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i Langu@ ee oe, FAROESE | A Language Course for Beginners GRAMMAR by Hjalmar P. Petersen and Jonathan Adams STIBIN 2009 Fara: A Language Core for Beginners Grammar ByipinarPeeson an font ana Cn, Sin andthe store ‘ypeseting, nyt ad cover: GeamarSp, Tsao. wwegomae Ping at ing Soon Tra Sponsors BE, Mentaarrunna ani Ek "5095 95918-42479 (Gramma) [BBN 759918424959 (Grammar = Texto Contents Acknowledgements “Abbreviations ‘The grammar of Faroese: An overview How to use this grammar book Gender... 1L1-Semantic rules. 12. Human, animate, male, 13, Non-human, animate, male, utility value for humans 14, Persons are masculine . 115, Human, animate, female 116. Nonhuman, animate, female, utility value for humans 117. Musical instruments are feminine 1.8, Human beings of unknown sex ey 119. Chemical elements and metals are neuter «. 110, Alcohol 111, Gender of loanwords 111. Formal assignment in loanwords: Masculine 1. TILL. Loanwords in tk: Masculine or Feminine. 111.2. Formal assignment in loanwords: Feminine 1.113, Formal assignment in leanwords: Neuter. LATA. Gender in abbreviations 112, Double gender nouns. 1.13. Beings of both sexes. 2. Atticles.... 2.1. The definite article 2.1. Forms. 2.12. Nouns ending in a vowel 2.13, The free-standing definite article 22. The indefinite article. 23. The use of the articles, i 23.1, Definite article in Faroese —no article in Englis 2.32. Definite article in Faroese — indefinite article in English. 233. No article in Faroese ~ definite article in English