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myIDEA Introductory Chemistry

Brad McManus,, Computer Science Engineering


My primary job in the classroom was to help Solubility Rules The FUTURE program provided me with high
explain and facilitate the Chemistry Lab. I school teaching experience. It was great to
was lucky to have an excellent high school • Combined a variety of chemicals on a spot spend time in a classroom with a group of
plate to observe solubility rules
chemistry teacher that made loving kids, enriching their learning experience. I
chemistry easy. I especially enjoyed the • Students derived solubility for hydroxide learned just as much, or more from these
labs, so I was instantly turned on to this kids, as well. I don't see myself teaching in
project What is a Chemical Reaction? the next 10 years, but it is a great skill to be
able to convey what your thinking to others.
I spent my time working with fellow student, • A series of five reactions that showed a
Sam Boas, and Thomas Ambrose, the high different example of a reaction
school teacher. Due to scheduling conflicts,
• Strictly qualitative
Sam taught his lab during the third and
fourth hour classes, while I taught the fifth
Food Calorimetry
and sixth hours.
• The goal was to compare the calorie count
TIMELINE from the label to calorie count found
Solubility Rules
What is a Chemical Reaction? • We used a simple calorimeter (pop can, tin
Food Calorimetry foil, thermometer and tested with Fritos)

• Unfortunately the calorimeter was too

inefficient and lost heat, skewing the results

Partner Information: Sam Boas

School Information: Ypsilanti High School
Teacher Information: Thomas Ambrose
Project Coordinator: Mary Starr
ProjectSupport Staff: Cesar Delgado, Morten
Lundsgaard, Justin Lomont, Tracy Lent