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Ets ANITHd SNVS "THANON WT ALN AGOHLAN VI 1 one (oon First Lesson ana parte Peete 1 — You're an ercellont dector. — Thank you, you're very poll 2— This is my brother John. — Hello, I'm David 8 — Oh dear, we're late again 4 — Iisn't my fault. There fan’t a clock in my house. (1) 5 — This isn't very aitficult. — Not at all, t's exsy. (2) 6 — She isn't very pretty. — No, but she's kind 7— I'm sure this is our house. — No, it tart (8) (N.3) 8 Lam; I'm - you are; you're, 9 it is; i's ~ he is; he's - we are; we're. 10 n't: he tent lat, 11 aren't; we aren't poite. PRONUNCIATION sinensis) 129, fn oun lt ann yo yor ti — 2 ve fe wa ted ont ay sia hao Sa. — 2 Yb al ER Ba, tga ow ao — Premiére lecon aE Trem —sovn eo = ibe gen mom pen ol 2 Eiteyeacianr ya £2 Bowe + SA cc pn noo 6 — Elewest pas t4e joe. — Non, mais lie est 1 to ote oe mann — ee set ® ous sommes; nous sommes (correct) Ringel nccee torte 3g CRRIESL aae a oa 1 oor ome acts ait ae ‘at LESSON 3 theve ten (727 100 oo) EXERCISES 1 He lan't very kind — 2 W's my fault. — 3 He's an tucellent dctor. — 4-1'm sure he's your brother. — 5'Oh dear, we're late ageln Fill nthe misting words (nt nn v wing oveuie) (Femplseer ios rots mangvent) 1 Be est ras folie, Ele nest pas tres joie ‘She... very prot She... very pray * she .. very © She... vary prety. 2 Nous sommes pol Wo ous ne sommes pas tis ae pate we pele + We. pole, : pole. 3 Pas dy tut C'est facile. Co nest pas du tout facie. ata. easy. Wa, not at all easy, TNOE RE oy cos 0aBy, Tes mots all easy Second Lesson letra mse rononce tenant. non pas en asprant ‘quand on fait Hm pour soir ta vane 8° 1 — Where are you? (1) 2 — We're here, in the house. 3 — But where's John? (2) PRONUNCIATION 1 brah you? —2 ou W608 ous, — 9 bau cute don? tour oe, 4 4 Bonjour, Jo svt John, Bonjour, Je ne suis pas Hello, . .- John. Hallo, 1. + Anne, * Holo = John . mot Anne 15 Ceci n'est pas cificie, C'est ma faute This. + sift hee s. taut : ica, soe. ey felt Adios F520 sor gut et woe fav. = 8 Mon Dieu, (Mt me oneore fn ae - Seconde legor ‘Rove sommes fc, dans la alison. Mate oo ont sohn? nee ime! sil etait bate wre Je ws a8 rote com ogee © 8 Foor Soc ce tora mates ‘nd LESSON