood paternitate sau maternitate pariah paria.proscris pariah dog caine vagabond paring coji de.grai parlay a paria parley parlamentari.paragon model de perfectiune paragraph alineat.egalitate park parc.part and parcel parte integranta parceling parcelare.scuzabil pardoner vanzator de indulgente.iertare pardon me scuzati-ma pardonable de iertat(juridic).fronton paraphrase parafraza.parametru paramilitary paramilitar paranoia paranoia(med) paranoid paranoid(med) parapet parapet.spatiu de parcare parking meter parcometru parlance limbaj.a parca parka hanorac parking lot parcaj.a parafraza.parazit parasitism parazitism(med) parasol umbrela de soare paratrooper parasutist paratroops unitati de parasutisti parboil a lasa sa dea numai un clocot parcel colet.impartire parch a praji usor.a paraliza paralysed paralizat paralysis paralizare.scuza.paralela(geom).

farama particolored pestrit.parte part and parcel parte integranta part company a se desparti part from a se desparti.articol particular.partinitor partial to avand o inclinare pentru partiality partinire.exact.limitat parodist autor de parodii parody a parodia.adept partly partial partner partener.partid politic.parchet.on parole pe cuvant de onoare paroxysm paroxism.multicolor particular special.participiu particle particula.deosebit.asociat partnership asociere partridge potarniche parts parti parts.parodie parole cuvant de onoare.spare parts piese de schimb parturient gata sa nasca parturition nastere party grupa.parliament parlament parliamentary al parlamentului.atac parquet fotoliu de orchestra.promisiune parole.receptie .spare part piesa de schimb part.in good part in buna parte part.take his part a-i lua partea(cuiva) part.local.for my part in ceea ce ma priveste part.a parcheta parquetry parchetare parricide paricid parrot papagal parry a para parse a analiza parsimonious econom.particular.salon parlour.de despartire partisan partizan.a lua parte participation participare participle gerunziu.beauty parlour salon de cosmetica parlous periculos.zgarcit parsimony economie.take part a lua parte part-time job jumatate de norma partial partial.a parasi part time temporar part timer lucrator jumatate de norma part with a se desparti de part.zgarcenie parsley patrunjel parsnip pastarnac(leguma) parson pastor protestant parsonage casa parohiala part piesa.in particular in particular particularize a specifica parties concerned partile implicate parting care se desparte.propriu.parlamentar parlour cabinet.rautacios parochial parohial.predilectie participant participant participate a participa.

a trece pass away a deceda.nimerit pat.pasiune passionate manios.inactiv passivity pasivitate passkey cheie personala.coridor passbook libret de banca passe depasit.trecatoare.pod pass.pastos pat a bate usor(cu palma).pasager.calator passenger traffic trafic de calatori passerby trecator(om) passing efemer.pascal pass a reusi la examen.trecator passing.in graba .speraclu passover Pastele evreiesc passport pasaport password parola past scurs.a muri pass by a trece pe langa.be a party to a fi in cauza parvenu parvenit paschal de Paste.a repara patch.party line linia partidului party wall perete comun party.a traversa pass the time a petrece timpul pass up a renunta.distractie pastiness aspect cleios pastor pastor.a muri pass out a absolvi.dus.pastel pasteurization pasteurizare pasteurize a pasteuriza pastille pastila pastime amuzament.produse de patiserie pastry cook patiser pastry shop patiserie pasture islaz.carton pastel drobsor(bot).trecere passageway pasaj.pasune pasty cleios.have pat a avea totul pregatit pat.bucata patch up a petici.a transmite.stand pat a sta nemiscat patch petic.in passing trecand.in trecere passion emotie violenta.make a pass at a infunda pe cineva passable pasabil.a disparea pass on a se stinge.a depasi pass for a trece drept pass off a trece(o durere).by-pass a depasi pass.pasionat passive pasiv.a urca pass water trecere.preot pastoral pastoral pastry aluat frantuzesc.not a patch on a nu fi de talia cuiva patchily de mantuiala.practicabil passage pasaj.demodat passed ramas in urma passenger pasager.a pretty pass caderea unui proiect pass.trecut pasteboard mucava.a iesi pass over a trece peste.

peticire patchy pestrit.protector patronage auspicii.siret pawn a ipoteca.trotuar pavilion pavilion paving pavaj.paternalism(pol) paternity paternitate path carare.poteca patience rabdare patient perseverent.patos pathway platforma(tehn).a pietrui pave the way a netezi calea paved pavat.patrula.patching peticire.mizerie pauperize a pauperiza pause repaus.a patient un pacient.laba(zool) pawky mucalit.jargon pattern tipar.structura.patent.patent.certificat patent fuel combustibil de bricheta patentee detinator de patent/brevet pater batran.parinte paterfamilias parintele familiei(lat) paternal patern.gaj pawnbroker camatar pawnee cel care imprumuta contra gaj pawner cel care amaneteaza .peticit pate craniu.sarac pauperism saracie maxima.model paucity penurie.podea paving stone piatra de pavaj paw a lovi cu laba.insuficienta paunch burta paunchy burtos pauper calic.carpeala patchwork carpaceala.parintesc paternalism grija parinteasca.carare.nobil patricide patricid patrilineal descendenta paterna patrimony patrimoniu.poteca pathetic duios.pietruit pavement pavare.clientela patronize a patrona.rond patrol car masina de politie patrolman agent de politie patron patron.rabdator patient.licenta.avere patriotic patriotic patriotism patriotism patrol a patrula.explorator pathology patologie pathos patetism.tigva patella rotula(anat) patent evident.a sprijini patter flecareala.emotionant pathfinder pionier.bolnav patriarch patriarh patriarchal patriarhal patriarchy patriarhat patrician patrician.pauza pave a pava.autorizatie patent act brevet.

bolnavicios peal sunet de clopot.pay back a restitui payable on demand plata la cerere paybook registru de plati payday zi de plata payee primitor(al platii) payer platitor paymaster trezorier.sidef pearl diver pescuitor de perle pearl fishery loc unde se pescuiesc perle pearly perlat.nuc)(bot) peccadillo greseala mica peccant pacatos.lichidarea unei datorii pay one's way a se achita de pay rise spor de salariu pay through the nose a plati pret mare pay.a ciuguli pecker ciocanitoare.hold one's peace a-si pastra calmul peace.pawnshop casa de imprumut pe amanet pawpaw papaya(fruct) pay salariu.pacificator peacemaking conciliere peacetime in timp de pace peach piersica peacock paun peafowl pauni peahen paunita peak varf de munte.casier payment recompensa.taran peasantry taranime peaty bogat in turba pebble pietricica.rezultat final payroll stat de plata pea mazare peace pace.sidefiu peasant agricultor.make one's peace with a se impaca peace.vinovat peck ciugulire.make peace a face pace peaceful pasnic peacemaker conciliator.liniste peace offering oferta de pace peace.a delapida .cremene pebbly prunduit pecan pecan(asem.hohot peanut arahida pear para(fruct) pearl perla.plata pay attention a fi atent la pay back a inapoia pay day zi de plata pay off a achita(datoria).ciocanire.infometat pectoral pectoral peculate a defrauda.culme peak hours ore de varf peaky ofilit.plata payment obligations obligatii de plata payments agreement acord de plati payoff plata finala.cioc pecking order ierarhie peckish flamand.

a bombarda pelt.soclu pedestal.urina peek a privi iscoditor.a iscodi peel coaja.pieton pediatrician pediatru pediatrics pediatrie pediatrist pediatru pediculosis pediculoza pedicure pedichiura pedigree descendenta.a pedepsi penalty penalitate.put on a pedestal a plasa pe piedestal pedestrian pedestru.pelvis pen ingraditura.vanzator ambulant pedestal piedestal.peiorativ pelf avere.caracteristic peculiarity particularitate.amenda penalty kick lovitura de pedeapsa penance penitenta.).carlig peg leg picior de lemn peg out a da ortul popii peg.tarc pen box penar pen knife briceag pen name pseudonim literar pen pusher functionar penal penal penalize a penaliza.origine pedometer pedometru(tehn) pee urina(a)(pop.at full pelt cu toata viteza pelvis bazin.a se zari peeper om curios.pair peerage nobilime peeress sotie de lord peerless fara egal peeve a scoate din sarite.a curata peep a privi pe furis.ispasire .iscoditor peephole ferestruica.clothes peg cuier peg.take him down a peg a face sa-si cunoasca limita pegged exchange curs fix.bani pelican pelican pell mell harababura pelmet pilula.a colporta peddler colportor.salarii stabile pegging fixand.off the peg confectie(haina) peg.pedala pedantic pedant pedantry pedantism.a mania peevish suparacios.gaura cheii peer egal(social).privire furisa.financiar pedagogical pedagogic pedagogy pedagogie pedal a pedala.a coji.a rapai.tableta pelt piele de animal cu blana.stabil pegged wages salarii fixate.frauda peculiar specific.pedanterie peddle a face comert ambulant.specific pecuniary banesc.peculation delapidare.stilou.certaret peg cui de lemn.stabilizand pejorative depreciativ.

perceptie.peni pennyworth afacere buna.populatie.valoros penology penologie.senzatie perceptive receptiv.a pipera.stil pennant fanion penniless lefter penny centima.slabiciune pencil creion.penitenciar penknife briceag penmanship caligrafie.menta peppery piperat.a distinge percent procent percentage procentaj perceptible palpabil.anual per capita pe cap de locuitor per contra din contra perambulator carut.iute peppy energic per cu.carucior perceive a percepe.cap penis penis(anat) penitence pocainta.penitenta penitent penitent.trist pent inabusit.natiune.ardei rosu pepperbox pipernita peppercorn boaba de piper peppermint izma.suspendat pending in suspensie.permeabil penetrate a se infiltra.sopron penultimate penultim people a popula.go on pension a iesi la pensie pensioner pensionar pensive meditativ.in timpul pendulous oscilant.prin per annum pe an.criminologie pension pensie.pendula penetrability penetrabilitate penetrable penetrabil.pocait penitentiary casa de corectie.irascibil.perspicacitate penguin pinguin(ornit) penicillin penicilina peninsula penisula.pe.popor pepper piper.pensiune pension off a pensiona pe cineva pension.refulat pent-up inabusit.a patrunde penetration patrundere.stapanit pentacle pentagrama pentagon pentagon pentateuch pentateuh pentathlon pentatlon pentecost Rusalii penthouse marchiza.gologan.a schita pencil box penar pencil case trusa pendant lustra.pence pl de la penny penchant inclinatie.atarnat pendulum balansare.perceptibil perception percepere.pandantiv pendent atarnat.perspicace .

irevocabil perennial perpetuu.perisabil perishable goods bunuri perisabile perishables marfuri perisabile perished disparut.vivace(planta) perfect a desavarsi.stabil permanently permanent.perfect perfecting perfectionare perfection perfectiune.de mantuiala perfusion perfuzie perhaps poate.a indeplini performance performanta.fortat perform a executa.perceptual perceptiv perch prajina.reprezentatie performer interpret.aroma perfumed parfumat perfumery parfumerie perfunctory a executa neglijent.spectacol.risc peril.stinghie percipient constient.a muri perishable alterabil.a perfora perforated gaurit.ciocnire perdition pierzanie.sperjur perk a umbla tantos.ingamfare perky increzut perm permanent(parul) permanence permanenta.viclean perfidy tradare.at your peril pe riscul tau perilous riscant.a parfuma.ciclic periodical periodic(publ) peripheral periferic periphery periferie.a jura stramb perjurer sperjur(persoana) perjury marturie falsa.impecabil.strecurare percolator cafetiera.probabil peril pericol.mireasma.pierdere peremptory definitiv.perforat perforation perforatie.pierit peristyle peristil peritoneum peritoneu(anat) peritonitis peritonita(med) perjure a-si calca juramantul.strapungere perforce obligat.perfidie perforate a gauri.filtru percussion lovire.perspicace percolate a strecura.a se infiltra percolation filtrare.contur period of time interval de timp periodic periodic.executant perfume parfum.mereu permeability permeabilitate permeable permeabil .margine periphrasis perifraza periscope periscop perish a pieri.desavarsire perfective perfectiv perfidious perfid.stabilitate permanent durabil.periculos perimeter perimetru.a dichisi perkiness dezinvoltura.

castig neasteptat persecute a persecuta.recomandabil.a convinge persuader convingator.periculos pernickety pretentios peroration incheiere a unui discurs.persoana personable chipes.credinta .toleranta permit licenta.a persista persistence persistenta.autorizatie permission.transpirand persuade a indupleca.permis.a transpira perspiring asudat.criminal perpetual vesnic.facultativ permissiveness ingaduinta.peroxid perpendicular perpendicular perpetrate a savarsi.crima perpetrator faptas.a personifica personnel personal(angajat).perseverenta persistent perseverent.personalitate personalize a personifica personification personificare.zeflemisire.perplex perplexing greu de inteles perplexity nedumerire.a prigoni persecution persecutie persecutor persecutor.perpetuu perpetuate a perpetua perpetuity perpetuitate.atragator personage personaj important personal individual.salariati personnel manager sef de personal perspective perspectiva perspicuity agerime.sfatuitor persuasion convingere.prigonitor perseverance perseverenta.peroratie peroxide apa oxigenata.transpiratie perspire a asuda.individ person.incapatanat persistent demand cerere insistenta person persoana.permeate a se infiltra.personal personal computer calculator personal personal consumption consum personal personal estate bunuri personale personal savings economii personale personality individualitate.a comite perpetration comitere.autorizatie permitting autorizare permutation permutare.first person persoana intaia person.a patrunde permissible permis(adj).a lua in ras persist a dainui.transformare pernicious daunator.give permission a da voie permissive care permite.intruchipare personify a intruchipa.acceptabil permission permisie.staruinta persevere a persevera persiflage persiflare.in person in persoana persona personaj.perspicacitate perspicuous limpede perspiration sudoare.incurcatura perquisite bacsis.vesnicie perplexed nedumerit.

a denatura pervious accesibil pessimism pesimism pessimist pesimist pessimistic pesimist(adj) pest daunator.a verifica(un raport) pervade a patrunde in.staruinta pertinence oportunitate pertness impertinenta(pop).fosilizare petrify a fosiliza.a seca petite miniona petition petitie.convingator pert indraznet pertain a se raporta la.indaratnic.perversitate pervert a perverti.a deranja peruse a citi(cu atentie).a invada pervasive penetrant perverse pervers.a se pietrifica petrol carburant.perioada pheasant fazan(ornit) .parazit pester a bate la cap.micime petty neinsemnat.naluca pharisaical fariseic pharisee fariseu pharmacist farmacist pharmacologist farmacolog pharmacology farmacologie pharmacy farmacie pharyngitis faringita(angina) pharynx faringe(anat) phase faza.stricat perverseness perversitate.a se raspandi.a apartine pertinacious indaratnic.petrol station statie de benzina petroleum gaz.).molima pestilential pestilential.nervozitate petulant suparacios.petrol petticoat jupon pettiness meschinarie.cerere petitioner petitionar(jur) petrifaction pietrificare.vase cositorite phalanx falanga phallic falic phallus falus phantom fantoma.obraznicie perturb a tulbura.meschin petty cash cheltuieli marunte petulance susceptibilitate.nerabdator pew strana pewter aliaj de cositor.depravare perversity incapatanare.incapatanat pertinacity indaratnicie.rautate perversion perversiune.favorit pet name diminutiv(afectuos) petal petala peter a se epuiza.contagios pestle pisalog pet animal(fam.benzina petrol.a supara pesticide pesticid pestilence ciuma.persuasive imbold.

heliogravura photometer fotometru photophobia fotofobie photosensitive fotosensibil photostat a fotocopia phrase locutiune.fapt phial fiola philanderer fustangiu.filantropic philanthropist filantrop philanthropy filantropie.take a photo a fotografia photocopy fotocopie photofit consumator de lumina photogenic fotogenic photograph foto(grafie) photograph.tehnica fotografierii photogravure fotogravura.resemnat philosophize a filozofa.stoicism.talisman(fig) phylogenesis filogenie(biol) phylogeny filogeneza phylum tip(biol) physical fizic.phenomenal fenomenal phenomenon fenomen.intelepciune philtre filtru phlebitis flebita(med) phlegm flegma phlegmatical flegmatic phobia fobie(med) phoenix phoenix(mitol) phone telefon.expresie phrase book culegere de expresii phraseology frazeologie phthisis ftizie phylactery filacterie(bis).lingvistica philosopher filozof.material physician doctor.intelept philosophical filozofic.caritate philatelist filatelist philately filatelie philistine filistin philologist filolog(lingvist) philology filologie.medic physicist fizician .a telefona phonetic fonetic phonetics fonetica phoney sarlatan.be photographed a fi fotografiat photographer fotograf photographic fotografic(adj) photography fotografie.fals phonic fonic phonograph fonograf phonology fonologie phosphate fosfat phosphide fosfura phosphor substanta fosforescenta phosphoresce fosforescenta phosphorus fosfor photo foto(grafie) photo.a moraliza philosophy filozofie.trupesc.crai philanthropical caritabil.

fotografie.debarcader pierce a strapunge.a urina pidgin treaba.tarnacop picket pichet de greva.pusti pickaxe varf de gheata.pictografie picture tablou.camion de tonaj redus.take to pieces a demonta piecemeal bucata cu bucata pieces bucati.ales picker culegator.pitoresc picturesqueness caracter pitoresc(adj) piddle a-si pierde vremea cu fleacuri.a-si pierde sangele rece piece.tarnacop.physiognomy fizionomie physiological fiziologic physiologist fiziolog physiology fiziologie physiotherapy fizioterapie physique constitutie fizica pi numarul pi pianissimo pianissimo pianist pianist piano pian pianoforte pianoforte.a culege pick a quarrel a incepe o disputa pick holes in a gasi greseli in pick me up tonic(bautura) pick out a extirpa pick to pieces critica virulenta pick up a relua pick(grapes) cules de vie pick.muraturi pickled murat pickles legume marinate pickling macerare pickpocket hot de buzunare pickup insanatosire.a gauri pieta cucernicie pietism pietism.in pieces in bucati piece.bucata piece together a reuni piece.tarnacop picked triat.put him in the picture pune la curent.farame piecework cu bucata.imbunatatire picnic picnic pictography ideograma.resturi pickle decapant.turta piece piesa.ipocrizie(fig) piety evlavie.go to pieces a se face praf.pian piaster piastru(unit monetara) picaresque de aventuri.the pick of cel mai bun pickaninny negrisor.pietate .legume marinate.in acord(munca) pieceworker muncitor platit cu bucata pier chei.afacere pie placinta.picaresc piccolo picolo pick scobitoare.imagine picture book carte ilustrata picture palace sala de cinema picture.tarus pickings ramasite.a-l picturesque colorat.

a fura(pop) pilfering furtisag pilgrim calator.vorbe goale piffling nesemnificativ.roz.gaura.a lega pin up femeie frumoasa pinafore sort pincers penseta.jefuire pillar coloana.in the pink la mai bine .stransoare.perna pillowcase fata de perna pilot pilot.zgarcit pincushion pernita de ace pine a dori foarte tare.vanator de vulpi.tampit pig porc.a pisca.cleste pinch a strange in cleste.pinion(mec).at a pinch la limita pinchhit a inlocui(la un joc) pinching ciupit.a fura.bariera piker jucator prudent la bursa.pilastru pillar box cutie de scrisori pillbox cutie de pastile pillion loc din spate pillory stalpul infamiei pillow a-si sprijini capul.a incarca pile.a pig in a poke a cumpara cu ochii inchisi pig.pe spate pigheaded indaratnic.fricos pilaster pilastru pilau pilaf pile it on a exagera pile up a sarja.a se stinge pineapple ananas ping pong tenis de masa pinion pana.varf de aripa.ghid pilot light bec de semnalizare.a ciupi pinch.a gauri pink eye conjunctivita(med) pink.pin.nenorocit pig iron fonta bruta pig.bold.a pilota.pustula(med) pin ac cu gamalie.pelerin pilgrimage pelerinaj pill pilula.las piggish porcesc piggy purcel piggyback in carca.make a pig of oneself a manca sau a bea ca un porc.a lega pink a festona.piffle baliverne.ac de par.a se prapadi.avar.garoafa(bot).proxenet pimple basicuta.a jefui pillage pradare.incapatanat piglet purcelus pigmentation pigmentare pigsty cocina pigtail codita pike taxa de trecere.varf pin down a prinde.a clefai pigeon porumbel pigeon hole cutie pt corespondenta hotel pigeon-hearted fricos.stalp.veioza pimento cuisoare pimp codos.piscat.make one's pile a face avere piles hemoroizi pilfer a ciordi.ac de siguranta.

) pistachio fistic(bot) pistil pistil(bot) pistol a trage cu pistolul.teava pipe clay argila alba pipe line conducta de titei piper cantaret din flaut.fleac.pinkie degetul mic pinkish trandafiriu.foarte mic pint masura pt lichide pioneer pionier pious evlavios.pistol piston piston piston ring segment de piston piston rod tija de piston pit groapa.loc .nemilos pitted gaurit pitted.canalizare piping hot foarte cald pipit fisa(ornit) piquancy picant.varf.spiridus pixilated sarit.cursa.nenorocit pitiful compatimitor.pios piousness pietate pip punct(la joc).post(slujba).capcana pithy concis pitiable vrednic de plans.stanca.indispozitie.jalnic pitiless necrutator.bagatela.tevarie.ac.mana pitch inaltime.central pixie zana.culme pinny sortulet pinpoint varf de ac.tub.furnica piss urina(a)(pop.mila pity.a irita piracy piraterie pirate pirat.a impusca.intepator piquant condimentat.adancitura.tacanit pizza pizza placate a impaca.be pitted a fi confruntat cu pitter-patter zgomot de pasi precipitati pituitary gland glanda pituitara(anat) pity compatimire.grad pitch darkness tenebre.sambure de mar.corsar pirouette pirueta pisces pesti(zodia) piscivorous mancator de peste pismire individ dispretuit.roz pinnace barca de serviciu pinnacle turn cu varf ascutit.picant pique ciuda.what a pity ce pacat pivot ax.pivot pivotal axial.fluierar pipette pipeta piping tubulatura.impuls pipe a canta la fluier.a se roti in jurul.impaciuitor place a plasa.negru ca smoala pitcher aruncator al mingii(sport) pitchfork furca piteous vradnic de mila pitfall trapa.conducta.pica.a imblanzi placatory conciliant.a transporta prin conducta.

take place a avea loc.a se intampla placebo placebo.he will go places a reusi place.masina(poligr) platform peron plating poleit cu aur sau argint platinum platina .portiune inflamata.inlocuitor placement asezare.tencuire plastic plastic plasticine plastilina plasticity plasticitate plate taler.a stabili plant.a plant plantatie(de arbori) plantation plantatie.scandura planking pardoseala.farfurie plateau tava plated argintat platen tighel.uzina.jalnic plaintiveness ton plangaret plait cosita.a plana.planta.tencuiala plastered afumat.a planifica.epidemie plague spot buboiul pestei plaguy nesuferit.a impleti plait(ing) impletire.cherchelit plasterer tencuitor plastering ghipsare.ciuma.proiectant planning planificare plant a planta.plan plane plan(mat).slefuit planet planeta planetary planetar plangent rasunator.investitie(financiara).rindeluit.plangator plank a pardosi.tesatura ecosez plain campie.a netezi.a impleti plaited impletit plan a elabora.out of place deplasat place.place.sadire plantation owner plantator(proprietar) planter plantator(proprietar) planting sadire plasma plasma plaster ghips.platou(bot).neplacut plaice peste plat(ihtiol) plaid pled.linistit placidity blandete plagiarism plagiat plagiarist plagiator plagiarize a plagia plague a infesta.avion planed netezit.simplu plain clothes haine civile plain dealing procedeu cinstit plain-spoken spus pe sleau plaint plangere.punere placenta placenta placid placid.reclamatie plaintiff reclamant plaintive plangator.dusumea plankton plancton planned planificat planner planificator.

bring into play a pune in joc play.placut pleasure placere.platitude platitudine.vesel playfulness zburdalnicie playground curte de recreere.joc play about a se amuza play at a nu juca serios play back a da banda inapoi play down a minimaliza play false a trada play fellow prieten din copilarie play for time a incerca sa castige timp play golf a juca golf play music a executa la un instrument play safe a nu risca play the fool a face pe prostul play.a canta playback play back playbill programul unui spectacol.if you please cu voia D-vs.fleac playtime recreatie playwright autor dramatic plaza piata publica plea pretext.scuza plead a pleda.amabilitate pleasantry gluma please a multumi.in play a se deprinde cu jocul.banalitate platitudinous searbad platoon grup.staruitor pleasant agreabil.teren de sport playhouse teatru(cladire) playing an instrument a canta la instrument playing cards carti de joc playmate partener de joc playoff joc decisiv.aprobare plausibility plauzibilitate.piesa de teatru.va rog please.take pleasure in a se bucura de pleasure.a satisface please god daca vrea Domnul please.actor playful glumet.afis playboy de bani gata.a ruga pleading pledoarie.bucurie pleasure boat vas de agrement.pluton platter blid de lemn platypus ornitorinc plaudits aplauze.multumit pleasing agreabil.verosimilitate plausible plauzibil.justificare.flusturatic played out a fi perimat player jucator.try to please a incerca sa placa pleased bucuros.placut pleasurable atragator.iaht pleasure.meci in finala playpen parc pentru copii plaything jucarie.placut pleasantness gentilete.verosimil play a se juca.rugator.as you please cum doriti please.with pleasure cu placere pleat a plisa.pliu pleating plisare .

plebeian de plebeu.umplut.plug plowed arat pluck a smulge.datornic plenary plenar.conspirator plough a ara.plonjon plunge.durduliu plump for a se arunca asupra plunder a prada.supraabundenta pleura pleura(anat) pleurisy pleurezie(med) plexor percutor(med) pliable maleabil.intriga.plug plough field camp arat ploughman plugar.pana.a plonja.absolut plentiful imbelsugat.plutocrat .tamponat plum pruna plum cake prajitura cu prune plumage penaj.soclu plod pas greoi.tampon plug away at lucru dur.taran plow a ara.instalatie plume panas.indraznet plug priza electrica.teren plotter trasator de curbe.cleste plight situatie critica plinth pervaz.grafit plumber instalator plumbing tevarie.pene plumb verticala(cu plumb) plumbago plombagina.curaj pluck up courage a-si aduna curajul plucky curajos.a culege.a conecta plug.take the plunge a se arunca in apa plunger sonda.flexibilitate pliant docil pliers patent.spark plug bujie auto plugged bransat.a se tara plosion ocluzie plosive ocluziv plot complot.avantaj.a cocosa plug in a baga in priza.pluralism plurality pluralitate.cumul plus plus(mat).bogat plenty abundenta.a jefui plunge a se afunda.scufundator plural plural pluralism cumul.plebeian plebiscite plebiscit plectrum plectron(muz) pledge a promite.suplimentar plutocracy plutocratie plutocrat foarte bogat.gaj pledge someone's health a bea in sanatatea pledgee amanetar.promisiune.flexibil pliancy maleabilitate.reuniune plenara plethora congestie(med).belsug plenum plen.greutate plump ingrasat.care primeste amanetul pledger care amaneteaza.penaj plummet fir cu plumb.

plutonium plutoniu ply indoitura.otravitor poisonous toxic.buy a pig in a poke a cumpara pe nevazute poker pirogravura.ascutit pointer aratator.scurt si indesat podium podium poet poet poetic poetic poetics poetica poetry poezie pogrom pogrom poignant usturator.out of pocket in pierdere pocketknife briceag pod pastaie.break even point egalare cheltuieli-realizari point.inutil poison otrava.dureros point a ascuti.vatrai poky foarte mic polar polar polarity polaritate polarization polarizare polarize a polariza polaroid polaroid pole pol(geogr).a remarca point.point of order in privinta ordinei point.what's the point ce urmariti? point-blank direct.a puncta.to the point factual.categoric pointed indreptat spre.beside the point in afara subiectului point.varf point at a fi indreptat spre point blank denial a dezminti categoric point out a atentiona.veninos poke a inghionti.cuta plywood furnir.ghiont poke fun a se amuza pe seama.pocher.indicare pointless inoportun.la subiect point.a incalca poacher braconier pock pustula de varsat(med) pocket buzunar pocket book agenda pocket calculator calculator de buzunar pocket knife briceag pocket money bani de buzunar pocket.placaj pneumatic pneumatic pneumonia pneumonie poach a bracona.secure .come to the point a veni la subiect point.teaca podgy bondoc.punct.a-si bate joc poke.hotarator.point of view punct de vedere point.polonez pole vault saritura cu prajina poleaxe barda.a otravi poisoning otravire.stretch a point a sublinia un punct point.in pocket in beneficiul pocket.prepelicar pointing ascutire.turning point punct de intoarcere point.in point of fact de fapt point.

fast pompon pampon.a murdari pollution poluare.politicos politeness amabilitate.a controla police station comisariat de politie.polemics polemica(metoda) poles apart antipozi polestar steaua polara police jandarmerie.vot poll tax impozit pe locuitor pollen polen pollinate a poleniza pollination polenizare polling station sectie de votare pollster sondare a opiniei publice.politie.secret police politia secreta policeman agent de politie.ciucure .politete politic intelept.jandarmerie police.regim politic.a lustrui polished slefuit.anchetator pollutant poluant pollute a polua.polita de asigurari policy of compromise politica de compromis policyholder asigurat polio poliomielita poliomyelitis poliomielita polish a slefui.amabil.chibzuit political politic(adj) political science stiinta politica politician politician politics politica(stiinta) polity forma de guvernare.politist policewoman femeie politist policies politica guvernamentala policy politica.polutie polo polo polonium polonium poltergeist strigoi polychromatic policrom polygamous poligam polygamy poligamie polyglot poliglot polygon poligon polygraph aparat de multiplicat polyhedron poliedru polymath spirit universal polymer polimer polymerize a polimeriza polymorphic polimorf polyp polip polyphony polifonie polysyllable cuvant polisilabic polytechnic politehnica polytheism politeism polyvalent polivalent pomade pomada.alifie pomegranate rodie(bot) pommel maciulie pomp pompa.stat polka polca poll scrutin.lustruit polite distins.elegant.

portuar.iaz poop pupa poor nefericit.transferabil portable stereo radio portabil stereo portage costul transportului.insuficienta pop a face sa sara.transport portal portal portentous de rau augur.sarac poor-spirited timorat.fricos poorhouse azil poorly saracacios.a reflecta ponderous apasator.a vulgariza populate a popula populated populat population populatie populous foarte populat popup a scoate repede porch veranda.increzut pompousness pompos pond elesteu.bazin ponder a cantari(fig).bac pony ponei poodle canis pool a pune in comun.plicticos.a pleca pop out a aparea.delfin porridge fiertura de ovaz port babord(nav).portar porterage hamalac .monstruos porter hamal.fond comun.prelat pontifical pontifical pontificate pontificat(perioada) pontoon ponton.sarac poor person nevoias.a sari popcorn floricele de porumb pope papa popeyed cu ochii mari popgun puscoci popish de papa.pomposity maniere pompoase pompous stil pompos.prostie populace gloata.muzica pop.greu pontiff pontif.indispus poorness saracie.zgomot sec pop in a intra pop off muri(a)(pop).port portable portabil.portal pore por pore over a medita porgy o mancare de peste pork carne de porc pornographic pornografic porosity porozitate porous poros porpoise porc de mare.fastuos.multime popular popular popularity popularitate popularize a populariza.papal poplar plop poppy mac poppy seed graunte de mac poppycock fleac.mediocritate.

it is possible este posibil sa possum oposum cu marsupiu(zool) post posta.deschizatura portico portic portion portiune.atitudine postwar dupa razboi posy buchetel .ulterior posterity posteritate postgraduate student la doctorat posthumous postum posting mutare in interes de serviciu posting signs insemne postale postman postas.poza.proprietate possession.posibil possible.prefacut posh ferches.poza portraiture portretistica.postulat posture postura.proprietar possibility eventualitate.parte portmanteau geamantan.factor postmark timbru.portret pose a poza.valiza portrait portret.a infatisa portrayal reprezentare.autopsie postnatal postnatal postoperative post-operatoriu postpone a amana postponement amanare.portret portray a face portretul.pozitie.a-si insusi possessions posesiuni(coloniale) possessive posesiv.obsedat possession bunuri.categoric possess a stapani.atitudine poser problema dificila poseur poseur.a trimite prin posta.servieta porthole hublou.sic position a situa.commanding position persoana de decizie positive sigur.portfolio portofoliu.take possession of a lua in posesie.situatie position.a poseda possessed posedat.marca postmaster diriginte de posta postmistress diriginta de posta postmortem dupa moarte.posesiune.egoist possessor posesor.decalaj postscript postscriptum postulate a postula.situatie post exchange magazin rezervat militarilor post factum subsecvent post office birou de posta post-free franco postage tarif postal postal postal postal order mandat postal postal rates tarife postale postcard carte postala postdate a postdata poste-restante post-restant poster afis posterior posterior.pozitie.posibilitate possible eventual.

turnare pouring out revarsare.lucru de mantuiala potency putere potent forte.vas pot roast friptura inabusita pot.oala.burtos potboiler carte proasta care aduce bani.certitudine po~tal postal pp prin procura pr(public relations) relatii cu publicul .portiune potpourri amestec de aromate.zarzavat pothole vagauna.olar potters wheel roata olarului pottery ceramica.go to pot a duce de rapa potassium potasiu potato cartof potbellied balonat.autocrat potential potential.groapa potion doza.pot cupa.putere power drill bormasina power of attorney procura power outlet priza electrica power station centrala electrica power supply sursa de alimentare electrica power.obiecte din faianta potty nebun(pop).puternic potentate potentat.livra(aprox jumatate de kg).virtual potherb verdeata.a turna pour cold water on a raci cuiva entuziasmul pour down a revarsa pour.in power la putere(politic) power.scrantit pouffe taburet poultice cataplasma poultry pasari de curte pounce gheara.one pound o lira pounding ciocanire.a imbufna poverty lipsa.a pulveriza powder compact pudriera powder puff puf de pudrat powder room toaleta pt femei power forta.saracie poverty-stricken in mizerie.potpuriu pots of money foarte multi bani pottage supa deasa potter a-si face de lucru.a pisa pound.a pudra.zdrobire pour a varsa.viguros powerhouse centrala electrica powerless neputincios.down pour ploaie torentiala pouring siroind.varsare pout a-si tuguia buzele.salt brusc pound lira sterlina.the great powers marile puteri power-plant uzina electrica powerboat barca cu motor powered care functioneaza cu energie powerful puternic.slab pox variola.varsat pozitiveness siguranta.sarac powder pudra.

carucior prank festa.practicable practicabil.lauda de sine praiseworthy demn de lauda.precipitat precipitation precipitatie precipitous prapastios.be precise explicit precisely exact.ruga prayer rugaciune prayer book carte de rugaciuni prayer meeting reuniune religioasa praying mantis calugarita(entom.meritoriu pram carut.prioritate preceding precedent.self praise auto-elogiere. medic generalist pragmatic pragmatic pragmatism pragmatism.prefata prebendary canonic precarious precar.dirijor de cor precept norma.anterior pre-emption preemptiune.a trancani prattle a ganguri.aproape practice practica.precis preciseness exactitate.lauda praise.anterior precentor capelan.precizie preclude a impiedica(o neintelegere).precis precise.incinta precious pretios.aplicabil.scump precipitant neasteptat.dogmatism prairie preerie praise elogiu..realizabil practical practic(comod).precizie precision corectitudine.) pre prefix.pozna prate a flecari.profesare.a preceda precedence intaietate.obicei.a inlatura precocious precoce precocity precocitate .obicei practice.abrupt precis rezumat precise meticulos.a practica.util practical joke renghi.in practice in fapt practice.rezervare preach a predica preacher predicator preachify a predica in mod plictisitor preaching predicare preamble preambul.a aplica practitioner practician al unei profesiuni practitioner.precipitat precipitate a precipita.general .farsa practically in mod practic.put into practice a aplica practiced exersat practise a se antrena.a sporovai prawn crevete roz praxis exemplu.nesigur precaution precautie precautionary measure masura de precautie precede a fi inaintea.precept preceptor preceptor precinct circumscriptie.model pray rugaminte..

rapitor predate a antedata predator jefuitor predecessor predecesor predecessors inaintasi predestination predestinare predestined predestinat predetermination predeterminare predetermine a predetermina predetermined predeterminat predicament situatie critica predicate a sprijini.prevestire predictive profetic predictor proroc.predicare predict a prevesti.pornit prejudicial prejudiciabil.superioritate preeminent preeminent.inclinare predominance predominare.prehensil(care apuca) prehistoric preistoric prejudge a condamna dinainte prejudice prejudiciu.prefata prefatory preliminar prefect prefect prefer a inainta.paguba prejudiced cu prejudecati.daunator prelate prelat preliminary preliminar .precognition precunoastere preconceive a concepe dinainte preconception idee preconceputa precondition conditie preliminara precursor precursor precursory premergator predacious de prada.predilectie predispose a predispune predisposition predispozitie.a prezice predictable previzibil prediction prezicere.sarcina pregnant gravida prehensile apucator.predicator predilection inclinatie.a ocupa(teren) preemption preemptiune preemptive preventiv preemptive attack atac preventiv preface preambul.promovare prefiguration prefigurare prefix prefix pregnancy fecunditate.a afirma predication predicatie.prioritate preferential preferential preferential right drept preferential preferential tariff tarif preferential preferment avansare(in grad).a prefera prefer charges a intenta o actiune preferable preferabil preference preferinta.preponderenta predominant predominant predominate a predomina predomination predominare preeminence preeminenta.superior preempt a cumpara inaintea altora.

a predispune prepossessing foarte placut.dar present arms prezentati armele present day contemporan present the budget a prezenta bugetul present value(of an asset) valoarea actuala present.presimtire presenting prezentat presently curand preservation aparare.conservare preservative conservant preserve a mentine.incantator preposterous nerezonabil.absurd prepuce preput(anat) prerequisite conditie prealabila prerogative prerogativa.at a premium vanzare cu premii premonition avertisment.privilegiu prescience prestiinta.ceva incurajator premium.preliminar preparatory class clasa pregatitoare prepare a se pregati.a prezenta.gata sa.at present actual presentable prezentabil presentation expunere(orala).prim-ministru premiere premiera premise premiza.actual.a pastra preserved conservat preserves conserve.pregatit sa preponderant preponderent preposition prepozitie prepossess a influenta.prelude preludiu.neexperimentat preoccupation preocupare preoccupied preocupat preoccupy a preocupa preordain a prestabili prepaid platit in avans preparation pregatire preparatory preparatoriu.dulceturi preserving conservant preside a prezida presidency presendentie president presedinte .nechibzuit premature baby copil prematur premeditate a premedita premeditation premeditare premier prim.prezentare presentiment presentiment.local premises local(cladire) premium carburant superior.a prepara prepared dispus sa.prevederea viitorului prescient antecunoscator(prezicator) prescribe a prescrie prescript hotarare.ordonanta.introducere premature prematur.prevenire premonitory prevestitor prenatal prenatal prentice neindemanatic.prescriptie prescription reteta presence prezenta presence of mind prezenta de spirit present prezent.

a tasta press agent agent de publicitate press box tribuna presei press button automatizare press conference conferinta de presa press on a impune.dragut pretty.echivoc prevaricator siret prevent a preveni.hard pressed inghesuit.presupunere presumptuous impertinent.tasat pressed for time in criza de timp presser fier de calcat pressing presant.silit pressed comprimat.go to press a apela la presa press.a predomina prevailing raspandit.a ocoli adevarul prevarication tergiversare.a impiedica preventative preventiv prevention preintampinare.increzut presuppose a presupune presupposition presupunere pretence pretentie.under pressure sub presiune pressurize a presuriza prestige prestigiu prestigious prestigios presumably dupa cum se pare.pretext pretend a pretinde pretender pretendent pretension pretentie.dominant prevalence predominare.urgent pressure apasare.presa.probabil presume a-si permite.a insela price a fixa un pret.anterior previously mai inainte.a presa.preponderenta prevalent raspandit(larg).a prevala.prada prey on a inhata.a continua press.revendicare pretentious pretentios pretentiousness infumurare.a presupune presumption impertinenta.predominant prevaricate a fi evaziv.presiune pressure cooker oala sub presiune pressure group grup de presiune pressure.pret.afectare preternatural supranatural prettify a infrumuseta prettiness dragalasenie pretty destul.precedent prewar inainte de razboi prey victima.sitting pretty tinuta frumoasa pretype pretiparire pretzel covrig prevail a avea avantaj.presidential prezidential presidium prezidiu press imprimerie.a imprima.cost price index lista de preturi .impiedicare preventive preventiv preventive medicine medicament preventiv preview avanpremiera previous precedent.

text tiparit printer tipograf printer paper de imprimat.hartie de tipografie printing house editura.initial primary school scoala primara primate primat(titlu religios).intepatura.important prime contractor contractant principal prime.in the prime of life in floarea varstei primer amorsor.regula.in principle in principiu principle.spin prickly pear smochina pride amor propriu.perioada de inflorire.printesa principal sef.fundamental.).out of print vandut(tiraj carte).primordial primp a se impopotona.focos.somptuos princess principesa.initiala.orgoliu pride of place loc de onoare pride oneself on a se mandri cu pride.a publica print out a tipari(cu computerul) print.primitiv.keen prices preturi bune priceless inestimabil.by principle pe baza principiului.director.primordial primary bobina.primat(zoo) prime dintai.aranjare.ciubotica cucului prince of darkness satana(poetic).epuizat printable bun de tipar.take a pride in a se mandri cu priest preot priestess preoteasa priesthood preotie priestridden aflat sub dominatia clericilor prig ingamfat.primar primitive stravechi.mandrie.tipografie .elementar.pedant priggish marginit prim manierat.primar.abecedar primeval paleozoic.print al intunericului princedom calitatea de print.penis(pop).principiu principle of continuity principiul continuitatii principle.primordial.afectat prima donna primadona prima facie la prima vedere primacy intaietate primal primitiv.nepretuit pricing pretuire(fixare de pret) prick a intepa.esential.principiu principle.primitiv primitiveness primitivitate primness ordonare.imbecil prick up one's ears a ciuli urechile prickle ghimpe.a dichisi primrose aglice(bot.price limit limita de pret price list tarif price stabilization stabilizarea preturilor price subsidy subsidii price.pedanterie primogeniture dreptul primului nascut.principat princely princiar.prim.principal principality principat principle conceptie.prima nastere primordial primar.publicabil printed text publicat.on principle din principiu print a tipari.

candidat probe cateter(med.solitar privy.problematic proboscis nas mare(pop).temnita prison guard paznic de inchisoare prisoner detinut.prelucrat processing prelucrare procession procesiune.to be awarded a prize a i se decerna un premiu pro argument pro.individual private eye detectiv particular private ownership proprietate privata private parts organe sexuale externe private sector sector privat private.a continua proceeding procedeu.printing office imprimerie prior prealabil.captiv prisoner.persoana care promoveaza ceva pro tempore pentru moment.a inainta.temporar pro-rata portion portie distrib.anterior prioress stareta priority intaietate.be privy to a fi implicat in(jur.primar.sonda.lipsa privatize a se privatiza privet lemn cainesc privileged privilegiat privy particular.moduri de a actiona.a sonda probity probitate.legalizare probation proba.problema.intre patru ochi privateer vas corsar.staret.prioritate priory staretie prism prisma prison inchisoare.treaba ta problematic dubios.in desfasurare processed fasonat.probabil probably probabil probate autentificare.privat.procedeu proceed a purcede.stagiar.individual private consumption consum privat.that's your problem asta-i problema ta.veridicitate probability.situatie dificila problem.in private in taina.premiu prize fight competitie de box pt premiu prize.a pretui.recompensa.curat privacy singuratate.proceduri judic iare proceeds venit process evolutie.verificare probationer eliberat conditionat.progres process.take prisoner a lua prizonier prissy afectat pristine proaspat.a proclama .cortegiu processor procesor proclaim a declara.mod de a actiona proceedings procedura.) prize a aprecia.izolare private particular.pirat privation privatiune.cinste problem chestiune.).procedura.procedee.dezbateri.proces.trompa procedural procedural procedure metoda.in process in curs. proportional probability probabilitate.in all probability dupa toate probabilitatile probable veridic.

producere production chain lant de productie.clear profit profit curat profit.propunere.productie in serie production losses scadere a productiei production structure mecanism de productie.bogat profusion belsug.illicit profit castiguri ilicite.risipa prodigious prodigios.hulitor.a arata.imbold prodigal risipitor.produs product(arithmetical) produs.a profana.a amana procrastination temporizare.expert profile profil.a produce producer furnizor.laic profanity caracter profan.experienta proficient(in/at) competent.risipa progenitor stramos.by-product produs secundar production prductie.drastic.cheltuitor.imputernicit proctoscope proctoscop procure obtine.darnic prodigality cheltuiala mare.net profit profit net profit-and-loss statement contul de profit si pierdere profit-oriented care urmareste profitul profitability profitabilitate profitable rentabil.desfranat profound adanc.uimitor prodigy copil minune produce produs(e) agricol(e).profund.profesional professional fee taxa de expertiza professional interest interes deosebit pt un domeniu.rezultat product.rodnic productivity fertilitate.proclamatie proclivity dispozitie.a procura procurement obtinere.profesa(a)(o credinta).specialist.speculant profiteering specula/are profligate depravat.precursor .structura productive productiv.a pretinde profession profesiune.blasfemie profess a declara deschis.serios profundity adancime.pagan.contur profit beneficiu.profunzime profuse abundent.procurare procurer furnizor proxenet prod indemn.a oferi proficiency competenta.amanare procreate a procrea procreation procreare procrustian brutal/limitat ca Procust.a impunge.profit ilicit profit.inclinatie procrastinate a temporiza.profitabil profiteer profitor.a pangari.proclamation proclamare.profan.Procust(patul lui) proctor(ial) inspector.sacrilegiu profane huli.specializare professor profesor proffer a face o oferta.producator product articol.ocupatie professional profesionist.profit profit account contul de profit profit rate rata profitului profit tax impozit pe profit profit.productivitate profanation profanare.

intins prong iesitura.prezicere program program programmatic pragmatic programme a trece intr-un program.preambul prolong a prelungi prolong.punctualitate promulgate a difuza.proiectant prolapse prolaps proletarian proletar proletariat proletariat proliferate a prolifera proliferation proliferare prolific prolific.amestecatura promiscuous promiscuu.proeminenta prominent proeminent.a raspandi promulgation promulgare prone cu fata in jos.be prolonged a fi prelungit(o vizita) prolongation prelungire prolonged prelungit prom promenada(presc) promenade faleza.proiectil projection proiectare.proba .a promulga.varf pronoun pronume pronounce a pronunta.pronostic prognostication pronosticare.progresiv progressive taxation impunere progresiva prohibit a opri.interzicere prohibitive prohibitiv project proiect.iesit din comun promiscuity promiscuitate.pronostic prognostic previziune.a intoarce cu furca.rapiditate promptness promptitudine.promisiune promising promitator promontory promontoriu.urmasi prognosis prognoza.avansare progressive inaintat.a interzice prohibition prohibire.plan projectile ghiulea.promovare prompt prompt prompter instigator.aruncare projector reflector.promenada prominence evidentiere.cap promote incuraja.a programa.sentinta pronunciation articulare.progres progress.in progress in curs de desfasurare progression mers inainte.plan programmer programator programming programare progress dezvoltare.sufler promptitude promptitudine.program.afis.pronuntare proof dovada.aplecat.a promova promotion avansare.eterogen promise fagaduiala.rodnic prolix prolix.plicticos prolixity prolixitate prolog prolog prologue prolog.pronuntat pronouncement declaratie oficiala.progeny progenitura.a rosti pronounced accentuat.

banal proscribe a proscrie.corectat proofreader corector proofreading corectura prop proptea.a profetiza.Judecata de Apoi prophetess profeta prophetic profetic prophylactic masura profilactica.prozaic.propunere proposer autor al unei propuneri/oferte proposition chestie.propunere(rusinoasa).platitudine.difuzare.proportionala(mat).propagare.cultivare.in perspectiva.partizan proportional proportional cu.strasnic.indicat.proza.conformitate propulsion masina de propulsie.sistem de versificatie prospect perspectiva.oferta.binevoitor proponent mostenitor prezumtiv.vedere prospect.propunator.crestere propel a propulsa.put to the proof a pune la incercare.a propune proprietor proprietar propriety cuviinta.procuratura.profilactic propinquity inrudire.a impaca propitiation imblanzire.propulsie.propulsor propensity predilectie.pe buna dreptate.continuare.indeplinire prosecutor procuror proselyte prozelit.convertit proselytise a converti prosiness caracter prozaic.expune.banalitate prosecution efectuare.afirmatie.similitudine.proof.prozaism prosody prozodie.pliant prosper a propasi.prielnic.a predica prophet profet.surghiun.impacare propitious bine intentionat.interzicere prose limba vorbita.prezicere prophesy a anticipa.teorema.in prospect in perspectiva prospective asteptat.a stimula propellant carburant pentruavion cu reactie propeller elice.a verifica proofing cauciucare.proroci.suport propaganda propaganda propagandist propagandist propagandize a face propaganda propagation inmultire.decent property insurance asigurarea proprietatii property management administrarea proprietatii property tax taxa de proprietate prophecy profetie.reazem.prevestitor.real(mat).exact.purtator de cuvant.speculant prospectus brosura.a exila.bune maniere.relativ proportional tax impozit proportional proposal cerere in casatorie.a interzice proscription proscriere.referitor la viitor prospective buyer cumparator in perspectiva prospector prospector.propice.proroc.decenta.verificare proofread citit in spalt.apropiere propitiate imblanzi.propriu.potrivit properly cum trebuie/se cade.a prospera .sugestie.inclinatie propensity(for/to/towards) slabiciune pentru proper adecvat.impuls prorogation prorogare prorogue a proroga pros and cons voturi pro si contra prosaic in proza.propriu-zis.prospect.pe cinste.declaratie propound a supune spre confirmare.dezvoltare.

extindere protractor raportor.a dovedi prove decisive a se dovedi decisiv proved dovedit.dovedit provenance obarsie.vlaguit prostration prosternare.schimbator protect a apara.proverbial provide a inzestra.regiune provincial provincial.under protest in timpul protestant protestatar protestation declaratie solemna.tergiversare.marginit provision clauza. protectionism protectionism protective tariff tarif protectionist protector ocrotitor.injosire prosy prozaic.verificat proven demonstrat.part.a impune protrusion iesitura protrusive care iese in afara protuberance protuberanta.plictisitor protagonist protagonist protean proteic.prosperity bunastare.trecut de la prove.prosperitate prosperous infloritor.furaj proverb proverb.prosper prostate prostata prosthesis proteza prostitute a se prostitua.protector protege protejat protegee protejata protein proteina protest protest.prevedere(spirit de) provident prevazator.protejat protection protejare.a intretine provided inzestrat.a extinde protraction lungire.pronie cereasca.provenienta provender nutret.prevazut provided.proces verbal proton proton protoplasm protoplasma prototype model desavarsit.a impiedica provide for aproviziona.ceresc provider furnizor province provincie.dispozitie .provided that cu conditia sa providence chibzuinta.prostitutie prostrate abatut.a se injosi.proeminenta proud semet proud(of) mandru prove a arata.a se prosterna.aparare protection of a trademark protectia unei marci inreg.a proteja protect oneself a se apara protected aparat.protest protocol protocol.zicala proverbial de pomina.prostituata prostitution prostituare.a furniza provide against a lua masuri impotriva.obiectie.a protesta protest(against) a protesta impotriva protest.om venal.prototip protract a amana.transportor protrude a scoate afara(limba).econom providential providential.

pungas proximate aproximativ.provizoriu provocation instigare provocative stimulator.pubescent(bot) pubic pubian public al poporului.calculat.deschis public body in carne si oase.persoana renumita public figure om popular.a provoca provost conducator.municipal.provisional provizoriu.om curios.carciuma.a se interesa pry open a da in vileag psalm psalm.a scurta pruning scurtare a ramurilor unui pom pruning hook cosor.taverna puberty pubertate pubescent puber.provocator provoke a instiga.apropiere proxy mandat.hrana proviso conditie.precaut prudery rusinare prefacuta.psihopat psychosis psihoza psychosomatic psihomatic psychotherapy psihoterapie psychotic suferind de o psihoza pub bodega.de stat.emondor prurient libidinos.pruna uscata.prevedere prudent prevazator.gardian prow prova prowess bravura.lasciv pry a face cercetari.sufletesc.a taia.procura prude afectata.public.suflet psychiatrist psihiatru psychiatry psihiatrie psychic psihic.personalitate de vaza public interest interes public public limited company societate cu actiuni de stat.fasonare prudish afectat prune prun.transcedental psychoanalysis psihanaliza psychoanalyst psihanalist psychological psihologic psychologist psiholog psychology psihologie psychometry psihometrie psychopath psihopat psychopathic caracteristic unui psihopat.societate anonima public opinion opinia publica .apropiat proximity proximitate.pubescent.curaj prowl a colinda strazile prowler borfas.mandatar.mironosita prudence precautie.econom.imn psalmist psalmist psalter psaltire psaltery psalterion psephology psefologie pseudonym pseudonim pseudonymous semnat cu pseudonim psoriasis psoriazis psyche spirit.pentru toti.temporar provisions provizii.clauza provisory conditionat.

a razbi.in rafale.a lungi.troliu.cabina pilotului.puf puff pastry pateuri cu aluat frantuzesc puffin pasare marina cu cioc mare puffiness caracter exagerat.a tugui(buzele) puckish ghidus.a batatori.public ownership proprietate de stat public school scoala particulara(pt baieti).naivitate.banal puerility trivialitate.a smulge.a se concentra pull out a iesi(un sertar).pueril.a pulsa.durduliu.a salva.grozaveala.pulsatie pulse puls.pus in circulatie.a sufla.scoala de stat(gratuita SUA) public sector sectorul public/de stat public servant functionar public public.tramba.puisor pulley roata de transmisie.nas carn.pulsatie.publicare publicist gazetar.a suci.a bate .a publica published(be published) proclamat.scripete pullover pulover pullthrough razbire.vomitat pukka superior(slang).neastamparat pudding budinca puddle baltoaca.nor.mlastina pudenda organe genitale feminine pudgy mic si indesat puerile neserios.publicat(a fi) publisher editor.puerilitate puff adia.suflare.dispozitie.bombastic pug a framanta lut.a pufai.demola.a aresta.in public in public publican vames(biblic).urni.a coopera pull up a porni mai departe.scapare pulmonary pulmonar pulpit amvon.a-l.a opri.a sta.de ziar(amer) puce rosu maroniu puck puc pucker a increti.moliciune puffy care gafaie.indemn.boxer pug nose nas carn pugilist boxer pugnacious certaret.grad de pudrare.suflu.a extra ge pull over a trage peste cap pull through birui.plin de sine.publicist publicity reclama.publicitate publicity campaign campanie de publicitate publicize a face publicitate publish a proclama.a demoraliza.culege.Judecata de Apoi pulsate a vibra.a se indeparta.bataios puke a vomita.a s pull(at) a trage o dusca pullet puica.a reduce.a zapaci.veritabil pulchritude frumusete fizica pull a face a-si atrage de partea lui pull a fast one a trage pe sfoara pull a tooth a extrage o masea.a scapa pull to pieces a sfasia in bucati pull together a conlucra.viteza unghiulara.a trage in jos pull his leg trage.rid.naiv.a se salva.incretitura.a-l pull one's punches a urni cu forta pull oneself together a-si aduna puterile.a umili.dinte pull down a darama.a intinde.a pulsa pulsation vibratie.carciumar publication publicatie.ritm.a trage.lut framantat.mops.

pur si simplu purgation purgatie/purgare purgatory purgatoriu.a fi pe urmele.punga purse proud mandru de banii sai purser casier pe vapor pursuance indeplinire.a pedepsi.a toarce.discipol puppet om de paie.supa pasata purely neamestecat.scolar.greu.perdaf punitive pedepsitor.on purpose dinadins purposeful avand un scop.rafinare purify a purja.pui de rechin.puritate.puma pump a umfla cu pompa.tors(al pisicii) purse a face gura punga.gandit.intentionat purr a functiona bine.iasca.epurare.scop purpose.a fata pupa crisalida.in pursuance of in indeplinirea(angajament) pursuant to ca urmare.pupila.pret de cumparare purchase tax taxa de cumparare(in Anglia) purchased(be purchased) achizitionat.castitate.obiectiv.conform.mic.precizie punctuate a pune semne de punctuatie la.client purchasing power putere de cumparare purebred de rasa pura.doar.pur-sange puree a face pireu din/de.a purifica.a extenua.pedepsire.marioneta puppet show spectacol de papusi.a lovi punishable care merita sa fie pedepsit punishment pedeapsa.iute punish a aplica o pedeapsa.a pulveriza pumice cuguar.a pump information a scoate informatii de la pumping pompare.simplitate.exact punctuality punctualitate.caustic.teatru de papusi puppy catel.iuteala.a sublinia.pantof usor de bal.lemn putred/uscat.represiv.de acord cu pursue a cauta sa realizeze.pompa.iad purification curatare.maimutoi.a curata.marca(la aur).represalii.semne de punctuatie pundit pandit(India).inocenta.a face praf.teatru de papusi puppeteer papusar puppetry papusarie.minutios.pupa pupil elev.a bombarda(fig).cumparat(a fi) purchaser cumparator.pireu.joc de cuvinte punctilious minutios punctual ca un punct.sever punk boboc.titlu purloin a fura purple purpura.pulverize leguminoase puma a se face pulbere.a presara.a rafina purism purism purist purist puritanical puritan purity curatenie.paine.executare pursuance.purjare.punctual.carturar(pop) pungency ascutime(spirit).a trage un perdaf.epuizare pumpkin bostan.purificare.tont pun a face un joc de cuvinte.sens purpose a avea scopul de a.a puncta punctuation punctuatie.picant.ridicare cu macaraua.tanar prost si increzut purchase deed achizitionare purchase price pret de achizitie.dovleac.purgativ.picanterie pungent piscator.a urmari .purpuriu purport semnificatie.papusa.umflare.calambur.fleacuri pup catelus.pupil.urmarire.

grijuliu pustular cu basici.probabil putrefaction putrezire.a-si framanta(mintea).suport pyramid piramida pyre rug .a prezenta put in order a pune totul in ordine put into practice a pune in practica put off intirzia.a vara.a instala.a pune put across a duce pe malul celalalt.a sili push.a imbraca.domeniu pus puroi push a grabi.a se desprinde.a strange put back a da inapoi.a aranja put down a reprima.a corupe putrid descompus.pushed for time presat de timp pusher om increzut.a face sa taca put in a baga.confuzie pvt(private) soldat pygmy om fara valoare.pustulos pustule pustula(med).a pune la loc put by a indeparta.joc de cuvinte puzzle over a-si framanta creierii cu puzzlement enigma.lasitate puss pisica.a pune put one's foot down a cobori put out a stinge.purulenta purvey a aproviziona cu purveyance furnizare.pisicuta pussy pusi.enigma.a amana put on a pune in scena.a elimina put over a realiza put to death a executa put to shame a face de rusine put to sleep a culca.pursued continuat.putred putt lovitura usoara(la golf) putter a-si pierde vremea cu intrebari putty a chitui.persoana insistenta pushover mazeta.urmarit pursuer urmaritor pursuit cautare.competenta.chit puzzle a fi nedumerit.a pune in aplicare put aside a pune de-o parte.pisicuta pussyfoot om precaut.mecanism mecanizat push off a indeparta.descompunere putrefy a se descompune.a ridica put up with a se impaca cu.urmarire purulence puroi.a suporta putative presupus.a oferi.basicuta put trecut/part.a uni put up a adaposti.stalp.fleac pusillanimity frica.aprovizionare purveyor furnizor purview prevedere in lege.a impinge push back a respinge push button buton de comanda.a adormi put together a totaliza.trecut de la put.a concretiza.pitic pyjamas pijama pylon pilon.a impinge push on a accelera.a economisi put away a pune de-o parte.pigmeu.

trimestrial quartermaster seful intendentei.sarlatanie quad cvadrat.sfert quarter day zi de plata trimestriala quarter note patrime(muz) quarter tone sfert de ton quarter.marime quantum cuantum.a invalida quasi cvasi-.sector de carma.certaret quarry cariera de piatra.un sfert de galon quarter patrar al lunii.in apele lui .limitat qualifier calificativ.vraci quackery leacuri babesti.scrupule quandary incurcatura.sensibilitate queasy ultrasensibil queen regina queen bee matca queer ciudat.pirotehnie python piton pyx artofor(bis) quack sarlatan.debarcader queasiness greata.calitate qualm neliniste sufleteasca.a reprima.postul Pastelui quarrel cearta.pyromania piromanie pyrotechnics foc de artificii.sfert de mila.impas quantification cuantificare quantify a cuantifica quantitative cantitativ quantity cantitate.ca si cum quaver a face triluri.timonier sef quarters comandament.patru copii gemeni quail prepelita quaint ciudat.careu.a restrange qualitative calitativ quality insusire.sfert de arc quadratic ecuatie de gradul doi.patrulater quadrant cvadrant.tremur.a se cutremura qualification(s) calificare.semi-.limitativ qualify a califica.domiciliu quartette cvartet quartile cvartal quartz cuart quash a infirma.sfert de ora.sursa quart masura de capacitate.portie quarantine carantina.at close quarters foarte aproape quarterfinal sfert de finala quarterly publicatie trimestriala.bizar quaintness ciudatenie.competenta qualified calificat.vibratie quavery tremurator quay chei.talentat.perioada de zile.stea(telev).conflict quarrelsome cicalitor.feel queer a nu se simti bine.patrat quadrilateral patrulater quadripartite cvadripartit(pol) quadruped patruped quadruple cvadruplu.a vibra.originalitate quake cutremur.grupuri.bizar queer.tractor pentru tun quadrangle curte patrata.a impatri quadruplet bicicleta cu patru locuri.

cautare.dubiu.pana de scris quilt plapuma.a tremura quixotic vizionar.irascibil quickwitted ager la minte.freamat.a cauta.suspiciune question mark semn de intrebare question master cel ce formuleaza intrebari question.repede quickness istetime.subterfugiu quit a parasi.a lasa.intrebare.a reprima quench a inabusi.sfarsit quiff bucla quill condei.keeping quiet care sta tacut quieten a se linisti.liniste sufleteasca quietly linistit quietude apatie.liniste quietus lovitura de gratie.chit quite cu desavarsire.a se impaca quitter delasator.remarca zeflemitoare quire testea.interogare quizmaster examinator(la concurs) quizzical sucit.calma quietism chietism.pufoaica quince gutui/e quinine chinina quintessence chintesenta quintessential chintesenta.plangaret query a pune la indoiala.a stinge querulous carcotas.intrebare quest a fi in cautare de.in cauza question.keep quiet stai cuminte/la un loc! quiet.mercur quicktempered iute din fire.a abandona.chestiune.echivoc quick prompt.impacat.to cry quits supune.call in question a pune la indoiala.siret quid tutun de mestecat quiet tacut quiet.urmarire question a chestiona.total quite good destul de bun quite so chiar asa quite.a grabi quickly prompt.coada.a contesta question.out of the question nici nu incape vorba questionable indoielnic.tremur.not quite nu chiar quits chit quits.discutabil questionnaire chestionar queue a sta la coada.nostim .rand queue up a se aseza la coada quibble subterfugiu.exaltat quiz emisiunea 'Cine stie castiga'.incincit quintuplet grup de gemeni quip epigrama.repeziciune quicksand nisipuri miscatoare quicksilver argint viu.iute quicken a impulsiona.beg the question a ignora problema question.esential quintette cvintet quintuple cvintuplu.in question despre care e vorba.examinare orala(amer).top de hartie quirk calambur.quell a tine in frau.om lipsit de personalitate quiver a fremata.

dividend quotable care merita citat.rastel.stralucitor radiate a radia(i).turbare raccoon raton.josnic raffle tombola.radiant radiance sclipire.ursulet race alergari.iradiere / radiere.cotat la bursa quotation moto.iesle rack one's brains a-si stoarce creierii racket racheta(pentru tenis) racketeer petrecaret.cheap rag ziar de reputatie proasta.a emana radiation iradiatie / radiatie.spalator.fundamental radio radio radio play teatru la microfon radioactive radioactiv radiogram radiograma radiograph radiografie radiographer radiograf radiography radiografie radiologist radiolog radiotelegram radiotelegrama radiotelephone radiotelefon radish ridiche radium radium radius raza raffia rafie raffish desmatat.a cita quoted cotat.inchisoare quota cota(parte).gloata rabid turbat rabies rabie.zilnic quotient coeficient rabbi rabin rabbit camp(amer).zdreanta rag.gangster racquet racheta(pentru tenis) racy aromat.citat quotation marks ghilimele quotation of rates la bursa quote a pune in ghilimele.loterie raft pluta rafter plutas rag carpa.turf rachitis rahitism racial rasial racialism rasism racialist rasist racilly rasial racism rasism(amer) racist rasist rack gratar.picant radar radar radial in stea.stralucire radiator radiator radical radical.furie .cursa racecourse hipodrom.fituica rage manie.quod zdup.stralucire radiant radios.las rabble prostime.citat quotidian cotidian.iepure de casa.

a ridica raise a fund a alcatui un fond raise a laugh a starni rasul raise a loan a organiza un imprumut raise one's glass a-si ridica paharul(urare) raise the wind a porni vantul(starni) raisin stafida raising crestere a vitelor/ copiilor.rautate rancorous ranchiunos.ragged zdrentaros ragout iahnie.zvelt rally restabilire.ruinat ranch crescatorie de vite.violent rampart meterez.a hoinari rambler hoinar.suparare rampant nestapanit.intamplare randy galagios range a randui.lepadaturi ragtime ritm de dans.adunare ram berbec ram.sir range finder telemetru .tocana rags bulendre ragtag drojdie a societatii.urcus.atac raid over a navali asupra raider participant la un raid rail drug.vergea ramshackle subred. de vite rancid ranced.a starni.ridicare rake grebla rake-off comision rakish rapid.raspantie ramified subdivizat.margine rampage enervare.rau rancour ranchiuna.amar rancor ranchiuna.by rail pe cale ferata(transport) rail.bastion ramrod bagheta.ferma rancher fermier la o crescat.a ramifica ramp panta.a aduna.dezordonat raid raid.vagabond rambunctious aprig ramification ramificare.vesmant rain ploaie rain gauge pluviometru rainbow curcubeu raincoat pardesiu de ploaie rainfall precipitatie rainmaker vraci aducator de ploaie rainproof impermeabil rainwear imbracaminte impermeabila rainy ploios raise a creste vite.rautate random incident.ramificat ramify a bifurca.bara rail.go off the rails a deraia railroad cale ferata(amer) railway cale ferata(brit) railway station gara de cale ferata raiment haina.battering ram sistem de ridicare a apei ramble hoinareala.rand.

masura rate of growth rata cresterii rate of interest rata dobanzii rate of returns rata veniturilor rate of surplus value rata plus-valorii rate of wages rata salariilor rate.jefuitor rapport proportie.ticalos rase a ruina rash grabit.rarire rarefy a rarefia rarely rareori.sprinten rank rang.mizerabil raucous ragusit ravage a pustii.repeziciune rapier spada rapine rapire.guraliv rattlesnake sarpe cu clopotei rattrap capcana pentru sobolani ratty lamentabil.graba rasp a rade.closing rate cursul la inchidere ratel bursuc exotic ratepayer contribuabil rating oda rationing a fixa o ratie ratrace activitate epuizanta rattle a zangani.a incurca .ofiter ridicat dintre soldati rankle a puroia.vagabond rangy ager.cataracte rapidity iuteala.iute rapid(s) cataracta.repede rasher felioara.sedus rapture incantare.feliuta rashness nesocotinta.fermecare rapturous incantator.viol.a irita raspberry zmeura rat sobolan ratable evaluabil.rapacitate rape rapire.rand ranker clasificator.a viola rapid repede.a delira ravel a incalci.take the rap a primi reprosuri rapacious rapace.ranger haimana.jefuire rapist siluitor.apropiere rapt rapit.impozabil rate norma.a enerva rankness putere ransack a perchizitiona.rarefiere rascal pungas.a rascoli ransom ispasire.raport rapprochement relatii prietenesti.rascumparare rant a vorbi bombastic.ciocanit(la usa) rap.rar rarity raritate.fanfaronada rap a lovi usor.rapitor rare rarit.rar rarefaction rarefiere.a zornai rattler om galagios.rapitor rapacity lacomie.devastare rave a aiura.

a reintegra ready gata.be realized a se realiza .delirant ravioli coltunasi cu carne sau branza ravish a rapi.raven corb ravenous pradalnic.a repara readmit a readmite.repede readiness promptitudine.revista readily prompt.lacom ravine rapa.pregatit ready cash numerar ready-to-wear confectii readymade confectii reaffirm a reafirma reaffirmation refirmare.tratament aspru raw materials materii prime raw.a realiza realize.a distruge razor(blade) lama de ras razzle-dazzle invalmaseala.trecatoare raving aiurit.a viola raw crud raw deal tranzactie necinstita.real real estate proprietate imobiliara real terms termeni concreti real value valoare reala realisation realizare realism realism realist realist realistic realist reality realitate realizable realizabil realization realizare realize a-si da seama.dispozitie reading citire readjust a reface.confirmare reagent reactiv real adevarat.on the raw a atinge pe cineva(figurat) ray raza rayon vascoza raze a ruina.in the raw in stare naturala raw.petrecere re-count a numara din nou re-do a reface re-echo a repeta re-educate a reeduca re-examination a reexamina reach a atinge reach over a ajunge la react a reactiona reaction reactie reactionary reactionar reactive reactiv reactor reactor read a citi read into a intelege read law a studia dreptul read out a citi cu voce tare readable citet reader cititor readership cititorii unui ziar anume.

) rebuff recul.rational reassign a realoca.recesiune recessive coborator.a rechema recant a retracta recap a reconditiona recapitulate a recapitula recapitulation recapitulare recapture a recaptura recede a se retrage receipt chitanta receive a primi receive.dojana.a convinge rebate rabat.motiv.be received a fi primit receiver receptor recency caracter recent.in mod logic reason.regresiv .stands to reason rational reason.reducere rebel a se revolta.a redistribui.pricina.rebel rebellion revolta rebellious razvratit rebirth renastere reboot a reincarca un sistem de operare in memoria calculatorului(inf.riposta rebuild a recladi.regat realtor agent de vanzari imobiliare realty proprietate imobiliara ream maldar.without rhyme or reason fara motiv reasonable rational reasoning rationament.within reason in cadru rational.teanc reanimate a reanima reap a secera reaper secerator reappearance reaparitie reapply a aplica din nou.a cere din nou reappraisal reavizare rear urma.realizand reallocation realocare really realmente.vacanta recession adancire.a chibzui.sfarsit rear admiral contraamiral rearm a reinarma reason mobil.intr-adevar realm tinut.noutate recent recent recently in mod recent receptacle receptacul.a cumpani.a mustra rebus rebus rebut a riposta rebuttal combatere.a cugeta reason.with reason in mod rational reason.realizing intelegand.recipient reception receptie.ratiune.rasturnare recalcitrant recalcitrant.a reconstrui rebuke a dojeni.neascultator recall a-si aduce aminte.primire receptionist receptionist(la hotel) receptive receptiv receptivity receptivitate recess loc retras.a atribui din nou reassure a reasigura.a rationa.

refugiu .a povesti recoup a despagubi.cerceteaza reconnoisant plane avion de recunoastere reconnoiter observator.a recompensa.off the record nepublicabil.inspector reconnoitre observator.disc record player pick-up record.impacare recondite ascuns recondition a reconditiona reconditioned reconditionat reconditioning reconditionare reconnaissance explorare.nepasator recklessness nesocotinta.recidivism recidivism recidivist recidivist recipe reteta culinara reciprocal reciproc reciprocate a face schimb de.a corecta reclamation imbunatatire.a compensa recourse adapost.become reconciled a se fi impacat cu cineva reconciliation reconciliere.calcul reclaim a reclama.a se impaca reconcile.asanare recline a se inclina.be a recluse a fi izolat de lume recognition recunoastere recognition at a glance recunoastere dintr-o privire recognize a recunoaste recoil a da indarat.singuratic recluse.a preocupa reckless nesocotit.inregistrat recorded inregistrat pe banda recorder magnetofon recording inregistrare records discuri recount a relata.nepasare reckon a socoti reckon on a conta pe reckoner calculator aritmetic reckoning socoteala.inspector reconsider a reconsidera reconstruct a reconstrui reconstructed reconstruit reconstruction reconstructie record a inregistra.record.neoficial record.on record cunoscut de toata lumea.recompensa recompile a recompila reconcile a reconcilia.recunoastere reconnoisant care recunoaste.a plati cu aceeasi moneda reciprocity reciprocitate recital recital recitation recitare recite a recita reck a ingrijora.a se apleca recluse pustnic.recul recollect a-si aminti recollection amintire recommend a recomanda recommendation recomandare recommended recomandat recompense rasplata.be reconciled a se impaca cu cineva reconcile.

a redobandi recovered convalescent.amortizare redhead cu parul rosu redirect a redirecta redistribution redistribuire redness roscata.recurent recurring recurent.rector rectory presbiteriu recumbent culcat.rosiatic redeem a rascumpara redeemable bond obligatii rascumparabile redeemer salvator redemption rascumparare.repetat recycle a recicla red rosu red head cu parul rosu red indian amerindian.have recourse to a recurge la recover a recapata.a servi redress a restabili.a reveni recurrence repetare.fricos recreation improspatare.a recrimina recrimination invinuire.piele rosie red tape formalitate red.redutabil redound a contribui.recriminare recruit recrut recruit service serviciu de recrutare recruitment recrutare rectal rectal rectangle dreptunghi rectangular dreptunghiular rectification rectificare rectify a rectifica rectitude corectitudine rector paroh.restabilit recovery insanatosire.restabilire recreant renegat.inactiv recuperate a recupera recuperation recuperare recur a se repeta.a corecta reduce a reduce reduced redus reducible reductibil reducing reductor reducing(weight) de slabire .roseala redolent intens.in the red deficitar.violent redouble a redubla.fortificatie redoubtable de temut.debitor red.inviorare recriminate a invinui.see red a se infuria red-handed prins in flagrant delict red-hot rosu aprins.a intensifica redoubt reduta.revenire recurrent periodic.infuriat redact a redacta redaction redactare redactor redactor redcap politist militar redden a se inrosi reddish roscovan.recourse.

reflectare reflexive reflexiv reform reforma.stanca reef knot nod plat reefer marinar care strange panzele reek abur.repetat reduplication redublare.repetare reed trestie reedy plin de trestii reef recif.a reutila reflect a reflecta reflection reflectare reflection.racire refrigerator racitor refuel a alimenta cu combustibil refuge adapost.de prisos reduplicate redublat.reduction reducere redundance pleonasm.referire refill a alimenta cu.reforma reformer reformator refract a refracta refractory indaratnic.refractar refrain a se retine.refugiu refugee refugiat refunds fonduri rambursate refurbish a curata prin frecare.a refrigera refrigeration frigotehnica.a poliza din nou refusal refuz refusal.refren refresh a improspata.aperitiv refrigerate a raci.prisos(de) redundancy pleonasm.sala de mese refer a raporta.odihnitor refreshment inviorare.a reforma reform process proces de reforma reformation reformare.with reference to referitor la references recomandari referendum referendum referent referent.bobina reestablish a restabili refectory reflectoriu.first refusal prima optiune refuse a refuza refutation respingere refute a respinge .raport reference limit consultare limitata reference.a racori refresher course curs de perfectionare refreshing inviorator.miros urat.prisos(de) redundancy pay plata nenecesara redundant superfluu.a atribui referee arbitru reference trimitere.a rafina refined rafinat refinement rafinare refinery rafinarie refit a reechipa.on reflection dupa matura gandire reflector reflector reflex gest reflex.putoare reel mosor.a umple din nou refine a curata.

with regard to cu privire la regarding privitor la regardless indiferent.grefier registration inregistrare registry registrar/ birou inregistrari registry court oficiu de stare civila regress inapoiere.in raport cu.atentie.a regala regalia insemne.regesc regale a cinsti regeste.fata de.reglare regulation system sistem de reglementare regulations reguli regulator regulator regurgitate a varsa.registru registered inregistrat.podoabe ale regalitatii regard privire.recomandat registrar ofiter de stare civila.hat reincarnation reincarnare reindeer ren reinforce a intari reinforcement armatura.intarire reinstate a reintegra.regresie regressive regresiv regressive taxation impunere regresiva regret regret.grija.as regards in ceea ce priveste regatta regata regency regenta regenerate a regenera regeneration regenerare regent regent regicide regicid regime regim regimen dieta regiment regiment region regiune regional regional register a inregistra.plin de cainta regrettable regretabil regroup a se regrupa regrouping regrupare regular regulat regular job ocupatie obisnuita(slujba) regularity regularitate regularize a regulariza regularly in mod regulat regulate a regulariza regulation regulament.a restabili .a vomita rehabilitate a reabilita rehabilitation reabilitare rehearsal repetitie rehouse a se muta intr-o locuinta noua reify a converti reign domnie reimburse a rambursa rein frau.nepasator regards complimente regards.regain a recastiga regal regal.a regresa regression revenire la starea anterioara.a acorda atentie regard.a regreta regretful cu parere de rau.

a trimite relegation alungare.restabilire reissue a emite inca odata.gust relocate a reaseza.a restabili reluctance impotrivire.usurare.a continua remainder rest.relevant reliability incredere.a povesti relate to a fi in legatura cu related referitor la relation ruda.a parasi relish a da gust.a slabi relaxation destindere.slabire relaxed destins.a reuni rejoinder raspuns.relaxat relaxing care odihneste.liberare released dezlegat.neindurator.incredere reliant care merita incredere.siguranta reliable vrednic de incredere reliance suport.a reveni relate a istorisi.raport.veselie rejoin a realipi.a se usura religion religie religiosity religiozitate religious religios relinquish a renunta la.sprijin.savoare.relativ relativity relativitate relax a se destinde.schimb relay race stafeta(sport) release descarcare.eliberare.a usura relieve oneself a se despovara.blood relation rude de sange relations relatii.a scuti.increzator relic urma.a desface.reinstatement reintegrare.ramas .rude relationship dependenta.a republica reiterate a repeta reiteration reiterare.stafeta.separator relegate a indrepta.ramasita relics relicve relief relief.a condimenta.replica rejuvenation reintinerire relapse reluare.a referi.a achita.ramasita remaining restanta.neinduplecat relevance legatura.revenire.repetare reject a respinge rejection respingere rejoice a se bucura rejoicing bucurie.a sta.surghiun relent a se domoli.on relief primind ajutor financiar relieve a despovara.relaxant.odihnitor relay releu.privitor la.relatie relative ruda.exil.sila reluctant plin de sila.legatura.relaxare.ajutor relief from duty eliberare de o obligatie relief.sovaitor rely a avea incredere rely on a se bizui pe remain a ramane.a relata.eliberat releasing eliberator.potrivire relevant pertinent.relatie relation.a se potoli relentless neabatut.

a ierta.oferire.deosebit remediable care se poate indrepta.restaurat renounce a treaty a renunta la un tratat renovate a renova renovated renovat renovation renovare renown faima.resturi remake a reface remark a observa remarkable uimitor.expeditor remnant rest.mustrare remonstrate a demonstra.care aminteste remiss neglijent.renegat renege a-si calca cuvantul renew a reinoi.a remite.renumit.glorie renowned faimos.transmitere remittee beneficiar al unei remiteri remitter remitent.a rupe render a preda.medicament.transmitere renegade apostat.nepasare remit a potoli.remains ramasite pamantesti.schimbare remove a indeparta.neatent remission renuntare.remediabil remedial lecuitor.remediu remember a-si aminti remembrance amintire remind a aminti cuiva ceva reminder ceva care aminteste reminisce a se lasa prada amintirilor reminiscence amintire reminiscent amintitor.telecomanda remoteness caracter indepartat.vestit .neindurator remote indepartat remote control control de la distanta.inviorare renascent care renaste rend a sfasia.curativ remedy leac.reinoire renewed reinoit.a urca removable amovibil.a muta remunerate a remunera remuneration remuneratie renaissance renastere renal renal rename a redenumi renascence renastere.a reface renewal refacere.a micsora remittal anulare a unei datorii.mutare.a protesta remorse remuscare remorseful remuscari.a restaura.detasabil removal transportare.be renewed a fi reconditionat.iertare remittance bani expediati.iertare remission of debts iertare a datoriilor remissness neglijenta.dare rendezvous intalnire rendition predare.a da rendering interpretare.ramasita remonstrance protest.repetat renewed.renume.departare remount a incaleca din nou.plin de cainta remorseless fara crutare.

a reprima repressed inabusit.represiv reprieve gratiere.raspuns report a raporta.a replica.a se cai repentance cainta.a amana reprimand a dojeni.reprimat repression inabusire.reprezentare representative reprezentant repress a inabusi.mustrare reprint a retipari reprisals represalii reproach a reprosa.parere de rau repentant pocait.a se odihni.relatare.rejucare.amanare.abrogare.a se culca repository magazie.substituire replay a rejuca.a certa.a mustra represent a reprezenta representation inchipuire.nedemn reprobate nemernic.a bombani replace a inapoia.replica spirituala repartition repartitie repast cina.plin de reprosuri.a inlocui.penitent repentant sinner pacatos pocait repertoire repertoriu repetition repetitie repine a fi nemultumit.depozit reprehend a blama.masa repatriate a repatria repay a rasplati.somn.raport reportage reportaj reporter reporter repose odihna.a dezaproba reproduce a reproduce reproducible care poate fi reprodus.reproductibil .replica reply a raspunde.a restitui replacement inlocuire.reluare replenish a reaproviziona.supraincarcare replica copie autentica.renovare.a mustra.a renova.rasplata repayment of principal restituire a capitalului repeal a abroga.anulare repeat a repeta repel a respinge repellent dezgustator.ospat.pranz.desfranat.locatar renunciation renuntare reorganise a reorganiza reorganization reorganizare reorganize a reorganiza reorientation reorientare repair reparatie.a repara reparations reparatii repartee raspuns de duh.a recompensa repayment plata inapoiata.represiune repressive apasator.respingator repent a-i parea rau.rent chirie rent free fara chirie rental arenda rented inchiriat rented room camera inchiriata renter fermier.a imputa reproachful nevrednic.a reumple repletion saturare.a condamna.

respingator repulse respingere.presupus request solicitare.a solicita.renume.solicitarea requiem recviem require a cere.rezervor reset a reaseza.rezident residential rezidential residential quarter cartier rezidential residual fapt ramas neexplicat.a recompensa reread a reciti rerun reluare(a unui film) rescue a salva.reproduction reproducere reproductive reproducator reproductive organs organe de reproducere reproof repros.ramasita residue rest.a scapa.ipotetic.a elibera research cercetare researcher cercetator(stiintific) resection rezectie(med) resemblance similitudine.a reinstala resettlement recolonizare reshuffle remaniere.regrupare reside a domicilia.reputatie reputed reputat.a locui residence resedinta.aversiune repugnant scarbos.a respinge repugnance repulsie.restant.ramasita .a necesita required reserves rezerve cerute requirement cerinta.as requested dupa cum s-a cerut request.upon request la cererea.a cere request.respingator repurchase a cumpara din nou reputable respectabil.a reclama.jignit resentful plin de resentiment resentment resentiment reservation rezervatie reservations(have reservs) rezervatii reserve rezerva reserve service serviciul pentru rezervari reserved rezervat reservist rezervist reservoir lac de acumulare.necesar requisition prescriptie oficiala.domiciliu residence permit autorizatie de domiciliu residency resedinta resident locuitor permanent.onorabil reputation reputatie repute faima.cerere.cerere requital indemnizatie.aversiune repulsive antipatic.a pretinde.a mustra reptile reptila republic republica repudiate a repudia.a refuza repulsion scarba.a restabili resettle a se stabili din nou.revendicare requisite cerut.recompensa requite a rasplati.asemanare resemble a semaana cu resent a fi ofensat.dojana reprove a certa.locuinta.

cu pescarie si moluste restaurateur proprietar de restaurant restful linistit.with respect to privitor la respectable respectabil.amanare resplendent splendid.raspuns.a impiedica restrain oneself a se restrange.resign a demisiona resignation demisie resigned resemnat.rest rest home casa de odihna rest in peace odihneasca-se in pace rest.reconfortant restore a restaura.respiratie respirator masca de praf.restituire restorative intaritor.restaurare.ingeniozitate resources resurse respect.a reface restrain a restrange.) resort.a se retine restrained retinut.onorabil respectful respectuos respecting relativ la.ferm resoluteness darzenie.restituire restive salbatic.mijloc.inventiv resourcefulness inventivitate.cu privire la respective respectiv respectively respectiv respiration rasuflare.hotarare.lay to rest a inmormanta restaurant restaurant restaurant.mobil resin rasina resinous rasinos resist a rezista resistance rezistenta.respirator respiratory respirator respire a rasufla.agitat restoration refacere.summer resort statiune balneara de vara resound a slavi pe cineva.competent responsive impresionabil.vibratie resonant rasunator.a se duce (la mare etc.indaratnic restless nelinistit.replica responsibility raspundere responsible raspunzator.odihnitor resthouse casa de odihna restitution restaurare.stapanit .sea food restaurant rest.sonor resort resursa.a rezolva resonance rezonanta.a respira respite pauza.stralucitor respond a raspunde.statiune de odihna.a riposta respondent raspunzator response ecou.impotrivire resistant rezistent resolute hotarat.revenire resilient elastic.a recurge.sensibil responsiveness reactie.fermitate resolution rezolutie resolve a solutiona.in respect of in privinta respect.raspuns rest odihna.supus resilience rezilienta.a rasuna resourceful ingenios.

in retragere retrench a restrange retrenchment reducere retrial rejudecare retribution hotarare judecatoreasca.servitor retaliate a uza de represalii retaliation revansa.refacere retrieve a regasi.restraint restrictie.tenace reticence reticenta.reluare resurgent reinviat.a se retrage retired pensionat.represalii retard intarziere retard.a recupera retroactive retroactiv retroactivity retroactivitate retrograde retrograd retrogression retrocesiune.rezultat resume a reincepe.regres retrorocket racheta aux.cortegiu retire a pleca.retragere retiring retras retiring age varsta de pensionare retort riposta.a reanima resuscitation reinviere.pedeapsa retrieval recuperare.retras retirement pensionare.be retarded a fi intarziat.restabilit resurrect a reinvia.a reface retract a retrage.rezerva reticent reticent retina retina retinue suita.pastrare retentive care retine.constrangere restrict a restrange.a indrepta retrace a reconstitui.a batatori retreat adapost.a limita restriction restrictie.limitare restrictive restrictiv.replica retouch a retusa.detaliu retail price pret de vanzare cu amanuntul retailer detailist retain a stavili.retragere.a nu recunoaste retraction nerecunoastere.retragere retread a trece din nou prin.a se retrage retreating care se retrage.a retine retained earnings castiguri retinute retainer insotitor.limitativ restroom toaleta result a rezulta.reanimare retail vanzare cu bucata.a renaste resurrected inviat resuscitate a resuscita.a relua resumption reincepere. pentru franare retrospect privire retrospectiva retrospective retrospectiv retroversion retroversiune return a se intoarce.intoarcere return ticket bilet dus-intors .retinut(intarziat de cineva) retardation intarziere retch sfortare pentru a vomita retention retinere.

a corecta reviewer critic literar.revoltator revolution revolutie revolutionary revolutionar revolutioner giratoriu.veneratie reverend preot reverent reverentios.respectuos reversal reversare.a retrimite revere a venera.reactie reward rasplata.invers reverse split scindare inversa reverse.revenire revert a se inapoia.descoperire revenge razbunare revenge.emfatic rhapsodize a scrie laudativ despre.recenzent revile a ocara.reviriment reverse contrariu.a rapsodia rhapsody declamare.return.in reverse in marsarier.retorica rhetorical de retorica.in ordine inversa reversibility reversibilitate reversible convertibil.a medita revolver revolver revolving pivotant.rotatoriu.a chefui revelation revelatie.a reinsufleti revival regenerare.a insulta revise a revedea.intrunire reunite a reuni rev turatii.respectuos reverential reverentios.a respecta reverence stima profunda.a corecta revision revedere.recompensa rewriting rescriere rhapsodic declamatoriu.ture revaluation reevaluare revalue reevaluare reveal a dezvalui.a reinvia revocable revocabil revoke a revoca revolt razvratire.show a return a arata o revenire reunion reuniune.retoric rheumatic reumatic rheumatism reumatism rhinoceros rinocer .reversibil reversion intoarcere.giratoriu revue revista(teatru) revulsion reviriment.a se intoarce review a revedea.rotativ revolutionize a revolutiona revolve a cantari.rapsodie rhetoric elocinta.a pivota.a revizui.revolta revolting rasculat.a arata revel a benchetui.renastere revive a reveni la viata.revizie revisit a revizita.to get one's revenge a intoarce razbunarea revengeful razbunator revenue venit reverberate reflecta(a)(lumina/caldura).a revedea revitalize a da din nou viata.recompensa rewarding rasplatitor.

get rid of a se debarasa de.corect.oil rig turla unei sonde petrolifere rigging velatura right cinstit.claie rickets rahitism rickety rahitic rickshaw trasurica trasa de un hamal ricochet ricosare.dreptate rightful legitim.legal rightist politician de dreapta .all right foarte bine right.a se descotorosi ridden part.numeros riffle curent rapid riffraff ramasite.drept righteousness justete.tirailor rift despicatura.on the right side of de partea dreapta right.by rights pe drept right.it serves him right asa-i trebuie ! right.a calari ride a bike a merge pe bicicleta ride out a trece ceva cu bine ride.culme ridicule a lua in ras.a ridiculiza ridiculous ridicol riding calarie. trecut de la rid riddle ghicitoare ride a merge calare.situatie ridicola.to be in the right a avea dreptate right-hand din dreapta right-handed care foloseste mana dreapta righteous echitabil.zimtuit ribbon panglica rice orez rice paddy orezarie rich bogat rich man om bogat riches bogatii richness bogatie rick capita.a ricosa rid a debarasa de.resturi rifle pusca rifleman puscas.a calari.take for a ride a lua la plimbare cu masina rider calaret ridge creasta.virtute.drept right angle unghi drept right away imediat right of asylum drept de azil right.fisura rig velatura rig.a descotorosi rid.cinstit.plimbare rife raspandit.in his right mind cu chibzuinta right.nursery rhyme versuri pentru copii rhymester versificator prost rhythm ritm rhythmic ritmic rib coasta ribbed nervurat.rhomboid romboid rhombus romb rhubarb rubarbura rhyme rima rhyme.

raspuns ripped to pieces sfasiat in bucati ripping superb.a supara.neinduplecat rigidity intransigenta.ceremonie rival concurent.dezordine riot.zgomotos rip a sfasia. trecut de la rive river fluviu.splendid ripple ondulatie.corectitudine rigid rigid.risc risky primejdios.teapan.sever rigour strictete.a suna ring the bell a suna la soneria unei case ring true pare sa fie adevarat.a suna ring up a chema la telefon ring.margine rime chiciura.rasculat riotous turbulent.trancaneala rigor strictete rigorous strict.rivalitate rive a crapa.clopotel ringleader cap de razvratiti.maturizare riposte riposta.tarm de rau .give rise to a pricinui.rezistenta.severitate rigmarole flecareala.a despica rip off a smulge rip out a spinteca rip up a redeschide rani vechi rip.a cauza risen part.give a ring a da un telefon cuiva ring.inel.bruma rind scoarta.periculos rissole chiftea ritual ceremonial.potrivnic rivalry intrecere.a se urca rise early persoana matinala rise.run riot a se dezlantui rioter chefliu.inelat ringer clopotar.revolta risk primejdie.matur ripe.not ripe necopt ripen a coace. trecut de la rise rising care se inalta.martoaga ripe copt.severitate rile a necaji.old rip gloaba.a se ridica.instigator ringmaster maestru de manej ringside locuri in jurul unui ring /box ringworm herpes rink patinoar riot rascoala.rau river bed albia raului riverside riveran.coaja ring arena.unda ripsaw ferastrau de spintecat rise rasarit.a spinteca riven part.to ring off a pune jos receptorul ringed incercuit.a exaspera rill raulet rim buza de cana.pericol.rightness integritate morala.a maturiza ripeness maturitate ripening coacere.

pungasesc roister taraboi.a face galagie role rol roll chifla.jefuitor robe mantie.to keep the ball rolling a continua o activitate roll-call apel nominal roll-over-credit reintinerire roller tavalug roller coaster trenulet tobogan(balci) roller skates patine pe rotile rollicking zburdalnic rolling rulant.sosea.hoinareala roar a urla.vehicul rutier roam a rataci.a vagabonda roaming ratacitor.pungasie roguish neastamparat.rivet nit rivulet paraias.varga rod.persoana bolnava/ intr-o doaga rockery gradina alpina(artificiala) rocket racheta cu reactie rocketry stiinta construirii rachetelor rockiness natura stancoasa rocking chair balansoar rocking horse cal de lemn care se leagana rocky pietros.a roll of money un fisic de monede roll.sul roll along a merge intr-un vehicul roll of honour lista celor cazuti in razboi roll up a infasura.raulet roach ocheana.stancos rococo rococo rod nuia.deluros rolling mill laminor rolling pin facalet roly-poly rulada cu dulceata romance roman de dragoste sau aventuri .fishing rod varga de undita rodent rozator rodeo acrobatii pe cai roe ciuta.roba robot robot robust puternic.a jefui robber talhar.pungas roguery potlogarie.turturea rocker(off his rocker) leagan.drum road house hotel /restaurant in drum road junction raspantie roadbed terasament de drum roadblock bariera roadster automobil sport(doua locuri).viguros rock roca.a rasuci roll(metal) rulou.cilindru roll.stanca rock(dove) piatra de pavaj.babusca(zool) road strada.a rostogoli.caprioara roger dans rustic englez rogue potlogar.a zbiera roast a frige.cuptor roasting calcinare.a praji roaster prajitor.prajire rob a prada.

circular round off a rotunji round shouldered cu umerii lasati round the clock permanent round trip bilet dus-intors round.romanca.sfericitate roue nemernic.romanian roman.putrezire rotund rotonda.become round a se rotunji .plin.matanii rose trandafir rose coloured trandafiriu rose.in the rough in stare neterminata rough.registru rostrum estrada.largime roommate coleg de camera roomy incapator.varga roof acoperis roofing acoperire.to know the ropes a sti toate rosturile rosary gradina de trandafiri.turn rookie taran.romanesc romantic romantic romanticize a romantiza romp a castiga cursa usor.stricat rouge fard.recrut room camera.rotatie rotatory rotator.satisfacator rough.tencuit brut roughen a inaspri roughneck bataus.funie rope.stricat rottenness putreziciune.circular rote vuiet al mareelor rote.a se invarti.nuia.circular rotate a face sa pivoteze.grosolan rough and ready facut la repezeala.pe dinafara rotten putred.rule the roost a da tonul.prajina roost.under the rose in secret.bombastic rotundity rotunjime.umflatura roughrider dresor de cai.vast roost a se cocota pe o craca.spatiu roominess spatiu mare.ruj rough ordinar.a comanda rooster cocos root radacina rooting inradacinare.invelire rook cioara.rotund.maestru de calarie roulette ruleta round repriza.pe soptite rosemary rozmarin roseola rujeola.pojar rosette rozeta roster lista de serviciu.necioplit roughness grosolanie.by rote in chip mecanic.a se zbengui rood cruce.to rough it a se impaca cu viata rough-cast scamosat.plenty of rope a da cuiva frau liber rope.intepenire rope franghie.tribuna rosy trandafiriu rot a putrezi rotary rotativ.a se roti rotation invartire.spatiu.

rand rowan(berry) scorusa.as a rule de regula ruler rigla.a regreta ruffle a ciufuli.cearta rudder carma rude rudimentar.rutina rove a rataci.soarba rowdiness galagie.come round a vizita round-up razie.neregulat ruin ruina.rudimentar rudiments cunostinte elementare.canotaj rowlock furchet royal regal royalism monarhism.cronica roundabout imprejur rounders joc cu mingea roundish oarecum rotund roundness rotunjime rousing entuziasmant.a ruina ruined darapanat.vechituri rubble moloz.regalism royalist regalist royalty membri ai unei familii regale.a cauciuca rubberneck turist.alineat ruby rubin rucksack rucsac ruction sfada.ruinat ruinous distrugator.curios rubbing frictiune.frecare rubbish fleacuri.pivot row a vasli.regalitate rub a freca rub along a se decurca rub out a razui rub.grosolan rude.mojicie rudimentary nedezvoltat.a zbirli rug carpeta.a deruta rout out a scoate la iveala route cale.sir.nemaipomenit roustabout docher rout debandada.cauciuc rubber band gumelastic rubber ring inel de cauciuc rubberize a impregna cu cauciuc.a vagabonda rover corsar.drum routine practica stabilita.reguli .conducator rules(governing rules) regulament.there's the rub aici e greutatea rubber guma de sters.nimicitor rule regula rule of thumb metoda empirica rule out a exclude rule.pietris rubicund roscovan.rumen rubric rubrica.gunoi.pres rugged accidentat.be rude a fi grosolan/violent rudeness grosolanie.zarva rowdy galagios rowing vaslire.round.rudimentare rue a avea remuscari.

pista de decolare rupture neintelegere.sambata(rel.fosnitor rustproof inoxidabil rusty parasit.succesiv running in vizita intamplatoare runny-nose guturai runt martoaga runway de alergari.a nu fi deajuns run wild a se infuria.hernie rural rural.a sabota.conducator rum rom rumba rumba rumble a hodorogi.zvon rump sezut.curier running neintrerupt.neruginit rustling actiune energica.gold rush goana dupa aur rust rugina.meditativ ruminate a rumega.canelura.mozaica) sabbatical concediu(platit).tartita rumple a sifona.viclesug rush navala.a rugini rustic rustic.in the long run pana la urma runner alergator.sabie saccharin(e) zaharina sacerdotal sacerdotal .grosolan rustiness invechire.a innebuni run.a se precipita.ruginire rustle fosnet.sabotaj sabre palos.a se revarsa run short a duce lipsa de.necioplit.tarani ruse siretlic.a scotoci rummy curios rumour stire.a reflecta rumination rumegare.papura.ruginiu rut brazda.a grabi rush hours ore de varf rush.freamat rustless inoxidabil.nemilos rye secara sabbath sabat.huruitor ruminant rumegator.ruling guvernare.a bubui rumble seat scaun pliant rumbling bodoganitor.a mototoli run a alerga.get into a rut a intra pe fagas ruthless crud.concediu sable samur.ruginit.meditare rummage a rascoli.spartura.a fugi run across a traversa in forta run along a fugi in lungul run away a pleca in fuga run down a aluneca run in a intra alergand run into a da peste run of the mill mediocru run off a scapa fugind run out a lua parte la o alergare run over a parcurge cu privirea.rustic rural dwellers sateni.fagas rut.zibelina sabotage diversiune.

sacrificare.trist sadden a se intrista saddening intristare.vela.velier.sachet punguta parfumata pentru haine sack sac(de dormit).paza.agerime.for sale de vanzare .nelegiuit sad abatut.sac sackcloth panza de sac sackcloth.cucernicie saintly pios.sport nautic sailor matelot.set sail a inalta panzele.sacru sacrifice ofranda.zavor de siguranta safety pin ac de siguranta saffron galben ca sofranul.sfant sake drag sake(for my sake) de dragul meu.sacrilegiu sacrilegious profanator.perspicacitate sagacity inteligenta.a pleca in calatorie pe mare sailboat barca cu pinze/vele sailing navigatie.a naviga sail.sa saddlebag desagi sadism sadism sadist sadic sadistic sadic sadness tristete.marinar saint sfant saintliness sfintenie.legenda sagacious inteligent(despre animale).to mourn in.teafar safe and sound teafar si nevatamat safe deposit casa de bani.protectie safely in siguranta.sacru sacred sfant.panza de sac sacrament sacrament(impartasanie) sacramental sacramental.sacru sacredness inviolabilitate.a se ofili saga roman al unei familii.salvie.intristator saddle pernita de spate.senzualitate salad salata.sacrificiu sacrifice.pentru mine sake(for the sake of) de dragul(+genitiv) sake.om inteligent.securitate.intristare sadness pain tristete coplesitoare safari expeditie de vanatoare(Africa) safe ferit.ager.melancolic.a se incovoia.saga.sofran.amestecatura salamander salamandra salary salariu sale vanzare sale.seif safe(from) in siguranta safebreaker spargator de seifuri safeguard dispozitiv de siguranta.perspicacitate sage intelept.siguranta safety latch incuietoare.destept(ironic) sagittarius Sagetator sail panza.sofranel sag a atarna.sfintit.for the sake of pentru salacious senzual.lasciv salacity desfranare.and ashes a-si pune cenusa in cap sacking ambalare in saci.nevatamat safety fara riscuri.self sacrifice sacrificiu de sine sacrilege pangarire.

a aproba sanctity sanctitate.nestatornic sane sanatos la minte.sanitar .alifie.acelasi.sfintenie sanctuary sanctuar sanctuary(religious) sanctuar.salva.sanctiune.proeminent saline sarat saliva saliva salivate a saliva salivation salivatie/salivare sallow galben.iesire brusca.salvare a unei nave salvation mantuire.on sale cu conditia.salinitate.totusi samovar samovar sample esantion.salutar salutation salut salute a da onorul.identic same.sanctuar sand a presara cu nisip.sare.atac salmon roz portocaliu.mostra.somon saloon bar.a compara sample check specimen de cec sampling luare de probe.picant salubrious sanatos salutary binefacator.salvare salve a linisti.a intercala sandy blond roscat.sus-numitul.nisipos.nisip.all the same cu toate acestea.limuzina salt pastrat in saramura.vanzator salesmanship arta de a vinde salient izbitor.sold sales chart rata vanzarilor sales clerk vanzator sales contract contract de vanzare-cumparare sales letter certificat de garantie salesman agent comercial.salut salvage incarcatura recuperata.subterfugiu same aceeasi.rumen sanitarium sanatoriu sanitary igienic.santal sandbank banc de nisip sandpaper in pom.a sanctiona.pamantiu sally a iesi brusc.smirghel sandpiper fluierar de rau sandwich sandvis.sfant sanctum sfanta sfintelor.preparare de mostre sanatorium sanatoriu sanctification canonizare.salon(pe vapor).a usura salver tava de Argint salvo rezerva(jur).crud sanguine optimist.sarat saltcellar solnita saltpetre salpetru salty sarat.sale.haz.rational sang trecut de la sing sanguinary sangeros.plaja sand box nisipelnita(ferov) sand stone gresie sandal sanda.a canoniza sanctimonious ipocrit sanctimoniousness fatarnicie sanction consfintire.a proba.sfintire sanctify a sfinti.a saluta.a ataca.

saturnin sauce sos.igiena sanity echilibru mintal.a vlagui.invatat save a feri.saturat saturation imbibare.suport sauciness impertinenta.a indeplini.impregnare.communication. mobil.turbat. satelit de comunicatii satiate a imbuiba.saturatie saturday sambata saturn Saturn saturnine intunecat..econom saving cooperative cooperativa de economii savings economii savings account cont pentru economii savings deposit cont in banca .bandaj satan Necuratul..sarcastic sarcophagus sarcofag sardine sardea sardonic sardonic.a economisi save money a economisi bani save up a economisi save.satul satisfy a multumi.salam savage salbatic.satanic satchel ghiozdan sate a satura satellite satelit satellite.saturare satin satin satire satira satirist satiric satirize a satiriza satisfaction(at/with) multumire satisfaction(for) compensatie satisfactory multumitor.a suprasatura satiation imbuibare.obraznicie saucy obraznic sauerkraut varza acra sauna sauna saunter a face o plimbare.plimbare sausage carnat.satisfacator satisfied(at/with) satisfacut.suc de fructe.cruzime savant savant.suprasaturare satiety indestulare.Satana satanic dracesc.suc.a satisface satisfy demand a satisface cererea saturate a imbiba.mohorat.sat.a satura saturated neutralizat.a usca sapient destept(ironic) sapling puiet sapper genist sapphire safir sappy plin de seva sarcasm sarcasm sarcastic batjocoritor.crud savagery salbaticie.zeama saucepan cratita saucer farfurioara.sanitation salubritate.toc/cadru de fereastra.save from a scapa de saving salvator.sanatate psihica sap seva.diabolic sash esarfa.

savings note atestarea de depuneri/economii savings rate rata dobanzii pt un cont saviour salvator saviour;the saviour Mintuitorul savour aroma;a da gust;a condimenta;picanterie;savoare savoury aperitiv picant;savuros;apetisant savvy simt practic;a intelege;cap;a pricepe saw-bones chirurg(umor) sawdust rumegus sawed trecut de la saw sawing taiere cu fierastraul sawmill fabrica de cherestea;gater saxophone saxofon say a spune;zice say goodbye a-si lua ramas bun say the word a rosti cuvantul hotarator;a hotara say;be said se spune/vorbeste ca say;have one's say a spune ce are de spus say;it is said that se spune/vorbeste ca say;that is to say adica;asta inseamna say-so incredintare;zi asa!;zvonuri;asigurare saying maxima;rostire;zicala scab crusta;spargator de greva;raie scabbard teaca(de sabie) scabies scabie;raie scaffolding esafodaj;estrada scalar scalar scald a frige;opareala;a opari scale Balanta;scala;scara;dimensiune scale down a reduce(preturi) scale;on a large scale pe scara mare scales balanta;cantar scalp scalp;a scalpa scalpel scalpel;bisturiu scaly solzos scamp a face de mantuiala;nemernic scamper a fugi mancand pamantul;fuga;graba scan a parcurge in graba;a scanda;a scruta scandal barfeala;fapta rusinoasa;calomniere;scandal scandalmonger calomniator scandalous socant;scandalos scanner antena rotitoare/ de baleiere;explorator scansion descompunere a imaginii;scandare scant neindestulator;insuficient scantiness insuficienta;raritate scanty insuficient;limitat scape goat tap ispasitor scapula omoplat;scapula(anat) scar cicatrice;rana scarab scarabeu scarce putin(intalnit);rar scarce currency insuficienta monetara scarce;make oneself scarce a se face nevazut;a disparea scarcely tocmai;abia scarceness lipsa de;deficit scarcity lipsa de;deficit scare a ingrozi;a speria scare;be scared a fi speriat;inspaimantat scarecrow gogorita;sperietoare de ciori scarf esarfa;fular

scarify a critica violent;a ofensa scarlet stacojiu;rosu aprins scarlet fever scari scarp panta abrupta;povarnis scarred cu cicatrice scary fioros;infiorator scathing distrugator;nimicitor scatter a imprastia;a risipi scatterbrained imprastiat;zapacit scattered imprastiat;ravasit scatty cam nebun;ticnit scenario scenariu scene loc al actiunii;tablou(la teatru);scena scene;make a scene a face o scena scenery culise;decor;peisaj scenes(behind the scenes) in culise scenic(al) scenic;pitoresc;teatral scent adulmeca;a mirosi;parfum;a parfuma;urma scent;on the scent a fi pe urmele vanatului sceptic neincrezator;sceptic sceptic(al) sceptic scepticism neincredere;scepticism sceptre sceptru;domnie schedule schema;a programa;program;plan schematic schematic;superficial scheme organizare;schema;plan schemer uneltitor;intrigant schism schisma schismatic(al) schismatic schizoid schizoid schizophrenia schizofrenie schnitzel snitel scholar bursier;carturar;savant scholarly carturaresc;de savant;stiintific scholarship bursa;eruditie scholastic scolastic;pedant school scoala;instructie school bag ghiozdan school;high school liceu school;trade school scoala profesionala school;vocational school scoala profesionala schoolboy elev;scolar schoolgirl eleva;scolarita schooling scolarizare;scoala;educatie schoolmaster director de scoala schoolmistress directoare de scoala schoolroom clasa(incapere) schoolteacher invatator schoolteaching predare in invatamantul primar schooner caruta cu coviltir;goeleta science stiintele naturii;maiestrie;stiinta science fiction literat.stiintifico-fantastica;romane scientific de expert;stiintific;abil scientist savant;om de stiinta scimitar iatagan scintillate a sclipi;a scanteia scion altoi;vlastar sclerosis scleroza scoff batjocura;deradere scoffer zeflemisitor;batjocoritor

scold a mustra/dojeni scone biscuit(din faina de grau) scoop caus;scafa scooter scuter scope sfera;orizont;intindere scorch a ofili;a parjoli scorcher remarca usturatoare;zi caniculara score douazeci;raboj;crestatura scorn a desconsidera;batjocura;dispret;a dispretui scornful dispretuitor scornfully cu dispret scorpio Scorpionul(zodia) scorpion scorpion scot free neimpozabil;nepedepsit scotch a schilodi;taietura;crestatura;a rani scottish carpanos;engleza scotienilor;scotian scoundrel ticalos;josnic scour curatare;a razui;a curata;frecare scourge napasta;a napastui;bici;a pedepsi scouring lustruire;razuire scout a pleca in recunoastere;cercetas;observare;tip;a cerceta scout car automobil de urmarire scouting cercetasie;observare scoutmaster conducator de cercetasi scowl a privi manios la;privire incruntata/manioasa;a se incrunta scrabble a umbla in patru labe;misunare;mazgaleala;a mazgali;a se trudi scraggy pipernicit;zbarcit;costeliv scram cara-te!;valea! scrambled catarat;urcat scrambled eggs oua jumari scrap bucatica;fier vechi;fragment scrap book album cu taieturi din ziare scrap paper maculatura scrape a rade;a razui scrape through a rade complet scraper rascheta;razuitor;screper scrappy facut din resturi;fragmentar scratch a scarpina;a zgaria;zgarietura;vatamare scratch out a sterge un rand;a razui scratch pad bloc notes scratch(oneself) a se scarpina scratch;start from scratch lua de la inceput;a o;a porni de la zero scratchy care zgarie;mazgalit;eterogen scrawl a scrie necitet;mazgalitura;a mazgali scrawny sfrijit;costeliv scream strigat;a tipa;tipat;a striga screamer film senzational(politist);scandalagiu screech a pune brusc(frana);a tipa strident;scrasnit;sunet strident screed fasie de pamant;poliloghie;carpa;vorbarie screen a fi ecranizat;ecran;paravan;adapost screenplay scenariu screw a insuruba;surub screw tap dorn;tarod screw up a strange cu piulita screwball trasnit;ticnit screwdriver surubelnita screwed(up) cu surub;zapacit;ravasit screwy zgarcit;inghesuit;sucit;ticnit scribble a scrie in graba;mazgalitura;a mazgali scribbler scriitoras

scribe copist;functionar;scrib scriber ac de trasat scrimmage a incaiera;cearta;a se certa scrimp a fi zgarcit;a tine strans(banii);carpanos scrimpy saracacios;modest script fel de scriere;manuscris original;scriere;scenariu script writer scenarist;textier scriptural scriptural;biblic scripture Biblia;Sfanta Scriptura scripture;the scripture Biblia;Sfanta Scriptura scroll cartus(arhit);spirala;sul cu pergament scrotum scrot scrounge a umbla dupa furat;a sterpeli;a fura scrounger gainar;hot scrub a freca cu peria;animal pitic;lastaris;a trudi;tufaris scruff ceafa scruffy neingrijit;murdar scruple a nu avea scrupule;a nu sovai;remuscare;scrupul scrupulous constiincios;meticulos;scrupulos scrupulousness constiinciozitate;scrupulozitate scrutinize cerceta atent;a scruta scuff a merge tarsaind picioarele;a strica(pantofii);a roade scuffle a se incaiera;incaierare scull barca mica cu visle;vasla;a vasli scullery camera de spalat vase;oficiu sculpt a sculpta sculptor sculptor sculptural sculptural sculpture sculptura;a sculpta scum a face/a lua spuma de pe;mazga;spuma(la lichid care fierbe) scurf matreata;coaja scurrility limbaj injurios;trivialitate;grosolanie scurrilous scabros;vulgar;grosolan scurry a alerga cu pasi marunti;goana;tropot scurvy abject;nemernic;ticalos scut coada scurta(la animale) scuttle a saborda(un vas);chepeng;galeata pentru carbuni;luminator scuttlebutt butoi cu apa de baut(pe vas) scythe coasa;a cosi sea mare sea lion leu de mare;leu de mare(specie de foci) sea shell scoica sea urchin arici de mare sea wall dig de mare;jeteu sea;high seas valuri inalte seaboard tarm;coasta;litoral seafarer navigator;marinar seagoing calator pe mare;de navigatie;maritim seagull pescarus(de mare) seal foca;a sigila;sigiliu;vanatoare de foci seal;to seal his fate a-i pecetlui soarta sealed etansat;sigilat;stampilat sealer vas de vanat foci sealing wax ceara de sigiliu;ceara rosie seam cusatura;tiv seaman matelot;marinar seamanship experienta de marinar seamy cu multe cusaturi;in raspar seance intrunire;sedinta seaport port maritim

sear a vesteji;ofilit;a usca;uscat search a cerceta;perchezitie;a cauta search warrant mandat de perchezitie;ordin de perchezitie searching amanuntit;iscoditor;scrupulos searchlight reflector seashore malul marii;litoral seasick suferind de rau de mare seaside statiuni pe litoral;litoral season anotimp;sezon;perioada season ticket abonament season;in due season la momentul oportun;la timp season;off season sezonul mort seasonables de sezon;oportun;nimerit seasonably in mod oportun;la momentul potrivit seasonal sezonier;de sezon;periodic seasoning condimentare la aer;conditionare;pregatire seat loc de stat;bilet;scaun seating locuri de stat jos;soclu seaward spre mare seaweed alga marina;iarba de mare secateurs foarfece de gradina secede a se desparti;a se retrage secession secesiune;separare seclude a desparti;a separa seclude;be secluded a trai izolat;retras secluded departat;izolat;retras seclusion loc izolat;singuratate;retragere;izolare second al doilea;secunda;clipa second best al doilea(ca valoare);intamplare mai rea ca alta second class de clasa a II-a second in command loctiitor de comandant;secund second;come off second best a da chix;a ocupa locul second-hand de ocazie;vechi secondary secundar;subordonat;inferior secondary school liceu seconder sustinator;sprijinitor secondhand secundar(la ceas) secondly in al doilea rand;pe de alta parte seconds marfa de calitatea a doua secrecy discretie;singuratate secret confidential;secret;ascuns secret;in secret in secret;pe furis secret;open secret secret cunoscut de toata lumea secret;top secret strict confidential secretarial de secretar/iat secretary secretar/ secretara;ministru secretary general secretar general secrete feri;a secreta;a ascunde secretion secretare;secretie secretive reticent;discret;ascuns secretly in secret/taina secretriat(e) secretariat sectarian sectant;limitat section sectiune;sectionare;taietura;portiune sector zona;sector;portiune secular secular;vechi;laic secularism doctrina secularizarii(bis.);vederi laice secularist adept al doctrinei laice secularity secularitate;caracter laic secure de nadejde;in siguranta;linistit;trainic

securities titluri de renta securities;listed securities actiuni constituind o garantie security paza;siguranta;certitudine sedan lectica;limuzina sedate echilibrat;linistit sedation calmare(cu sedative);liniste sedative sedativ sedentary sedentar;inactiv sediment depunere;precipitat;sediment sedimentary sedimentar sedition razvratire;revolta seditious razvratit;revoltat seduce a corupe;a fermeca;a seduce;a atrage;a ademeni seducer seducator seduction ademenire;seducere seductive ispititor;seducator sedulous silitor;perseverent see a observa;a zari;a vedea see about a avea grija;a se ocupa de see it through a rezista pana la capat see off a insoti(la gara) see to a avea grija de;a se ingriji de see;let me see stai putin/sa ma gandesc see;see through a ajuta pana la capat;a sustine;a salva seed samanta;seminte;germene seedbed razor;rasadnita seedless fara samanta seedling rasad;puiet seedy cu seminte;jerpelit;abatut seeing vaz;vazator;vedere seek a cauta;a cerceta seem a da impresia;a parea;a se parea seemingly dupa cate s-ar parea;aparent seemliness buna cuviinta;decenta seemly cuvenit seen part. trec. de la see (a vedea) seep a infiltra;a se prelinge seepage infiltratie;scurgere seer profet;vizionar seesaw leganat;balansare seethe a clocoti;a fierbe segment diviziune;lamela;sectiune;segment;a segmenta;parte;portiune segmentation segmentare segregate a se izola;a segrega;a separa segregation segregare;separare seigneur senior(feudal) seismic seismic seismograph seismograf seismography seismografie seize a apuca;a sechestra;a prinde seize on a pune mana pe;a-si insusi seizure atac de apoplexie;apucare;stapanire seldom rar;rareori select a alege;pretentios;ales selected sortat;ales selection selectie;sortare;alegere selective selectiv selenium seleniu self subiect;eul;personalitate;ego self;to lose one's self-... a-si pierde increderea in sine

self-accusation acuzatie de sine;autocritica self-acting automat self-confidence incredere in sine;aplomb self-confident increzator in sine self-conscious constient;sfios;stangaci self-contained autonom;independent self-control autocontrol;sange rece self-defense autoaparare self-denial daruire de sine;abnegatie self-esteem auto-apreciere self-evident axiomatic;evident;clar self-financing auto-finantare self-indulgent ingaduitor cu sine self-interest propriul interes;egoism self-possessed cu sange rece;stapan pe sine self-possession stapanire de sine;cu sange rece self-respect simtul propriei demnitati self-service autoservire self-starter demaror automat self-sufficiency autarhie;autonomie self-sufficient autarhic;ingamfat;independent self-supporting care se intretine singur self-willed indaratnic;incapatanat selfhood individualitate;personalitate selfish egoist selfishness egoism sell a se vinde;a-si face reclama sell out a vinde tot;a lichida sell;best seller carte/lucru de mare succes seller vanzator;marfa de vanzare selling rate rata a vinzarii devizelor selves plural de la self (individualitate) semantic semantic semantics semantica semaphore semafor;semnalizare cu fanioane semblance aspect;infatisare;asemanare semen sperma semester semestru semi-final de semifinala;semifinala semicolon punct si virgula seminal seminal;embrionar;germinal seminar sala de seminar;seminar seminary seminar(teologie) semitone semiton semitropical subtropical semolina gris senate senat senator senator send a expedia;a trimite;a transmite send a message a trimite un mesaj send for a trimite dupa;a chema send off recenzie;transmite;a insoti(la gara);a trimite send out a emite;a produce send over a trimite(pe cineva) send up a trimite in sus;a baga la zdup send;send up a trimite in sus(un balon) sender emitator(de impulsuri);expediator;trimitator sending away trimitere(la studii);expediere senile imbatranit;ramolit senility ramoleala;senilitate

senior mai in varsta;student in ultimul an;senior seniority varsta mai mare;vechime mai mare(in munca) sensation interes viu;senzatie sensational senzational;extraordinar sense simt;a simti;minte sense;common sense bun simt;judecata sanatoasa sense;in a certain sense intr-o anumita privinta sense;out of his senses a nu fi in toate mintile sense;to make sense a avea sens;inteles senseless fara simtire;fara sens sensibility acuitate a simturilor;emotivitate;sensibilitate sensible sensibil;inteligent;rational sensitive senzorial;impresionabil;sensibil sensitivity acuitate(a nervilor);sensibilitate sensitize a face receptiv;a sensibiliza sensor senzor sensory sensitiv;senzorial sensual senzual sensuality lascivitate;senzualitate sensuous senzorial;sensibil sensuousness voluptate;senzualitate sent trec. si part. trec. de la send (a trimite) sentence fraza;propozitie;sentinta;a condamna sententious moralizator;sententios sentient simtitor;constient sentimental duios;sentimental sentimentality sentimentalitate;sentimentalism sentimentalize a se comporta ca un sentimental sentinel santinela;straja sentry santinela;straja separate a desparti;dizident;despartit;a separa separated despartit;separat separately luat in parte;separat separation despartire;separare separatism separatism separatist dizident;separatist sepsis sepsis;stare septica september septembrie sepulchral sepulcral;funerar sepulchre cavou;mormant sequel urmare;continuare sequence secventa;succesiune sequence;in sequence la rand;unul dupa altul sequential care urmeaza unul dupa altul;secvential sequester a izola sequestration sechestru/ sechestrare;retragere sequin fluturas;paieta;techin seraglio serai seraph serafim sere vested;ofilit(poetic) serenade a canta o serenada;serenada serene senin;linistit serene;his serene highness Luminatia Sa serenity seninatate;liniste serf iobag;serb serfdom iobagie;serbie sergeant plutonier;sergent sergeant major plutonier major(amer) serial roman in serie;serial(film);serie de articole series serie;suita;sir

mai multi/multe severally in parte.amabil serviceman militar.serviciu service station statie de benzina(amer).statie de intretinere/ service service.servitute sesame susan session ora.structura.solemn.a fixa.oprire.a corecta set an example a da/a fi un exemplu set apart a pune deoparte.serpuit serrate(d) dintat.a stabili settle down a coloniza.ferestruit serum ser.care stabileste setting fire provocare a unui incendiu.pozitie.pozitie.a pune.aprindere settle a instala.to be of service a fi de folos serviceable durabil(haine).diferiti.a aprinde set of games set de ghemuri(tenis) set off a scoate in evidenta.a aseza.util.alcatuire seven sapte.profund.servilism serving care slujeste servitude inrobire.a inregistra set forth a lamuri.organizare.a pleca set right a pune in ordine.a desparti several cativa.a impiedica set down a pune jos.sincer seriousness gravitate.servil servility slugarnicie.important.septime seventy saptezeci sever a dezbina.in mod separat severance pay compensatie pt concediere .lectie set set.morala serpent persoana vicleana.soldat serviette servetel(de masa) servile slugarnic.a se apuca de set up a inalta.periculos.sedinta.real.septar sevenfold inseptit seventeen saptesprezece seventh al saptelea.sarpe serpentine serpentina.adanc.functie.septima.a pastra set aside a alege.a regla set to a incepe sa.a separa.serious grav.a aranja.a debarca.serios.instalare settler lovitura hotaratoare.a respinge set at large a pune in libertate set back a da inapoi(ceasul).multime.decor.a servi serve a sentence a executa o condamnare server tava.sesiune.colonist setup tinuta.a ridica setback dare inapoi.importanta sermon predica.grup.a expune set light to a da foc.piedica setsquare echer settee canapea mica.bancheta setting asezare.a rezerva.slujitor service munca.rigid.a contrasta set one's hand to a se apuca de set out a porni.a stanjeni.public servant ilm).stabilire.servitor servant.serie de articole serve a fi de ajutor/folos.seriozitate.zer servant slujitor.tendinta.a fixa.a coloniza.a recomanda.a se stabili settle for a plati pentru tot grupul settlement colonizare.

intr-o clipa shake.veti.seriozitate sew a coase.tremur shaking tremurator.trifoi marunt shank gamba.sfios.spalatul parului shamrock trifoi alb(emblema Irlandei).severe grav.pudoare.be ashamed of a-i fi rusine de shamefaced rusinos.umbra shading umbrire.paros shake scuturare.prefacut.zgaltaiala.a zdruncina shake up a zgaltai cu putere.zgaltait.ciob .abator shame a face de ocara.a simula.neputincios shale marna.coada.sever severity gravitate.serios.a imita.sist argilos/bituminos shall (formarea viitorului) vei.chip.umbros.tibie.zburlit.vor.zgaltai.miner shaggy mitos.racoare.trebuie shallow putin adanc.modelare shard harb.cusator/cusatoreasa sewerage canalizare sewing cusut/coasere sex sex sextant sextant sextet(te) sextet sexton paracliser sextuplet sextolet sexual sexual sexual intercourse relatii sexuale sexy cu sex-appeal.saracacios.a drena sewage ape menajere.umbrit shady tenebros.a scutura.a rusina.cocioaba shackle catuse shade nuanta.in two shakes cat ai zice peste.to shake one's head a clatina din cap shakedown culcus improvizat.umbros/it shaft sageata.meschin shack baraca.sexy shabby ponosit.nesigur shaky subred.canalizare sewage treatment folosire a apelor menajere sewer canal colector.socat(a fi) shakiness lipsa de stabilitate.superficial shallowness lipsa de adancime.placut shaping formare.fictiv shaman saman shamble a merge tarsaind picioarele shambles macel.forma shape.va.tulpina shanty cantec marinaresc.ipocrizie.rusine shame.tremur.take shape a capata forma/contur shapely bine proportionat.degradare shadow umbra shadow.cocioaba shantytown mahala cu case mizere/cocioabe shape a da forma.santaj shaken(be shaken) zdruncinat.modest shameful odios.to cast shadow a arunca o umbra shadowy posomorat.rusinos shameless nerusinat shampoo sampon.in good shape in forma(buna) shape.superficialitate sham inselaciune.raza.a scutura shake.

ager sharp tongued cu limba ascutita sharp turn curba brusca sharpen a deveni taios.tocila sharpening ascutire.parte.scut shift a schimba.tundere shears foarfece mare/de tuns sheath teaca.tocilar.sura shed for sheep strunga de oi shed(tears) a varsa lacrimi shedding naparlire.fan.ea shesemi prefix(indica sexul fem) sheaf manunchi.sal.oaie sheep dog caine ciobanesc sheepish timid.sal she dansa.sef de politie districtuala shield aparator.impartire shark rechin.raft.a escroca sharp ascutit.toc sheathe a baga in teaca.a muta shift work munca impartita in schimburi shift.ras shavings surcele shawl broboada.snop shear a taia.a se legana sheet cearceaf. crusta shell out a pune bani pe masa shell shock psihoza traumatica.precizie sharpshooter tragator de elita.share brazdar.stralucire sheep persoana sfioasa.bombardament de artilerie shelter adapost.share out a distribui.stelaj shell scoarta.a captusi shebang intreprindere.close shave ca prin urechile acului shaving barbierit.a zdrobi shattering cutremurator.lunetist shatter a sfarama.a concedia shepherd baci.a ascuti sharpener ascutitoare.a clean sheet un trecut fara pata sheets asternuturi.coala sheet anchor ancora de rezerva.varsare sheen luciu.zdrobitor shave a barbieri.sfios sheer a se clatina.ascutitor sharpness ascutime.soc cauzat de o explozie shellfire bombardament de artilerie shelling cojire.coaja.decorticare.refugiu shelve a pune pe raft/la dosar.make shift a se descurca .afacere shed sopron.cearceafuri sheik(h) seic shelf etajera.a tunde shearing tivire.a tunde shave.a imparti shareholder actionar sharing participare.portiune share capital capital divizat in actiuni share company societate pe actiuni share in a participa la cheltuieli share.distribuire.cioban sheriff serif.unica speranta sheet.a imparti.

lovitura shock absorber amortizor shock troops trupe de soc shock.stralucitor ship corabie.fragil shoal multime.pravalie shop assistant vanzator/toare shop hours programul unui magazin shop steward delegatul sindical shop.sita shingles Zona Zoster shining luminos.naufragiu shipyard cala de lansare.ingenios shiite siiti(secta musulmana).ieftin shoddy goods marfuri de calitate proasta shoe pantof.a se infiora.) shiver fiori.talk shop a discuta despre serviciu shopgirl vanzatoare shopkeeper comerciant.tarm .negustor shopkeeping comert.moale shifty pisicher.indignat shocking zguduitor.cizmar shoestring siret de pantofi shoestring.excremente.be shocked a fi socat.tibie shine a straluci.vanatoare cu arme de foc shooting star stea cazatoare.a lumina shingle sindrila.lustruit shiny insorit.meteor shop magazin.to shift for oneself a-si purta singur de grija shiftless lenes.sihastrie shilly shally a sovai.on a shoestring cu un capital foarte mic shofar corn de berbec(rel.transport shipwreck a naufragia.negot shoplift a fura din magazine shoplifter hot din magazine shopper cumparator.client shopping centre complex de magazine shopwindow vitrina shore mal.expediere shipper expeditor shipping expediere.a tremura shivers frisoane shivery infiorat.a luci shin a lovi cu piciorul.rahat!(amer.a impusca shoot a line a se lauda shoot up a creste vazand cu ochii.sovaiala shimmer a licari.vapor ship's logbook jurnal de bord shipbuilding industry industria de constructii navale shipmate marinar coleg cu alt marinar shipment navlu.santier naval shire district shirt camasa shit a elimina excremente.shift.indignat shocked socat.iudaica) shoot a face un film.gloata shock soc.potcoava shoemaker ciubotar.a se inalta shooting tragere.socant shoddy de calitate inferioara.

.lipsa shortage of goods lipsa de marfuri shortcoming deficienta.etc.atragator.scorpie.umar shout strigat.).in short pe scurt short.short redus.fall short a nu ajunge.batator la ochi shrapnel srapnel shred zdreanta.aratator.scafa show a indica.incretitura shorten a reduce.a sfasia shrew femeie rea de gura.indicator shower.take a shower a face un dus showing performanta.a striga shout at a tipa la.irascibil short-term cu/pe termen scurt shortage criza.fan shrewdness fanete.cuta.pliu.become short a se imputina short. de la show (a arata) showroom sala de expozitie showy de efect.a striga shove a urni.demascare shower aversa de ploaie. trec.as.miop shot.ar trebui shoulder a impinge cu umarul.soarece de camp shrewd subtil.run the show a conduce afacerea show.scurt short circuit scurtcircuit short drink bautura tare short list lista preferentiala(concurs) short.redus shorthand stenografie shortish cam scurt shorts sort shorts and overs deficituri si surplusuri shortsighted neprevazator.perspicacitate shriek a tipa.a intrerupe short.a impinge shovel lopatica.to show cause a prezenta o justificare showdown aplanare.a scurta shortened prescurtat.like a shot bucuros shotgun pusca de vanatoare should as.termen scurt sentinta-exec.expunere shown part.a face act de prezenta show.s-ar cadea should(have to) am(canta.ar trebui.expediere .a fi insuficient short.in short supply in cantitate insuficienta short.a se dovedi capabil show girl dansatoare de revista show of hands votare prin ridicare de maini show one's hand a da cartile pe fata show out a conduce afara(din casa) show up a arata limpede.tipat shrift neacordarea atentiei cuvenite.cut short a taia vorba(cuiva).in the short run in viitorul apropiat short-change a nu da restul cuvenit short-lived de scurta durata.neajuns shortcut scurtatura.efemer short-range cu raza mica de actiune short-tempered artagos.merge.a arata show a leg a se da jos din pat show ability a dovedi pricepere.for show de ochii lumii show.

seamy side dosul hainei side.strans.a inchide shutdown inchiderea unei intreprinderi shutter jaluzea.strident shrimp crevete(zool) shrine a pastra cu veneratie.a evita shunt a gara.contractat shuffle tarsire.a se furisa .a sprijini side.tufa shrubbery tufaris shrug a ridica din(umeri).oblic sidle a merge sfios.oblon shutting inchidere.greata side latura.sfios shy off ezitant.prieten side street strada laterala side with a fi de partea.mormant shrink a se contracta.a amana shush sst! shut a inchide.dezgustator sickle secera sickly suferind sickness boala.a face sa taca.at the side of in apropierea(cuiva).acordand un termen scurt(jur ).cu hohote sidestep a se da intr-o/la o parte.strangere shrivel a se ofili.langa side.linie secundara sideboard bufet sidelong piezis.a desparti shut down a inchide(o intreprindere).prudent shyness prudenta.val shrub arbust.a intrerupe shut out a interzice accesul.shrift.a imprejmui shut off a izola.a evita sidetrack linie laterala.be sick and tired satul pana peste cap sick.fall sick a se imbolnavi sickbed pat de suferinta sicken a-i fi greata.ezitare shun a se feri de.a lasa in jos(transperant) shut in a pune sub lacat.strangere shrinking contractare.to give short shrift a da putina atentie.a condamna shrill ascutit.tren suburban shy timid.a abate sidewalk trotuar(amer) sideway(s) intr-o parte.ridicare a umerilor shrunken trecut de la shrink.a se imbolnavi sickening imbolnavitor.parte side effect efect secundar side kick asociat.altar.take sides a se declara de partea cuiva side-line activitate suplimentara.sistare shuttle suveica.timiditate sick indispus.a manevra.a impiedica(vederea) shut up a zavora.oblic sideroad drum lateral sidesplitting care te face sa mori de ras.a se contracta shrivelled contractat.bolnav sick bay infirmerie de nava sick.zbarcit shroud giulgiu.a se zbarci shrinkage contractare.

naiv simplicity credulitate.a insemna signing up inscriere.catch sight a zari sight.catch sight of a vedea ceva anumit.amortizor silencing reducere la tacere silent taciturn.similar similarity similitudine.siloz silt aluviune.orb sightly placut la vedere sightseeing vizitare turistica sightseer persoana in turul orasului.simplu simpleminded naiv.asemanare similarly in mod asemanator simmer a fierbe la foc mic simper zambet prostesc sau afectat simple necomplicat.vedere sight.obiecte de argint silvery argintiu similar asemanator.privire.prost simpleton prostanac.in sight la orizont.in tacere silhouette silueta silicon siliciu silk matase.semn sign board firma(la magazin) sign on a se angaja intr-un serviciu sign(of the zodiac) semn zodiacal signal semnal.expresiv signify a avea importanta.prag silliness neghiobie.matasuri silk hat joben silky catifelat.prost silo a insiloza.vizitator sign a semna.a strecura sight cautatura.semnalizator signal corps corp de transmisiuni(mil.) signalling semnalizare.siege asediu.transmitere signatory semnatar signature semnatura signet ring inel cu sigiliu.namol silver argint silver ware argintarie.sita sift a cerne.tacut silent partner comanditar.partener de afaceri inactiv silently in liniste.de matase sill pervaz.a asedia siesta siesta sieve ciur.vizibil sight.second sight clarviziune sightless had.liniste silenced redus la tacere silencer toba de esapament.obiective turistice.sens significant semnificativ.angajare signpost indicator rutier silage grane insilozate silence tacere.at first sight la prima vedere sight.a zari sight.urat.pecete significance importanta.simplitate simplification simplificare .indiciu.prostie silly netot.

sirena sirloin muschi de vaca sissy surioara sister infirmiera sefa.titlu de cavaler siren vampa. un copil.sinceritate sine sinus.facut single-minded onest.persoana care pozeaza(arta) sitting sedinta .funest sink a afunda.a fora sinker plumb la undita sinking care se scufunda sinner pacatos.pacatos sing a intona.particularitate sinister sinistru.de.a lua loc sit in a inlocui pe cineva sit up a sta in capul oaselor.bard singing cantat.a canta singe a parli singer cantaret.cantec single unic.a sedea sit back a sta rezemat sit down a face greva.de sora sit a sta asezat.melopee singular neobisnuit.a pacatui since de atunci.teava de aspiratie sir domnule sir.a simula simulated artificial(diamante).a imita.de atunci sincere neprefacut.sinus sinusitis sinuzita.cu stima sincerity onestitate.a selectiona single-handed fara ajutor.sincer sincerely cu sinceritate sincerely.dear sir stimate domnule.de la.sora sister-in-law cumnata sisterly ca o sora.din since that time de cand.celibatar single out alege.cinstit.natural simulate afecta.separat singsong lectura taraganata.imitare simultaneous simultan sin pacat.straniu singularity ciudatenie.yours sincerely al dvs.agil.fals simulation simulare.tendon sinful imoral.sinus sip sorbitura.fara grija sinew muschi.taxei de celibat singlet flanela de corp.nemernic sinuous sinuos.deschis single-tax movement miscare contr.to sit on the fence a fi neutru sitdown strike greva bratelor incrucisate site situatie.a se scufunda sink a well a sapa un put.real.a usura simply simplu(in mod).maiou singly singur.simplified simplificat simplify a simplifica.loc sitter persoana care ingrij.a sta ridicat sit.a sorbi siphon(syphon) sifon.suplu sinus sinuzita.

sesime sixthly in al saselea rand sixty saizeci sixty.save one's skin a scapa teafar skin.incaierare skirt fusta.competent skillet tigaie mica skills deprinderi skim a lua spuma.a situa situated plasat.fisneata.fisnet skittles popice skive a poliza.oblic skewer frigaruie.luntre skilful dibaci.desen sketchy nefinisat.a pandi skull teasta.sitting room camera de zi situate a incadra.sumar skew oblicitate.situat situation stare.out of a clear sky din senin skylark ciocarlie .abil skill dibacie.situatie six sase sixteen saisprezece sixth al saselea.a patina.sfaraiala skate patina.nesimtit skin.a razui skulk a sta pitit.scufie sky cer sky.slab skintight strans pe corp(imbracaminte) skip hop.masura size up evalua.indemanare skilled calificat.separator skimp a da cu zgarcenie skimpy putin.redus skin deep de suprafata skin.alunecare skier schior skiff barca usoara.patina pe rotile skater patinator skating patinaj skein jurubita.mare size marime.schelet skeleton key speraclu sketch schita.pulpana skittish cocheta.a smantani skim milk lapte degresat skimmer lingura gaurita de spumuit.a schia skid derapare.salt skipping rope coarda de sarit skirmish ambuscada.scul skeleton osatura.craniu skullcap boneta.thick skin cu obrazul gros.zgarcit skinny piele si os.salt skipper comandant de costier/pescador skipping saritura.a aprecia sizzle a sfarai.sensibil skinflint zgarie-branza.the sixties anii saizeci sizable voluminos.thin skin cu piele subtire.fus de lemn ski schi.

tablita slaughter macel.piezis slantwise piezis.prostit slapstick distractie de prost gust.ciocan de forja sleek neted.contur skyscraper zgairie-nori slab dala.adormit sleeping bag sac de dormit sleeping pill somnifer sleepless fara somn.lucios sleep a dormi.put to sleep a adormi(un copil/banuieli) sleeper persoana adormita.a taia slashing sever.sclav slavedriver supraveghetor de sclavi slaver a lingusi.de jargon.aspru slat sipca.vagon de dormit.agitat sleeplessness insomnie sleepwalker somnambul sleepy somnoros.abator slave rob.sanie sledge hammer baros.adormit sleepyhead somnoros sleet lapovita.sabie de arlechin slash a cresta.nebuneste slaphappy buimacit.ucigas slaughterhouse zahana.somn sleep on it a lasa pt alta zi(o problema) sleep with a se culca cu(o femeie) sleep.a tranti slander barfi.a calomnia.sclavie slavish slugarnic.somnoros sleeping somn.oblic slap carpi.a tranti un tarif slapdash furtunos.jargon slangy argotic.servil slay a macelari.masacru slaughterer casap.lipsa de energie slacks pantaloni marinaresti/largi slag zgura slake a astampara.a ucide sleazy subtire.tipator(imbracaminte) slant a fi inclinat.slem.transparent sledge a duce cu sania.a denatura slanted inclinat.palma.a face bale.a incetini slacker pierde-vara.stinghie slate placa de ardezie.hibernare.lespede slack vlaguit slacken destinde.luminator skyline linie de orizont.lenes slackness lenevire.go to sleep a adormi sleep.zloata sleeve maneca sleeveless fara maneci sleigh sanie usoara .lingusire slavery robie.a slabi slalom slalom slam izbitura.skylight lucarna.calomnie slanderous defaimator slang argou.a palmui slap a tariff a tranti o taxa.

felie subtire slob haplea.disc deplasat(med) slipper papuc.bautura din gin.zvelt slenderize a face sa slabeasca slenderness slabit sleuth detectiv.escroc slide a se da pe gheata.a glisa.crapatura.dezgustator sling limonada(cu gin).putin slim a slabi.bucata(subtire).noroios.lene slothful indolent.redus slime aluviune.zahar si lamaie slingshot prastie slink a se strecura.gafa slipknot lat slipped disc deplasare de disc.go slow a merge incet.balta.siret slipping care-ti scapa printre degete.a nu se grabi slow-witted greu de cap slowcoach mocait.zloata.zvelt slightly cam.incet slow down a reduce viteza.a fi inclinat.taietura slot machine automat dulciuri/racoritoare sloth trandavie.a scapa.neglijent slow agale.sleight of hand prestidigitatie slender suplu.a unge slot fanta.a aluneca sliver aschie.izbitura.a crapa slither a se rostogoli.a saliva sloe porumbar(bot) slog a izbi.a slip of the pen neatentie in scriere slip.disperare slovenliness infatisare neglijenta.neted slicker impermeabil din musama.furisa slip a glisa.mal.natang slobber a se smiorcai.a trece peste slip-up esec.nestabil.slogan slop balta.a trece repede slip.neglijent slosh a se tavali in noroi.a aluneca slide rule rigla de calcul.sabot de frana slippery lunecos.mocait.neglijenta slovenly sleampat.pleostire.panta sloppy desfundat.felie slicing taiere slick lins.apos.copoi slice a taia felii.a incetini slow motion filmare cu incetinitorul slow.namol slimy slinos.a se strecura.lenes slouch mers greoi.alunecare slipshod sleampat.subler slide.to let things slide a lasa lucrurile in voia lor sliding glisant sliding door uta glisanta slight neinsemnat.a aluneca slip by a se furisa afara.a se pleosti slough marasm.neglijent slit a despica.smarc slope versant.a pocni slogan lozinca.a azvarli.let slip a lasa sa-i scape(o sansa).a slip of the tongue greseala in vorbire slip.pierde-vara .zvelt.

unsuros smell a adulmeca.a dobori.treptat slowness incetineala.halat .minunatie.zambet.on the sly pe ascuns.limitat small-time neimportant.neinsemnat smallness putinatate.trecut de la smell smile surade.it smacks of miroase a small mic.suras.siretenie smash a zdrobi.siretenie smack savoare.a manji smirk a zambi increzut.a manji slush sentimentalism.).neglijenta.lovit smitten(with) indragostit brusc de smock camasa femeiasca.noroi slush fund fonduri secrete slushy dulceag.ecluza slum mahala.gust smack.part.taraganare slowpoke mocait sludge glod.siret sly.micime smallpox variola.lene sluice stavilar.palavrageala small holder mic proprietar de pamant.zambet superior/afectat smite a izbi.razes small holding detinerea de proprietate mica small talk taifas small town orasel small.a inviora smartness vioiciune a mintii.noroios slut femeie murdara.trecut/part.stricata sly ironic.varsat smart a ustura.extraordinar smattering idee vaga de smattering(of) spoiala de smear a manji.neinsemnat small arms armament individual small beer bere slaba.om lenes sluggish puturos.a izbi smasher argument decisiv.a mirosi smell a rat a mirosi un pericol smelling mirositor smelling salts saruri mirositoare smelly rau mirositor smelt a topi(se)(met.a zambi smirch a pata.a lovi smith a fauri.distrugator smashing strasnic.a unge smearing patare.pe sest slyness prefacatorie.slowly incetisor.persoana neinsemnata small boy baietel/baiat scund de statura small change maruntis.siropos.usturator smart aleck infumurat smarten a dichisi.mocirla.noroi slue mlastina.mocirla.fierar smitten doborat.mocirla slug melc fara casa.strada murdara slumber a dormi linistit.potcovar.trecut de la smite.somn(poet) slur a defaima.look small a fi plouat/jenat small-minded meschin.lenes sluggishness trandavie.

extras snippy taios.no smoking! fumatul interzis! smoky fumuriu.a netezi.a trage pe nas.taietura mica snipe becata.muscatura.innegrit de fum.a fura sneak thief gainar.cursa snarl a-si arata coltii.make it snappy da-i bice.mazgalitura.protuberanta.mieros smoothness netezime smother abur inecacios.marait.fumegand.taietura usoara.a necheza.murdarie smutty innegrit.foc mocnit.nechezat.a afuma smoke stack cos de locomotiva smoked afumat smoked salmon somon afumat smokeless zone zona fara fum smoker fumator.a chicoti snip a taia(cu foarfeca).stranutat snick a cresta usor.spilcuit smuggle a aduce pe ascuns.pungas sneakers adidasi sneaky plecat.plin de fum smooth lin.gagauta sniper franctiror.tintas de elita snippet bucatica.suficienta smut negru de fum.obscen snack gustare.a marai snatch a insfaca.servil sneer a surade batjocoritor la.a inhata sneak a se furisa.a mocni smudge murdarie.pata smug ingamfat.obscenitati.suras batjocoritor sneeze a stranuta.sarpe snap clantanit.a face contrabanda cu smuggled trecut prin contrabanda smuggled goods marfuri de contrabanda smuggler contrabandist smuggling contrabanda smugness ingamfare.plesnitura snap out of it a-si veni in fire(re) snap up a prinde un chilipir snapdragon gura leului snappy energic snappy.a chicoti snide bijuterie falsa.butuc snail melc.frau fara zabala snag ciot.a smarcai sniffer persoana care inspira/prizeaza snigger a rade pe infundate.fum gros.a inabusi smoulder a arde incet.grabeste-te! snare a prinde in capcana.capcana.scurt snitch informator.smog amestec de fum si ceata smoke a fuma.aperitiv snack bar bufet expres snaffle darlog.neted smooth the way a netezi calea(cuiva) smooth-shaven bine ras smooth-spoken lingusitor.vagon pt fumatori smoking fumat.a taia snicker chicotit.ranjet.manjit.spirala snake a incolaci(franghia).afumare smoking.contrafacut sniff a pufni pe nas.felinar .

snivel a-i curge nasul.a sforai snot muci snotty cu muci.hohot de plans sober sobru.stiinta sociala social security tax impozit pt asigurari sociale social worker pers.muc de lumanare snuff it a-i face de petrecanie snuffbox cutie cu tutun de prizat snuffle a fonfai.sforait snorkel tub de alimentare cu aer snort a respira cu zgomot.asa-zis soak a umezi.intim.a umili snuff a stinge cu mucarnita.de zapada snub a da peste nas.a sapuni.a scanci snob snob snobbery snobism snobbish plin de snobism.fonfait snug confortabil.fitil.comod snuggle a se lipi de.a rosti printre suspine.a taia mucul unei lumanari.ghemui.in asa fel incat so to speak ca sa spunem asa so what ei si! so-called asa-numit.Alba ca Zapada snowball bulgare de zapada snowdrop ghiocel snowy ca zapada.ce lucreaza in asigurari socialism socialism .treaz sober.sociabil social social.pui de somn snore a sforai.ud pana la piele soap sapun.forait.bot snow a ninge.seriozitate sobriquet porecla soccer fotbal sociable amical.sociabil social cohesion coeziune sociala social insurance asigurari sociale social ownership proprietate sociala social science sociologie.cumpatat.get sober a se dezmetici sober-minded cumpatat sobriety cumpatare.ingamfat snooze a atipi.zapada snow-white alb ca zapada.onctuos soar a zbura sus.lingusitor.in felul acesta so as to in asa fel incat so long pa!.a motai.a uda soaked facut ciuciulete.a se strange so asa de.a inalta sob a plange cu sughit/suspine.mucos snout rat.snob snoop a da tarcoale pentru a sterpeli snooping bagacios snootiness snobism snooty snob.lingusire soapbox(colloq) tribuna improvizata soapsuds clabuci soapy sapunit.atat de mult.a imbiba.a se avanta.atat.la revedere! so long as atata timp cat so much atat de mult so so asa si asa so that asa ca.

a se inmuia.sociala importanta society societate inalta.cu poz.mufa socks ciorapi scurti.companie sociologist sociolog sociology sociologie socket alveola dentara.gravitate solemnize a da un aer solemn.consolare solar solar solar eclipse eclipsa de soare sold trec.pufos.propriu solecism greseala gramaticala.murat soil pata.sifon soda pop suc acidulat la cutie sodden imbibat cu apa. de la sell (a vinde) solder a lipi.unic.grav solemnity solemnitate.pamant.milos.a necuviinta.sol soil erosion eroziune a solului soil melioration ingrasare a solului soiree serata sojourn a ramane un timp intr-un loc.jurisconsult(amer).blajin softness blandete.a mangaia.ud.a sarbatori solicit a cauta sa obtina.abrutizat sodium sodiu sodomist sodomist sodomite sodomist sodomy sodomie sofa divan.soldat soldier of fortune mercenar.a slabi softening inmuiere. trec.a murdari.solicitudine.put on socks a-si pune sosete soda apa gazoasa.fasung.atenuare softhearted ingaduitor.sosete socks.moale soft drink bautura nealcoolica soft-soap sapun lichid.masiv.singur solemn solemn.sofa soft nealcoolic.domolire.sudura soldering sudare soldering iron ciocan de lipit soldier ostas.solicitant solicitous(about/for) ingrijorat.a suda.a solidifica soliloquize a monologa soliloquy monolog .atentie solid compact.socialist socialist socialite om de vaza.solidaritate solidary solidar solidify a se intari.mangaiere.gafa solely numai.preocupat de solicitous(of) dornic de solicitude grija exagerata.a solicita solicitor avocat consultant. si part.suav softball joc asemanator cu baseball-ul soften a se domoli.trupa sole talpa.societate.ceremonial.solid solidarity coeziune.sedere solace consola.prostanac soggy ud leoarca.lingusire soft-spoken cu voce joasa.aventurier soldiery soldati.pers.molau.solecism.moliciune software programe ale unui computer softy papa-lapte.

melancolic sombreness intunecare.vrajitorie sordid scarnav.repede soon.rezonanta sonorous emfatic.niste.josnicie sore inflamat.solitary unic.solubil solution rezolvare.sentimental soprano soprana sorbet serbet sorcerer vrajitor.rafinat.uneori somewhat intrucatva.sumbru.sonor sonnet sonet sonority sonoritate.a dezlega.dureros .sofistica sophomore student in anul doi soporific soporific.murdar sordidness murdarie.retras.as soon as indata ce soon.denaturare.realitate sooth.oricum someone cineva.ceva.cu cat mai repede sooner or later mai devreme sau mai tarziu soot funingine sooth adevar.as soon as possible cat se poate de repede soon.careva something ceva something else altceva sometimes cateodata.solutie.complicat sophistication sofisticare.somnolent son fiu.negricios.for a song(colloq) de pomana.marsav.pe gratis songbird pasare cantatoare songster autor de cantece.a rezolva solvent element dizolvant.undeva somnolence somnolenta somnolent molesit.intr-adevar soothe a alina.manjit sophisticated cu gusturi pervertite.ghicitor sooty murdar de funingine.sonor soon curand.ceva somewhere in jurul a.a linisti.indata.copil son of a bitch pui de lele /dat naibii son of a gun pui de lele /dat naibii sonata sonata song cantare.a calma soothsayer prezicator.solist solstice solstitiu soluble rezolvabil.unele somebody cineva somebody else altcineva somehow cumva.unii.narcotic soppy ud.vraci sorceress vrajitoare sorcery farmece.ud leoarca.falsificare sophistry sofism/ sofisme.cantec song.solvabil sombre intunecos.cantaret sonic sonic.cam.singuratic solitude singuratate.in sooth in realitate.izolare solo solo soloist aviator singur pe avion.dizolvare solve a descifra.posomorare some catva.the sooner the better cu atit mai bine.

go south a se indrepta/merge spre sud southeast sud-est.teribil de.murmur soul suflet soulful emotionant.trist sorry amarat.clasificare.sortare sot neghiob.soi.acidulat.semanat soy soia.extrem de.sentimental sound rasuna.extins .acru sour cherry visina sour milk lapte acru source sursa. sourness acreala.grav.amintire sovereign monarh.a semana sowing insamantare.suveran sovereignity aer suveran.a regreta sort a sorta.contrariat sorry.acrime souse carne sarata.durere.astronaut spaceship nava cosmica spacing interval.nerod sough susur. de scris) spaceman cosmonaut.of sound mind minte sanatoasa.saramura south in directia sud.freamat.soia soya bean soia(bob de) sozzled crita.comunitate de femei/fete sorrow suparare.melancolic.purcea.dureros soreness inflamatie.pioner in Alaska/Canada de N.a suna.gen.sensibilitate sorority club universitar feminin.izvor sourdough aluat dospit.a alege.to be sound asleep a dormi adinc sound off a-si exprima parerea zgomotos sound track pista sonora sound.suveranitate sovereignty caracter suveran.necaz sorrowful mahnit.iesire sorting triere.raid.turta spa izvor de ape minerale.zgomot sound asleep.a compatimi.sud-estic southerly sudic southern sudic southpaw stangaci southwest sud-vest.entuziast.suveranitate soviet sovietic sow a insamanta.sud-vestic souvenir suvenir.sorely grozav de.rational sounding rezonant.be sorry a-i parea rau sorry.fel sortie misiune.durere.manga(beat).statiune balneo-climaterica space spatiu space bar bara pentru spatii(mas.sonor sounding board rezonator soundly sanatos soundness sanatate(a spiritului).spatiu spacious spatios.sunet.sud south(of) la sud de south.feel sorry for a-i parea rau pt.soliditate soundproof izolat acustic soup supa soup kitchen cantina gratuita pentru saraci soup up a perfectiona(un motor) sour statut.

observator .scaparare.interval spangle lamela.in favoarea.a pata spectacle spectacol.impresionant spectator spectator.a specifica specimen specimen.trecut de la spit.rar sparseness raritate spasm convulsie.specificat specify a enumera.to spare no expense a nu precupeti cheltuiala sparing sobru.a scanteia sparkler bijuterie lucitoare.frugal.paieta spank a trage o palma la fund spanking rapid spanner cheie de piulite spare frugal.mostra speck pata mica.special special drawing rights(sdr) drepturi speciale de cont specialist specialist speciality caracteristica.specializare specie bani pesin.lance spearhead avangarda.spectacole.induce to speak a face sa vorbeasca(pe cineva) speak.moneda metalica species specie.enough and to spare mult mai mult decat de-ajuns spare.acces spastic bolnav de paralizie spastica.priveliste spectacles privelisti.plevusca.varf de sulita spearmint izma creata special anumit.a stropi spatula spatula spawn icre.rupere de nori spatial spatial.propriu specification specificare.specialitate specialization diferentiere.materie de specialitate.a preciza.varietate.disponibil.econom spark scanteie.esantion.aparte.lista specificity specificatie specified mentionat.defect speckle a impestrita.to speak up a vorbi mai tare speaker orator.trecut de la spin.a vorbi tare/deslusit speak(on/upon) a tine o cuvantare speak.progenitura spay a steriliza(zool) speak a vorbi.stridie tanara spate revarsare a apelor.a sprijini speak one's mind a-si exprima parerea speak out a vorbi pe fata.spastic spat icre de stridii.distinctiv.spadeful cazma(plina) spadework munca de inceput/pionierat spaghetti spaghete span anvergura.categorie specific descriere precisa.cosmic spatter a improsca.trecut/part.pic spark plug bujie sparkle a scapara.diamant sparrow vrabie sparse imprastiat.deschidere.spasm.vorbitor spear sulita.specific.grai speak for a vorbi pentru.ochelari spectacular spectaculos.liber spare his life a-i cruta viata spare time timp liber spare.pitoresc.

incremenit.spectral spectre aparitie.a accelera speeding exces de viteza speedometer contor pentru viteza.nevertebrat..a toarce firul lung.tricon.spin spineless lipsit de caracter.spinal spinal cord maduva spinarii spindle ax.condiment spick and span dichisit.fan spigot cana.fata batrana spinsterhood stare de celibatara .cep(de butoi) spike piron.ghimpe.risipitor spent trec.ipoteza speculative riscat.torcator spinney boschet.spilcuit spicy condimentat.de paianjen.sferic sphinx sfinx spice mirodenie.vraja spellbind fermeca.iute spelaeology speologie spell a ortografia un cuvant.silabisind spelling rostire/scriere pe litere.varf de metal spiky ghimpos.fus.crang spinning wheel roata de tors spinster celibatara.speculant speech limbaj.discurs speechify a tine discursuri.a se intinde spine coloana vertebrala.vorbire.inflexibil spill a imprastia. trec. de la spend (a cheltui) sperm sperma spermatozoon spermatozoid spew a vomita sphere sfera spherical bombat.a toarce spin out a lungi vorba.a da in vileag spilling imprastiere.mut speed viteza.a consuma spend the day a-si petrece ziua spender cheltuitor.tepos.risipitor spendthrift cheltuitor.stea de roata.contemplativ speculator cugetator.cineva care scrie corect.autostrada speedy rapid.spectru spectrograph spectograf spectroscope spectroscop spectrum spectru speculate a medita.moale spinet spineta spinner filator.spectral fantomatic.a perora speechless fara grai.interval de timp(scurt).a presupune speculation speculatie.masina de tors. si part.naluca.a vraji speller care citeste greu.a specula.vitezometru speedway pista de curse.a varsa spill the beans a para. subtire spinach spanac spinal care priveste coloana vertebr.maduva spinarii.varsare spin a invarti.speculativ.iuteala speed up a se grabi.trepied spider's web panza de paianjen spidery subtire ca fusul.repaus.picant spider paianjen.ortografie spend a cheltui.a risipi.

a stropi splay a evaza.mosor.extrav splutter a bolborosi.petrecere costisitoare.a improsca splatter a improsca.flesa(arhit).spiritual spiritualism spiritism spirituality spiritualitate spit a pune pe frigare.) spitting expectorare.jefuire sponge burete.a pata.a despica split up a plezni.saliva spittoon scuipatoare splash a stropi.curatare cu buretele.murdarie.supranatural spool a bobina.out of spite de necaz.din rautate spiteful ciudos.in spite of netinand seama de.a crapa splitting care crapa(se).oblic spleen splina.reprezentant spoliation spoliere.spiritual.sponsor.ciuda.razbunator spitefulness ciuda.a matisa spline rigla de lemn sau metal splint tandara.diviziune splotch a murdari.necaz spite.cazma.dusmanie spitfire cata.chip leit.floc de furtuna(mar.persoana care finanteaza.limba de pamant.natural spoof inselatorie.impulsivitate.frigare spite a face in ciuda.low spirits proasta dispozitie spirited istet.posac.treapta(scara mobila) spoken part.femeie artagoasa.pata splurge a cheltui bani extravagant.a trage pe sfoara spook spiridus.oral spokesman purtator de cuvant.spontaneitate spontaneous spontan.melancolie splendour splendoare.stralucire splenetic splenic.spita.spirit spirit away a se face nevazut.betiv spongecake pandispan sponger lingau.a altoi.a stropi spoil a strica.vorbit.tesit.copie spittle scuipat.ingrozitor(dureri de cap).in high spirits bine dispus.iritabil splice a imbina cap la cap.naluca spooky fantomatic.frigare spitting image bucatica rupta din.high spirits buna dispozitie spirit.intelect.a tesi.a distruge spoiling rasfatare.vioi spiritual transcedental.parazit spongy spongios.a patrona spontaneity naturalete.potlogarie.varf de clopotnita spirit fantoma.ghimpos spiral elicoidal.in ciuda spite.a crapa.a disparea spirit lamp lampa de spirt spirit level nivela cu bula de aer spirit.deteriorare spoilsport persoana care strica placerea spoke trecut/part.trecut de la speak.poros sponsor nas(a).spiny spinos.bobina . trecut de la speak.a crapa split a sparge.spiral spirant spirant spire biserica.a-si da ifose.stangaci.aschie splinter a se despica.supranatural.faramatura.cu moralul foarte ridicat spirit.direct.

hot spring izvor termal springboard baza de atac.afumat spry sprinten spud cutit scurt.flexibilitate springy cu izvoare.pata spot cash bani gheata spot check a verifica prin sondaj spot.incoltire spruce a se gati.roata de lant sprout a incolti.iasca.stropitoare sprinkling spoiala sprint alergare rapida(distanta mica).pestrit spouse sot/sotie sprawl sarpe cu clopotei spree zaiafet.on the spot fara intarziere.ramurea sprightly viu spring a tasni.ploaie marunta.spoon crosa.chef sprig lastar.a pulveriza sprinkler masina de stropit.vlastar sprout.a stimula .distractie sporting sportiv sporting chance sanse egale sportive in gluma sports sport sportsman om cinstit.intr-o situatie spot.urma.saritura spring a leak a se ivi o spartura(in vas) spring chicken pui pentru consum(primavara) spring clean a face curatenia de primavara spring.agil.lingura.rar spore a forma spori.spor(bot) sport sport.germene.spuma spun tesut.in a spot intr-un loc.trambulina springiness elasticitate.recunoastere spotty patat.tors spun gold fire de aur spunk foc mic.finis.elegant spruce oneself a se imbraca elegant spruce up a se dichisi sprung baut.sapaliga spume a face spuma.rata lopatar spoor urma(a vanatului) sporadic sporadic.a sari.reflector spotter ceva ce pateaza.spiridus sprocket barbotina.sprint sprinter sprinter sprite gnom.elastic sprinkle a ploua marunt.amuzament.profanator spotting reperare.ametit.ireprosabil spotlight proiector.pe loc spotless fara pata.curaj spur indemn.pinten.brussels sprouts varza de Bruxelles sprouting aparitia lastarilor.a identifica.lingura de lacarit spoon feed a hrani cu lingura spoonbill lopatar.ingrijit.sportiv sportsmanlike in mod cinstit sportsmanship sportivitate sportswoman sportiva sporty spilcuit spot locsor.

murdar squall a zbiera.a zbiera.claie stacks of o gramada de staff bat.pretentios squeamishness nazuri.a pandi.a zdrobi squatter pers.intrus squaw indiana din America squawk carai.stabil staccato sacadat.urmaritor spy out the land a cerceta terenul spyglass luneta.vanzoli.petarda squid calmar squill ceapa de mare squint cautatura ascunsa.a improsca.corectitudine squash dovlecel.a-si plati datoriile square up to a se pregati sa infrunte.junghi.a improsca.risipitor square scuar.a zdrobi squib racheta.saliva spy spion.a tipa squalor infatisare neingrijita.a tipa squealer pasare.a strapunge.ochean spying spionare squabble galceava.persoana ghemuita.a pulveriza st statut(presc).zarva sputum scuipat.a aborda square-shouldered lat in umeri squareness cinste.a dispretui.patrat square meal o masa imbelsugata square off a lua pozitie de atac(box) square up a-si incheia socotelile.murdarie squander a irosi.scutier squirm vanzoleala.strident squeal a guita.baston staff sergeant sergent de stat major staffed prevazut cu personal stag speculant(la bursa).privind chioras squire boier de la tara.sensibilitate excesiva squeegee matura de cauciuc.capita.a se agita squirrel veverita squirt izbucnire.a tipa squeak a chitai.mizerie.strabism squinting crucis.sul de cauciuc squeeze presare.mas.on the spur of the moment fara premeditare.a strivi.stone(unit.chitait.persoana care tipa squeamish mofturos.lovitura stability stabilitate stabilization intarire.tipat.prefacut spurn a nesocoti.cearta squad pluton.durabil.cerb .cheltuitor.a scheuna. pt greutate) stab a injunghia.a stoarce squeeze out a stoarce.staccato stack a stivui.ce se stabileste ilegal.grabit spurious nesincer.stabilizare stabilize a consolida.a smulge squelch lovitura zdrobitoare.scartait squeak.trupa squalid neglijat.a lovi sputter a scuipa.a stabiliza stable grajd.a risipi squandering risipa.a presa.guitat.cadre.suc de fructe.spur.sasiu.narrow squeak a scapa prin urechile acului squeaky chitait.

a pata.actor stagger ameteala.to take the stand a-si afirma parerea stand-by arrangement aranjament preventiv stand-by credit credit disponibil standard etalon.a murdari.in pericol stale ranced.a rezista stand up a se ridica in picioare stand up for a sprijini.pretext stall grajd.constant.gangaveala stamp a bate cu piciorul.a sustine stand in a se alatura.regizare stagnant water apa statatoare stagnate a stagna stagnation inertie.postalion staged jucat.a se balbai stammering balbaiala.a incolti.stagnare stagy scenic.balabani.colorant stainless inoxidabil stair treapta staircase casa scarii.impotrivire.a se clatina staggering ametitor.zguduitor staging punere in scena.teatral staid neschimbat.rezistenta stammer balbaiala.scena stage designer scenograf stage direction regie stage manager regizor secund stage.a se asocia stand out a iesi in relief.staul stallion armasar stalwart robust.trepte stake par.fuga stamping stampilare.at stake in joc.scara stairs scari.pozitie stand a sta in picioare.timbrare stamping ground loc favorit de vizitare stance postura.nivel standard.panica.vopsire.a se opune stand down a se retrage dintr-o situatie stand for a apara.vechi stalemate pat(sah).a ingradi stake.a apara stand up to a infrunta cu curaj stand.stag party petrecere de barbati stage estrada.voinic stamen stamina stamina vitalitate.off-standard care nu practica etalonul aur standardization standardizare .pus in scena stager(old stager) actrita.persoana experimentata.pata staining care pateaza.stampila.clatinare.teapa.a gangavi.gangaveala.mers tantos.stindard.a se detasa.a timbra stamp collecting filatelie stamp collector filatelist stamp pad tusiera stampede a-si pierde capul.a pune in joc stake out a pune sub supraveghere.tulpina stalking horse masca(paravan)(fig).impas stalk lujer.to stand trial a fi judecat(la tribunal) stand.the stage teatrul stagecoach diligenta.cumpatat stain intinare.

astru.stabil standing commission comisie permanenta standoff distanta. stapler capsator star stea.a uniformiza standing in picioare.in a state nervos state.neparticipare standoffish distant.uimit starvation inanitie.scrobit stare a privi fix.foame.politica statehood suveranitate statala stately impunator.steluta starling graur starry instelat.sala de receptie statesman om de stat.nemiscat stationer papetar stationery papetarie stationmaster sef de gara statistical statistic statistician statistician statistics statistica statuary statuar.rigid starchy apretat.a se uita tinta.statui statue statuie statuette statueta .rezervat standpoint punct de vedere standstill incetare.maret statement extras de cont.belciug.foamete starve a lasa sa moara de foame.a specifica state ownership proprietate de stat state.statie(un) stationary stationar.impas stank trecut de la stink stanza strofa staple a fixa in scoabe.inanitie state stat.a infometa starved infometat.afirmatie.declaratie stateroom cabina de lux.a declara.politician static electricitate statica.carlig staple industries ramuri principale ale ind.a sari start.post(de emisie).cu intreruperi starting line linie de start startle a se infiora.a porni start off a porni start out a face primii pasi.a speria startled speriat.scrobeala starched scrobit.the united states SUA statecraft arta guvernarii.a incepe start up a se ridica brusc.protagonist star turn transformare in vedeta starboard tribord starch amidon.luminos starry-eyed cu capul in nori.stare.tresarire.lihnit de foame starving infometare.privire tinta stare at a se uita tinta/holbat la starfish stea de mare stark puternic reliefat.oprire.standardize a standardiza.a muri de foame.static station gara.by fits and starts pe apucate.start.tresarire.teapan starlet starleta.visator start a tresari.atitudine.

a se da la o parte step by step pas cu pas.conducere steering indrumeaza.a se consolida steak antricot.stature talie.a oteli.take steps a lua masuri stepbrother frate vitreg stepchild copil vitreg .ferm.stabilitate steady a-si tine echilibrul.care conduce steering committee comitet de organizare steering wheel timona.tulpina stench duhoare.vapor steaming aburire.palos steely ca otelul steep prapastios.procedeu secret stealthy furis.a abdica step down(from) demisia(a-si da) step on it a baga in viteza.a sta stay at home a ramane/sta acasa stead folos.volan steersman carmaci.a o stealth fapta ascunsa.let off steam a-si usura naduful.in step in pas step.tainic.abrupt steepen a deveni mai abrupt.a pair of steps seara placuta step.a evita steerage ghidare.situatie status quo status quo statute statut.astral stem trunchi.a trece pe la step.regulament statutory statutar staunch neclintit.abur steam engine masina cu abur.a carmi.a amana stay ramane.a preveni.tipar stenography stenografie step pas step aside a se retrage(din alegeri).a se racori steamer autoclava.a-i da bataie step over a face o vizita.stare.in somebody's stead in locul cuiva steadiness statornicie.a face mai abrupt steeple turla inalta steeplechase alergare hipica cu obstacole steepness caracter abrupt.fugar steel otel.a restrange stave off a impiedica.a restrange.tavalug steam.a conduce steer clear of a ocoli(o conversatie).spalare cu abur steed armasar.statura status cetatenie.ascuns steam vapori.bucata steal a sterpeli.sablon.out of step in contratimp.become steady a deveni stabil.loc rapos steer a fi la volan.statut legal.a fura steal away sterge.neregulat step.loc stead.biftec.timonier stele stela(arhit) stellar stelar.de nadejde.ferm stave a opri.stabil steady.putoare stencil matrita(pt masina de scris).locomotiva steam roller compresor.masura step down a micsora treptat.a domicilia.

a stigmatiza stile bariera.pedant sticky cetos.severitate steroids glande steroide stertorous sforaitor.fiert stick a infige.ragusit stethoscope stetoscop stevedore stivuitor.stepdaughter fiica vitrega stepfather tata vitreg stepladder scara mobila stepmother mama vitrega stepsister sora vitrega stepson fiu vitreg stereo aparat stereofonic.a nu avea scrupule stick.sterilitate sterilization sterilizare sterilize a steriliza sterilized sterilizat sterling standard monetar(britanic).macelar.a se tine de stick in the mud a intra la incurcatura stick insect ca un betigas.remarca taioasa stickiness adezivitate.bat.rigid.problema dificila.insecta cu corp lunguiet stick it out a rezista pana la sfarsit stick out a fi suspect.intendent stewardess fata de serviciu.a se ridica stick up for a se ridica in apararea.a intari stifle a musamaliza.a sustine stick.to stick in one's throat a fi greu de exprimat ceva sticker cutit de vanator.indaratnic stiff price pret piperat stiffen a intepeni.sufocant stigma pata rusinoasa.liniste .autentic stern pupa.veritabil.urma.sever stern.linistit still life natura moarta still.semn stigmatize a infiera.stevardesa stewed perpelit.vascozitate sticking lipicios.aspru stiff necked cu gatul teapan.teapan.dintr-un capat in celalalt sternness asprime.stereotipic.stigma.administrator.stereotipie stereotypical stereotip.a se bolti.sablon sterile sterilizat.to stick at nothing a fi curajos.parleaz still silentios.a gati inabusit.a inabusi stifling inabusitor.oprire stickler formalist.the sticks satele de provincie stick.ascutit.toiag.ospatarita.a se bomba stick out one's neck a-si intinde gatul stick up a se zbarli.stigmat.stereofonic stereotype cliseu.docher stew a fierbe inabusit.vascos.a sugruma.from stem to stern de la pupa la prora.stand still a sta locului stillbirth nastere a unui copil mort stillborn nascut mort stillness tacere.a scrobi.steril sterility platitudine.in a stew intr-o mare incurcatura steward reprezentant sindical.a lipi stick around a sta prin preajma stick by nu renunta la.cleios stiff neinduplecat.tocana stew.

teren de depozitare stoic stoic stoicism stoicism stoke a zgandari focul.a aproviziona.a aduna stock building magazie.dres stockist acaparator de marfuri.fochist stole patrafir.nesimtire stomach inclinatie.agitat stirrup scara(la sa).a specifica stipulation stipulare.inventar industrial stock.a alimenta cu combustibil stoker masinist.persoana/animal care duhneste stinking imputit.ochi stoat hermelina stock furniza.a intepa stinginess avaritie.puturos stinking rich putred de bogat stint restrangere.prundis.duhoare stinker bomba cu gaze asfixiante.stilt a ridica pe picioroange.bombastic stimulant tonic. de la steal (a fura) stolid apatic stolidity indiferenta.zgarcenie stingy tepos.limitare.valva.stipendiu stipple a desena.a indemna.in stock in depozit stock.ghimpos.a agita.dansul respectiv.be stingy a fi zgarcit stink a avea o reputatie proasta.a stimula stimulating stimulator stimulation stimul.catalige stilted pe picioroange.stoc.stoc de marfuri stock market bursa de valori stock up a stoca stock.a tampona.stimulare stimulus stimulent.rente stock in trade capital de baza.depozit stocktake a inventaria stocktaking inventariere stocky indesat.a restrange stipend leafa(preot).impuls sting a impunge.take stock a face inventarul stockbroker agent de bursa stockcar vagon/camion de vite stockholder actionar stocking ciorap lung.agitatie stir up a starni.trecut de la steal.stomac.dispozitie stomach ache durere de stomac stomp a dansa apasat.a reduce.a grava cu puncte.a acumula.scund si gras stockyard obor de vite.esarfa stolen part.stimulator.a agita stirring nelinistit.cusatura.zgarcit stingy.ograda. trec.a puti.prevedere stir a tulbura.depozit stock clearing sale lichidare completa de stocuri stock exchange bursa(de valori) stock holdings actiuni.a urni.angrosist stockpile a depozita.industrial stock capital pentru industrie.clauza.lespede stone cutting taiere/slefuire a pietrei .stimulent stimulate a excita.a puncta stipulate a stipula.nestemata.a rabda.brida stitch a coase.melodie de jaz cu ritm marcat stone piatra.

a opri.statie de autobuz.informator stoop a se garbovi.put a stop to a pune capat stopcock robinet de inchidere stopgap masura provizorie.actor ambulant stool scaunel.pauza.tampon.a nu colabora stoneware articole de ceramica stoning pietruire.a pune in ordine.voinic stout hearted brav. si part.put things straight a pune lucrurile in ordine straightaway numaidecat straighten a redresa.furtunos.efortul .pietros stood trec.direct strain a incorda.from a devia straight pe fata.povestire stout corpolent.memorizare.popas stoppage popas.piedica storage inmagazinare.substitut stopover escala.stand the strain a suporta tensiunea.incordare.stivuire stowaway pasager clandestin straddle a calari(pe).a stivui stowage arimaj(nav.a plomba.etaj stork barza storm furtuna. de la stand (a pune) stooge partizanii umiliti ai cuiva.a ramane treaz.short story nuvela.a indrepta straighten up a indrepta straightforward neprefacut.uragan.stone-hearted cu inima de piatra stonecutter persoana care taie piatra stonemason zidar.direct straight.neinfricat stoutness corpolenta.cinste straigtness caracter simplu.full stop punct stop.piedica.a se apleca stooping aplecat stop a intrerupe.comerciant storeroom camara.taburet stool pigeon porumbel folosit ca momeala.nesimtitor.magazie storey cat.tensiune strain a point a rastalmaci un pct.go straight a se duce drept(inainte) straight.).vigoare stove masina de gatit.a zidi.a incaleca(pe).povestire story.depozit store provizie.a ataca storm in a navali ca o furtuna stormy prevestitor de furtuna.depozit storekeeper proprietar de magazin.a oscila strafe a bombarda intens straggle a dispersa.a astupa stop.pietrar stonewall a face obstructii(parlament). trec.hambar.oprire stopper dop.slefuire stony de piatra.oprire stop a cheque a sista plata unui cec stop over a face o escala stop press stire de ultima ora(in ziare) stop up a nu se culca.darz.stoc storehouse camara.a se departa straggle.popas.a tensiona.a se razleti.deschis straightforwardness franchete.violent story naratiune.de vedere strain.soba stow a depozita.rezerve.

silit strainer sita.a intari strength rezistenta.stratificatie stratify a se stratifica stratosphere stratosfera straw pai.severitate.a umbla cu pasi mari.intarit.siretlic strategic strategic.titlu pe toata latimea(ziar).a solicita stress.capsuna.suvoi.tensiune.curea.ranit.a sublinia.strangulare strap chinga.linie streaky inegal.intarire strenuousness incordare.up my street in domeniul meu streetwalker femeie de strada strenghten a se intari.curent de maree.a inzdraveni.strict.tarie.a impleti strange nestiut.strained incordat.a se lungi.trasatura. trecut de la strike.tactica stratification stratificare.streang strapping bine facut.a limita strand a face sa esueze.not to care a straw a nu-i pasa catusi de putin strawberry capsun.ulita street car tramvai(amer) street.a se stramta.a difuza.in times of stress in vreme de restriste stretch a se intinde /(a).fanion streamline a fuzela.vargat stream apa curgatoare.voinic stratagem stratagema.operativ strategy strategie.conflict.stramtoare.exact strict.strain.mal.a pulveriza stricken part.siretlicuri.paie straw vote vot preliminar(de sondaj) straw.plaja.a concepe .a reteza strike out a porni in graba.intrecere.putere strengthened fortificat.a se rataci.frag de padure stray animal ratacit.a adeveri.a sugruma strangulation gatuire.linie aerodinamica.zel stress apasare.incurcatura strait jacket camasa de forta straiten a ingusta.strain strangle a gatui.a trece peste strident strident.a consolida.straniu.intindere stretch a point a fi ingaduitor stretch one's legs a-si dezmorti picioarele stretcher targa strew a presara.lovit.concentrat strengthening consolidare.in dungi.indurerat strict riguros.in the strict sense in sensul cel mai strict strictness strictete.a sta calare.strecuratoare.parau streamer flamura.filtru strait ingust.a pasi.a se abate streak inclinatie.precizie stride pas mare.a rasuci.profil hidrodinamic strech a point a inchide ochii la street strada.cearta strike a balance a incheia un cont strike a bargain a incheia o tranzactie strike a match a aprinde un chibrit strike back a raspunde printr-o lovitura strike home a lovi in plin strike off a nu pune la socoteala.a urma o cale proprie.bizar strangeness caracter strain.ciudatenie stranger necunoscut.discordant strife competitie.a extinde.

studiu studies.cult studies indeletniciri stiintifice.vargat stripling tangau.incapatanat stubbornness tenacitate.pagina cu comicsuri in ziar.tresa.studio .lupta strumpet prostituata strung out aliniat strut a pasi tantos.presarat cu buturugi.ciocanar.riguros stringy atos.coarda.incapatanare stubby butucanos.zbir structural structural.fel striped varstat.advanced studies studii superioare studio atelier.grevist.elev studied citit.adolescent stripping dezbracare.strafulgerare.contrafisa.seif stronghold cetate.incaierare.go on strike a declara greva.a cutreiera.trasatura(de condei).fortareata strongly cu putere/hotarare strop curea pentru ascutit briciul.despuiere strive a nazui.a jupui strip off a se desprinde.neconditionat string.speranta.buton studbook catalog genealogic student carturar.frantura.going strong a actiona cu hotarare strongbox casa de bani.severitate stringent neindestulator.structura struggle a tine piept.impotrivire. trecut de la stick stuck.a face greva strikebreaker spargator de greva strikeover a scrie peste(la masina) striker aparat de aprindere.a incepe sa cante strike.a se lupta.ciot stubble barba tepoasa.a propti.no strings attached fara nici o clauza.soi.a tinde striven part.a canta in struna string bean fasole verde string up a incorda nervii string.esential structure alcatuire.mers tantos.stringent.vascos.rezistent.scurt si gras stucco a acoperi cu stuc.herghelie.lupta stroke bataie(ceas).to pull strings a trage sforile stringency stringenta.a se dezbraca strip tease strip tease stripe dunga.par tuns scurt stubborn refractar.mana de fier strong language limbaj vulgar strong point punct tare strong.constructiv.a dezgoli.a se intari strong.get stuck a se impotmoli stuck-up cu nasul pe sus stud armasar.pioneza.strike up a incepe(o prietenie).stuc stuck part.organizare.grevist.nazuinta.proptea stub buturuga.conflict. trecut de la strive striving eforturi.miriste.student.versat.become stronger a fortifica.snur string along a calca pe urmele cuiva.urgenta.plimbare strong vanjos.a se sforta.percutor striking frapant.fibros strip a despuia.extraordinar string sfoara.tare strong arm a folosi forta.lovitura stroke of genius o idee geniala stroll a se plimba agale.

sturion stutter a baigui.sub observatie subject to law sub incidenta legii subject to modifications sub rezerva modificarilor .a sonticai.a buimaci.stupiditate stupor inmarmurire.zapusala stuffing captuseala.stupoare sturdiness forta.a corecta subheading subtitlu subhuman subuman subject tema.pas gresit.elegant stylist stilist stylization stilizare stylize a stiliza stylized stilizat stylus ac de gramofon stymie situatie dificila la golf styptic hemostatic suasion induplecare.hotarat.searbad.stil stylish stilat.uimitor stupid amortit.a ului stupendous formidabil.impanat stuffiness aer inchis.a supune subedit a face munca de redactor.persuasiune suave afabil.bondoc stun a ameti.a buimaci.apasator stumble impletici.intermediar subcutaneous subcutanat subdivide a se subdiviza subdue a subjuga.uimit stunning innebunitor.vigoare sturdy robust.) stuff.stofa.ciot.a se poticni.butuc stumpy butucanos.know one's stuff a sti ce are de facut stuffed impaiat.uluitor stupefaction stupefactie.idiot stupidity imbecilitate.balbaiala.scrupulozitate study ravna.umplutura stuffy imbacsit.studious silitor. trecut de la sting stunned buimac.a se balbai sty cocina style gen.furnizor.sufocant.suav suavity afabilitate.substitut subaltern ofiter subaltern.involuntar subcontractor antreprenor.tampit.piedica stump radacina.gafa stumbling block piatra de incercare.fermitate.material stuff and nonsense prostii(excl.consternare stupefy a amorti.studiu stuff a imbuiba.materie.submarin.ferm sturgeon morun.nisetru.subordonat.supus subject to alteration sub rezerva modificarii subject to approval sub rezerva aprobarii subject to charges sub rezerva sarc.poticnire.a ului stung part.minunat.subscriere.suavitate sub prescurtare pt sublocotenent.birou.studios studiousness silinta.maniera.do one's stuff a-si face treaba stuff. aferente subject to control supus controlului.subaltern subcommittee subcomitet subconscious subconstient.

inlocuire.).a dovedi substantiation proba.sublimat.a se domoli.citatie subscribe a fi abonat.a ingenunchea subjugation subjugare sublimate a sublima.maret subliminal inconstient sublimity caracter sublim.expus la.cufundare submission respect.argument.a sublima.sublimitate submarine submarin submerge a se cufunda.delicat.subordonat.a plati cotizatii.a idealiza sublimation idealizare.a afunda submerged cufundat.a adauga subjugate a subjuga.semnare.dotare subsist a dainui.posibil de subjection supunere subjective subiectiv subjoin a anexa.esenta substantial substantial.a scadea subtraction scadere subtropical subtropical suburb tinut marginas.subtilitate.substantival.lingusire subservient folositor.resurse subsoil subsol substance substanta.semnatar subscription cotizatie.abonament subsequent ulterior.urmator subsequently mai tarziu.dovada substantive substantiv.ulterior subservience servilism.inferior subordination subordonare suborn a corupe(un martor) subpoena a cita(jur.real.supunere submitting propunere.sublimare sublime sublim.lingusitor.a-si pune semnatura pe.sprijinitor.cadere subsidiary subsidiar.ajutator subsidiary account cont ajutator subsidization subventionare subsidize a subventiona subsidy subventie.supunere submissive docil.utilitate.periferic .afundat submergence imersiune.periferic suburban suburban.ingenios subtlety rafinament.a inlocui.inlocuitor substitutes inlocuitori substitution substituire.umil.supus submissiveness docilitate.suburbie.ascuns subtitle subtitlu subtle subtil.material substantiate a demonstra.supunere subordinate a subordona.a dura subsistence subzistenta.a subscrie subscriber abonat.a se potoli subsidence lasare in jos.iscalire.materie.filiala.ingeniozitate subtract a scade.asezare.surogat.tasare.servil subside a descreste.inlocuire substructure infrastructura subsume a subsuma.subject(to) cu conditia ca.a include subterfuge subterfugiu subterranean subteran.scadere.independent substitute a substitui.

neexperimentat suckle a alapta.cei care.rasturnare(a guvernului).pe neasteptate suds clabuci de sapun.a da in judecata.succesiv succinct succint.brusc suddenly din senin.cutare.a lingusi sucker sugar.a urma.a reusi succeeded succedat.zemos succumb a cadea.zahar.asa cum such and such eusi such as asemenea.a se sinucide.impetuos sudden.cum ar fi such.lingusire sugar basin zaharnita sugar daddy barbat care intretine o fata.as such asa cum este suchlike asemanator.durere suffice a ajunge.a hrani.suferinta.urmare.fard.commit suicide a se sinucide suit.mieros.a satisface sufficiency indestulare.suculenta succulent suculent.all of a sudden deodata.a inabusi suffocation sufocare.subvention subventie subversion act subversiv.sugestie.a stinge.neasteptat.scrutin.a inunda suffusion sulimeneala.infloritor.prosper succession serie.plastic.concis succinctness caracter succint succulence nutret de siloz.fatal suicide sinucidere.urmat success reusita.lingusitor suggest a insinua.sugaci.semnificativ suicidal sinucigas.a cere suede piele de caprioara suet seu suffer through a rezista pana la capat sufferance rabdare.asa.bathing suit costum de baie .absorbi.aspirare sudden brusc.suficienta.a muri such astfel de.tunel succeed a succeda.a propune.decoctie sue apela la.a inhala suck in a suge(lapte) suck out a absorbi din suck up to a se da pe langa.vot suffuse a se varsa pe.ruina subversive subversiv.distrugator.succes successful reusit.gagauta.distrugator subway metrou.analog suck a suge.tatic de zahar sugary zaharos.succesiune successive consecutiv.propunere suggestive sugestiv.sugari.suficient suffix a adauga un sufix la.sugere.sinucigas suicide.a sugera suggestion idee.revarsare sugar a indulci.infumurare sufficient multumitor.sufix suffocate a se sufoca.pasaj subteran.prostanac sucker(fish) mreana de mare sucking purcel de lapte.asfixiere suffrage sufragiu.toleranta sufferance.a creste suction absorbire.on sufferance tolerat suffering suferind.

a socoti sum up a rezuma sum.sulf sulfuric acid acid sulfuric sulk a fi suparat.in sum pe scurt summa cum laude mentiune laudativa pe diploma summarize a recapitula.inabusitor.suitability oportunitate.zapusala sultry arzator.rezumat summation insumare.trecut de la sink sunken dus in fundul capului(ochi).citatie sump colector de apa sumptuous somptuos sun lumina solara.convoca.mandat.bosumflat.cortegiu suiting corespunzator.rezumand summit pisc.in sunder in doua sundries cheltuieli diverse.total.totalizare summer vara summery estival.a soma summons convocare.cufundat.diverse sundry felurit sunflower floarea soarelui sung part.proasta dispozitie.patare sulphate sulfat sulphonic sulfuric sulphur sulf sulphuric acid acid sulfuric sulphurise a sulfuriza sultriness zaduf.mohorare.marchiza sun burn arsura de soare sun lamp lampa cu raze ultraviolete sun tan piele bronzata sun tanning bronzare sun-bathe a sta la soare sun-bathing bronzare.suparare sullen posac.reclamant sulfate sulfat sulfur pucioasa.zori sunset apus de soare.apogeu summon a cita.plaja sunbeam raza de soare sunburn arsura de soare sundae inghetata de fructe sunday duminica sunday best haine de sarbatoare sunder a separa.a desparti sunder.rezervat sullying intunecare.garnitura.fierbinte sum suma.potrivire suitable convenabil.pretendent.ursuz.a cita.soare sun blind perdea de soare.concis.trecut de la sing sunk part.potrivit suitor petitor.potrivit suitcase valiza.varatic summing up retrospectiva.afundat sunlight lumina soarelui sunny insorit sunrise rasarit de soare.geamantan suite suita.a rezuma summarized recapitulat.asfintit .rezumat summary sumar.scofalcit.varf.

a inlatura supple maleabil.a aproviziona.a inlocui supersensitive ultrasensibil supersonic supersonic superstition superstitie superstitious superstitios supervene a interveni.splendid supercharger compresor de supraalimentare supercilious increzut.a tainui.mare magazin universal supermundane suprapamantesc supernal ceresc.figurant superabundance abundenta.suprem.presupunere suppository supozitor suppress a reprima.a inlatura.a sprijini.prisos(de) superabundant imbelsugat.a intari supporter suporter.sustinator suppose a banui.superficial superficiality artificialitate.divin supernatural supranatural supernumerary supranumerar.in plus supplementary budget buget suplimentar suppleness mladiere.in supinatie.indolent supper.retinere suppressor persoana care inabuse.de calitate superioara.supraveghetor supervisory body corp de control supine culcat pe spate.presupus supposed.trebuie sa supposition ipoteza.marchiza sunshine vreme senina.a supraveghea.stoc support a sustine.a-si inchipui.lumina soarelui sup a cina.a suplimenta.furnizor supply a alimenta cu.umbrela de soare.inutil superimpose a suprapune.suprimant.to have supper a cina supplant a inlocui.abundent superannuate a pensiona.a indeparta superb superb.a supratipari superintend a administra.a inabusi suppression inabusire.a supraveghea superintendent supraveghetor.ingamfat supererogation exces de zel superficial artificial.reprimare.director superior egumen.a presupune supposed considerat.suplu supplement anexa.gravat supersede elimina.ruga supplier ofertant.superior superiority superioritate superlative superlativ.sunshade parasolar.excelent supermarket cu autoservire.a suprima.suplete supplicate a implora.supraveghere supervisor controlor.reazem.a conduce supervision dirijare.be supposed to se presupune ca.aprovizionare.a ruga supplication implorare.supliment supplementary suplimentar.a sorbi super extra.tainuieste .figurant superposition suprapunere superscript mentionat.superficialitate superficially superficial superfluous superfluu.mladios.sustinator.maleabilitate.a surveni supervise a dirija.

categoric sure footed sigur pe picioare.control survey a cuprinde cu privirea.suspicios suspiciously cu suspiciune.talpice pt surf surfeit a se imbuiba.cercetare surveyor topograf.suspensie suspension atarnare.surf.a parasi surreptitious clandestin.sigur.sala de operatii surgical chirurgical surliness caracter ursuz.fermitate surety garant.suparare surly nesociabil.suprafata.a se incredinta surely cu precizie.negresit.etc).neasteptat surrealism suprarealism surrender a rascumpara(o polita).suprem.supratensiune tranzistorie.talaz surgeon chirurg surgery chirurgie.supraabundenta.mediu surtax a impune impozit suplimentar.porecla surpass depasi.suppurate a supura supremacy suprematie.vecinatate.a supranumi.posac surmise presupunere surmount a-si stapani(o pornire.neasteptat surprisingly surprinzator.atarnat.surmontabil surname nume de familie.suspiciune suspicious banuitor.surpriza.banuitor.inconjurator surroundings imprejurimi.resac.amanare suspicion banuiala.a incercui surrounded incercuit.make sure asigura de.exterior surface.suveran surcharge a supraincarca.a suspecta.on the surface la suprafata.a surprinde.a banui suspend a agata.val inspumat surface a polei.a lustrui.siguranta.supraveghetor survival supravietuire survive a supravietui survivor supravietuitor susceptibility susceptibilitate susceptible sensibil(exagerat).a trece in revista.mirare.val mare.a studia.sigur sureness convingere ferma.siguranta surf brizanti(valuri).suspect .a invinge surmountable escaladabil.controlor.a uimi surprised surprins.negresit.a intrece surplice stihar surplus value plusvaloare surprise surprindere.suprataxa surveillance supraveghere.aparent surfboard talpice pt schi pe brizanti.inlocuitor surround a inconjura.a preda.atarna.a amenda surd numar irational sure fara indoiala.stabil sure.a capitula.a exclude suspended agatat.a suspenda.a suprataxa.garantie.idee.loctiitor.surogat.imprejmuit surrounding ambiant.preponderenta supreme critic.susceptibil suspect suspect.suspendare.suspendat suspender belt port-jartier suspenders bretele suspense nesiguranta.sat surge a se ridica pe valuri.imbuibare.mirat surprising surprinzator.pe furis surrogate supleant.capitulare.

transpiratie.troc.parfumat sweetheart dragut(a).sudoare.navalnic.furnicar.fudulie.ingamfat .bandaj.hoti.scumpete(compliment) sweetish dulceag sweetmeat bomboana.cartof dulce sweet tooth predilectie pt dulciuri sweet.lebada swank dichiseala.umflatura.carpet sweeper aspirator sweeping maturare.transpirat sweep a matura.a usura sweetened indulcit.a se grozavi.a se legana swagger a se fali.sustinator sustenance subzistenta.a se afunda.a matura sweep the board a avea un succes deplin sweep up a aduna gramada.laudarosenie.smarc.i swear jur ca ! swearword cuvant urat.intensificare.ifose.a se catara swarthy brunet.lauda swap a face troc cu.zvelt swab matura.a se fali.legatura swear a se jura ca.drag.pamatuf.dulciuri swell a se umfla.dulce.a jura swear.totalizator(la curse de cai) sweet zaharat.suavitate.inghititura swallowing inghitire.maturare.a infasa.oaches swastika zvastica swat a pocni swatch mostra de material swathe inconjura.suspiciune sustain a incuraja.maturat.a creste.perie de baie swaddle fasa.a se fuduli.randunica.umflare swelling inflamat.suspiciousness neincredere.fanfaronada swain ciobanas.sorbire swam trecut de la swim swamp a ineca.gunoi sweepstakes loto.injuratura sweat a nadusi.roi swarm up a escalada.sutura.sprijinitor.iubit(a) sweetie bomboana.intretinere suture catgut.at your own sweet will cand ai tu chef ! sweetbread momite(de vitel) sweeten a inmiresma.a indulci.placut sweet pea sangele voinicului(planta) sweet potato batata.a sustine sustain a loss a suferi/incerca o pierdere sustained sustinut.a injura.iute sweepings deseuri.a sprijini.a se napusti.a strabate sweep away curata.blandete.a bandaja.dulciuri sweetness dulceata.mlastina swan constelatia lebedei.continuu sustaining fortifiant.scutece swag bani furati.de durata.a sutura suzerainty suzeranitate svelte mladios.a transpira sweat blood a asuda sange sweater pulover sweaty nadusit.pelinca swaddling clothes fese.a schimba swarm a misuna.umflat.farmec sweets aspecte placute.a inghiti.flacau swallow gatlej.a face curatenie sweeper.suav.

two edged sword sabie cu doua taisuri swordplay duel verbal.cutit de intrerupator switchboard tablou de comanda swivel a roti.sicomor sycophant sicofant.porc swing a se da in leagan.ciomag.lovitura puternica.a se abate swop troc.umflat.napustire.flotor swimming care inoata.simbol symbolic simbolic symbolical simbolic symbolism simbolism .porcesc swipe a lovi cu putere.escroc swine porcine.sibarit sycamore platan.lingusitor sycophantic sicofant.a imbuiba swim suit costum de baie swim.a se invarti ca un virtej.in full swing(colloq) in toi.schimb sword sabie sword.inot swimming across traversare inot(lac.pe branci swinger persoana care se da in leagan.sorbitura adanca swill a bea lacom.pungasie swindler sarlatan.zoaie.trecut de la swim sybarite hedonist.a se invarti.part.leagan.a aprinde switchblade cutit de buzunar cu arc.munca anevoioasa.a trage chiulul swing.porcin.a susura switch a schima sensul.ax.troliu pivotant swinish mojicesc.a agita switch off deconecta.a fosni.a nadusi.expunere syllogism silogism sylph silf.zaduf swept trecut/part.strand swindle a estorca.lingusitor syllabic silabic syllable silaba syllabus plan de invatamint.napusti.lovitura de nuia.vartej swish fasait.balansare.in the swim la curent cu toate swimbelt colac pentru inot swimmer inotator.a se clatina swidding ameteala(datorata alcoolului) swift grabnic.trecut de la swear swum part.duel swordsman spadasin.exagerat swoon lesin.a pocni swirl a face vartejuri.silvestru symbol emblema.a intrerupe switch on a conecta.repede swift to anger iute la manie swiftness iuteala swig a inghiti/sorbi hulpav.duelist swordsmanship scrima swore trecut de la swear sworn legat prin juramant.sincopa swoop atac(picaj).a sfichiui.swelter a se inabusi.a se legana swing the lead a se eschiva de la munca.trecut de la swell.trecut de la sweep swerve a face o miscare laterala.programa analitica.a excroca.a lesina.pivot swollen part.escrocherie.nuia.to draw the sword a declansa ostilitatile sword.scrima.silfida sylvan de padure.laturi. rau) swimming pool piscina.naduseala.

sirop system retea.sistem.masa table tennis ping-pong.templu table mancare.sobor synonym sinonim synonymous sinonimic.compatimitor sympathetic(to) intelegator sympathize a compatimi sympathy compatimire.a insaila.tablita taboo tabu..a simboliza symmetrical simetric symmetry simetrie sympathetic induiosator. manner in mod sistematic.butoniera.seringa syringe pompa pentru clisma/irigatie.symbolization simbolizare symbolize a fi/servi de simbol.sincopa syndicate a sindicaliza patronii..sindicat al patronilor syndrome sindrom synod sinod.indiciu symptomatic simptomatic synagogue sinagoga synchronization sincronizare synchronize coordona.interzis.artificial syphilis sifilis syringa liliac.organizat systematize a sistematiza.tenis de masa tablecloth fata de masa tablespoon lingura de supa tablet blocnotes.a sincroniza syncline sinclina syncopate a reduce prin eliziune.gaica tabby pisica tarcata.tafta cu modele in valuri tabernacle tabernaclu.metoda system of wage bracket sistem de indexare salarii systematic sistematic systematic.seringa syrup melasa distilata.lamelar tabulate a aranja in forma de tabel.a ordona systole sistola t shirt tricou cu maneca scurta tab ureche.a netezi tabulation tabulare.simpatie symphonic simfonic symphony simfonie.sincopare syncope lesin.in a .hrana rece.taciturnitate tack cui(cuisor).insailare .sinopsis.armonie symposium simpozion symptom simptom.a sincopa syncopation contractie.rezumat synoptic sinoptic syntactic sintactic syntax sintaxa synthesis sinteza synthesize a sintetiza synthetic sintetic.netezire tacit tacit taciturn taciturn taciturnity mutenie.a interzice tabular in forma de tabel sinoptic.tabel sinoptic.sinonim synonymy sinonimie synopsis punctaj.

diplomatie.a inmagazina take off a reduce(preturi).capat.small talk birfa.taifas talkative vorbaret talkativeness limbutie talkies industria cinematografica talking vorbarie.a apuca take a position a lua o pozitie take after a calca pe urmele.a transborda.facut de croitor tailoring croiala.a semaana cu take apart a descompune.palpabil tad baietel tadpole mormoloc tag varf.apucare talc talc talcum de talc tale basm.a prelua take part a lua parte la take place a avea loc take precedence a avea prioritate fata de take responsibility a-si lua responsabilitatea take the chair a deschide lucrarile.a cobora tonul talk down to a vorbi pe intelesul talk over a discuta in amanunt talk through one's hat a spune prostii.a prezida take to a se duce la.a conversa talk dirty a vorbi urat talk down a reduce la tacere.epilog.croitorie taint a pingari.a infecta.a inchiria.talent talented talentat talisman talisman talk a vorbi.a retrage take flight a se refugia.aforisme.croitor tailor made facut de comanda.a se imbunatati taken part.a fugi take in a da adapost.a pofti inauntru.persoana inzestrata.refren tag end a fi pe urmele tail drept de succesiune limitat.a obtine.a lega tacky vascos.a croi.a-si asuma take trouble a-si da silinta sa take up a se ameliora.a scoate take out a patent scoate un brevet take over a muta la.tackle unealta.dibaci tactician tactician tactile tactil.poveste tale.suporteri.a lua.a indeparta take back a duce inapoi.coada tailor a face haine.lipicios tact cadenta.infectie take a imprumuta.revers(de moneda).a exagera talk.tact tactful plin de tact tactical tactic.a lua inapoi.trecut de la taken (luat) taking luare.a desface.tell tales a spune povesti(vanatoresti) talent har.tachelaj.muchie.a scoate take on a angaja take out extrage.coada tail coat fruct tail end extremitate.discutie talking to sapuneala .a separa take away a lua.a rapi.

bar taproot radacina principala/pivot tar gudron.tarif tariff barriers bariere vamale .on tap la butoi.tall inalt.rezervor tankard cana cu capac(de bere) tanked beat crita tanker vagon cisterna.a tortura tantamount(to) egal cu tantrum acces de turbare.imblanzire tamp a tasa.birocratie taper forma conica.tampon tan scoarta de stejar.bland tamer dresor taming imblanzitor.palpabil tangle incurcatura tango a dansa tango.tanc petrolier tanned tabacit.a tabaci.tango tank cisterna.poveste vinatoreasca tallboy bomba de mare calibru.tapiterie tapeworm tenie tapir tapir(zool) tappet tachet.apatic.excentric tapping atingere usoara cu mana.furie tap cep.lenes target tinta.digresiune tangential tangential tangerine mandarina tangibility tangibilitate.in tandem.panglica tape measure ruleta/panglica de masurat tape recorder casetofon.a zangani.lumanare subtire tapestry tapet.a astupa tamper a se atinge de tampon a tampona.a domestici.la indemana tape banda de magnetofon.smoala tarantula tarantula tardy intarziat.magnetofon tape.have it taped a cantari situatia.mare tall order lucru greu de facut.a gresa.raboj talon cupon.a sti cat ii poate pielea tape.a tapisa.tandem tang zanganit.tanant tandem cascada.bronzat tanner tabacar tannery tabacarie tantalize a atata dorintele.tatonare taproom berarie.dificultate tall story gogosi.realitate tangible tangibil.talon tamarisk tamarisc(bot) tame domestic.tangential.dangat tangent tangenta.seu tally a insemna pe raboj.pontaj.taxa.scrin cu picioare inalte tallish inaltut tallness inaltime tallow grasime.gheara.robinet tap dance step tap.sarcina target output productie planificata target shooting tragere la tinta tariff a tarifa.red tape birocratic.

culoarea petit-gris taurus zodia Taurul taut incordat.galon tattle trancaneala.sales tax impozit pe vanzari taxable impozabil taxi a merge cu taxiul.docil teacher profesor de liceu .pontator.tuberculoza tea ceai.strident tawny maro-roscat.ciucure.toaleta stridenta tawdry impopotonat.gust tasteful sic.dansatoare de profesie taxi driver sofer de taxi taxicab taxi taximeter aparat de taxare.acidulat.a tachina taunted(be taunted) a luat peste picior(fi).acru.a defaima tarpaulin panza impermeabila.aroma.tarmac pista de decolare/ aterizare tarnish a lua luciul.tatar.acreala task tema.sarcina taskmaster distribuitor de sarcini.a lancezi tart tarta.semn de carte taste a avea gust.manjit cu smoala.infuzie tea bag pliculet de ceai tea.a preda teachable apt sa invete.intins tauten a incorda tautology tautologie tavern taverna tawdriness impopotonare.impozit tax avoidance evaziune fiscala tax collection percepere a impozitelor tax evasion evaziune fiscala tax exemption scutire de impozit tax refund rambursare a impozitului tax relief reducere a impozitului tax system sistem fiscal tax.prelata tarragon tarhon tarry a zabovi.savoare tasty elegant tat zar masluit.chit tattered in zdrente.a rula( aviatie).strasnic tax a impozita.prostituata tartar om artagos.cata tartness aciditate.spirit muscator.la ceai teach a instrui.facut de ocara taupe culoarea gri taupe.savoare.tatuaj tattooed tatuat taught trecut de la teach taunt a zeflemisi.high tea gustare substantiala.praf tatters zdrente tatting dantela lucrata cu suveica.a tatua.sef tassel a impodobi cu ciucure.taximetru.a trancani tattoo semnal de stingere.catranit.tit for tat dinte pt dinte.a lega tat.taxa.prost gust taster degustator tastiness bun-gust.a innoda.taxi taxi dancer animatoare.insipid tastelessness lipsa de gust.gustos tasteless fara gust.taxi tb TBC.

luneta.a sfasia tear away a pleca intr-o goana.a daraci teaser chestie dificila.tehnologie technology tehnologie teddy bear ursulet(jucarie) tedious incomod.a se telescopa.a rupe.a turti.a misuna teeming intesat.telescopic televise a televiza television televiziune.a telefona telephone directory carte de telefon telephonist telefonist(a) telephony telefonie teleprinter teleimprimator telescope telescop.a turna metalul.a incepe teetotaler persoana cumpatata.taraganeala teem a fi fertil.shed tears a varsa lacrimi tearaway fugar teardrop lacrima tearful induiosator.mamelon technical detaliu tehnic.a injuga.semafor telegraphic telegrafic telemeter telemetru teleological teleologic teleology teleologie telepathic telepatic telephone telefon.a telegrafia.sacaire teaspoon lingurita de ceai/cafea teat sfarc.plictisitor tedium plictiseala.televizor television set televizor .plin de lacrimi tearing(a tearing hurry) grabit la culme tearoom ceainarie.teaching invatamant.a se profila.fecund teen age adolescenta teenager adolescent teeny micut teeter a se balansa.tehnic technical data date tehnice technical guidance indrumare tehnica technical manager administrator/director tehnic technicality partea tehnica technician tehnician technique tehnica.a fugi tear gas gaz lacrimogen tear oneself away a se da dus tear.a se ciocni telescopic rabatabil.cofetarie tease a necaji.a iesi.abstinent telecast a televiza telecommunication telecomunicatii telefax telefax telegram telegrama telegraph telegraf.echipa.a pieptana.leagan teeth dantura teethe creste(dintii).reclama teasing scarmanare.torential.a inhama.stol de rate salbatice team up with a se inhaita/alia cu teapot ceainic tear lacrima.predare teacup ceasca de ceai team brigada.

oferta.a oferi tender.curs.tentatie tempting tentant.efect. arendata/ inchiriata tenet dogma.tensiune .a numi tell on a-si produce efectul.nota zece tenacious rezistent la rupere.cumpatat temperature temperatura tempest furtuna tempestuous furtunos.fragezime.a relata tell against a dezobisnui de tell off a repartiza.lujer tenement casa de raport.pornire.sealed tender depozit bancar sigilat tenderer ofertant tenderfoot nou venit tenderhearted bland.zece lire tennis tenis tenon prezon(tehn).tarani arendasi tend a conduce.ritm temporal os temporal.nesocotinta temper fire.blandete tendon ligament.locatar tenantry chiriasi.arenda tenant a lua cu arenda/chirie.a ispiti temptation ispitire.templu tempo tempo.in a bad temper infuriat.cep tenor tenor.lose one's temper a-si iesi din fire temperament temperament.suparat temper.taran arendas.telex a transmite prin telex.tendon tendril carcel.tindec.adeziv.call for tenders a solicita oferte tender.tenace tenacity durabilitate.a taragana tempt atata.keep one's temper a-si pastra calmul temper.ductil tension intindere.seducator ten zece.structura temperance cumpatare temperate temperat.tenacitate tenancy calitatea de chirias/arendas.denuntator.a tenta.furniza.narator.temeritate.intins.teza tenfold inzecit tenner zece dolari.laic temporarily provizoriu.temporar temporary temporar temporize a zabovi.impetuos template sablon.caracter.propriet.a ingriji.casier telltale barfitor.scop tendentious tendentios tender fraged.parere.elasticitate.a dirija tendency tendinta.gingas.tipar temple tampla.telex tell a nara.limbut telly televiziune.temporal.televizor temerity pripeala.delicat tenderize a fragezi(carnea) tenderness delicatete.a spune.dispozitie temper.agitat tensile extensibil.a influenta tell the time a spune cat e ceasul teller lovitura decisiva.a se interesa de.directie tenpins popice tense timp verbal.

concis tertiary era tertiara.teroare terrorize a teroriza terse succint.terminal.tampon tentacle glanda cu tulpina.old testament Vechiul Testament testamentary testamentar testator testator tested probat.cadastru terrific inspaimantator.instalatie testicle testicul testify a declara solemn.a ingrozi territorial funciar.incercare test tube eprubeta testament testament testament.terestru terrible teribil.nepasare terebinth terebint term limita.sfera terror groaza.certificat testimony depozitie.teritorial territory teritoriu.copci tenth zecime.drept de posesiune tepid caldut tepidity incropeala.subtire tenuousness subtirime.sopron.grozav terrier terier.regiune terrapin broasca testoasa terrestrial pamantean.terminare terminology terminologie terminus terminal termite termita terms of payment conditii de plata ternary ternar terorist terorist terrace terasa terrain teren.come to terms a cadea la invoiala term.oribil terrify a inspaimanta.fitil.al zecelea tenthly in al zecelea rand tenuous micut.text .new testamen Noul Testament testament.posac tetanus tetanos tether pripon.marturie testy tafnos.on good terms a se avea bine cu term.laborant.limita text citat.incercare tenterhook carabina de intindere.on speaking terms care-si vorbesc.teribil.tertiar tessellation pardosire.grozav.artagos terminal cap de linie.termen term of office durata unei functiuni term.mozaicare test proba.extremitate.teroare terrorism terorism.fanete tenure detinere.tent cort.nu sunt certati termagant zgripturoaica.tentacul tentative proba.terminus terminate a sfarsi.testat tester experimentator.a limita termination capat.a atesta testimonial recomandare.

pentru ca.aceea.asadar therefrom de acolo.te.teatral thee iti.aproape de thereafter dupa aceea.se then atunci(pe).teoretic theoretician teoretician theorist teoretician theorize a filozofa.singuri.tesut than ca.textil textile industry industrie textila textual textual.speculatie theory.pe ei/ele.decat thane than.furt their lor theirs al/ai/a/ale lor theism teism them ele.Soarta theatre dramaturgie.nerecunoscator thanks multumiri thanksgiving slujba de multumire.acolo .textbook manual scolar textile tesatura.asadar.teatru theatrical scenic. cu terapeutica therapy terapie there acolo there are exista.acela.in aceasta privinta.apoi.exista there's no comparison nu incape comparatie thereabouts pe acolo.in viitor theocracy teocratie theodolite teodolit theologian teolog theology teologie theorem teorema theoretical speculativ.insele.conte thank a multumi thank you va/iti multumesc thankful recunoscator thankless ingrat.tedeum that care.every now and then din cand in cand thence altundeva.ca that is adica that's enough ajunge.de acolo thenceforth de acum inainte.a specula theory teorie.ii them.dinauntru.lor.aici.literal texture textura.tu theft hotie.tema themselves chiar ei/ele.li.pe tine.de aici therein din ea.pe urma thereby in consecinta therefore de aceea.a se topi the articol hotarat the lot Destinul.a dezgheta.ce se oc.din el.termina cu prostiile thatch stuf thaw dezghet.in theory teoretic vorbind therapeutic terapeutic therapist pers.le.tie.sunt there is este.insisi.pe urma then and there atunci si acolo then.incat.sa.pentru acest motiv.to them dumnealor theme subiect.

acesta.totodata thermal caloric.through thick and thin la bine si la rau thicken a se indesi.tezaur these acestea.dens.ganditor thinness subtirime.des thick.a se ingrosa thickening ingrosare thicket desis thickish destul de dens.setos thirteen treisprezece thirteenth a treisprezecea parte.think through a reconsidera thinker ganditor.grosut thickness grosime.densitate thickset voinic.thereof din acesta.obiect thingumabob zi-i pe nume.al treisprezecelea thirtieth a treizecea parte.through thick and thin la bine si la rau thine ai tai.al treizecelea thirty treizeci this aceasta.a medita think better of it mai gandeste-te! think nothing of a avea o parere proasta think nothing of it a avea o parere proasta think of a se gandi la think out a imagina.termic thermodynamics termodinamica thermonuclear termonuclear thermos termos thermostat termoregulator.termostat thesaurus lexicon.tampit thief hot.din ea.coapsa thimble degetar.ale tale.sete thirsty insetat.des plantat.nesimtitor thickwitted greu de cap.cugetator thinking gandire.slabiciune thinskinned susceptibil.tale.mufa thin uscativ.interogator sub tortura third rate de calitatea a treia thirdly in al treilea rand.talhar thieve a sterpeli.cutare thingummy cutare think a gandi.treime third degree gradul de maestru.in al treilea rand thirst a-i fi sete.la care therewith cu acesta.furt thigh regiune femurala.in the thick of it in miezul problemei thick.a ta.asta this way pe aici .a fura thievery hotie.tau thing lucru.teza thews tendoane.a concepe think over a reflecta think.ta.indesat thickskinned cu pielea groasa.din el thereupon dupa care.al tau.acestia thesis dizertatie.muschi they ei.sensibil third al treilea.a bit thick e prea de tot! thick.ele thick gros.slab thin.

as though de parca.spin thorny spinos.scai thither intr-acolo.by this prin aceasta this.a prospera throat gatlej throaty din gat.torace thorn ghimpe.serb thrash a burdusi.infiorator thrive a se capatui.fir thread one's way a-si croi drum cu greu threadbare jerpelit threat amenintare threaten a ameninta three trei three dimensional stereoscopic.this.ca si cum thought cugetare.prag thrice de trei ori.treieratoare threshold pridvor.tridimensional three ply furnir triplu three times trei ori(de) threefold intreit.ganditor thoughtfulness intelepciune.perfectiune those aceia.acolo thither.gand thoughtful contemplativ.minutios thoroughbred pur-sange.rob.triplu threesome trio threnody bocet thresh a imblati.acelea though cu toate ca.a pulsa.gutural throb a palpita.chinga thorax pieptar.a ciomagi thrash out a clarifica thread ata.de mai multe ori thrift cumpat.mie thousandfold de o mie de ori.dificil thorny problem problema dificila thorough desavarsit.with this cu aceasta thistle ciulin.senzatie thriller film poltist de groaza.gazon.gandire.film/ roman de groaza thrilling emotionant.al miilea.inmiit thousandth a mia parte.a treiera threshing floor arie de treierat threshing machine batoza.gatlej .complet thoroughness caracter aprofundat.tepos.elegant thoroughly cu totul.nepasator thoughtlessness nechibzuinta.pulsatie throe chin sufletesc.nepasare thoughtreader psiholog thousand o mie.grija thoughtless nechibzuit.imbulzeala throttle a sugruma.econom thrill fior.durere chinuitoare thrombosis tromboza throne tron throng a se ingramadi.economie thrifty prosper.hither and thither incoace si incolo thong brau.desi though.o miime thrall a robi.

recul throwing aruncare thrum a zangani. refexiv) tiara diadema.tale.a se impinge thrusting fandare.trasnit thursday joi.fata tick off a bifa. de la thrive) throw azvarli.Joia Mare thus asa.a arunca throw over a parasi un prieten.a stone's throw la o aruncare de bat throwaway afis throwback miscare inapoi.tamaie.te(pron.a arunca throw out a scoate afara.a ticai.furtuna thunderstruck uluit.impingere thud a bufni.furtunos thunderrod paratrasnet thunderstorm vijelie.bilet ticket office casa de bilete(amer) ticking bifare.a cladi in graba.astfel thwack pocni.tunet thunderbolt stire senzationala.tiara tibia tibie tic tic tick dos de perna.degetul mare thumb a lift a folosi autostopul thumb.maree tide over a birui(o greutate) .a contracara thy(fam/poetic) tai.a stimula tidal wave val de flux tidbit bucatica gustoasa.on tick pe credit ticket bon.dril tickle a gadila.a bate toba thrush afta.opunere.gest exprimind multumire thumbscrew menghina thumbtack pioneza thump a inghionti.a minti thunder bubuitura.be through with a termina cu cineva through.bufnitura thug sugrumator.ta.printre through train tren direct through.practica thumb.a puncta tick.under one's thumb la cheremul cuiva thumbs up victorie.a rupe relatiile cu cineva throw up a arunca in sus.a renunta la throw.a ciuguli.tau thyme cimbru.a arunca throw a fight a se lua la bataie throw away azvarli.traznet thundering tunator.infernal thunderous tunator.a lovi thwart zadarnicie.pasaj picant tiddler copilas.fall through a da gres throughout in toate privintele throve prospera (trec.criminal thumb a manui cu stangacie.sturz thrust a vara.through prin.lamaita thyroid glanda tiroida thyself pe tine(insuti/insati).pestisor tide interval de timp.rule of thumb metoda bazata pe estimare.

cronometru timer distribuitor de aprindere.odata time.inclinatie tilt.regulator timeserver oportunist timesheet fisa de pontaj.lemnarie time vreme.for the time being pentru moment time.avar tile olan.densitate tightrope funie bine stransa.sarma pentru echilibristi tights ciorapi pantaloni colanti tightwad zgarcit.in no time cat ai clipi din ochi time.at one time la un moment dat.cateodata time.ciondaneala tigerish fudul.feroce tight etans.low tide reflux tidiness curatenie.rand de lazi.ordine tidings(good) vesti(bune) tidy curatel.just in time la tanc time.high tide flux tide.some time ago acum catva timp.to pass the time of day a trece ziua time-honored venerabil.a sili tie in a concorda tie up a restrange tied nedecis.pontator timeless vesnic timely actual.la acea vreme time.scaune.timid .strat tiff a se imbufna.tide.this time de data asta time.at that time in perioada aceea.solid tight corner ananghie tight.orar timid sperios.to keep good time a merge bine(ceasul) time.foaie de prezenta timetable mersul trenurilor.oportun timepiece ceas(ornic).imbufnare.in time cu timpul time.discret tighten a etansa.legat tiepin ac de cravata tier a fi etajat in amfiteatru.a inclina.a lega tie beam grinda de ancorare tie breaker departajare tie down a lega de maini si de picioare.indesat.at the same time in acelasi timp time.cu putin timp in urma time.timp time clock ceas de pontaj time deposit depunere pe termen time.a se contracta tightness etanseitate.ordonat tidy up a ordona tie cravata.a incorda.at full tilt cu toata forta.in good time in timp util time.sit tight a nu se lasa.tigla till pana la tiller agricultor tilt a apleca.at times uneori.on time la timp time.a sta teapan tight-lipped taciturn.in plin galop timber cherestea.to have a good time a se distra bine time.a se stratifica.secular timekeeper ceasornic exact.

micut tiny bit putintel tip varf.titan titanic titanic tithe zecime.titlu title deed act/titlu de proprietate title page coperta interioara.ca sa to and fro incoace si incolo to him lui to it la chestiunea noastra.referitor la acest lucru .staniu tin foil foita de staniol tin hat(slang) casca militara tin opener deschizator de conserve tin tack cuisor.a dijmui titillate a excita.tinctura tinder iasca tine dinte(de furculita) tinge nuanta.sincronizare timorous timorat.pagina de titlu titration titrare titter chicoteala.dur tinpot baie de cositor.timidity timiditate timing cronometraj.a obosi tired obosit tired.impleti.pana la.voal.culoare tiny mititel.saracacios tinsel beteala.tinta(tapiterie) tincture vopsea.tinichigiu tinkle dangat subtirel tinny care suna metalic.a chicoti tittle bagatela.culoare de cositor.hartie de matase.hartie igienica tissue.otreapa titan soarele(poetic).dezgust tireless fara cauciucuri.a cositori.cauciuc.bacsis.a informa tipple a trage la masea tippler betivan tipsy cherchelit tiptoe varful picioarelor.stofa fina.tiptil tirade tirada tire plictisi.pentru.a gadila titivate a se impopotona title a intitula.oala de tabla.timpan(muz) timpanist timpanist tin cositor.a suna tinker a spoi.a tissue of lies un paienjenis.neobosit tiresome obositor.get tired out a-ti fi lehamite de tiredness surmenaj.plicticos tiring montarea pneurilor tissue a urzi.fricos timpani plural de la timpano.tesatura.sclipitor tinsmith tinichigiu tint a tenta.oboseala.fleac titubation impleticire.a inclina tip off a avertiza.neastampar titular onorific.tesut tissue paper foita.particica.o urzeala de minciuni tit calut.titular tizzy surescitare to catre.pneu.a tenta tingle a zbarnai.in comparatie cu.

semn token money moneda divizionara token.tutun tobacconist tutungiu tocsin clopot/semnal de alarma today azi.laolalta together.. a deduce din datele culese toggle sistem cu parghii cotite.a trage clopotele.bufonerie tommy gun pusca automata Thomson tommyrot baliverne tomograph tomograf tomorrow ziua de maine.tom tomfoolery zburdalnicie..a se alinia la start.a merge greoi / sonticai(a) toddler tanc care incepe sa umble toe a lovi cu varful piciorului.to me mie to us noua to you tie/voua toad broasca raioasa.a trai together.in token of in semn de tolerance toleranta(tehn).impozit tollgate intrarea pe sosele cu taxa tomahawk secure mica a pieilor rosii tomato rosie.toleranta tolerant tolerant tolerate a rabda.a toasta pentru.caramea together impreuna.a se aduna together.toleranta(tehn) toll vama.maine tomtom a bate tam-tamul.canalie toady a adula.paine prajita.a se rumeni.dangat.sunet tone down a se potoli.o mica plimbare.grai tongue in cheek ironic tongue tied amutit.a se trudi toilet gateala.piron togs toale toil truda.deget de la picior toe the line a fi disciplinat toehold loc ingust de pus piciorul toff filfizon toffee acadea.in zilele noastre toddle a invata sa mearga.greu token indiciu.mormant tombstone piatra funerara tomcat motan tome volum.put two and two.tomata tomb cavou.tam-tam ton tona tonal tonal(muz) tonality tonalitate tone ton.get together a reuni.a tolera toleration tolerare.toaleta toilet paper hartie igienica toilsome anevoios.a atenua tone-deaf afon tongs pantaloni(salopeta).a lingusi toast a praji painea.cleste tongue limba.toast toasted prajit.live together a locui impreuna.rumenit toaster prajitor pentru paine tobacco tabac.mut .

cel mai important topography topografie topper tip extraordinar.specie de rechin mic toper betivan topflight de calitatea/mana intai topheavy supraincarcat in partea de sus.sunet(din trompeta) tooth dinte.crestet.actual topicality actualitate topmost cel mai din varf.foarte.excelent top secret strict secret top sergeant sergent major top up a umple pana la refuz top.tongue twister cuvant greu de pronuntat tongue.a chinui torment.be tormented a fi chinuit tormentor lucru chinuitor.tonic tonight asta seara.a torpila .tema topical de interes local.din varf top.invingator top dressing gunoiere la suprafata top hat joben top notch de prim ordin.sweet tooth amator de dulciuri toothache durere de dinti toothbrush periuta de dinti toothcomb pieptene des toothpaste pasta de dinti toothpick scobitoare toothsome gustos tootsy piciorus top varf.a-si pune lacat la gura tonic tonica(muz).ciclon torpedo torpila.de asemenea tool unealta.from the top de sus.caine de mare.torta toreador toreador torment a tortura.mijloc tool along a mana toot a suna din trompeta.on top of deasupra topaz topaz topcoat pardesiu tope a se imbata regulat.joben topple a se rasturna topsoil stratul de sol superior topsyturvy anapoda.cu susul in jos torah carti sfinte ale evreilor torch faclie.titirez top body personaj faimos top dog castigator.torturator torn part.hold one's tongue a-si masura cuvintele.blow one's top a izbucni manios top.noaptea asta tonnage tonaj tonsil amigdala tonsillectomy operatie de amigdalita tonsillitis amigdalita tonsure tonsura too prea. trecut de la tear torn apart sfasiat tornado uragan.gust tooth.instabil topiary horticultura ornamentala topic subiect.

in total in total totalitarian totalitar totality intreg.subred.turistic tourism turism tourist turist.a sifona tout agent de reclama.torpid toropit.cu privire la.cablu tow.catre towards catre.a tortura torturer tortionist.susceptibil tough dur.instabilitate touch down a ateriza.turneu tourney a lua parte la turnir.potop torrential torential.a retusa touch wood(colloq) a bate in lemn(superstitie) touched emotionat.chestiune dubioasa tot total(presc) total deplin.sensibilitate touching miscator.a insuma.nesiguranta.a se clatina tottering care se clatina.win the toss a castiga la sorti tossup chestiune nesigura.turnir tourniquet bandaj de compresie.supus.atingere cu mingea a terenului touch off a face sa explodeze.scrantit touchiness susceptibilitate.calau tory conservator toss a se zvarcoli toss off a face ceva repede.tortura.cuplu de torsiune torrent torent.subrezenie touch a induiosa.trunchi torture cazna.tenacitate toupee mot tour turneu.apt.turnichet tousle a ciufuli.totalitate totalize a totaliza totally cu totul tote a proceda cinstit.solid toughen a solidifica.torsiune torso tors.apatie torque colier de metal rasucit.a transporta totter a fi subred.sa porneasca touch tone dialer disc telefonic touch up a imbunatati usor.a intari toughness duritate.amortit torpidity somnolenta.spre .calator tournament concurs.a remorca.criteriu touchy ultrasensibil.spion tow remorca.capabil.a pipai touch and go situatie indoielnica.apatie torpor somnolenta.referitor la touchstone piatra de incercare.a da pe gat toss up a da cu banul toss.docil.calatorie tour de force tur de forta touring turism.iute torrid torid torsion rasucire.total total revenue venit total total utility folosinta deplina.folosinta totala total.nesigur tottery clatinare.in tow remorcat toward ascultator.

panza de prosop tower turela.mic negustor trading de comert trading arrangement acord comercial trading post centru comercial local.desenator tracer bullet cartus trasor tracery motiv decorativ trachea trahee tracing urmarire.bibelou trace urma.turn towering impozant.blond town urban.tragere tractor tractor trade comert.a ponegri traffic trafic.remorcare tractable maleabil.semet towheaded albinos.negot.traditie traditional traditional.comerciant tradesman meserias.pilon.copiere tracing paper hartie de calc track urma.secretar al primariei town hall primarie town.go to town a actiona rapid townsfolk oraseni township comuna.pista track and field de pista/camp track down a depista track suit trening track.oras town clerk grefier municipal.indiciu tracer urmaritor.circulatie traffic light semafor .lose track of a scapa din vedere track.meserie trade affair tranzactie comerciala trade barrier bariera vamala trade cycle ciclu economic trade in a face comert cu trade loan imprumut comercial trade on a exploata nepriceperea cuiva trade price pret cu ridicata.district toxaemia septicemie toxic toxic toxicity toxicitate toxicology toxicologie toxin toxina toy jucarie.legendar traditionalist traditionalist traduce a defaima.remorcher tracking depistare.intindere traction tractiune.angro trade restrictions restrictii comerciale trade turnover cifra de afaceri comerciala trade wind vant tropical permanent trademark marca fabricii trader vas comercial.oras.keep track of a nu pierde din vedere track.make tracks a se tine dupa tracker politist.avanpost tradition cutuma.towel prosop toweling bataie.docil tractate regiune.

traversare.tragedie tragic tragic.dara.a tescui trance transa.sedativ transact a trata.calificat trainee sportiv care se antreneaza trainer antrenor.tranzactie transceiver transmitator-receptor transcend a trece dincolo de transcendence transcendenta transcendent neobisnuit.a transfera.linie traitor tradator traitorous tradator.tropait.excelent transcribe a transcrie.transformare.rulota.perfid trajectory traiectorie tram fir de matase dublu rasucit.by transfer prin transfer transferability transferabilitate.instructor training antrenament.transmisibilitate transferable negociabil.trafficker negustor(face comert ilicit).trasatura.a instrui train(animals) a dresa(animale) trained antrenat.traficant tragedian autor de tragedii.transfuzie transgress a infrange.a umbla haimana.infractiune transience caracter trecator.transmitere transfiguration transfigurare.transformare transfigure a transfigura transfix a incremeni.efemer transient trecator.extaz tranquil linistit tranquillity liniste tranquillize potoli.linie de tramvai.transferabil transference transferare.a transvaza transfusion transfuzie.scurt transistor tranzistor transit tranzit.remorca train a antrena.dresor.a reproduce transept parte a unei biserici.capcana.tragedian tragedienne tragediana tragedy lucru tragic.funest trail a se tari.a calma tranquillizer tranchilizant.a calca transgression transgresiune.a cutriera trait caracteristica.instruire training college colegiu pedagogic pt profesori training of new recruits instruirea unor noi recruti traipse a vagabonda.transvazare.momire.piedica tramp vagabond.ademenire.grabit.a muta transfer ownership transfer de proprietate transfer payments pretul transferarii fotbalist transfer.trecere .drum lung si obositor.trena trail off a se indeparta incet/tarait trailer planta agatatoare.transept transfer transfer.ocazional.tramvai tramcar tramvai trammel navod.tren.a negocia transaction negociere.a strapunge transform a preface.a transforma.a schimba transformation prefacere.prostituata trample a calca in picioare.schimbare transformer transformator transfuse a face o transfuzie.

chin travel a calatori.transparent transpire a se strecura.a transpira.a traversa travesty travestire.).a schimba transom imposta.a modifica transposition transpunere.navod trawler draga.a pasi.transmitere transmit recere transmitter aparat de emisie.a se infiltra transplant transplant.transport transposal transpunere.melasa treacly de melasa.claritate transparent diafan.comoara.parodie trawl a pescui cu traulul.rutina treason tradare(de tara) treasure a venera.trauler tray copaie.transit camp lagar transition tranzitie.trezorier .gretos de dulce tread umblet.transformare transmute a preface.calator travellers' check cec de calatorie travelogue conferinta cu proiectii.imposta(arhit.calatorie traveller voiajor/ comis voiajor.tava treacherous tradator.inversiune transverse linie transversala.perfidie treacle a unge cu melasa.a transplanta.tradus translation interpretare.traducere translator translator.tezaur treasure ship galion treasure trove comoara gasita treasurer vistiernic.a deporta.a calca treading pasire.a traduce translated interpretat.tranzitoriu translate a interpreta.shut your trap taca-ti gura trapeze trapez trapper vanator(de blanuri) trapping prindere in lat trappings gateli.a transforma.traul.inversiune transpose a transpune.transversal trap.film de calatorii traverse a trece in revista.a muta transplantation transplantare transport a emotiona.trecere transitive tranzitiv transitory vremelnic.calcare treadle a pedala treadmill roata de ocna.transmigratie transmission transmisie.gunoi trashy fara valoare trauma trauma(tism) traumatic traumatic travail truda.a traversa transparency transparenta.a transporta transportation deportare.transmitator transmutation transmutatie.perfid treachery tradare.ramasite.insemne trash rebut.traducator transliterate a transcrie in alt alfabet transliteration transliteratie transmigration metempsihoza.harnasament.

omagiu tribute.cosita.suvita.treasury visterie.a ademeni trepidation trepidatie.la judecata triangle triunghi.tremur tremendous groaznic.fior.a picura.smecherie trickle prelingere.a trepana.proba trial order ordin de prezent.tribunal tribune tribun.clipa trichology tricologie trick festa.tratament treaty tratat treble intreit.ill treat a trata prost.contraventie.hat trick palaria iluzionistului trickery inselatorie.a maltrata treatise volum.echer triangular triunghiular tribal tribal tribe trib.a considera.tulburare trespass a incalca legea.tremolo.taios trend orientare.trifoi trek calatorie.directie trepan trepan.tricou tricycle tricicleta tried incercat.triplu tree copac.abil tricot tricot.a impleti trestle postament.fleac trifle with a glumi cu.piedestal triad element trivalent.a se prelinge.neam tribesman membru al unui trib tribulation mahnire.a-si bate joc de trifling neglijabil.transee trenchant transant.a plati tribut trice a ridica o vela.a tremura tremulous trembling.corect .tratat treatment cura.trezorerie treat ospat.superficial trifurcate trifurcat trig frana.almond tree migdal treetop coroana de copac trefoil trilobat.sarlatan tricky viclean.truc trick up a gati / a orna.delicvent tress coada impletita.tribuna tributary tributar.probat triennial trienal trifle moft.a trata treat.necaz tribunal judecatorie.grozav tremolo tremolo tremor trepidatie.timid trench sant.a se infiltra trickster pisicher.a tremura trembling tremurator/ tremurand.pay tribute a aduce omagiu.a ingriji.triada trial proces penal.drum trellis impletitura din nuiele.a impodobi trick.afluent tribute tribut.tremurator.pom tree.leasa tremble a dardai.delict trespasser contravenient.

a alerga trot out a etala.oportunist trinity trinitate trinity.trap.tanchist troops trupe troopship nava pentru transp.tremolo trillion bilion(amer).captura tropic of cancer Tropicul Cancerului tropic of capricon Tropicul Capricornului tropical tropical.trilion trilogy trilogie trim curatel.the trinity Sfanta Treime trinket breloc.a fredona trolley troleu trollop a merge greoi.arzator tropics tropice trot a merge la trap.trio trip excursie. militar trope trop trophy trofeu.triturare triumph victorie.a merge la trap.transportor blindat trooper politist calare.a da ortul popii . trecut de la tread troglodyte troglodit troika troica troll a rostogoli.trimestru trimmer foarfeca de gradina.excursionist triptych triptic trisect a triseca trite rasuflat triteness platitudine trituration pisare.tertet triplicate triplicat tripod trepied tripper drumet.cocos trigonometry trigonometrie trilateral trilateral trilby laba piciorului.josnicie trodden part.bibelou trio tertet.banal triviality trivialitate.burta triple triplu triplet triplet.calatorie trip hammer ciocan mecanic trip up a prinde cu ocaua mica.trupa troop carrier avion de transport.persoana sleampata trombone trombon troop detasament.trepied trivia fleacuri trivial trivial.a triumfa.ingrijit trimester termen trimestrial.trigger tragaci.triumf triumphant triumfator triumvirate triumvirat trivet pirostrii(la camin).a graseia.palarie trilingual trilingv triliteral din trei litere trill tril.a sui cu pas usor trip wire sarma de prins un animal trip.take a trip a face o excursie tripartite tripartit.trilateral tripe drob.

a nu fi in relatii cu truckle burduf mic de branza.feroce trudge a-si tarai picioarele.a-i merge din plin trumpet trambita.the last trump trambita judecatii de apoi trump.loialitate trotter trapas.suparator troublesome person persoana care cauta conflicte trough albie.blow one's own trumpet a-si face singur reclama.loialitate .trusou trout pastrav trowel paleta.sfarsit truck vagon.banalitate truly devotat trump atu.necaz trouble.mistrie truancy absenta nemotivata.plata in natura.amanta.to play truant a chiuli truce armistitiu.iubit(a) truffle trufa(bot) truism truism.camion.be truant a fi absent nemotivat truant.baiat bun trump.copaie trounce a biciui.baston trundle a face sa se rostogoleasca.a bate troupe trupa(de teatru) trouper companie(de teatru).trompeta trumpet.sosea trunks pantaloni scurti truss maldar.butuc trunk call convorbire interurbana trunk road drum principal.necaz trouble.neplacere.mandatar trustful demn de incredere.a reteza truncheon matraca.troc truck.incredere in trust.in trouble la anaghie trouble.on trust in pastrare trustee tutore.real true.take trouble deranja.a face necazuri trouble.come true a se adeveri trueborn get-beget truelove amant.chiul truant chiulangiu truant.ferocitate truculent agresiv.deranjat troublemaker persoana buclucasa troublesome enervant.rotila(de mobila) trundle bed pat pe rotile trunk trunchi.to turn up trumps a avea noroc porcesc.membru in trupa trousers pantaloni trousseau zestre.fidelitate trustworthiness onestitate.to have no truck with a nu avea legaturi comerciale.ask for trouble a si-o cauta cu lumanarea trouble.troth fidelitate.increzator trustfulness onestitate.serious trouble mare nenorocire.teanc trust crezare.a se fali truncate a trunchia.rotita truckle bed pat pe rotile truculence brutalitate.make trouble a da bataie de cap.a se stradui troubled chinuit.copita trouble a se ingrijora.mers obositor true adevarat.

franc truthfulness veridicitate.boloboc tuna ton(peste) tune arie.out of tune dezacordat.a incerca try.melodie tune in a prinde(un post de radio).tungsten tunic tunica.smucitura tug of war a se lupta(cu) tugboat remorcher tuition invatamant.acordat tune.tubulet tuck cuta.a regla tune.onest trusty devotat.fidel truth veracitate.pliu tuck in a vara.inner tube camera de aer(auto) tubeless fara camera(auto).a acorda tune up a pune la punct.proba tehnica tryst a se intalni.a manca zdravan tuck up a sufleca(manecile) tucker a epuiza.membrana tuning acordare.baie tub thumper orator de balci tuba tuba tubby bondoc tube teava.prost dispus tune.intalnire tub cada.de acord .trustworthy demn de crezare.tevarie tubular tubular tubule teava subtire.tumba tumble down a dobora din zbor.a proba try one's patience a-si incerca rabdarea try out a verifica.fara tub tuber tubercul tubercle tubercul tuberculosis tuberculoza tuberculous tuberculos tubing conducte.to the tune of pana la suma de tuneful melodios.predare tulip lalea tumble cadere.tumult tumultuous tumultos tumulus gorgan.to give it a try a face o incercare trying penibil.tub tube.adevar truthful fidel.saltimbanc tumbril basculanta pentru munitii tumescence umflatura tummy burtica tumour tumoare tumult zarva.muzical tuner acordor tungsten wolfram.proba try on a incerca.tumulus tun a turna/pune in butoi.in tune in ton cu.a istovi tuesday marti tug a remorca.chinuitor tryout concurs de selectie.a rostogoli tumbler pocal.buna credinta try a incerca.

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unaccompanied fara acompaniament;neinsotit unaccountable iresponsabil;inexplicabil;de neinteles unacquainted nefamiliarizat;neobisnuit unadulterated pur unadvised neavizat;neinformat;nesabuit unaffected neafectat;insensibil;natural unalloyed neamestecat;pur;curat unanimous unanim unanimously intr-un glas;unanim(in mod) unanswerable fara raspuns;incontestabil unasked neintrebat;nepoftit unassuming fara pretentii;modest unattached neatasat;nelegat;independent unbalance a se dezechilibra;defect de echilibrare unbalanced dezechilibrat;anormal unbearable de neindurat;insuportabil;intolerabil unbeatable de neinvins;imbatabil unbeaten neinfrant;nebatut unbecoming deplasat;nepotrivit unbeknown necunoscut unbelief incredulitate;necredinta unbelievable nemaipomenit;de necrezut unbeliever necredincios unbelt a descinge;a scoate(cureaua) unbend a se destinde;a se intinde /(a);a indrepta unbidden neinvitat;nerugat;nepoftit;spontan unbind a desface;a desprinde;a dezlega unblushing care nu roseste;cinic;nerusinat unbolt a trage zavorul;a deschide unbosom a revela;a destainui unbounded nelimitat;nemarginit unbroken nespart;intact unburden a usura(constiinta);a descarca uncalled for deplasat;inoportun;inutil uncanny ciudat;straniu unceasing asiduu;neincetat;continuu uncertain incert;nehotarat;nesigur uncertainty incertitudine unchastity infidelitate(a sotiei);lipsa de pudoare uncivil prost crescut;mojic uncivilised necivilizat unclad neimbracat complet unclean soios;murdar uncleanliness impuritate;murdarie unclear confuz;obscur;neclar unclothe a se dezbraca uncomfortable necomfortabil;incomod;jenant;neplacut uncommitted necomis;nefaptuit;liber;independent uncommon neobisnuit;deosebit;rar;remarcabil unconcern nepasare;apatie;indiferenta unconcerned impartial;nepasator;strain;indiferent unconditional neconditionat unconscionable fara scrupule;necumpatat;nerezonabil unconscious fara cunostinta;inconstient;inconstient;lesinat;insensibil uncork a destupa;a dezvalui;a destainui uncouple a decupla;a detasa;a desface uncouth salbatic;greoi;ciudat;grosolan uncover a dezveli;a revela;a descoperi uncovered position pozitie descoperita;pozitie fara aparare unction ungere(ceremonial);balsam;unsoare

unctuous uleios;gras;mieros;unsuros uncut neslefuit;netaiat;brut;intreg undecided nehotarat;nedecis undefended fara aparare;neaparat undemonstrative nedemonstrativ undeniable incontestabil;indiscutabil under age minor under pressure void;sub presiune underact a juca prost(un rol) underarm clandestin;pe furis;ascuns underbid oferta sub pretul pietei undercarriage tren de aterizare;sasiu undercharge a socoti mai putin;incarcatura incompleta underclothes lenjerie undercoat haina/vesta purtata sub palton;puf de blana la animale;strat pro tector undercurrent curent submarin;subinteles undercut a sapa in relief;muschi dorsal;a submina underdeveloped insuficient dezvoltat;subdezvoltat underdeveloped country tara slab dezvoltata economic underdog asuprit;oprimat;persoana/grup invinsa in lupta underdone alb fainos(despre ten);fript insuficient underestimate a subaprecia;a subestima;subevalua underexpose a subexpune underexposure subexpunere underfoot sub picior undergo a fi supus;a suferi(o schimbare);a trece prin;a indura undergraduate student underground ingropat;metrou;subteran;clandestin;ilegal undergrowth pipernicire;subcrestere underhand pe ascuns;secret underlay a pune dedesupt;a se inclina underlie a fi sub;a fundamenta;a sustine underline anunt;a intari;a marca;a sublinia underlying care se afla sub;dedesubtul;de baza;profund;fundamental undermine a submina;a discredita;a sapa underneath de jos;dedesubt;inferior undernourishment subnutritie;subalimentatie underpass pasaj inferior de nivel underpin a propti;a rezema;a sprijini underprivileged defavorizat;oropsit;sarac underrate a subevalua;a subestima underscore a sublinia undersecretary ministru subsecretar de stat undersexed impotent;slab dezvoltat sexual undershirt flanela de corp;maiou undersigned subsemnatul underskirt jupon understaffed cu personal/cadre insuficient understand pasaj inferior de nivel understandable de inteles;inteligibil understanding conventie;inteligenta;intelegere;pricepere understate a declara mai putin;a atenua understatement declaratie incompleta understudy a dubla;dublura undertake a lua asupra sa;a-si asuma;a intreprinde undertaker persoana care intrprinde ceva;antreprenor de pompe funebre undertaking initiativa;intreprindere;actiune undertow curent submarin undervalue a subaprecia;a subevalua

undervest maiou underwear lenjerie de corp underworld antipod;lume interlopa;pleava;infern underwrite a semna;a subscrie;a asigura;a garanta underwriter agent de asigurare undesirable nedorit;inoportun undeveloped inapoiat;nedezvoltat undivided nedivizat;intreg undo a desface;a anula;a distruge undoing ruina;desfiintare;distrugere undoubtedly fara indoiala;hotarat;categoric undress tinuta de casa;neglijeu;a se dezbraca undry divers undue tardiv;inoportun undulate ondulat;a se ondula undulation miscare de teren;miscare ondulatorie;ondulatie undying vesnic;nemuritor unearned income venit ilicit unearth a dezgropa;a descoperi unearthly nepamantesc;ceresc unearthly hour la o ora imposibila uneasy stingherit;nelinistit uneatable necomestibil uneconomical neeconomic unemployed somer;inactiv unemployment somaj unemployment benefit ajutor de somaj unending interminabil;etern unequal inegal;incapabil;neregulat unequivocal neechivoc;precis unerring infailibil uneven fara sot;neegal;accidentat uneven trade comert neregulat;fara baza fixa uneventful fara incidente;linistit unexampled fara egal;unic unexceptional fara exceptie unexpected neprevazut;neasteptat unfailing nedezmintit;inepuizabil;sigur unfair injust;necinstit(despre jocuri);inechitabil unfaithful infidel;neloial;necredincios unfamiliar nefamiliar;necunoscut unfasten a detasa;a dezlega unfavorable neprielnic;nefavorabil unfeeling nesimtitor;insensibil unfetter a descatusa unfinished neispravit;brut;neterminat unfinished goods marfuri nefinisate;nerafinate unfit neconvenabil;impropriu unfold a desfasura spread;a desface unfortunate regretabil;nenorocos unfortunately din nefericire;din pacate unfounded fara temei;neintemeiat unfreeze dezghetat;necongelat unfriendly neprietenos;ostil unfrock a despopi;a raspopi unfurl a arbora;a desface ungainly dizgratios;diform;greoi ungratefulness nerecunostinta;ingratitudine ungrudging larg unguarded nepazit;neaparat;imprudent

unguent unguent unhand a lua mainile de pe;a da drumul unhappiness griji;nefericire;stare nefericita unhappy nefericit;nenorocit unhealthy nesanatos;suferind;bolnav unheard of fara precedent;nemaiauzit unhinge a scoate din tatani;a demonta unholy nelegiuit;profan;grozav unhook a da jos din cui;a deshama unhorse a da jos de pe cal;a deshama caii de la caruta unicorn inorog;unicorn unification unificare unified unificat uniform a uniformiza;regulat;uniform uniformity conformism;regularitate;uniformitate unify a unifica;a uni unilateral unilateral unimpeachable inatacabil;ireprosabil;incontestabil unimportant fara importanta;neinsemnat uninspired neanimat;neinspirat uninterrupted neintrerupt;continuu union uniune;unire;armonie union jack pavilionul britanic unique fara asemanare;unic uniqueness singularitate;unicitate unisex unisex unison unison;armonie unit unitate;intreg unit of account unitate valorica unit price pret incluzand cheltuielile unit trust societ. pt control investitii unitary unitar;omogen unite a unifica;a uni united reunit;unit United Kingdom Regatul Unit(Marea Britanie) unity unire;unitate;armonie universal universal universe univers;cosmos university universitar;universitate unjust neloial;nedrept unkempt nepieptanat;neingrijit unkind lipsit de bunavointa;crud unknown nestiut;necunoscut unkosher interzis din motive religioase unlace a desface unlawful ilicit;ilegal unleaded neplumbuit unleash a dezlega din lant(cainii) unleavened bread paine nedospita unless afara de;numai daca;cu exceptia unlettered incult;ignorant unlikely putin probabil;neverosimil unlimited infinit;nelimitat unlimited liability company companie cu rasp. nelimitata;societate cu rasp.n elimitata unload a debarca;a descarca unloading descarcare unlock a descuia;a dezvalui;a deschide unlooked for neprevazut;neasteptat unlucky nenorocos;ghinionist

unman a dezarma;a lipsi;a descuraja unmanly putin viril;efeminat unmask a demasca unmatched fara egal unmindful neatent;neglijent unmoved impasibil;nemiscat;ferm unnatural nenatural;anormal;fortat unnecessary superfluu;inutil unnerve a vlagui;a speria unoccupied amurea unpick a face curatenia de primavara unpredictable neprevizibil unprejudiced dezinteresat;impartial unpretentiousness modestie;simplitate unprincipled fara principii unproductiveness neproductivitate unqualified incompetent;necalificat unquote a incheia citatul;a inchide ghilimelele unravel descalci;a descurca unreal neautentic;nereal;imaginar unreality himera;fantezie unreasonable nerezonabil;exagerat unreel derula;a desfasura spread unrelenting inflexibil;implacabil unreliable care nu inspira incredere;neserios unremitting necontenit;neintrerupt unrequited nerasplatit;nerecompensat unreserved fara retinere;expansiv unrest ingrijorare;neliniste unripe necopt;crud unrobe a dezbraca rochia unroll a se derula;a desfasura spread unruffled imperturbabil;lins;senin;neted unruly galagios;nesupus;turbulent unsaddle a scoate saua de pe cal;a tranti din sa unsafe riscant;nesigur unsavoury dezagreabil;insipid;dezgustator unsay a retracta unscathed nevatamat unscramble a pune in ordine unscrew a desuruba unscrupulous lipsit de scrupule;fara principii;nerusinat unseemly necuvincios;indecent unseen traducere pe loc text necun. unsettle a tulbura unsettled nestabilit;nehotarat;nedecis unshackle a desface din legaturi;a libera din lanturi unsheathe a scoate din teaca unsheathed scos din teaca unsheathing dezvaluire unship a descarca;a debarca unsightly neplacut la vedere;urat unskilled necalificat;neindemanatic unsolicited nesolicitat;spontan unsolvable nerezolvabil;de nerezolvat unsophisticated naiv;natural;simplu unsound nesanatos;bolnav unstable instabil;schimbator unsteady nestatornic;schimbator unstitch a descoase(o cusatura)

unstop a debloca;a deschide unstuck part. trecut de la unstick unstuck;to come unstuck a se dezlipi;a desface unstudied nestudiat;neinstruit;firesc unsurmountable de netrecut unswerving constant;ferm unsystematic nesistematic untangle a descalci untapped neinceput;nefiletat unthinkable de neconceput;de necrezut unthinking pripit;nesocotit untidiness harababura;dezordine untidy dezordonat;neglijent untie a dezlega;a desface until pana ce;pana la untimeliness caracter prematur;inoportunitate untimely prematur;precoce;inoportun unto catre;spre untold nenumarat;nespus;nesocotit untouchable de neatins;incoruptibil;insensibil untouched neatins;nepasator untoward nesupus;rebel;nenorocit untreated water apa netratata untrue neadevarat;nestatornic;fals untruth neadevar;minciuna untruthful mincinos unusual neobisnuit;extraordinar unvarnished nelacuit;nelustruit unveil a se dezvalui;a da pe fata unwary neprevazator;imprudent unwelcome nedorit;nepoftit unwell indispus;suferind unwholesome insalubru;nesanatos unwieldy incomod;voluminos;greoi unwilling indaratnic;refractar unwillingness rea-vointa;sila unwind descolaci;a dezveli;a desfasura spread unwise lipsit de intelepciune;nechibzuit;nesocotit unwitting fara voie;neintentionat;involuntar unworldly nepamantesc;spiritual unworthy nedemn;josnic unwrap a despacheta;a desface unyoke a elibera up terminat;gata;in sus;sus up against it in fata dificultatilor up and coming intreprinzator;energic up and doing intreprinzator;activ;energic up in la curent;bine informat up the pole beat up to date la zi;la moda;actual;recent up;the road is up drumul e blocat up;time is up e timpul up;what's up ce se petrece? upbeat anacruza(muz.);prima nota a unei compozitii;timp slab upbraid a reprosa;a mustra upbringing educatie;crestere upcheck a vomita update a aduce la zi;a pune la curent;a actualiza;a moderniza updated(to be updated) actualizat;modernizat upend a se ridica

upgrade in rampa;a insanatosi;urcus;a imbunatati upgrading imbunatatire upheaval ridicare de teren;rascoala uphill la deal;la munte;obositor upholster a capitona;a tapisa upholstered capitonat;molipsit upholsterer tapiter upholstery tapiterii upkeep a intretine;a administra;renovare uplift a inalta upmost predominant;superior;deosebit upon pe upon;upon my hohour pe cuvantul meu de onoare upper partea superioara;superior uppercut lovitura de jos in sus uppermost predominant;superior;deosebit uppity infumurare;impertinenta upright vertical;onest;drept uprising rascoala;revolta uproar zarva uproarious zurbagiu;galagios uproot a dezradacina;a eradica upset a rasturna;a tulbura upshot consecinta;concluzie;rezultat upside-down rasturnat;cu susul in jos;dezordonat upstage spre fundul scenei;sfios;timid upstairs la etaj;pe scari;sus upstanding cinstit upstart parvenit;arogant upstream contra curentului;in susul apei upsurge avant;dezvoltare uptight crispat;incordat uptown partea marginala a orasului upward(s) in sus upwards of mai mult de;peste uranium uraniu urban renewal sistematizare urbana urbane politicos urbanity politete urbanization urbanizare urbanize a urbaniza urethra uretra urge indemn;a indemna;impuls urgency persistenta;urgenta urgent imperios;urgent uric uric urinal urinal;plosca urinary urinar urinate a urina urination urinare urine urina urn urna urologist urolog;urologist urology urologie urticaria urticarie uruguay Uruguay us noi;pe noi;noua;ne usable utilizabil;folositor usage folosire;practica;uz use a folosi;intrebuintare;a uza;folos

use up a consuma complet;a ispravi use;its no use n-are rost used folosit;de ocazie used(to) a obisnui sa;deprins sa useful valoros;capabil;folositor usefulness utilitate;rodnicie useless zadarnic;inutil uselessness inutilitate;zadarnicie user utilizator;uzufructar;consumator;toxicoman user's manual ghidul consumatorului usher aprod;plasator usher in a inaugura usherette plasatoare usual uzual;obisnuit usually de obicei usurer camatar usurp a uzurpa usurpation uzurpare usurper uzurpator utensil ustensila;unealta uterine uterin uterus uter utilitarian utilitar;utilitarist utility serviciu public;utilitate utilization utilizare utilize a utiliza utmost efort suprem;extrem utopia utopie utopian utopic utter a rosti;a exprima;total utter obscenities a profera injurii utterance enunt;capat;declaratie utterly absolut uvula omusor vacancy loc gol;post liber;lapsus vacancy job post liber vacant inexpresiv;uituc;vacant vacate anula;a elibera vacation a pleca in concediu;eliberare(a unui post);vacanta(amer) vaccinate a vaccina vaccination vaccin;vaccinare vaccine vaccin vacillate a oscila;a se clatina vacuity absenta;tampenie;loc gol;lapsus vacuous stupid;distrat vacuum void vacuum clean a curata cu aspiratorul vacuum cleaner aspirator vacuum flask termos vagabond a hoinari;vagabond vagary excentricitate;nestatornicie;capriciu vagina teaca(bot);vagin vaginal vaginal vagrancy vagabondaj vague vag;neclar vagueness imprecizie;neclaritate vain orgolios;stupid;zadarnic vain;in vain in zadar vainly din orgoliu;inutil vainness a impodobi cu;desertaciune;inutilitate;zadarnicie

capriciu vanity case pudriera.vagon de marfa acoperit.petic.valorizare valour bravura.sanatos validate a legaliza.avangarda vandal vandal vandalism vandalism vane girueta.a vaporiza vapour abureala.soi various variat varlet netrebnic.variabil variance diversitate.mahmureala.morisca de vant vanguard avangarda vanilla vanilie vanish a se estompa.abur vaporization vaporizare.justificat.valoare.legalitate valise valiza valley vale valorization punere in valoare(culori).valva vamp acompaniament improvizat.a modifica vascular vascular vase vas de flori.vale adio!.variabil variation variatie varicolored multicolor varicose veins inflamate.insipid vapor vapori.a invinge vantage avantaj vantage point pozitie avantajoasa vapid searbad.importanta.a valida validation validare.a pretui.vapori.la revedere! valediction adio.at variance in contradictie variant varianta.abur variable variabila.vampa.viteaz valid valabil.vitejie valuation pretuire.vaza vaseline vaselina vassal vasal .varietate.vale.poseta vanquish a cuceri.legalizare validity validitate.desertaciune.lustru varsity universitate vary diversifica.apreciere.evaporare vaporize a se evapora.cumparaturii.lac.a vernisa.vrajba variance.ramas bun valency valenta(ch) valentine simpatie a cuiva.vene cu varice varied variat variegated multicolor variety diversitate.valcea.evaluare value pret.a evalua value added valoare neta value added tax impozit pe val.trandav varnish a lacui.a disparea vanity masuta de toaleta.felicitare valet a sluji ca valet.diferit.neinsemnat valve lampa de radio.valet valiant valoros.variatie.a petici vampire vampir van autoduba.TVA value added tax(vat) taxa perceputa la cumparari valueless lipsit de valoare.neseriozitate.secatura varmint natarau.avantaj(sport).

vegetal.cripta.veneratie venereal veneric vengeance razbunare vengeance.take the veil a se calugari veiling invaluire.to take.a etala.planta vegetables legume vegetarian vegetarian vegetarianism vegetarianism vegetate a vegeta vegetation vegetatie.furnir.toana velar velar veld savana.on velvet pe roze velvety de catifea.stepa veldt savana.at a venture la risc.aventura venture.vast enorm.ventilatie ventilator ventilator ventricle ventricol ventriloquism ventrilogie ventriloquist ventrilog venture a risca.intins.lauda de sine.stepa velocity viteza velocity of money viteza circulatiei monetare velvet catifea velvet.polipi vehemence vehementa vehement vehement vehicle vehicul vehicular vehicular veil val.a vira vegetable leguma.fanfaronada vd Ziua Victoriei(in Europa) veal carne de vitel vector vector veer a coti.la intamplare .iesire vent.saritura vaulting horse cal(la gimnastica) vaunt a se lauda cu.catifelat venal venal vend a vinde vendetta vendeta vending machine automat vendor vanzator ambulant veneer spoiala.pivnita vault.vast vastness vastitate vat cada.give vent to a lasa sa izbucneasca.a spoi venerable venerabil.vana.speculatie.upon a se razbuna pe vengeful razbunator venial scuzabil venison carne de vanat venom venin venomous veninos vent supapa.voltija.a slobozi ventilation aerisire.usurare.voal veil.rezervor vault bolta.voalare vein nervura.respectabil venerate a venera veneration adoratie.family vault cavou al familiei vaulting boltire...a emaila.

verbal verbatim cuvant cu cuvant verdant verde.semn vestigial cu caracter de vestigiu.vertiginos vertigo vertigo/ ameteala.imbracaminte vet a lecui.prozodie versify a versifica version versiune verso verso versus impotriva.cavitate vespers seara.venue de intalnire.a investi.indiciu.veterinar.ameteala.argou vernal primavaratic verruca neg versatile inconstant.vas vessel.capriciu verve verva very chiar.nestatornicie verse strofa.margine verification dovada.vermiform vermilion a impurpura.contra vertebra.legitim vestibule vestibul.veridic veracity veridicitate veranda veranda verb verb verbal verbal verbalize a verbaliza.veritabil verity adevar.invelis.daunator vermouth vermut vernacular dialect local.portic vestige vestigiu.rosu aprins vermin animale daunatoare.vers versed versat versification versificatie.foarte.sacristie vesture a invesmanta in odajdii.realitate vermiform vermicular.rezidual vestment straie.vecernie vessel ambarcatiune.limba nationala.a trancani verbally oral.paraziti verminous infestat.purpuriu.multilateral versatility multilateralitate.loc de judecata veracious adevarat.true vertebra vertebra mobila vertebrate vertebrate vertex varf.inocent verdict verdict verdigris culoare verde-gri verge a se margini.a examina veteran veteran veterinarian medic veterinar .blood vessels vase de sange vest vesta.vesminte.culme vertiginous ametitor.tinuta vestry epitropie(amer).limita.a imbraca vested invesmantat in odajdii.fals vertebra osul sacru vertebra.extrem de very old batran very small amount extrem de putini bani vesicle vezicula.veridicitate veritable adevarat.verificare verify a dovedi.a verifica verisimilitude verisimilitudine.antreu.veteran.

cale.sticluta viands merinde.fiori vibrant rezonanta vibraphone vibrafon vibrate a oscila.veto.corupt.interdictie.victorie victuals merinde.precaut vigorous robust.with a view to in scopul.nestatornicie victim jertfa.vizor view.incorect viciousness vicii.invingator victorious victorios victory izbanda.vigilenta vigilant vigilent.a se agita vibration oscilatie.vicios.a rivaliza view perspectiva.enervant vexed question chestiune litigioasa.suparator.curajos.jignitor.paroh vicarage casa preotului.a plictisi.la vedere view.veghe vigilance circumspectie.problema controversata via drum.spectator.a palpita.medic veterinar veto a interzice prin veto.priveliste.a ofensa vexation iritare.punct de vedere vigil priveghere.mijloace de trai.represalii victimize a amagi.viciu vice chairman vicepresedinte vice consul vice-consul vice president vice presedinte vice-versa viceversa viceregal vice-regal viceroy vice-rege vicinity preajma.banda/inregistrare video videoterminal terminal video vie concura cu.provizii vide vezi(imperativ) video televiziune(amer).prin viability viabilitate viable viabil viaduct viaduct vial fiola.vibratie vicar preot de tara.vigoare viking Viking .mandatar vice narav.victima(ucisa) victimization persecutie.a vibra.ofensa.vicariat vicarious delegat.veterinary de veterinar.privire view finder dispozitiv de vizare.a sacrifica victor biruitor.in view of in vederea.video video camera camera video video recorder camera video videocassette caseta video videotape a inregistra pe banda video.a supara.viguros vigour eficacitate.inspector viewpoint opinie.hrana vibes freamat.on view expus.a rasuna.victima victim(murdered) persoana asasinata.opozitie vex a irita.a necaji.vecinatate vicious naravas.la vedere view.in vederea viewer cercetator.suparare vexatious sacaitor.vibrafon.ticalosie vicissitude vicisitudine.vitalitate.

otet vineyard podgorie.vizibil vision viziune.energie vinaigrette otet aromatic vindicate a razbuna.vile vulgar.vehement.dezvinovatire.pentru ce virile barbatesc.zgripturoaica viral viral.vascozitate viscount viconte viscous vascos.toxicitate.a justifica vindication ocrotire.viorea violate a incalca.periculos virus virus.puritate virtuosity virtuozitate virtuous virtuos.injosire.revendicare vindictive razbunator vine vita de vie vinegar acreala.viola mare.vie vintage culesul viilor.virgin.intestine viscosity forta de coeziune.ticalosie vim forta.violina violin.microb vis a vis fata de.a viola.a tulbura violation profanare.ticalos.efectiv virtue merit.virotic virgin fecioara.comuna villager satean.priveliste .expresie viscera mate.defaimare vilify a defaima.puritate virgo zodia Fecioarei virgule bara oblica pentru fractii.cast.viza visage figura.brav.virginal virginity virginitate.horned viper vipera cu corn virago barbatoi.fata.violare violence brutalitate.a injosi villa casa la tara.ticalos villainous execrabil.vipera viper.irascibil.pur virulence virulenta.vigoare virtual virtual.virtute.pur virgin forest padure virgina virginal tip de clavecin.vila village sat.spectacol.a reabilita.violent violet culoarea violet violin vioara.furie violent brutal.de fapt virtually in fond.violenta.infam.play the violin a canta la vioara violinist violonist violoncello violoncel viper naparca.viril virility virilitate.taran villain raufacator.cleios vise cleste visibility vizibilitate visible vadit.marsav villainy miselie.viscere.josnic vilification denigrare.justificare.ura virulent virulent.crima.recolta viola toporas.vizavi vis major forta majora visa a viza un pasaport.in principiu.

a anima viviparous vivipar vivisection vivisectie viz videlicet(presc).zgomotos vodka vodca vogue voga.opinie.a anula volatile volatil.urgent vital statistics statistica demografica vitality vitalitate.vocatie.savant.give voice to a da glas la voice.vizita visiting card carte de vizita visitor vizitator visor cozoroc.volitiune volley voleu.moda voice voce.nestatornic volatility volatilitate.nestatornicie volcano vulcan vole soarece de camp volition act de vointa.sprinten vivacity vivacitate.a dojeni vituperation dojana.mustrare viva sa traiasca!.sonor vocalist solist vocal.gol void.vivat! viva voce a examina oral.posibilitate visualize a vizualiza vital vital.glosar vocal vocal.a exprima voice.a vitaliza.vioi vivify a da viata.ura!.protestatar.new vistas scozitate visualization vizualizare.ineficace.presant.null and void nul si neavenit.viziera.mut void nul.a vitrifica vituperate a ocara.liber.inspectie visitation control vamal.anulare viticulture viticultura vitrify a preface in sticla.visionary visator.vizionar.usuratic.vioiciune vitalize vitaliza.a strica vitiation corupere.vivariu vivid insufletit.unanim voiced sonor voiceless fara glas.with one voice intr-un glas.have a voice in a avea un cuvant de spus voice.si anume vizier vizir vizor cozoroc vocabulary lexic.aptitudine vocational profesional vociferous cu gura mare.masca vista panorama.vedere vista.cantaret vocalization vocalizare vocalize a face vocalize.viciere.iluzoriu visit a vizita/inspecta.prin viu grai.viu.a anima vitamin vitamina vitiate a vicia.oral vivacious vivace.vioiciune vivarium acvariu.salva volleyball volei volt schiva(scrima).a vocaliza vocation menire.volta voltage voltaj .volt.intens.vizita.vocabular.

votant votive dedicatoriu.vultur vulva vulva wad a tampona.croaziera voyager calator pe mare voyeur maniac sexual vulcanize a vulcaniza vulgar ordinar.boare.volte face intoarcere imprejur voluble volubil.spontan.vartej votary adorator.a se clatina waggon furgoneta.mucalit.fluent volume amploare.consacrat vouch a garanta.a vomita vomiting vomitat.a exprima volunteering voluntar.a purta wag a da din coada.senzual voluptuous voluptos.garant.leganare.dovada vouchsafe a binevoi sa acorde.mojicie vulgarity vulgaritate.caraus .dat din coada waggish amuzant.mojicie vulgarize a degrada.glumet waggle a se batai.caruta waggoner carutas.trivialitate.magician voracious vorace.legamant.voluptos.vomitiv voodoo credinta in farmece.vulgar.voluntar volunteer a indrazni sa spuna ceva.tampon wadding captusire.a sovai wage plata saptamanala wage cost total salarii pentru muncitori wage differentiation diferentierea salariilor wage earner salariat wage policy politica privind salarizarea wage regulation reglementarea salariilor wager a paria pe.a se balaci wafer napolitana waft a adia.comun vulgar fraction fractie ordinara vulgar latin latina vulgara vulgarism vulgaritate.a afirma voucher martor.siret vulture pasare de prada.rapacitate vortex valtoare.partizan vote scrutin.a confirma.alegator voters votanti voting votare.a jura vowel vocala voyage calatorie.vot voter votant.inrolare voluptuary epicurean.voluminos voluntary benevol.pariu wagging clatinat.vata waddle mers clatinat wade a-si face drum prin apa.volum voluminous gros.a garanta vow juramant. greu.lacom voracity voracitate.voluntar.plutire.a vulgariza vulnerability vulnerabilitate vulnerable vulnerabil vulpine ca vulpea.senzual vomit a varsa.

a hoinari walk out mers pe jos.a reusi wanness paloare want a avea nevoie de.voluminos wallow a se indopa.greva walks of life ocupatii.nuia wander a vorbi fara sir.jelire.a face curte.expectativa.asteptare wait at table a servi la masa wait on a sluji.ratacitor wanderlust dor de duca wane a descreste(luna).enorm.waggoner.at war with in razboi cu war.nuc.insomnie waken a trezi.camera waitress chelnerita waive a renunta la waiver renuntare(declaratie de) wake a destepta.drive up the wall a incolti walled zidit.in the wake of ca rezultat.veghe.a pocni walloping leganare.on the wagon care nu mai vrea sa bea wagoner carutas wagtail codobatura.a se starni.profesii wall.the waggoner Carul(Ursa Mare) wagon furgoneta.asfintit.lambriu waist corsaj.plecare de la o intrunire.palid wand bagheta.declin.a starni walk a umbla.wait for a astepta waiter chelner waiting room sala de asteptare.lupta war clouds atmosfera de razboi war.tapet walnut lemn de nuc.balaceala wallpaper a tapeta.talie waistcoat vesta waistline linia taliei wait a asista la.a vrea want ad publicitate wanton jucaus.plangaret wainscot a lambrisa.panel.a rataci wanderer pribeag.fortificat wallet mapa de piele.caruta wagon.hoinar wandering pribegie.bocet.tavaleala.a valsa wan pal.zburdalnic wantonness zgomot war razboi.vergea.a se trezi wake up a se trezi wake.a face greva.a scadea wangle a trage pe sfoara.a urla wailing tanguitor.umblet.a iesi.nuca walrus morsa waltz vals.a burdusi.in urma wakefulness nesomn.pribeag wail a hohoti.ratacire.a servi wait.tug of war lupta cu otgonul(sport) .a astepta.portofel wallop a clocoti.tarfa waif copil al nimanui.a dori.plimbare walk out on a parasi la greu(pe cineva) walking papers concediere walking stick baston walkout iesire dintr-o organizatie.

cantec ward cartier.avertizare warrant procura.spalare wash away a curata.irosit.to wash one's hands a se spala pe maini washable lavabil washbasin chiuveta.apos wasp viespe waspish ca de viespe.spalare washroom toaleta(in public) washtub cada washy diluat.risipa .lighean washed out decolorat washing spalat washing machine masina de spalat washing up spalatul vaselor washout amanare.nu te cred wash.a para warden custode.a irosi waste away a se topi vazand cu ochii waste of energy risipa de energie waste.subtire.incalzit warmth caldura.artagos wastage pierdere.a se cheltui wasted cheltuit.binevoitor warming incalzire.motiv. de la be) wash a curata.prevedere warlock vrajitor(basme) warlord dictator militar warm a incalzi.a incalzi warmhearted cordial.ceramica warehouse a depozita.cordial.justificare warrant issue mandat de perchezitie warrantee imputernicit warranty garantie scrisa.go to waste a fi irosit.a preveni warn off a tine la distanta amenintind warned avertizat warning alarma.mandat.garderoba ware articole.sectie.precaut was era (trec.straja wardrobe sifonier.scurgere waste a deteriora.cald.tril.pasiune warn instiinta.pavilion ward heeler agent electoral ward off a respinge.permis warren crescatorie de iepuri de casa warship nava de razboi wart neg wary prudent.a susura.spalare wash hair a spala pe cap wash up a arunca pe tarm.depozit warfare razboi.it will not wash nu iese la spalat.war.risipitor wastefulness extravaganta.a pierde.placut warm blooded cu sange cald.a spala vasele wash.war time in timp de razboi warble a ciripi.aprins.cordialitate.administrator warder paznic de inchisoare.pasionat warm up a inviora atmosfera.a spala.lupta warhead focos wariness precautie.a spala.risipit wasteful extravagant.nu se ia.

din ceara waxwork figurina de ceara waxy ca de ceara way drum.plastilina.paza.deteriorare wastrel cheltuitor watch a pandi.apa.la necaz water.atentie.uzina de apa watery fluid.get into hot water a da de dracul water.apos watt watt wattle barbie.impletitura din nuiele.parola water apa.inghetata de fructe water lily nufar water logged cufundat in apa.a uda water bed saltea de cauciuc umpl.a ezita. cu apa water closet WC.apos watering can stropitoare waterman locuitor de pe malul unei ape.wastepaper maculatura wasting irosire.torent.a tremura waverer persoana sovaitoare waving fluturare.nasturel water down a indoi cu apa water heater boiler water ice gheata de apa.stop watch cronometru watchdog caine de paza watchful vigilent.ondulat wax ceara.atent watchfulness vigilenta watchmaker ceasornicar watchman paznic watchword lozinca.fel way of life fel de viata .a veghea.ceas.unda.make water a urina water.umed.imbibat de apa water main conducta principala de apa water polo polo pe apa water purification plant centrala de tratare a apei water rate taxa municipala pentru apa water supply alimentare cu apa water table panza freatica water wings colaci pentru incepatori natatie water.a rezista water.val wave aside a nu se sinchisi de wavelenghth lungime de unda waver a oscila.barcagiu watermelon pepene verde waterproof impermeabil watershed cumpana apelor waterspout jgheab watertight etans.cascada wateriness abundenta de apa.water table sant pentru evacuarea apei waterfall ploaie.a spori wax paper hartie cerata waxen ceruit.impecabil waterworks sistem hidraulic.unduitor wavy de forma valurilor.umiditate.cioc wave a flutura.paznic watch.closet water colour acuarele water cress macris de balta.a umezi.hold water a tine.in deep water la stramtoare.risipa.

incapatanare we noi weak neputincios.a uza wear and tear uzura wear away a eroda.sovaielnic weakling debil.indaratnic waywardness rautate.produs wedged blocat wedlock cununie .a acosta wayside marginea drumului wayward capricios.a strica.on the way pe calea spre.pe punctul de a way.way station halta way.a obosi.a se marita wedding nunta.bronzat weather proof impermeabil weather vane om inconstant.prosper wean a intarca weapon arma weaponry armament wear a fi imbracat/incaltat cu.a slabi weakening potolire.to have one's own way a face ce vrea waybill fraht.in the way in drum way.infirm weakness neputinta.under the weather care nu se simte bine weathercock sfarleaza de vant weatherman meteorolog weave a tese.sfarleaza de vant weather.in calea cuiva way.tesatura de chingi wed a cununa.apropo way.sila wearing out uzura wearisome monoton.atenuare weakkneed cu genunchi subrezi.slab weaken a micsora.to get in the way a sta in drum.pay one's way a-si plati strict cheltuielile way.slabiciune wealth bogatie.sub nici o forma way.nuptial wedding ring verigheta wedge a fixa cu o pana.palmat webbing chingi.a reduce.slabanog weakly sovaitor.lista de calatori wayfarer drumet waylay a pandi.right of way prioritate way.a pune la cale.avere wealthy bagat.a uza wear down a eroda.in a way intr-un fel way.obositor weary trudit.by the way in drum.no way da' de unde!.a uza wear off a inlatura.a lega weaver tesator web panza de paianjen web footed cu picioare/labe palmate webbed membranat.a prinde in cursa.plictisitor weasel nevastuica weather beaten calit.a atenua wear out a purta pana se strica.pana.in a bad way a-i merge prost way.a purta.a istovi wearable erodabil weariness oboseala.otelit.slabire.

fantana.de asemenea well.prosper well-done bine fript(carne) well-equipped bine echipat well-found cu cunostinte temeinice well-founded intemeiat well-heeled avut well-known renumit.a ura bun-venit.cantarit weight pondere.bunastare.a se balaci.prosperitate well bine.get well a se insanatosi well-being bunastare well-born de familie buna well-built bine facut/cladit well-connected cu relatii well-disposed bine aranjat.evalua weigh anchor a ridica ancora weigh down a impovara.important weir stavilar.a prasi.vels welter a se zbuciuma.a plivi week saptamana week in/ week out saptamani in sir weekday zi de lucru weekend sfarsit de saptamana weekly saptamanal weep a plange weep bitterly a varsa lacrimi amare weeper plangacios.bogat well-worn ros.a incovoia weigh in with a interveni cu weighbridge pod-bascula weighing cantarire.povara.zapaceala wench fetiscana.greutate weight lifting haltere weighted impovarat weighty greu la cantar.taranca wend one's way a merge agale .cult well-spoken bun de gura.haos.sonda well off instarit well.buruiana.to bide a wee a mai sta putin weed balarie.batatura weigh a se cantari.a plivi weed out a curata de.care vorbeste corect well-timed oportun well-to-do cu stare.multumitor.binevoitor well-doing cumsecade.mititel wee.inlacramat.straniu welcome a intampina cu bucurie.vestit well-meaning bine intentionat well-oiled pilit.zagaz weird ciudat.as well as ca si well.plangacios weepy plangacios weevil gargarita weft tesatura.uzat wellspring izvor nesecat welsh galez.influent.beat well-read citit.a saluta welfare asistenta sociala.bocitoare weeping planset.wednesday miercuri wee a face pipi.as well la fel de bine.

astmatic whelk melc de mare whelp copil prost crescut.orice wheat grau wheedle a flata.film western.tacanit wept plangea.nimicuri whatsoever indiferent de ceea ce.sleit whacking cotonageala whacky tacanit whale balena whaler baleniera.in clipa care.spre vest western de/din vest.pe unde. trec.cu ce whereof din ce anume whereon la care whereupon atunci.pui.ud.umiditate whacked frant de oboseala.oricare.a lingusi wheel invartire.sofer wheel-deal comportament de afacerist.plans(trec. de la weep) were erau (trec.occidental westernize a occidentaliza westward cu directie vestica wet ploios.a uda wet blanket pers. agresiv wheelwright rotar wheeze a horcai. care strica o petrecere wet nurse doica wet one's whistle a-si drege gatlejul cu un pahar wet paint vopsea proaspat aplicata wetness umezeala. de la be) werewolf varcolac west vestic.know what's what a cunoaste situatia.in timp ce whereby pe ce cale.pe cand whence de unde whenever cand anume.resedinta whereas avand in vedere ca.oricand where incotro.ce fel?.dupa care.oricare.la care wherever indiferent unde.unde whereabouts cam/pe unde.orice whatnot etajera pentru bibelouri.comportament agresiv wheelbarrow roaba wheeler dealer persoana cu comport.went awry s-a strambat.oriunde whet a ascuti.at the wheel la volan.vestic westerner apusean.pe cata vreme.vest.roata wheel chair scaun pe rotile wheel.ascutire.a respira greu wheezy suierator.pentru ce wherein unde.in ce scop? what of it ce zici de asta? what.cum? what for de ce?.ce?.ptiu! whey zer .a se pricepe whatever indiferent de ceea ce.pici when cand.a atata whether daca whetting ascutire.vanator de balene wharf debarcader what care?.stimulare whew ei poftim!. si part.apus westerly de vest.occidental.in timp ce.cum wherefore de ce.

miscare repede.a bazai.oricare whiff inhalare.a zbarnai who acela care.rasucire whipping boy tap ispasitor whippy nerusinat whirl invartire.fluier.vifor whirr zumzai.pe cine .cine.pe cine.puritate whitening albire.palid.soapta.a sopti.scheunat.ce anume.unde whittle a subtia.fantezie whine a se vaicari.boare.a suiera.onest.after a while dupa un timp while.valtoare whirlwind tromba.pe care who is he cine e el whodunit film politist whoever oricine.strop whit.obiect de prisos white hair par carunt white hope slaba speranta whiten inalbi.a scutura whiskers favoriti.crema alba.pe cand.desi.blow the whistle a sufla din fluier whistling fluierat whit pic.a varui.bazait.acela care.in timp ce while the time away a-si trece timpul while.ciudatenie.worth one's while a merita whilst cat timp.a ciopli whittle down a reduce treptat(preturi) whizz a suiera.a smulge din mana cuiva.a invarti whirlpool volbura.cine.smiorcai.vopsea alba whites imbracaminte alba(sport) whitewash a spoi.biciuire.a scanci whimsical capricios.nechezat whip cravasa.pe cata vreme.a biciui whip hand mana dreapta whip round a se rasuci repede whip up a face rost de.a albi.bici.a incita whiplash lovit de bici.pe cata vreme.pe cand.desi.a fluiera whistle.ssst! whistle fluieratura.in timp ce whim toana.a spoi whiteness albeata.pe care whichever care.care.bizar whimsy umor straniu.murmur whisper.mustati(pisica) whiskey whisky whisper a mumura.a scanci whinny a necheza.suierat.albie whither incotro.not a whit deloc white alb.pe care.a scheuna.rotire.soptit whist joc de carti.a musamaliza whitewasher zugrav whitey om alb.a roti.sfichi(de bici) whipped cream frisca whippersnapper increzut whippet ogar de curse whipping infrangere.pur white elephant cadou stanjenitor.which care.exchange whispers a barfi whispering sopotitor.capriciu whimper scancet.zumzait whisk pamatuf.adiere while cat timp.

al whosoever toti cei care.truc .whole tot.ale carui/carei.pe care whoop chiot.total.run wild a inebuni.oricine why dar de ce.tarfa whoredom prostitutie.desfrau whorehouse bordel whose a.extindere widespread raspandit.pisica salbatica wilderness salbaticie.pana departe.dezordine wile viclesug.a cui?.larg.primitiv wild about nebun dupa wild goose chase vanatoare de gaste salbatice wild.convulsiv whore desfranata.in general whole-heartedly din toata inima wholehearted din toata inima wholemeal faina integrala wholeness deplinatate.considerabil widen a lati.on the whole pana la urma.a largi widening largire.angro wholesaler angrosist wholesome nutritiv.a ocoli widely la mare departare.sotie wife.a agita wild salbatic.pretutindeni wide.a se inrai.a conduce wife nevasta.de ce.far and wide in lung si in lat.foc mistuitor wildfire(spread like wildfire) a se raspandi cu iuteala wildlife natura salbatica wildness salbaticie.strigat(de bucurie).strigat de lupta whoop it up face lata.ai.intins widow vaduva widower vaduv widowhood vaduvie width latime.ghiseu wicket keeper portar(la jocul de cricket) wide lat.give a wide berth to a se tine departe de.pustietate.my wife sotia mea wig peruca wiggle a misca.plenitudine.rau wickedness rautate.deschis wide awake treaz de-a binelea wide knowledge cunostinte vaste wide open larg deschis wide.ticalosie wicker ramura de salcie.a se salbatici wildcat intreprindere riscanta.pe cine.firesc wholly in intregime whom cui.a o whooping cough tuse convulsiva whopping care striga.violenta.nuia wicket portita.go the whole hog a duce ceva pana la capat whole.pustietate wildfire foc grecesc.totalitate wholesale vanzare cu ridicata.make wild a salbatici wild.sanatos.largime wield a manui.intreg.fitil wicked netrebnic.pentru ce wick muc.complet whole wheat grau integral whole.

gata willingly de buna voie.betivan winegrower viticultor .invartit.a convinge wince tresarire.are sa.sinuos.siretenie will ai sa.veti.a castiga win over a castiga de partea sa.val win a izbandi.a speria wind.ghiveci windowsill pervaz windpipe trahee windscreen parbriz windscreen-wiper stergator(auto) windshield aparatoare de vant.pofta.vei.paravant windsurfer practicant al windsurfing-ului windsurfing plansa cu vele.bucuros.succes.troliu wind a suna din corn.a coti.a se ofili wilting care lancezeste.anemometru wind instrument instrument de suflat wind tunnel tunel aerodinamic wind up a rasuci.a invarti wind.surf windward contra vantului.plutind pe crestele valurilor.a se cutremura.troliu windmill moara de vant.partea expusa in vant windy vantos.o sa.la vant wind.put the wind up a inspaimanta.fior winch mulineta.victorie.suflat din corn.indaratnic wiliness viclenie.vointa.directie in vant.suplu willy-nilly de voie de nevoie.vant.rasucit windiness caracter furtunos winding serpuit.a castiga win out a triumfa.neserios wine vin wine press teasc de struguri winebibber bautor de vin.in the wind se pregateste ceva.before the wind la aer.suflu wind gauge anemograf.in aer wind.giulgiu winding(of thread) bobinare a fibrei windlass vinci de ancora.indaratnic willfulness premeditare.parbriz(amer).get wind of a mirosi ceva.curent.up wind vant puternic windbag burduf de cimpoi.broboada.vinci.gura sparta.spontan willingness bunavointa.dorinta will be va fi will power puterea vointei willful intentionat.aveti sa.incapatanare willing dispus.a se da inapoi.a se rasuci.ofilire wily siret wimple a acoperi cu un val.cotitura winding sheet lintoliu.rezervor de aer windbreak paravant windbreaker hanorac windcheater hanorac winded cotit.a suspecta wind.vitrina window display expunere in vitrina window-dressing reclama atragatoare windowbox jardiniera.wilful intentionat.vrand nevrand wilt a lancezi.consimtire willow salcie rachita willowy mladios.vor.motor eolian window fereastra.

prosop wiping racletare.a sterge wipe off a scapa de.stergere wire a cupla.nostalgie.a freca.flanc wing.a visa la wishbone osul iades(pasari) wishful insetat.a face cu ochiul wink.a retrage .decisiv winnow a selecta.searbad wisp legatura.atent la el.serios.reverie wit duh.persoana care trage sforile wiriness sarmozitate wiring instalatie electrica.telegrama wire tapping interceptarea conv.a bobina.vanos wisdom intelepciune.increzut wisecrack banc.cu gust/miros de vin wipe curata.melancolic wistfulness dor.a vraji witch hunt vanatoare de vrajitoare witchcraft farmece.sarma.forty winks pui de somn winkle melc de mare(scoica) winkle out a scoate la lumina(adevarul) winner castigator winning castigator.captivant.prin radio wirepuller papusar.manunchi.clipire.maniera.fel wise.fara fir.a spulbera.inteligenta wit.spirit.a vantura.vorba de duh wish a ura.conexiune wiry sarmos.vrajitorie.a fi informat wiseacre pedant(peiorativ).cu el.urare.a verifica winter iarna winter.smoc wistful nostalgic.la el with pleasure cu placere with this cu aceasta withdraw a lua inapoi.judecata wise intelept.biruitor.a rade wipe the floor with a da cu cineva de pamant wiper stergator.vraja with alaturi de.a dori wish for a-si dori.clipita.nesemnificativ.cu.vraja witchdoctor vraci witchery farmece.vrajitorie.in grija.at one's wits end a nu mai sti ce sa faca witch vrajitoare.traseu de linie. telefonice wirecutters cleste de taiat sarma wireless de radio.a sterge wipe out a nimici.a licari wink at a clipi la.become wise a deveni mai intelept.rece winy ca vinul.winery vinarie wing aripa.iluzii wishy-washy fad.privitor la with child insarcinata with him asupra lui.on the wing in zbor(pasari) wings culise wingspan anvergura aripii wink a clipi.dornic wishful thinking ganduri desarte.a vrea.visator.green winter fara zapada wintercoat palton winterize a adapta la conditii de iarna wintry glacial.

out of the woods in afara afacerii wood-working industry industria lemnului woodbine caprifoi(bot). trecut de la withdraw withdrew trecut de la withdraw wither a vesteji.cry wolf a da o alarma falsa wolverene polifag american wolverine polifag american woman femeie woman soldier femeie soldat womanish femeiesc womanize a alerga dupa femei womanizer fustangiu womankind neamul femeiesc womanly femeiesc womb uter women femei.fara without fail negresit.it goes without saying nu mai e nevoie sa spunem withstand a se opune la witless prost witness martor witness box banca martorilor witness.uscaciune withering care vestejeste withhold a retine.deprins wonted ordinar woo a face curte wood padure.a usca withered atrofie.minunat wonky care se clatina wont obisnuit cu.a se minuna.ingenios witty.vorba de duh wittingly cu stiinta.minune wonderful minunat.a ofili.planta volubila woodchuck marmota woodcut gravura in lemn wooden de lemn.be witty a fi spiritual.a schiopata wobbly nestabil woe calamitate woe is me saracul de mine.femei women's lib miscare feminista womenfolk femeile din familie.do without a nu avea nevoie de.mirat wondrous fermecator.codru wood wind instrument muzical pt suflat wood.intentionat witty spiritual.in interior within reach la indemana without in afara.zeflemisitor.orice-ar fi without.neamul femeiesc won trecut de la win wonder a se intreba.a interzice within cuprins in.fara expresie .uscat wobble a se impletici.a se lipsi de without.withdrawn part.bear witness a depune marturie witticism cuvant de spirit.a da din coada.extraordinar wondering surprins.magician wizened ofilit.vai mie woeful trist wolf lup wolf.ingenios wizard vrajitor.

to take him at his word a crede pe cuvant wordiness prolixitate wording formulare wordplay joc de cuvinte wordprocessor procesor de cuvinte words vorbe wordy prolix wore trecut de la wear work opera.in one word pe scurt word.to break one's word a-si trada cuvantul word.muncitor working capital fond de rulment working hours ore de munca workman muncitor workmanlike lucru iscusit workmanship dibacie.to give one's word a-si da cuvantul word.mondial world trade comert mondial world wide in toata lumea world.out of this world extraordinar world.on top of the world in culmea fericirii world.a redacta word processing prelucrare de text word processor program care prelucreaza text word.casa de lemn woodenheaded cap de lemn woodland tinut paduros woodlark ciocarlie de padure woodpecker ciocanitoare woods padure woodsman padurar woody impadurit wooer amorez wooing care face curte.wooden house baraca.vorba.lanos woozy confuz word cuvant.munca work of art opera de arta work off a se debarasa de work out a sfarsi work overtime munca suplimentara work permit permis de munca work up a se stradui work.the new world lumea noua .man of his word om de cuvant word.comision world lume.iscusinta workout a reprezenta workshop atelier.to work up to a pregati terenul.curtenitor wool lana woollen de lana woollens articole de lana woolliness aspect confuz woolly de lana.a studia temeinic workable realizabil workaday de toata ziua.set to work on a se apuca de lucru work.prozaic workaholic care munceste excesiv de mult workbook caiet de exercitii worker muncitor workhouse azil de saraci working legat de munca.

a forta wrest a denatura.infasurare wrath manie wrathful furios la culme wreak a multumi.a starui worse mai rau worsen a inrautati.materialist.the old world lumea veche world.vai!(pop) wrack distrugere wraith fantoma.va.sal wrap up a invalui.purtat.a infasura wreck epava.a se fofila.trecut de la wear.as.rana wound.vei.to think the world of a iubi nespus worldliness desertaciune lumeasca worldly temporal.suparat worrisome ingrijorat.cearta wrap a impacheta.vierme worm gear angrenaj cu melc worm oneself a se furisa wormwood amaraciune.voi.cult.vom.at worst mai rau worsted fire de lana pieptanata worth care valoreaza.ati.pelin wormy viermanos worn part.nelinistit worry at a persista asupra.demn worthy of demn de would ai.uzat worn out uzat pana la fibra worried necajit.a se certa.a sabota wreckage epava wrecker dusman ascuns wren pantarus wrench cheie(scula).veti.entorsa.pretins wound a rani.a venera worshipper adorator worst cel/cea mai rau/rea worst.naufragiu.a avaria.world.terestru worldly wise avand experienta lumii worm a smulge un secret.a ascunde wrap.(exprima dorinta) would-be asa-zis.be wrapped a fi ascuns wrapped up in a fi absorbit wrapper ambalaj.lupta .a smulge wrestle a se lupta(cu) wrestler luptator(sportiv) wrestling tranta.invelis wrapping impachetare.ghirlanda wreathe a incununa.be wounded a fi ranit wounded ranit wow! ce minune!.broboada.spectru wrangle disputa.for all one's worth a face tot posibilul worthily demn worthless bun de nimic worthwhile care merita osteneala worthy vrednic.ar.valorand worth it a merita worth.a potoli wreak vengeance a se razbuna pe wreath rotocol.a agrava worship adoratie.

rau wrong.incorect.a lauda writer scriitor.furios wrought fier forjat x-mas Craciun x-ray a expune la raze X.a radiografia x-ray examination radioscopie xenophobia xenofobie xerox fotocopiator.go wrong a merge rau.basm. de la write) wroth manios. trec.a se zvarcoli wriggle out of a se eschiva wring a suci.a latra yard curte.ambarcatiune yawn a se deschide.a copia write up a descrie amanuntit.a tanji yeast ferment.plamadeala yell a zbiera.nelegiuit wrongheaded capos.vinovat wrongful culpabil.drojdie yeast cake calup de drojdie.poveste yaw viraj.every year in fiecare an yearbook anuar yearlong care dureaza un an yearly anual yearly income venit anual yearn a duce dorul.iard( cm) yardstick rigla lunga de un yard yarn fir textil.plisat wrist incheietura mainii wrist watch ceas de mana writ act judiciar.a serpui.a scrie.a urla yellow galben yellowish galbiu.scriere write down a nota write off a sterge o datorie write out a transcrie. de la write) wrong eronat.a casca yeah da year an year in year out an de an year.scriere writ(holy writ) Sfanta Scriptura write a compune muzica.a fotocopia xylophone xilofon yacht iaht yak iac.palavrageala yam dioscoree.intorsatura proasta wrongdoer raufacator.in writing in scris written scris(part.autor writhe a se chirci(de durere) writing scriere writing desk pupitru de scris writing.galbui .mizerie wriggle a se suci.a strange wrinkle rid wrinkled ridat.perseverent wrote scria (trec.cartof yank a alerga incoace si incolo yap a hamai.wretched mizerabil wretchedness stare nenorocita.

with young gravida youngish tinerel youngster baietandru your dumitale.singur yourselves va.a voastra.yellowy galbui yelp a hamai.ale voastre yourself insati.voastre yours al tau.tu you all voi toti you are welcome fiti bineveniti you'll you will (tu vei) you're you are (tu esti) you've you have (voi aveti) young tanar.tanar yowl urlet.tai.mojic yolk galbenus de ou.taran liber yep da yes da yesterday ieri yesteryear anul trecut yet in afara de aceasta.a latra yen ien yeoman razes.nou.ai vostri.al vostru.te.devotat zebra zebra zenith zenit zephyr zefir zero hour ora zero zest suc de lamaie zestful savuros.acolo yore(of yore) de altadata you voi.tale.as yet pana acum yew tisa.inca yet.tu insuti.tinerete youthful tineresc.voastra.singuri youth tineret.zel zealot zelot.dumneavoastra.fanatic zealous zelos.ta.a produce yob golan yodel cantec tirolez yoga yoga yoghurt iaurt yogi yoghin yoke atelaj.ale tale.mic young girl tanara young lion pui de leu young man tanar young.a urla yule Craciun yummy delicios yuppie tanar zany bufon zeal fervoare.ulcior yiddish idis yield a renunta la.a ta.tu insati.miez yon acela yonder cel de colo.vostru.picant zigzag zigzag zinc zinc zinnia zinnia(planta mexicana) .jug yokel badaran.voi insiva.vostri.tau.ai tai.

tencuiala de gips. a cere.energic zither citera.a bazai zucchini dovlecel keying (cstr) imbinare cu pene. a reclama despatch. imbinare cu pene undue necuvenit. strat keying calare.) a dispec eriza slurry vopsea. impanare. furnal .suierat zip fastener fermoar zipper fermoar zippy activ. inoportun. (man) inexigibil (despre pla ta). a necesita. (tehn.fermoar. exagerat. care nu este scadent. dispatch a termina repede. pasta blast furnance cuptor inalt. (mas) calare. (mas-un) necorespunzator demand cerere. a expedia.sector zoo gradina zoologica zoological zoologic zoologist zoolog zoology zoologie zoom a zumzai.zionism sionism zip cod postal(USA).titera zodiac zodiac zombie strigoi zone zona. a tencui. a trimite. (tele) dip coat strat (de acoperire) obtinut prin cufundare/imersiune stucco stuc. impanare. nepotrivit.

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